Beaver Relays

Saturday, March 07, 2009
  American River, Sacramento - Map
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrGreg Turner10.69aAmerican River
2.SoKianti Gix10.85aAmerican River
3.FrDarius Ray10.87aButte
4.SoShane Daniel10.89aAmerican River
5.SoArmahd Lewis10.92aSacramento City Coll...
6.SoCorey Arnold10.98aButte
7.FrBlair Woods11.06aFresno City College
8.FrMarcus Cooper11.10aFresno City College
9.FrChase Baker11.20aAmerican River
9.FrVince Andrews11.20aModesto
11.FrChris Valls11.25aAmerican River
12.-Stephen Kellar11.27aAmerican River
13.SoRoberto Ayala11.30aModesto
14.FrCaleb Fiedor11.33aModesto
15.FrCaius Radu11.35aModesto
16.SoPierce Cook11.44aFresno City College
17.-Jarvious Smith11.51aHartnell
18.SoWendell Sells11.58aHartnell
19.FrRicky Ynostroza11.59aSacramento City Coll...
20.FrElbert Tiwa11.61aSacramento City Coll...
21.FrPrentice Dervin11.62aHartnell
22.-Zane Davis11.75aMonterey Peninsula
23.FrZach Kuzens11.90aAmerican River
24.-Christian Flores11.96aModesto
25.SoJon Lee12.18aDiablo Valley
26.FrRed Ramos12.20aDiablo Valley
27.FrManuel Diaz12.37aButte
28.FrJordan Lujian12.74aReedley
29.FrRodney Grey13.35aWest Valley
X 10,000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAnthony Natera34:22.3hSacramento City Coll...
2.FrAnthony Fagundes35:05.2hAmerican River
3.FrJosh Cudworth35:14.5hSacramento City Coll...
4.SoRichard Nagel35:48.9hSacramento City Coll...
5.FrRay Garcia36:02.6hSan Joaquin Delta
6.FrDaniel Magana36:05.2hSan Joaquin Delta
7.FrCameron Cruse36:09.6hMonterey Peninsula
8.SoRyan Nunez36:40.6hFresno City College
9.FrEduardo Fernandez36:52.2hSan Jose City College
10.FrRene Felix37:35.3hWest Valley
11.FrJoseph Cordova39:14.3hWest Valley
12.FrKevin Taylor40:57.9hWest Valley
--FrDaniel Siebel-cortopasDNFWest Valley
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJeff Lewis15.47aSacramento City Coll...
2.SoMichael Gant15.75aSacramento City Coll...
3.SoSeagram Kern-Wilson15.77aSacramento City Coll...
4.SoJordan Lefler16.03aModesto
5.FrChase Dixon16.04aButte
6.FrAaron Victorian16.24aSan Jose City College
7.FrAndrew McReynolds16.32aWest Valley
8.FrDominick Eastman16.39aAmerican River
9.FrRyan Ellison17.04aWest Valley
9.FrMichael Grayson17.04aHartnell
11.FrSpencer Finch17.25aModesto
12.SoTalor Fulfer17.41aAmerican River
13.FrRicky Marshall17.63aSacramento City Coll...
14.FrLamon Shears18.12aModesto
15.SoAlex Oliver18.68aWest Valley
16.SoBrice Flanders19.40aButte
17.SoJordan Bournes20.23aHartnell
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoSeagram Kern-Wilson54.55aSacramento City Coll...
2.FrJames Smith55.96aFresno City College
3.FrChase Dixon56.20aButte
4.FrLamon Shears56.68aModesto
5.FrGerren Taylor56.77aSacramento City Coll...
6.FrRyan Ellison57.53aWest Valley
7.SoMichael Gant57.95aSacramento City Coll...
8.FrSpencer Finch58.19aModesto
9.FrAndrew McReynolds58.30aWest Valley
10.FrDavid Atiz58.93aHartnell
11.SoAlex Oliver1:00.45aWest Valley
12.SoGenti Fici1:00.93aWest Valley
13.FrRobert Agness1:00.97aChabot
14.FrDominick Eastman1:01.23aAmerican River
15.FrRicky Marshall1:01.24aSacramento City Coll...
16.SoDarryl Allen1:02.56aHartnell
17.SoGenesis Hampton1:04.49aAmerican River
18.SoBrice Flanders1:05.87aButte
19.FrMarco Castro1:07.58aHartnell
20.SoSadig Elbashir1:09.78aChabot
21.FrEmmanuel Padilla1:18.42aHartnell
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 41.79aModesto
2.-Relay Team 42.17aFresno City College
3.-Relay Team 43.24aAmerican River
4.-Relay Team 43.51aSan Joaquin Delta
5.-Relay Team 43.61aReedley
6.-Relay Team 43.87aSan Jose City College
7.-Relay Team 43.94aWest Valley
8.-Relay Team 44.85aButte
9.-Relay Team 44.87aSan Joaquin Delta
10.-Relay Team 44.93aHartnell
---Relay Team DQWest Valley
---Relay Team DQAmerican River
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:25.31aAmerican River
2.-Relay Team 1:29.49aButte
3.-Relay Team 1:29.55aModesto
4.-Relay Team 1:30.55aSan Jose City College
5.-Relay Team 1:31.86aAmerican River
6.-Relay Team 1:34.73aSan Joaquin Delta
7.-Relay Team 1:35.97aChabot
8.-Relay Team 1:37.37aHartnell
9.-Relay Team 1:41.80aSan Joaquin Delta
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:14.00aAmerican River
2.-Relay Team 3:15.79aModesto
3.-Relay Team 3:19.71aFresno City College
4.-Relay Team 3:21.71aWest Valley
5.-Relay Team 3:24.90aAmerican River
6.-Relay Team 3:24.97aModesto
7.-Relay Team 3:31.55aAmerican River
8.-Relay Team 3:33.48aChabot
9.-Relay Team 3:33.86aHartnell
10.-Relay Team 3:35.74aSan Jose City College
11.-Relay Team 3:38.92aSan Joaquin Delta
12.-Relay Team 3:40.45aHartnell
13.-Relay Team 3:43.95aMonterey Peninsula
14.-Relay Team 3:46.52aWest Valley
15.-Relay Team 3:47.78aHartnell
16.-Relay Team 3:47.79aSan Joaquin Delta
17.-Relay Team 3:49.35aWest Valley
18.-Relay Team 3:51.46aHartnell
19.-Relay Team 4:01.36aSan Joaquin Delta
20.-Relay Team 4:07.27aSan Joaquin Delta
21.-Relay Team 4:26.33aWest Valley
X 4x1600 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 18:16.54aAmerican River
2.-Relay Team 18:29.18aHartnell
3.-Relay Team 18:40.13aSan Mateo
4.-Relay Team 18:40.38aModesto
5.-Relay Team 19:11.50aAmerican River
6.-Relay Team 20:31.06aChabot
7.-Relay Team 20:37.02aWest Valley
8.-Relay Team 22:02.66aWest Valley
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:30.73aModesto
2.-Relay Team 3:36.60aFresno City College
3.-Relay Team 3:42.63aWest Valley
4.-Relay Team 3:43.08aHartnell
5.-Relay Team 3:44.02aSan Joaquin Delta
6.-Relay Team 3:55.60aMonterey Peninsula
7.-Relay Team 4:09.04aReedley
8.-Relay Team 4:10.57aSan Joaquin Delta
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:15.58aCollege of the Sequo...
2.-Relay Team 10:27.81aAmerican River
3.-Relay Team 10:29.92aModesto
4.-Relay Team 10:32.86aSan Mateo
5.-Relay Team 10:38.50aHartnell
6.-Relay Team 10:49.97aAmerican River
7.-Relay Team 10:50.97aAmerican River
8.-Relay Team 11:01.48aChabot
9.-Relay Team 11:04.19aButte
10.-Relay Team 11:06.09aSan Jose City College
11.-Relay Team 11:08.74aDiablo Valley
12.-Relay Team 11:17.04aWest Valley
13.-Relay Team 11:44.32aSan Joaquin Delta
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.FrDennis Aliotta53-08.25Moorpark
2.SoRussell Price50-00.00Modesto
3.SoCesar Puga47-08.00Hartnell
4.SoDonald Romero46-10.00Moorpark
5.FrKenneth Sugishita46-01.25Moorpark
6.FrChristian Millard45-03.50Fresno City College
7.SoKarl Gehrke45-02.50Moorpark
8.FrAaron Volkman43-09.75Diablo Valley
9.SoChris Hamilton43-06.00American River
10.FrEdward Agbigay43-00.50American River
11.FrLogan Harrison41-11.50Monterey Peninsula
12.FrJason Gomez41-01.50College of the Sequo...
13.FrCallan Duffy41-00.25Fresno City College
14.FrIan Quiros40-09.50Hartnell
15.FrAndrew Duram40-08.25Moorpark
16.SoRobert Sinclair40-06.75San Joaquin Delta
17.FrJohn Wang37-11.25San Joaquin Delta
18.SoGarrett Andrews37-05.00San Joaquin Delta
19.FrDaniel Jimenez37-01.75Hartnell
20.FrAndrew Fabela36-10.25College of the Sequo...
21.SoJustin Williamson36-00.25San Joaquin Delta
22.SoDerek Wood35-10.75Butte
23.SoTalor Fulfer35-07.25American River
24.FrBen Havens-Stokes35-06.75Monterey Peninsula
25.FrDavid Vasquez35-00.25Hartnell
26.FrJason Quiljada34-11.75Fresno City College
27.FrCurtis Hodge34-02.00Moorpark
28.FrMartin Jucatan34-01.50San Joaquin Delta
29.FrJosh Hampton33-10.00American River
30.FrJarrod Ames32-11.00College of the Sequo...
31.FrAdam Plasencia32-04.75Butte
32.FrRaymond Garcia32-02.25American River
33.FrFrankie Flores-Valentine32-02.00Diablo Valley
34.FrTim Dronek30-05.00West Valley
--FrArturo FloresFOULHartnell
--FrDallon StrangFOULMonterey Peninsula
--FrAurelio DuenasFOULModesto
--FrJon PackFOULButte
--SoWilliam HardingFOULMoorpark
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKarl Gehrke162-06Moorpark
2.SoDonald Romero153-03Moorpark
3.SoCesar Puga151-05Hartnell
4.SoRussell Price150-09Modesto
5.SoJustin Williamson141-06San Joaquin Delta
6.SoChris Hamilton141-01American River
7.FrKenneth Sugishita140-03Moorpark
8.FrDennis Aliotta137-10Moorpark
9.FrDallon Strang133-03Monterey Peninsula
10.SoCameron McAteer121-10Moorpark
11.FrMartin Jucatan120-11San Joaquin Delta
12.FrAndrew Fabela119-11College of the Sequo...
13.FrJosh Hampton119-07American River
14.FrAaron Volkman118-03Diablo Valley
15.FrJon Pack118-02Butte
16.FrFrank Herrera117-08Hartnell
17.FrLogan Harrison116-06Monterey Peninsula
18.SoZach Elder114-04Moorpark
19.FrDaniel Jimenez112-11Hartnell
20.FrAndrew Duram111-11Moorpark
21.SoRobert Sinclair111-10San Joaquin Delta
22.SoDerek Wood111-06Butte
23.FrCameron Begue108-09Moorpark
24.FrKenneth Whitney108-07Modesto
25.FrDavid Seqouia108-04College of the Sequo...
26.-David Linares108-01Diablo Valley
27.FrAurelio Duenas102-01Modesto
28.FrTim Dronek101-10West Valley
29.FrIan Quiros99-06Hartnell
30.FrDavid Vasquez98-11Hartnell
31.FrJarrod Ames92-03College of the Sequo...
32.FrEdward Agbigay92-00American River
33.FrJason Quiljada89-05Fresno City College
34.FrAdam Plasencia87-05Butte
35.SoKenneth Garcia86-05Hartnell
36.FrWilliam Fox85-10American River
37.FrJose Valle83-07San Jose City College
38.FrFrankie Flores-Valentine73-02Diablo Valley
39.FrBen Havens-Stokes67-08Monterey Peninsula
--SoMariano PugaFOULHartnell
--FrArturo FloresFOULHartnell
--FrChristian MillardFOULFresno City College
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.SoTalor Fulfer173-11American River
2.FrDerek Carothers170-06Sacramento City Coll...
3.SoGarrett Andrews157-01San Joaquin Delta
4.FrAaron Victorian144-09San Jose City College
5.SoKenny Houser143-11Butte
6.SoJorge Muniz141-10Hartnell
7.FrJessie Garcia141-09College of the Sequo...
8.FrTim Dronek141-02West Valley
9.FrWill Routt140-01Sacramento City Coll...
10.SoAustin Wagenknecht139-08Sacramento City Coll...
11.SoJustin Williamson134-04San Joaquin Delta
12.FrJose Valle133-00San Jose City College
13.FrDaniel Young130-02American River
14.FrBruno Gotzmer129-06American River
15.FrDan Burcham128-10Butte
16.SoChris Hamilton128-07American River
17.FrJason Gomez128-04College of the Sequo...
18.FrAustin Steacy128-02San Jose City College
19.FrMarc Giampaoli126-08Butte
20.SoRoberto Ayala121-07Modesto
21.FrKenneth Whitney119-10Modesto
22.FrMartin Jucatan118-06San Joaquin Delta
23.FrAaron Volkman117-00Diablo Valley
24.SoGabriel Flores114-00Hartnell
25.FrJonathan Cucculelli112-09Chabot
26.SoAlex Oliver109-10West Valley
27.FrAndrew Fabela108-04College of the Sequo...
28.SoRobert Sinclair105-04San Joaquin Delta
29.FrMichael Barber101-05Butte
30.FrArturo Flores98-05Hartnell
31.FrFrankie Flores-Valentine96-01Diablo Valley
32.SoVincent Nguyen-Bui94-06San Jose City College
33.FrJoel Dines82-09Diablo Valley
--FrWilliam FoxFOULAmerican River
---Jb KromannFOULModesto
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoFletcher Carlyle6-08.75Sacramento City Coll...
2.FrMichael Souza6-06.75Sacramento City Coll...
3.FrDerrick Toney6-04.75Hartnell
4.SoAnthony McCan6-04.75Chabot
5.SoAustin Wagenknecht6-04.75Sacramento City Coll...
6.FrDominick Eastman6-02.75American River
7.FrDaniel Young6-02.75American River
8.FrPhillip Smith6-00.75American River
9.FrCarl Aufdermaur5-10.75Modesto
10.FrSpencer Finch5-10.75Modesto
11.SoDarius Reynolds5-10.75Reedley
12.SoKianti Gix5-10.75American River
13.FrAaron Victorian5-08.75San Jose City College
14.SoSadig Elbashir5-08.75Chabot
15.FrJohn Waiters5-07.00Sacramento City Coll...
16.SoJordan Bournes5-07.00Hartnell
17.FrAnthony Peeler5-05.00Chabot
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJeff Lewis15-00.00Sacramento City Coll...
2.FrJeff Brenner14-06.00Fresno City College
3.FrTyler Bickley14-00.00Sacramento City Coll...
4.FrThao Tran13-06.00Modesto
5.SoChase Hixson13-00.00Fresno City College
6.SoTalor Fulfer13-00.00American River
7.FrJohnny Shepherd12-06.00American River
8.SoJordan Lefler12-06.00Modesto
9.SoGabriel Flores11-06.00Hartnell
10.FrTravis Folsom11-06.00American River
11.FrMichael Beeman10-06.00Modesto
11.FrJoel Dines10-06.00Diablo Valley
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoRashaad Nunnerly22-09.00Sacramento City Coll...
2.-Adam Warren22-02.00San Joaquin Delta
3.SoTJ Anderson22-00.50Fresno City College
4.FrChase Baker21-09.25American River
5.SoPierce Cook21-08.75Fresno City College
6.FrErnest Graham21-03.50Reedley
7.SoGreg Mayo21-03.00Fresno City College
8.FrVince Andrews21-01.50Modesto
9.FrJohn Waiters20-10.00Sacramento City Coll...
10.SoRaphael Stevens20-05.50Modesto
11.FrNathan Goodrich20-05.25West Valley
12.FrKeith Lester20-01.75American River
13.FrAaron Victorian20-00.50San Jose City College
14.FrCaius Radu20-00.25Modesto
15.SoJorge Muniz19-09.75Hartnell
16.FrZach Kuzens19-08.25American River
17.SoGenesis Hampton19-08.00American River
18.FrMichael Barber19-05.75Butte
19.FrCarl Aufdermaur19-01.75Modesto
20.FrMichael Turner18-09.75American River
21.FrAamir Khan18-05.50San Joaquin Delta
22.FrSalvador Coronado18-02.75Hartnell
23.SoBJ Miller18-01.25West Valley
24.-Christian Flores17-11.75Modesto
25.FrJamie Glidden17-11.50Monterey Peninsula
26.FrAndrew Le17-08.25San Jose City College
27.FrMarquis Caldwell17-07.50San Jose City College
28.FrMarco Castro17-07.25Hartnell
29.FrDarius Rogers17-04.25San Joaquin Delta
30.SoAlex Oliver16-04.50West Valley
31.FrMarc Giampaoli16-03.75Butte
32.FrDominick Eastman15-01.00American River
33.FrBobak Faal-Amiri14-10.00West Valley
--FrBracin WalkerFOULAmerican River
--FrDan BurchamFOULButte
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoAaron Green46-06.25Fresno City College
2.SoTJ Anderson46-01.75Fresno City College
3.SoGreg Mayo46-01.50Fresno City College
4.FrNathan Goodrich45-07.50West Valley
5.FrDominick Eastman45-00.00American River
6.SoGenesis Hampton44-10.00American River
7.FrJohn Waiters44-05.00Sacramento City Coll...
8.FrKeith Lester44-00.50American River
9.SoBJ Miller42-08.00West Valley
10.SoRaphael Stevens42-03.50Modesto
11.-Adam Warren41-03.50San Joaquin Delta
12.SoJorge Muniz41-00.25Hartnell
13.FrCarl Aufdermaur40-03.50Modesto
14.FrSalvador Coronado38-10.00Hartnell
15.FrHarold Winfield38-05.00Hartnell
16.FrAamir Khan37-11.00San Joaquin Delta
17.FrBobak Faal-Amiri34-03.00West Valley
18.FrDarius Rogers34-02.00San Joaquin Delta
19.-Christian Flores33-10.50Modesto
--FrVince AndrewsFOULModesto
X Hammer - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKarl Gehrke162-04Moorpark
2.SoRussell Price158-03Modesto
3.SoChris Hamilton157-04American River
4.FrDennis Aliotta156-02Moorpark
5.SoCesar Puga154-00Hartnell
6.FrKenneth Sugishita147-11Moorpark
7.SoWilliam Harding147-00Moorpark
8.SoDonald Romero146-04Moorpark
9.FrJason Gomez145-03College of the Sequo...
10.SoCameron McAteer144-08Moorpark
11.FrJeff Jaime136-06Fresno City College
12.FrCallan Duffy135-11Fresno City College
13.FrThomas Gesser134-09Moorpark
14.FrChristian Millard131-11Fresno City College
15.FrDaniel Jimenez128-10Hartnell
16.SoMariano Puga126-09Hartnell
17.FrCameron Begue124-06Moorpark
18.FrJon Pack123-06Butte
19.FrAaron Volkman121-03Diablo Valley
20.FrAndrew Fabela115-10College of the Sequo...
21.FrAurelio Duenas115-06Modesto
22.FrDavid Seqouia113-04College of the Sequo...
23.FrJonathan Cucculelli105-08Chabot
24.SoKenneth Garcia105-08Hartnell
25.FrIan Quiros105-02Hartnell
26.SoRobert Sinclair101-11San Joaquin Delta
27.FrFrank Herrera100-11Hartnell
28.FrWilliam Fox100-05American River
29.SoDerek Wood99-07Butte
30.FrEdward Agbigay94-02American River
31.FrMartin Jucatan93-02San Joaquin Delta
32.FrAdam Plasencia93-00Butte
33.FrJohn Duran91-08Hartnell
34.FrKenneth Whitney88-01Modesto
35.FrRaymond Garcia86-03American River
36.FrDavid Vasquez85-11Hartnell
37.FrTim Dronek76-07West Valley
38.FrFrankie Flores-Valentine68-07Diablo Valley
--FrJarrod AmesFOULCollege of the Sequo...

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrSepanta Padrah12.35aLaney
2.FrQuianna Wilson12.50aLaney
3.FrSharonda Clark12.58aLaney
4.SoLakesha Adams12.69aMonterey Peninsula
5.FrGustee Wolo13.68aAmerican River
6.FrCezanne Morton13.84aAmerican River
7.FrKarly Zakerski14.34aButte
8.FrNatalie Chaney14.39aFresno City College
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMary Courtright19:56.7hSan Joaquin Delta
2.FrJordan Kramer20:02.5hButte
3.FrKorina Huizar20:02.8hSierra
4.SoSandra Sosa21:31.6hWest Valley
5.FrKaelen Karleskind21:38.3hDiablo Valley
6.FrSandra Duenas21:48.7hSan Joaquin Delta
7.SoMaria Sosa22:21.1hWest Valley
8.FrAnnette Daniels23:01.8hAmerican River
9.FrEloradanan Morgan23:06.8hAmerican River
10.FrNicole Turnispeed26:06.0hWest Valley
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrLauren Jackson14.68aLaney
2.FrAshley Frazier15.55aAmerican River
3.SoAria Betts16.02aLaney
4.SoMary Ratterman16.49aChabot
5.FrSarah Nichols16.60aButte
6.FrShateir Butler16.75aFresno City College
7.SoFelesha Adams17.65aMonterey Peninsula
8.FrMarissa Miglin17.70aModesto
9.FrHollee Turner17.97aModesto
10.-Sammie Greene18.12aReedley
11.FrKatie Armstrong18.68aWest Valley
12.FrAlexandria Hernandez18.85aDiablo Valley
13.FrAngie Caudillo19.12aFresno City College
14.FrShariah Pinkston19.30aAmerican River
15.FrSimone Lionudakis19.62aModesto
16.FrLiliana Villagomez19.64aHartnell
17.SoSara Phillips20.47aDiablo Valley
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAshley Frazier1:04.31aAmerican River
2.FrShateir Butler1:07.33aFresno City College
3.FrMarissa Miglin1:08.26aModesto
4.FrMakeal Davis1:10.22aLaney
5.FrDakota Sanchez1:11.86aMonterey Peninsula
6.SoMary Ratterman1:12.82aChabot
7.FrKatie Armstrong1:13.73aWest Valley
7.FrLiliana Villagomez1:13.73aHartnell
9.FrAngie Caudillo1:15.58aFresno City College
10.FrHollee Turner1:16.98aModesto
11.SoSara Phillips1:19.11aDiablo Valley
12.FrJulina White1:20.24aAmerican River
13.FrShariah Pinkston1:21.50aAmerican River
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 45.82aLaney
2.-Relay Team 48.07aAmerican River
3.-Relay Team 50.42aFresno City College
4.-Relay Team 51.95aMonterey Peninsula
5.-Relay Team 53.59aHartnell
6.-Relay Team 54.11aChabot
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:37.14aLaney
2.-Relay Team 1:42.24aAmerican River
3.-Relay Team 1:44.54aLaney
4.-Relay Team 1:49.73aMonterey Peninsula
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:47.77aLaney
2.-Relay Team 3:57.67aAmerican River
3.-Relay Team 4:05.86aFresno City College
4.-Relay Team 4:07.06aLaney
5.-Relay Team 4:08.10aMonterey Peninsula
6.-Relay Team 4:13.78aHartnell
7.-Relay Team 4:15.35aAmerican River
8.-Relay Team 4:22.50aModesto
9.-Relay Team 4:39.85aChabot
10.-Relay Team 4:45.22aHartnell
11.-Relay Team 4:51.73aWest Valley
12.-Relay Team 5:01.47aSan Joaquin Delta
X 4x1600 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 23:48.06aAmerican River
2.-Relay Team 23:53.68aModesto
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:15.82aFresno City College
2.-Relay Team 4:21.83aModesto
3.-Relay Team 4:40.67aHartnell
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 12:54.66aLaney
2.-Relay Team 13:00.63aModesto
3.-Relay Team 13:03.04aCollege of the Sequo...
4.-Relay Team 13:51.63aModesto
4.-Relay Team 13:51.63aHartnell
6.-Relay Team 14:01.55aAmerican River
7.-Relay Team 15:44.94aSan Joaquin Delta
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrPrisca Pasina41-03.00Butte
2.FrKristin McClure39-04.00Modesto
3.FrJane Swenson39-02.25Moorpark
4.FrColleen Wachter35-07.75American River
5.FrJessica Gran34-07.00San Joaquin Delta
6.SoParis Dixon-Buckley31-08.75Laney
7.SoLauren Heard31-01.75Moorpark
8.FrHazel Gapul30-09.75Hartnell
9.FrMelissa Reis30-07.50Chabot
10.SoEjiro Ntekume28-11.25Laney
11.FrBrittney Medina28-04.25Hartnell
12.FrKatrina Knudson28-00.00Sierra
13.FrAndrea Navarro27-11.50West Valley
14.FrSam Christensen27-09.25Butte
15.FrSam Christensen27-05.25Butte
16.FrSimone Lionudakis27-04.75Modesto
17.FrAmanda Meyers26-02.25Chabot
18.SoCarlota Merino26-00.75San Jose City College
19.FrAlexandria Hernandez25-04.50Diablo Valley
20.SoAria Betts24-09.75Laney
21.FrVeronica Pardo24-02.25American River
22.SoLinda Saunders22-10.00Chabot
23.-Christine Cline19-06.75Butte
--SoHannah RoyallFOULButte
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJasmine Steward145-06Fresno City College
2.FrColleen Wachter122-04American River
3.FrJane Swenson121-11Moorpark
4.FrPrisca Pasina121-10Butte
5.FrKorina Gonzalez115-05Fresno City College
6.FrKristin McClure101-10Modesto
7.SoParis Dixon-Buckley100-02Laney
8.FrMelanie Weatherly100-00College of the Sequo...
9.FrJacquelin Maciel98-07Fresno City College
10.FrMelissa Reis94-02Chabot
11.FrJessica Gran91-06San Joaquin Delta
12.SoHannah Royall91-02Butte
13.FrHazel Gapul87-10Hartnell
14.SoLauren Heard87-06Moorpark
15.SoCarlota Merino86-08San Jose City College
16.FrSam Christensen85-06Butte
17.FrKatrina Knudson84-08Sierra
18.FrBrittney Medina82-06Hartnell
19.FrVeronica Pardo69-08American River
20.FrSam Christensen67-07Butte
21.FrAmanda Meyers67-03Chabot
22.-Christine Cline55-08Butte
--SoAria BettsFOULLaney
--SoAngela GonzalezDNFSan Joaquin Delta
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJodie Ban121-10Fresno City College
2.FrSarah Nichols115-08Butte
3.SoAmanda Taylor101-01American River
4.FrSimone Lionudakis92-05Modesto
5.SoLinda Saunders90-05Chabot
6.FrJacquelin Maciel88-01Fresno City College
7.FrColleen Wachter87-04American River
8.FrJessica Gran84-07San Joaquin Delta
9.FrAlexandria Hernandez83-04Diablo Valley
10.SoCarlota Merino82-10San Jose City College
11.SoParis Dixon-Buckley81-04Laney
12.FrLauren Jackson80-09Laney
13.FrChrista Hicks80-01Chabot
14.FrAmanda Meyers77-05Chabot
15.FrPilar Becerra74-11Fresno City College
16.FrSarah Tweedy70-08College of the Sequo...
17.FrMelanie Weatherly68-00College of the Sequo...
18.FrAndrea Navarro67-05West Valley
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrLauryn Newsone5-03.00Laney
2.FrPilar Hastings-Smith5-01.00Diablo Valley
3.FrPaige Turner4-11.00Modesto
4.FrChrista Hicks4-09.00Chabot
5.SoJinnee Miller4-09.00American River
6.FrSharlia Gulley4-07.00Modesto
6.FrKaitlyn Castenada4-07.00Fresno City College
6.SoJenifer McEntire4-07.00Fresno City College
9.FrMarissa Miglin4-07.00Modesto
10.SoMary Ratterman4-05.00Chabot
11.FrLauren Jackson4-03.25Laney
12.SoChantele Simons4-01.25Fresno City College
13.SoLinda Saunders3-11.25Chabot
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.FrMelissa Sandoval9-06.00Hartnell
2.FrHannah Peters9-06.00Modesto
3.SoJinnee Miller9-00.00American River
4.FrGoziam Okolie9-00.00Fresno City College
5.SoLinda Saunders8-06.00Chabot
6.FrKaitlyn Castenada8-00.00Fresno City College
--FrCharleah BenderNHChabot
--FrSharlia GulleyNHModesto
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrLauryn Newsone18-09.25Laney
2.FrSarah Nichols17-08.25Butte
3.FrGoziam Okolie16-06.50Fresno City College
4.SoChantele Simons16-05.00Fresno City College
5.FrPilar Hastings-Smith16-00.50Diablo Valley
6.SoAmanda Taylor15-09.00American River
7.SoJenifer McEntire15-07.50Fresno City College
8.FrTreya Winfield15-02.00Hartnell
9.FrSimone Lionudakis14-10.00Modesto
10.FrPaige Turner14-02.25Modesto
11.FrElena Maxey14-01.75Modesto
12.FrClarice Sayle13-07.50West Valley
--FrSharlia GulleyFOULModesto
--FrMichelle MillerFOULLaney
--FrJasmine RossFOULLaney
--FrMelissa SandovalFOULHartnell
--FrLiliana VillagomezFOULHartnell
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrGoziam Okolie34-11.25Fresno City College
2.FrJasmine Ross34-11.25Laney
3.SoAmanda Taylor32-09.50American River
4.SoEjiro Ntekume31-10.25Laney
5.SoChantele Simons31-02.50Fresno City College
6.FrTreya Winfield30-08.25Hartnell
7.SoLarhonda Saunders29-11.50American River
8.FrNatalie Chaney28-11.25Fresno City College
X Hammer - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJasmine Steward133-06Fresno City College
2.FrJane Swenson129-01Moorpark
3.FrPrisca Pasina120-11Butte
4.SoHannah Royall120-05Butte
5.FrColleen Wachter119-08American River
6.SoCarlota Merino112-01San Jose City College
7.FrKorina Gonzalez109-10Fresno City College
8.FrJessica Gran105-05San Joaquin Delta
9.FrKristin McClure97-01Modesto
10.FrMelanie Weatherly93-01College of the Sequo...
11.FrBrittney Medina86-10Hartnell
12.FrPilar Becerra74-02Fresno City College
13.FrSarah Tweedy71-10College of the Sequo...
14.FrAmanda Meyers64-03Chabot
--SoLauren HeardFOULMoorpark
--FrSam ChristensenFOULButte
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