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Robert "Jet" Johnson Relays

Saturday, March 14, 2009

South Carolina State, Orangeburg

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Alabama - NCAA
South Carolina - NAIA
South Carolina-Beaufort
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrRicardo Lockette10.60aFort Valley State
2.SrJeffery Mosley10.62aFort Valley State
3.JrKeon Montgomery10.78aFort Valley State
5.SoQuintin Bell10.82aVoorhees
6.FrMarcus Stephens10.85aSouth Carolina State
7.-Lamont Downing10.92aBenedict
8.SoDanta Harrell11.07aBenedict
9.FrDarin Wasshington11.11aSouth Carolina State
11.FrEric Plump11.17aSavannah State
13.-Richard Rucker11.23aSavannah State
14.SoKenneth Hunter11.31aClark Atlanta
15.SoMarquez Gibson11.36aBenedict
16.JrCharles Huggins11.38aSavannah State
17.FrJonathan Loadholt11.39aSavannah State
18.-Terrence Major11.40aTuskegee
20.SrXavian Stroud11.51aTuskegee
20.JrRashad Grigsby11.51aClark Atlanta
22.-Reggie Johnson11.56aVoorhees
23.JrMarquis Benjamin11.63aBenedict
23.FrDevin Thomas11.63aTuskegee
25.FrCarlton Addison11.64aGeorgia State
26.SoRaymond Brown11.66aGeorgia State
27.FrJosh Gist11.67aSouth Carolina State
28.SoRonald Smith11.70aTuskegee
29.SrVictor Porter11.82aPaine
31.SoMarcus Tarver12.21aTuskegee
32.SoDaniel Rogers12.40aGeorgia State
34.SoJames Roberts12.61aClark Atlanta
35.SoAdrian Crooms12.96aPaine
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKenneth Rackins48.88aSouth Carolina State
2.SrMarquis Andrews49.18aFort Valley State
3.FrJohn Hill49.22aClaflin
4.JrKyle Vicks49.26aClaflin
5.FrJamar Holmes49.88aBenedict
6.JrAaron Dorn-Long50.39aClaflin
7.FrJerald Fayorey50.54aTuskegee
8.SoQuartez Strickland51.21aFort Valley State
9.-Calvin Addison51.30aGeorgia State
10.SoSimeon Robins51.40aFort Valley State
11.JrChristopher Hardaway51.78aTuskegee
12.SrMatthew Parker52.05aClark Atlanta
14.SoMaury Swift52.66aClark Atlanta
15.-Bryan Singletary52.74aSouth Carolina State
17.-Theron Goodson53.04aPaine
18.SrJames Sanyi53.65aThe Citadel
19.SrZach Harten54.13aThe Citadel
20.SoKenneth Williams54.62aTuskegee
21.-Ibrahim Nwagui54.96aSouth Carolina State
23.SoJibril Rasheed56.10aClark Atlanta
24.-Kristopher Baker56.69aClark Atlanta
25.-Marcus Montogmery57.03aVoorhees
26.FrEvan Wardlaw57.15aSouth Carolina State
28.FrPhillip Johnson57.35aPaine
29.SoJuan Taylor1:16.80aFort Valley State
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrOneil Williams4:09.00aBenedict
2.FrNic Tones4:10.62aSouth Carolina-Beauf...
3.SoChris Fallis4:11.58aThe Citadel
4.SoJoseph Tkach4:14.41aThe Citadel
5.SrPatrick Mcray4:16.74aClaflin
6.FrFrank Tinsley4:17.38aSouth Carolina-Beauf...
7.FrCharles Kurgatt4:17.84aSouth Carolina State
8.FrTommy Reeves4:17.85aSouth Carolina-Beauf...
9.FrJohn Critichlow4:19.98aSouth Carolina-Beauf...
10.FrJustus Kirwa4:20.35aBenedict
11.FrAaron Shepard4:28.91aClaflin
12.FrQuinton Green4:30.68aSouth Carolina State
13.SrBryan Bailey4:31.94aTuskegee
14.FrGiovanny Molina4:32.36aBenedict
15.SoJustin Miller4:35.05aClark Atlanta
16.SoRodriques Lomax4:37.26aBenedict
17.SoJermaine Mills4:38.13aClark Atlanta
18.FrJohn Williams4:38.84aFort Valley State
19.SrBrandon Miller4:39.79aClark Atlanta
20.FrMason Gould4:47.46aSouth Carolina State
21.FrBennie Brundidge4:57.58aSouth Carolina State
22.SoBernard Britton4:59.50aTuskegee
23.FrCliffrord Boyd5:21.18aPaine
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrSteve Wilson15:19.51aSouth Carolina-Beauf...
2.SrOneil Williams15:21.87aBenedict
3.JrAlex Anderson15:52.51aThe Citadel
4.FrJustus Kirwa16:13.52aBenedict
5.SrPatrick Mcray16:25.88aClaflin
6.FrP.J. Wasilchak16:26.79aThe Citadel
7.FrMarshall Meyer16:29.25aSouth Carolina-Beauf...
8.FrCharles Kurgatt17:30.57aSouth Carolina State
9.SoJermaine Mills18:26.37aClark Atlanta
10.FrMason Gould19:04.63aSouth Carolina State
11.SoJustin Miller19:47.35aClark Atlanta
--SoZach YerebDNFThe Citadel
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrDonta Young14.85aSouth Carolina State
2.JrMarcus Stallworth15.26aSavannah State
3.FrRoger Chaney15.30aFort Valley State
6.FrChristopher Smith15.74aBenedict
8.FrLeighton Brown15.83aSouth Carolina State
9.SoAaron Whitaker15.84aSavannah State
10.FrJordan Coburn15.90aClaflin
11.JrRashad Grigsby15.92aClark Atlanta
12.SoJasper Fell16.05aVoorhees
13.FrDarrell McElroy16.67aSavannah State
15.JrLawrence Inman17.50aClaflin
16.SoJamel Jenkins17.80aClark Atlanta
17.SoMarc Clark17.89aSouth Carolina State
18.SoJames Roberts18.89aClark Atlanta
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrDonta Young55.02aSouth Carolina State
2.JrMarvin Williams55.49aSouth Carolina State
3.SoDeAngelo Bolden56.36aSouth Carolina State
4.JrWesley Marsh57.35aClaflin
5.SoAaron Whitaker57.58aSavannah State
6.SrDavid Weeks58.10aClark Atlanta
7.SoKevin Precia58.42aBenedict
8.FrRoger Chaney59.13aFort Valley State
9.FrLeighton Brown59.24aSouth Carolina State
10.JrChad Washington1:00.42aBenedict
11.-Isaiah Lee1:00.76aVoorhees
12.-Chris Reeves1:02.00aVoorhees
13.SoMarc Clark1:03.57aSouth Carolina State
14.SrJose Trinidad1:05.18aThe Citadel
15.FrAaron Bonilla1:09.84aThe Citadel
16.JrKeon Melson1:10.99aFort Valley State
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 40.86aFort Valley State
2.-Relay Team 41.67aSouth Carolina State
3.-Relay Team 42.01aBenedict
4.-Relay Team 42.92aVoorhees
5.-Relay Team 42.95aSavannah State
7.-Relay Team 43.13aSouth Carolina State
8.-Relay Team 43.53aThe Citadel
9.-Relay Team 44.54aGeorgia State
10.-Relay Team 44.76aClaflin
11.-Relay Team 45.71aBenedict
12.-Relay Team 46.08aTuskegee
13.-Relay Team 47.08aPaine
14.-Relay Team 49.95aClark Atlanta
15.-Relay Team 50.73aFort Valley State
16.-Relay Team 51.78aBenedict
17.-Relay Team 52.77aSouth Carolina State
---Relay Team DNFFort Valley State
---Relay Team DQClark Atlanta
---Relay Team DQTuskegee
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:27.70aSouth Carolina State
2.-Relay Team 1:30.32aBenedict
3.-Relay Team 1:30.77aVoorhees
4.-Relay Team 1:31.80aSavannah State
5.-Relay Team 1:31.88aThe Citadel
6.-Relay Team 1:32.10aTuskegee
8.-Relay Team 1:32.94aClark Atlanta
9.-Relay Team 1:35.17aTuskegee
10.-Relay Team 1:36.07aGeorgia State
11.-Relay Team 1:41.30aClark Atlanta
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:18.79aClaflin
2.-Relay Team 3:19.07aFort Valley State
3.-Relay Team 3:19.22aFort Valley State
4.-Relay Team 3:19.98aSouth Carolina State
6.-Relay Team 3:25.12aTuskegee
7.-Relay Team 3:27.59aBenedict
8.-Relay Team 3:28.47aClark Atlanta
10.-Relay Team 3:33.09aThe Citadel
11.-Relay Team 3:34.76aSouth Carolina State
12.-Relay Team 3:37.90aClark Atlanta
13.-Relay Team 3:38.93aTuskegee
14.-Relay Team 3:40.40aSouth Carolina State
15.-Relay Team 3:53.80aPaine
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 7:56.13aThe Citadel
2.-Relay Team 8:31.47aTuskegee
3.-Relay Team 8:31.72aBenedict
4.-Relay Team 8:33.39aSouth Carolina-Beauf...
5.-Relay Team 8:41.31aSouth Carolina State
6.-Relay Team 9:13.01aClark Atlanta
---Relay Team DNFSavannah State
X 4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:06.32aSouth Carolina State
2.-Relay Team 1:07.09aSavannah State
3.-Relay Team 1:07.61aThe Citadel
4.-Relay Team 1:10.13aVoorhees
X 4x110 Shuttle Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:06.32aSouth Carolina State
2.-Relay Team 1:07.09aSavannah State
3.-Relay Team 1:07.61aThe Citadel
4.-Relay Team 1:10.13aVoorhees
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.FrNoel Facey14.40mSouth Carolina State
2.SoBrian Coleman13.91mSouth Carolina State
3.SrStanley Wright13.13mBenedict
4.SrKeena Hudson13.00mFort Valley State
5.JrMark Elmore11.75mSouth Carolina State
6.SoBrandon Johnson11.66mBenedict
7.SoKoren Jewel11.18mFort Valley State
8.SrJonathan Didier11.15mClark Atlanta
9.FrRashad DeMesme11.03mSouth Carolina State
10.SoAusten Ditzhazy10.79mThe Citadel
11.SoJohn Rogers10.43mClaflin
12.FrElliot Griffin10.39mTuskegee
13.SoQuintin Turner10.20mThe Citadel
14.FrKoury Taylor10.01mTuskegee
15.JrClevland Andrews9.93mPaine
16.SoWinston Wright9.61mTuskegee
17.SoEmmanuel Washington9.31mClaflin
18.SoSterling Knight9.29mPaine
19.SoIsaiah Thomas9.01mBenedict
20.SrEmanuel Martin8.70mTuskegee
21.SoSimeon Robins8.66mFort Valley State
22.SoJamel Jenkins8.63mClark Atlanta
23.FrMarcus Fore8.49mTuskegee
24.FrBlair Hunter8.05mFort Valley State
25.SoBrian Baize7.52mThe Citadel
26.SoTyreece Cole7.32mFort Valley State
27.SoJames Roberts6.31mClark Atlanta
--JrZack SmithNDClaflin
X Discus - 2kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoQuintin Turner45.13mThe Citadel
2.FrNoel Facey43.59mSouth Carolina State
3.SoBrandon Johnson42.79mBenedict
4.SrKeena Hudson36.72mFort Valley State
5.SoBrian Coleman36.33mSouth Carolina State
6.SoJohn Rogers35.66mClaflin
7.JrMark Elmore34.91mSouth Carolina State
8.FrElliot Griffin32.12mTuskegee
9.SrStanley Wright32.04mBenedict
10.JrWilliam Norris31.70mThe Citadel
11.SrJonathan Didier31.17mClark Atlanta
12.SoAusten Ditzhazy30.30mThe Citadel
13.SoSterling Knight29.56mPaine
14.SoWinston Wright28.74mTuskegee
15.FrChristopher Smith27.72mBenedict
16.SoBrian Baize27.45mThe Citadel
17.JrCorey Pina27.27mTuskegee
18.FrMarcus Fore25.34mTuskegee
19.SoJamel Jenkins24.37mClark Atlanta
20.FrRashad DeMesme23.61mSouth Carolina State
21.JrClevland Andrews21.08mPaine
22.SrEmanuel Martin19.39mTuskegee
23.SoJames Roberts19.19mClark Atlanta
--FrJames IngramNDClark Atlanta
--FrKendal DawkinsNDClaflin
--SoEmmanuel WashingtonDQClaflin
--JrZack SmithNDClaflin
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.SoAusten Ditzhazy46.60mThe Citadel
2.JrCorey Pina44.76mTuskegee
3.SrJonathan Didier44.66mClark Atlanta
4.SrMatt Earls41.67mThe Citadel
5.SoBrian Baize41.37mThe Citadel
6.JrMark Elmore40.53mSouth Carolina State
7.SoTyreece Cole39.05mFort Valley State
8.SrKeena Hudson38.98mFort Valley State
9.SoIvory Jernnigan36.08mPaine
10.FrChristopher Smith35.58mBenedict
11.SoEmmanuel Washington35.20mClaflin
12.JrWilliam Norris35.00mThe Citadel
13.SoBrian Coleman33.72mSouth Carolina State
14.FrNoel Facey33.12mSouth Carolina State
15.SrEmanuel Martin32.82mTuskegee
16.FrLeighton Brown32.57mSouth Carolina State
17.FrCharles Kurgatt31.25mSouth Carolina State
18.FrRashad DeMesme28.70mSouth Carolina State
19.SoJamel Jenkins28.29mClark Atlanta
20.SoJames Roberts15.46mClark Atlanta
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrNichola Ledbetter1.90mClaflin
2.FrAaron Overton1.85mThe Citadel
2.JrJames Harris1.85mThe Citadel
4.JrLawrence Inman1.85mClaflin
4.FrReginald Davis1.85mTuskegee
6.FrChristopher Smith1.80mBenedict
7.FrJordan Coburn1.75mClaflin
7.SoLaval Davis1.75mBenedict
7.SrShaquill Smith1.75mThe Citadel
--JrLevar KnightNHSouth Carolina State
--SoJames HollyNHTuskegee
---Yomar SmithNHTuskegee
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.JrLevar Knight6.82mSouth Carolina State
3.JrAaron Dorn-Long6.75mClaflin
5.FrDe'andre Pettigrew6.39mPaine
6.FrBrentnol Baker6.31mFort Valley State
7.FrJamario Parks6.26mSavannah State
8.SoTyreece Cole6.24mFort Valley State
9.JrChristopher Blount6.23mSavannah State
10.FrBlair Hunter6.18mFort Valley State
11.FrDarrell McElroy6.16mSavannah State
12.FrLaquan Priest6.05mClaflin
13.FrQuinton Pearson5.99mFort Valley State
14.SoMaury Swift5.98mClark Atlanta
15.JrCharles Huggins5.81mSavannah State
16.-Carl Young5.79mBenedict
17.SoShawn Sovnenir5.76mSavannah State
18.JrLawrence Inman5.68mClaflin
19.FrLumumba Obika5.67mTuskegee
20.SrCaleb Moore5.61mThe Citadel
21.FrKevin Hardy5.58mThe Citadel
22.SoSimeon Robins5.41mFort Valley State
23.-Troy Smith5.38mPaine
24.SoDamian Walker5.32mTuskegee
25.FrShane Woodard5.30mThe Citadel
26.SrPreston Kight5.01mThe Citadel
27.JrMark Elmore4.95mSouth Carolina State
27.SoJames Roberts4.95mClark Atlanta
29.SoJamel Jenkins4.68mClark Atlanta
30.SrEmanuel Martin4.47mTuskegee
--SoBernard BrittonNDTuskegee
--SoJuan TaylorNDFort Valley State
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.FrLaquan Priest14.20mClaflin
3.FrMarcus Stephens13.65mSouth Carolina State
4.FrQuinton Pearson12.84mFort Valley State
--SoTyreece ColeNDFort Valley State
--FrJerald FayoreyNDTuskegee
---Yomar SmithNDTuskegee
--JrChristopher BlountNDSavannah State
--FrJamario ParksNDSavannah State
--FrJordan CoburnNDClaflin
---Carl YoungNDBenedict

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrKendra Davis12.01aGeorgia State
2.SrShantrell Jenkins12.18aVoorhees
3.JrNicole Mobley12.19aSouth Carolina State
4.SoBianca Tyson12.29aGeorgia State
5.JrDemetrise Anthony12.44aGeorgia Southern
7.FrRaven White12.63aVoorhees
8.SrMironda Scott12.75aSouth Carolina State
9.JrTiffany Moore12.81aFort Valley State
10.-Shakkia Collins12.84aVoorhees
11.JrJamila McKenzie12.85aTuskegee
12.FrKiera Blakley12.95aGeorgia Southern
13.SrPetra Mcdonald13.00aBenedict
13.SoJaLia Moody13.00aClark Atlanta
15.JrMallory Johnson13.03aTuskegee
16.FrChristina Black13.12aBenedict
17.FrShaywona Marks13.13aGeorgia State
18.SoSarah Creel13.14aThe Citadel
19.FrBrinoka Walker13.18aVoorhees
20.FrKirsten Holland13.28aFort Valley State
21.SoAmbria Turner13.55aClaflin
22.FrCierra Harris13.85aPaine
23.FrKiyda Sumpter14.17aClaflin
24.FrCaitlyn Lees14.40aThe Citadel
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.FrAngelia Nugent57.73aGeorgia State
3.SrNatalee Allen57.98aSouth Carolina State
4.SrShari Sampson58.63aSouth Carolina State
5.SoWhitney Charles59.02aBenedict
6.SrJodi Whittle59.26aThe Citadel
7.FrBrittany Mallard59.27aFort Valley State
8.JrMallory Johnson59.53aTuskegee
9.SoAndranette Moss59.69aSouth Carolina State
10.SrAshley Bush-Hardy1:00.33aGeorgia Southern
11.FrMorgan Jefferson1:00.41aGeorgia Southern
12.SrShauntel Jennings1:00.74aGeorgia Southern
13.FrLaQuanta Strickland1:01.29aFort Valley State
14.SrLondon Ryles1:01.96aGeorgia Southern
15.FrKeyona Smalls1:02.07aClaflin
16.FrLache Williams1:02.26aBenedict
17.SrCourtney Ware1:02.27aGeorgia Southern
18.SoJoAnn JaJa Benson1:02.32aGeorgia Southern
19.SoWendie Gardner1:03.44aClark Atlanta
20.SrStacey Jackson1:03.87aSouth Carolina State
21.FrAlanah Dillard1:04.26aGeorgia State
22.FrAzura Robillard1:04.80aGeorgia Southern
23.JrShkina Halbert1:04.88aClark Atlanta
24.FrKayla Witherspoon1:05.19aTuskegee
25.SoAmbria Turner1:05.70aClaflin
26.SoBrianna Price1:05.73aClark Atlanta
27.FrAntoinette Jordan1:06.78aGeorgia Southern
28.FrBlake Terry1:07.35aTuskegee
29.SoAlexandria Taylor1:08.48aClark Atlanta
30.SoBrittany Edison1:08.55aClark Atlanta
31.FrGabrielle Lamb1:10.55aSouth Carolina-Beauf...
32.FrAngela Bennett1:14.54aPaine
33.FrRachel Ford1:16.47aSouth Carolina-Beauf...
34.SrCherline Lee1:20.37aTuskegee
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrTamika Kinchen4:48.21aGeorgia State
2.JrLaura Fuller4:50.53aGeorgia Southern
3.FrBrittney Stewart4:58.28aSouth Carolina State
4.SrLatorya Dopson5:04.97aGeorgia State
5.FrBrandy Swann5:10.81aGeorgia State
6.JrSadie Sellow5:16.33aSavannah State
7.FrAmber Williams5:18.17aSouth Carolina State
8.FrLeah Bradley5:18.61aGeorgia Southern
9.FrJanee Douglas5:20.85aClark Atlanta
10.JrPhyllis Shelman-Ford5:21.27aClark Atlanta
11.SoSuzanne Gay5:24.62aThe Citadel
12.FrChristina Smith5:28.54aFort Valley State
13.JrBreanna Pleasant5:29.56aClark Atlanta
14.FrZaneta McGhee5:30.27aFort Valley State
15.SoRyan Boseman5:30.77aClark Atlanta
16.FrSelena Hutson5:33.60aSouth Carolina-Beauf...
17.SrShanika Marshall5:37.92aTuskegee
18.FrPratrice Blye5:39.98aBenedict
19.FrGracieuse Jean-Pierre5:55.06aBenedict
20.SoTerresa Smith6:05.55aTuskegee
21.SoBrittany Palmer6:06.08aTuskegee
22.SoCamille Riley6:10.62aTuskegee
23.FrLasheba Ellis6:41.68aPaine
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrTamika Kinchen18:49.78aGeorgia State
2.FrBrittney Stewart18:52.10aSouth Carolina State
3.SoKassi Lee19:26.54aGeorgia Southern
4.SoSarah Stierwalt19:31.62aThe Citadel
5.SrErin Ritter20:31.90aThe Citadel
6.FrBrittani Martin20:42.68aGeorgia Southern
7.JrPhyllis Shelman-Ford20:53.40aClark Atlanta
8.SoKatie Mock21:09.16aSouth Carolina-Beauf...
9.FrJanee Douglas21:28.68aClark Atlanta
10.JrKristine Grannan22:23.65aSouth Carolina-Beauf...
11.JrBreanna Pleasant22:38.38aClark Atlanta
12.SoRyan Boseman22:51.03aClark Atlanta
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
2.FrMonique Gracia14.15aSouth Carolina State
3.SrRenee McWilliams14.38aSouth Carolina State
4.SrPetra Mcdonald14.81aBenedict
5.SoNakela Jackson14.84aFort Valley State
6.SoBrandi Jefferson14.99aSouth Carolina State
7.SoFaith Lucas15.43aGeorgia State
8.FrTanekka Brown15.58aClaflin
9.SoLavina Dent15.61aGeorgia State
10.FrBrilly Gilchrist-Poteat15.95aThe Citadel
11.SoKiana Key16.18aFort Valley State
12.SrVictoria Burch16.25aSavannah State
13.SoJacia Montgomery16.49aGeorgia State
14.JrTempest Vance16.81aSouth Carolina State
14.SrKristin Olson16.81aGeorgia Southern
16.JrMelinda Bastian16.89aBenedict
17.SoLatoya Green17.03aFort Valley State
18.JrMelanie Trumbo17.04aGeorgia Southern
19.FrGemira Climer17.55aBenedict
20.FrLatycia Milton18.07aClaflin
21.FrFrancesca Mccrary18.08aThe Citadel
22.SrAngelica Porter21.72aClark Atlanta
23.FrPaula Humprey25.54aGeorgia State
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrTempest Vance1:01.82aSouth Carolina State
2.SrElizabeth Govrik1:04.30aSouth Carolina State
3.SrKristin Olson1:05.51aGeorgia Southern
4.FrTanekka Brown1:05.70aClaflin
5.SrVictoria Burch1:05.92aSavannah State
6.SoLoneia Powell1:06.53aClark Atlanta
7.JrT'Shara Hicks1:06.60aFort Valley State
8.JrShkina Halbert1:09.74aClark Atlanta
9.SrKristi Foster1:11.19aSouth Carolina State
10.SoBrandi Jefferson1:12.05aSouth Carolina State
11.FrGemira Climer1:12.21aBenedict
12.SoTiara Bivins1:13.42aGeorgia Southern
13.JrLauren Fleming1:15.11aThe Citadel
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 46.48aGeorgia State
2.-Relay Team 46.72aSouth Carolina State
3.-Relay Team 47.94aSouth Carolina State
4.-Relay Team 48.51aGeorgia State
5.-Relay Team 48.97aGeorgia Southern
6.-Relay Team 49.22aBenedict
7.-Relay Team 49.60aFort Valley State
8.-Relay Team 49.87aVoorhees
9.-Relay Team 50.55aTuskegee
10.-Relay Team 51.38aThe Citadel
11.-Relay Team 51.40aSavannah State
12.-Relay Team 52.80aClark Atlanta
13.-Relay Team 53.01aClaflin
14.-Relay Team 54.67aGeorgia State
15.-Relay Team 57.74aPaine
---Relay Team DQSouth Carolina State
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:40.12aGeorgia State
2.-Relay Team 1:41.21aSouth Carolina State
3.-Relay Team 1:44.33aGeorgia Southern
4.-Relay Team 1:44.98aSouth Carolina State
5.-Relay Team 1:45.80aThe Citadel
6.-Relay Team 1:45.82aGeorgia State
7.-Relay Team 1:47.67aClark Atlanta
8.-Relay Team 1:50.21aTuskegee
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:56.00aSouth Carolina State
2.-Relay Team 3:59.91aFort Valley State
3.-Relay Team 4:03.39aGeorgia Southern
4.-Relay Team 4:10.30aSouth Carolina State
5.-Relay Team 4:11.08aFort Valley State
6.-Relay Team 4:12.66aSouth Carolina State
7.-Relay Team 4:13.61aTuskegee
8.-Relay Team 4:16.54aClark Atlanta
9.-Relay Team 4:25.85aThe Citadel
10.-Relay Team 4:26.46aClark Atlanta
11.-Relay Team 4:44.74aTuskegee
12.-Relay Team 4:56.58aPaine
---Relay Team DNFSouth Carolina State
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 9:33.87aGeorgia State
2.-Relay Team 9:35.02aGeorgia Southern
3.-Relay Team 10:04.56aSouth Carolina State
4.-Relay Team 10:06.97aThe Citadel
5.-Relay Team 10:44.12aClark Atlanta
6.-Relay Team 11:50.83aTuskegee
X 4x55 Shuttle Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 52.69aSouth Carolina State
2.-Relay Team 58.01aGeorgia State
3.-Relay Team 59.49aBenedict
4.-Relay Team 59.51aThe Citadel
X 4x100 Shuttle Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
2.-Relay Team 58.01aGeorgia State
3.-Relay Team 59.49aBenedict
4.-Relay Team 59.51aThe Citadel
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrShamire Rothmiller13.15mSouth Carolina State
2.JrMelinda Bastian11.52mBenedict
3.SrPetra Mcdonald10.32mBenedict
4.JrGenay Furse10.04mClaflin
5.JrEmily Green10.04mThe Citadel
6.FrEileena Fowler9.87mSouth Carolina State
7.FrSarah Herndon9.73mGeorgia Southern
8.SrCandice Hill9.73mTuskegee
9.SoCharvez Holmes9.64mBenedict
10.FrShakari Frazier9.63mFort Valley State
11.SrKalea McNeill9.57mClark Atlanta
12.SoAria Nicholson9.54mClaflin
13.FrKasandra Polson9.47mThe Citadel
14.FrChelsea Walden9.37mTuskegee
15.FrMia Trevino9.02mThe Citadel
16.JrAmanda Spivy8.81mGeorgia Southern
17.FrCourtney Scott8.77mFort Valley State
18.-Deaundrea Conover-Hodge8.41mTuskegee
19.-Kayla Brown8.33mVoorhees
20.JrLindra Willis8.03mGeorgia Southern
21.JrDesisha Rivers7.93mClaflin
22.SoKiana Key7.75mFort Valley State
23.SoAriel Stark7.72mTuskegee
24.SrCherline Lee7.63mTuskegee
25.JrChassity Johnson7.21mClark Atlanta
26.SoGabrielle Nixon7.09mBenedict
27.JrT'Shara Hicks7.02mFort Valley State
28.FrAshley Bellamy6.86mPaine
29.SoLatrice Dalton6.73mTuskegee
30.SoCandice Rowland6.51mPaine
31.JrFidellia Ramirez4.59mBenedict
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAmanda Spivy36.71mGeorgia Southern
2.JrGenay Furse36.62mClaflin
3.FrCourtney Scott34.34mFort Valley State
4.FrShamire Rothmiller33.60mSouth Carolina State
5.SrCandice Hill32.74mTuskegee
6.FrChelsea Walden32.06mTuskegee
7.FrTheresa Johansen31.67mThe Citadel
8.FrEileena Fowler31.35mSouth Carolina State
9.JrLindra Willis31.35mGeorgia Southern
10.FrSarah Herndon30.57mGeorgia Southern
11.SoAria Nicholson29.50mClaflin
12.JrMelinda Bastian28.36mBenedict
13.-Kayla Brown28.33mVoorhees
14.FrShakari Frazier27.58mFort Valley State
15.SrKalea McNeill27.44mClark Atlanta
16.JrDesisha Rivers27.29mClaflin
17.FrKasandra Polson26.66mThe Citadel
18.JrChassity Johnson25.69mClark Atlanta
19.FrJasmine Vanexcel24.11mPaine
20.FrAnna Fuzy21.38mThe Citadel
21.SoCharvez Holmes21.06mBenedict
22.SoLatrice Dalton15.33mTuskegee
--SoGabrielle NixonNDBenedict
--SoEbony GriggsNDSavannah State
--FrAshley BellamyNDPaine
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.JrMelinda Bastian40.41mBenedict
2.FrShamire Rothmiller35.94mSouth Carolina State
3.JrEmily Green32.28mThe Citadel
4.JrMelanie Trumbo32.23mGeorgia Southern
5.SrKristi Foster28.52mSouth Carolina State
6.SrCandice Hill28.39mTuskegee
7.SrKalea McNeill23.91mClark Atlanta
8.FrMia Trevino23.23mThe Citadel
9.FrKasandra Polson22.97mThe Citadel
10.-Deaundrea Conover-Hodge22.88mTuskegee
11.SoAriel Stark22.62mTuskegee
12.SrPetra Mcdonald22.29mBenedict
13.JrAlex King21.80mPaine
14.JrGenay Furse21.33mClaflin
15.FrAnna Fuzy20.76mThe Citadel
16.JrChassity Johnson18.00mClark Atlanta
17.JrDesisha Rivers17.50mClaflin
18.FrEileena Fowler16.10mSouth Carolina State
19.FrShakari Frazier15.80mFort Valley State
20.FrCourtney Scott15.15mFort Valley State
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrMelanie Trumbo1.65mGeorgia Southern
2.SrJasmine Lightning1.60mGeorgia Southern
3.FrAlex Cassagnol1.55mGeorgia Southern
4.FrCari Tindall1.45mClaflin
5.JrMelinda Bastian1.45mBenedict
--SoAriel StarkNHTuskegee
--SrKristi FosterNHSouth Carolina State
--SrPetra McdonaldNHBenedict
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrShaunta Hamilton5.62mGeorgia Southern
2.JrDemetrise Anthony5.51mGeorgia Southern
3.JrJasmine Smith5.35mSouth Carolina State
4.SoAntionette Oglesby5.17mFort Valley State
5.SoSharonda Redfield5.12mSavannah State
6.FrLatycia Milton4.88mClaflin
7.JrT'Shara Hicks4.72mFort Valley State
8.FrLatasha Hill4.60mBenedict
9.FrCari Tindall4.59mClaflin
10.JrJamila McKenzie4.53mTuskegee
11.FrAmber Hughes4.49mSavannah State
12.FrKatie Hendrix4.36mPaine
13.-Deaundrea Conover-Hodge4.28mTuskegee
14.FrJanea Kearse3.98mPaine
15.SrCherline Lee3.30mTuskegee
--SrPetra McdonaldNDBenedict
--SoLynndsey HyterNDGeorgia Southern
--SrAngelica PorterNDClark Atlanta
--SoKiana KeyNDFort Valley State
--SoBrittany EdisonNDClark Atlanta
--FrCierra HarrisNDPaine
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJasmine Smith12.52mSouth Carolina State
2.FrAmber Hughes11.15mSavannah State
--FrShaywona MarksNDGeorgia State
--SrAngelica PorterNDClark Atlanta
--JrShannon WilliamsNDGeorgia State
--FrLatycia MiltonNDClaflin
--SoSharonda RedfieldNDSavannah State
--JrShaunta HamiltonNDGeorgia Southern
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