Valley Bay Middle School Conference Meet @ Shawano

Monday, May 18, 2009
  Shawano Community Middle Schol, Shawano - Map

  Field Events Start: 4:15 PM  Track Events Start: 4:30 PM
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.8Matt Ott12.63New London
2.8Nathan Poppe12.63Clintonville
3.Cody Plaster12.73Seymour
4.8Matt Giese12.81Hortonville
5.7Nate Peters13.01Freedom
6.8Austin Postel13.06New London
7.8Mitchell Mazemke13.39Shawano Community
8.8Ken Kromenoker13.42Hortonville
9.GrAlex Young13.50Washington (OF)
10.Hunter Effa13.63Seymour
11.-Colto n Schenk13.65Seymour
12.7Parker Thome13.68Hortonville
13.8Paul Grier13.78Freedom
14.-Sean Klosterman13.82Washington (OF)
15.7Brice Bergner14.05Shawano Community
16.8Sanyog Singh14.32Shawano Community
17.7Zach Schreiber14.45Freedom
18.8Josh St.Louis14.80New London
19.-Jarek DeBauche15.97Washington (OF)
20.6Miller Tommy16.84Clintonville
21.6Cole Kriewaldt16.91Clintonville
X 200 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.-Devin Ault26.54Washington (OF)
2.8Logan Webster26.56Shawano Community
3.7Nate Peters26.90Freedom
4.Cody Plaster27.03Seymour
5.8Bo Casper27.94Freedom
6.8Tim Lynaugh28.14Hortonville
7.8Bill Pence28.43New London
8.8Dylan Singer28.59Shawano Community
9.8Ethan Allen28.84Hortonville
10.8Ryan Yonekura28.86Hortonville
11.-Sean Klosterman29.10Washington (OF)
12.7Dustin Brochtrop29.48Freedom
13.-Jorge Fonseca29.76Seymour
14.8Curtis Hagen29.88Shawano Community
15.7Tyler Raschke30.01New London
16.7Ryan Krahn30.37Seymour
17.7Quinn Trumbower30.88New London
18.-Mike Fifield31.26Washington (OF)
19.6Matt Anderson38.68Clintonville
X 400 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.8Nathan Poppe56.51Clintonville
2.-Trevor Kansier59.00Washington (OF)
3.8Riley Tuma59.27Shawano Community
4.8Nate Lenz1:01.63Hortonville
5.8Riley Garbe1:01.71Freedom
6.-Brain Heiden1:02.23Seymour
7.7Dustin Jensen1:02.54Freedom
8.8Caleb Chmielewski1:02.55New London
9.8Jon Christopherson1:02.83Shawano Community
10.7Jake Green1:05.23Freedom
11.-Keenan Moehring1:05.65Seymour
12.8Mike Darling1:06.68Hortonville
13.GrMike Friedman1:07.66Washington (OF)
14.GrBrady Vrooman1:07.69Washington (OF)
15.8Josh St.Louis1:08.38New London
16.7Peter Vanbeek1:08.92Hortonville
17.-Phil Michaelson1:09.29Seymour
18.8Noah Stertz1:09.55Clintonville
19.7Bryce Richards1:10.40Shawano Community
20.7Trevor Crain1:14.44New London
21.8Dylan Dohr1:22.37Clintonville
X 800 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.8Andrew Philibeck2:31.53Freedom
2.7Dustin Jensen2:32.14Freedom
3.8Joseph Hinz2:32.98Freedom
4.-Matthew Dessart2:34.11Seymour
5.7Alex Lusinski2:35.78Hortonville
6.-Eric Elbe2:35.88Seymour
7.GrBrady Vrooman2:37.25Washington (OF)
8.8Brett Steoger2:38.59Hortonville
9.8Joseph Moses2:39.97Shawano Community
10.GrMike Friedman2:40.10Washington (OF)
11.8Andrew Wesphal2:43.05Hortonville
12.-Blake Fischer2:45.94Washington (OF)
13.8Zachary Solberg2:48.83New London
14.8Jake DeCleene2:49.23Clintonville
15.7Griffin Monfils2:50.27Shawano Community
16.8John Klemp2:50.57Clintonville
17.8Kurtis Komanekin2:51.79Shawano Community
18.8Drew Phillips2:53.49New London
19.7Colin Malliet3:01.30New London
20.-Kevin Rynish3:09.66Seymour
X 1600 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.Josh Hopkins5:28.34Seymour
2.8Jacob Brinkner5:28.51Freedom
3.8Caleb Chmielewski5:29.81New London
4.-Mitch Friedman5:33.68Washington (OF)
5.8Dan Bosquesz5:37.54New London
6.8Joseph Hinz5:39.61Freedom
7.-Jacob Morrissey5:42.57Washington (OF)
8.8Brett Steoger5:47.58Hortonville
9.-Ethan Schroeder5:55.33Washington (OF)
10.-Josh Skinkis5:55.37Seymour
11.8Joseph Moses5:57.09Shawano Community
12.8Jake DeCleene5:57.39Clintonville
13.7Griffin Monfils5:57.73Shawano Community
14.-Brandon Rohloff5:57.74Seymour
15.7Jake Green6:05.50Freedom
16.8Drew Phillips6:26.34New London
17.6Jordan Rodriguez6:46.69Shawano Community
18.8Dylan Dohr6:46.81Clintonville
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Middle School - Finals
1.Josh Hopkins15.48Seymour
2.8Bo Casper16.36Freedom
3.8Chad Verhasselt16.49Freedom
4.-Ethan Berth16.58Washington (OF)
5.8Alex Van Boxtel16.82Freedom
6.8Chris Berg17.25Shawano Community
7.-Jacob Morrissey17.74Washington (OF)
8.7Hunter Keuttle17.78Hortonville
9.-Matt Lema18.03Seymour
10.8Matt Horne18.31Shawano Community
11.-Jake Virtues18.42Washington (OF)
12.7Tristine Guyette18.65Hortonville
13.8John Klemp18.79Clintonville
14.8Dan Borek18.86Hortonville
15.7Quinn Trumbower19.58New London
16.7Terry Warren19.69New London
17.David Leisgang19.73Seymour
18.8Hunter Wood19.74Shawano Community
19.8Karl White19.81New London
20.7Danny Barker20.42Clintonville
21.7Travis Eanone24.36Clintonville
X 4x100 Relay - Middle School - Finals
1.-Matt Giese
Ken Kromenoker
Tim Lynaugh
JD Forsling
2.-Brock Herzfeldt
Matt Ott
Bill Pence
Austin Postel
50.75New London
3.-Hunter Effa
Cody Plaster
Tyler Majeski
Eric Elbe
4.-Chris Berg
Dylan Singer
Logan Webster
Mitchell Mazemke
51.09Shawano Community
5.-Brady DeCamp
Connor Gerhke
Nathan Poppe
Jake Reiter
6.-Riley Garbe
Paul Grier
Alex Van Boxtel
Chad Verhasselt
1.-Dustin Brochtrop
Mike Waters
Nate Peters
Zach Schreiber
7.-Jake Virtues
Mike Fifield
Ethan Berth
Sean Klosterman
54.80Washington (OF)
2.-Kyle Peotter
Casey Jefson
Dylan Beyer
Clayton Skogman
2.-Alex Johnson
Hunter Reed
Matt Ferdon
Bo Shroyer
56.64Washington (OF)
4.-Danny Barker
Joe Pockat
Skyler Lehman
Jesse Mayak
5.-Derrick Johnsen
Dalton Parson
Andrew Schultz
Brice Bergner
59.70Shawano Community
-Conner Hafman
Mitch Lillge
Parker Thome
Alex Lusinski
X 4x200 Relay - Middle School - Finals
1.-Alex Young
Ethan Berth
Trevor Kansier
Devin Ault
1:45.99Washington (OF)
2.-Tim Lynaugh
Mitch Lillge
Ethan Allen
Matt Giese
3.-Bo Casper
Chad Verhasselt
Alex Van Boxtel
Zach Hofacker
4.-Brice Bergner
Eric Madusha
Dylan Singer
Logan Webster
1:52.29Shawano Community
5.-Brady DeCamp
Connor Gerhke
Jake Reiter
Jesse Mayak
6.-Clayton Skogman
Kyle Peotter
Matthew Dessart
Jorge Fonseca
7.-Brock Herzfeldt
Zabian Salinas
Tyler Raschke
Brandon Stibb
2:00.58New London
X 4x400 Relay - Middle School - Finals
1.-Alex Young
Jacob Morrissey
Trevor Kansier
Devin Ault
4:09.66Washington (OF)
2.-Jon Christopherson
Tyler Heling
Mitchell Mazemke
Riley Tuma
4:12.03Shawano Community
3.-Brady DeCamp
Noah Stertz
Connor Gerhke
Jake Reiter
4.-Riley Garbe
Ben Randerson
Mike Waters
Jake Green
5.-Brain Heiden
Keenan Moehring
Josh Hopkins
Colto n Schenk
6.-Peter Tenpas
Ken Kromenoker
Bill Miller
Nate Lenz
7.-Tyler Raschke
Brock Herzfeldt
Dan Bosquesz
Brandon Stibb
4:21.43New London
X 4x800 Relay - Middle School - Finals
1.-Jacob Brinkner
Joseph Hinz
Andrew Philibeck
Davis Hicks-Klund
2.-Nate Lenz
Peter Vanbeek
Bill Miller
Peter Tenpas
3.-Josh Skinkis
Clayton Skogman
Ryan Krahn
Brandon Rohloff
4.-Joseph Moses
Griffin Monfils
Kurtis Komanekin
Riley Tuma
10:49.93Shawano Community
5.-Blake Fischer
Ethan Schroeder
Mike Friedman
Alex Johnson
10:51.97Washington (OF)
6.-Dan Bosquesz
Caleb Chmielewski
Drew Phillips
Zachary Solberg
10:58.26New London
X Shot Put - 8lb - Middle School - Finals
1.8Caleb Chmielewski37-11.00New London
2.8JD Forsling37-05.50Hortonville
3.7Jake Reiter36-07.00Clintonville
4.8Kyle Petermann36-02.00Clintonville
5.-Matthew Dessart35-05.50Seymour
6.8Austin Postel34-10.00New London
7.7Aaron Dewhurst34-04.75Hortonville
8.-Jacob Morrissey33-07.75Washington (OF)
9.-Mike Zeitler31-06.75Washington (OF)
10.-Dalton Wedelstadt30-07.00Seymour
11.8Matt Horne30-06.50Shawano Community
12.8Reed Ambrosious30-03.00Freedom
13.8Jake Kittridge30-02.50Freedom
14.8Dylan Kroening29-04.00Shawano Community
15.-Nick Zeitler29-02.50Washington (OF)
16.-Nick Banker29-01.50Seymour
17.8Ethan Allen28-09.75Hortonville
18.8Alex Mickelson28-03.50Shawano Community
19.8Ross Westphal27-09.00Clintonville
20.7Bo Waalkens26-11.50Freedom
8Jared TheboDQNew London
X Discus - 1.6kg - Middle School - Finals
1.8Kyle Petermann130-04Clintonville
2.8Matt Horne107-11Shawano Community
3.8Reed Ambrosious107-08Freedom
4.8Dylan Kroening99-04Shawano Community
5.7Forrest Haunscild92-05Hortonville
6.-Dalton Wedelstadt90-10Seymour
7.8Ross Westphal88-04Clintonville
8.-Jacob Arndt88-01Seymour
9.8Alex Mickelson87-11Shawano Community
10.7Jeff Mann81-09Hortonville
11.-Jake Virtues81-06Washington (OF)
12.7Bo Waalkens80-10Freedom
13.7Dustin Brochtrop78-10Freedom
14.8Bill Pence76-05New London
15.-Nick Zeitler72-00Washington (OF)
16.7Ryan Macintosh70-03Hortonville
17.-Nick Banker69-07Seymour
18.8Josiah Weckwerth66-00New London
19.8Jared Thebo65-08New London
20.-Luke Stoinski56-01Washington (OF)
21.7Travis Eanone51-03Clintonville
X High Jump - Middle School - Finals
1.8Chris Berg5-03.00Shawano Community
2.8Matt Ott5-01.00New London
3.8Matt Giese4-10.00Hortonville
3.7Mitch Lillge4-10.00Hortonville
5.8Austin Postel4-08.00New London
5.8Andrew Philibeck4-08.00Freedom
7.8Bill Pence4-08.00New London
7.8Bo Casper4-08.00Freedom
7.7Tristine Guyette4-08.00Hortonville
7.-Matt Lema4-08.00Seymour
7.-Bo Shroyer4-08.00Washington (OF)
12.8Paul Grier4-06.00Freedom
12.7Danny Barker4-06.00Clintonville
12.-Alex Bloom4-06.00Seymour
15.8Joseph Moses4-04.00Shawano Community
15.-Matthew Dessart4-04.00Seymour
17.8Kyle Petermann4-02.00Clintonville
17.GrAlex Young4-02.00Washington (OF)
17.8Jon Christopherson4-02.00Shawano Community
X Long Jump - Middle School - Finals
1.-Trevor Kansier18-00.00Washington (OF)
2.Hunter Effa16-07.00Seymour
3.7Parker Thome15-09.00Hortonville
4.-Devin Ault15-08.00Washington (OF)
5.-Sean Klosterman15-05.75Washington (OF)
6.8Ken Kromenoker15-05.50Hortonville
7.8Chad Verhasselt15-03.50Freedom
8.-Colto n Schenk15-02.25Seymour
9.8Zach Hofacker14-06.00Freedom
10.-Brain Heiden14-03.00Seymour
11.8Eric Madusha13-10.00Shawano Community
12.8Sanyog Singh13-09.00Shawano Community
13.7Sam Weiland13-07.00New London
14.7Tyler Raschke13-01.00New London
15.8Logan Coppock12-06.00Hortonville
16.7Ben Randerson11-08.00Freedom
17.7Danny Barker11-07.50Clintonville
8Mitchell MazemkeDQShawano Community
X Triple Jump - Middle School - Finals
1.Josh Hopkins34-04.00Seymour
2.Hunter Effa31-09.00Seymour
3.8Zach Hofacker29-11.00Freedom
4.8Zachary Solberg29-03.50New London
5.-Ethan Berth28-07.50Washington (OF)
6.7Andrew Thompson28-00.00Hortonville
7.8Alex Van Boxtel27-10.00Freedom
8.-Mitch Friedman27-08.50Washington (OF)
9.8Andrew Philibeck27-02.50Freedom
10.-Keenan Moehring27-01.50Seymour
11.7Conner Hafman26-10.00Hortonville
12.7Danny Barker26-02.00Clintonville
13.-Alex Johnson25-10.50Washington (OF)
14.8Kevin McClone25-08.00New London
15.7Griffin Monfils25-04.00Shawano Community
16.7Connor NeumannSleeper24-03.00Shawano Community
17.8Andrew Wesphal24-01.50Hortonville

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.7Amber Pethke13.44New London
2.8Alison Bos13.76Freedom
3.8Malory Arnold14.12Hortonville
4.-Hannah Faccio14.22Washington (OF)
5.8Stephanie Dreifuerst14.24Hortonville
6.7Kia Smurawa14.42Shawano Community
7.8Caitlin Stuewer14.47Shawano Community
8.-Jenny Spang14.61Washington (OF)
9.7Alexa Roland14.64New London
10.8Sarah Carew14.73Hortonville
11.8Allison Shepard14.80Clintonville
12.7Kayla Hokenstad14.84Shawano Community
13.-Olivia Carlton15.11Washington (OF)
14.-Carissa Greely15.21Freedom
15.-Megan Nagel15.57Seymour
16.-Erin Blohm15.62Seymour
17.-Paige Thomson15.79Seymour
17.8Kayla Lewin15.79Freedom
19.6Jenna Hare16.78Clintonville
20.6Lauren Popp17.52Clintonville
8Tylan MastawDQNew London
X 200 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.8Alison Bos28.58Freedom
2.7Amber Pethke28.73New London
3.8Kathy Derks29.34Hortonville
4.8Tylan Mastaw29.67New London
5.8Stephanie Dreifuerst30.28Hortonville
6.-Sarah Reis30.73Washington (OF)
7.7Malory Soper30.89Shawano Community
9.8Emily Klitzke31.20Shawano Community
8.7Stephanie Gossens31.14New London
10.-Olivia Carlton31.23Washington (OF)
11.8Brittney Schweitzer31.51Freedom
12.7Samantha Weber31.91Hortonville
13.-Anna Rabe32.00Washington (OF)
14.-Emily Pelky32.52Seymour
15.6Elena Bohm32.65Shawano Community
16.-Taylor Maulick32.78Freedom
17.7Ellie Patza34.34Seymour
18.-Alexa Brill35.08Seymour
19.6Jenna Hare36.16Clintonville
20.8Amber Zarling36.42Clintonville
21.7Lynnea Johnson36.69Clintonville
X 400 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.8Alison Bos1:03.62Freedom
2.GrKali Erickson1:09.75Washington (OF)
3.-Leah Kasten1:09.78Washington (OF)
4.-Aleesha LaCount1:09.88Washington (OF)
5.8Danika Thomas1:10.07Hortonville
6.7Ashley Knope1:10.18Shawano Community
7.8Mackenzie Buss1:12.89Shawano Community
8.-Erin Blohm1:13.43Seymour
9.-Bethany Marcks1:13.71Seymour
10.7Brooke Kreigelstein1:14.23New London
11.8Kayla VanAsten1:15.23Freedom
12.-Alex Peeters1:15.98Freedom
13.7Sara Messner1:16.06Clintonville
14.8Delaney Boelter1:16.15Shawano Community
15.7Maddy Schild1:17.53Hortonville
16.7Davi Ruckdashel1:19.58New London
17.7Mattie Gould1:22.01New London
X 800 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.Bridget Murphy2:31.42Seymour
2.8Liz Bloy2:36.91Freedom
3.8Sarah Glidden2:42.94Hortonville
4.-Erin Gilligan2:47.22Washington (OF)
5.8Julia Huested2:48.15New London
6.6Breanna Gretzinger2:49.84Clintonville
7.-Arianna Opsahl2:50.20Washington (OF)
8.7Courtney Schlichting2:51.18Shawano Community
9.6Lindsay Holstrom2:54.92Shawano Community
10.8Kelsie VanAsten2:56.07Freedom
11.-Kara Zulegar2:56.51Freedom
12.8Jenna Green2:56.86Hortonville
13.7Maria Foley2:56.90Hortonville
14.5Teagan Monfils2:57.15Shawano Community
15.7Ana Huber3:01.87Clintonville
16.7Kara Ziegler3:05.39New London
17.6Ali Johnson3:07.27Clintonville
18.8Haley Steffanus3:11.88New London
19.-Gabby Negrette3:24.43Seymour
20.-Gail Goodacre3:31.70Seymour
X 1600 Meters - Middle School - Finals
1.8Liz Bloy5:58.16Freedom
2.8Samantha Hohn6:07.79Clintonville
3.-Erin Gilligan6:10.49Washington (OF)
4.7Courtney Schlichting6:17.14Shawano Community
5.8Bailey Beaudoin6:17.14Hortonville
6.7Madison Cooley6:20.00New London
7.6Lindsay Holstrom6:22.05Shawano Community
8.6Breanna Gretzinger6:29.07Clintonville
9.8Jenna Green6:36.05Hortonville
10.8Tianna Field6:42.49Shawano Community
11.-Kalie Hetzel6:53.32Washington (OF)
12.-Elizabeth Watzka6:53.36Washington (OF)
13.8Tessa Taylor6:54.56New London
14.7Ana Huber6:56.00Clintonville
15.-Paige Thomson7:10.15Seymour
16.-Heather Moreno7:16.82Freedom
17.-Gina Sayler7:21.91Freedom
18.8Jasmine Gillette7:29.54New London
19.-Gail Goodacre7:35.81Seymour
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - Middle School - Finals
1.-Anna Rabe18.08Washington (OF)
2.8Emily Inglese18.34Hortonville
3.7Michaela Roland18.97New London
4.8Natalie Kurth19.32New London
5.8Julia Huested19.56New London
6.7Maddy Schild19.59Hortonville
7.8Raven Wagner19.85Shawano Community
8.8Leigh Hayes19.89Hortonville
9.6Vanessa VanDenElzen19.91Washington (OF)
10.8Sage Mauritson19.97Shawano Community
10.-Candis Dequaine19.97Washington (OF)
12.-Katelyn Schiltz20.16Freedom
13.-Cami Gerritts20.33Freedom
14.8Allison Shepard20.49Clintonville
15.7Paige Palubicki20.65Seymour
16.8Maggie Balke20.73Shawano Community
17.-Haley Bowers20.96Seymour
18.-Nicci Nienhouse21.03Seymour
19.8Allie Gonnering21.20Freedom
20.8Carmen Johnson21.78Clintonville
21.7Lynnea Johnson22.11Clintonville
X 4x100 Relay - Middle School - Finals
1.-Emily Inglese
Stephanie Dreifuerst
Ashlee Bovee
Sarah Carew
2.-Jenny Spang
Olivia Carlton
Jen McLeod
Hannah Faccio
55.79Washington (OF)
3.-Natalie Kurth
Tylan Mastaw
Amber Pethke
Alexa Roland
55.84New London
4.-Kailene Young
Emily Klitzke
Kia Smurawa
Caitlin Stuewer
56.54Shawano Community
5.-Kayla Lewin
Rachel Roche
Brittney Schweitzer
Katelyn Schiltz
2.-Samantha Weber
Sydney Reed
Ashley Dreifuerst
Mara Obermeier
1.-Vanessa VanDenElzen
Meghan Vandenack
McKenna Larsen
Aleesha LaCount
59.26Washington (OF)
6.-Megan Nagel
Bridget Murphy
Ellie Patza
Erin Blohm
3.-Elena Bohm
Sara Hokenstad
Samantha Bohm
Kayla Hokenstad
1:00.04Shawano Community
7.-Kaitlin Collier
Allison Shepard
Steph Jepson
Samantha Hohn
4.-Bethany Marcks
Miranda Pahl
Alise Gray
Olivia Gray
5.-Cami Gerritts
Kara Zulegar
Brooke Talbot
Carissa Greely
6.-Caitlin Schmidt
Abby Clegg
Hannah Farrell
Emma White
1:04.97New London
7.-Jenna Hare
Laken Wait
Emma Polzin
Ali Johnson
X 4x200 Relay - Middle School - Finals
1.-Kia Smurawa
Emily Klitzke
Mallory Soper
Caitlin Stuewer
2:00.32Shawano Community
2.-Jenny Spang
McKenna Larsen
Meghan Vandenack
Hannah Faccio
2:02.00Washington (OF)
3.-Michaela Roland
Arianna Hilt
Mattie Gould
Stephanie Gossens
2:07.50New London
4.-Hannah Doxtater
Brittney Schweitzer
Carissa Greely
Kendra Johnson
5.-Haley Bowers
Alexa Brill
Emily Pelky
Nicci Nienhouse
6.-Kaitlin Collier
Lynnea Johnson
Ali Johnson
Emma Polzin
-Emily Inglese
Kathy Derks
Ashlee Bovee
Sarah Carew
X 4x400 Relay - Middle School - Finals
1.-Ashlee Bovee
Kathy Derks
Sarah Glidden
Malory Arnold
2.-Leah Kasten
Amanda Boulanger
Jen McLeod
Kali Erickson
4:43.78Washington (OF)
3.-Kaitlin Collier
Steph Jepson
Samantha Hohn
Breanna Gretzinger
4.-Ashley Knope
LaRissa O'Kimosh
Delaney Boelter
Mackenzie Buss
4:55.34Shawano Community
5.-Cami Gerritts
Alex Peeters
Stephanie Smith
Kendra Johnson
6.-Megan Nagel
Bethany Marcks
Courtney Belanger
Bridget Murphy
7.-Mattie Gould
Madison Cooley
Brooke Kreigelstein
Anna Malueg
5:06.98New London
X 4x800 Relay - Middle School - Finals
1.-Bailey Beaudoin
Maria Foley
Danika Thomas
Sarah Glidden
2.-Kali Erickson
Elizabeth Donart
Arianna Opsahl
Erin Gilligan
11:10.82Washington (OF)
3.-Kendra Johnson
Nichole VanDenEng
Kelsie VanAsten
Kara Zulegar
4.-Lindsay Holstrom
Hannah Hinnefeld
Teagan Monfils
Courtney Schlichting
12:10.01Shawano Community
5.-Kaitlin Collier
Sara Messner
Ana Huber
Ali Johnson
6.-Madison Cooley
Anna Malueg
Brooke Kreigelstein
Kara Ziegler
12:26.26New London
7.-Haley Bowers
Gail Goodacre
Courtney Belanger
Gabby Negrette
X Shot Put - 6lb - Middle School - Finals
1.-Sarah Reis31-07.00Washington (OF)
2.7Chloe Dougherty31-05.00Hortonville
3.-Rachel Gehring31-00.00Freedom
4.8Brooke Warren30-10.25Shawano Community
5.7Brieanne Lippert29-10.50Hortonville
6.7Caitlin Schmidt29-02.50New London
7.8Kacie Searl28-00.50Hortonville
8.8Kailene Young27-05.50Shawano Community
9.8Savanna Malitz26-09.00Shawano Community
10.-Kenney LaCombe25-11.00Seymour
11.7Lacy Harris25-10.50New London
12.-Shalyn Kuehnl25-10.00Seymour
13.-Allison Birr25-09.50Washington (OF)
14.8Amber Calaway25-08.50Freedom
15.7Jade Stilen24-11.75Clintonville
16.-Becca Simpson23-10.00Seymour
17.-Kasey Greenwood23-05.75Freedom
18.6Emma Polzin23-04.25Clintonville
19.7Brianna Pfieler22-10.50Clintonville
20.7Katie Melendes22-08.50New London
21.-Emily Curran21-11.50Washington (OF)
X Discus - 1kg - Middle School - Finals
1.-Rachel Gehring90-02Freedom
2.8Brooke Warren77-01Shawano Community
3.8Kailene Young74-00Shawano Community
4.-Shalyn Kuehnl73-03Seymour
5.7Brieanne Lippert68-07Hortonville
6.7Chloe Dougherty59-08Hortonville
7.-Bethany Marcks59-05Seymour
8.-Sarah Reis58-05Washington (OF)
9.8Amber Calaway56-08Freedom
10.-Allison Birr52-07Washington (OF)
11.-Becca Simpson52-06Seymour
12.8Jennifer Campos52-00New London
13.-Natalie Irman50-04Washington (OF)
14.7Lacy Harris49-04New London
15.8Steph Jepson48-11Clintonville
16.8Winter Anderson45-10Shawano Community
17.8Tori Zahn45-06New London
18.7Moira Danielson44-03Hortonville
19.7Jade Stilen44-01Clintonville
-Hannah DoxtaterDQFreedom
X High Jump - Middle School - Finals
1.-Carly Lemke4-06.00Washington (OF)
2.7Brittany Wright4-03.00Hortonville
3.8Emily Klitzke4-03.00Shawano Community
4.GrKali Erickson4-03.00Washington (OF)
5.-Hannah Doxtater4-02.00Freedom
5.-Paige Thomson4-02.00Seymour
7.8Brenna Heise4-00.00New London
7.-Aleesha LaCount4-00.00Washington (OF)
7.7Kaitlin Collier4-00.00Clintonville
10.8Mackenzie Buss3-10.00Shawano Community
10.8Jenna Green3-10.00Hortonville
10.8Carmen Johnson3-10.00Clintonville
10.7Haley Heidke3-10.00Seymour
10.8Caitlin Stuewer3-10.00Shawano Community
10.7Michaela Roland3-10.00New London
16.8Samantha Hohn3-08.00Clintonville
16.7Olivia Gray3-08.00Seymour
16.8Allie Gonnering3-08.00Freedom
19.7Arianna Hilt3-06.00New London
19.-Danielle Gleason3-06.00Freedom
X Long Jump - Middle School - Finals
1.-McKenna Larsen16-01.00Washington (OF)
2.7Amber Pethke14-08.00New London
3.8Delaney Boelter14-01.50Shawano Community
4.8Alison Bos14-01.25Freedom
5.8Liz Bloy13-11.75Freedom
6.8Malory Arnold13-11.00Hortonville
7.-Jen McLeod13-09.50Washington (OF)
8.-Meghan Vandenack12-07.50Washington (OF)
9.7Kayla Hokenstad12-07.00Shawano Community
10.8Sarah Carew12-05.50Hortonville
11.7Alexa Roland12-05.00New London
12.8Ashlee Bovee12-04.00Hortonville
13.7Lindsey Kurtz11-09.50Shawano Community
14.-Emily Pelky11-07.50Seymour
15.7Michaela Roland11-05.25New London
16.-Miranda Pahl11-05.00Seymour
17.6Emma Polzin11-00.25Clintonville
18.-Daisha Abel10-11.50Freedom
19.-Erin Blohm10-05.50Seymour
20.6Jenna Hare9-04.75Clintonville
21.6Lauren Popp9-01.50Clintonville
X Triple Jump - Middle School - Finals
1.-McKenna Larsen28-02.50Washington (OF)
2.8Liz Bloy27-11.00Freedom
3.8Brenna Heise26-11.00New London
4.7Kia Smurawa26-09.00Shawano Community
5.-Jen McLeod25-07.50Washington (OF)
6.8Alexis Curtain24-07.00Hortonville
7.8Melissa Glynn24-05.00New London
8.8Serena Stevens24-01.00Shawano Community
9.-Meghan Vandenack23-11.00Washington (OF)
10.7Malory Soper23-06.50Shawano Community
11.7Ana Huber23-02.75Clintonville
12.-Nichole VanDenEng23-01.00Freedom
13.-Cami Gerritts22-06.00Freedom
14.-McKenzie VanDeHei22-04.00Seymour
15.7Sara Messner21-07.00Clintonville
16.8Shanna Sommers21-05.50Hortonville
17.7Ellie Patza21-01.50Seymour
18.8Stephanie Bult20-09.00New London
19.8Leigh Hayes20-06.00Hortonville
20.7Lynnea Johnson18-05.00Clintonville
-Kennedy MetoxenDQSeymour
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