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BYU Robison Invitational

Saturday, April 25, 2009

BYU, Provo

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Official Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.Nicholas Herold10.89aUnattached      
4.JrSergio Jones11.01aIdaho State      
5.Dan Rosenke11.18aUnattached      
6.JrBrent Fogt11.31aUtah Valley University      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
3.JrBrock Rose10.81aWeber State      
4.JrSergio Jones10.82aIdaho State      
5.Nicholas Herold10.98aUnattached      
6.FrEric Capelle11.00aBoise State      
7.Yinka Bello11.01aUnattached      
8.JrBrent Fogt11.03aUtah Valley University      
9.FrChris Struckman11.06aWeber State      
10.Dan Rosenke11.14aUnattached      
11.Ricardo Charles11.16aUnattached      
12.JrJorden Pope11.18aUtah Valley University      
13.SoBenjamin Neff11.29aBoise State      
14.Jackson Hinton11.34aUnattached      
15.FrMike Fogt11.35aUtah Valley University      
16.Matt Romney11.38aUnattached      
17.Savvas Diakonikolas11.45aUnattached      
18.Chad Smith11.50aUnattached      
19.Richard Scott Hansen12.13aUnattached      
20.SoSam Winston12.44aIdaho State      
21.Wendell Beck12.64aUnattached      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrBrock Rose21.56aWeber State      
2.JrSergio Jones21.59aIdaho State      
3.Allah Laryea-Akrong21.69aUnattached      
4.Nathan Vadeboncoeur21.74aUnattached      
5.JrBrent Fogt21.79aUtah Valley University      
6.Paul Smith21.82aUnattached      
7.DeAngelo Mingo21.92aUnattached      
8.JrTaylor Pebley21.93aWeber State      
9.JrKevin Biesenger22.02aBYU      
10.FrEric Capelle22.09aBoise State      
11.Nicholas Herold22.10aUnattached      
12.FrRhyan Atrice22.25aBYU      
13.FrJesse Sorensen22.29aIdaho State      
14.SoTyler McBee22.34aWeber State      
15.Ricardo Charles22.34aUnattached      
16.SrKyle Christoffersen22.41aBoise State      
17.JrKevin Alstrom22.43aBYU      
18.FrCorban Latimore22.59aIdaho State      
19.Matt Romney22.64aUnattached      
20.Corey Evans Coach22.71aUnattached      
21.FrChris Struckman22.72aWeber State      
22.FrLogan McNeil22.80aUtah Valley University      
23.Dan Rosenke22.82aUnattached      
24.JrJorden Pope22.83aUtah Valley University      
25.FrDustin Durfee23.00aWeber State      
26.FrTysun Gunter23.18aIdaho State      
27.Clayton Hayes23.22aUnattached      
28.FrMike Fogt23.28aUtah Valley University      
29.Branden Shimada23.29aUnattached      
30.JrKenneth Boggs23.45aUtah Valley University      
31.Jordan McMurray24.14aUnattached      
32.SoSam Winston25.00aIdaho State      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrTaylor Pebley47.80aWeber State      
2.JrKevin Biesenger47.91aBYU      
3.FrRhyan Atrice48.10aBYU      
4.JrKevin Alstrom48.88aBYU      
5.FrJesse Sorensen49.24aIdaho State      
6.FrCylor Morgan49.34aWeber State      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.Nathan Vadeboncoeur46.52aUnattached      
2.JrTaylor Pebley47.64aWeber State      
3.FrRhyan Atrice47.76aBYU      
4.JrKevin Biesenger48.07aBYU      
5.JrKevin Alstrom48.34aBYU      
6.FrMcKade Brady48.67aBYU      
7.FrJesse Sorensen48.69aIdaho State      
8.JrRob Skidmore48.69aBYU      
9.FrCylor Morgan48.99aWeber State      
10.FrZack Hevner49.37aUtah State      
11.Corey Evans Coach49.49aUnattached      
11.FrCorban Latimore49.49aIdaho State      
13.Paul Smith49.68aUnattached      
14.FrAndy Mecham49.79aUtah Valley University      
15.FrLogan McNeil50.26aUtah Valley University      
16.FrDustin Durfee50.27aWeber State      
17.Tyler Killpack50.97aUnattached      
18.SoJustin Tungate51.36aUtah Valley University      
19.FrChris Burr51.86aUtah Valley University      
20.Clayton Hayes52.17aUnattached      
21.FrDexter Summers52.66aUtah State      
22.SoSam Winston55.56aIdaho State      
X 800 Meters - Seeded - Finals
1.JrBrian Weirich1:49.95aBYU      
2.SrKeith Jensen1:50.28aBYU      
3.FrJustin Hedin1:50.50aBYU      
4.JrDrew Foster1:51.11aBYU      
5.FrEric Strand1:51.39aIdaho State      
6.SoJames Allred1:51.68aUtah State      
7.JrBrandon Babiracki1:52.45aBYU      
8.Tim Rowberry1:52.72aUnattached      
9.FrMichael McKell1:53.64aUtah Valley University      
10.SoPeter Gustafsson1:54.25aBYU      
11.SoMax Lennardt1:54.89aWeber State      
12.FrRyan Holley1:55.76aWeber State      
13.SoLevi Lefevre1:57.35aWeber State      
X 800 Meters - Unseeded - Finals
1.Andrew Niccoli1:56.37aUnattached      
2.JrRobert Harrison1:57.19aBYU      
3.FrKyle Grigsby1:57.70aBoise State      
4.FrDusty Klein-Una1:58.83aBoise State      
5.FrMatthew Moyer1:59.10aBoise State      
6.JrSean Dyreng1:59.22aUtah Valley University      
7.Michael Andraszczyk2:00.01aUnattached      
8.Tyler Killpack2:00.63aUnattached      
9.SoEric Larson2:00.68aUtah State      
10.Mercer Owen2:01.29aUnattached      
11.FrChaz Anestos2:01.43aIdaho State      
12.FrMichael Walrath2:02.90aBoise State      
13.Phillip Mecham2:03.55aUnattached      
14.Stance Sampson2:03.70aUnattached      
15.SrMatt Schmasow2:05.63aBoise State      
16.Corey Evans Coach2:09.27aUnattached      
17.Joshua McCabe2:09.90aUnattached      
18.FrBrandon Davies2:10.02aUtah Valley University      
19.SoScott Pearson2:10.56aIdaho State      
X 1 Mile - Seeded - Finals
1.SrJacob Gustafsson4:08.94aBYU      
2.FrJason Witt4:09.57aBYU      
3.SoCameron Levins4:10.10aSouthern Utah      
4.SoChio Lopez4:11.05aUtah State      
5.JrRobert Harrison4:11.58aBYU      
6.FrTravis Fuller4:11.60aBYU      
7.SoJared Keller4:14.67aUtah Valley University      
8.SoHunter Nelson4:15.99aUtah State      
9.SoThomas Gruenewald4:16.67aBYU      
10.FrTrevor Ricks4:17.09aWeber State      
11.JrJohn Ricardi4:17.72aIdaho State      
12.FrJohn Coyle4:18.13aWeber State      
13.SrDavid Sheeran4:19.22aSouthern Utah      
14.George Barlow4:23.72aUnattached      
15.FrDylan Shawhan4:23.85aBYU      
16.SrHeath Wing4:27.47aUtah State      
17.SrChase Englestead4:30.33aUtah Valley University      
X 1 Mile - Unseeded - Finals
1.Joshua McCabe4:22.50aUnattached      
2.FrJustin Hedin4:22.67aBYU      
3.SoEric Larson4:29.83aUtah State      
4.Spencer Evensen4:33.19aUnattached      
5.FrQuinten Hennekam-Una4:35.05aBoise State      
6.FrBen Felix4:36.78aUtah Valley University      
7.FrRobert Finicum4:37.08aUtah Valley University      
8.FrDarren Ott4:50.49aUtah Valley University      
9.FrBrandon Davies4:54.84aUtah Valley University      
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoBrian McKenna14:58.41aUtah State      
2.SoNick Bolinder15:17.16aUtah State      
3.Joshua McCabe15:20.27aUnattached      
4.SoRyan Davis15:30.94aIdaho State      
5.SrDanny Moody15:47.57aUtah Valley University      
6.FrKevin Dickey16:15.07aWeber State      
7.Clark Nielson16:17.51aUnattached      
8.SoAaron Wolfe16:32.89aIdaho State      
--SoJared KellerDNFUtah Valley University      
--FrDale GoldingDNFUtah Valley University      
--SrJacob BuhlerDNFUtah Valley University      
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrDylan Nielson14.29aUtah State      
2.JrAndrew Graham14.52aUtah Valley University      
3.SoTyler McBee14.56aWeber State      
4.SrNate Page14.88aBYU      
5.SoBlake Bolen14.90aUtah State      
6.JrLance Walker15.00aBYU      
7.JrTanner Emrich15.04aBYU      
8.JrKenneth Boggs15.27aUtah Valley University      
9.JrBryan Payne16.06aBYU      
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrDylan Nielson14.71aUtah State      
2.JrAndrew Graham14.83aUtah Valley University      
3.SrNate Page14.88aBYU      
4.SoTyler McBee14.90aWeber State      
5.JrLance Walker14.91aBYU      
6.JrBryan Payne14.91aBYU      
7.JrTanner Emrich15.03aBYU      
8.JrKenneth Boggs15.14aUtah Valley University      
9.SoBlake Bolen15.19aUtah State      
10.JrKyle Cockayne15.42aWeber State      
11.JrNate Carter15.62aWeber State      
12.FrShaun Webb15.72aWeber State      
13.Jackson Hinton15.82aUnattached      
14.Jordan McMurray15.98aUnattached      
15.FrDustin Durfee16.34aWeber State      
16.Adam Mikkelsen16.40aUnattached      
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrNick Karren50.98aUtah State      
2.JrBryan Payne51.71aBYU      
3.JrLance Walker51.95aBYU      
4.JrRob Skidmore52.07aBYU      
5.SrNate Page53.51aBYU      
6.JrNate Carter54.17aWeber State      
7.SrLukasz Wicha54.38aUtah State      
8.FrLogan Henderson54.40aIdaho State      
9.Branden Shimada55.14aUnattached      
10.FrShaun Webb55.37aWeber State      
11.FrMichael McPherson55.93aUtah Valley University      
12.JrJustin Bingham56.25aBYU      
13.JrAndrew Graham56.34aUtah Valley University      
14.JrKyle Cockayne56.64aWeber State      
15.SoCody Buckendorf58.14aBoise State      
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.JrRyan Merriman9:17.92aBYU      
2.JrRegan Frey9:26.39aBYU      
3.JrKevin Sandall9:37.40aSouthern Utah      
4.SrChase Englestead9:43.13aUtah Valley University      
5.FrSteven Atkinson9:49.98aUtah State      
6.FrDaniel Howell9:54.72aUtah State      
7.Josh Adams9:56.09aUnattached      
8.James Tracy9:58.41aUnattached      
9.Clark Nielson10:02.65aUnattached      
10.SrTodd Griffith10:25.38aUtah State      
--JrJohn RicardiDNFIdaho State      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 41.48aWeber State      
2.-Relay Team 42.02aBoise State      
3.-Relay Team 42.19aIdaho State      
4.-Relay Team 42.39aBYU      
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrDaniel Lawson16.89mBYU      
2.SrJed Sion16.26mIdaho State      
3.FrBryce Hall16.20mUtah State      
4.SrTyler Ellis15.79mUtah State      
5.FrDaniel Cruz15.71mUtah State      
6.FrChase Sexton15.62mBoise State      
7.FrZach Parry15.18mWeber State      
8.SrBrad Silvester14.28mIdaho State      
9.FrTy Bunting14.23mUtah Valley University      
12.FrBrad Manning13.28mIdaho State      
13.FrDaniel Litchford11.09mUtah Valley University      
X Discus - 2kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrDaniel Lawson52.49mBYU      
2.SrJed Sion49.83mIdaho State      
3.FrDaniel Cruz48.69mUtah State      
4.FrBryce Hall48.45mUtah State      
5.FrChase Sexton47.38mBoise State      
6.FrDustin Martin47.22mWeber State      
7.JrEki Faagai47.17mWeber State      
8.Joseph Stull41.98mUnattached      
9.SoJD Riener41.42mIdaho State      
10.FrBrad Manning36.18mIdaho State      
11.FrDaniel Litchford35.28mUtah Valley University      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.SrBlaine Baker65.78mBYU      
2.SoSean Richardson64.86mBYU      
3.FrSpencer Fausett61.03mBYU      
4.SrEric Demers60.19mBoise State      
5.SrMatthew Johnston56.63mBYU      
6.SrDusty Ott56.31mUtah State      
7.FrCody Olsen55.24mUtah Valley University      
8.SrJacob Keller52.35mIdaho State      
9.SrMatthew Ratliff46.36mUtah Valley University      
10.JrPat Monday45.21mUtah State      
11.FrJacob Hull42.72mUtah Valley University      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrTrevor Heiner2.05mBYU      
3.JrCasey Parker2.05mUtah State      
4.SoWes Collett2.00mBYU      
5.FrChris Struckman1.95mWeber State      
6.SoSean Welsh1.95mBYU      
7.FrTysun Gunter1.90mIdaho State      
8.SrJacob Keller1.85mIdaho State      
8.SoSterling Clegg1.85mUtah Valley University      
10.FrMathew Daley1.85mWeber State      
10.SoBrandon McNew1.85mIdaho State      
--JrRyan GrinnellNHBoise State      
--SrBob LowNHBYU      
--SrNathan CappsNHIdaho State      
--SrClint SilcockNHUtah State      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SrBob Low5.30mBYU      
2.SoChris Little5.05mBYU      
3.JrTanner Emrich4.90mBYU      
4.SrBrad Ellertson4.75mBYU      
5.FrMichael Arnold4.75mIdaho State      
7.SrBrad Silvester4.60mIdaho State      
8.FrMichael Ashton4.45mUtah Valley University      
9.FrJacob Hull4.45mUtah Valley University      
10.SrNathan Capps4.45mIdaho State      
11.SrJoe Silvers4.45mIdaho State      
14.JrJake Maybe4.30mUtah State      
16.SrPalmer Hawkins4.00mUtah State      
--SrMax HansenNHUtah State      
--JrJared RayNHUtah Valley University      
--SrDavid LoomisNHUtah State      
X Pole Vault - Invitational - Finals
1.SrWhitney Neves5.20mBYU      
--SrLevi KellerNHIdaho State      
--JrSam PiersonNHIdaho State      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrEetu Viitala7.48mBoise State      
3.SoAaron Powell7.15mBYU      
4.SrBlake Hadfield7.13mUtah State      
5.JrSergio Jones7.03mIdaho State      
6.SoTj Fox6.93mWeber State      
7.FrDamian Szade6.84mUtah State      
8.FrTysun Gunter6.83mIdaho State      
10.FrChris Struckman6.64mWeber State      
11.SrJacob Keller6.33mIdaho State      
11.FrMichael Ashton6.33mUtah Valley University      
11.FrKyle Mills6.33mBYU      
14.FrAndy Mecham6.26mUtah Valley University      
15.SrNathan Capps6.24mIdaho State      
17.SrMatthew Ratliff6.09mUtah Valley University      
19.FrJacob Hull5.88mUtah Valley University      
X Hammer - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
2.SoOliver Whaley55.06mBYU      
3.FrBryce Hall52.63mUtah State      
4.SrTyler Ellis51.74mUtah State      
5.SrJed Sion50.20mIdaho State      
6.FrZach Parry49.80mWeber State      
7.FrDustin Martin48.56mWeber State      
8.JrEki Faagai46.92mWeber State      
9.FrDaniel Cruz45.01mUtah State      
11.FrDaniel Litchford39.70mUtah Valley University      
12.SoJD Riener37.76mIdaho State      
13.FrBrad Manning33.41mIdaho State      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKristin Billings12.26aWeber State      
2.FrAmanda Morse12.26aUtah Valley University      
3.SoNatasha Martin12.38aUtah Valley University      
4.SoJazmine Wittman12.44aUtah Valley University      
5.SrJessica Williams12.59aIdaho State      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.Hasani Roseby11.73aUnattached      
2.Elena Kafourou12.11aUnattached      
3.FrAmanda Morse12.26aUtah Valley University      
4.FrKristin Billings12.31aWeber State      
5.SoMaria Halton12.35aUtah State      
6.SrJessica Williams12.35aIdaho State      
7.SoNatasha Martin12.38aUtah Valley University      
8.SoJazmine Wittman12.42aUtah Valley University      
9.JrKimiko Kamo12.45aUtah State      
10.SoKatie Eddington12.45aBYU      
11.JrKindy Longmore12.46aBYU      
12.SrMaria North12.47aWeber State      
13.SrNataucha Lowry12.54aBoise State      
14.SoMorgan Cribbs12.55aBoise State      
15.FrFatima Makakala12.59aBYU      
16.JrBrittany Chadwick12.60aUtah State      
17.SrKaylene Gastaldi12.61aUtah State      
18.JrJami Daniels12.72aUtah Valley University      
19.FrMegan Brown12.72aUtah Valley University      
20.SoShantay Dodge12.84aUtah Valley University      
21.SrChristina Brown12.91aIdaho State      
22.Kandace Shoell12.92aUnattached      
23.FrChalese West12.93aUtah State      
24.FrAudrey Adams13.01aWeber State      
25.SrEmily Page13.16aBYU      
26.JrBrittany Webb13.30aWeber State      
27.JrNicole Anderson13.30aIdaho State      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrMindy Neeley24.28aBYU      
2.Paige Olivetti24.51aUnattached      
3.SoChelsea Baker24.76aUtah Valley University      
4.SrMaria North24.77aWeber State      
5.SoMorgan Cribbs24.91aBoise State      
6.SoMaria Halton24.94aUtah State      
7.SrNerisha Phillip25.01aBoise State      
8.JrKindy Longmore25.15aBYU      
9.FrKristin Billings25.22aWeber State      
10.JrAshlee Cannon25.22aUtah State      
11.SrJessica Williams25.25aIdaho State      
12.FrAmanda Morse25.30aUtah Valley University      
13.SoNatasha Martin25.37aUtah Valley University      
14.Karlene Hurrel25.49aUnattached      
15.FrZandrea Nelson25.59aUtah Valley University      
16.FrMaggie Ochsner25.65aWeber State      
17.SoJazmine Wittman25.75aUtah Valley University      
18.FrFloreece Williams25.75aWeber State      
19.SrKaylene Gastaldi25.82aUtah State      
20.JrJami Daniels25.84aUtah Valley University      
21.FrMegan Brown26.00aUtah Valley University      
22.SoKatie Eddington26.18aBYU      
23.SoShantay Dodge26.40aUtah Valley University      
24.FrChalese West26.47aUtah State      
25.Jamie Wongwai26.67aUnattached      
26.Kandace Shoell27.00aUnattached      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.Natalie Stewart56.23aUnattached      
2.FrZandrea Nelson57.05aUtah Valley University      
3.FrSamantha Thayne57.76aBYU      
4.SoChelsea Baker58.99aUtah Valley University      
5.SoKatelyn Jensen1:00.45aUtah State      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrNachelle Stewart54.46aBYU      
2.Natalie Stewart54.59aUnattached      
3.Paige Olivetti56.28aUnattached      
4.SrNerisha Phillip56.29aBoise State      
5.SoKatelyn Jensen56.53aUtah State      
6.FrZandrea Nelson56.66aUtah Valley University      
7.SoChelsea Baker56.85aUtah Valley University      
8.FrSamantha Thayne57.52aBYU      
9.SoKylee Gleason57.56aIdaho State      
10.FrFloreece Williams57.61aWeber State      
11.SoCamille Lott57.80aWeber State      
12.SrNicole Yurek57.84aIdaho State      
13.JrJessica Wortley58.81aUtah Valley University      
14.Jamie Wongwai59.89aUnattached      
15.SrAmy Poll1:00.43aUtah Valley University      
X 800 Meters - Seeded - Finals
1.SrKayleen McDowell2:09.71aBoise State      
2.JrElaine Connolly2:11.17aUtah State      
3.FrSarah Yingling2:11.31aBYU      
4.FrLaken Skidmore2:11.99aWeber State      
5.JrAshlee Thomas2:14.06aBYU      
6.FrJessica Carter2:14.38aWeber State      
7.JrJenna Lowder2:14.83aBYU      
8.Karinne Bentley2:15.85aUnattached      
9.FrKalina Zufelt2:18.72aUtah Valley University      
X 800 Meters - Unseeded - Finals
1.JrJenna Lowder2:18.21aBYU      
2.JrCassie Olson2:18.76aWeber State      
3.JrHaley Reeves2:20.45aWeber State      
4.FrGenniel Wagstaff2:21.64aIdaho State      
5.SoCamille Lott2:22.14aWeber State      
6.FrLoren Storey2:22.63aWeber State      
7.FrChantel Berenyi2:23.51aWeber State      
8.JrAlexis Meyer2:25.19aUtah State      
9.FrStephanie Talbot2:25.42aUtah Valley University      
10.FrCarli Blankenship2:27.45aBoise State      
11.SrMonique Ellett2:29.27aUtah Valley University      
12.FrBrittany Wilson2:48.36aUtah Valley University      
X 1500 Meters - Seeded - Finals
1.JrGemma Maini4:38.22aIdaho State      
2.SrBreanna Sande4:45.15aBoise State      
3.SrLauren Endersen4:47.60aUtah      
4.SrAlison Taylor4:54.72aUtah State      
5.SoJustine Baugh4:55.62aUtah State      
6.SoAlicia Holt4:59.09aUtah State      
7.FrJessie Chugg5:11.92aUtah State      
X 1500 Meters - Unseeded - Finals
1.Mary Nothum4:45.84aUnattached      
2.Karinne Bentley4:47.67aUnattached      
3.FrGenniel Wagstaff4:50.84aIdaho State      
4.SoMelissa Baird-Pope4:55.66aUtah Valley University      
5.SrKendra Hernandez4:57.82aBoise State      
6.FrShea Hanson4:59.57aBoise State      
7.FrKrystal Harper5:01.00aUtah Valley University      
8.SoAleina Eisenhauer5:01.93aUtah Valley University      
9.SoHannah Kent-Johnston5:02.77aBYU      
10.FrStephanie Christensen5:03.36aUtah Valley University      
11.FrStephanie Talbot5:04.86aUtah Valley University      
12.FrKris Thomasberg5:07.69aIdaho State      
13.FrJessica Hauser5:15.10aBYU      
14.FrAngela Baker5:15.32aUtah Valley University      
15.FrAmber Rasmussen5:20.15aUtah State      
16.FrBrooke Casagranda5:46.86aUtah      
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoCecily Lemmon17:08.39aBYU      
2.FrNatalie Haws17:45.90aWeber State      
3.FrRuth Hilton17:56.15aUtah State      
4.SoMillie Rapp17:57.37aBYU      
5.Mary Nothum18:06.03aUnattached      
6.SoErica Wendt-Richardsen18:10.12aIdaho State      
7.SoNatalie Hickman18:12.11aBYU      
8.SoKerynn Davis18:22.14aIdaho State      
9.FrBradi Hutchinson18:24.67aIdaho State      
10.JrJocelyn McCulley18:29.93aBYU      
11.FrStephanie Christensen18:40.25aUtah Valley University      
12.SrSarah Frey18:46.36aBYU      
13.SrDarcy Gribble-McCarty19:07.23aUtah Valley University      
14.FrRachel Lange19:20.10aBYU      
15.FrWhitney Gebert19:22.58aBYU      
16.FrSydney Osmun19:54.37aUtah      
17.SrAshley Evans-Holm20:21.79aUtah Valley University      
18.FrDonna Manuele20:48.09aUtah Valley University      
--JrTrisha CoombsDNFUtah Valley University      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.Megan Olivetti14.03aUnattached      
2.JrAshlee Cannon14.08aUtah State      
3.JrMichaela North14.33aWeber State      
4.SoDiane Stewart14.41aBYU      
5.FrFatima Makakala14.45aBYU      
6.SrAshley Turner14.60aIdaho State      
7.SoMindy Robins14.96aBYU      
8.SoAlyssa Christensen15.09aBYU      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.Megan Olivetti13.73aUnattached      
2.SoDiane Stewart14.21aBYU      
3.JrAshlee Cannon14.28aUtah State      
4.SoMindy Robins14.28aBYU      
5.FrFatima Makakala14.36aBYU      
6.SoAlyssa Christensen14.44aBYU      
7.JrMichaela North14.53aWeber State      
8.JrAlly Dean14.64aWeber State      
9.SrAshley Turner14.66aIdaho State      
10.JrSydney Wendt14.97aIdaho State      
11.FrChelsea Taylor15.04aBYU      
12.SoSasha Buylova15.18aIdaho State      
13.SrHolly North15.36aWeber State      
14.SoAmanda Peart15.71aUtah Valley University      
15.SoKaylee Hornbeck15.78aUtah Valley University      
16.FrNancy Romer16.93aUtah Valley University      
17.FrSasha Tanner19.01aWeber State      
18.FrMaggie Ochsner23.45aWeber State      
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrAlly Dean1:00.16aWeber State      
2.JrHeidi Hopkins1:00.55aUtah State      
3.SoDiane Stewart1:01.33aBYU      
4.JrSydney Wendt1:01.49aIdaho State      
5.SrKatie Thatcher1:02.00aUtah State      
6.SoAlyssa Christensen1:02.46aBYU      
7.Megan Olivetti1:03.17aUnattached      
8.JrTier Zaugg-Hansen1:03.23aUtah Valley University      
9.FrChelsea Taylor1:03.24aBYU      
10.FrAlissa Huffaker1:04.07aBYU      
11.SrCarrie Connett1:04.16aIdaho State      
12.SrAshley Turner1:04.55aIdaho State      
13.SrHolly North1:04.93aWeber State      
14.SoAmanda Peart1:05.32aUtah Valley University      
15.FrNancy Romer1:05.54aUtah Valley University      
16.FrEmily Ojuka1:06.95aBYU      
17.SrMonique Ellett1:08.00aUtah Valley University      
18.FrSasha Tanner1:10.10aWeber State      
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.Lois Keller10:43.67aUnattached      
--SoNicole ClarkDNFBYU      
--SrSandra MazanDNFBYU      
--SoAnna SperryDNFBYU      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 46.41aUtah State      
2.-Relay Team 46.66aUtah Valley University      
3.-Relay Team 47.06aWeber State      
4.-Relay Team 47.82aUtah Valley University      
5.-Relay Team 48.10aIdaho State      
6.-Relay Team 48.66aBoise State      
7.-Relay Team 48.75aBYU      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrSharrisa Thayer14.23mBYU      
2.FrSpela Hus14.22mUtah State      
3.FrCassandra Woodall13.88mBYU      
4.SoTianna Illi13.63mBYU      
5.SoTamara Keys13.36mBYU      
7.SrChasity Toilolo13.29mUtah      
8.FrNicole Knighton12.70mUtah Valley University      
9.FrMaryn Pincock12.41mUtah Valley University      
11.FrBecky Reeves11.84mUtah Valley University      
12.FrCandus Aiello11.67mUtah      
13.SrBecky Phillips11.63mUtah Valley University      
14.Cassie Merkley11.54mUnattached      
15.SrShanna Wylie11.42mWeber State      
16.N!colette Patterson10.81mUnattached      
17.JrCheyenne Andrade10.51mIdaho State      
18.FrKamee Bentley9.95mUtah Valley University      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.JrPiret Kuresson48.11mBYU      
4.FrMcKell Camp41.34mUtah Valley University      
5.SoRebecca Lee40.29mBYU      
6.SoErin Christiansen38.93mBYU      
8.SrHeather Spencer36.20mWeber State      
9.SoBreanna Freestone35.71mUtah      
11.FrKelli Roach32.60mUtah Valley University      
12.JrNicole Anderson28.93mIdaho State      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrMadison Jensen1.65mUtah State      
2.SrHeather Spencer1.65mWeber State      
3.SoSasha Buylova1.55mIdaho State      
3.SrMandi Witherspoon1.55mUtah      
3.FrKris Thomasberg1.55mIdaho State      
6.SrShanna Wylie1.55mWeber State      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.FrDanielle Valentine3.70mBoise State      
2.SoBreAnna Craig3.55mBoise State      
2.JrLaryssa Simpson3.55mUtah      
4.JrMelissa Noonchester3.40mBYU      
5.SrNicole Yurek3.40mIdaho State      
6.FrAlexis Folkinga3.10mIdaho State      
7.SrAimee Nay2.95mUtah      
8.SoHailee Bingham2.95mUtah State      
--JrAnnelise BertlesonNHBoise State      
--JrKirstin FlesherNHUtah State      
X Pole Vault - Invitational - Finals
1.JrKari McAllister4.15mBYU      
2.FrKelli Ehardt4.05mBYU      
3.FrChristen Botteron-Gunth3.85mBYU      
4.FrShanie Bushman3.70mBYU      
5.SrAshley Shepard3.70mBYU      
--FrKlaudia RokossaNHUtah      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.JrSydney Wendt5.61mIdaho State      
3.SoMindy Robins5.60mBYU      
4.JrMichaela North5.49mWeber State      
5.JrTara Anderson5.46mBYU      
7.JrBrittany Webb5.35mWeber State      
8.FrAnn Noys5.27mBoise State      
9.SrChristina Brown5.23mIdaho State      
10.JrKimiko Kamo5.10mUtah State      
11.SrAshley Turner5.05mIdaho State      
12.SrJessica Wayne4.92mUtah Valley University      
13.FrAudrey Adams4.82mWeber State      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.FrJulia Stewart11.69mUtah State      
3.JrMadara Dzalbe11.64mBYU      
4.SoSasha Buylova11.61mIdaho State      
5.JrSydney Wendt11.49mIdaho State      
6.FrAnn Noys11.29mBoise State      
7.SrKelly Marcroft10.84mBYU      
8.SoKaylee Hornbeck10.09mUtah Valley University      
9.JrBrittany Webb10.07mWeber State      
10.SrJessica Wayne9.49mUtah Valley University      
X Hammer - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrSarah Grimm60.56mUtah      
2.SrJosefin Berg57.69mUtah      
3.SrKrista Larson57.47mUtah State      
5.FrCassandra Woodall51.22mBYU      
6.SoMele Vaisima51.03mBoise State      
7.SoDeezbaa Whaley50.68mBYU      
10.SoLindsey Spencer45.23mWeber State      
11.SrJessica Hampton41.83mUtah      
12.FrBecky Reeves41.78mUtah Valley University      
13.SoWanda Dalton41.71mUtah      
14.FrAlana Faagai41.19mWeber State      
15.SrChasity Toilolo40.60mUtah      
16.SoTara Harding40.46mWeber State      
17.FrNicole Knighton40.11mUtah Valley University      
18.SoBrooke McNaughton39.77mUtah State      
19.FrSpela Hus39.74mUtah State      
20.FrBecca Rowley39.73mUtah Valley University      
21.SrBecky Phillips39.22mUtah Valley University      
22.FrCandus Aiello37.28mUtah      
23.SoTianna Illi36.93mBYU      
24.SoKastin Frostl36.74mUtah      
25.JrCheyenne Andrade36.08mIdaho State      
26.SrKelley Thompson34.60mUtah Valley University      
27.FrMaryn Pincock34.11mUtah Valley University      
29.FrNatasha Sanborn30.51mUtah Valley University      
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