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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SoDesmond Jackson10.52a (2.8)Abilene Christian
2.FrJamal Mays10.55a (2.8)Tarleton State
3.SrIdiato Jeremiah10.63a (2.8)Abilene Christian
4.SoRyan Adkins10.66a (2.8)Angelo State
5.JrMichael Price10.80a (2.8)Texas A&M-Kingsville
6.SoBrian Smith10.84a (2.8)Eastern New Mexico
7.JrOswald Ingraham10.97a (2.8)Abilene Christian
8.FrNick Smith11.16a (2.8)Angelo State

100 Meters  Decathlon - Finals

1.-Dean Laing11.29a (2.8)Texas A&M-Commerce
2.FrAndy Henson11.31a (2.8)Abilene Christian
3.FrMitchell Ryan11.38a (2.8)West Texas A&M
4.JrJames Hardin11.40a (2.8)Abilene Christian
5.JrEldon Grimslid11.51a (2.8)West Texas A&M
6.SrHarold Nair11.68a (2.8)Texas A&M-Kingsville
7.JrTed Dugie11.69a (2.8)Texas A&M-Kingsville

100 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.SoDesmond Jackson10.60a (1.7)Abilene Christian
2.FrJamal Mays10.62a (4.9)Tarleton State
3.SoRyan Adkins10.72a (1.1)Angelo State
4.SrIdiato Jeremiah10.75a (4.9)Abilene Christian
5.SoBrian Smith10.77a (1.7)Eastern New Mexico
6.JrMichael Price10.79a (1.1)Texas A&M-Kingsville
7.FrNick Smith10.82a (4.9)Angelo State
8.JrOswald Ingraham10.83a (1.7)Abilene Christian
9.-Roderick Smith10.88a (4.9)Tarleton State
10.SrRaymond Hickem10.92a (1.1)Angelo State
11.SoAustin Griffin10.98a (1.1)Tarleton State
12.JrJay Brooks10.99a (1.7)Eastern New Mexico
13.SoJosh Browning10.99a (1.7)Eastern New Mexico
14.SoKendrick Carter11.12a (1.1)Texas A&M-Kingsville
15.JrChad Washington11.12a (1.7)Texas A&M-Commerce
16.SoSheldon Feist11.15a (1.1)Tarleton State
17.FrAlex Adams11.15a (4.9)Tarleton State
18.JrAnthony Valle11.18a (4.9)Texas A&M-Commerce
19.JrCody Bolton11.19a (1.1)Texas A&M-Commerce
20.FrJustin McGuffey11.21a (1.7)Texas A&M-Commerce
21.SrLyndon Wyse11.63a (4.9)Texas A&M-Commerce
22.FrTyler Anderson15.56a (4.9)Eastern New Mexico
---Todd VaughnFS (1.7)Texas A&M-Kingsville

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SrJordan Johnson21.15a (4.4)Abilene Christian
2.JrJames Howell21.55a (4.4)Angelo State
3.FrJamal Mays21.74a (4.4)Tarleton State
4.JrMichael Price22.19a (4.4)Texas A&M-Kingsville
5.SoAustin Griffin22.47a (4.4)Tarleton State
6.SoJosh Browning22.76a (4.4)Eastern New Mexico

200 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.SrJordan Johnson21.74a (3.2)Abilene Christian
2.FrJamal Mays21.78a (2.6)Tarleton State
5.JrJames Howell22.03a (3.2)Angelo State
3.SrRaymond Radway22.04a (3.9)Abilene Christian
6.FrNick Smith22.07a (3.9)Angelo State
7.JrMichael Price22.15a (3.2)Texas A&M-Kingsville
8.SoAustin Griffin22.29a (2.6)Tarleton State
9.SrRaymond Hickem22.30a (3.9)Angelo State
10.-Bradford Dotson22.38a (2.6)Texas A&M-Commerce
11.FrJeremy Toston22.53a (2.6)Texas A&M-Kingsville
4.SoJosh Browning22.55a (2.8)Eastern New Mexico
12.-Leonard Jackson22.66a (2.6)Texas A&M-Commerce
13.-Anthony Tosie22.68a (2.8)Texas A&M-Commerce
14.SoDomingo Ruiz22.70a (3.9)Texas A&M-Kingsville
15.SoSheldon Feist22.76a (3.2)Tarleton State
16.SoKendrick Carter22.82a (2.8)Texas A&M-Kingsville
17.FrJustin McGuffey22.88a (2.6)Texas A&M-Commerce
18.JrAnthony Valle22.90a (2.6)Texas A&M-Commerce
19.FrJ.J McCoy22.96a (2.8)Eastern New Mexico
20.JrChad Washington22.97a (2.8)Texas A&M-Commerce
21.JrCairo Thornton23.22a (3.2)Texas A&M-Commerce
22.FrAlex Adams23.43a (3.9)Tarleton State
23.-Matt Churchman24.27a (2.8)Eastern New Mexico
24.JrCody Bolton25.16a (3.9)Texas A&M-Commerce
--SoRyan AdkinsDNF (3.2)Angelo State
--SoDesmond JacksonDQ (2.8)Abilene Christian

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.JrJames Howell48.18aAngelo State
2.SrJordan Johnson49.29aAbilene Christian
3.JrJeremy Thompson49.37aEastern New Mexico
4.SoBrian Holik49.91aAngelo State
5.FrAaron Donohue50.49aTarleton State
6.JrCairo Thornton50.64aTexas A&M-Commerce
---Bradford DotsonDNFTexas A&M-Commerce

400 Meters  Decathlon - Finals

1.FrMitchell Ryan53.94aWest Texas A&M
2.-Dean Laing56.51aTexas A&M-Commerce
3.JrEldon Grimslid57.15aWest Texas A&M
4.FrAndy Henson58.03aAbilene Christian
5.JrTed Dugie58.42aTexas A&M-Kingsville
6.SrHarold Nair1:00.25aTexas A&M-Kingsville
7.JrJames Hardin1:02.09aAbilene Christian

400 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.SrRaymond Radway48.54aAbilene Christian
2.SrJordan Johnson48.98aAbilene Christian
4.SoBrian Holik49.09aAngelo State
5.FrAaron Donohue49.22aTarleton State
6.JrJeremy Thompson49.33aEastern New Mexico
7.JrCairo Thornton49.65aTexas A&M-Commerce
8.-Bradford Dotson49.89aTexas A&M-Commerce
3.JrJames Howell50.27aAngelo State
9.SoTerence Holland50.43aAngelo State
10.-Aaron Gooden50.74aTarleton State
11.SoChad Edwards51.00aTarleton State
12.-Josh Braddock51.01aWest Texas A&M
13.SoAlbert Sinegal51.22aTexas A&M-Commerce
14.JrEarsel Montgomery51.23aTexas A&M-Kingsville
15.FrRobert Guzman51.36aTexas A&M-Kingsville
16.-Colby Oberle51.55aTexas A&M-Commerce
17.FrJ.J McCoy51.94aEastern New Mexico
18.SrLyndon Wyse52.34aTexas A&M-Commerce
19.-Jacob Jones54.83aEastern New Mexico
20.-Anthony Tosie55.36aTexas A&M-Commerce

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.JrSam Gallander1:58.36aAngelo State
2.FrChris Hearell1:58.57aTarleton State
3.SoBrandon Womack1:58.65aTexas A&M-Commerce
4.FrJordan Hurd1:59.22aTarleton State
5.SrBryan Ruiz1:59.26aTarleton State
6.JrDusty Block1:59.46aTexas A&M-Kingsville
7.JrJarret Kachel2:00.26aWest Texas A&M
8.-Regi McCabe-Gossett2:02.54aAbilene Christian

800 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.JrDusty Block1:58.22aTexas A&M-Kingsville
3.JrSam Gallander1:58.38aAngelo State
4.SoBrandon Womack1:58.41aTexas A&M-Commerce
2.FrChris Hearell1:58.91aTarleton State
5.JrJarret Kachel1:59.26aWest Texas A&M
6.SrBryan Ruiz1:59.32aTarleton State
7.FrJordan Hurd1:59.67aTarleton State
8.-Regi McCabe-Gossett2:01.26aAbilene Christian
9.JrSteven Gundy2:01.28aAngelo State
10.-Ronald Balthazar2:02.21aTexas A&M-Commerce
11.-Lawrence Chavez2:03.22aEastern New Mexico
12.-Aaron Hibbitts2:03.59aWest Texas A&M
13.JrLaine Fuller2:04.00aEastern New Mexico
14.FrClinton Bippert2:05.05aAngelo State
15.FrJarred Murray2:07.07aWest Texas A&M
16.-Jacob Jones2:09.22aEastern New Mexico
17.FrRay Moreno2:11.08aTexas A&M-Commerce

1500 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SrDaniel Maina3:55.96aAbilene Christian
2.SoJared McNeil3:56.24aTarleton State
3.SoAmos Sang3:59.14aAbilene Christian
4.FrChris Hearell4:04.19aTarleton State
5.SoAndy Ruvalcaba4:09.68aAngelo State
6.JrRichard Kogo4:10.70aEastern New Mexico
7.SrJose Velazquez4:15.02aWest Texas A&M
8.JrGilbert Manzanares4:18.05aEastern New Mexico
9.JrDaniel Castro4:20.68aTexas A&M-Kingsville
10.FrRandal Guinn4:29.59aAngelo State
11.FrRay Moreno4:50.40aTexas A&M-Commerce

1500 Meters  Decathlon - Finals

1.-Dean Laing5:08.76aTexas A&M-Commerce
2.FrMitchell Ryan5:09.22aWest Texas A&M
3.JrTed Dugie5:33.11aTexas A&M-Kingsville
4.JrEldon Grimslid5:57.55aWest Texas A&M
5.JrJames Hardin6:00.26aAbilene Christian
6.FrAndy Henson6:00.38aAbilene Christian
7.SrHarold Nair6:17.55aTexas A&M-Kingsville

5000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SoJared McNeil15:15.24aTarleton State
2.FrCody Hughes15:24.74aTexas A&M-Commerce
3.JrKolin Styles15:33.19aTarleton State
4.SoWestyn Rosilies15:43.34aTarleton State
5.SoGerzain Valenzuela15:58.89aTarleton State
6.JrBrian Carroll16:06.78aAngelo State
7.FrKiya Dandena16:21.36aTexas A&M-Kingsville
8.SrJose Velazquez16:31.46aWest Texas A&M
9.FrRandal Guinn16:36.22aAngelo State
10.SoThomas Harris16:39.73aWest Texas A&M
11.JrGerardo Delafuente16:47.26aTexas A&M-Commerce
12.SoLogan Robertson16:48.34aEastern New Mexico
13.SoTyson Jex16:53.42aEastern New Mexico
14.FrAndrew Striley17:00.81aWest Texas A&M
15.JrGilbert Manzanares17:04.20aEastern New Mexico
16.SoLogan Kelly17:17.15aTexas A&M-Commerce
--FrRobert HummingbirdDNFAngelo State
--SoAndy RuvalcabaDNFAngelo State

10,000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.JrCleophas Tanui32:23.42aAbilene Christian
2.SoAmos Sang32:26.05aAbilene Christian
3.SoRyan Quasada32:36.36aTarleton State
4.JrKolin Styles32:53.38aTarleton State
5.SoGerzain Valenzuela33:00.43aTarleton State
6.JrBrian Carroll33:07.60aAngelo State
7.JrRichard Kogo34:12.80aEastern New Mexico
8.FrRobert Hummingbird36:24.01aAngelo State
9.SoLogan Robertson37:27.61aEastern New Mexico
--SrSerge GasoreDNFAbilene Christian

110m Hurdles - 42"  Varsity - Finals

1.JrAndrew McDowell14.00a (2.4)Abilene Christian
2.JrGarret Thomas14.31a (2.4)Tarleton State
3.SrRyan McWilliams14.39a (2.4)Angelo State
4.SrJeremy Jones14.48a (2.4)Angelo State
5.SrCamille Vandendriessche15.18a (2.4)Abilene Christian
6.FrBrock Harris15.32a (2.4)Tarleton State
7.SrChase Moore15.43a (2.4)Angelo State
8.FrRoss Myatt15.55a (2.4)West Texas A&M

110m Hurdles - 42"  Decathlon - Finals

1.FrMitchell Ryan15.50a (2.0)West Texas A&M
2.SrHarold Nair15.70a (2.0)Texas A&M-Kingsville
3.-Dean Laing16.25a (2.0)Texas A&M-Commerce
4.JrTed Dugie16.27a (2.0)Texas A&M-Kingsville
5.FrAndy Henson16.79a (2.0)Abilene Christian
6.JrEldon Grimslid17.67a (2.0)West Texas A&M
--JrJames HardinDQ (2.0)Abilene Christian

110m Hurdles - 42"  Varsity - Prelims

1.JrAndrew McDowell14.14a (2.5)Abilene Christian
2.SrRyan McWilliams14.28a (5.8)Angelo State
3.JrGarret Thomas14.35a (2.5)Tarleton State
4.SrJeremy Jones14.54a (5.8)Angelo State
5.SrCamille Vandendriessche15.16a (2.5)Abilene Christian
6.SrChase Moore15.33a (2.5)Angelo State
7.FrRoss Myatt15.36a (5.8)West Texas A&M
8.FrBrock Harris15.42a (5.8)Tarleton State
9.FrDemetrius Holmes16.16a (5.8)Texas A&M-Commerce
--JrJames HardinDNF (2.5)Abilene Christian

400m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.SrRyan McWilliams54.04aAngelo State
2.SrJeremy Jones54.06aAngelo State
3.FrTrenton Dalton54.80aAngelo State
4.SoBrian Holik55.08aAngelo State
5.FrJeff Smith55.34aTarleton State
6.SrHarold Jackson55.45aAbilene Christian
7.SoPhillip Gonzalez55.84aAngelo State
8.JrGarret Thomas55.90aTarleton State

400m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Prelims

1.SrRyan McWilliams54.08aAngelo State
3.SrJeremy Jones54.17aAngelo State
2.SrHarold Jackson54.67aAbilene Christian
4.SoPhillip Gonzalez55.45aAngelo State
5.FrTrenton Dalton55.60aAngelo State
6.FrJeff Smith56.07aTarleton State
7.SoBrian Holik56.18aAngelo State
8.JrGarret Thomas56.37aTarleton State
9.SoDustin Appling56.73aTexas A&M-Kingsville
10.FrDemetrius Holmes57.59aTexas A&M-Commerce
11.FrRoss Myatt58.01aWest Texas A&M
12.-Adam Thiel58.18aAbilene Christian
13.-Mathew Medley1:01.27aTexas A&M-Kingsville

3k Steeplechase  Varsity - Finals

1.SrDaniel Maina9:26.90aAbilene Christian
2.SoJared McNeil9:39.53aTarleton State
3.SoWestyn Rosilies9:43.55aTarleton State
4.SoBrandon Womack10:15.73aTexas A&M-Commerce
5.SoThomas Harris10:31.18aWest Texas A&M
6.SoTyson Jex10:45.16aEastern New Mexico
7.SoAndy Ruvalcaba11:14.84aAngelo State
8.SrJacob Wiklund11:28.08aEastern New Mexico

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Desmond Jackson
Jordan Johnson
Andrew McDowell
Raymond Radway
40.85aAbilene Christian
2.-Raymond Hickem
Ryan Adkins
James Howell
Brian Holik
41.29aAngelo State
3.-Relay Team 41.92aTarleton State
4.-Brian Smith
Jay Brooks
Josh Browning
Tyler Anderson
41.96aEastern New Mexico
5.-Leonard Jackson
Cody Bolton
Bradford Dotson
Chad Washington
42.18aTexas A&M-Commerce
---Michael Price
Domingo Ruiz
Kendrick Carter
Jeremy Toston
DQTexas A&M-Kingsville

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Desmond Jackson
Harold Jackson
Jordan Johnson
Raymond Radway
3:12.77aAbilene Christian
2.-James Howell
Jeremy Jones
Terence Holland
Brian Holik
3:13.33aAngelo State
3.-Albert Sinegal
Cairo Thornton
Leonard Jackson
Bradford Dotson
3:17.20aTexas A&M-Commerce
4.-Relay Team 3:21.48aEastern New Mexico
5.-Earsel Montgomery
Dusty Block
Robert Guzman
Dustin Appling
3:21.76aTexas A&M-Kingsville
6.-Aaron Donohue
Aaron Gooden
Chad Edwards
Jordan Hurd
3:21.78aTarleton State

Shot Put - 16lb  Varsity - Finals

1.SoNick Jones55-06.25Abilene Christian
2.SoCasey Keeter53-05.75Tarleton State
3.SoWade Goode53-05.50Angelo State
4.SrAbel Garcia52-04.50Texas A&M-Kingsville
5.JrAndrew Crookham52-03.75Angelo State
6.-Jeffery Rayome51-06.25Texas A&M-Commerce
7.FrNick Alejandro50-08.00Angelo State
8.SoDavid Browne50-01.75Angelo State
9.JrJorge Guerra49-07.25Texas A&M-Kingsville
10.SoNolan Eubanks49-04.25Tarleton State
11.JrJonathan Bull48-11.50Eastern New Mexico
12.FrBill Squire47-09.25Eastern New Mexico
13.SrChad Scheartl46-08.25Angelo State
14.FrDane Hamrick46-02.00West Texas A&M
15.FrHayden Eubanks45-09.00Tarleton State
16.FrPaco Trevino43-01.00Texas A&M-Kingsville
17.FrRichard Scales43-00.50Abilene Christian
18.JrEmery Dudensing40-04.25Abilene Christian

Shot Put - 16lb  Decathlon - Finals

1.FrAndy Henson41-04.25Abilene Christian
2.JrTed Dugie41-01.50Texas A&M-Kingsville
3.JrEldon Grimslid39-08.75West Texas A&M
4.-Dean Laing39-07.00Texas A&M-Commerce
5.JrJames Hardin37-11.50Abilene Christian
6.FrMitchell Ryan34-11.00West Texas A&M
7.SrHarold Nair34-03.50Texas A&M-Kingsville

Discus - 2kg  Varsity - Finals

1.SoNick Jones55.94mAbilene Christian
2.SrAbel Garcia50.92mTexas A&M-Kingsville
3.FrHayden Eubanks50.17mTarleton State
4.JrJorge Guerra48.31mTexas A&M-Kingsville
5.SoDavid Browne47.69mAngelo State
6.SoNolan Eubanks47.33mTarleton State
7.SoCasey Keeter46.68mTarleton State
8.-Michael Pratt46.58mTarleton State
9.JrAndrew Crookham44.29mAngelo State
10.FrBill Squire44.26mEastern New Mexico
11.FrRichard Scales44.03mAbilene Christian
12.SrChad Scheartl43.69mAngelo State
13.-Byron Jemison43.39mEastern New Mexico
14.-Matt Short41.65mTexas A&M-Kingsville
15.SoWade Goode40.45mAngelo State
16.FrPaco Trevino39.77mTexas A&M-Kingsville
17.FrNick Alejandro39.08mAngelo State
18.FrCameron Armstrong37.59mWest Texas A&M
19.-Jeffery Rayome37.45mTexas A&M-Commerce
20.-Justin Squire36.52mEastern New Mexico
---Stanley CaudilloFOULEastern New Mexico

Discus - 2kg  Decathlon - Finals

1.-Dean Laing45.19mTexas A&M-Commerce
2.JrJames Hardin38.74mAbilene Christian
3.FrAndy Henson38.63mAbilene Christian
4.JrTed Dugie33.92mTexas A&M-Kingsville
5.SrHarold Nair33.12mTexas A&M-Kingsville
6.FrMitchell Ryan28.13mWest Texas A&M
--JrEldon GrimslidNDWest Texas A&M

Javelin - 800g  Varsity - Finals

1.SrCamille Vandendriessche59.61mAbilene Christian
2.JrTed Dugie58.74mTexas A&M-Kingsville
3.SoRaymond Orlando54.94mAngelo State
4.SrLeslie White53.91mTexas A&M-Commerce
5.FrDaniel Draper53.08mEastern New Mexico
6.JrSteven Aragon51.31mEastern New Mexico
7.-Robert Griego49.28mEastern New Mexico
8.-Samuel Lukow49.22mEastern New Mexico
9.SrChase Moore48.33mAngelo State
10.SrChad Scheartl48.17mAngelo State
11.JrAnthony Valle44.95mTexas A&M-Commerce
12.SrSylvester Williamson42.46mAbilene Christian

Javelin - 800g  Decathlon - Finals

1.JrTed Dugie51.72mTexas A&M-Kingsville
2.FrAndy Henson51.05mAbilene Christian
3.JrEldon Grimslid50.86mWest Texas A&M
4.JrJames Hardin46.68mAbilene Christian
5.-Dean Laing45.77mTexas A&M-Commerce
6.SrHarold Nair43.87mTexas A&M-Kingsville
7.FrMitchell Ryan28.39mWest Texas A&M

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.FrGage Mayer6-06.75West Texas A&M
2.SrGerald Chenyi6-06.75Abilene Christian
3.FrTrent Hesseltine6-06.75Texas A&M-Kingsville
4.SrLeslie White6-04.75Texas A&M-Commerce
4.SrRyan McWilliams6-04.75Angelo State
6.FrTyler Rushing6-04.75Tarleton State
7.FrKyle Weaver6-04.75Texas A&M-Commerce
7.-Josh Conder6-04.75Texas A&M-Commerce
9.SoAaron Schickendanz6-04.75Tarleton State
10.SoRyan Adkins6-02.75Angelo State
11.SrChase Moore6-00.75Angelo State
---Matt ChurchmanNHEastern New Mexico

High Jump  Decathlon - Finals

1.JrEldon Grimslid6-00.00West Texas A&M
2.JrTed Dugie5-10.75Texas A&M-Kingsville
2.JrJames Hardin5-10.75Abilene Christian
2.FrAndy Henson5-10.75Abilene Christian
5.SrHarold Nair5-08.50Texas A&M-Kingsville
5.-Dean Laing5-08.50Texas A&M-Commerce
7.FrMitchell Ryan5-05.00West Texas A&M

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.SoStephen Toler16-10.75Abilene Christian
2.JrAaron Cantrell16-06.75Abilene Christian
3.JrCory Altenberg16-00.75Abilene Christian
4.SoRaymond Orlando15-07.00Angelo State
4.JrLandon Ehlers15-07.00Abilene Christian
6.SoAndrew Allison15-01.00Angelo State
7.JrAndrew Grant14-01.25Tarleton State
--SrChayden FeistNHTarleton State
--SrChase MooreNHAngelo State
--SrCamille VandendriesscheNHAbilene Christian

Pole Vault  Decathlon - Finals

1.JrJames Hardin15-01.00Abilene Christian
2.JrTed Dugie14-03.25Texas A&M-Kingsville
2.FrAndy Henson14-03.25Abilene Christian
4.SrHarold Nair11-07.75Texas A&M-Kingsville
5.JrEldon Grimslid10-11.75West Texas A&M
--FrMitchell RyanNHWest Texas A&M
---Dean LaingNHTexas A&M-Commerce

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.JrRamon Sparks7.24m (1.9)Abilene Christian
2.SrGerald Chenyi7.01m (1.6)Abilene Christian
3.SrRyan McWilliams6.84m (2.0)Angelo State
4.SrLyndon Wyse6.79m (6.1)Texas A&M-Commerce
5.FrTramicah Young6.75m (1.5)West Texas A&M
6.SrCamille Vandendriessche6.64m (1.5)Abilene Christian
7.-Karthick Srimanoharan6.50m (4.6)Eastern New Mexico
8.FrKyle Weaver6.42m (3.0)Texas A&M-Commerce
9.FrMicah Franks6.26m (4.3)Texas A&M-Kingsville
10.SrTerell Lee6.14m (2.1)Angelo State
11.SrRaymond Hickem6.11m (2.1)Angelo State
11.FrLonnie Buchanan6.11m (2.6)Tarleton State
13.JrMarquis Stimpson5.99m (4.5)Texas A&M-Commerce
14.-Todd Vaughn5.48m (3.8)Texas A&M-Kingsville
--SrChase MooreNDAngelo State

Long Jump  Decathlon - Finals

1.FrAndy Henson6.26m (1.9)Abilene Christian
2.JrEldon Grimslid6.25m (2.4)West Texas A&M
3.JrTed Dugie6.09m (2.3)Texas A&M-Kingsville
4.SrHarold Nair6.08m (1.6)Texas A&M-Kingsville
5.-Dean Laing6.03m (3.4)Texas A&M-Commerce
6.FrMitchell Ryan5.78m (2.1)West Texas A&M
7.JrJames Hardin5.75m (1.1)Abilene Christian

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.JrRamon Sparks15.29m (2.0)Abilene Christian
2.SrIdiato Jeremiah15.26m (2.0)Abilene Christian
3.SrGerald Chenyi14.87m (1.6)Abilene Christian
4.SrLyndon Wyse14.74m (3.7)Texas A&M-Commerce
5.-Karthick Srimanoharan14.11m (1.6)Eastern New Mexico
6.FrMicah Franks13.80m (2.0)Texas A&M-Kingsville
7.JrKenyatta Carter13.77m (2.9)Eastern New Mexico
8.SrKyle Harris13.53m (.9)Eastern New Mexico
9.FrKyle Weaver13.32m (1.6)Texas A&M-Commerce
10.-Colby Oberle13.23m (5.1)Texas A&M-Commerce
11.SrTerell Lee12.95m (.9)Angelo State
--JrMarquis StimpsonNDTexas A&M-Commerce

Hammer - 16lb  Varsity - Finals

1.SrChad Scheartl52.50mAngelo State
2.SrAbel Garcia50.32mTexas A&M-Kingsville
3.JrEmery Dudensing49.19mAbilene Christian
4.SoDavid Browne47.34mAngelo State
5.-Michael Pratt44.97mTarleton State
6.FrRichard Scales43.50mAbilene Christian
7.SoCasey Keeter42.18mTarleton State
8.FrTyler Stowell39.60mTarleton State
9.-Jeffery Rayome33.99mTexas A&M-Commerce
10.-Justin Squire33.48mEastern New Mexico
11.-Stanley Caudillo32.48mEastern New Mexico
12.JrAndrew Crookham28.77mAngelo State
--FrNick AlejandroNDAngelo State

Womens Results Switch to

100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.JrWanda Hutson11.63a (3.3)Abilene Christian
2.JrCelethia Byrd11.68a (3.3)Angelo State
3.SrChelsey Bradford12.16a (3.3)Tarleton State
4.SrJoella Foster12.39a (3.3)Abilene Christian
5.-Randahl Hickman12.60a (3.3)Texas A&M-Commerce
6.-Alycea Wallace12.71a (3.3)Texas A&M-Commerce
7.-Conitra Olison12.91a (3.3)Eastern New Mexico
8.-Britney Stephens12.94a (3.3)Eastern New Mexico

100 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.JrWanda Hutson11.72a (3.4)Abilene Christian
2.JrCelethia Byrd11.84a (4.1)Angelo State
3.SrChelsey Bradford12.32a (3.4)Tarleton State
4.SrJoella Foster12.40a (3.4)Abilene Christian
5.-Alycea Wallace12.62a (4.1)Texas A&M-Commerce
6.-Conitra Olison12.68a (4.1)Eastern New Mexico
7.-Randahl Hickman12.69a (3.4)Texas A&M-Commerce
8.-Britney Stephens12.73a (4.1)Eastern New Mexico
9.SoMakayla Myers13.12a (3.4)Angelo State
10.-Dena Hawkins13.33a (4.1)Texas A&M-Commerce

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.JrCelethia Byrd23.89a (2.9)Angelo State
2.SrKim Prather24.11a (2.9)Abilene Christian
3.JrWanda Hutson24.15a (2.9)Abilene Christian
4.JrKandis Brooks25.20a (2.9)Tarleton State
5.SrAzraa Rounds25.51a (2.9)Abilene Christian
6.FrTara Towns26.33a (2.9)Tarleton State
7.SrJoella Foster26.60a (2.9)Abilene Christian

200 Meters  Heptathlon - Finals

1.JrAndria Nussey25.79a (3.1)Angelo State
2.JrChrystal Ruiz26.23a (3.1)Angelo State
3.SrKyndel Howell27.42a (3.1)Angelo State
4.-Amber Brooks27.62a (3.1)Abilene Christian
5.SoShelly Diggs27.95a (3.1)Angelo State

200 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.JrWanda Hutson24.31a (2.7)Abilene Christian
2.JrCelethia Byrd24.39a (3.5)Angelo State
4.SrAzraa Rounds25.15a (3.5)Abilene Christian
5.JrKandis Brooks25.31a (3.5)Tarleton State
3.SrKim Prather25.38a (4.9)Abilene Christian
6.SrJoella Foster25.63a (2.7)Abilene Christian
7.JrDaunyae Harris25.78a (3.5)Angelo State
8.FrTara Towns25.89a (4.9)Tarleton State
9.SrChelsey Bradford26.35a (2.7)Tarleton State
10.FrCarmen Herrera26.59a (3.5)Angelo State
11.SoMakesha Brewer26.60a (4.9)Texas A&M-Commerce
12.-Britney Stephens26.60a (2.7)Eastern New Mexico
13.-Chenavia Ruffin26.65a (4.9)Eastern New Mexico
14.-Conitra Olison26.77a (2.7)Eastern New Mexico
15.-Alycea Wallace27.04a (2.7)Texas A&M-Commerce
16.-Christina Garza28.12a (4.9)Eastern New Mexico
17.-Khadijah Campbell28.84a (3.5)Texas A&M-Commerce
18.-Dena Hawkins29.00a (4.9)Texas A&M-Commerce

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SrKim Prather55.71aAbilene Christian
2.SrAzraa Rounds56.88aAbilene Christian
3.JrDaunyae Harris57.78aAngelo State
4.SoMakesha Brewer1:00.89aTexas A&M-Commerce
5.FrCarmen Herrera1:01.72aAngelo State
6.FrCourtney Newsom1:02.03aTarleton State

400 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.SrAzraa Rounds57.48aAbilene Christian
3.JrDaunyae Harris57.98aAngelo State
2.SrKim Prather59.64aAbilene Christian
4.SoMakesha Brewer1:00.44aTexas A&M-Commerce
5.SoSara Hooker1:00.45aAngelo State
6.-Chenavia Ruffin1:00.73aEastern New Mexico
7.FrCarmen Herrera1:01.43aAngelo State
8.FrCourtney Newsom1:02.03aTarleton State
9.FrClaire Goodman1:02.32aTarleton State
10.SoJessica Ryan1:02.45aTarleton State
11.FrCindy Igbokwe1:03.93aTexas A&M-Kingsville
12.-Khadijah Campbell1:06.25aTexas A&M-Commerce
13.SoShelly Diggs1:06.69aAngelo State

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.JrAndria Nussey2:19.34aAngelo State
2.JrBrittney Heath2:20.48aAngelo State
3.SrKymberlee Trnka2:21.85aTarleton State
4.JrSheila Bishop2:23.93aTarleton State
5.SoXochitl Gomez2:27.20aTexas A&M-Kingsville
6.FrKatherine Grillo2:28.42aTarleton State
7.FrNicky Reid2:30.18aEastern New Mexico
8.SoNicole Blackwell2:33.70aEastern New Mexico
9.SoShadoh Campbell2:35.26aTarleton State

800 Meters  Heptathlon - Finals

1.SoShelly Diggs2:39.67aAngelo State
2.-Amber Brooks2:49.47aAbilene Christian
--SrKyndel HowellDNFAngelo State
--JrChrystal RuizDNFAngelo State
--JrAndria NusseyDNFAngelo State

1500 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.JrBrittney Heath4:44.46aAngelo State
2.JrPaige Massingill4:47.13aAngelo State
3.SrKymberlee Trnka4:49.85aTarleton State
4.SrErica Alvarado4:57.67aTexas A&M-Kingsville
5.FrApril Phillips5:06.44aAngelo State
6.FrAlyssa Priest5:07.34aAngelo State
7.SoShadoh Campbell5:07.73aTarleton State
8.FrJessica Martinez5:16.32aTexas A&M-Kingsville
9.SoKate Donovan5:33.65aTexas A&M-Commerce
10.SoEmily Gibson6:00.00aTexas A&M-Commerce
11.FrJamie Hays6:44.71aTexas A&M-Commerce

5000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SoWinrose Karunde18:25.21aAbilene Christian
2.JrPaige Massingill18:51.20aAngelo State
3.JrLoice Cheboi19:11.94aAbilene Christian
4.JrBrittney Heath19:15.98aAngelo State
5.SrPatrcia Dailey19:20.76aAngelo State
6.SrErica Alvarado19:23.73aTexas A&M-Kingsville
7.SrKrista Morris19:32.21aTarleton State
8.FrVanessa Elizondo20:09.38aTarleton State
9.FrApril Phillips20:30.30aAngelo State
10.SrHayley Garner20:32.75aAbilene Christian
11.SrKymberlee Trnka20:32.95aTarleton State
12.JrMorgan Kuykendall20:48.25aTarleton State
13.FrAllison Fowler20:49.69aAbilene Christian
14.SoDanielle Jones20:54.75aEastern New Mexico
15.JrSheila Bishop21:31.89aTarleton State
16.FrJennifer Flanery21:59.26aAngelo State
17.FrMegan Bryant22:19.01aEastern New Mexico
18.FrGabrielle Greer22:43.11aTexas A&M-Commerce
--FrAlyssa PriestDNFAngelo State

10,000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SoWinrose Karunde38:52.29aAbilene Christian
2.JrPaige Massingill39:08.47aAngelo State
3.JrLoice Cheboi42:58.65aAbilene Christian
4.FrVanessa Elizondo43:07.70aTarleton State
5.JrMorgan Kuykendall43:45.51aTarleton State
6.SrPatrcia Dailey44:04.00aAngelo State
7.SrHayley Garner44:15.57aAbilene Christian
8.FrAlyssa Priest45:14.40aAngelo State
9.SoDanielle Jones45:49.04aEastern New Mexico
10.FrMegan Bryant48:38.15aEastern New Mexico

100m Hurdles - 33"  Varsity - Finals

1.JrKandis Brooks14.17a (3.8)Tarleton State
2.JrChrystal Ruiz14.32a (3.8)Angelo State
3.JrAndria Nussey14.54a (3.8)Angelo State
4.SoDestinee Nixon14.83a (3.8)Abilene Christian
5.SrKyndel Howell14.92a (3.8)Angelo State
6.FrCathryn Rittenberry15.02a (3.8)Angelo State
7.FrAmanda Clemons15.36a (3.8)Abilene Christian
--JrRhonida CarterDQ (3.8)Texas A&M-Kingsville

100m Hurdles - 33"  Heptathlon - Finals

1.JrChrystal Ruiz14.33a (1.6)Angelo State
2.SrKyndel Howell14.92a (1.6)Angelo State
3.JrAndria Nussey14.94a (1.6)Angelo State
4.-Amber Brooks16.68a (1.6)Abilene Christian
5.SoShelly Diggs18.28a (1.6)Angelo State

100m Hurdles - 33"  Varsity - Prelims

1.SoDestinee Nixon14.39a (4.1)Abilene Christian
3.JrKandis Brooks14.41a (4.1)Tarleton State
2.JrChrystal Ruiz14.42a (3.6)Angelo State
4.FrAmanda Clemons14.66a (4.1)Abilene Christian
5.JrAndria Nussey14.88a (3.6)Angelo State
6.SrKyndel Howell14.89a (3.6)Angelo State
7.JrRhonida Carter14.94a (3.6)Texas A&M-Kingsville
8.FrCathryn Rittenberry14.94a (3.6)Angelo State
9.JrDiana Zarate15.63a (4.1)Texas A&M-Kingsville
10.FrNadira Johnson15.91a (4.1)Abilene Christian
11.JrSunny Henderson15.95a (3.6)Texas A&M-Commerce
12.-Amber Brooks20.52a (4.1)Abilene Christian

400m Hurdles - 30"  Varsity - Finals

1.SoAisha Adams1:00.08aAngelo State
2.JrKris Crockett1:02.48aAngelo State
3.JrChrystal Ruiz1:03.16aAngelo State
4.JrDiana Zarate1:04.47aTexas A&M-Kingsville
5.SoDestinee Nixon1:05.42aAbilene Christian
6.FrNinfa Rios1:07.80aTexas A&M-Kingsville
7.-Leslea Traylor1:09.92aTexas A&M-Commerce
8.JrRhonida Carter1:12.36aTexas A&M-Kingsville

3k Steeplechase  Varsity - Finals

1.JrLoice Cheboi12:06.85aAbilene Christian
2.SrKrista Morris12:22.09aTarleton State
3.SoKate Donovan13:00.13aTexas A&M-Commerce
4.FrAllison Fowler13:13.03aAbilene Christian
5.FrJennifer Flanery13:59.75aAngelo State

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Joella Foster
Wanda Hutson
Kim Prather
Azraa Rounds
46.78aAbilene Christian
2.-Sara Hooker
Celethia Byrd
Cathr Rittenberry
Carmen Herrera
47.64aAngelo State
3.-Kandis Brooks
Claire Goodman
Chelsey Bradford
Tara Towns
48.98aTarleton State
4.-Conitra Olison
Britney Stephens
Christina Garza
Chenavia Ruffin
50.65aEastern New Mexico

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Sara Hooker
Celethia Byrd
Daunyae Harris
Kris Crockett
3:44.29aAngelo State
2.-Joella Foster
Wanda Hutson
Destinee Nixon
Kim Prather
3:46.63aAbilene Christian
3.-Kandis Brooks
Jessica Ryan
Claire Goodman
Tara Towns
4:00.13aTarleton State
4.-Diana Zarate
Cindy Igbokwe
Rhonida Carter
Ninfa Rios
4:04.12aTexas A&M-Kingsville
5.-Chenavia Ruffin
Britney Stephens
Nicole Blackwell
Nicky Reid
4:19.68aEastern New Mexico

Shot Put - 4kg  Varsity - Finals

1.SrAdree Lakey51-10.50Angelo State
2.SrCulley Dawson47-05.00Angelo State
3.JrLaShara Jefferson40-09.75Texas A&M-Commerce
4.FrFlorqu Carrington40-05.50Tarleton State
5.SoAisha Adams40-00.00Angelo State
6.FrHillary Moreno37-08.00Tarleton State
7.SoMeredet Persinger37-03.25Tarleton State
8.SrVeronica Medina36-09.00Texas A&M-Kingsville
9.JrTaylor Smith35-08.00Texas A&M-Commerce
10.-Megan Davis31-05.75Texas A&M-Commerce

Shot Put - 4kg  Heptathlon - Finals

1.SrKyndel Howell37-03.00Angelo State
2.JrAndria Nussey35-08.50Angelo State
3.-Amber Brooks31-07.50Abilene Christian
4.JrChrystal Ruiz30-07.00Angelo State
5.SoShelly Diggs23-03.50Angelo State

Discus - 1kg  Varsity - Finals

1.SrCulley Dawson53.34mAngelo State
2.SoPaige Newby47.61mAbilene Christian
3.SrAdree Lakey46.38mAngelo State
4.FrKassie Daugherty41.47mEastern New Mexico
5.FrJayda Spencer40.77mAngelo State
6.FrFlorqu Carrington40.25mTarleton State
7.-Lorena Garza38.67mEastern New Mexico
8.JrLaShara Jefferson36.78mTexas A&M-Commerce
9.SoMeredet Persinger35.41mTarleton State
10.-Megan Davis34.80mTexas A&M-Commerce
11.-Erica Anderson33.52mTexas A&M-Commerce
12.FrHillary Moreno32.73mTarleton State
--SrJulie JacobsmaNDAbilene Christian

Javelin - 600g  Varsity - Finals

1.JrLinda Brivule49.08mAbilene Christian
2.SrAdree Lakey44.32mAngelo State
3.SrCulley Dawson44.14mAngelo State
4.JrSunny Henderson43.68mTexas A&M-Commerce
5.SoPaige Newby36.39mAbilene Christian
6.SrKyndel Howell34.78mAngelo State
7.FrJayda Spencer32.96mAngelo State
8.-Hilaree Chavez32.00mEastern New Mexico
9.-Lorena Garza30.32mEastern New Mexico
10.JrLindsey Winegart26.55mAbilene Christian

Javelin - 600g  Heptathlon - Finals

1.SrKyndel Howell35.49mAngelo State
2.JrChrystal Ruiz35.35mAngelo State
3.-Amber Brooks27.77mAbilene Christian
4.JrAndria Nussey24.17mAngelo State
5.SoShelly Diggs14.05mAngelo State

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.SoAisha Adams5-05.75Angelo State
2.SrCassidi Porter5-05.75Tarleton State
3.JrChrystal Ruiz5-03.75Angelo State
4.SrKyndel Howell5-03.75Angelo State
5.JrCathryn Pratka5-01.75Texas A&M-Kingsville
6.-Tracey Young5-01.75Eastern New Mexico
7.-Amber Brooks4-09.75Abilene Christian
--SoLaura SkinnerNHTarleton State
--SoLaryssa HiseNHAngelo State

High Jump  Heptathlon - Finals

1.SrKyndel Howell5-02.50Angelo State
1.JrChrystal Ruiz5-02.50Angelo State
3.JrAndria Nussey5-01.25Angelo State
4.-Amber Brooks5-00.25Abilene Christian
5.SoShelly Diggs4-05.00Angelo State

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.JrCallie Young13-00.25Abilene Christian
2.SrDanielle Dorsey12-06.25Angelo State
3.JrElizabeth Buyse11-06.50Abilene Christian
4.SrWhitney Law11-06.50Angelo State
5.FrMichelle Ruiz11-00.75Angelo State
6.JrTiffany Masters8-07.00Texas A&M-Kingsville
--SoKari-Ann WagnerNHTarleton State
--SrKarina RodriguezNHTexas A&M-Kingsville

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.SoAisha Adams6.21m (2.4)Angelo State
2.JrAndria Nussey5.81m (2.7)Angelo State
3.JrKris Crockett5.59m (7.0)Angelo State
4.SrKyndel Howell5.58m (2.0)Angelo State
5.FrAmanda Clemons5.52m (1.6)Abilene Christian
6.JrChrystal Ruiz5.49m (1.3)Angelo State
7.FrTara Towns5.47m (2.0)Tarleton State
8.-Dena Hawkins5.19m (2.4)Texas A&M-Commerce
9.-Desiree Spencer5.09m (.9)Texas A&M-Commerce
10.SoDestinee Nixon4.89m (3.4)Abilene Christian
11.FrNadira Johnson4.87m (5.3)Abilene Christian

Long Jump  Heptathlon - Finals

1.JrAndria Nussey5.82m (6.0)Angelo State
2.JrChrystal Ruiz5.68m (4.6)Angelo State
3.SrKyndel Howell5.51m (2.6)Angelo State
4.-Amber Brooks4.75m (7.3)Abilene Christian
5.SoShelly Diggs4.70m (4.9)Angelo State

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.SoAisha Adams12.33m (2.4)Angelo State
2.SoDestinee Nixon11.72m (3.5)Abilene Christian
3.FrCathryn Rittenberry11.47m (2.1)Angelo State
4.FrCarmen Herrera11.15m (2.9)Angelo State
5.JrKris Crockett11.01m (1.6)Angelo State
6.FrAmanda Clemons10.99m (4.3)Abilene Christian
7.FrNadira Johnson10.77m (.5)Abilene Christian
8.-Desiree Spencer10.70m (4.1)Texas A&M-Commerce
9.-Dena Hawkins9.86m (3.5)Texas A&M-Commerce

Hammer - 4kg  Varsity - Finals

1.SrCulley Dawson52.93mAngelo State
2.SrAdree Lakey51.46mAngelo State
3.SoPaige Newby46.63mAbilene Christian
4.FrFlorqu Carrington41.52mTarleton State
5.-Vyanca Vega39.07mEastern New Mexico
6.FrHillary Moreno37.41mTarleton State
7.SoMeredet Persinger36.35mTarleton State
8.SrVeronica Medina36.24mTexas A&M-Kingsville
9.FrJayda Spencer34.27mAngelo State
10.JrLindsey Winegart30.31mAbilene Christian
11.JrTaylor Smith28.40mTexas A&M-Commerce
12.-Megan Davis28.12mTexas A&M-Commerce