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Saturday, March 21, 2009

San Ramon Valley HS, Danville

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 50 Meter Dash - 2nd Grade - Finals
2.2Brett Spalding9.15St. Isidore
4.2Mohkam Singh-Dhoot9.98St. Isidore
X 50 Meter Dash - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.3James Barr8.52Saint Perpetua
1.3Elijah Sheppard8.54St. Joan of Arc
2.3Max Chevez8.6St. Joan of Arc
3.3Jake Rosenberg8.63Saint Perpetua
2.3Wyatt Clancy8.8St. Isidore
3.3Thomas Rance8.85Saint Perpetua
4.3Austin Coleman8.87St. Isidore
5.3Matthew Schade8.9St. Isidore
6.3Miguel Dickenson9.11St. Joan of Arc
7.3Joey Gladden9.18Saint Perpetua
7.3Ryan Grauman9.91St. Isidore
8.3Seve Bertolero10.22St. Isidore
X 50 Meter Dash - 4th Grade - Finals
1.4Brandon Bol8.3St. Isidore
2.4Johnny Grillos8.62St. Isidore
4.4Omar Ali9.25St. Joan of Arc
5.4Nick Martin9.73St. Joan of Arc
X 50 Meter Dash - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Jackson White7.68St. Isidore
1.5Jiwan Karunatilake7.96St. Isidore
3.5Connor Henderson8.09Saint Perpetua
3.5Connor Smith8.58Saint Perpetua
2.5Jack Phillips8.78St. Isidore
3.5John Fischer9.01St. Isidore
4.5Sean McGowan9.02St. Isidore
4.5Anthony Rocha9.21St. Isidore
5.5Daniel Sergott9.26Saint Perpetua
7.5Daniel East9.55Saint Perpetua
8.5Marc Dickenson9.77St. Joan of Arc
X 100 Meters - 2nd Grade - Finals
6.2Mohkam Singh-Dhoot21.7St. Isidore
X 100 Meters - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.3Jake Rosenberg16.71Saint Perpetua
2.3Elijah Sheppard16.8St. Joan of Arc
3.3Wyatt Clancy16.91St. Isidore
4.3James Barr16.96Saint Perpetua
5.3Max Chevez17.1St. Joan of Arc
6.3Thomas Rance17.8Saint Perpetua
8.3Ryan Grauman20.08St. Isidore
X 100 Meters - 4th Grade - Finals
2.4Brandon Bol16.74St. Isidore
1.4Johnny Grillos17.01St. Isidore
4.4Tristen Singer17.65St. Joan of Arc
3.4Taylor Singer18.11St. Joan of Arc
4.4Jack Ketelsen18.27St. Joan of Arc
6.4Will Watson18.22Saint Perpetua
7.4Omar Ali18.31St. Joan of Arc
6.4Jacob Freiman18.41St. Isidore
7.4Nick Martin20.2St. Joan of Arc
X 100 Meters - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Justin Kaye14.56St. Isidore
1.5Jackson White14.9St. Isidore
2.5Craig Hughes15.44St. Joan of Arc
3.5Brody Clancy15.47St. Isidore
4.5Cameron Owoc15.63St. Joan of Arc
5.5Justin Brand15.69St. Isidore
2.5Jiwan Karunatilake15.82St. Isidore
3.5Connor Henderson16.1Saint Perpetua
3.5Jack Phillips16.71St. Isidore
4.5Jacob Berwick16.76St. Joan of Arc
5.5John Fischer17.07St. Isidore
5.5Connor Smith17.25Saint Perpetua
7.5Trevor Grauman17.84St. Isidore
6.5Anthony Rocha18.21St. Isidore
6.5Daniel Sergott18.31Saint Perpetua
8.5Daniel East18.33Saint Perpetua
7.5John Curlett19.64St. Joan of Arc
X 100 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
5.6Jackson Wightman15.41St. Joan of Arc
6.5Hunter Heyes16.54St. Isidore
X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7David Crinnion13.44St. Joan of Arc
2.7David Griffith13.46St. Isidore
4.7Jacob DeMaio14.56St. Isidore
2.7Ryan Miller14.84St. Isidore
3.7Joseph Lofaso14.93St. Joan of Arc
4.7Brandon Kurtz15.02St. Joan of Arc
5.7Alexander Bertolero15.06St. Isidore
7.7Adam Labarthe15.4St. Isidore
8.7 Hasith15.6St. Joan of Arc
6.7Spencer Terzolo15.88St. Isidore
8.7Max Bramer16.3St. Joan of Arc
X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Tommy Lisiak12.7St. Isidore
2.8Kevin Nguyen13.16Saint Perpetua
4.8John DeMaio13.76St. Isidore
5.8Jack Connolly13.97Saint Perpetua
7.7Jack Ramos14.94St. Isidore
X 200 Meters - 2nd Grade - Finals
2.2Christian Wolf42.42aSt. Isidore
X 200 Meters - 3rd Grade - Finals
2.3Matthew Schade37.8aSt. Isidore
3.3Seve Bertolero38.42aSt. Isidore
5.3Austin Coleman44.48aSt. Isidore
X 200 Meters - 4th Grade - Finals
3.4Tristen Singer36.49aSt. Joan of Arc
4.4Jack Ketelsen36.79aSt. Joan of Arc
6.4Taylor Singer37.69aSt. Joan of Arc
8.4Justin Johal37.93aSt. Joan of Arc
X 200 Meters - 5th Grade - Finals
2.5Craig Hughes33.9aSt. Joan of Arc
4.5Jason Kurtz39.04aSt. Joan of Arc
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
3.7David Griffith29.11aSt. Isidore
6.7Adam Labarthe33.35aSt. Isidore
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
2.8Carl Wilke26.8aSt. Joan of Arc
X 400 Meters - 2nd Grade - Finals
1.2Brett Spalding1:33.35aSt. Isidore
4.2Christian Wolf1:39.15aSt. Isidore
X 400 Meters - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.3Ryan Nall1:18.99aSaint Perpetua
2.3Kyle Millis1:25.93aSt. Isidore
3.3Carson Sawchuk1:30.07aSt. Isidore
4.3Zachary Zucker1:31.74aSt. Isidore
5.3Avery Maybury1:33.37aSaint Perpetua
6.3Tyler Martinez1:33.77aSt. Isidore
7.3Carl Piercy1:34.07aSaint Perpetua
8.3James Flanagan1:34.44aSt. Isidore
X 400 Meters - 4th Grade - Finals
4.4Will Watson1:26.02aSaint Perpetua
5.4Colton Andrade1:30.35aSt. Joan of Arc
5.4Justin Johal1:31.96aSt. Joan of Arc
6.4Declan Flanagan1:37.12aSt. Isidore
X 400 Meters - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Justin Kaye1:17.79aSt. Isidore
2.5Sean McGowan1:25.03aSt. Isidore
3.5Noah Sheppard1:33.98aSt. Joan of Arc
5.5Justin Marchiano1:43.39aSaint Perpetua
X 400 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Erik Johnson1:07.08aSt. Joan of Arc
3.6Scott Barlow1:15.59aSt. Joan of Arc
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Adrian Brand1:10.29aSt. Isidore
2.7Jack Ramos1:11.73aSt. Isidore
3.7Ryan Miller1:14.10aSt. Isidore
4.7Edward Johnston1:22.21aSaint Perpetua
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Carl Wilke00:58.18aSt. Joan of Arc
3.8Kevin Nguyen1:03.19aSaint Perpetua
4.8Jack Connolly1:04.69aSaint Perpetua
X 800 Meters - 3rd Grade - Finals
2.3Miguel Dickenson3:09.53aSt. Joan of Arc
X 800 Meters - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Andrew Berlin3:09.24aSt. Joan of Arc
X 800 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Cole Dohmann2:48.32aSt. Joan of Arc
2.6Scott Barlow2:53.16aSt. Joan of Arc
3.6Jackson Wightman2:58.28aSt. Joan of Arc
4.6David Hong2:59.88aSt. Isidore
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7John Doyle2:49.60aSt. Isidore
2.7Kyle Moore2:55.55aSt. Joan of Arc
X 1600 Meters - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.3Ryan Bayliss6:20.86aSt. Joan of Arc
2.3Kyle Millis6:32.21aSt. Isidore
3.3Carson Sawchuk6:32.76aSt. Isidore
4.3James Flanagan6:35.27aSt. Isidore
6.3Maxwell Mingione7:17.66aSt. Joan of Arc
X 1600 Meters - 4th Grade - Finals
2.4Colton Andrade6:34.42aSt. Joan of Arc
3.4Declan Flanagan7:07.81aSt. Isidore
X 1600 Meters - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Andrew Berlin6:21.59aSt. Joan of Arc
X 1600 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6James Dolla5:51.82aSt. Isidore
2.6Cole Dohmann5:57.01aSt. Joan of Arc
4.5Hunter Heyes6:25.07aSt. Isidore
X 1600 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Ryan Colaco5:29.44aSt. Isidore
3.7John Doyle6:25.13aSt. Isidore
4.7Kyle Moore6:29.58aSt. Joan of Arc
X 1600 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
3.8Nico Mendieta6:08.67aSt. Joan of Arc
4.8Patrick Kragen6:35.12aSt. Isidore
X 4x100 Relay - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.-Travis Armistead
Thomas Rance
Joey Gladden
James Barr
1:08.77aSaint Perpetua
2.-Relay Team 1:08.80aSaint Perpetua
4.-Giorgio Alessandria
Avery Maybury
Amanda Alessandria
Jake Rosenberg
1:11.27aSaint Perpetua
5.-Austin Coleman
Carson Sawchuk
Kyle Millis
Matthew Schade
1:11.87aSt. Isidore
6.-Relay Team 1:13.97aSt. Joan of Arc
X 4x100 Relay - 4th Grade - Finals
3.-Brandon Bol
Johnny Grillos
Melissa Hookey
Alyssa Hornbuckle
1:08.06aSt. Isidore
4.-Jack Ketelsen
Nick Martin
Taylor Singer
Tristen Singer
1:11.63aSt. Joan of Arc
X 4x100 Relay - 5th Grade - Finals
1.-Justin Kaye
Jackson White
Jack Phillips
John Fischer
1:02.57aSt. Isidore
2.-Sutter Lindberg
Connor Smith
Cannon Armistead
Connor Henderson
1:03.24aSaint Perpetua
4.-Relay Team 1:09.01aSt. Isidore
6.-Troy Muzzio
John Curlett
Jacob Berwick
Cameron Owoc
1:10.85aSt. Joan of Arc
7.-Daniel Sergott
Will Watson
Wyatt Wilson
Justin Marchiano
1:10.95aSaint Perpetua
X 4x100 Relay - 6th Grade - Finals
2.-Erik Johnson
Colin D'Emilio
Scott Barlow
Cole Dohmann
1:01.43aSt. Joan of Arc
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-David Griffith
Alexander Bertolero
Jacob DeMaio
Adam Labarthe
0:58.60aSt. Isidore
4.-Relay Team 1:01.83aSt. Joan of Arc
5.-Relay Team 1:01.83aSt. Isidore
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
2.-Relay Team 0:53.86aSt. Joan of Arc
3.-Kevin Nguyen
Harrison Lam
Jack Connolly
Edward Johnston
0:58.03aSaint Perpetua
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 5th Grade - Finals
2.-Relay Team 2:38.79aSt. Joan of Arc
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 7th Grade - Finals
3.-Kyle Moore
Jack Ketelsen
Taylor Singer
Tristen Singer
2:33.71aSt. Joan of Arc
X Shot Put - 6lb - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Justin Brand21'09.50St. Isidore
2.5Brody Clancy20'07.00St. Isidore
5.5Daniel Sergott17'10.00Saint Perpetua
7.5Jacob Berwick16'09.00St. Joan of Arc
8.5Daniel East16'09.00Saint Perpetua
12.5John Curlett15'09.00St. Joan of Arc
X Shot Put - 8lb - 7th Grade - Finals
2.7Brandon Kurtz24'01.00St. Joan of Arc
4.7Adrian Brand22'06.00St. Isidore
5.7Kyle Moore16'06.00St. Joan of Arc
X Softball Throw - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.3Ryan Grauman104'04.00St. Isidore
2.3Wyatt Clancy101'05.00St. Isidore
3.3Jake Rosenberg078'09.00Saint Perpetua
4.3Ryan Bayliss069'10.00St. Joan of Arc
5.3Joey Gladden066'05.00Saint Perpetua
6.3Matthew Schade064'03.00St. Isidore
X Softball Throw - 4th Grade - Finals
3.4Jacob Freiman75'09.00St. Isidore
4.4Omar Ali70'10.00St. Joan of Arc
X Softball Throw - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Sutter Lindberg126'01.00Saint Perpetua
2.5Justin Brand111'01.50St. Isidore
3.5Cannon Armistead105'04.00Saint Perpetua
4.5Troy Muzzio103'07.00St. Joan of Arc
5.5Trevor Grauman098'08.50St. Isidore
6.5Brody Clancy088'09.00St. Isidore
7.5Cameron Owoc087'08.00St. Joan of Arc
8.5Jason Kurtz087'03.00St. Joan of Arc
9.5Marc Dickenson059'04.00St. Joan of Arc
X Softball Throw - 6th Grade - Finals
2.6Chris Hagebush032'04.00St. Joan of Arc
X Softball Throw - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Jacob DeMaio150'04.50St. Isidore
2.7Brandon Kurtz132'06.00St. Joan of Arc
3.7Alexander Bertolero115'06.00St. Isidore
4.7Grant Muzzio098'03.00St. Joan of Arc
5.7Max Bramer086'04.00St. Joan of Arc
6.7Edward Johnston079'02.00Saint Perpetua
X Softball Throw - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8John DeMaio165'03.00St. Isidore
2.8Tommy Lisiak135'01.00St. Isidore
3.8Kevin Nguyen134'03.50Saint Perpetua
4.8Jack Connolly106'07.00Saint Perpetua
X High Jump - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Jack Phillips03'11.00St. Isidore
2.5Brody Clancy03'10.00St. Isidore
3.5Justin Kaye03'06.00St. Isidore
4.5Justin Brand03'06.00St. Isidore
X High Jump - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Colin D'Emilio04'06.00St. Joan of Arc
2.6Jackson Wightman03'08.00St. Joan of Arc
X High Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
2.7Jacob DeMaio04'09.00St. Isidore
3.7David Crinnion04'05.00St. Joan of Arc
5.7Alexander Bertolero04'00.00St. Isidore
7.7Jack Ramos03'10.00St. Isidore
X High Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
3.8John DeMaio04'11.00St. Isidore
X Long Jump - 2nd Grade - Finals
3.2Christian Wolf07'05.50St. Isidore
4.2Giorgio Alessandria07'05.00Saint Perpetua
7.2Brett Spalding06'04.00St. Isidore
X Long Jump - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.3Travis Armistead10'10.00Saint Perpetua
2.3Ryan Nall10'04.50Saint Perpetua
4.3Carl Piercy09'10.00Saint Perpetua
5.3Wyatt Clancy09'05.50St. Isidore
6.3James Barr09'00.00Saint Perpetua
7.3Seve Bertolero09'00.00St. Isidore
8.3Zachary Zucker08'11.00St. Isidore
9.3Elijah Sheppard08'07.50St. Joan of Arc
10.3Miguel Dickenson08'06.50St. Joan of Arc
11.3Max Chevez08'02.00St. Joan of Arc
13.3Thomas Rance08'01.00Saint Perpetua
14.3Ryan Grauman08'00.00St. Isidore
15.3Ryan Bayliss07'10.00St. Joan of Arc
16.3Austin Coleman07'02.00St. Isidore
18.3Maxwell Mingione06'07.50St. Joan of Arc
X Long Jump - 4th Grade - Finals
4.4Will Watson09'05.75Saint Perpetua
7.4Taylor Singer08'11.00St. Joan of Arc
8.4Justin Johal08'10.00St. Joan of Arc
10.4Jacob Freiman08'05.50St. Isidore
11.4Tristen Singer08'05.50St. Joan of Arc
12.4Nick Martin07'08.25St. Joan of Arc
14.4Volney Spalding07'04.50St. Isidore
15.4Colton Andrade07'02.50St. Joan of Arc
X Long Jump - 5th Grade - Finals
7.5Jacob Berwick09'50.00St. Joan of Arc
3.5Jiwan Karunatilake10'09.00St. Isidore
4.5Craig Hughes10'08.25St. Joan of Arc
5.5Connor Henderson10'07.25Saint Perpetua
6.5John Fischer10'01.75St. Isidore
8.5Troy Muzzio09'08.75St. Joan of Arc
9.5Daniel Sergott09'06.50Saint Perpetua
10.5Jackson White09'06.00St. Isidore
11.5Cameron Owoc09'04.50St. Joan of Arc
12.4Jack Ketelsen09'03.25St. Joan of Arc
13.5Andrew Berlin08'09.00St. Joan of Arc
14.5Justin Marchiano07'09.00Saint Perpetua
15.5Anthony Rocha07'01.75St. Isidore
16.5John Curlett07'00.00St. Joan of Arc
X Long Jump - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Colin D'Emilio13'05.50St. Joan of Arc
2.6Erik Johnson13'01.00St. Joan of Arc
4.6Cole Dohmann11'09.50St. Joan of Arc
7.6David Hong10'01.75St. Isidore
9.6Chris Hagebush07'01.00St. Joan of Arc
X Long Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Ryan Miller11'09.25St. Isidore
2.7Max Bramer11'07.50St. Joan of Arc
3.7Adam Labarthe11'07.00St. Isidore
4.7Joseph Lofaso10'10.00St. Joan of Arc
5.7Grant Muzzio10'01.75St. Joan of Arc
8.7Spencer Terzolo09'10.25St. Isidore
9.7 Hasith08'01.00St. Joan of Arc
X Long Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
5.8Patrick Kragen10'01.50St. Isidore

Womens Results

X 50 Meter Dash - 2nd Grade - Finals
3.2Jenna Berwick9.76aSt. Joan of Arc
4.2Mikelle Calussen9.86aSt. Isidore
5.2Katherine Hawkins9.89aSaint Perpetua
7.3Nicole Easton10.4aSaint Perpetua
X 50 Meter Dash - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.3Natalie Ospeck8.56aSt. Isidore
1.3Cassidy Tshimbalanga8.93aSt. Isidore
2.3Rory Biles8.93aSt. Isidore
3.3Clare Schumann8.99aSt. Isidore
1.3Emily Kate Gandsey9.08aSt. Joan of Arc
4.3Samantha Mescall9.09aSt. Isidore
3.3MacKenzie Biles9.16aSt. Isidore
2.3Lauren Chapman9.22aSt. Isidore
3.3Hallie Dawson9.32aSt. Joan of Arc
5.3Caroline Labarthe9.33aSt. Isidore
4.3Sela Wooldridge9.37aSt. Isidore
5.3Emma Cate Neves9.5aSt. Isidore
4.3Rebecca Mingione9.68aSt. Joan of Arc
5.3Molly Mudgett9.72aSaint Perpetua
6.3Emily Fishman9.83aSt. Isidore
7.3Troy Wright9.86aSt. Joan of Arc
6.3Katy Padden9.95aSt. Isidore
8.3Hailey Heyes10.36aSt. Isidore
7.3Olivia Toth10.37aSaint Perpetua
8.3Jole Phillips10.63aSt. Isidore
X 50 Meter Dash - 4th Grade - Finals
1.4Erin Ospeck7.97aSt. Isidore
2.4Maddie Mooney8.37aSt. Isidore
2.4Amanda O'Brien8.52aSt. Joan of Arc
3.4Emily Downum9.07aSaint Perpetua
4.4Cynthia Lofaso9.17aSt. Joan of Arc
4.4Allyson Vella9.19aSt. Isidore
5.4Nina Mondani9.21aSt. Isidore
5.4Juni Kim9.49aSt. Isidore
6.4Emily Reed9.64aSt. Isidore
7.4Riti Sachdeva9.66aSt. Joan of Arc
8.4Hunter Bergbower9.73aSt. Isidore
7.4Nina Mondani9.81aSt. Isidore
8.4Caroline Wolf10.11aSt. Isidore
X 50 Meter Dash - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Emma Connolly8aSaint Perpetua
1.5Taylor Gregory8.02aSt. Joan of Arc
2.5Aubrey Martinez8.13aSt. Isidore
1.5Lauren Devine8.23aSt. Isidore
1.5Shelby Bertolozzi8.55aSt. Joan of Arc
3.5Alexandria Tucker8.55aSt. Joan of Arc
2.5Catherine DeLuna8.58aSaint Perpetua
4.5Emily Kaye8.65aSt. Isidore
3.5Brittany Williams8.7aSt. Isidore
4.5Sydney Tshimbalanga8.73aSt. Isidore
6.5Melissa Raquel8.75aSt. Isidore
3.5Morgan Taylor8.77aSt. Joan of Arc
7.5Stephanie Yeo8.79aSt. Joan of Arc
4.5Megan McSweeney8.97aSt. Isidore
3.5Julia Forsberg9.25aSt. Joan of Arc
5.5Annalise Delfosse9.33aSt. Isidore
5.5Christina Devereaux9.49aSt. Isidore
6.5Moa Back9.82aSt. Joan of Arc
7.5Annie Sampson9.99aSt. Isidore
X 100 Meters - 2nd Grade - Finals
1.2Claire Pappas17.73aSt. Joan of Arc
1.2Jenna Berwick18.84aSt. Joan of Arc
5.2Mikelle Calussen19.53aSt. Isidore
3.2Katherine Hawkins20.24aSaint Perpetua
4.3Nicole Easton20.34aSaint Perpetua
X 100 Meters - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.3Natalie Ospeck16.52aSt. Isidore
1.3Cassidy Tshimbalanga17.03aSt. Isidore
2.3Rory Biles17.09aSt. Isidore
2.3Makenna Turner17.17aSt. Isidore
3.3Claire Bekker17.7aSt. Isidore
3.3MacKenzie Biles17.89aSt. Isidore
4.3Sela Wooldridge18.46aSt. Isidore
2.3Alexis Berlin18.6aSt. Joan of Arc
5.3Hallie Dawson18.66aSt. Joan of Arc
3.3Marie Darroch18.73aSt. Isidore
4.3Molly Mudgett19.1aSaint Perpetua
5.3Noelle Jones19.3aSt. Isidore
6.3Sara Steingraf19.43aSt. Isidore
6.3Troy Wright19.53aSt. Joan of Arc
7.3Emily Fishman19.73aSt. Isidore
6.3Ashley Koury19.8aSaint Perpetua
7.3Kaci deFlores19.94aSt. Isidore
7.3Olivia Toth20.27aSaint Perpetua
X 100 Meters - 4th Grade - Finals
1.4Erin Ospeck15.68aSt. Isidore
1.4Mikaela Wong15.96aSt. Isidore
1.4Maddie Mooney16.21aSt. Isidore
2.4Andrea Lyon16.44aSt. Isidore
2.4Morgan Rogers17.26aSaint Perpetua
2.4Amanda O'Brien17.28aSt. Joan of Arc
4.4Emily Downum17.63aSaint Perpetua
3.4Mia Banducci17.78aSt. Joan of Arc
4.4Cynthia Lofaso17.95aSt. Joan of Arc
5.4Laura Connolly17.96aSaint Perpetua
4.4Blaire Southmayd18.15aSt. Isidore
5.4Rachel Mace18.18aSt. Joan of Arc
6.4Julissa Martinez18.21aSt. Joan of Arc
6.4Delaney Sprague18.43aSt. Isidore
7.4Hannah Connelly18.45aSt. Isidore
7.4Nicole Rivas18.49aSt. Isidore
8.4Melissa Hookey18.66aSt. Isidore
5.4Carina Zamora19.05aSt. Isidore
8.4Morgan Fissel19.08aSt. Isidore
7.4Julia Gutkin19.81aSt. Isidore
8.4Caroline Wolf20.01aSt. Isidore
X 100 Meters - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Audrey Labarthe15.19aSt. Isidore
1.5Sydney Tshimbalanga15.67aSt. Isidore
1.5Katie O'Malley15.9aSt. Joan of Arc
2.5Lauren Devine16.07aSt. Isidore
3.5Brianna Bybee16.39aSt. Isidore
2.5Catherine DeLuna16.56aSaint Perpetua
2.5Corina Pineda16.67aSt. Joan of Arc
4.5Alexandria Tucker16.77aSt. Joan of Arc
4.5Emily Kaye17.13aSt. Isidore
5.6Isabella Denton17.19aSt. Joan of Arc
5.5Jennifer Kurtz17.27aSt. Joan of Arc
6.5Jessa Benson17.33aSt. Joan of Arc
6.5Emma Connolly17.43aSaint Perpetua
6.5Taylor Gregory17.54aSt. Joan of Arc
4.5Shanna Keil17.59aSt. Joan of Arc
7.5Megan McSweeney17.64aSt. Isidore
8.5Melissa Raquel17.67aSt. Isidore
5.5Desiree Venezia17.76aSt. Joan of Arc
6.5Lauren Amador18.42aSt. Isidore
7.5Christina Devereaux18.97aSt. Isidore
8.5Annie Sampson19.27aSt. Isidore
7.5Megan Bruntz20.09aSt. Joan of Arc
X 100 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
2.6Celina Gines14.26aSt. Isidore
3.6Arianna Zamora14.33aSt. Isidore
1.6Emily Biekert14.8aSt. Isidore
4.6Clare Dasilva14.93aSt. Isidore
1.6Marissa Savoldi14.99aSt. Isidore
2.6Lauren Pappas15.25aSt. Joan of Arc
3.6Emma Price15.35aSaint Perpetua
4.6Madeline Gibson15.56aSt. Joan of Arc
2.6Alyssa Lorenzo15.57aSt. Joan of Arc
6.6Stephanie Pritzkow16.03aSt. Joan of Arc
3.6Megan Conner16.07aSaint Perpetua
8.6Hannah Westgate16.53aSt. Isidore
5.6Nicole Lyon16.91aSt. Isidore
6.6Kyra Knox17.29aSt. Joan of Arc
6.6Claudia East17.44aSaint Perpetua
7.6Vidhi Sachdeva18.81aSt. Joan of Arc
7.6Emily LaRoche20.23aSaint Perpetua
X 100 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Erika Perez13.43aSt. Isidore
2.7Gabriella Franklin13.95aSt. Joan of Arc
3.7Sydney Biekert14.12aSt. Isidore
4.7Olivia Caton14.3aSt. Isidore
1.7Mariah Kitchin14.66aSt. Isidore
5.7Anyel Thomas14.9aSt. Isidore
6.7Hailey Uejo15.24aSt. Isidore
4.7Kendall Andres15.3aSt. Joan of Arc
5.7Cameron Warnken15.89aSt. Isidore
7.7Ysabel Sullivan16.7aSt. Isidore
8.7Sarah Wissinger16.89aSt. Isidore
X 100 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
2.8Hannah Bailey14.48aSt. Isidore
2.8Addison Mullins14.68aSaint Perpetua
3.8Sabrina Billon15.74aSt. Joan of Arc
4.8Abigail Johnston15.8aSaint Perpetua
5.8Diana East15.83aSaint Perpetua
5.8Emily Labarthe16.82aSt. Isidore
X 200 Meters - 2nd Grade - Finals
1.2Claire Pappas37.57aSt. Joan of Arc
2.2Mikelle Calussen39.47aSt. Isidore
X 200 Meters - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.3Makenna Turner35.54aSt. Isidore
2.3Alexis Berlin41.19aSt. Joan of Arc
3.3Margaret Donavin42.34aSt. Joan of Arc
X 200 Meters - 4th Grade - Finals
1.4Alyssa Hornbuckle34.02aSt. Isidore
2.4Mia Banducci36.35aSt. Joan of Arc
3.7Brandon Kurtz36.59aSt. Joan of Arc
4.4Julissa Martinez38.2aSt. Joan of Arc
5.4Rachel Mace38.45aSt. Joan of Arc
6.4Mikaela Wong42.03aSt. Isidore
7.4Hunter Bergbower42.59aSt. Isidore
X 200 Meters - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Audrey Labarthe31.53aSt. Isidore
6.5Corina Pineda37.44aSt. Joan of Arc
X 200 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Celina Gines29.92aSt. Isidore
2.6Marissa Savoldi30.69aSt. Isidore
4.6Emma Price33.69aSaint Perpetua
6.6Sarah Cudworth34.23aSt. Isidore
9.6Megan Conner41.97aSaint Perpetua
X 200 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Jessika Martinez30.71aSt. Joan of Arc
3.7Olivia Caton32.08aSt. Isidore
4.7Mariah Kitchin32.35aSt. Isidore
X 200 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
2.8Hannah Bailey29.95aSt. Isidore
3.8Sabrina Billon31.2aSt. Joan of Arc
5.8Ashley LeMay32.83aSt. Joan of Arc
X 400 Meters - 2nd Grade - Finals
1.2Claire Pappas1:29.77aSt. Joan of Arc
X 400 Meters - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.3Samantha Mescall1:24.68aSt. Isidore
1.3Megan Bjeldanes1:27.50aSt. Isidore
2.3Claire Bekker1:27.51aSt. Isidore
3.3Noelle Jones1:29.68aSt. Isidore
3.3Caroline Tagliaferri1:30.53aSt. Isidore
4.3Hallie Dawson1:34.68aSt. Joan of Arc
4.3Emily Kate Gandsey1:35.27aSt. Joan of Arc
5.3Ashley Koury1:36.42aSaint Perpetua
6.3Rebecca Mingione1:40.75aSt. Joan of Arc
5.3Sara Steingraf1:41.61aSt. Isidore
7.3Margaret Donavin1:42.39aSt. Joan of Arc
8.3Tarra O'Malley1:42.76aSt. Joan of Arc
X 400 Meters - 4th Grade - Finals
1.4Mikaela Wong1:15.73aSt. Isidore
1.4Alyssa Hornbuckle1:21.00aSt. Isidore
2.4Morgan Rogers1:22.00aSaint Perpetua
3.4Melissa Hookey1:23.00aSt. Isidore
4.4Allyson Vella1:24.00aSt. Isidore
5.4Laura Connolly1:25.00aSaint Perpetua
6.4Ashley Hornbuckle1:26.00aSt. Isidore
2.4Nicole Rivas1:27.81aSt. Isidore
3.4Delaney Sprague1:30.05aSt. Isidore
4.4Grace Ribera1:31.68aSt. Joan of Arc
5.4Sabrina Dunbar1:32.08aSt. Isidore
6.4Morgan Fissel1:32.18aSt. Isidore
7.4Juni Kim1:37.15aSt. Isidore
X 400 Meters - 5th Grade - Finals
2.5Kiana Kenny1:21.00aSt. Isidore
4.5Whitney Lincoln1:24.00aSt. Isidore
5.5Brianna Bybee1:25.00aSt. Isidore
6.5Desiree Venezia1:26.00aSt. Joan of Arc
5.5Abigail Tannehill1:26.29aSt. Isidore
7.5Jessa Benson1:27.00aSt. Joan of Arc
6.5Madison Lorenz1:27.23aSt. Joan of Arc
7.5Elana Lim1:30.90aSt. Joan of Arc
1.5Shelby Bertolozzi1..23.00St. Joan of Arc
X 400 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Tyler Carr1:04.58aSt. Joan of Arc
2.6Arianna Zamora1:06.12aSt. Isidore
3.6Savannah Wieser1:06.79aSt. Joan of Arc
4.6Christine Bayliss1:07.95aSt. Joan of Arc
5.6Alyssa Lorenzo1:14.73aSt. Joan of Arc
1.6Rachel Underwood1:17.22aSt. Isidore
6.6Georgia Matthews1:18.16aSt. Isidore
2.6Hailey Lindberg1:22.19aSt. Isidore
3.6Stella Schulte1:24.79aSt. Isidore
4.6Gina Banducci1:30.90aSt. Isidore
8.6Vidhi Sachdeva1:32.11aSt. Joan of Arc
X 400 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Erika Perez1:07.38aSt. Isidore
2.7Gabriella Franklin1:09.68aSt. Joan of Arc
4.7Jeanette Sarkany1:10.95aSt. Joan of Arc
1.7Katie Flom1:11.03aSt. Joan of Arc
2.7Devyn Holliday1:14.03aSt. Joan of Arc
5.7Alexandra Byom1:15.55aSt. Isidore
4.7Heather James1:21.60aSt. Isidore
5.7Sarah Wissinger1:36.99aSt. Isidore
X 400 Meters - 8th Grade - Finals
3.8Abigail Johnston1:12.64aSaint Perpetua
X 800 Meters - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.3Tarra O'Malley3:40.36aSt. Joan of Arc
X 800 Meters - 4th Grade - Finals
1.4Kenzie Stubbs3:09.76aSt. Isidore
2.4Hannah Connelly3:10.00aSt. Isidore
X 800 Meters - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Madison Lorenz3:20.90aSt. Joan of Arc
3.5Arianna Addis3:26.40aSt. Joan of Arc
X 800 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Christine Bayliss2:36.98aSt. Joan of Arc
2.6Savannah Wieser2:37.29aSt. Joan of Arc
3.6Tyler Carr2:38.38aSt. Joan of Arc
4.6Emily Biekert2:49.23aSt. Isidore
5.6Lauren Pappas2:58.69aSt. Joan of Arc
6.6Kaitlyn Eklem3:01.01aSt. Isidore
X 800 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
2.7Erin Herting3:04.84aSt. Isidore
X 1600 Meters - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.3Megan Bjeldanes7:07.55aSt. Isidore
2.3Clare Schumann7:18.02aSt. Isidore
X 1600 Meters - 4th Grade - Finals
1.4Kenzie Stubbs7:13.69aSt. Isidore
2.4Heather Scheibley7:22.28aSt. Isidore
3.4Ashley Hornbuckle7:23.01aSt. Isidore
X 1600 Meters - 5th Grade - Finals
2.5Andie Cunningham7:43.74aSt. Isidore
3.5Olivia Addis7:44.60aSt. Joan of Arc
4.5Megan Bruntz7:48.42aSt. Joan of Arc
X 1600 Meters - 6th Grade - Finals
2.6Tracy Lahey6:35.02aSt. Isidore
4.6Kaitlyn Eklem7:10.98aSt. Isidore
X 1600 Meters - 7th Grade - Finals
2.7Emily Evans6:08.91aSt. Joan of Arc
3.7Madison Ricks6:11.41aSt. Joan of Arc
X 4x100 Relay - 2nd Grade - Finals
2.-Relay Team 1:19.96aSaint Perpetua
X 4x100 Relay - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.-Natalie Ospeck
Makenna Turner
Samantha Mescall
Rory Biles
1:09.73aSt. Isidore
2.-Amanda Alessandria
Kierra Krawec
Molly Mudgett
Olivia Toth
1:14.17aSaint Perpetua
3.-Relay Team 1:15.37aSt. Isidore
4.-Emily Kaye
Christina Devereaux
Annie Sampson
Kayla Seaman
1:15.87aSt. Isidore
5.-Isabel Nieman
Mikelle Calussen
Lauren Chapman
Caroline Tagliaferri
1:16.51aSt. Isidore
6.-Sara Steingraf
Caroline Labarthe
Marie Darroch
Kaci deFlores
1:17.71aSt. Isidore
7.-Hallie Dawson
Emily Kate Gandsey
Samantha Denton
Margaret Donavin
1:18.64aSt. Joan of Arc
8.-Relay Team 1:22.95aSt. Joan of Arc
X 4x100 Relay - 4th Grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:02.43aSt. Isidore
2.-Relay Team 1:09.90aSaint Perpetua
3.-Amanda O'Brien
Mia Banducci
Rachel Mace
Julissa Martinez
1:11.00aSt. Joan of Arc
5.-Blaire Southmayd
Kamaile Kenny
Hannah Connelly
Andrea Lyon
1:11.70aSt. Isidore
6.-Morgan Fissel
Nicole Rivas
Delaney Sprague
Julia Gutkin
1:14.44aSt. Isidore
7.-Relay Team 1:15.31aSt. Isidore
8.-Ashley Hornbuckle
Heather Scheibley
Allyson Vella
Sabrina Dunbar
1:16.21aSt. Isidore
X 4x100 Relay - 5th Grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 0:59.96aSt. Isidore
3.-Relay Team 1:06.70aSaint Perpetua
4.-Sydney Tshimbalanga
Megan McSweeney
Melissa Raquel
Lauren Devine
1:07.36aSt. Isidore
2.-Shanna Keil
Jennifer Kurtz
Lauren Flom
Jessa Benson
1:09.18aSt. Joan of Arc
6.-Relay Team 1:10.23aSt. Isidore
3.-Corina Pineda
Madison Lorenz
Stephanie Yeo
Elana Lim
1:10.34aSt. Joan of Arc
4.-Alexandria Tucker
Julia Forsberg
Moa Back
Katie O'Malley
1:12.61aSt. Joan of Arc
5.-Jole Phillips
Cassidy Tshimbalanga
MacKenzie Biles
Emma Cate Neves
1:15.75aSt. Isidore
X 4x100 Relay - 6th Grade - Finals
1.-Marissa Savoldi
Celina Gines
Emily Biekert
Arianna Zamora
0:57.59aSt. Isidore
2.-Savannah Wieser
Tyler Carr
Christine Bayliss
Sarah Herron
0:57.83aSt. Joan of Arc
3.-Relay Team 1:02.33aSt. Joan of Arc
5.-Relay Team 1:04.43aSaint Perpetua
X 4x100 Relay - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Devyn Holliday
Mikayla Flicek
Emily Evans
Jessika Martinez
0:59.67aSt. Joan of Arc
2.-Relay Team 0:59.72aSt. Isidore
4.-Relay Team 1:01.86aSt. Isidore
5.-Relay Team 1:06.33aSt. Joan of Arc
X 4x100 Relay - 8th Grade - Finals
3.-Addison Mullins
Morgan Rogers
Diana East
Abigail Johnston
1:01.74aSaint Perpetua
5.-Jeanette Sarkany
Ashley LeMay
Sabrina Billon
Katie Flom
1:03.64aSt. Joan of Arc
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.-Rory Biles
Makenna Turner
Cassidy Tshimbalanga
MacKenzie Biles
2:43.26aSt. Isidore
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 4th Grade - Finals
1.-Erin Ospeck
Emily Reed
Ashley Hornbuckle
Alyssa Hornbuckle
2:28.99aSt. Isidore
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 5th Grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 2:17.82aSt. Joan of Arc
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 6th Grade - Finals
2.-Relay Team 2:26.77aSt. Joan of Arc
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - 7th Grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 2:10.62aSt. Isidore
X Softball Throw - 2nd Grade - Finals
3.2Jenna Berwick24'06.00St. Joan of Arc
X Softball Throw - 3rd Grade - Finals
2.3Sela Wooldridge57'10.00St. Isidore
3.3Kierra Krawec54'06.00Saint Perpetua
4.3Lauren Chapman50'11.00St. Isidore
5.3Emily Fishman49'05.50St. Isidore
6.3Kaci deFlores49'03.00St. Isidore
7.3Clare Schumann48'08.00St. Isidore
8.5Jack Phillips47'03.00St. Isidore
9.3Katy Padden44'09.00St. Isidore
10.3Amanda Alessandria42'05.00Saint Perpetua
12.3MacKenzie Biles41'06.00St. Isidore
14.3Claire Bekker40'06.50St. Isidore
15.3Sara Steingraf40'06.00St. Isidore
16.3Caroline Labarthe40'05.50St. Isidore
17.3Emma Cate Neves35'02.00St. Isidore
18.3Cassidy Tshimbalanga35'00.10St. Isidore
19.3Ashley Koury28'00.50Saint Perpetua
20.3Connor Lencioni27'10.00St. Isidore
X Softball Throw - 4th Grade - Finals
2.4Morgan Rogers78'07.00Saint Perpetua
4.4Angela Brand74'10.00St. Isidore
5.4Danielle Kiernan73'03.00St. Joan of Arc
6.4Carina Zamora66'00.00St. Isidore
7.4Rachel Mace56'01.00St. Joan of Arc
8.4Alyssa Hornbuckle55'04.00St. Isidore
9.4Allyson Vella52'01.00St. Isidore
10.4Andrea Lyon49'11.50St. Isidore
12.4Ashley Hornbuckle49'03.50St. Isidore
13.4Kenzie Stubbs48'07.00St. Isidore
14.4Melissa Hookey43'10.50St. Isidore
15.4Emily Reed42'00.00St. Isidore
16.4Sabrina Dunbar40'01.00St. Isidore
17.4Riti Sachdeva38'00.00St. Joan of Arc
X Softball Throw - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Whitney Lincoln82'06.50St. Isidore
4.5Morgan Taylor67'06.00St. Joan of Arc
5.5A Klimemai39'07.00St. Joan of Arc
X Softball Throw - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Madeline Gibson101'02.00St. Joan of Arc
2.6Nicole Lyon097'07.00St. Isidore
3.6Lauren Pappas096'04.00St. Joan of Arc
4.6Georgia Matthews087'04.00St. Isidore
5.6Hannah Westgate081'02.00St. Isidore
6.6Nicole Lyon080'01.00St. Isidore
7.6Stephanie Pritzkow078'06.00St. Joan of Arc
8.6Alyssa Lorenzo075'02.50St. Joan of Arc
9.6Emily Lindner074'05.50St. Joan of Arc
12.6Rachel Underwood071'05.50St. Isidore
13.6Samantha Heckle068'10.00Saint Perpetua
14.6Vidhi Sachdeva063'11.50St. Joan of Arc
16.6Hailey Lindberg048'02.00St. Isidore
17.6Gina Banducci035'07.00St. Isidore
18.6Emily LaRoche030'07.50Saint Perpetua
X Softball Throw - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Cameron Warnken120'00.00St. Isidore
2.7Erika Perez101'06.00St. Isidore
3.7Madison Ricks094'07.50St. Joan of Arc
4.7Gabriella Franklin092'07.00St. Joan of Arc
X Softball Throw - 8th Grade - Finals
2.8Addison Mullins083'04.00Saint Perpetua
3.8Emily Labarthe078'09.00St. Isidore
X High Jump - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Jennifer Kurtz3'11.00St. Joan of Arc
2.5Katie O'Malley3'10.00St. Joan of Arc
4.5Madison Lorenz3'06.00St. Joan of Arc
5.5Emily Kaye3'04.00St. Isidore
6.5Aubrey Martinez3'04.00St. Isidore
7.5Kiana Kenny3'04.00St. Isidore
8.5Christina Devereaux3'02.00St. Isidore
X High Jump - 6th Grade - Finals
1.6Rachel Underwood4'02.00St. Isidore
2.6Marissa Savoldi4'01.00St. Isidore
3.6Hailey Lindberg3'09.00St. Isidore
5.6Stella Schulte3'04.00St. Isidore
X High Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Sydney Biekert4'09.00St. Isidore
3.7Katie Flom4'04.00St. Joan of Arc
6.7Kendall Andres3'08.00St. Joan of Arc
X Long Jump - 2nd Grade - Finals
4.2 Clauseen06'11.00St. Isidore
5.2Katherine Hawkins06'04.00Saint Perpetua
X Long Jump - 3rd Grade - Finals
1.3Noelle Jones08'06.00St. Isidore
2.3E Coandsey08'05.00St. Isidore
3.3Emma Cate Neves08'03.50St. Isidore
4.3Megan Bjeldanes08'03.50St. Isidore
5.3Katy Padden08'02.50St. Isidore
6.3Margaret Donavin07'10.50St. Joan of Arc
7.3Molly Mudgett07'10.00Saint Perpetua
8.3M Bjeldames07'09.00St. Isidore
9.3Emma Cate Neves07'07.25St. Isidore
10.3Caroline Tagliaferri07'04.50St. Isidore
11.3Marie Darroch07'04.00St. Isidore
12.3A Raines07'01.25St. Joan of Arc
13.3Kaci deFlores06'11.50St. Isidore
15.3Makenna Turner06'08.75St. Isidore
16.3Marie Darroch06'06.75St. Isidore
17.3C Habarthe06'01.50St. Isidore
18.3Jole Phillips06'00.25St. Isidore
19.3Katy Padden06'00.00St. Isidore
20.3Hailey Heyes05'10.00St. Isidore
21.3Nicole Easton05'08.00Saint Perpetua
22.3Kaci deFlores05'04.00St. Isidore
23.3R Biles04'10.00St. Joan of Arc
X Long Jump - 4th Grade - Finals
1.4Erin Ospeck11'03.00St. Isidore
2.4Nicole Emerson11'01.50St. Isidore
3.4Maddie Mooney10'04.25St. Isidore
4.4Nina Mondani09'02.00St. Isidore
5.4Laura Connolly08'07.00Saint Perpetua
6.4Cynthia Lofaso08'05.00St. Joan of Arc
7.4Andrea Lyon08'05.00St. Isidore
9.4Emily Reed08'02.00St. Isidore
10.4Blaire Southmayd08'01.00St. Isidore
12.4Lauren Flom07'07.50St. Joan of Arc
14.4Hunter Bergbower07'06.75St. Isidore
16.4Julia Gutkin07'01.00St. Isidore
18.4Riti Sachdeva06'10.00St. Joan of Arc
20.4Emily Downum06'08.00Saint Perpetua
22.4Danielle Kiernan06'05.75St. Joan of Arc
23.4Juni Kim06'02.50St. Isidore
26.4Caroline Wolf05'01.50St. Isidore
X Long Jump - 5th Grade - Finals
1.5Audey Laburthe11'04.00St. Isidore
2.5Sydney Tshimbalanga10'04.00St. Isidore
3.5Brittany Williams10'02.25St. Isidore
4.5Taylor Gregory10'01.00St. Joan of Arc
5.5Morgan Williams09'11.75St. Isidore
6.5Megan Bruntz09'06.50St. Joan of Arc
8.5Stephanie Yeo08'10.25St. Joan of Arc
9.5Catherine DeLuna08'10.00Saint Perpetua
10.5Katie O'Malley08'09.50St. Joan of Arc
11.5Melissa Raquel08'07.00St. Isidore
13.5Shanna Keil08'05.25St. Joan of Arc
14.5Aubrey Martinez08'04.00St. Isidore
15.5Desiree Venezia08'02.50St. Joan of Arc
16.5Annalise Delfosse08'02.00St. Isidore
17.5Lauren Devine08'01.75St. Isidore
18.5Jessa Benson07'10.00St. Joan of Arc
19.5Emma Connolly07'06.50Saint Perpetua
20.5Olivia Addis07'06.00St. Joan of Arc
21.5Arianna Addis07'05.50St. Joan of Arc
22.5Julia Forsberg07'03.00St. Joan of Arc
23.5Moa Back06'11.00St. Joan of Arc
24.5Megan McSweeney06'10.50St. Isidore
25.5Lauren Amador04'11.00St. Isidore
X Long Jump - 6th Grade - Finals
2.6Celina Gines12'02.50St. Isidore
3.6Clare Dasilva12'01.00St. Isidore
4.6Emma Price12'00.25Saint Perpetua
5.6Christine Bayliss11'04.25St. Joan of Arc
6.6Alyssa Lorenzo11'01.25St. Joan of Arc
7.6Nicole Lyon10'03.00St. Isidore
8.6Madeline Gibson09'10.00St. Joan of Arc
9.6Megan Conner09'08.00Saint Perpetua
10.6Arianna Zamora09'01.25St. Isidore
11.6Georgia Matthews08'10.25St. Isidore
12.6Stephanie Pritzkow08'10.00St. Joan of Arc
13.6Hannah Westgate08'02.00St. Isidore
X Long Jump - 7th Grade - Finals
1.7Sydney Biekert13'05.50St. Isidore
2.7Mikayla Flicek13'04.50St. Joan of Arc
5.5Jessa Benson10'10.75St. Joan of Arc
7.7Ysabel Sullivan10'03.00St. Isidore
8.7Cameron Warnken09'00.25St. Isidore
X Long Jump - 8th Grade - Finals
1.8Emily Labarthe11'05.25St. Isidore
3.8Sabrina Billon10'00.00St. Joan of Arc
4.8Diana East09'10.00Saint Perpetua
5.8Ashley LeMay09'04.25St. Joan of Arc
6.8Abigail Johnston09'02.50Saint Perpetua
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