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Loras Midweek

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Loras, Dubuque

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrZach Smith10.88aSimpson College (IA)
2.FrWilmot Wellington10.96aIowa Central
3.JrKeith Williams11.01aDubuque
4.JrJoe Davis11.02aDubuque
5.SoDavivorn Dowe11.05aDubuque
6.FrDomonique Gilmer11.30aIowa Central
--FrBryan CollinsDNFIowa Central
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrWilmot Wellington11.02aIowa Central
2.JrKeith Williams11.06aDubuque
3.SoDavivorn Dowe11.10aDubuque
4.SrZach Smith11.17aSimpson College (IA)
5.JrJoe Davis11.23aDubuque
6.FrJames Sanigular11.26aIowa Central
7.FrDomonique Gilmer11.33aIowa Central
8.FrBryan Collins11.35aIowa Central
9.FrAlex Paul11.46aIowa Central
10.JrLeGrand Bien-Aime11.56aSimpson College (IA)
11.SoAustin Arthofer11.71aLoras
12.SoDoug Hamilton11.75aLuther
13.JrJon Olson11.76aLuther
14.JrMark Leroy11.87aLoras
15.JrScott Schemmel11.91aLoras
16.FrDarrel Elliot11.92aNorth Iowa Area
16.JrBrandon Hosley11.92aLoras
18.FrGabe Samuelson11.95aNorth Iowa Area
19.FrColton Winston11.96aIowa Central
20.FrJarod Schott11.98aSimpson College (IA)
21.SoKelin Wallace12.11aNorth Iowa Area
22.FrKingswell Bayron12.14aNorth Iowa Area
23.SrRyan Niles12.28aLuther
24.SrStew Otting12.75aLuther
25.FrTravis Jones13.25aNorth Iowa Area
26.FrTim Cobb13.57aLoras
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrWilmot Wellington22.28aIowa Central
2.FrTony Knight22.55aIowa Central
3.SrZach Smith22.57aSimpson College (IA)
4.SoDavivorn Dowe22.68aDubuque
5.FrDomonique Gilmer22.80aIowa Central
6.FrBryan Collins22.96aIowa Central
7.SoKyler Maxfield23.00aLuther
8.FrAaron Jordan23.08aIowa Central
9.SrJosh Blessing23.15aLuther
10.JrLeGrand Bien-Aime23.33aSimpson College (IA)
11.FrBen Coy23.60aSimpson College (IA)
12.FrJohn Holler23.70aIowa Central
12.FrBruce Clark23.70aLuther
14.FrDanny Poutre23.83aIowa Central
15.FrAlex Paul23.85aIowa Central
16.FrDonterrious Porter23.93aLuther
17.SrAdam Kramer24.03aLoras
18.FrBrandon Christensen24.11aSimpson College (IA)
19.SoChris Harbaugh24.19aLuther
19.JrBrandon Hosley24.19aLoras
21.JrMark Leroy24.20aLoras
21.JrAaron Zander24.20aLuther
23.FrMike Roth24.23aLoras
24.JrJon Olson24.49aLuther
25.FrJason Mullin24.58aIowa Central
26.FrJarod Schott24.65aSimpson College (IA)
27.FrKingswell Bayron24.71aNorth Iowa Area
28.FrNathan Dick24.95aNorth Iowa Area
29.JrJ.J Cook24.99aLuther
30.SoTom Wagner25.30aLuther
31.FrLuke Nichols25.75aIowa Central
32.FrTim Cobb28.32aLoras
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJames Sanigular51.13aIowa Central
2.SrNate Gee51.20aLoras
3.SoVaughn Tackmann52.83aLuther
4.FrRobert Matthiesen53.11aLuther
5.JrBrandon Hosley53.35aLoras
6.SoLogan Miller53.84aIowa Central
7.FrRyan Tierney53.87aSimpson College (IA)
8.JrSam Donlan54.03aLuther
9.FrClarence Jackson54.83aNorth Iowa Area
10.-Jon Otto56.14aLoras
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJoshua Sawe1:55.05aIowa Central
2.SoMark Sulkin1:55.79aLoras
3.FrTitus Kiplimo1:56.16aIowa Central
4.SrRay Orris1:57.13aLoras
5.JrCody Dreyer1:58.12aLoras
6.SrAlex Eischind1:58.26aLoras
7.JrEric Patten1:58.82aSimpson College (IA)
8.FrAndrew Papke-Larson1:59.18aLuther
9.JrTyler Jordison1:59.74aSimpson College (IA)
10.FrMatt Stone2:01.11aSimpson College (IA)
11.FrWes Farrington2:01.51aSimpson College (IA)
12.FrBen Duea2:02.18aSimpson College (IA)
13.JrMark Gustafson2:02.40aLuther
14.JrDrew Burmahl2:03.21aLuther
15.SrKarl Larson2:03.49aLuther
16.SrTim Mundell2:03.92aLuther
17.FrZach McDill2:04.74aNorth Iowa Area
18.SrKyle Lilly2:04.98aLuther
19.SrJoey Hetland2:07.35aLoras
20.FrJoel Dotseth2:07.36aLuther
21.FrDillon Murray2:08.10aLoras
22.FrBrandon Leibold2:08.61aNorth Iowa Area
23.FrColin Ewan2:09.78aNorth Iowa Area
24.JrEthan Morgan2:11.01aSimpson College (IA)
25.FrJosh Willert2:11.13aNorth Iowa Area
26.FrDevan Strowder2:11.30aNorth Iowa Area
27.FrWill Hoffman2:12.42aLuther
28.FrBen Schmall2:13.32aLoras
29.SrPete Kloberdanz2:13.77aLoras
30.JrAaron Skopec2:14.40aSimpson College (IA)
31.FrJosh Sherwood2:18.78aNorth Iowa Area
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAndrew Dewar4:08.58aCoe
2.SoDominic Cusanelli4:10.73aCoe
3.JrMike Switzer4:12.43aLuther
4.SrDan Summerfield4:13.17aLuther
5.JrAustin Tegels4:14.23aLuther
6.SoAaron Schut4:14.52aCoe
7.FrJordan Lord4:15.79aCoe
8.FrKory Heineman4:17.16aCoe
9.FrCraig Nie4:17.93aCoe
10.SoKyle Buck4:18.07aLuther
11.SrTrevor Ruwitch4:18.79aLuther
12.FrEddie Niyonizigiye4:20.11aIowa Central
13.FrBrandon Leibold4:20.78aNorth Iowa Area
14.FrDanny Froeschle4:20.99aLuther
15.SrEan Gibson4:21.57aLuther
16.FrPeter Kraus4:23.14aLuther
17.SrIsaac Salwolke4:23.72aLuther
18.FrRyan Edwardson4:24.24aSimpson College (IA)
19.SoMJ Maurice Moore4:25.57aCoe
20.FrMax Molzahn4:26.41aLuther
21.FrColin Ewan4:26.82aNorth Iowa Area
22.JrKyle Yarkosky4:26.84aSimpson College (IA)
23.FrLiberio Niyiragira4:27.19aIowa Central
24.FrDevan Strowder4:27.78aNorth Iowa Area
25.JrEric Krueger4:28.78aLuther
26.FrJosh Sherwood4:42.70aNorth Iowa Area
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrTyler Meyer15:33.08aLoras
2.SrRyan Schaefer15:47.95aLoras
3.FrRaleigh Morgan16:12.67aNorth Iowa Area
4.SoTom Henders16:34.76aLoras
5.JrCasey Dunning16:51.40aSimpson College (IA)
6.FrTorey Stallsmith16:58.76aNorth Iowa Area
7.FrDan McDermott17:10.49aLoras
8.SoAndrew Mueller17:40.26aNorth Iowa Area
9.FrAndrew Weckwerth17:59.70aLuther
10.JrJacob Hellman18:09.67aLuther
11.FrChris Miller18:23.25aLoras
12.SoTyler McCubbin18:32.19aLuther
13.FrJohnny Vazquez19:14.66aLoras
14.FrAlex Clark19:42.58aLuther
--FrCasey RobertsonDNFNorth Iowa Area
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrMarty Rounds15.53aSimpson College (IA)
2.SoChris Harbaugh15.97aLuther
3.JrNick Wilson16.21aSimpson College (IA)
4.FrNathan Dick16.61aNorth Iowa Area
5.JrChris Swift16.85aLoras
6.SoMatt Trio16.86aLuther
7.FrJordan Humpal16.91aLuther
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrMarty Rounds15.58aSimpson College (IA)
2.JrNick Wilson16.02aSimpson College (IA)
3.SoChris Harbaugh16.34aLuther
4.FrNathan Dick16.54aNorth Iowa Area
5.FrJordan Humpal16.99aLuther
6.SoMatt Trio17.16aLuther
7.FrAndy Allen17.26aIowa Central
8.JrChris Swift17.42aLoras
9.JrTat Erredge19.49aLuther
10.SrJacob Kimmes20.46aLoras
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrScott Schemmel56.87aLoras
2.SrVance Rudolph57.18aCoe
3.JrRyan Egan57.19aLuther
4.JrChris Swift57.27aLoras
5.SoMatt Trio57.88aLuther
6.FrDalen Dirth59.61aLuther
7.JrNick Wilson59.99aSimpson College (IA)
8.JrMarty Rounds60.07aSimpson College (IA)
9.FrTC Jokumsen60.40aNorth Iowa Area
10.FrGabe Samuelson61.70aNorth Iowa Area
11.JrJacob Brandenburg61.74aLuther
12.FrAndy Allen63.69aIowa Central
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.FrMatt Juhl10:42.25aIowa Central
2.FrKarl Gesch11:07.73aLuther
3.-Ryan Eades11:25.36aLoras
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 42.16aIowa Central
2.-Relay Team 42.75aSimpson College (IA)
3.-Relay Team 43.30aIowa Central
4.-Relay Team 44.17aLuther
5.-Relay Team 44.84aLoras
6.-Relay Team 44.87aSimpson College (IA)
7.-Relay Team 45.26aNorth Iowa Area
8.-Relay Team 45.32aLoras
9.-Relay Team 46.59aLuther
---Relay Team DNFLuther
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:22.80aIowa Central
2.-Relay Team 3:23.40aLoras
3.-Relay Team 3:23.96aSimpson College (IA)
4.-Relay Team 3:29.97aLuther
5.-Relay Team 3:30.94aIowa Central
6.-Relay Team 3:33.85aLuther
7.-Relay Team 3:34.68aNorth Iowa Area
8.-Relay Team 3:37.15aLoras
9.-Relay Team 3:38.56aLuther
10.-Relay Team 3:38.69aSimpson College (IA)
11.-Relay Team 3:38.75aLuther
12.-Relay Team 3:39.14aLuther
13.-Relay Team 3:42.62aLoras
14.-Relay Team 3:42.8hIowa Central
15.-Relay Team 3:45.6hLuther
16.-Relay Team 3:48.1hLuther
17.-Relay Team 3:54.33aNorth Iowa Area
18.-Relay Team 3:55.95aLuther
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrScott Danielson45-07.00Simpson College (IA)
2.FrSam Blake45-02.50Iowa Central
3.SrBrian Westemeier44-02.00Loras
4.FrNick Grosso44-01.50Iowa Central
5.JrJohn Wardenburg43-06.50Simpson College (IA)
6.FrRory Hennessy43-05.25Simpson College (IA)
7.FrJamal Currica37-10.00Iowa Central
8.FrCecil Marche36-06.75North Iowa Area
9.FrJosh Humpal36-05.75Luther
10.SoLuke Langfeldt36-04.75Luther
11.FrJustin Ludwikowski36-01.25Iowa Central
12.SrMatt Maloney35-08.75Loras
13.SoTrent Stonerook33-10.00Luther
14.FrTravis Jones32-11.25North Iowa Area
15.SoCollin VandeHoef32-09.75Iowa Central
16.FrKeith McCarthy32-09.00Simpson College (IA)
17.FrJarod Kunc31-07.50Iowa Central
18.SoMatt Trio31-03.25Luther
19.SrStew Otting28-09.00Luther
20.JrTat Erredge28-08.25Luther
21.JrEli Wallace26-10.00Luther
--FrDakotah JonesNDNorth Iowa Area
X Discus - 2kg - Varsity - Finals
2.SrBrian Westemeier45.50mLoras
3.SrMatt Maloney44.94mLoras
4.SoTrent Stonerook39.97mLuther
5.JrElliot McAllister39.74mLoras
6.FrJosh Humpal35.01mLuther
7.FrRory Hennessy34.48mSimpson College (IA)
8.FrJamal Currica33.03mIowa Central
9.SoAnthony Scannicchio32.77mLoras
10.FrJarod Kunc31.95mIowa Central
11.FrCecil Marche31.67mNorth Iowa Area
12.FrTrevon Ball31.23mIowa Central
13.SoLuke Langfeldt28.95mLuther
14.SrJacob Kimmes28.05mLoras
15.FrJustin Ludwikowski27.75mIowa Central
16.-Kyle Guldenfennig25.98mLoras
17.SoCollin VandeHoef25.56mIowa Central
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJake Darrington47.32mSimpson College (IA)
2.FrTy Hetland45.65mCoe
3.SoSteve Neukum45.60mLoras
4.SrChris Buresh44.39mLoras
5.FrLuke Nichols42.57mIowa Central
6.FrDalen Dirth41.79mLuther
7.SoSean Campbell41.07mLoras
8.FrTyler Bazyn39.02mSimpson College (IA)
9.FrJason Mullin38.69mIowa Central
10.SrJeremy Mcbride37.14mCoe
11.JrEthan Elkin36.59mSimpson College (IA)
12.SoLuke Langfeldt35.74mLuther
13.SrJacob Kimmes33.32mLoras
14.-Kyle Guldenfennig27.50mLoras
--SrAlex McGrewFOULLoras
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrChris Buresh6-04.75Loras
2.FrClarence Jackson6-00.00North Iowa Area
3.FrJohn Holler5-10.00Iowa Central
4.SoLuke Langfeldt5-06.00Luther
5.SrCarlton Payne5-04.25Dubuque
6.SrStew Otting5-04.25Luther
--JrTat ErredgeNHLuther
--SoMatt TrioNHLuther
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SrChris Buresh14-11.00Loras
2.SrJosh Blessing13-11.25Luther
2.SoMatt Trio13-11.25Luther
4.SoSteve Neukum12-05.50Loras
5.FrMike Roth11-11.75Loras
6.SrJacob Kimmes10-11.75Loras
6.JrTat Erredge10-11.75Luther
--JrEthan ElkinNHSimpson College (IA)
--JrKyle YarkoskyNHSimpson College (IA)
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJarod Schott6.77mSimpson College (IA)
2.SrJosh Blessing6.38mLuther
3.SrZach Smith6.35mSimpson College (IA)
4.FrColton Winston6.09mIowa Central
5.FrTC Jokumsen6.01mNorth Iowa Area
6.FrKingswell Bayron5.88mNorth Iowa Area
7.SrStew Otting5.83mLuther
8.SoAustin Arthofer5.78mLoras
9.SoMatt Trio5.37mLuther
10.SrCarlton Payne5.21mDubuque
11.JrKyle Yarkosky5.13mSimpson College (IA)
12.SoTom Wagner5.10mLuther
--FrAaron MartinFOULIowa Central
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrNii Ayi13.53mIowa Central
2.FrDarrel Elliot13.15mNorth Iowa Area
3.SoKyler Maxfield12.72mLuther
4.FrJarod Schott12.57mSimpson College (IA)
X Hammer - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMatt Maloney51.94mLoras
2.SrBrian Westemeier49.40mLoras
3.JrElliot McAllister45.66mLoras
4.SoTrent Stonerook42.68mLuther
5.JrJohn Wardenburg40.55mSimpson College (IA)
6.FrRory Hennessy38.30mSimpson College (IA)
7.SoSean Campbell37.69mLoras
8.SoAnthony Scannicchio35.58mLoras
9.FrTyler Bazyn34.70mSimpson College (IA)
10.FrJosh Humpal31.52mLuther
11.FrJake Darrington27.76mSimpson College (IA)
--JrScott DanielsonNDSimpson College (IA)

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrShannon Burge12.83aLoras
2.SoTy Thomas13.09aIowa Central
3.FrKathleen Loftus13.31aLoras
4.SrJoanna Oehlerich13.36aLoras
5.FrJessica Hamell13.44aSimpson College (IA)
6.SoBecky Dahn13.52aNorth Iowa Area
7.FrKatelyn Smith13.58aIowa Central
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrShannon Burge13.05aLoras
2.FrKathleen Loftus13.13aLoras
3.SoTy Thomas13.14aIowa Central
4.SrJoanna Oehlerich13.34aLoras
5.FrHeather Hogelucht13.42aLoras
6.FrKatelyn Smith13.43aIowa Central
7.FrJessica Hamell13.44aSimpson College (IA)
8.SoBecky Dahn13.51aNorth Iowa Area
9.SoLaura Rieger13.65aLoras
10.FrSteph Schadl13.66aLoras
11.FrSarah Humphrey13.74aNorth Iowa Area
11.-Alex Hudson13.74aLoras
13.SoVanessa Evenson13.76aSimpson College (IA)
14.FrJennie Darrow14.13aSimpson College (IA)
15.FrLacey Heater14.55aIowa Central
16.FrRebecca Shomo14.65aIowa Central
17.FrAmina Nwabueze15.01aSimpson College (IA)
18.FrKate Bauder15.02aLoras
19.FrSydney Fagner16.03aNorth Iowa Area
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKathleen Loftus26.95aLoras
2.SoTy Thomas26.98aIowa Central
3.JrAlyssa Hedrick27.30aSimpson College (IA)
4.SrJoanna Oehlerich27.40aLoras
5.SoBecky Dahn27.68aNorth Iowa Area
6.SoLaura Rieger27.73aLoras
7.-Alex Hudson27.91aLoras
8.FrSteph Schadl27.94aLoras
8.FrKatelyn Smith27.94aIowa Central
10.FrKatie Cole28.22aIowa Central
11.SrJustine Martin28.27aLuther
12.FrJessica Hamell28.32aSimpson College (IA)
13.FrTeresa Procter28.42aLuther
14.SoAllison Kirkvold28.45aLuther
15.SoVanessa Evenson28.57aSimpson College (IA)
16.SrLydia Huinker28.84aLuther
17.JrRachel Wrolstad29.08aLuther
18.FrBrittany Weaver29.37aNorth Iowa Area
19.FrAbby Switzer30.01aLuther
20.FrLacey Heater30.09aIowa Central
21.SoAmie Heller30.27aLuther
22.FrKate Bauder30.60aLoras
23.FrAmina Nwabueze31.07aSimpson College (IA)
24.FrRebecca Shomo31.16aIowa Central
25.FrKeri Waterhouse31.80aSimpson College (IA)
26.-Kaitlyn Burgmeier32.06aLoras
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrSteph Schadl63.39aLoras
2.-Alex Hudson65.52aLoras
3.SoKatherine McDonald66.52aLuther
4.FrKate Bauder69.14aLoras
5.FrLindsey Borr74.71aIowa Central
6.FrRebecca Shomo78.48aIowa Central
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoCatie Ellingson2:14.30aSimpson College (IA)
2.JrHannah Weiss2:14.98aLoras
3.JrSarah Hammel2:16.11aSimpson College (IA)
4.SoKeelie Finnel2:18.40aCoe
5.SoTara Kilburg2:19.39aLoras
6.FrMolly Cashman2:20.48aIowa Central
7.SoSarah Lundine2:21.87aLuther
8.Sojulia Schiefelbein2:24.03aLuther
9.SoAnnie Mckay2:26.90aLuther
10.FrHolly Tjaden2:27.23aIowa Central
11.SoEmily Mujica2:27.88aNorth Iowa Area
12.FrLauren Mitchell2:30.38aIowa Central
13.FrHannah Poolman2:33.03aNorth Iowa Area
14.SoRachel Wiesenberg2:34.43aLuther
15.FrEmily Tripp2:38.54aSimpson College (IA)
16.FrAndrea Sturdevant2:42.10aLuther
17.FrCally Simanski2:49.60aLuther
18.FrRobin Lacquement2:59.16aNorth Iowa Area
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrKatie Dolan4:47.49aLuther
2.FrDani Meirick4:55.41aLuther
3.FrSamantha McAllister4:56.10aLuther
4.JrJess Christensen4:57.78aSimpson College (IA)
5.SrBecky Eckerman4:59.82aLuther
6.FrLisa Wegman5:00.93aLuther
7.SoKimberly Horner5:03.08aLuther
8.SrElise Bennett5:03.45aLuther
9.FrAmanda Vorthmann5:05.15aIowa Central
10.JrAnna Wikan5:06.77aLuther
11.FrAnna Murray5:13.25aLuther
12.FrChelsea Lynch5:14.28aLuther
13.SoBethany VanSloten5:16.16aLuther
14.FrAshley Matthys5:17.20aLuther
15.SoNicole Wilson5:18.76aLuther
16.SoSharon Heyer5:19.09aLuther
17.SrEmily Walk5:29.29aLuther
18.FrLindsey Robinson5:33.08aLoras
19.JrKristin Simpson5:35.88aSimpson College (IA)
20.FrErin Guzman5:36.31aSimpson College (IA)
21.FrSigne Mayland5:38.38aSimpson College (IA)
22.JrKatie Luzum5:39.27aSimpson College (IA)
23.SoCassie Battenfeld5:44.72aIowa Central
24.FrRobin Lacquement5:58.75aNorth Iowa Area
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAgnes Kapsoiyo18:38.44aIowa Central
2.SoSylvia Bundotich18:57.53aIowa Central
3.FrGenna Kinley19:52.32aLoras
4.JrTricia Davis20:02.50aSimpson College (IA)
5.SoErinn Sanstead20:19.75aLoras
6.SoEmily Simones20:29.02aLoras
7.FrKonnie Keifer20:31.85aNorth Iowa Area
8.FrMonica Garcia20:43.35aNorth Iowa Area
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrLauren Bucklin14.57aSimpson College (IA)
2.JrBarb Kremer14.87aLoras
3.JrMolly Sabers15.52aSimpson College (IA)
4.SoAlisa Denny15.64aCoe
5.FrAmanda Wright16.49aNorth Iowa Area
6.FrKinsey Bak16.51aSimpson College (IA)
7.FrLaurel Murphy16.53aNorth Iowa Area
8.FrEmily Cory17.38aLuther
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrLauren Bucklin14.76aSimpson College (IA)
2.JrBarb Kremer14.93aLoras
3.JrMolly Sabers15.59aSimpson College (IA)
4.SoAlisa Denny15.67aCoe
5.FrKinsey Bak16.30aSimpson College (IA)
6.FrAmanda Wright16.44aNorth Iowa Area
7.FrLaurel Murphy16.52aNorth Iowa Area
8.FrEmily Cory16.57aLuther
9.SrJustine Martin16.58aLuther
10.FrBrittany Weaver16.73aNorth Iowa Area
11.FrKatie Cole16.89aIowa Central
12.SoAndrea Caldwell17.84aLuther
13.FrKeri Waterhouse18.56aSimpson College (IA)
14.SrErin Makela18.79aLuther
15.JrMichelle Moorehead19.28aCoe
16.FrJasmine Small19.56aLuther
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrLauren Bucklin65.03aSimpson College (IA)
2.JrMolly Sabers66.71aSimpson College (IA)
3.FrNicole Mulder69.04aSimpson College (IA)
4.FrLindsey Weaver71.59aLuther
5.JrBarb Kremer72.50aLoras
6.FrJasmine Small73.66aLuther
7.SrErin Makela73.75aLuther
8.FrLaurel Murphy74.27aNorth Iowa Area
9.SoAndrea Caldwell74.62aLuther
10.FrJasa Tegland76.34aNorth Iowa Area
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
2.SrAndrea Schiefelbein12:03.84aLuther
3.FrKelsey Mitchell12:50.57aLuther
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 50.72aLoras
2.-Relay Team 50.73aIowa Central
3.-Relay Team 51.39aSimpson College (IA)
4.-Relay Team 51.82aCoe
5.-Relay Team 52.22aNorth Iowa Area
6.-Relay Team 54.34aLuther
7.-Relay Team 55.90aLuther
8.-Relay Team 56.72aSimpson College (IA)
---Relay Team DQLuther
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:06.74aLuther
2.-Relay Team 4:07.78aLoras
3.-Relay Team 4:08.74aSimpson College (IA)
4.-Relay Team 4:13.20aLuther
5.-Relay Team 4:15.31aIowa Central
6.-Relay Team 4:22.34aLuther
7.-Relay Team 4:23.98aNorth Iowa Area
8.-Relay Team 4:33.70aLuther
9.-Relay Team 4:35.92aLuther
10.-Relay Team 4:40.91aIowa Central
11.-Relay Team 4:48.42aLuther
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKayla Knaack42-05.25Simpson College (IA)
2.SoDanielle McNally41-03.00Loras
3.FrJess Fevold40-00.50Iowa Central
4.SoHeidi Tobin37-01.25Loras
5.SoKelsey Wauters36-11.50Luther
6.FrMegan Brandt35-07.75Iowa Central
7.FrMeggen Elsen30-02.25Loras
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoChelsey Degen43.19mSimpson College (IA)
2.SoDanielle McNally42.10mLoras
3.SoHeidi Tobin40.28mLoras
4.FrJess Fevold36.34mIowa Central
5.FrMegan Brandt32.27mIowa Central
6.FrMeggen Elsen31.94mLoras
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLauren Boleen37.77mLuther
2.FrAli Hagerty32.59mSimpson College (IA)
4.SoJenna Ness26.23mLuther
5.FrMeggen Elsen23.00mLoras
6.-Kim Paprockas21.19mLoras
7.JrMadison Bliss21.00mLoras
8.SoLaura Rieger20.80mLoras
9.JrLauren Wettach16.50mLuther
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKinsey Bak5-03.75Simpson College (IA)
2.FrEmily Cory5-01.75Luther
3.SoAllison Kirkvold4-11.75Luther
4.FrSteph Schadl4-07.75Loras
5.FrBridget McQuillan4-06.00Loras
6.-Mandi Lillibridge4-04.00Loras
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.FrLiz Knutson9-06.25Luther
2.FrCorie Peterson8-06.25Simpson College (IA)
3.FrBridget McQuillan8-00.50Loras
4.FrEmma Shipley7-06.50Simpson College (IA)
5.FrAlyssa Gammelgaard7-00.50Luther
5.JrRachel Wrolstad7-00.50Luther
--SoLaura RiegerNHLoras
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrMolly Sabers5.04mSimpson College (IA)
2.FrKinsey Bak4.97mSimpson College (IA)
3.FrEmily Cory4.89mLuther
4.FrLisa Richter4.60mLuther
5.FrJennie Darrow4.57mSimpson College (IA)
6.-Dana Augustine4.44mLoras
7.FrBrittany Weaver4.37mNorth Iowa Area
8.SoAmie Heller4.29mLuther
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrLisa Richter10.32mLuther
2.SoAllison Kirkvold10.16mLuther
3.FrKathleen Loftus10.02mLoras
4.SoAmie Heller8.36mLuther
X Hammer - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrHolly Rader48.12mCoe
3.SrKayla Knaack46.43mSimpson College (IA)
4.SoDanielle McNally43.27mLoras
5.SoHeidi Tobin41.30mLoras
6.SrAnna Engler40.41mLoras
7.SoKelsey Wauters36.37mLuther
8.FrMeggen Elsen34.44mLoras
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