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SUNYAC Championships

Saturday, May 02, 2009

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrWillie Hordge10.79aBuffalo State
2.SrJoe Reed10.98aSUNY Oneonta
3.SrCraig Harlacher11.29aSUNY Geneseo
4.SoMatt McDougle11.40aSUNY Cortland
5.SoXavier Mateen11.41aBuffalo State
6.SrJeff Suhr11.53aSUNY Brockport
7.SoRay Peoples11.55aBuffalo State
8.JrCevon Carver17.82aSUNY Brockport
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrWillie Hordge10.61aBuffalo State
2.SrJoe Reed10.81aSUNY Oneonta
4.SrCraig Harlacher11.05aSUNY Geneseo
5.SoRay Peoples11.06aBuffalo State
3.SoXavier Mateen11.11aBuffalo State
6.SoMatt McDougle11.15aSUNY Cortland
7.SrJeff Suhr11.19aSUNY Brockport
8.JrCevon Carver11.24aSUNY Brockport
9.SrKenny Johnson11.28aBuffalo State
10.FrClarke Hinds11.28aBuffalo State
11.FrMatthew Hart11.45aSUNY Geneseo
12.FrZach Hine11.51aSUNY Brockport
13.SoDarnell Owens11.52aSUNY Cortland
14.FrTommy Hancock11.54aSUNY Oneonta
15.JrJosh Galletta11.59aSUNY Oswego
16.JrGreg Jackson11.67aSUNY Fredonia State
17.FrMatt Haintz11.67aSUNY Brockport
18.SoSa-Id Shakir11.70aSUNY Cortland
19.SrDylan Jay11.77aSUNY Brockport
20.FrRawl Carew15.57aBuffalo State
21.SoKhalil Jones19.30aSUNY Brockport
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrWillie Hordge22.20aBuffalo State
2.SrKeith Henry22.39aBuffalo State
3.SrCraig Harlacher22.52aSUNY Geneseo
4.SoXavier Mateen22.94aBuffalo State
5.FrDan McManus23.10aSUNY Cortland
6.SrJeff Suhr23.13aSUNY Brockport
7.SrSteve Reiss23.20aSUNY Brockport
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrJoe Reed21.67aSUNY Oneonta
2.SrWillie Hordge21.83aBuffalo State
3.SrCraig Harlacher21.87aSUNY Geneseo
4.SrKeith Henry21.88aBuffalo State
5.SoXavier Mateen22.14aBuffalo State
6.SrSteve Reiss22.14aSUNY Brockport
7.FrDan McManus22.15aSUNY Cortland
8.SrJeff Suhr22.26aSUNY Brockport
9.JrMaurice Little22.34aBuffalo State
10.JrFred Romer22.41aSUNY Oneonta
13.SoRay Peoples22.73aBuffalo State
14.FrMatthew Hart22.87aSUNY Geneseo
15.SrAaron Borowczyk22.91aSUNY Fredonia State
16.FrEric Hine22.92aSUNY Brockport
17.JrAJ Carapella22.98aSUNY Oswego
18.JrAndy English23.03aSUNY Oswego
19.FrZach Hine23.09aSUNY Brockport
20.JrGeoff Kubuszewski23.40aSUNY Oswego
22.JrGreg Jackson23.55aSUNY Fredonia State
23.SrTim Parsons23.66aSUNY Brockport
24.FrRawl Carew24.79aBuffalo State
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJonathan Brotsch49.31aSUNY Geneseo
2.SrEric Theiss49.40aSUNY Oneonta
3.SoGino Bisceglia49.47aSUNY Cortland
4.JrFred Romer49.48aSUNY Oneonta
5.SrSteve Reiss49.98aSUNY Brockport
8.JrPat Gallagher50.45aSUNY Geneseo
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoJonathan Brotsch49.66aSUNY Geneseo
2.SoGino Bisceglia49.74aSUNY Cortland
3.SrSteve Reiss49.85aSUNY Brockport
5.JrFred Romer49.97aSUNY Oneonta
7.JrPat Gallagher50.16aSUNY Geneseo
4.SrEric Theiss50.20aSUNY Oneonta
10.SoTim Fargino50.56aBuffalo State
11.JrMaurice Little50.60aBuffalo State
12.FrZak Farnham-Haskell50.60aSUNY Cortland
13.SrAaron Borowczyk50.95aSUNY Fredonia State
14.FrEric Hine51.08aSUNY Brockport
15.JrAndy English51.11aSUNY Oswego
16.FrKyle Abron51.25aBuffalo State
17.SrKeith Henry51.38aBuffalo State
18.JrShilah Richardson51.49aBuffalo State
19.JrBen Pierce51.72aSUNY Brockport
20.SoStephen Fitch51.79aSUNY Geneseo
21.SoNiko Brown51.91aSUNY Geneseo
22.SrEric Bream52.09aBuffalo State
23.JrAJ Carapella52.10aSUNY Oswego
24.SoJoe Reyes53.80aSUNY Oneonta
--JrSam CravenFSSUNY Brockport
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMac McMahill1:55.84aSUNY Fredonia State
2.SoNick Guarino1:56.68aSUNY Fredonia State
3.SoJohn Gammariello1:56.81aSUNY Geneseo
4.SoSean Daly1:57.07aSUNY Oneonta
5.FrKevin Bronson1:58.00aSUNY Geneseo
6.FrKyle Fitzpatrick1:58.05aSUNY Cortland
7.JrCaleb Olsen1:59.44aSUNY Cortland
8.FrDave Szymkowiak2:00.66aSUNY Geneseo
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoNick Guarino1:54.73aSUNY Fredonia State
2.SoMac McMahill1:54.88aSUNY Fredonia State
4.FrKevin Bronson1:55.22aSUNY Geneseo
3.SoSean Daly1:55.39aSUNY Oneonta
5.FrKyle Fitzpatrick1:55.69aSUNY Cortland
7.SoJohn Gammariello1:56.03aSUNY Geneseo
8.FrDave Szymkowiak1:57.20aSUNY Geneseo
6.JrCaleb Olsen1:57.49aSUNY Cortland
9.SoTim Fargino1:57.69aBuffalo State
10.JrSam Craven1:58.29aSUNY Brockport
11.JrLee Gabler1:58.56aSUNY Geneseo
12.JrEric Graber1:58.68aSUNY Cortland
13.SoFrank Pfaffenberger1:59.53aSUNY Oneonta
15.FrDan Bruton2:00.30aSUNY Oneonta
16.JrDan Pollock2:00.48aSUNY Geneseo
18.SrDrew Cartwright2:04.16aSUNY Brockport
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMark Streb3:55.56aSUNY Geneseo
2.SoNick Guarino3:57.61aSUNY Fredonia State
3.JrJustin Wager3:58.08aSUNY Cortland
4.JrPete Manktelow3:59.95aSUNY Brockport
5.JrLee Gabler4:00.82aSUNY Geneseo
7.JrNick Pampena4:02.71aSUNY Oneonta
8.SrBrett Dolan4:03.54aSUNY Geneseo
9.SoFrank Pfaffenberger4:06.95aSUNY Oneonta
11.FrKyle Fitzpatrick4:07.48aSUNY Cortland
12.SoAndrew Brusso4:07.79aSUNY Cortland
13.FrBen Peterson4:09.01aSUNY Geneseo
16.JrTim Kramer4:20.13aSUNY Geneseo
17.SoJohn Gammariello4:26.53aSUNY Geneseo
18.FrDan Serianni4:33.29aBuffalo State
--SrNicholas ViglioneDNFSUNY Cortland
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrSeth DuBois14:53.96aSUNY Cortland
2.FrLee Berube15:03.46aSUNY Geneseo
3.SrSeamus Nally15:09.41aSUNY Cortland
4.JrTom Williams15:16.46aSUNY Fredonia State
5.SrJosh Henry15:22.21aSUNY Cortland
6.SrWill Haskell15:24.89aSUNY Geneseo
7.SoMark Streb15:26.94aSUNY Geneseo
9.SoEddie Novara15:41.13aSUNY Fredonia State
10.SoMatt Kepler15:42.12aSUNY Fredonia State
11.SoMatt Avery15:45.57aSUNY Brockport
13.SoRyan O'Connor15:48.46aSUNY Geneseo
14.SoJosh Guarino15:52.19aSUNY Fredonia State
15.SrChris Walters15:53.41aSUNY Fredonia State
16.SoRyan Gilmore15:54.54aSUNY Brockport
19.SrBrett Dolan16:25.26aSUNY Geneseo
20.SoAndy Dunscombe16:31.60aSUNY Fredonia State
21.SrTodd Fraser16:41.60aSUNY Cortland
--SrDoug TeedDNFSUNY Brockport
--FrSean TwomeyDNFSUNY Cortland
--JrBobby HenchenDNFSUNY Geneseo
--SrMarty NicholsonDNFSUNY Oneonta
--JrNick PampenaDNFSUNY Oneonta
X 10,000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.SrRyan Mulcahy32:28.47aSUNY Geneseo
3.JrTom Williams32:43.05aSUNY Fredonia State
4.JrJesse Berube32:59.64aSUNY Geneseo
5.SoRyan O'Connor33:09.83aSUNY Geneseo
6.FrDan Serianni33:13.99aBuffalo State
7.JrJerry Greenlaw33:31.83aSUNY Cortland
8.FrChris Mateer33:39.32aSUNY Geneseo
9.SrMarty Nicholson33:48.69aSUNY Oneonta
10.FrBrendan Ward34:09.20aSUNY Cortland
11.JrPat Malone34:43.11aSUNY Geneseo
13.SoNick Jeror36:19.87aSUNY Cortland
--SoMatt AveryDNFSUNY Brockport
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrRay Shadowens15.66aBuffalo State
2.JrJoe Keleher15.72aSUNY Cortland
3.JrCevon Carver15.94aSUNY Brockport
4.FrMatt Weeks16.06aSUNY Oneonta
5.SrJoe Russell16.12aBuffalo State
6.FrRyan Pericozzi16.14aSUNY Cortland
7.SoNick Wilson16.17aSUNY Cortland
8.JrDurrell Reed18.22aSUNY Cortland
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrRay Shadowens15.42aBuffalo State
2.JrJoe Keleher15.53aSUNY Cortland
3.FrRyan Pericozzi15.73aSUNY Cortland
4.SrJoe Russell15.79aBuffalo State
5.JrCevon Carver15.80aSUNY Brockport
6.FrMatt Weeks15.82aSUNY Oneonta
7.JrDurrell Reed15.87aSUNY Cortland
8.SoNick Wilson15.99aSUNY Cortland
9.FrCarl Caughell16.02aSUNY Fredonia State
10.FrGreg Izzo16.47aSUNY Geneseo
11.JrTim Diegelman16.56aBuffalo State
12.JrErik Maggs16.60aSUNY Cortland
13.FrNate VanDeusen16.61aSUNY Oneonta
14.JrBrandon Lindsay16.62aSUNY Brockport
17.FrKevin Mercer21.85aSUNY Plattsburgh
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoRusty Landon54.42aSUNY Brockport
2.SoPhill Wiltshire54.74aSUNY Cortland
3.FrJared Voelker55.52aBuffalo State
4.FrSean Wren56.23aSUNY Oneonta
5.FrGreg Izzo56.45aSUNY Geneseo
6.SrMike Hennessy57.64aSUNY Oneonta
7.SoChad Bogar58.12aSUNY Geneseo
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoRusty Landon54.76aSUNY Brockport
2.SoPhill Wiltshire55.41aSUNY Cortland
3.FrJared Voelker56.23aBuffalo State
4.FrSean Wren56.35aSUNY Oneonta
5.SoChad Bogar57.07aSUNY Geneseo
6.SrMike Hennessy57.09aSUNY Oneonta
7.FrGreg Izzo57.41aSUNY Geneseo
9.FrAndrew Jehle58.54aSUNY Geneseo
10.FrDan Wright58.88aSUNY Fredonia State
11.SoCameron Johnson59.21aSUNY Brockport
12.SrChris McAllister59.66aSUNY Oswego
13.FrJeromy Wurthman59.97aSUNY Brockport
14.FrJoe Babbino1:00.05aSUNY Cortland
15.FrDavon Rollins1:00.36aBuffalo State
17.FrKevin Leonard1:00.82aSUNY Oswego
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.JrKyle O'Brien9:20.07aSUNY Cortland
2.SrWill Haskell9:36.12aSUNY Geneseo
3.SrRyan Mulcahy9:38.67aSUNY Geneseo
4.SoJosh Guarino9:39.24aSUNY Fredonia State
5.SoTim Greenberg9:42.66aSUNY Oneonta
6.JrBobby Henchen9:42.79aSUNY Geneseo
7.SrDoug Teed9:54.14aSUNY Brockport
8.SrKevin Olejar10:01.99aSUNY Cortland
10.JrJared Newell10:14.70aSUNY Cortland
11.JrTim Gaulrapp10:16.48aSUNY Geneseo
12.SrChris Reich10:17.44aSUNY Oswego
13.FrNick Pardee10:18.25aSUNY Geneseo
15.SoBill Juda10:28.73aSUNY Geneseo
16.SoTrevor Steves10:38.67aSUNY Fredonia State
17.FrBrian Baird10:44.77aSUNY Oneonta
18.SrTimothy Halter11:08.64aSUNY Fredonia State
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Zach Hine
Jeff Suhr
Brandon Lindsay
Cevon Carver
43.37aSUNY Brockport
2.-Craig Harlacher
Niko Brown
Pat Gallagher
Matthew Hart
43.47aSUNY Geneseo
3.-Darnell Owens
Matt McDougle
Dan McManus
Sa-Id Shakir
43.56aSUNY Cortland
4.-Josh Galletta
AJ Carapella
Andy English
Geoff Kubuszewski
44.61aSUNY Oswego
5.-Tommy Hancock
Sean Wren
Mike Hennessy
Danny Sullivan
45.11aSUNY Oneonta
6.-Greg Jackson
Mike Kelley
Tyler Riberdy
Aaron Borowczyk
45.18aSUNY Fredonia State
7.-Jordan Bieber
Jeff Stitt
Brad Woods
Kewsi Burgess
46.04aSUNY Plattsburgh
---Clarke Hinds
Ray Peoples
Maurice Little
Kenny Johnson
DNFBuffalo State
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Fred Romer
Sean Daly
Tim Greenberg
Eric Theiss
3:19.00aSUNY Oneonta
2.-Jeff Suhr
Eric Hine
Rusty Landon
Steve Reiss
3:20.07aSUNY Brockport
3.-Shilah Richardson
Davon Rollins
Maurice Little
Ray Peoples
3:20.64aBuffalo State
4.-Kewsi Burgess
Charles Berg
Peter Hamm
Josh Mockus
3:20.86aSUNY Plattsburgh
5.-Jonathan Brotsch
Niko Brown
Stephen Fitch
Pat Gallagher
3:22.53aSUNY Geneseo
6.-Gino Bisceglia
Zak Farnham-Haskell
Eric Graber
Phill Wiltshire
3:26.57aSUNY Cortland
7.-Aaron Borowczyk
Cody Dahleiden
Nick Guarino
Mac McMahill
3:30.01aSUNY Fredonia State
8.-Andy English
Eric Wojtanik
Kevin Leonard
Eric Wasacz
3:31.60aSUNY Oswego
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrZach Williamson47-03.50SUNY Brockport
2.SrMike DeVasto47-01.50SUNY Oneonta
3.JrKen Wickey46-03.25SUNY Geneseo
4.SoEric Rickman45-10.50SUNY Geneseo
5.FrJordan Fuentes44-07.00Buffalo State
6.SoRay Lund43-10.50SUNY Brockport
7.SoKevin Harding43-08.00SUNY Oneonta
8.FrSean Bereza42-02.25SUNY Oswego
9.FrZach Markel41-10.50SUNY Geneseo
10.JrAndrew Sorrento41-04.25SUNY Geneseo
11.SrPuka HoChing41-02.50Buffalo State
12.FrSteve Kuhn38-06.25SUNY Oswego
--SrMatt HandFOULSUNY Brockport
X Discus - 2kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoRay Lund46.70mSUNY Brockport
2.FrJordan Fuentes43.73mBuffalo State
3.SrPuka HoChing42.26mBuffalo State
4.JrCraig Lynch40.46mSUNY Oneonta
5.SrMatt Hand39.01mSUNY Brockport
6.JrKen Wickey38.25mSUNY Geneseo
7.JrZach Williamson37.79mSUNY Brockport
8.SrDom Gonzalez37.55mSUNY Brockport
9.FrChris Rollo37.41mSUNY Oneonta
10.SrGreg Parizek36.58mSUNY Brockport
12.FrZach Markel35.35mSUNY Geneseo
13.JrTodd Plummer34.48mSUNY Cortland
14.JrAndrew Sorrento33.03mSUNY Geneseo
15.JrLouis Solomon31.42mSUNY Fredonia State
--SoEric RickmanFOULSUNY Geneseo
--FrGreg HumbertFOULSUNY Oneonta
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJoe Sullivan52.53mSUNY Oneonta
2.SoMike Hite47.07mSUNY Fredonia State
3.SoNick Wilson46.08mSUNY Cortland
4.JrErik Maggs45.90mSUNY Cortland
5.FrFrank Risole44.66mSUNY Oswego
6.SrPete Cumbo44.18mSUNY Brockport
7.SrRay Shadowens40.85mBuffalo State
8.JrBrandon Lindsay40.80mSUNY Brockport
9.FrKyle Dubzinski39.90mSUNY Oswego
10.JrRyan Joyce39.58mSUNY Geneseo
12.SoNiko Brown39.09mSUNY Geneseo
13.JrZach Williamson38.35mSUNY Brockport
14.FrRobert Noonan37.78mSUNY Plattsburgh
15.JrAndrew Sorrento33.86mSUNY Geneseo
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMike McManus6-07.50SUNY Geneseo
2.SoWillie Jones6-05.50Buffalo State
3.FrDanny Sullivan6-03.50SUNY Oneonta
4.JrDrew Hilker6-01.50SUNY Cortland
5.SrJoe Hitchcock6-01.50SUNY Brockport
6.FrColin Keenan6-01.50SUNY Geneseo
8.JrTim Diegelman5-11.50Buffalo State
9.FrMike Chamberlin5-11.50SUNY Oswego
--FrWill ParghNHSUNY Geneseo
--SrJoe RussellNHBuffalo State
--JrCevon CarverNHSUNY Brockport
--JrErik MaggsNHSUNY Cortland
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJake Zanetti15-05.00SUNY Cortland
2.FrRyan Pericozzi14-11.00SUNY Cortland
3.JrNick Mieney14-05.25SUNY Brockport
4.FrDaniel Steiner12-05.50SUNY Geneseo
4.SoTony Nguyen12-05.50SUNY Cortland
6.FrCody Dahleiden12-05.50SUNY Fredonia State
7.FrRoman Miranda12-05.50SUNY Cortland
--SoKevin TylockNHSUNY Brockport
--SrJimmy WelchNHSUNY Oswego
--SrRay ShadowensNHBuffalo State
--FrTyler RiberdyNHSUNY Fredonia State
--JrJoe KeleherNHSUNY Cortland
--FrAdam GirdnerNHSUNY Brockport
--SrKevin O'ConnellNHSUNY Geneseo
--FrKen BucaroNHSUNY Cortland
--SoGreg CraftNHSUNY Fredonia State
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrRyan Pericozzi6.55mSUNY Cortland
2.JrTim Diegelman6.53mBuffalo State
3.FrMike Chamberlin6.52mSUNY Oswego
4.SrRay Shadowens6.50mBuffalo State
5.JrDrew Hilker6.43mSUNY Cortland
6.JrCevon Carver6.43mSUNY Brockport
7.JrJosh Galletta6.37mSUNY Oswego
8.JrRyan Joyce6.13mSUNY Geneseo
9.FrTyler Riberdy6.02mSUNY Fredonia State
10.FrSean Felton5.93mBuffalo State
10.FrNate VanDeusen5.93mSUNY Oneonta
12.JrBrandon Lindsay5.92mSUNY Brockport
13.JrMichael Kelley5.88mSUNY Fredonia State
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoWill Razzano14.18mSUNY Cortland
2.JrRyan Joyce13.66mSUNY Geneseo
3.FrKyle Abron13.60mBuffalo State
4.FrWill Pargh13.60mSUNY Geneseo
5.JrMichael Kelley13.59mSUNY Fredonia State
6.FrMike Chamberlin13.40mSUNY Oswego
7.FrSean Felton13.35mBuffalo State
8.FrTyler Riberdy13.30mSUNY Fredonia State
10.JrBrandon Lindsay12.86mSUNY Brockport
11.JrKymani Smith12.59mBuffalo State
12.SoMike McManus12.56mSUNY Geneseo
13.JrTim Diegelman12.35mBuffalo State
14.FrJosh Maziejka11.70mSUNY Oneonta
--JrCevon CarverFOULSUNY Brockport
X Hammer - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrDom Gonzalez55.00mSUNY Brockport
2.JrAndrew Sorrento52.55mSUNY Geneseo
3.SrGreg Parizek48.32mSUNY Brockport
4.SrMike DeVasto46.32mSUNY Oneonta
5.SrPuka HoChing46.11mBuffalo State
6.JrKen Wickey45.04mSUNY Geneseo
7.SoRay Lund44.23mSUNY Brockport
8.SrMatt Hand42.24mSUNY Brockport
9.JrTodd Plummer42.14mSUNY Cortland
10.SoEric Rickman37.50mSUNY Geneseo
12.SoKevin Harding33.86mSUNY Oneonta
13.FrGreg Humbert33.83mSUNY Oneonta
14.JrLouis Solomon30.13mSUNY Fredonia State
--JrZach WilliamsonFOULSUNY Brockport

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMelissa Scorse12.42aSUNY Brockport
2.JrLaToya D. Edwards12.62aBuffalo State
3.JrLaToya Shippy12.85aBuffalo State
4.SrJanine Sacca12.94aSUNY Oneonta
5.JrNajia McGee13.03aBuffalo State
6.SoLiz Maziejka13.18aSUNY Oneonta
7.FrImani Richardson13.30aBuffalo State
8.SoAnika Niles13.70aBuffalo State
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrLaToya D. Edwards12.37aBuffalo State
3.SoMelissa Scorse12.46aSUNY Brockport
2.JrLaToya Shippy12.57aBuffalo State
4.JrNajia McGee12.61aBuffalo State
5.SrJanine Sacca12.73aSUNY Oneonta
6.SoAnika Niles12.79aBuffalo State
7.FrImani Richardson12.80aBuffalo State
8.SoLiz Maziejka12.82aSUNY Oneonta
9.FrChristine Ripple13.07aSUNY Oswego
10.FrNeshay Maxwell13.08aBuffalo State
11.FrBrittani Sahm13.21aSUNY Cortland
11.FrJenna Evarts13.21aSUNY Cortland
13.SrNicole Sosnoski13.22aSUNY Brockport
14.JrAllyssa Kline13.69aSUNY Fredonia State
15.JrSasha-Gay Harris13.69aSUNY Cortland
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMelissa Scorse25.68aSUNY Brockport
2.SoTaniqua Hollingsworth25.69aBuffalo State
3.JrLaToya D. Edwards25.78aBuffalo State
4.SrJanine Sacca26.14aSUNY Oneonta
6.JrNajia McGee26.73aBuffalo State
7.FrChristine Ripple27.07aSUNY Oswego
--JrLaToya ShippyDNFBuffalo State
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrLaToya Shippy25.38aBuffalo State
2.SoTaniqua Hollingsworth25.60aBuffalo State
3.JrLaToya D. Edwards25.67aBuffalo State
4.SoMelissa Scorse25.73aSUNY Brockport
5.SrJanine Sacca26.01aSUNY Oneonta
7.JrNajia McGee26.20aBuffalo State
8.FrChristine Ripple26.45aSUNY Oswego
9.SoConnie Belkevich26.48aSUNY Oneonta
10.FrKhrystyne Tshinkel26.62aSUNY Oswego
11.JrMegan Boggan26.82aSUNY Oswego
12.FrVeronica Montrose27.23aSUNY Cortland
13.FrImani Richardson27.66aBuffalo State
--FrAntonia ArmstrongDQBuffalo State
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.JrMallory Baker59.34aSUNY Cortland
3.JrKristen Stein59.64aSUNY Oneonta
4.SoConnie Belkevich1:00.00aSUNY Oneonta
5.JrKristin Shumway1:00.18aSUNY Geneseo
6.SoTaniqua Hollingsworth1:00.79aBuffalo State
7.JrMegan Boggan1:01.51aSUNY Oswego
8.FrMelissa Seymour1:04.40aSUNY Cortland
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
2.JrMallory Baker59.52aSUNY Cortland
3.JrKristen Stein59.70aSUNY Oneonta
4.JrKristin Shumway59.71aSUNY Geneseo
5.SoConnie Belkevich1:00.18aSUNY Oneonta
6.SoTaniqua Hollingsworth1:00.48aBuffalo State
7.JrMegan Boggan1:01.79aSUNY Oswego
8.FrMelissa Seymour1:02.27aSUNY Cortland
9.FrJulie Dmochowski1:02.39aSUNY Geneseo
10.FrElise Kelly1:03.09aSUNY Oneonta
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrLauren Brunetto2:16.59aSUNY Oneonta
2.SoAmanda Elias2:17.41aSUNY Brockport
3.FrSamantha Legere2:19.82aSUNY Geneseo
4.JrErin Marks2:22.50aSUNY Geneseo
5.FrMelissa Wassink2:22.93aSUNY Brockport
6.SrLiz Wolff2:26.07aSUNY Cortland
7.JrSarah Lazarus2:26.37aSUNY Cortland
8.FrAlyssa Smith2:34.41aSUNY Geneseo
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrLauren Brunetto2:14.87aSUNY Oneonta
4.FrSamantha Legere2:18.87aSUNY Geneseo
2.SoAmanda Elias2:20.31aSUNY Brockport
5.JrSarah Lazarus2:20.96aSUNY Cortland
7.SrLiz Wolff2:21.23aSUNY Cortland
8.FrMelissa Wassink2:22.19aSUNY Brockport
3.JrErin Marks2:23.07aSUNY Geneseo
6.FrAlyssa Smith2:23.09aSUNY Geneseo
10.SoHailey Guard2:24.80aSUNY Fredonia State
11.SoCelia Alterio2:25.65aSUNY Oneonta
12.SoBarbara Green2:26.56aSUNY Cortland
13.JrKristen Stein2:27.76aSUNY Oneonta
14.SoStephanie Van Deven2:28.18aSUNY Brockport
15.SoStephanie McGrath2:28.62aSUNY Cortland
16.SoKristie O'Reilly2:29.07aSUNY Cortland
17.SoAshley Mrozek2:29.47aSUNY Brockport
18.FrLacie Newland2:30.94aSUNY Oneonta
19.SoAmber Cioffi2:32.30aBuffalo State
20.FrVal Basciano2:34.50aSUNY Cortland
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrErin Marks4:45.19aSUNY Geneseo
2.JrSandra Goettelman4:48.61aSUNY Geneseo
3.FrMelissa Wassink4:52.40aSUNY Brockport
4.JrSarah Lazarus4:58.36aSUNY Cortland
5.SoCelia Alterio4:58.76aSUNY Oneonta
7.SrLiz Wolff5:05.29aSUNY Cortland
8.SoMegan Reynolds5:11.33aSUNY Geneseo
9.JrMeg Anderson5:17.01aSUNY Geneseo
10.FrJulia Warren5:22.30aSUNY Plattsburgh
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAlanna Hollborn17:46.04aSUNY Cortland
3.JrSandra Goettelman18:18.89aSUNY Geneseo
4.JrDanielle Hunt18:27.26aSUNY Geneseo
5.SoCaitlin McAneney18:36.38aSUNY Brockport
6.SoBrittany Streeter18:41.94aSUNY Brockport
7.JrKatie Dylag19:09.19aSUNY Cortland
8.SoCaitlin Sullivan19:13.66aSUNY Cortland
9.SrLisa Halloran19:25.31aSUNY Geneseo
10.SrLisa Bonanni19:33.30aSUNY Geneseo
11.FrKatie Filozof19:37.13aSUNY Brockport
12.SoCelia Alterio19:38.21aSUNY Oneonta
15.FrMelissa Matthews19:57.96aSUNY Geneseo
16.JrJulie Feola20:02.07aSUNY Geneseo
17.SoSarah Furman20:03.16aSUNY Fredonia State
18.SrKristen Roosa20:24.31aSUNY Oswego
19.SrCaitlin Wlodarski20:49.91aSUNY Oswego
20.JrMariani Bartonicek20:59.11aSUNY Oswego
X 10,000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrLaura Iafrati38:28.80aSUNY Geneseo
3.SrErin McGrath39:03.64aSUNY Cortland
4.SoKristin Vespa39:19.47aSUNY Cortland
5.SoCaitlin McAneney39:49.04aSUNY Brockport
6.JrLisa Holt39:49.80aSUNY Cortland
7.SrMary McGrath41:18.76aSUNY Geneseo
8.JrBecky Huben41:30.31aSUNY Geneseo
9.JrGina Smith43:34.90aSUNY Cortland
10.FrJen Fasciano45:28.24aSUNY Brockport
11.JrMargaret Conlon45:45.82aSUNY Oneonta
12.FrAnastasia Kolbe48:01.77aSUNY Cortland
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrShannon O'Keeffe15.74aSUNY Brockport
2.FrNeshay Maxwell15.78aBuffalo State
3.SoKate Brett15.89aSUNY Fredonia State
4.FrJessica Walker16.13aBuffalo State
5.FrBrenna Filipello16.52aSUNY Cortland
6.FrErica Weiglhofer16.76aSUNY Oneonta
7.SoBrittany Dodd17.13aSUNY Brockport
8.FrTalia Cumberbatch18.11aBuffalo State
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrNeshay Maxwell15.48aBuffalo State
2.SoKate Brett15.57aSUNY Fredonia State
3.SrShannon O'Keeffe15.71aSUNY Brockport
4.FrBrenna Filipello15.81aSUNY Cortland
5.FrTalia Cumberbatch15.96aBuffalo State
6.FrJessica Walker15.99aBuffalo State
7.SoBrittany Dodd16.27aSUNY Brockport
8.FrErica Weiglhofer16.47aSUNY Oneonta
9.FrJessica Jaroszko16.67aSUNY Geneseo
10.FrJordan Lane16.80aSUNY Brockport
11.SoAshley Redino16.86aSUNY Brockport
12.SrDanielle Washington17.07aSUNY Oswego
13.JrAllyssa Kline17.45aSUNY Fredonia State
14.FrCailey Wood17.48aSUNY Oneonta
15.JrBecky Zurek17.57aSUNY Cortland
16.FrCynthia Herivaux18.02aSUNY Fredonia State
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLiz Maziejka1:04.04aSUNY Oneonta
2.FrAntonia Armstrong1:05.56aBuffalo State
3.FrKaitlin Breed1:06.08aSUNY Brockport
5.SoKate Brett1:06.83aSUNY Fredonia State
6.SrLisa VonZagorski1:07.10aSUNY Brockport
7.JrAmanda Davey1:07.74aSUNY Cortland
8.FrKelly Brunscheen1:08.57aSUNY Geneseo
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoLiz Maziejka1:04.27aSUNY Oneonta
2.FrAntonia Armstrong1:04.99aBuffalo State
3.SoKate Brett1:06.16aSUNY Fredonia State
5.JrAmanda Davey1:07.36aSUNY Cortland
6.FrKaitlin Breed1:07.46aSUNY Brockport
7.SrLisa VonZagorski1:09.01aSUNY Brockport
8.FrKelly Brunscheen1:09.35aSUNY Geneseo
9.FrLauren Hermann1:12.90aSUNY Cortland
10.SoKristan Catanese1:13.02aSUNY Oneonta
11.FrCynthia Herivaux1:13.23aSUNY Fredonia State
12.SoDana Roberts1:13.33aSUNY Cortland
13.SrDanielle Kelley1:14.58aSUNY Cortland
14.SoAshley Redino1:14.83aSUNY Brockport
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAlyssa Smith11:25.74aSUNY Geneseo
2.FrAlyson Dalton11:33.85aSUNY Cortland
3.SoBrittany Streeter11:35.39aSUNY Brockport
4.SrLauren Mesi11:37.55aSUNY Brockport
6.SrBrittany Brunetto11:53.15aSUNY Cortland
7.SrLarkin Kimmerer12:01.33aSUNY Geneseo
8.FrAshley Jones12:05.03aSUNY Geneseo
9.SoAmber Cioffi12:13.99aBuffalo State
10.SrLisa Halloran12:14.88aSUNY Geneseo
11.FrKatie Filozof12:16.17aSUNY Brockport
13.FrSarah Kosloski12:24.41aSUNY Geneseo
14.JrMargaret Conlon12:48.00aSUNY Oneonta
15.FrEllen Paccia12:48.07aSUNY Oneonta
16.SrLauren Ferrimani12:56.74aSUNY Geneseo
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 49.74aBuffalo State
2.-Nicole Sosnoski
Melissa Scorse
Kaitlin Breed
Britney Falcon
49.77aSUNY Brockport
3.-Liz Maziejka
Connie Belkevich
Lauren Brunetto
Janine Sacca
51.03aSUNY Oneonta
4.-Brittani Sahm
Jenna Evarts
Roni Montrose
Mallory Baker
51.25aSUNY Cortland
5.-Danielle Washington
Megan Boggan
Christine Ripple
Khrystyne Tshinkel
51.86aSUNY Oswego
6.-Kate Brett
Cynthia Herivaux
Allyssa Kline
Julia Hopson
52.69aSUNY Fredonia State
7.-Katie Darling
Julie Cook
Brittany Frankel
Kristin Shumway
52.97aSUNY Geneseo
8.-Joanne TeRiele
Jen Risler
Holly Black
Amy McCasland
58.95aSUNY Plattsburgh
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Liz Maziejka
Lauren Brunetto
Kristen Stein
Janine Sacca
3:57.78aSUNY Oneonta
2.-Kaitlin Breed
Melissa Scorse
Shannon O'Keeffe
Amanda Elias
4:00.96aSUNY Brockport
3.-Kristin Shumway
Julie Dmochowski
Brittany Frankel
Kelly Brunscheen
4:05.54aSUNY Geneseo
4.-Roni Montrose
Mallory Baker
Melissa Seymour
Kristie O'Reilly
4:07.26aSUNY Cortland
5.-Jen Risler
Joanne TeRiele
Holly Black
Amy McCasland
4:07.96aSUNY Plattsburgh
6.-Christine Ripple
Megan Boggan
Renee Coe
Khrystyne Tshinkel
4:10.69aSUNY Oswego
7.-Hailey Guard
Cynthia Herivaux
Allyssa Kline
Kate Brett
4:26.17aSUNY Fredonia State
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJulia Hopson42-05.50SUNY Fredonia State
2.SoStacey Gibbins38-02.25SUNY Brockport
3.SrJulie Thering37-03.00SUNY Geneseo
5.JrKelly Tooley36-02.75Buffalo State
6.SoLaurel Headwell34-10.50SUNY Cortland
7.SrBridget Mayne34-07.50SUNY Brockport
8.FrMaggie Needham34-06.25SUNY Brockport
9.SrStephanie Grodon34-02.00SUNY Oneonta
10.JrStephanie Powell33-04.00SUNY Brockport
11.SoJen Peter33-03.25SUNY Cortland
12.SoValerie Winberry32-08.50SUNY Cortland
13.FrSarah Timmons32-05.50SUNY Oneonta
14.SoElizabeth Wetherby31-11.25SUNY Oswego
15.JrJillian Bley31-07.25SUNY Oneonta
16.JrJen Conklin30-07.50SUNY Brockport
17.SrMorgan Sullivan30-05.00SUNY Brockport
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrSarah Timmons38.58mSUNY Oneonta
2.JrKelly Tooley36.82mBuffalo State
3.SrJulie Thering36.09mSUNY Geneseo
4.SoStacey Gibbins35.66mSUNY Brockport
5.SrBridget Mayne35.34mSUNY Brockport
6.SoMaria Barbaglia35.02mSUNY Geneseo
7.SoValerie Winberry34.97mSUNY Cortland
8.SrStephanie Grodon33.93mSUNY Oneonta
9.SrMorgan Sullivan32.89mSUNY Brockport
10.SrJulia Hopson32.70mSUNY Fredonia State
11.JrJen Conklin30.83mSUNY Brockport
13.JrHannah Cushman29.62mSUNY Brockport
14.SoLaurel Headwell29.42mSUNY Cortland
15.SoElizabeth Wetherby28.56mSUNY Oswego
16.JrStephanie Powell28.53mSUNY Brockport
17.SrEmily McLoughlin26.86mSUNY Plattsburgh
18.SoCassidy Gertis26.56mSUNY Fredonia State
19.FrKeri Heath23.52mSUNY Fredonia State
20.SoJen Peter22.19mSUNY Cortland
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
2.JrKristen Serikstad34.06mSUNY Cortland
3.SrLauren Mesi30.62mSUNY Brockport
4.FrSarah Timmons28.15mSUNY Oneonta
5.FrAshley Gansle27.78mSUNY Cortland
6.JrBrittany Frankel27.74mSUNY Geneseo
7.SoElizabeth Wetherby27.02mSUNY Oswego
8.FrDivine Sebuharara24.31mBuffalo State
9.FrTalia Cumberbatch23.17mBuffalo State
10.FrMaggie Needham23.07mSUNY Brockport
11.SoCassidy Gertis21.85mSUNY Fredonia State
12.FrJordan Lane20.27mSUNY Brockport
13.SrStephanie Grodon19.76mSUNY Oneonta
--SrErin KainFOULSUNY Oswego
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrKristen Serikstad5-05.00SUNY Cortland
2.JrJacquelyn Majka5-05.00SUNY Fredonia State
3.FrErica Weiglhofer5-01.00SUNY Oneonta
4.FrKaitlin Breed5-01.00SUNY Brockport
5.JrKristin Shumway4-11.00SUNY Geneseo
7.FrKeisha Stokes4-09.00SUNY Geneseo
7.FrTalia Cumberbatch4-09.00Buffalo State
9.SoJen Pieper4-09.00SUNY Geneseo
10.FrJulie Cook4-09.00SUNY Geneseo
11.SrAlison Lewis4-09.00SUNY Geneseo
12.FrCailey Wood4-07.00SUNY Oneonta
13.FrShannon King4-07.00SUNY Geneseo
--FrBrenna FilipelloNHSUNY Cortland
--FrJordan LaneNHSUNY Brockport
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SrSarah Kimball12-01.25SUNY Cortland
2.SrKeri Laviska11-05.75SUNY Cortland
3.JrKatie Taber10-00.00SUNY Cortland
3.SoSarah Wignall10-00.00SUNY Cortland
5.JrNicole Ragard10-00.00SUNY Cortland
6.SrKatie McEvoy9-06.25SUNY Cortland
7.SoLiisa Leo9-00.25SUNY Geneseo
8.SoAshley Redino9-00.25SUNY Brockport
9.FrBecky Fabbiano9-00.25SUNY Brockport
10.FrPatty Horan9-00.25SUNY Geneseo
--JrLauren CampanellaNHSUNY Brockport
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrLaVonne Barfield5.33mBuffalo State
2.SrNicole Sosnoski5.15mSUNY Brockport
3.JrJacquelyn Majka5.13mSUNY Fredonia State
4.JrAlice Buskus5.12mSUNY Geneseo
5.FrJessica Walker5.03mBuffalo State
6.SrShannon O'Keeffe5.01mSUNY Brockport
7.SrBritney Falcon4.99mSUNY Brockport
8.FrErica Weiglhofer4.97mSUNY Oneonta
9.JrErin Sills4.83mSUNY Cortland
10.FrKatie Darling4.70mSUNY Geneseo
11.JrBrittany Frankel4.66mSUNY Geneseo
12.FrCailey Wood4.47mSUNY Oneonta
13.SoClare Halpin4.46mSUNY Geneseo
14.FrTalia Cumberbatch4.35mBuffalo State
--FrBrenna FilipelloFOULSUNY Cortland
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrShannon O'Keeffe11.54mSUNY Brockport
2.FrJessica Walker10.84mBuffalo State
3.JrKristin Shumway10.74mSUNY Geneseo
4.SrNicole Sosnoski10.66mSUNY Brockport
5.JrJacquelyn Majka10.65mSUNY Fredonia State
6.JrBrittany Frankel10.57mSUNY Geneseo
7.JrAlice Buskus10.49mSUNY Geneseo
8.SrBritney Falcon10.39mSUNY Brockport
9.SrLaVonne Barfield10.36mBuffalo State
10.SoSharesa Baldwin10.28mBuffalo State
11.JrErin Sills9.93mSUNY Cortland
12.FrCynthia Herivaux9.86mSUNY Fredonia State
13.FrKatie Darling9.82mSUNY Geneseo
14.SoClare Halpin9.80mSUNY Geneseo
15.FrEmma Loe9.71mSUNY Geneseo
16.FrMarshay Zamlowski9.52mSUNY Cortland
X Hammer - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJulia Hopson55.10mSUNY Fredonia State
2.SrJulie Thering49.48mSUNY Geneseo
3.SrBridget Mayne47.80mSUNY Brockport
4.JrStephanie Powell44.90mSUNY Brockport
5.JrHannah Cushman42.67mSUNY Brockport
7.SoStacey Gibbins41.26mSUNY Brockport
8.SrMorgan Sullivan40.96mSUNY Brockport
9.SrErin Kain40.26mSUNY Oswego
10.FrSarah Timmons39.16mSUNY Oneonta
11.SoElizabeth Wetherby37.79mSUNY Oswego
12.JrJillian Bley37.26mSUNY Oneonta
13.SrStephanie Grodon36.43mSUNY Oneonta
14.FrKeri Heath36.32mSUNY Fredonia State
15.JrKelly Tooley35.69mBuffalo State
16.SrJanelle Wilcox35.57mSUNY Oswego
--SoMaria BarbagliaFOULSUNY Geneseo
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