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7th and 8th Grade5th and 6th Grade
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100 Meters  7th and 8th Grade - Finals

1.8Forrest Greenwalt11.79St George Episcopal
2.8Drew Fox12.10St Luke's Episcopal
3.8Elijah Bent12.30Legacy Christian Aca...
4.7Michael Nava12.62Christian Academy of...
5.8Lee Fuentes12.83St George Episcopal
6.8Brian Freeman12.89Faith Academy of Mar...
7.8Peter Cortez12.92St Peter Prince of t...
8.-Curtis Smith12.93Saenz (San Antonio)
9.8Peter Marbut12.94The Winston
10.8Josh Reid13.06Faith Academy of Mar...
11.7Mark Nava13.12Christian Academy of...
12.8Joe Guerrero13.21Shepherd of the Hills
13.7Chris Barrios13.26Holy Cross
14.7Gabriel Connor13.29Austin Hill Country ...
16.-Kevin Rubio13.36Christian Academy of...
17.8Josh Alexander13.38Castle Hills First B...
18.8Nick Gonzaba13.45St Peter Prince of t...
19.8Michael Granado13.53St Anthony Catholic
20.8Baker Garrett13.54Austin Hill Country ...
21.7Hutton Luke13.56Austin Hill Country ...
22.7Mitchell White13.59The Atonement Academy
23.8Aaron Naranjo13.76Holy Cross
24.7Mason Domel13.80Faith Academy of Mar...
25.7Garrett Klinzemann13.90New Braunfels Christ...
26.7Michael Penner13.91Faith Academy of Mar...
27.7Chris Medina14.08Holy Cross
28.8Aaron Kelley14.12Shepherd of the Hills
29.7Kent Howell14.24Brentwood Christian
30.7Nick Moseley14.26Shepherd of the Hills
31.8Freddy Garza14.31New Braunfels Christ...
32.8John Gonzaba14.32St Peter Prince of t...
33.7Jacob Lewis14.38San Antonio Christian
34.7Matthew Wetesnik14.61Concordia Lutheran
35.8Christian Lipe14.74Geneva
35.7Ross Brown14.74San Antonio Academy
37.7Janssen Nick14.87Austin Hill Country ...
38.7Matt DeLeon15.01Shepherd of the Hills
39.8Brian Hausman15.02St George Episcopal
40.7Dacoda Clarke15.64San Antonio Christian
41.7Kyle Woodard15.70Concordia Lutheran
8Joaquin SilvaNTSt Luke's Episcopal
8Mark ClementeNTSan Antonio Christian
7Kevin ChoiNTTrinity Christian Ac...
8Marcial BrockNTGeneva
8Suanders DrukkerNTGeneva
7Michael AndrewsNTThe Winston
8Joshua FernandezNTSt Anthony Catholic
8Chirs GermerNTSan Marcos Baptist A...
7Paul SukNTSan Marcos Baptist A...
8Ashton ArringtonNTSan Marcos Baptist A...
8Rey MartinezNTSt Anthony Catholic
-Andre ServinNTSaenz (San Antonio)

100 Meters  5th and 6th Grade - Finals

6Will Hunter13.64San Antonio Academy
1.6Christopher Hendricks14.35St George Episcopal
2.6Elijah Salazar14.49Cornerstone Christia...
3.6Dante Garry14.67Cornerstone Christia...
4.6Habib Abla14.68San Antonio Christian
5.6Mickey McGinnes15.06San Antonio Christian
6.5Brodie Brown15.07Brentwood Christian
7.5Alex Rivera15.45St Luke's Episcopal
8.6Holden Mullaney15.63The Winston
9.6Anthony King15.77The Atonement Academy
10.-Mark Fryar15.85Christian Academy of...
11.6Austin Blackwell15.99St Mary's Hall
12.6Eastland Crane16.01St Peter Prince of t...
13.5Will Schulze16.21St George Episcopal
14.5Jacob Sily16.38Castle Hills First B...
15.6Wade Marshall16.66St Mary's Hall
16.5Nicholas Pittner16.75Brentwood Christian
17.6Logan Green16.81The Winston
18.6Joey Castellano16.95Christian Academy of...
19.6Eduardo Marin17.17Castle Hills First B...
20.5Dane Foster17.81Brentwood Christian
21.5Jimmy Rizzuto19.23The Winston
22.11-12Paul Russell23.36FEAST Home School
6Ornelas JoshuaNTTrinity Christian Ac...
6Corey JenningsNTConcordia Lutheran
6Ryan StrongNTConcordia Lutheran
-Jose RodriguezNTChristian Academy of...
6Justin LopezNTNew Braunfels Christ...
6John JohnsonNTSan Antonio Christian

200 Meters  7th and 8th Grade - Finals

1.8Elijah Bent25.69Legacy Christian Aca...
2.13-14Elijah Arnold25.88FEAST Home School
3.8Drew Fox25.98St Luke's Episcopal
4.8Wright Logan26.78Austin Hill Country ...
4.7Michael Nava26.78Christian Academy of...
6.8David Verrette26.92St Luke's Episcopal
7.8Peter Marbut27.24The Winston
8.8Josh Alexander27.44Castle Hills First B...
9.8Joe Guerrero27.54Shepherd of the Hills
10.8Peter Cortez27.57St Peter Prince of t...
11.8Josh Reid27.69Faith Academy of Mar...
12.13-14Paul Mueller27.75FEAST Home School
13.13-14Avery Jones27.84FEAST Home School
14.7Caleb Starnes28.05New Braunfels Christ...
15.7Kevin Dodson28.14San Antonio Christian
16.8Jacob Parsons28.25St Anthony Catholic
17.-Kevin Rubio28.28Christian Academy of...
18.7Hutton Luke28.34Austin Hill Country ...
19.7Michael Macha28.68Cornerstone Christia...
20.8Aaron Naranjo28.79Holy Cross
21.7Chris Barrios28.88Holy Cross
22.-James Johnson29.24Saenz (San Antonio)
23.7Mitchell White29.30The Atonement Academy
24.7Garrett Klinzemann29.40New Braunfels Christ...
26.7Mason Domel29.58Faith Academy of Mar...
28.8Joey Aguilar29.90Holy Cross
27.-Jesse Garcia29.87Christian Academy of...
29.8Nicholas Grimaldi29.95St Anthony Catholic
30.8Brian Hausman29.99St George Episcopal
31.8Freddy Garza30.16New Braunfels Christ...
32.8Javier Gonzalez30.46St George Episcopal
33.8Holden Schilling30.61Shepherd of the Hills
34.7Glace Preston30.75Austin Hill Country ...
35.7Kent Howell30.84Brentwood Christian
36.8John Gonzaba31.44St Peter Prince of t...
37.7Matthew Wetesnik31.71Concordia Lutheran
38.7Matt DeLeon31.98Shepherd of the Hills
39.8Quinn Bays32.02Shepherd of the Hills
40.7Kyle Woodard32.22Concordia Lutheran
41.7Janssen Nick32.36Austin Hill Country ...
42.-Keenan Terricks33.21Saenz (San Antonio)
43.-Justin Cline34.68Saenz (San Antonio)
44.7Andrew Lyles34.80Cornerstone Christia...
45.7Dominic Reyes36.89St Peter Prince of t...
46.7Jake Green36.92The Winston
7Trevor WilsonNTNew Braunfels Christ...
-Curtis SmithNTSaenz (San Antonio)
-Jalen ClayNTSaenz (San Antonio)
8Chase PotterNTSan Antonio Christian
7Peter SargentNTSan Marcos Baptist A...
7Jin ParkNTSan Marcos Baptist A...
7Ethan DreschnerNTSan Marcos Baptist A...
7Ross BrownNTSan Antonio Academy
7Kevin ChoiNTTrinity Christian Ac...
8Trevor YoungmanNTSt George Episcopal
8Hunter HausmanNTSan Antonio Christian
7Dacoda ClarkeNTSan Antonio Christian
7Nico GonzalezNTSt Anthony Catholic
7Noah SchorrNTThe Winston

200 Meters  5th and 6th Grade - Finals

1.6Alex Garza28.59St Peter Prince of t...
6Will Hunter29.01San Antonio Academy
2.6Ben Silliman29.54San Antonio Christian
3.6Anthony Renteria29.73San Antonio Christian
4.6Elijah Salazar29.88Cornerstone Christia...
5.6Steve Wynn30.05St George Episcopal
6.6Christopher Hendricks30.24St George Episcopal
7.6Wade Marshall30.26St Mary's Hall
8.5Dorsey Walker30.46St Luke's Episcopal
9.6Mickey McGinnes31.86San Antonio Christian
10.5Andrew Pirog31.89St George Episcopal
11.6Holden Mullaney33.12The Winston
12.6Cesar Elizondo33.60The Winston
13.-Mark Fryar33.85Christian Academy of...
14.6Anthony King34.09The Atonement Academy
15.6Austin Blackwell34.66St Mary's Hall
16.6Joey Castellano35.13Christian Academy of...
17.6Reagan Gately35.72FEAST Home School
18.6Isaac Lyles36.02Cornerstone Christia...
19.6Eastland Crane36.10St Peter Prince of t...
20.6Eduardo Marin36.35Castle Hills First B...
21.5Evan Herring36.51Brentwood Christian
22.5Jacob Reyes37.81Castle Hills First B...
23.6Dante Garry39.96Cornerstone Christia...
24.5Jimmy Rizzuto42.79The Winston
6Justin LopezNTNew Braunfels Christ...
5Jacob ReinhardtNTSt Luke's Episcopal
6Ryan StrongNTConcordia Lutheran
6Andres VelasquezNTSt Peter Prince of t...
6Ornelas JoshuaNTTrinity Christian Ac...
5Andrew FundureanuNTFEAST Home School
6Coleman StraussNTSt Mary's Hall

400 Meters  7th and 8th Grade - Finals

1.8Andrew Kearse58.06FEAST Home School
2.7Charlie Soto58.74St Luke's Episcopal
3.8Keith Joseph58.99Cornerstone Christia...
4.8Forrest Greenwalt59.07St George Episcopal
5.7Isaiah Sierra59.34Christian Academy of...
6.8Benjamin Holliday59.51FEAST Home School
6.7Chad Tatum59.51Cornerstone Christia...
8.8Jake Diamond1:01.56Faith Academy of Mar...
9.13-14Ramsey Sweatmon1:01.97FEAST Home School
10.8Peter Cortez1:02.29St Peter Prince of t...
11.-Shuan Williams1:02.73Saenz (San Antonio)
12.-Andre Clay1:03.80Saenz (San Antonio)
13.7Johnny Martinez1:05.98Legacy Christian Aca...
14.8Samuel Moreno1:06.66Holy Cross
15.8Aaron Kelley1:07.35Shepherd of the Hills
16.8Josh Alexander1:07.71Castle Hills First B...
17.8Austin Millsap1:08.21San Antonio Christian
18.8Micah Smith1:08.89San Antonio Christian
19.7Cameron Ross1:09.01New Braunfels Christ...
20.8Frankie Garza1:09.82St Anthony Catholic
21.8Holden Schilling1:09.93Shepherd of the Hills
22.7Glace Preston1:10.21Austin Hill Country ...
23.8Seth McAnally1:10.52Faith Academy of Mar...
24.7Graham Lawrence1:11.23New Braunfels Christ...
25.8Nick Gonzaba1:11.67St Peter Prince of t...
26.7Mitchell White1:12.28The Atonement Academy
27.7Ross Brown1:12.95San Antonio Academy
28.8John Gonzaba1:13.48St Peter Prince of t...
29.8Ed Diaz1:13.60St Anthony Catholic
30.7Whitlock Alex1:14.10Austin Hill Country ...
31.8Lawson Spencer1:14.42San Antonio Christian
32.7Bevin Koyikalathu1:15.96Brentwood Christian
33.8Quinn Bays1:17.25Shepherd of the Hills
34.7Andrew Lyles1:19.76Cornerstone Christia...
35.7Matt DeLeon1:20.92Shepherd of the Hills
36.7Jason Menzies1:22.73Shepherd of the Hills
37.7Jake Fox1:25.91St Luke's Episcopal
37.7Chris Medina1:25.91Holy Cross
8Harrison JansmaNTSt Anthony Catholic
7Michael AndrewsNTThe Winston
8Dodds JaredNTAustin Hill Country ...
8Sattler DevonNTAustin Hill Country ...
8Andy SharpNTSan Marcos Baptist A...
7Connor DayNTSan Antonio Christian
6Christopher HendricksNTSt George Episcopal
8Ashton ArringtonNTSan Marcos Baptist A...
7Dez JacksonNTSan Marcos Baptist A...
7Austen TealerNTSan Antonio Academy
-Jermaine DotsonNTSaenz (San Antonio)
7Martin RamirezNTChristian Academy of...
7Jack SpaltenNTThe Winston

400 Meters  5th and 6th Grade - Finals

1.6Alex Garza1:10.67St Peter Prince of t...
2.5Cezar Iglesias1:12.19Christian Academy of...
3.6Andy Griffes1:13.06San Antonio Christian
4.6Luke Ford1:13.38St Mary's Hall
6Will Hunter1:13.69San Antonio Academy
5.6Ben Silliman1:13.83San Antonio Christian
6.6Charlie Sinclair1:16.90Brentwood Christian
7.6Antonio Romo1:18.62Christian Academy of...
8.6Eastland Crane1:19.19St Peter Prince of t...
9.11-12Mark Mueller1:19.73FEAST Home School
10.6Cesar Elizondo1:20.08The Winston
11.6Isaac Lyles1:20.09Cornerstone Christia...
12.6Jay Guajardo1:22.90St Peter Prince of t...
13.6Logan Green1:23.33The Winston
14.6Reagan Gately1:24.87FEAST Home School
15.5Garrett Shake1:25.65Brentwood Christian
16.6Christopher Lopez1:25.78St George Episcopal
17.6August Smith1:26.27FEAST Home School
18.6Zach Terreri1:26.59San Antonio Christian
19.1Robert Parsons1:27.79St George Episcopal
5Andrew ArmstrongNTBrentwood Christian
6Bijaan JiwaniNTSt Mary's Hall
5Will SchulzeNTSt George Episcopal
6Ornelas JoshuaNTTrinity Christian Ac...
6Noe MedranoNTChristian Academy of...

800 Meters  7th and 8th Grade - Finals

1.8Andrew Kearse2:16.69FEAST Home School
2.7Isaiah Sierra2:21.02Christian Academy of...
3.-Shuan Williams2:24.31Saenz (San Antonio)
4.8Matt Pfluger2:25.64Faith Academy of Mar...
5.8Jacob Limas2:26.52San Antonio Christian
6.13-14Kory Carnett2:31.68FEAST Home School
7.7Nick Moseley2:32.44Shepherd of the Hills
8.8Patrick Wickham2:33.19St George Episcopal
9.8Dodds Jared2:35.22Austin Hill Country ...
10.8Samuel Moreno2:38.24Holy Cross
11.7Chris Medina2:38.73Holy Cross
12.8Christopher Budde2:40.32Geneva
13.7Martin Ramirez2:42.21Christian Academy of...
14.7Graham Lawrence2:42.29New Braunfels Christ...
15.7Glace Preston2:42.54Austin Hill Country ...
16.7Enrique Corona2:43.21St Luke's Episcopal
17.7Nicholas Joyner2:44.91St Anthony Catholic
18.8Frankie Garza2:45.09St Anthony Catholic
19.8Suanders Drukker2:46.42Geneva
20.8Brian Carnline2:47.68FEAST Home School
21.7Jesse Hoeft2:48.57San Antonio Christian
22.8Zack Shaffer2:48.66St Luke's Episcopal
23.8Nick Gonzaba2:50.01St Peter Prince of t...
24.7Dominic Ramos2:52.66Brentwood Christian
25.8Andrew Zellers2:54.33Faith Academy of Mar...
26.7Zach Haydon2:56.90Faith Academy of Mar...
27.7Trenton Lyons3:00.86Cornerstone Christia...
28.7Bevin Koyikalathu3:01.52Brentwood Christian
29.8Donovan Gonzalez3:02.91Holy Cross
30.7Jake Fox3:04.75St Luke's Episcopal
31.7Jason Menzies3:08.93Shepherd of the Hills
32.8Johnathan Tucker3:16.62Legacy Christian Aca...
33.7Jake Green3:22.26The Winston
34.7Dominic Reyes3:33.09St Peter Prince of t...
35.8Mitch Earwood3:39.66Faith Academy of Mar...
8Harrison JansmaNTSt Anthony Catholic
7Noah SchorrNTThe Winston
8Sattler DevonNTAustin Hill Country ...
8Harison HendricksNTSt George Episcopal
8Ashton ArringtonNTSan Marcos Baptist A...
7Matthew BranaganNTSan Marcos Baptist A...
8Chance CookNTSan Marcos Baptist A...
7Austen TealerNTSan Antonio Academy
7Stephen TrippyNTSan Antonio Academy
8Drew MitchellNTSan Antonio Christian
7Steven BaileyNTBrentwood Christian
-Andre ClayNTSaenz (San Antonio)

800 Meters  5th and 6th Grade - Finals

1.6Alex Garza2:30.89St Peter Prince of t...
2.6Matthew Torvik2:33.46FEAST Home School
3.6Danny Kelleher2:37.04St Mary's Hall
4.5Cezar Iglesias2:40.74Christian Academy of...
5.6Andy Griffes2:44.72San Antonio Christian
6.6Luke Ford2:47.29St Mary's Hall
7.6Alex Cortinez2:48.75Cornerstone Christia...
8.11-12Mark Mueller2:56.43FEAST Home School
9.6Carl Wegmann2:57.66Concordia Lutheran
10.6Braden Smith2:58.20San Antonio Christian
11.6Cesar Elizondo3:00.12The Winston
12.6Christopher Lopez3:00.42St George Episcopal
12.6Jay Guajardo3:00.42St Peter Prince of t...
14.6Antonio Romo3:02.10Christian Academy of...
15.6Charlie Sinclair3:07.85Brentwood Christian
16.1Robert Parsons3:09.37St George Episcopal
17.5Evan Herring3:12.94Brentwood Christian
18.11-12Michael Chacko3:14.44FEAST Home School
19.5Logan Chapman3:17.64FEAST Home School
20.5Chad Gonsalvez3:29.05Brentwood Christian
6Arthur JohnsonNTNew Braunfels Christ...
6Andres VelasquezNTSt Peter Prince of t...
6Josh PerryNTSan Antonio Christian
6Macky LopezNTSt Luke's Episcopal

1600 Meters  7th and 8th Grade - Finals

1.8Paul Hernandez5:08.36FEAST Home School
2.7Chris Malavolta5:13.22San Antonio Christian
3.8Jacob Limas5:18.70San Antonio Christian
4.8Marshall Anderson5:24.87Cornerstone Christia...
5.7Nick Moseley5:47.23Shepherd of the Hills
7Anthony Kiser5:48San Antonio Christian
6.7Gabriel Connor5:49.62Austin Hill Country ...
7.8Joshua Estrada5:54.34FEAST Home School
8.7Steven Bailey5:59.37Brentwood Christian
9.8Daniel Young6:00.09FEAST Home School
10.8Sullivan David6:01.55Austin Hill Country ...
11.7Nicholas Joyner6:04.53St Anthony Catholic
12.8Samuel Moreno6:07.27Holy Cross
13.7Meredith Justin6:21.22Austin Hill Country ...
14.7Jonathan Carter6:35.68FEAST Home School
15.7Dominic Ramos6:35.77Brentwood Christian
16.7Jason Menzies6:42.50Shepherd of the Hills
17.8Andrew Zellers6:43.63Faith Academy of Mar...
18.6David Sanchez6:54.84Holy Cross
19.7Zach Haydon7:04.62Faith Academy of Mar...
20.7Trenton Lyons7:05.43Cornerstone Christia...
21.13-14Samuel Dunn7:05.95FEAST Home School
22.7Ben Gerlinger7:16.13San Antonio Christian
23.8Mitch Earwood8:29.56Faith Academy of Mar...
7Martin RamirezNTChristian Academy of...
7Matthew BranaganNTSan Marcos Baptist A...
7Stephen TrippyNTSan Antonio Academy

1600 Meters  5th and 6th Grade - Finals

2.6Matthew Torvik5:23.67FEAST Home School
6Josh Re5:36San Antonio Christian
3.6Alex Cortinez6:18.97Cornerstone Christia...
4.11-12Cameron Roberts6:22.17FEAST Home School
5.11-12John David Chacon6:24.52FEAST Home School
6.6Carl Wegmann6:37.05Concordia Lutheran
7.6Davis Fulmer6:43.72San Antonio Christian
8.6Caleb Campbell6:44.10San Antonio Christian
9.6Michael Trevino7:07.35The Atonement Academy
10.6Jay Guajardo7:15.17St Peter Prince of t...
11.5William Bray7:20.96San Antonio Academy
12.4Camden Turner7:31.23Christian Academy of...
13.6Ian Madewell8:12.31St George Episcopal
6Andres VelasquezNTSt Peter Prince of t...
6Macky LopezNTSt Luke's Episcopal
6Antonio RomoNTChristian Academy of...
5Chad GonsalvezNTBrentwood Christian
6Arthur JohnsonNTNew Braunfels Christ...
6Danny KelleherNTSt Mary's Hall

3200 Meters  7th and 8th Grade - Finals

1.8Daniel Young12:27.12FEAST Home School
2.7Meredith Justin12:50.55Austin Hill Country ...
3.8Sullivan David13:00.18Austin Hill Country ...
4.7Konnor Malott14:13.44Cornerstone Christia...
5.8Nick Terreri14:46.45San Antonio Christian
4Camden Turner16:12.37Christian Academy of...
6David SanchezNTHoly Cross
7Stephen TrippyNTSan Antonio Academy

3200 Meters  5th and 6th Grade - Finals

2.11-12Cameron Roberts13:41.73FEAST Home School
3.11-12Michael Chacko13:44.57FEAST Home School
4.11-12John David Chacon14:01.57FEAST Home School

110m Hurdles - 30"  5th and 6th Grade - Finals

1.5Dorsey Walker20.09St Luke's Episcopal
2.11-12Caleb Carnett20.37FEAST Home School
3.5Andrew Pirog22.24St George Episcopal
4.5Fabian DelToro22.78Christian Academy of...
5.11-12Christopher McCullough23.46FEAST Home School
6Noe MedranoNTChristian Academy of...

110m Hurdles - 33"  7th and 8th Grade - Finals

1.7Clayton Christian18.13San Antonio Christian
2.8Levi Klinzemann18.16New Braunfels Christ...
3.13-14Kevin Carnett19.02FEAST Home School
4.7Levi Day19.82FEAST Home School
5.7Cameron Ross20.14New Braunfels Christ...
6.8Jasek Shane20.31Austin Hill Country ...
7.7Trevor Wilson20.53New Braunfels Christ...
9.7Steven Bailey21.86Brentwood Christian
10.7Matthew Wetesnik22.79Concordia Lutheran
11.11-12Courage Criddle23.37FEAST Home School
12.-Jesse Garcia23.61Christian Academy of...
8Michael GranadoNTSt Anthony Catholic
8Andy SharpNTSan Marcos Baptist A...
7Jack SpaltenNTThe Winston
8Justin DriscollNTSan Marcos Baptist A...
8Parker AllanNTSan Marcos Baptist A...

300m Hurdles - 30"  7th and 8th Grade - Finals

1.13-14Jacob Vega45.67FEAST Home School
2.13-14Kevin Carnett48.08FEAST Home School
3.7Levi Day49.91FEAST Home School
4.7Johnny Martinez51.32Legacy Christian Aca...
5.8Wright Logan51.47Austin Hill Country ...
6.7Mark Nava52.58Christian Academy of...
7.8Joey Aguilar54.20Holy Cross
8.8Frankie Garza55.50St Anthony Catholic
9.8Jasek Shane57.36Austin Hill Country ...
10.7Meredith Justin1:01.00Austin Hill Country ...
7Michael AndrewsNTThe Winston
7Jack SpaltenNTThe Winston
-Quintin WilsonNTSaenz (San Antonio)
8Justin DriscollNTSan Marcos Baptist A...
8Parker AllanNTSan Marcos Baptist A...

300m Hurdles - 30"  5th and 6th Grade - Finals

2.11-12Caleb Carnett55.13FEAST Home School
3.5Fabian DelToro59.23Christian Academy of...
4.5Alex Rivera1:01.48St Luke's Episcopal
5.6Braden Smith1:01.69San Antonio Christian
6.11-12Christopher McCullough1:05.00FEAST Home School

4x100 Relay  7th and 8th Grade - Finals

1.-Anthony Escobar
Zachary Fernandez
Raymond Hickson
Chris Macutchin
50.63Holy Cross
2.-James Johnson
Lagarrion Bazil
Bruce Lee
Justin Cline
51.96Saenz (San Antonio)
3.-Jacob Vega
Paul Mueller
Ramsey Sweatmon
Benjamin Holliday
52.12FEAST Home School
4.-Kevin Rubio
Mark Nava
Michael Nava
Isaiah Sierra
52.64Christian Academy of...
5.-Relay Team 52.73St Luke's Episcopal
6.-Michael Macha
Chad Tatum
Jonathan Rico
Alex Smith
53.89Cornerstone Christia...
7.8Cotterell Jamison
Wright Logan
Baker Garrett
Baker Stephen
53.93Austin Hill Country ...
8.-Ed Diaz
Nico Gonzalez
Jacob Parsons
Michael Granado
55.60St Anthony Catholic
9.8Quinn Bays
Aaron Kelley
Joe Guerrero
Holden Schilling
58.38Shepherd of the Hills
10.8Don Fidler
Lee Fuentes
Brian Hausman
Jeremy Smith
58.96St George Episcopal
-Kevin Dodson
Troy Whited
Ross Prado
Chase Potter
NTSan Antonio Christian
-Hunter Lyon
Jin Park
TJ Wilson
Andy Sharp
NTSan Marcos Baptist A...
-Relay Team NTSaenz (San Antonio)

4x100 Relay  5th and 6th Grade - Finals

1.6Mickey McGinnes
John Johnson
Habib Abla
Tony Renteria
58.31San Antonio Christian
2.-Will Schulze
Andrew Pirog
Christopher Hendricks
Steve Wynn
59.31St George Episcopal
3.-Fabian DelToro
Cezar Iglesias
Mark Fryar
Noe Medrano
1:02.36Christian Academy of...
4.-Cameron Roberts
August Smith
Reagan Gately
Christopher McCullough
1:06.06FEAST Home School
5.5Brodie Brown
Garrett Shake
Dane Foster
Nicholas Pittner
1:06.49Brentwood Christian
-Relay Team NTSt Luke's Episcopal

4x200 Relay  7th and 8th Grade - Finals

1.-Raymond Hickson
Chris Macutchin
Zachary Fernandez
Anthony Escobar
1:47.57Holy Cross
2.-Paul Hernandez
Elijah Arnold
Paul Mueller
Jacob Vega
1:48.50FEAST Home School
3.-Michael Penner
Seth McAnally
Jake Diamond
Brian Freeman
1:53.68Faith Academy of Mar...
4.-Lagarrion Bazil
Bruce Lee
Jermaine Dotson
James Johnson
1:55.43Saenz (San Antonio)
5.-Caleb Starnes
Freddy Garza
Levi Klinzemann
Trevor Wilson
1:55.65New Braunfels Christ...
6.7Ross Prado
Jordan Foster
Michael Hutmacher
Anthony Kiser
1:56.94San Antonio Christian
7.-Baker Stephen
Baker Garrett
Gabriel Connor
Hutton Luke
1:57.11Austin Hill Country ...
8.8Marcial Brock
Suanders Drukker
Christopher Budde
Christian Lipe
9.8Don Fidler
Javier Gonzalez
Trevor Youngman
Jeremy Smith
2:07.92St George Episcopal
10.-Jake Fox
Joaquin Silva
Zack Shaffer
David Verrette
2:08.99St Luke's Episcopal
-Nico Gonzalez
Joshua Fernandez
Harrison Jansma
Nicholas Grimaldi
NTSt Anthony Catholic
-Ashton Arrington
Justin Driscoll
TJ Wilson
Andy Sharp
NTSan Marcos Baptist A...
-Michael Macha
Keith Joseph
Alex Smith
Jonathan Rico
DQCornerstone Christia...
-Relay Team NTSaenz (San Antonio)

4x400 Relay  7th and 8th Grade - Finals

1.-Andrew Kearse
Ramsey Sweatmon
Benjamin Holliday
Elijah Arnold
4:00.58FEAST Home School
2.-Anthony Escobar
Zachary Fernandez
Chris Macutchin
Raymond Hickson
4:12.07Holy Cross
3.7Kevin Dodson
Chris Malavolta
Jordan Foster
Clayton Christian
4:18.30San Antonio Christian
4.-Shuan Williams
Andre Clay
Bruce Lee
Jermaine Dotson
4:18.79Saenz (San Antonio)
5.-Michael Penner
Jake Diamond
Matt Pfluger
Brian Freeman
4:19.76Faith Academy of Mar...
6.-Alex Smith
Keith Joseph
Chad Tatum
Jonathan Rico
4:21.76Cornerstone Christia...
7.8Forrest Greenwalt
Lee Fuentes
Don Fidler
Patrick Wickham
4:25.37St George Episcopal
8.-Caleb Starnes
Cameron Ross
Levi Klinzemann
Graham Lawrence
4:34.06New Braunfels Christ...
9.-Zack Shaffer
Joaquin Silva
Enrique Corona
Charlie Soto
4:42.40St Luke's Episcopal
8Cotterell Jamison
Dodds Jared
Sullivan David
Baker Stephen
NTAustin Hill Country ...
-Ed Diaz
Nicholas Joyner
Joshua Fernandez
Jacob Parsons
NTSt Anthony Catholic
-Parker Allan
Dez Jackson
Andy Sharp
TJ Wilson
NTSan Marcos Baptist A...
-Relay Team NTSaenz (San Antonio)
-Relay Team NTGeneva

4x400 Relay  5th and 6th Grade - Finals

1.6Ben Silliman
Josh Re
Braden Smith
Andy Griffes
5:06.38San Antonio Christian
2.-Caleb Carnett
John David Chacon
Mark Mueller
Matthew Torvik
5:11.68FEAST Home School
3.-Brodie Brown
Dane Foster
Charlie Sinclair
Garrett Shake
6:17.18Brentwood Christian

DMR 1200-400-800-1600m  7th and 8th Grade - Finals

1.-Jacob Limas
Josh Re
Chris Malavolta
Clayton Christian
13:00.27San Antonio Christian
2.-Joshua Estrada
Paul Hernandez
Avery Jones
Kory Carnett
13:23.62FEAST Home School

High Jump  7th and 8th Grade - Finals

1.8Keith Joseph5-00.00Cornerstone Christia...
2.13-14Elijah Arnold4-10.00FEAST Home School
2.8Alex Smith4-10.00Cornerstone Christia...
4.8Levi Klinzemann4-08.00New Braunfels Christ...
4.8Jasek Shane4-08.00Austin Hill Country ...
4.13-14Kevin Carnett4-08.00FEAST Home School
7.8Cotterell Jamison4-06.00Austin Hill Country ...
7.7Mark Nava4-06.00Christian Academy of...
7.8Ed Diaz4-06.00St Anthony Catholic
10.-Kevin Rubio4-04.00Christian Academy of...
10.8Jacob Parsons4-04.00St Anthony Catholic
10.8Jake Diamond4-04.00Faith Academy of Mar...
13.7Whitlock Alex4-02.00Austin Hill Country ...
13.7Levi Day4-02.00FEAST Home School
13.7Kent Howell4-02.00Brentwood Christian
13.7Johnny Martinez4-02.00Legacy Christian Aca...
7Dominic RamosNHBrentwood Christian
7Anthony KiserNHSan Antonio Christian
7Chris MalavoltaNHSan Antonio Christian
8Chase PotterNHSan Antonio Christian
7Steven BaileyNHBrentwood Christian
8Justin DriscollNHSan Marcos Baptist A...
7Dez JacksonNHSan Marcos Baptist A...
7Ethan DreschnerNHSan Marcos Baptist A...
8Nick GonzabaNHSt Peter Prince of t...
8Austin MillsapNHSan Antonio Christian
8Forrest GreenwaltNHSt George Episcopal
8Seth McAnallyNHFaith Academy of Mar...
-Jesse GarciaNHChristian Academy of...
8Harrison JansmaNHSt Anthony Catholic

High Jump  5th and 6th Grade - Finals

1.5Brodie Brown4-00.00Brentwood Christian
2.11-12Caleb Carnett3-00.00FEAST Home School

Long Jump  7th and 8th Grade - Finals

1.13-14Elijah Arnold18-01.00FEAST Home School
2.8Baker Stephen15-07.00Austin Hill Country ...
3.7Levi Day15-06.50FEAST Home School
4.-Curtis Smith15-06.00Saenz (San Antonio)
5.8Cotterell Jamison15-01.00Austin Hill Country ...
7.7Michael Nava14-09.75Christian Academy of...
8.7Anthony Kiser14-05.50San Antonio Christian
9.8Brian Freeman14-03.50Faith Academy of Mar...
10.8Peter Cortez14-02.00St Peter Prince of t...
11.7Hutton Luke14-00.25Austin Hill Country ...
12.8Suanders Drukker14-00.00Geneva
13.13-14Kory Carnett13-10.50FEAST Home School
14.8Josh Reid13-10.00Faith Academy of Mar...
15.8Nick Gonzaba13-08.50St Peter Prince of t...
15.7Dominic Ramos13-08.50Brentwood Christian
17.8Joshua Fernandez13-08.00St Anthony Catholic
18.7Kent Howell13-07.50Brentwood Christian
19.7Isaiah Sierra13-05.25Christian Academy of...
20.7Ross Prado13-02.00San Antonio Christian
21.7Trevor Wilson13-01.75New Braunfels Christ...
22.8Christian Lipe13-00.00Geneva
23.8Michael Granado12-10.50St Anthony Catholic
24.7Caleb Starnes12-10.00New Braunfels Christ...
24.7Clayton Christian12-10.00San Antonio Christian
26.7Cameron Ross12-05.50New Braunfels Christ...
27.8Christopher Budde12-04.00Geneva
28.8Marcial Brock12-02.50Geneva
29.8John Gonzaba12-00.00St Peter Prince of t...
30.-Keenan Terricks11-08.25Saenz (San Antonio)
31.7Michael Penner11-07.75Faith Academy of Mar...
32.8Jacob Parsons11-06.50St Anthony Catholic
33.8Andrew Zellers11-06.00Faith Academy of Mar...
34.7Mitchell White11-05.00The Atonement Academy
35.8Sullivan David11-04.75Austin Hill Country ...
8Forrest GreenwaltNDSt George Episcopal
8Micah SmithNDSan Antonio Christian
13-14Kevin CarnettNDFEAST Home School
7Steven BaileyNDBrentwood Christian
8Brendan ValenciaNDSan Marcos Baptist A...
7Ethan DreschnerNDSan Marcos Baptist A...
8Hunter LyonNDSan Marcos Baptist A...

Long Jump  5th and 6th Grade - Finals

1.6Andy Griffes13-05.00San Antonio Christian
2.11-12Caleb Carnett12-04.00FEAST Home School
3.5Brodie Brown12-03.00Brentwood Christian
4.5Fabian DelToro11-10.00Christian Academy of...
5.-Mark Fryar11-06.75Christian Academy of...
6.5Cezar Iglesias11-05.50Christian Academy of...
7.6Anthony King11-02.50The Atonement Academy
8.11-12Christopher McCullough11-02.00FEAST Home School
9.6Carl Wegmann11-00.00Concordia Lutheran
11.5Dane Foster10-06.50Brentwood Christian
12.6Michael Trevino10-05.50The Atonement Academy
13.5Jacob Sily9-11.00Castle Hills First B...
14.-Kade Turner9-10.50Christian Academy of...
15.5Nicholas Pittner9-08.00Brentwood Christian
16.6Eduardo Marin8-04.00Castle Hills First B...
6Ryan StrongNDConcordia Lutheran
5Will SchulzeNDSt George Episcopal

Triple Jump  7th and 8th Grade - Finals

1.8Keith Joseph33-00.50Cornerstone Christia...
2.8Baker Stephen33-00.00Austin Hill Country ...
3.8Dodds Jared32-04.00Austin Hill Country ...
4.7Hutton Luke31-03.00Austin Hill Country ...
5.7Chris Malavolta29-07.00San Antonio Christian
6.8Brian Freeman29-05.50Faith Academy of Mar...
7.8Christopher Budde28-03.00Geneva
8.7Jacob Lewis27-09.00San Antonio Christian
9.8Christian Lipe26-04.00Geneva
10.8Jacob Limas25-03.00San Antonio Christian
11.7Ben Gerlinger20-06.00San Antonio Christian
8Drew MitchellNDSan Antonio Christian
-Curtis SmithNDSaenz (San Antonio)
8Brendan ValenciaNDSan Marcos Baptist A...
8Hunter LyonNDSan Marcos Baptist A...
7Ethan DreschnerNDSan Marcos Baptist A...
7Glace PrestonNDAustin Hill Country ...
7Meredith JustinNDAustin Hill Country ...
8Paul HernandezNDFEAST Home School

Triple Jump  5th and 6th Grade - Finals

2.5Fabian DelToro23-11.00Christian Academy of...
3.-Kade Turner21-05.00Christian Academy of...