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Coast Guard vs Springfield/Westfield State

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Coast Guard, New London

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Connecticut - NCAA
Coast Guard Academy
Massachusetts - NCAA
Westfield State
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrStephen Headley10.54aSpringfield
2.JrMatt Amendola11.02aSpringfield
3.JrMarc Gomes11.10aWestfield State
4.JrPat Bennett11.15aCoast Guard Academy
5.JrDan Lagdon11.41aCoast Guard Academy
6.SoMark Bruno11.44aSpringfield
7.SoKyle Thibodeau11.47aWestfield State
8.SoMike Burke11.76aCoast Guard Academy
9.JrDavid Benoit11.77aWestfield State
10.JrMark Amendolara11.96aCoast Guard Academy
11.FrPaul Essery11.96aWestfield State
12.FrEverett Brown11.99aCoast Guard Academy
13.FrThomas Meczywor12.01aWestfield State
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrMarc Gomes22.28aWestfield State
2.SrTodd Kittelson22.35aWestfield State
3.SoNickel Hay22.45aSpringfield
4.JrPat Bennett22.76aCoast Guard Academy
5.SrThomas Adams22.81aCoast Guard Academy
6.FrJames Flynn23.03aWestfield State
7.JrMatt Amendola23.11aSpringfield
8.SoMark Bruno23.16aSpringfield
9.SoKyle Thibodeau23.21aWestfield State
10.JrDan Lagdon23.46aCoast Guard Academy
11.SoDaniel Stahelski23.69aWestfield State
12.JrBrandon Wilbur23.74aSpringfield
13.FrRoland Paquette24.09aWestfield State
14.SoJoseph Chevalier24.15aCoast Guard Academy
15.JrMark Amendolara24.31aCoast Guard Academy
16.FrPaul Essery24.65aWestfield State
17.FrEverett Brown25.00aCoast Guard Academy
18.FrMichael Leath25.03aCoast Guard Academy
19.FrThomas Meczywor25.23aWestfield State
20.FrChris Monacelli25.40aCoast Guard Academy
21.FrAlex Stewart26.36aCoast Guard Academy
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoChristopher Quetant50.02aSpringfield
2.SoKevin Behlmer50.86aSpringfield
3.SoDavid Boyle50.99aCoast Guard Academy
4.SoJosh Wofford51.04aCoast Guard Academy
5.SrTodd Kittelson51.06aWestfield State
6.FrJames Flynn51.20aWestfield State
7.SoDaniel Stahelski51.91aWestfield State
8.SoTom Brognano52.01aSpringfield
9.FrRoland Paquette52.14aWestfield State
10.SoDan Miller52.52aCoast Guard Academy
11.JrBrandon Wilbur54.04aSpringfield
12.SoJoseph Chevalier54.06aCoast Guard Academy
13.JrMicah Knight54.64aCoast Guard Academy
14.FrMichael Leath54.65aCoast Guard Academy
15.FrChris Monacelli56.81aCoast Guard Academy
16.FrAlex Stewart56.95aCoast Guard Academy
17.-Kevin Yen57.72aCoast Guard Academy
18.-Pat Collins1:01.28aCoast Guard Academy
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrPatrick Fernandez2:00.21aCoast Guard Academy
2.FrAdam Sickler2:00.43aSpringfield
3.FrBret Morris2:01.57aCoast Guard Academy
4.JrChristopher Mantos2:03.98aWestfield State
5.SoAndrew Price2:04.99aCoast Guard Academy
6.FrGreg Coleman2:05.31aSpringfield
7.FrAaron Michel2:05.81aSpringfield
8.SoChris Marquis2:06.15aCoast Guard Academy
9.FrRyan Allison2:06.36aSpringfield
10.FrDan Wood2:06.44aWestfield State
11.FrJames Hurtt2:07.62aCoast Guard Academy
12.FrTrevor Auth2:08.08aCoast Guard Academy
13.FrKenneth Link2:08.11aCoast Guard Academy
14.SoScott Nichols2:08.27aCoast Guard Academy
15.FrBrian Lanciault2:09.29aWestfield State
16.FrMyles McCarthy2:10.05aCoast Guard Academy
17.FrCharles Hall2:10.42aCoast Guard Academy
18.JrPat Brothers2:10.73aWestfield State
19.JrAdam Stanek2:11.17aCoast Guard Academy
20.FrThomas Moriarity2:14.07aWestfield State
21.SoCory Fagan2:14.55aCoast Guard Academy
22.FrAdam Charbonneau2:14.66aWestfield State
23.JrWilliam Van Cleave2:14.99aCoast Guard Academy
24.FrTrevor Siperek2:15.39aCoast Guard Academy
25.-Abraham Sifakis2:16.51aCoast Guard Academy
26.SoKevin O'Brien2:17.20aWestfield State
27.FrChris Martinez2:17.30aCoast Guard Academy
28.FrAlexander Cropley2:18.08aCoast Guard Academy
29.JrSven Johnson2:19.71aCoast Guard Academy
30.SoJoseph Hill2:22.59aCoast Guard Academy
31.FrMark Zanowicz2:23.26aCoast Guard Academy
32.FrJesuar Smith2:24.16aCoast Guard Academy
33.JrJohn Lapinel2:24.49aCoast Guard Academy
34.JrChase Feller2:26.60aCoast Guard Academy
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrPatrick Fernandez4:02.55aCoast Guard Academy
2.SrMichael Griffin4:04.03aSpringfield
3.SoStephen Creamer4:11.39aSpringfield
4.SoAndrew Price4:14.10aCoast Guard Academy
5.FrPatrick Regan4:14.41aWestfield State
6.SoChris Marquis4:16.68aCoast Guard Academy
7.SoTroy French4:17.65aSpringfield
8.SoCollin Plante4:18.90aSpringfield
9.SoScott Nichols4:20.81aCoast Guard Academy
10.FrMyles McCarthy4:25.96aCoast Guard Academy
11.FrTrevor Auth4:26.42aCoast Guard Academy
12.SoCory Fagan4:26.71aCoast Guard Academy
13.FrTrevor Siperek4:26.75aCoast Guard Academy
14.JrAdam Stanek4:29.51aCoast Guard Academy
15.SoMichael McPartlin4:35.43aWestfield State
16.FrMark Zanowicz4:40.19aCoast Guard Academy
17.SoJoseph Hill4:40.68aCoast Guard Academy
18.JrJohn Lapinel4:55.28aCoast Guard Academy
19.JrChase Feller5:13.49aCoast Guard Academy
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoBrian Fuller15:13.20aSpringfield
2.SrMichael Haas15:29.65aCoast Guard Academy
3.FrJonathan Joyce15:33.52aWestfield State
4.SrZachariah Henninghausen15:45.32aCoast Guard Academy
5.SrMatt Eyler15:46.40aCoast Guard Academy
6.SrPhilip Gingras15:54.02aWestfield State
7.FrKevin O'Brien16:01.10aCoast Guard Academy
8.JrMichael Mrkvicka16:02.93aCoast Guard Academy
9.SoNathanael Crum16:09.08aCoast Guard Academy
10.JrKevin Sorrell16:27.18aCoast Guard Academy
11.SoDaniel Haryasz16:43.82aWestfield State
12.JrGreg Seery17:13.74aWestfield State
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMichael Chapin16.22aWestfield State
2.SoDylan Zukowski16.26aWestfield State
3.SoMike Burke17.02aCoast Guard Academy
4.SoChristopher Kerr17.15aWestfield State
5.SoRyan Proper17.99aSpringfield
6.JrPatrick Rowan18.22aSpringfield
7.FrChris Kaufmann18.31aSpringfield
8.SoDavid DiRico18.39aWestfield State
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKyle Coleman56.89aCoast Guard Academy
2.SoMichael Chapin58.71aWestfield State
3.SrAndres Luai59.91aCoast Guard Academy
4.FrChris Kaufmann1:00.13aSpringfield
5.FrBobby Ceurvels1:00.48aWestfield State
6.SoDavid DiRico1:00.48aWestfield State
7.SoDylan Zukowski1:00.62aWestfield State
8.FrShane Hogan1:02.31aWestfield State
9.JrKyle Burgess1:02.44aWestfield State
10.SoRyan Proper1:03.42aSpringfield
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKyle Moriarty10:15.76aSpringfield
2.SrJustin Ludwig10:22.73aSpringfield
3.JrJohn Beaulieu11:02.38aWestfield State
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Matt Amendola
Tom Brognano
Nickel Hay
Steve Headley
2.-James Flynn
Todd Kittelson
Scott Barschdorf
Marc Gomes
42.89aWestfield State
3.-Matt Tolliver
Josh Wofford
Pat Bennett
Thomas Adams
43.96aCoast Guard Academy
4.-Relay Team 45.86aWestfield State
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-David Boyle
Josh Wofford
Kyle Coleman
Thomas Adams
3:27.03aCoast Guard Academy
2.-Pat Brothers
Christopher Mantos
Daniel Stahelski
Roland Paquette
3:33.84aWestfield State
3.-Micah Knight
Joseph Chevalier
Andres Luai
Dan Miller
3:37.77aCoast Guard Academy
4.-Michael Leath
Kenneth Link
Bret Morris
Chris Monacelli
3:38.19aCoast Guard Academy
5.-Relay Team 3:38.98aSpringfield
6.-John Lannon
Shane Hogan
Paul Essery
Kyle Burgess
3:49.48aWestfield State
7.-Patrick Regan
Michael McPartlin
Adam Charbonneau
Brian Lanciault
3:50.82aWestfield State
---Collin Plante
Ryan Allison
Patrick Rowan
Christopher Quetant
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJovaney Toledo45-05.00Westfield State
2.JrCarl Stokes41-03.75Coast Guard Academy
3.SrNathan Landry40-11.75Westfield State
4.SrAndrew Kauffman40-11.50Coast Guard Academy
5.SoNick Hogan38-07.50Springfield
6.SoPat Page38-07.00Coast Guard Academy
7.FrJohn Fredrickson38-02.00Springfield
8.FrFrank Spinelli35-11.25Springfield
9.FrKemron Beache33-02.50Coast Guard Academy
10.JrPatrick Rowan27-08.75Springfield
--SoMatthew LaPanNDWestfield State
--SoJonathan NardiNDSpringfield
X Discus - 2kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrCarl Stokes43.18mCoast Guard Academy
2.SrAndrew Kauffman41.96mCoast Guard Academy
3.SrJovaney Toledo37.37mWestfield State
4.SoJoshua Gilcoine35.71mWestfield State
5.JrAnthony Stomski34.68mWestfield State
6.SoNick Hogan34.40mSpringfield
7.SoPat Page33.89mCoast Guard Academy
8.SoJonathan Nardi32.18mSpringfield
9.SoMatthew LaPan32.13mWestfield State
10.FrJohn Fredrickson32.07mSpringfield
11.SoKevin O'Brien30.66mWestfield State
12.FrSean Hipe29.66mCoast Guard Academy
13.FrKemron Beache29.65mCoast Guard Academy
14.FrFrank Spinelli28.07mSpringfield
15.SrCortland Gazda26.20mCoast Guard Academy
16.SoDevin Adams24.76mCoast Guard Academy
17.SoDan Alley19.14mCoast Guard Academy
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.JrTyler Merchant55.02mWestfield State
2.FrJustin Toussaint53.95mSpringfield
3.SoAl Kealy51.91mCoast Guard Academy
4.SoStephan Skribiski50.41mWestfield State
5.SoChristopher Kerr49.94mWestfield State
6.FrBrian Hartin47.98mWestfield State
7.FrGreg Coleman42.44mSpringfield
8.SoAlex Fallon41.37mSpringfield
9.SoKyle Coleman38.87mCoast Guard Academy
10.JrPatrick Rowan33.26mSpringfield
11.SoDan Shockey33.18mCoast Guard Academy
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJohn Jaskot6-01.25Coast Guard Academy
2.SrTyler Ashner6-01.25Coast Guard Academy
3.SoKyle Coleman5-11.25Coast Guard Academy
4.SoJevon James5-07.25Coast Guard Academy
5.JrDavid Benoit5-05.25Westfield State
6.JrChad Shields5-03.25Coast Guard Academy
--JrPatrick RowanNHSpringfield
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJordan Kellam13-03.00Coast Guard Academy
2.JrMike Gordon11-09.00Coast Guard Academy
2.FrKyle Brown11-09.00Springfield
4.FrJohn Lannon10-09.00Westfield State
5.FrPeter Imbriale10-02.75Coast Guard Academy
6.JrRyan Cassidy10-02.75Coast Guard Academy
--FrAnthony SignarelloNHCoast Guard Academy
--SoJohn KoziatekNHSpringfield
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoCarl Luxhoj7.04mCoast Guard Academy
2.SoMatt Tolliver6.30mCoast Guard Academy
3.JrMike Hibert6.16mWestfield State
4.FrDylan Brock6.15mSpringfield
5.FrTimothy Concannon5.80mWestfield State
6.JrPatrick Rowan5.76mSpringfield
7.JrChad Shields5.67mCoast Guard Academy
8.SoJosh Wofford5.53mCoast Guard Academy
9.SoJevon James5.38mCoast Guard Academy
10.JrNick Jokela4.97mCoast Guard Academy
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoCarl Luxhoj14.15mCoast Guard Academy
2.JrBrandon Palmer12.89mWestfield State
3.SoMatt Tolliver12.74mCoast Guard Academy
4.SrTyler Ashner12.54mCoast Guard Academy
5.SoJohn Jaskot11.80mCoast Guard Academy
6.FrBobby Ceurvels11.78mWestfield State
7.JrVijay Saxena11.02mSpringfield
--FrTimothy ConcannonFOULWestfield State
X Hammer - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrNathan Landry50.67mWestfield State
2.JrAnthony Stomski46.15mWestfield State
3.FrTim Bonner41.22mCoast Guard Academy
4.SoDevin Adams40.77mCoast Guard Academy
5.SrJovaney Toledo40.32mWestfield State
6.SoNick Hogan37.10mSpringfield
7.SrCortland Gazda36.56mCoast Guard Academy
8.SoPat Page36.14mCoast Guard Academy
9.FrFrank Spinelli33.74mSpringfield
10.SoMatthew LaPan32.07mWestfield State
11.FrJohn Fredrickson31.81mSpringfield

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrNikki Hay12.30aSpringfield
2.SrChanel Lee13.03aCoast Guard Academy
3.FrLaura Poore13.25aWestfield State
4.SoJenna Carchedi13.51aWestfield State
5.FrJennifer Simao13.58aWestfield State
6.JrMegan Libon13.62aSpringfield
7.SrClaire Glabach13.64aWestfield State
8.SoLaura Delgado13.71aCoast Guard Academy
9.SrStephanie Baker13.86aWestfield State
10.SoKelcie Gildea14.08aWestfield State
11.FrDeborah Faustin14.13aWestfield State
12.FrKathryn Peek14.15aCoast Guard Academy
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrNikki Hay25.42aSpringfield
2.JrNicole Reynolds27.29aSpringfield
3.FrLaura Poore27.29aWestfield State
4.SoKathryn Schumann27.62aSpringfield
5.SrDana Tomc27.95aCoast Guard Academy
6.SoJennifer Joy28.38aSpringfield
7.SoLaura Delgado28.48aCoast Guard Academy
8.SrEva Gibson-Mueller28.56aSpringfield
9.SrClaire Glabach28.64aWestfield State
10.FrJasmin Elliott28.87aCoast Guard Academy
11.SoMargaret Kratz29.15aCoast Guard Academy
12.SoKelcie Gildea29.20aWestfield State
13.FrJennifer Simao29.59aWestfield State
14.FrKathryn Peek29.67aCoast Guard Academy
15.SrK.C. Gaudette29.69aCoast Guard Academy
16.JrMegan Libon29.71aSpringfield
17.FrKaitlyn Barth30.12aWestfield State
18.-Danielle Stabinski33.58aSpringfield
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoEmily Zalewski1:01.08aCoast Guard Academy
2.SoKathryn Schumann1:01.58aSpringfield
3.SrDana Tomc1:02.41aCoast Guard Academy
4.SoJennifer Joy1:03.63aSpringfield
5.SoAlaina Kiskaddon1:04.08aCoast Guard Academy
6.JrNicole Reynolds1:04.38aSpringfield
7.SoMargaret Kratz1:05.35aCoast Guard Academy
8.SrK.C. Gaudette1:05.57aCoast Guard Academy
9.SoAmy Tow1:11.29aCoast Guard Academy
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLacey Cartier2:25.58aSpringfield
2.JrEmma Lang2:29.34aSpringfield
3.FrMichelle Mirti2:31.71aSpringfield
4.FrAlexandra Mustardo2:33.52aSpringfield
5.SrCharlotte Delorey2:38.57aCoast Guard Academy
6.SoJennifer Lucey2:42.96aWestfield State
7.FrElizabeth Abate2:45.33aWestfield State
8.SoLauren Hohenberger2:45.39aCoast Guard Academy
9.FrKatie Schumacher2:45.81aCoast Guard Academy
10.FrIvanna Bertin2:45.98aCoast Guard Academy
11.FrSarah Croft2:50.19aSpringfield
12.FrRebecca Rebar2:50.46aCoast Guard Academy
13.SoJenna Kydd2:51.47aWestfield State
14.JrLaura Gadziala2:53.06aCoast Guard Academy
15.SoMia Reizun3:01.90aCoast Guard Academy
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLacey Cartier4:58.73aSpringfield
2.JrKerry Arouca5:04.21aWestfield State
3.JrTessa Knott5:08.85aCoast Guard Academy
4.FrMichelle Mirti5:17.02aSpringfield
5.FrMarissa Bonito5:19.49aWestfield State
6.FrKatie Schumacher5:29.43aCoast Guard Academy
7.JrLaura Gadziala5:41.00aCoast Guard Academy
8.FrSarah Croft5:41.26aSpringfield
9.SoTiffany Rozenas5:41.52aSpringfield
10.JrJennifer Daniels5:45.04aWestfield State
11.FrIvanna Bertin5:51.14aCoast Guard Academy
12.JrKate Cennamo6:02.17aWestfield State
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMarianne Mealy18:52.52aWestfield State
2.SrHeather Wiencko20:05.42aWestfield State
3.FrLindsey Eby20:11.19aSpringfield
4.JrBryce Van Cleef20:31.62aCoast Guard Academy
5.SoRachel DiMattia21:27.06aSpringfield
6.SoMolly Powell23:26.02aSpringfield
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrChanel Lee16.60aCoast Guard Academy
2.SrMarlee Berg16.64aWestfield State
3.JrCatherine Croce17.47aSpringfield
4.JrJani Springer17.79aSpringfield
5.JrLeah Martel17.83aWestfield State
6.-Danielle Stabinski21.45aSpringfield
7.FrJulie Moise22.24aSpringfield
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMarlee Berg1:07.46aWestfield State
2.JrCatherine Croce1:13.12aSpringfield
3.SoKim Conant1:14.74aWestfield State
4.JrCaitlin Handcock1:15.70aWestfield State
5.JrLeah Martel1:19.49aWestfield State
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.SoSelina Welles13:26.17aWestfield State
2.SoAmanda Mullen13:52.17aSpringfield
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 49.72aSpringfield
2.-Laura Poore
Marlee Berg
Claire Glabach
Jenn Simao
52.36aWestfield State
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Emily Zalewski
Margaret Kratz
Dana Tomc
KC Gaudette
4:16.28aCoast Guard Academy
2.-Joy Jennifer
Lacey Cartier
Kathryn Schumann
Nicole Reynolds
3.-Stephanie Baker
Kaitlyn Barth
Kelcie Gildea
Caitlin Handcock
4:33.27aWestfield State
4.-Tessa Knott
Colin Fall
Rebecca Rebar
Bryce Van Cleef
4:35.72aCoast Guard Academy
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrFatima Rose38-02.25Springfield
2.FrMichelle Angelo35-06.75Springfield
3.SoRachel Keyworth32-09.75Springfield
4.JrAnne Jefferson32-01.50Coast Guard Academy
5.SoRachel Ryan31-10.25Westfield State
6.SrKelsey Bishop31-05.25Springfield
7.JrAlexandra Brandt31-01.75Westfield State
8.JrVal Massa29-11.50Westfield State
9.SoKristin Krasinskas29-06.00Springfield
10.JrAlyssa Clark24-11.25Springfield
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAnne Jefferson36.05mCoast Guard Academy
2.SoRachel Keyworth34.66mSpringfield
3.JrJillian Monahan33.32mWestfield State
4.FrElizabeth Abate30.56mWestfield State
5.FrAmanda Cost30.55mCoast Guard Academy
6.SrKelsey Bishop30.27mSpringfield
7.SoJess Anderson29.76mCoast Guard Academy
8.FrMichelle Angelo28.86mSpringfield
9.SoRachel Ryan28.15mWestfield State
10.SoLindsay Edwards27.84mSpringfield
11.JrAlexandra Brandt26.91mWestfield State
12.FrFatima Rose26.00mSpringfield
13.JrAlyssa Clark22.90mSpringfield
14.SoCaitlin Webb19.78mWestfield State
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJennifer Simao32.79mWestfield State
2.SoRachel Ryan31.93mWestfield State
3.SrMary Morgan29.60mCoast Guard Academy
4.SrStephanie Baker26.01mWestfield State
5.JrJani Springer25.32mSpringfield
6.FrMichelle Angelo21.66mSpringfield
7.SrMaureen Jones21.38mWestfield State
8.FrStephanie Antonietti15.92mCoast Guard Academy
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKayla Robertson5-03.00Springfield
2.JrCaitlin Handcock5-01.00Westfield State
3.SrPatty Van Cleave4-09.00Coast Guard Academy
4.SrMeghan Karagiozis4-07.00Westfield State
4.JrLeah Martel4-07.00Westfield State
6.SoTiffany Rozenas4-07.00Springfield
7.SoJen Midyette4-01.25Coast Guard Academy
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKathryn Schumann8-09.00Springfield
2.SoJenna Kydd8-03.25Westfield State
3.SoMia Saimeri7-09.25Springfield
4.SrKelsey Teal7-09.25Westfield State
5.FrHadley Santos7-09.25Westfield State
6.JrClaire Delanoy7-03.25Coast Guard Academy
--SoJess AndersonNHCoast Guard Academy
--SoHeather PerkinsNHWestfield State
--FrNicolle LouraNHSpringfield
--FrJulie MoiseNHSpringfield
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrNikki Hay5.60mSpringfield
2.FrCherelle Allen5.29mSpringfield
3.FrKaren Dowe4.86mWestfield State
4.JrJani Springer4.80mSpringfield
5.SoJennifer Joy4.51mSpringfield
6.FrKaitlyn Barth4.42mWestfield State
7.-Danielle Stabinski3.96mSpringfield
8.SoBrittany Guerrera3.79mSpringfield
9.SoJen Midyette3.63mCoast Guard Academy
--FrDeborah FaustinFOULWestfield State
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrNikki Hay11.11mSpringfield
2.FrCherelle Allen10.95mSpringfield
3.SrKayla Robertson10.45mSpringfield
4.FrKaren Dowe10.24mWestfield State
5.FrLaura Poore10.19mWestfield State
6.FrKaitlyn Barth9.34mWestfield State
7.SrMeghan Karagiozis9.12mWestfield State
8.SoKim Conant9.05mWestfield State
9.SrPatty Van Cleave8.87mCoast Guard Academy
--FrDeborah FaustinNDWestfield State
--SoBrittany GuerreraNDSpringfield
X Hammer - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKelsey Bishop48.75mSpringfield
2.FrFatima Rose41.08mSpringfield
3.SoRachel Keyworth34.56mSpringfield
4.JrAnne Jefferson32.85mCoast Guard Academy
5.SoLindsay Edwards31.35mSpringfield
6.SrMaureen Jones27.91mWestfield State
7.SoRachel Ryan27.40mWestfield State
8.JrAlyssa Clark21.93mSpringfield
9.SoKristin Krasinskas19.27mSpringfield
--JrVal MassaFOULWestfield State
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