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TAPPS 1A District 1-District 2

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Clark Stadium, Fort Worth

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - A - Finals
1.12Adam Gilbreath11.38aThe Fulton      
2.11Chris Polk11.51aChristway      
3.11Kolby Burns11.60aChristway      
4.12Aaron Smith11.91aChristway      
5.12Roderick Reed12.00aFellowship Academy      
6.12Michael Nichols12.16aCovenant Classical      
7.10Jacob Collins12.18aFellowship Academy      
8.10Josh Conley12.20aWichita Christian      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.12Nico Bourgeois11.16aCovenant Christian      
2.10Miller Brock11.54aSan Jacinto Christian      
3.10Jordan Hoffman12.14aLubbock Christian      
4.12Justin Russell12.32aLubbock Christian      
5.12Jordan Ortiz12.43aBethesda Christian      
6.11Stephen Somers12.49aLubbock Christian      
7.12Minh Nguyen12.58aLake Country Christian      
8.9Jonathon Venables12.93aPantego Christian      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - A - Prelims
1.12Adam Gilbreath11.50aThe Fulton      
2.11Kolby Burns11.60aChristway      
3.11Chris Polk11.72aChristway      
4.10Josh Conley11.80aWichita Christian      
5.12Aaron Smith12.07aChristway      
6.10Jacob Collins12.08aFellowship Academy      
7.12Roderick Reed12.11aFellowship Academy      
8.12Michael Nichols12.18aCovenant Classical      
9.10Josh Hunt12.21aTyler Street Christi...      
10.9Cristian Ponce12.38aTyler Street Christi...      
10.10Grant Hardaway12.38aFellowship Academy      
12.12Kameron Richards12.40aPlainview Christian      
13.10Eyan Scott12.49aBalch Springs Christ...      
14.10Hasan Rabah12.54aThe Fulton      
15.10Henry Eckels12.59aCovenant Classical      
16.9Quest Washington12.68aTyler Street Christi...      
17.10Dayton Hunn12.74aNorthstar      
17.11Trip Roberts12.74aWichita Christian      
19.11Cameron Polaski12.80aVictory Life      
20.11Jarrett Whyrick12.99aWichita Christian      
21.11Josue Flores13.00aBalch Springs Christ...      
22.10Andy Nichols13.13aCovenant Classical      
23.9Tim Guerra13.25aChrist the King      
24.12Corey Roundtree13.32aChrist the King      
25.11Jacob Zybstosky13.43aBalch Springs Christ...      
26.10Calvin Leatherwood14.12aChrist the King      
27.9Chase Gibbs14.57aParkview Christian      
28.9Austin Ploetz15.51aNorthstar      
29.12Nick Reddy15.78aPlainview Christian      
9Milan RabahNTThe Fulton      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - AAA - Prelims
1.12Nico Bourgeois11.12aCovenant Christian      
2.10Miller Brock11.41aSan Jacinto Christian      
3.10Jordan Hoffman12.02aLubbock Christian      
4.12Jordan Ortiz12.15aBethesda Christian      
5.12Justin Russell12.23aLubbock Christian      
6.9Jonathon Venables12.29aPantego Christian      
7.11Stephen Somers12.35aLubbock Christian      
8.12Minh Nguyen12.48aLake Country Christian      
9.9Marcus Urich12.67aSan Jacinto Christian      
10.9Everitt Lodics12.69aPantego Christian      
11.10Nathan Day13.40aBethesda Christian      
10Jake QuatrochiNTCovenant Christian      
9Justin LeeNTPantego Christian      
12Jason AdamsNTLake Country Christian      
10Brandon KnowlesNTSan Jacinto Christian      
9A.J. JulsaintNTLake Country Christian      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - A - Finals
1.11Jamil Givens24.06aStoneGate Christian ...      
2.11James Richardson24.63aHeritage Classical A...      
3.11Brian King25.08aTyler Street Christi...      
4.10Ethan Coonce25.13aFellowship Academy      
5.10Jesse Milburn25.28aFellowship Academy      
6.10Eyan Scott25.99aBalch Springs Christ...      
7.10Grant Hardaway26.13aFellowship Academy      
12Adam GilbreathNTThe Fulton      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.12Andy Mitchell23.46aCovenant Christian      
2.12Elliot Allison23.70aCalvary      
3.12Jason Adams23.85aLake Country Christian      
4.12Kenny Jones24.28aCalvary      
5.9Jesse Hill24.50aLubbock Christian      
6.10Joe McGuire24.53aSan Jacinto Christian      
7.11Jackson Taylor25.93aCovenant Christian      
8.10Brock Hooten26.12aLubbock Christian      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - A - Prelims
1.11Jamil Givens23.11aStoneGate Christian ...      
2.11James Richardson23.73aHeritage Classical A...      
3.10Jesse Milburn23.85aFellowship Academy      
4.12Adam Gilbreath23.86aThe Fulton      
5.10Ethan Coonce24.25aFellowship Academy      
6.11Brian King24.46aTyler Street Christi...      
7.10Grant Hardaway24.95aFellowship Academy      
8.10Eyan Scott25.13aBalch Springs Christ...      
10.10Hasan Rabah25.79aThe Fulton      
11.11Jordan Saiz25.97aChrist the King      
12.11Josue Flores26.17aBalch Springs Christ...      
13.10Andy Nichols26.20aCovenant Classical      
9.10Dayton Hunn26.0Northstar      
14.11Cameron Polaski26.64aVictory Life      
15.10Matthew Lopez-Ramos26.67aChrist the King      
16.9Quest Washington26.86aTyler Street Christi...      
17.9Hudson Miller26.93aCovenant Classical      
18.9Michael Taylor27.57aVictory Life      
19.9Kyle Axtell28.5Northstar      
20.11Jacob Zybstosky29.17aBalch Springs Christ...      
21.9Scott Toner30.17aCovenant Classical      
22.9Thomas Stauffer31.2Northstar      
23.12Nick Reddy31.79aPlainview Christian      
12Corey RoundtreeNTChrist the King      
11Trip RobertsNTWichita Christian      
10Josh ConleyNTWichita Christian      
9Chase GibbsNTParkview Christian      
9Milan RabahNTThe Fulton      
11Monta YoungNTTyler Street Christi...      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - AAA - Prelims
1.12Elliot Allison23.46aCalvary      
2.12Andy Mitchell23.73aCovenant Christian      
3.12Jason Adams23.88aLake Country Christian      
4.12Kenny Jones23.92aCalvary      
5.9Jesse Hill24.18aLubbock Christian      
6.10Joe McGuire24.65aSan Jacinto Christian      
7.11Jackson Taylor25.39aCovenant Christian      
8.10Brock Hooten25.53aLubbock Christian      
9.9A.J. Julsaint25.55aLake Country Christian      
10.11Brett Farrow25.77aPantego Christian      
11.12Minh Nguyen25.80aLake Country Christian      
12.9Everitt Lodics26.07aPantego Christian      
13.9Jonathon Venables26.45aPantego Christian      
14.12Jordan Ortiz27.02aBethesda Christian      
15.11Braden Towns27.55aLubbock Christian      
16.10Nathan Day28.45aBethesda Christian      
10Jake QuatrochiNTCovenant Christian      
10Josh GarciaNTSan Jacinto Christian      
10Brandon KnowlesNTSan Jacinto Christian      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - A - Finals
1.10Eyan Scott58.96aBalch Springs Christ...      
2.12Michael Nichols58.97aCovenant Classical      
3.9Yazer Navarrete1:00.11aTyler Street Christi...      
4.12Beno Scott1:00.68aHeritage Classical A...      
5.11Cameron Polaski1:01.64aVictory Life      
6.9Caleb Hunt1:02.73aTyler Street Christi...      
7.10Matthew Lopez-Ramos1:04.55aChrist the King      
8.9Tyler McDaniel1:07.98aVictory Life      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.12Jason Adams53.78aLake Country Christian      
2.12Blake Clark54.81aLubbock Christian      
3.11Johnny Townsend56.01aCovenant Christian      
4.10Joe South56.21aCalvary      
5.9Jalen Moore59.55aLubbock Christian      
6.9Jacob Roark1:00.08aLubbock Christian      
9A.J. JulsaintNTLake Country Christian      
10Joseph HaydenNTLake Country Christian      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - A - Prelims
1.9Yazer Navarrete57.82aTyler Street Christi...      
2.10Eyan Scott59.21aBalch Springs Christ...      
3.12Beno Scott1:00.43aHeritage Classical A...      
4.11Cameron Polaski1:01.41aVictory Life      
5.10Matthew Lopez-Ramos1:01.56aChrist the King      
6.12Michael Nichols1:01.61aCovenant Classical      
7.9Caleb Hunt1:01.83aTyler Street Christi...      
8.9Tyler McDaniel1:03.75aVictory Life      
9.11Hayford Kartay1:04.08aChristway      
10.10Jacob Collins1:05.33aFellowship Academy      
11.9JP Crenshaw1:06.27aParkview Christian      
12.10Aaron Arvello1:06.77aHeritage Classical A...      
13.10Calvin Leatherwood1:07.47aChrist the King      
14.11Jacob Zybstosky1:07.89aBalch Springs Christ...      
15.10Chris Collier1:10.54aFellowship Academy      
16.9Harrison Cleek1:10.60aThe Fulton      
17.9Dylan Elkins1:12.02aChristway      
18.11Brian Tiffee1:12.28aThe Fulton      
19.10Brett Steffen1:13.21aThe Fulton      
20.10Joel Skipworth1:14.19aWichita Christian      
21.9Jake Spencer1:15.39aBalch Springs Christ...      
22.10Trey Brumley1:17.18aWichita Christian      
23.9Justin Toliver1:18.93aTyler Street Christi...      
24.9Robert Ganann1:22.84aNorthstar      
11Theo LongNTFellowship Academy      
9Justin StinnettNTChristway      
10Tyler SchepplerNTChrist the King      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - AAA - Prelims
1.12Blake Clark54.22aLubbock Christian      
2.10Joseph Hayden54.76aLake Country Christian      
3.12Jason Adams55.27aLake Country Christian      
4.10Joe South55.59aCalvary      
5.11Johnny Townsend55.68aCovenant Christian      
6.9A.J. Julsaint57.16aLake Country Christian      
7.9Jalen Moore59.00aLubbock Christian      
8.9Jacob Roark59.60aLubbock Christian      
9.12Jordan Ortiz59.66aBethesda Christian      
10.9Jordan Black1:03.63aCovenant Christian      
11.9Mario LoZano1:04.87aBethesda Christian      
12.9Alden White1:04.99aPantego Christian      
13.10Kelton Ponder1:05.06aPantego Christian      
14.10Nathan Day1:05.63aBethesda Christian      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - A - Finals
9Ryan Klenzendorf64.5Northstar      
9AJ Knickerbocker65.2Northstar      
9Kyle Axtell68.7Northstar      
9Thomas Stauffer71.8Northstar      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - A - Finals
1.12Cam Aberle2:12.72aChrist the King      
2.10Tyler Scheppler2:22.53aChrist the King      
3.9Yazer Navarrete2:26.26aTyler Street Christi...      
4.9Caleb Hunt2:29.60aTyler Street Christi...      
5.9Anthony Belli2:30.85aVictory Life      
6.11Judah Collins2:33.24aFellowship Academy      
7.9AJ Knickerbocker2:36.99aNorthstar      
8.9Tyler McDaniel2:41.44aVictory Life      
9.9Ryan Klenzendorf2:42.48aNorthstar      
10.9Jake Spencer2:47.08aBalch Springs Christ...      
11.9Dylan Elkins2:48.05aChristway      
12.9Richard Shaver2:52.12aChrist the King      
13.9Harrison Cleek2:52.77aThe Fulton      
14.11Brian Tiffee2:57.46aThe Fulton      
15.9Robert Ganann3:17.21aNorthstar      
11Juan FuentesNTBalch Springs Christ...      
10Ariel SosaNTBalch Springs Christ...      
10Chris CollierNTFellowship Academy      
10Ryan CooperNTFellowship Academy      
9Zach PerryNTWichita Christian      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.9Reeve Nettles2:22.86aSan Jacinto Christian      
2.10Colin Price2:23.90aPantego Christian      
3.9Brandon Harman2:24.20aBethesda Christian      
4.9Martin Solis2:31.69aPantego Christian      
5.9Mario LoZano2:42.76aBethesda Christian      
6.9Zachary Brace2:43.82aBethesda Christian      
7.9Cody Anderson3:02.87aLake Country Christian      
9Jacob RoarkNTLubbock Christian      
11Grant OviattNTCovenant Christian      
12Ben JonesNTPantego Christian      
10Nathan YawnNTLake Country Christian      
12Blake ClarkNTLubbock Christian      
12Joey AdamsNTCalvary      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - A - Finals
1.12Roderick Reed5:33.42aFellowship Academy      
2.10Jason Saiz5:45.84aChrist the King      
3.9Joseph Pekowski6:02.29aChrist the King      
4.9Ryan Klenzendorf6:11.23aNorthstar      
5.10Morgan Hagood6:20.94aParkview Christian      
6.10Kendall Johnson6:27.78aThe Fulton      
7.11Caleb Coronado6:28.55aVictory Life      
8.9Anthony Belli6:50.87aVictory Life      
9.10Tyler Johnson7:19.21aThe Fulton      
10.9Richard Shaver7:25.30aChrist the King      
11.9Stewart Drahiem7:30.31aThe Fulton      
12.12Rafael Villegas7:48.23aTyler Street Christi...      
13.10Trey Brumley7:51.45aWichita Christian      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.12Cameron Hutchison5:07.49aCovenant Christian      
2.12Jake Heffley5:17.11aCovenant Christian      
3.9Zachary Winger5:38.98aBethesda Christian      
4.9Brandon Harman5:42.45aBethesda Christian      
5.10Madison Ross5:50.11aCalvary      
6.9Zachary Brace5:50.66aBethesda Christian      
7.12Niraj Patel5:56.46aLubbock Christian      
8.9Connor Bryant5:59.96aLubbock Christian      
9.9Martin Solis6:13.24aPantego Christian      
10.12Tyler Bagley6:38.45aSan Jacinto Christian      
11.9Cody Anderson7:14.06aLake Country Christian      
11Grant OviattNTCovenant Christian      
10Nathan YawnNTLake Country Christian      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - A - Finals
1.10Jason Saiz12:07.67aChrist the King      
2.9Joseph Pekowski13:06.78aChrist the King      
3.10Clint Hagood13:31.39aParkview Christian      
4.10Kendall Johnson13:35.38aThe Fulton      
5.10Ryan Cooper14:40.86aFellowship Academy      
6.12Rafael Villegas15:13.00aTyler Street Christi...      
7.9Stewart Drahiem15:27.00aThe Fulton      
8.10Tyler Johnson15:38.00aThe Fulton      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.12Cameron Hutchison10:56.32aCovenant Christian      
2.12Jake Heffley11:11.60aCovenant Christian      
3.9Zachary Winger12:10.99aBethesda Christian      
4.10Nathan Yawn12:45.01aLake Country Christian      
5.12Niraj Patel13:08.65aLubbock Christian      
6.12Tyler Bagley14:06.31aSan Jacinto Christian      
12Ben JonesNTPantego Christian      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - A - Finals
1.11Jamil Givens16.65aStoneGate Christian ...      
2.10Alex Andrews17.15aTyler Street Christi...      
3.11James Richardson17.34aHeritage Classical A...      
4.10Ethan Coonce20.34aFellowship Academy      
5.10Bo Butler21.59aChrist the King      
6.11Theo Long21.66aFellowship Academy      
7.10Trevor Martinez26.70aTyler Street Christi...      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.11Travis Crafton16.89aCovenant Christian      
2.12Dillon Hess16.90aCovenant Christian      
3.11Tyler Connor17.34aPantego Christian      
4.10Carter Henderson17.82aCovenant Christian      
5.10Evan Gamble18.72aSan Jacinto Christian      
6.10Ryan Deal21.84aPantego Christian      
7.10Timothy Farmer30.40aPantego Christian      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - A - Finals
1.10Alex Andrews49.38aTyler Street Christi...      
2.10Aaron Arvello53.09aHeritage Classical A...      
3.10Bo Butler53.39aChrist the King      
4.9Michael Taylor54.59aVictory Life      
5.10Trevor Martinez57.86aTyler Street Christi...      
6.10Ryan Cooper57.92aFellowship Academy      
7.11Josh Pegram1:06.87aTyler Street Christi...      
9Josh ThorntonNTWichita Christian      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.12Patrick Zuege45.59aCovenant Christian      
2.12Dillon Hess45.86aCovenant Christian      
3.11Tyler Connor48.70aPantego Christian      
4.10Carter Henderson49.90aCovenant Christian      
5.11Mark Stokes50.73aPantego Christian      
6.10Evan Gamble51.40aSan Jacinto Christian      
7.10Ryan Deal52.43aPantego Christian      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - A - Finals
1.-Kolby Burns
Chris Polk
Simon Ahiador
Aaron Smith
2.-Chris Holland
Josh Hunt
Cristian Ponce
Brian King
47.43aTyler Street Christi...      
3.-Roderick Reed
Jesse Milburn
Grant Hardaway
Ethan Coonce
47.70aFellowship Academy      
4.-Caleb Bowles
James Richardson
Beno Scott
Andrew Rodman
49.13aHeritage Classical A...      
5.-Tim Guerra
Cam Aberle
Tyler Scheppler
Corey Roundtree
50.10aChrist the King      
6.-Jarrett Whyrick
Frazier Honkomp
Josh Conley
Trip Roberts
50.33aWichita Christian      
7.-Henry Eckels
Michael Nichols
Corey McConnell
Kai Marshall
50.53aCovenant Classical      
8.-Brian Tiffee
Brett Steffen
Hasan Rabah
Milan Rabah
57.06aThe Fulton      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.-Nico Bourgeois
Thomas Purgett
Austin Welch
Andy Mitchell
45.46aCovenant Christian      
2.-Miller Brock
Colby Spaulding
Josh Garcia
Joe McGuire
46.87aSan Jacinto Christian      
3.-Kenny Jones
Elliot Allison
Kyle Burris
Miguel Rosario
4.-Jesse Hill
Jordan Hoffman
Brock Hooten
Justin Russell
48.22aLubbock Christian      
5.-Jacob Tinklenberg
Mark Stokes
Brett Farrow
Tyler Connor
50.17aPantego Christian      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - A - Finals
1.-Chris Holland
Josh Hunt
Josh Pegram
Cristian Ponce
1:41.91aTyler Street Christi...      
2.-Codie Cortinez
Simon Ahiador
Justin Stinnett
Chris Polk
3.-Theo Long
Jacob Collins
Jesse Milburn
Judah Collins
1:46.55aFellowship Academy      
4.-Henry Eckels
Hudson Miller
Kai Marshall
Corey McConnell
1:53.49aCovenant Classical      
5.-Thomas Stauffer
AJ Knickerbocker
Kyle Axtell
Dayton Hunn
6.-Caleb Bowles
Andrew Rodman
Montana O'Dell
Thomas Chism
1:55.62aHeritage Classical A...      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.-Nico Bourgeois
Thomas Purgett
Austin Welch
Andy Mitchell
1:35.77aCovenant Christian      
2.-Kenny Jones
Elliot Allison
Kyle Burris
Miguel Rosario
3.-Jesse Hill
Jalen Moore
Brock Hooten
Justin Russell
1:39.48aLubbock Christian      
4.-Miller Brock
Colby Spaulding
Josh Garcia
Joe McGuire
1:39.71aSan Jacinto Christian      
5.-Tyler Walker
Brett Farrow
Colin Price
Nathan Hohulin
1:43.50aPantego Christian      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - A - Finals
1.-Tim Guerra
Tyler Scheppler
Cam Aberle
Jordan Saiz
3:59.85aChrist the King      
2.-Chris Holland
Brian King
Yazer Navarrete
Josh Pegram
4:10.13aTyler Street Christi...      
3.-Theo Long
Judah Collins
Chase Fayyozi
Jimmie Dodd
4:26.53aFellowship Academy      
4.-AJ Knickerbocker
Kyle Axtell
Thomas Stauffer
Ryan Klenzendorf
5.-Caleb Bowles
Andrew Rodman
Beno Scott
Aaron Arvello
4:35.47aHeritage Classical A...      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.-Jordan Cross
Austin Welch
Johnny Townsend
Patrick Zuege
3:40.97aCovenant Christian      
2.-Kyle Burris
Miguel Rosario
Joe South
Dalton Jones
3.-Ryan Deal
Jacob Tinklenberg
Mark Stokes
Nathan Hohulin
3:57.55aPantego Christian      
4.-Evan Gamble
Reeve Nettles
Marcus Urich
Colby Spaulding
3:58.57aSan Jacinto Christian      
5.-Jalen Moore
Jordan Hoffman
Stephen Somers
Jacob Roark
4:08.40aLubbock Christian      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - A - Finals
1.12Simon Ahiador40-08.50Christway      
2.10Josh Hunt40-01.50Tyler Street Christi...      
3.11Bryce Frazier36-10.00Parkview Christian      
4.11Caleb Coronado36-05.75Victory Life      
5.12Chance Tate35-06.50Heritage Classical A...      
6.11Josue Flores35-04.75Balch Springs Christ...      
7.12Montana O'Dell34-05.25Heritage Classical A...      
8.9Codie Cortinez34-02.25Christway      
9.11Chris Polk33-02.50Christway      
10.9Andrew Curtis30-04.75Christ the King      
11.12Kameron Richards30-02.50Plainview Christian      
12.10Michael Davis29-10.50Christ the King      
13.11Jarrett Whyrick29-00.50Wichita Christian      
14.10Chase Fayyozi28-01.00Fellowship Academy      
15.10Ariel Sosa27-06.75Balch Springs Christ...      
16.9Quest Washington27-05.75Tyler Street Christi...      
17.12Corey Roundtree26-10.00Christ the King      
18.10Dayton Hunn25-09.00Northstar      
19.11Juan Fuentes24-00.50Balch Springs Christ...      
20.12Taylor Fitzwilliam23-05.50The Fulton      
21.9Austin Ploetz21-00.00Northstar      
22.10Henry Eckels19-09.75Covenant Classical      
23.12Nick Reddy15-11.50Plainview Christian      
9Caleb BowlesNDHeritage Classical A...      
10Ricardo PerezNDPlainview Christian      
10Joel SkipworthNDWichita Christian      
11Jimmie DoddNDFellowship Academy      
10Raymond MaciasNDTyler Street Christi...      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.10Justin Schappell42-07.00Covenant Christian      
2.10Aaron Grogan42-00.25Pantego Christian      
3.10Daryl Parker41-04.50Covenant Christian      
4.10Kelton Ponder39-05.50Pantego Christian      
5.12Dillon Bowe37-09.75Lubbock Christian      
6.12Eric Griffing36-04.50San Jacinto Christian      
7.12Travis Plotkowski35-10.75Calvary      
8.12Kenny Stewart35-00.25Lubbock Christian      
9.10Seagal Dauglas34-00.00Covenant Christian      
10.12Chris Jenkins33-07.25San Jacinto Christian      
11.12Duncan Price33-06.25Pantego Christian      
12.12Jonathan West33-00.00Calvary      
13.10Jake Whittington32-03.75San Jacinto Christian      
14.12Cullen Comerford32-00.75Calvary      
15.9TJ Lovell29-04.75Bethesda Christian      
16.11Spenser Henderson28-02.50Bethesda Christian      
17.9Drew Ortiz23-09.25Bethesda Christian      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - A - Finals
1.12Simon Ahiador133-02Christway      
2.11Bryce Frazier116-02Parkview Christian      
3.9Justin Stinnett106-02Christway      
4.11Josh Pegram98-10Tyler Street Christi...      
5.12Montana O'Dell96-08Heritage Classical A...      
6.11Josue Flores96-04Balch Springs Christ...      
7.12Corey Roundtree95-06Christ the King      
8.10Michael Davis91-08Christ the King      
9.11Caleb Coronado86-10Victory Life      
10.11Jacob Zybstosky80-02Balch Springs Christ...      
11.10Ricardo Perez78-10Plainview Christian      
12.10Thomas Chism76-00Heritage Classical A...      
13.12Kameron Richards71-03Plainview Christian      
14.10Joel Skipworth71-01Wichita Christian      
15.10Anthony DeLeon69-10Christ the King      
16.11Juan Fuentes65-00Balch Springs Christ...      
17.9Hudson Miller60-04Covenant Classical      
18.9Scott Toner59-10Covenant Classical      
19.9Austin Ploetz55-08Northstar      
9Kai MarshallNDCovenant Classical      
10Raymond MaciasNDTyler Street Christi...      
10Ethan CoonceNDFellowship Academy      
10Chase FayyoziNDFellowship Academy      
12Chance TateNDHeritage Classical A...      
11Jarrett WhyrickNDWichita Christian      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.12Eric Griffing130-10San Jacinto Christian      
2.11Nathan Hohulin123-02Pantego Christian      
3.10Justin Schappell116-10Covenant Christian      
4.10Aaron Grogan113-08Pantego Christian      
5.10Kelton Ponder108-01Pantego Christian      
6.12Dillon Bowe107-06Lubbock Christian      
7.9TJ Lovell106-08Bethesda Christian      
8.10Jake Whittington104-06San Jacinto Christian      
9.12Jonathan West98-05Calvary      
10.12Chris Jenkins88-07San Jacinto Christian      
11.10Seagal Dauglas88-06Covenant Christian      
12.12Travis Plotkowski82-08Calvary      
13.12Matthew Hudgins82-06Covenant Christian      
14.12Kenny Stewart80-00Lubbock Christian      
15.12Cullen Comerford77-08Calvary      
16.9Drew Ortiz75-01Bethesda Christian      
17.11Spenser Henderson63-02Bethesda Christian      
X High Jump - Varsity - A - Finals
1.11James Richardson5-08.00Heritage Classical A...      
2.12Beno Scott5-06.00Heritage Classical A...      
2.10Jacob Collins5-06.00Fellowship Academy      
4.11Brian King5-02.00Tyler Street Christi...      
11Chris HollandNHTyler Street Christi...      
12Roderick ReedNHFellowship Academy      
10Trey BrumleyNHWichita Christian      
10Josh ConleyNHWichita Christian      
12Kameron RichardsNHPlainview Christian      
10Morgan HagoodNHParkview Christian      
X High Jump - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.11Stephen Somers6-00.00Lubbock Christian      
2.12Patrick Zuege5-10.00Covenant Christian      
3.10Colin Price5-02.00Pantego Christian      
3.11Nathan Hohulin5-02.00Pantego Christian      
3.9Everitt Lodics5-02.00Pantego Christian      
9Jacob RoarkNHLubbock Christian      
9Reeve NettlesNHSan Jacinto Christian      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.12Patrick Zuege11-06.00Covenant Christian      
2.12Ben Jones11-00.00Pantego Christian      
3.11Brett Farrow9-06.00Pantego Christian      
3.10Parker Crouch9-06.00Lake Country Christian      
9Alden WhiteNHPantego Christian      
X Long Jump - Varsity - A - Finals
1.12Adam Gilbreath19-06.50The Fulton      
2.10Josh Hunt18-09.50Tyler Street Christi...      
3.11James Richardson18-06.00Heritage Classical A...      
4.10Jacob Collins18-04.50Fellowship Academy      
5.11Brian King17-07.00Tyler Street Christi...      
6.11Kolby Burns17-02.50Christway      
7.9Kai Marshall16-11.00Covenant Classical      
8.11Jordan Saiz16-09.00Christ the King      
9.12Roderick Reed16-08.50Fellowship Academy      
10.10Josh Conley16-08.25Wichita Christian      
11.10Trevor Martinez16-07.00Tyler Street Christi...      
12.10Eyan Scott16-05.00Balch Springs Christ...      
13.9Michael Taylor15-11.50Victory Life      
14.10Ethan Coonce15-09.50Fellowship Academy      
15.10Dayton Hunn15-06.00Northstar      
16.9Ryan Klenzendorf15-00.00Northstar      
17.11Jacob Zybstosky14-06.00Balch Springs Christ...      
18.9AJ Knickerbocker14-05.00Northstar      
19.9Caleb Bowles14-02.00Heritage Classical A...      
20.10Clint Hagood13-11.00Parkview Christian      
21.10Brett Steffen13-04.00The Fulton      
22.9Scott Toner12-02.50Covenant Classical      
23.9Jake Spencer8-11.00Balch Springs Christ...      
12Aaron SmithNDChristway      
9Tyler McDanielNDVictory Life      
10Hasan RabahNDThe Fulton      
11Corey McConnellNDCovenant Classical      
12Beno ScottNDHeritage Classical A...      
12Kameron RichardsNDPlainview Christian      
X Long Jump - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.12Nico Bourgeois19-09.50Covenant Christian      
2.9Austin Welch19-05.00Covenant Christian      
3.10Josh Garcia18-02.50San Jacinto Christian      
4.11Jacob Tinklenberg17-09.50Pantego Christian      
5.11Jackson Taylor17-02.00Covenant Christian      
6.10Brock Hooten17-01.50Lubbock Christian      
7.12Kyle Burris17-00.00Calvary      
8.11Dalton Jones16-04.50Calvary      
9.11Mark Stokes16-02.00Pantego Christian      
10.11Matthew Gray16-01.50Lubbock Christian      
11.11Braden Towns15-03.75Lubbock Christian      
10Joe McGuireNDSan Jacinto Christian      
12Tyler WalkerNDPantego Christian      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - A - Finals
1.11Jamil Givens40-09.00StoneGate Christian ...      
2.11Chris Holland36-07.50Tyler Street Christi...      
3.9Kai Marshall34-01.25Covenant Classical      
4.9Tyler McDaniel33-03.75Victory Life      
5.10Alex Andrews33-02.25Tyler Street Christi...      
6.9Cristian Ponce32-09.00Tyler Street Christi...      
7.11Theo Long32-08.50Fellowship Academy      
8.9AJ Knickerbocker32-00.75Northstar      
9.9Ryan Klenzendorf31-08.00Northstar      
10.9Michael Taylor31-03.75Victory Life      
11.10Jesse Milburn30-09.00Fellowship Academy      
10Grant HardawayNDFellowship Academy      
10Hasan RabahNDThe Fulton      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.12Patrick Zuege40-04.00Covenant Christian      
2.12Tyler Walker37-06.50Pantego Christian      
3.11Jackson Taylor36-11.50Covenant Christian      
4.11Jacob Tinklenberg36-06.50Pantego Christian      
5.9Alden White36-03.75Pantego Christian      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - A - Finals
1.11Rebekah Spain13.47aPlainview Christian      
2.12Nicole Antonini13.62aCovenant Classical      
3.12Melissa Burton13.63aFellowship Academy      
4.10Madolyn Spruiel13.72aFellowship Academy      
5.10April Irving13.82aHeritage Classical A...      
6.12Ebonee Givens13.90aStoneGate Christian ...      
7.10Regina Aberle14.15aChrist the King      
8.9Makensie Martin14.42aChristway      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.11Kourtney Squires12.53aCovenant Christian      
2.12Michelle Ratliff12.92aSan Jacinto Christian      
3.9Bridgett Graham13.28aBethesda Christian      
4.9Sydney Roberts13.30aLubbock Christian      
5.9Ellen Hsu14.07aPantego Christian      
6.9Bryce Boling14.32aLake Country Christian      
7.9Jenna Pitman14.53aSan Jacinto Christian      
8.10Nicole Wansing15.42aLake Country Christian      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - A - Prelims
1.12Melissa Burton12.79aFellowship Academy      
2.10April Irving13.26aHeritage Classical A...      
3.11Rebekah Spain13.29aPlainview Christian      
4.10Madolyn Spruiel13.46aFellowship Academy      
5.10Regina Aberle13.57aChrist the King      
6.12Nicole Antonini13.58aCovenant Classical      
7.9Makensie Martin13.85aChristway      
8.12Ebonee Givens13.87aStoneGate Christian ...      
9.12Brittany Pennelle14.17aTyler Street Christi...      
10.9Summer Issa14.19aWichita Christian      
11.11Bailee Stewart14.30aStoneGate Christian ...      
12.10Bonnie Kate Sisemore14.32aPlainview Christian      
13.10Taylor Fisk14.46aChrist the King      
14.11Adriana Cazares14.80aTyler Street Christi...      
15.9Juliette Mark14.95aChrist the King      
16.9Dalea Prehay15.04aTyler Street Christi...      
17.11Lauren Sanders15.26aFellowship Academy      
18.10Camryn Barron15.44aChristway      
19.10Maggie Purczynsky15.53aCovenant Classical      
20.10Taquisha Campbell15.58aChristway      
21.11Whitney Vaughn15.64aThe Fulton      
22.10Sarah Boss15.92aCovenant Classical      
23.12Michelle Osborn17.09aThe Fulton      
24.12Della Temple17.29aThe Fulton      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - A - Finals
1.11Rebekah Spain27.84aPlainview Christian      
2.10April Irving28.39aHeritage Classical A...      
3.10Madolyn Spruiel28.97aFellowship Academy      
4.10Regina Aberle29.29aChrist the King      
5.10Taylor Fisk29.74aChrist the King      
6.9Summer Issa30.52aWichita Christian      
7.12Melissa Burton31.64aFellowship Academy      
8.9Amy Lyle31.97aFellowship Academy      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.11Rebecca Lex26.40aCovenant Christian      
2.12Michelle Ratliff26.44aSan Jacinto Christian      
3.9Bridgett Graham27.72aBethesda Christian      
4.9Kinsey Squires28.09aCovenant Christian      
5.9Haley Schrader30.51aLubbock Christian      
6.9Bryce Boling30.54aLake Country Christian      
7.9Jenna Pitman31.32aSan Jacinto Christian      
8.9Amber Pointer33.49aPantego Christian      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - A - Prelims
1.11Rebekah Spain26.82aPlainview Christian      
2.10Madolyn Spruiel27.82aFellowship Academy      
3.12Melissa Burton28.16aFellowship Academy      
4.10April Irving28.25aHeritage Classical A...      
5.10Regina Aberle28.41aChrist the King      
6.10Taylor Fisk29.24aChrist the King      
7.9Summer Issa29.48aWichita Christian      
8.9Amy Lyle29.80aFellowship Academy      
9.10Selina Perado31.22aBalch Springs Christ...      
10.10Madeline Corley31.61aCovenant Classical      
11.9Kierra Tatum31.88aThe Fulton      
12.9Juliette Mark32.04aChrist the King      
13.12Andrea Hernandez32.48aTyler Street Christi...      
14.9Makensie Martin32.62aChristway      
15.10Maggie Purczynsky32.81aCovenant Classical      
16.9Madeline Baker33.4Northstar      
17.10Sarah Boss34.60aCovenant Classical      
18.11Whitney Vaughn34.61aThe Fulton      
19.12Michelle Osborn36.73aThe Fulton      
20.10Taquisha Campbell40.44aChristway      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - AAA - Prelims
1.12Michelle Ratliff26.16aSan Jacinto Christian      
2.11Rebecca Lex26.72aCovenant Christian      
3.9Bridgett Graham27.03aBethesda Christian      
4.9Kinsey Squires27.84aCovenant Christian      
5.9Haley Schrader29.73aLubbock Christian      
6.9Bryce Boling29.82aLake Country Christian      
7.9Jenna Pitman31.29aSan Jacinto Christian      
8.9Amber Pointer32.06aPantego Christian      
9.10Nicole Wansing32.28aLake Country Christian      
10.10Kayla Shelley35.45aBethesda Christian      
10Lauren AltimontNTCovenant Christian      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - A - Finals
1.10Audrey Alambar1:06.51aChrist the King      
2.12Caitlyn Hall1:09.55aHeritage Classical A...      
3.10Selina Perado1:15.95aBalch Springs Christ...      
4.9Amy Lyle1:17.44aFellowship Academy      
5.11Lauren Sanders1:22.98aFellowship Academy      
6.10Taquisha Campbell1:49.62aChristway      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.12Emily Halpert1:04.18aCovenant Christian      
2.9Bridgett Graham1:05.82aBethesda Christian      
3.9Lauren Murray1:07.32aSan Jacinto Christian      
4.9Brittany Hardesty1:12.19aLubbock Christian      
5.12Morgan Kuster1:12.81aSan Jacinto Christian      
6.9Reygan Holloman1:15.53aPantego Christian      
7.10Kayla Shelley1:23.67aBethesda Christian      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - A - Finals
1.10Audrey Alambar2:39.20aChrist the King      
2.9Payton Scharfenberg2:54.13aChrist the King      
3.9Danica Brooks2:57.92aFellowship Academy      
4.9Camara McCowan3:10.25aTyler Street Christi...      
5.10Chandra Harrell3:10.78aPlainview Christian      
6.9Madeline Baker3:11.43aNorthstar      
7.9Kierra Tatum3:12.42aThe Fulton      
8.11Allison Pyle3:19.07aChrist the King      
9.11Stephanie Landers3:19.27aHeritage Classical A...      
10.9Lupita Martinez3:27.73aPlainview Christian      
9Quinn EllisonNTThe Fulton      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.10Rebecca Ratliff2:38.60aSan Jacinto Christian      
2.9Lauren Murray2:40.95aSan Jacinto Christian      
3.10Shalee McKnight2:46.59aSan Jacinto Christian      
4.9Ranae Fithian3:03.16aBethesda Christian      
5.9Anna Beth Parrish3:12.45aLubbock Christian      
6.11Christiana Virone3:12.48aLubbock Christian      
10Brianna LintonNTBethesda Christian      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - A - Finals
1.9Payton Scharfenberg6:44.35aChrist the King      
2.10Raven Sanders6:47.19aHeritage Classical A...      
3.10Chandra Harrell6:49.40aPlainview Christian      
4.9Lupita Martinez6:49.50aPlainview Christian      
5.9Danica Brooks6:51.59aFellowship Academy      
6.11Stephanie Landers8:19.30aHeritage Classical A...      
11Allison PyleNTChrist the King      
9Quinn EllisonNTThe Fulton      
10Selina PeradoNTBalch Springs Christ...      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.10Rebecca Ratliff6:15.87aSan Jacinto Christian      
2.12Ally Murray6:29.60aSan Jacinto Christian      
3.10Shalee McKnight6:31.29aSan Jacinto Christian      
4.9Ranae Fithian6:56.81aBethesda Christian      
5.9Anna Beth Parrish7:06.24aLubbock Christian      
6.9Sonia Villanueva7:20.78aBethesda Christian      
7.9Kaylee Siegenthaler7:56.73aPantego Christian      
10Brianna LintonNTBethesda Christian      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - A - Finals
1.9Lupita Martinez15:35.00aPlainview Christian      
2.10Raven Sanders15:51.00aHeritage Classical A...      
3.9Marissa Bonilla18:00.00aTyler Street Christi...      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.12Morgan Kuster14:26.80aSan Jacinto Christian      
2.12Ally Murray14:53.99aSan Jacinto Christian      
3.9Sonia Villanueva16:57.32aBethesda Christian      
9Kaylee SiegenthalerNTPantego Christian      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - A - Finals
1.11Rebekah Spain17.38aPlainview Christian      
2.10Bonnie Kate Sisemore18.66aPlainview Christian      
3.12Caitlyn Hall19.33aHeritage Classical A...      
4.11Arielle James27.17aTyler Street Christi...      
12Deseray McCullarNTTyler Street Christi...      
10Kacie LutherDQHeritage Classical A...      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.12Allison Stallard17.27aCovenant Christian      
2.9Lindsey Pinkston17.62aSan Jacinto Christian      
3.10Erin Bryant17.77aSan Jacinto Christian      
4.9Bryce Boling18.59aLake Country Christian      
5.9Cortney Howell18.77aSan Jacinto Christian      
6.9Brynna Kern19.91aPantego Christian      
7.9Savannah Bormuth-McKee23.49aPantego Christian      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - A - Finals
1.12Caitlyn Hall55.34aHeritage Classical A...      
2.10Bonnie Kate Sisemore58.02aPlainview Christian      
3.10Kacie Luther1:00.12aHeritage Classical A...      
4.10Madeline Corley1:01.41aCovenant Classical      
5.9Madeline Baker1:04.28aNorthstar      
6.11Arielle James1:09.63aTyler Street Christi...      
7.12Deseray McCullar1:31.69aTyler Street Christi...      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.12Sarah Gotcher50.80aCovenant Christian      
2.10Jessica Disalle50.97aCovenant Christian      
3.9Lindsey Pinkston51.90aSan Jacinto Christian      
4.10Erin Bryant52.70aSan Jacinto Christian      
5.10Rebekah Davis53.97aSan Jacinto Christian      
6.9Savannah Bormuth-McKee1:09.42aPantego Christian      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - A - Finals
1.-Melissa Burton
Lauren Sanders
Madolyn Spruiel
Amy Lyle
56.52aFellowship Academy      
2.-Marissa Bonilla
Dalea Prehay
Adriana Cazares
Brittany Pennelle
58.86aTyler Street Christi...      
3.-Camryn Barron
Taquisha Campbell
Avia Gray
Makensie Martin
4.-Nicole Antonini
Maggie Purczynsky
Hannah Boss
Madeline Corley
59.99aCovenant Classical      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.-Emily Halpert
Allison Stallard
Kourtney Squires
Kinsey Squires
51.76aCovenant Christian      
2.-Callan Young
Elizabeth Youngblood
Erin Bryant
Rebekah Davis
55.20aSan Jacinto Christian      
3.-Ellen Hsu
Brynna Kern
Amber Pointer
Reygan Holloman
57.80aPantego Christian      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - A - Finals
1.-Adriana Cazares
Dalea Prehay
Camara McCowan
Brittany Pennelle
2:08.51aTyler Street Christi...      
2.-Stephanie Landers
April Irving
Raven Sanders
Kacie Luther
2:10.11aHeritage Classical A...      
3.-Della Temple
Kierra Tatum
Quinn Ellison
Whitney Vaughn
2:25.16aThe Fulton      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.-Rebecca Lex
Kinsey Squires
Kourtney Squires
Allison Stallard
1:51.34aCovenant Christian      
2.-Callan Young
Elizabeth Youngblood
Cortney Howell
Lauren Murray
1:57.88aSan Jacinto Christian      
3.-Sydney Roberts
Anna Beth Parrish
Brittany Hardesty
Haley Schrader
1:59.35aLubbock Christian      
4.-Amber Pointer
Brynna Kern
Ellen Hsu
Reygan Holloman
2:04.29aPantego Christian      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - A - Finals
1.-Audrey Alambar
Taylor Fisk
Regina Aberle
Payton Scharfenberg
4:46.78aChrist the King      
2.-Andrea Hernandez
Arielle James
Camara McCowan
Marissa Bonilla
5:36.76aTyler Street Christi...      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.-Jessi Disalle
Rebecca Lex
Emily Halpert
Sarah Gotcher
4:19.75aCovenant Christian      
2.-Lindsey Pinkston
Elizabeth Youngblood
Michelle Ratliff
Rebecca Ratliff
4:26.15aSan Jacinto Christian      
3.-Brittany Hardesty
Anna Beth Parrish
Sydney Roberts
Haley Schrader
4:46.89aLubbock Christian      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - A - Finals
1.9Tyanah Washington34-06.50Christway      
2.12Amanda Lee33-11.50StoneGate Christian ...      
3.12Deseray McCullar32-04.25Tyler Street Christi...      
4.12Jesikka Ajayi28-00.25Tyler Street Christi...      
5.9Danielle Pense27-04.00Heritage Classical A...      
6.9Brittney Bastardo26-08.50Victory Life      
7.12Chelsea McCowan25-00.00Tyler Street Christi...      
8.11Lara Hernandez24-02.25Victory Life      
9.10Megan Swink22-11.50Fellowship Academy      
10.10Jessica Lee22-10.50StoneGate Christian ...      
11.9Danica Brooks22-01.00Fellowship Academy      
12.9Chelsea Studdard21-07.25Wichita Christian      
13.9Dani Williams20-07.50Christ the King      
14.11Jordan Lee20-02.00Wichita Christian      
15.10Tandi Patton19-06.75Victory Life      
16.12Cynthia Solis19-06.00Balch Springs Christ...      
17.10Hannah Cochran19-05.50Heritage Classical A...      
18.10Rachel Mousavi19-03.00Christ the King      
19.10Kacie Luther18-11.25Heritage Classical A...      
20.10Jaslyn Diaz16-00.00Christ the King      
21.9Jordan Lampkin15-10.25Fellowship Academy      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.12Bethany Barber27-11.00Covenant Christian      
2.10Annessa Faver26-02.00Lubbock Christian      
3.10April McCreary24-05.50Bethesda Christian      
4.9Allison Reimschussel24-05.00Pantego Christian      
5.11Elizabeth Youngblood24-04.50San Jacinto Christian      
6.12Bethany Walker24-02.25San Jacinto Christian      
7.9Jenna Pitman23-08.00San Jacinto Christian      
8.10Taylor Smith21-06.75Bethesda Christian      
9Kagan ParkerNDCovenant Christian      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - A - Finals
1.12Amanda Lee118-03StoneGate Christian ...      
2.12Deseray McCullar98-00Tyler Street Christi...      
3.9Chelsea Studdard91-10Wichita Christian      
4.12Jesikka Ajayi89-08Tyler Street Christi...      
5.12Chelsea McCowan75-00Tyler Street Christi...      
6.9Danielle Pense73-09Heritage Classical A...      
7.10Tandi Patton73-06Victory Life      
8.9Tyanah Washington65-05Christway      
9.10Jessica Lee63-05StoneGate Christian ...      
10.11Lara Hernandez62-03Victory Life      
11.11Hannah Boss62-03Covenant Classical      
12.9Jordan Lampkin57-05Fellowship Academy      
13.11Jordan Lee55-09Wichita Christian      
14.9Dani Williams55-05Christ the King      
15.12Cynthia Solis52-01Balch Springs Christ...      
16.10Megan Swink51-02Fellowship Academy      
17.9Brittney Bastardo50-08Victory Life      
18.10Hannah Cochran49-03Heritage Classical A...      
19.10Jaslyn Diaz38-04Christ the King      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.10April McCreary88-05Bethesda Christian      
2.12Sarah Gotcher82-07Covenant Christian      
3.10Taylor Smith81-08Bethesda Christian      
4.12Bethany Barber78-02Covenant Christian      
5.12Bethany Walker69-05San Jacinto Christian      
6.9Jenna Pitman68-10San Jacinto Christian      
7.9Allison Reimschussel63-00Pantego Christian      
8.10Annessa Faver52-09Lubbock Christian      
9.9Brittany Hardesty44-05Lubbock Christian      
9Kagan ParkerNDCovenant Christian      
11Elizabeth YoungbloodNDSan Jacinto Christian      
X High Jump - Varsity - A - Finals
1.11Rebekah Spain4-08.00Plainview Christian      
2.10April Irving4-06.00Heritage Classical A...      
2.12Caitlyn Hall4-06.00Heritage Classical A...      
4.11Stephanie Landers4-00.00Heritage Classical A...      
4.9Dalea Prehay4-00.00Tyler Street Christi...      
11Lauren SandersNHFellowship Academy      
10Madolyn SpruielNHFellowship Academy      
10Taylor FiskNHChrist the King      
X High Jump - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.12Michelle Ratliff4-08.00San Jacinto Christian      
2.9Haley Schrader4-08.00Lubbock Christian      
3.9Jenna Pitman4-02.00San Jacinto Christian      
4.9Cortney Howell4-02.00San Jacinto Christian      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.12Allison Stallard6-06.00Covenant Christian      
X Long Jump - Varsity - A - Finals
1.11Bailee Stewart15-06.00StoneGate Christian ...      
2.11Rebekah Spain15-03.50Plainview Christian      
3.10April Irving14-09.00Heritage Classical A...      
4.10Regina Aberle14-00.00Christ the King      
5.12Caitlyn Hall13-05.00Heritage Classical A...      
6.12Brittany Pennelle13-04.50Tyler Street Christi...      
7.10Bonnie Kate Sisemore13-03.50Plainview Christian      
8.9Dalea Prehay12-08.50Tyler Street Christi...      
9.12Melissa Burton12-04.00Fellowship Academy      
10.12Ebonee Givens12-01.25StoneGate Christian ...      
11.9Amy Lyle11-09.00Fellowship Academy      
11.11Adriana Cazares11-09.00Tyler Street Christi...      
13.10Selina Perado11-00.50Balch Springs Christ...      
14.10Chandra Harrell10-03.50Plainview Christian      
15.11Avia Gray10-03.25Christway      
16.10Kacie Luther9-00.00Heritage Classical A...      
17.10Madolyn Spruiel8-09.00Fellowship Academy      
X Long Jump - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.12Allison Stallard16-06.75Covenant Christian      
2.12Michelle Ratliff15-10.25San Jacinto Christian      
3.12Sarah Gotcher15-08.75Covenant Christian      
4.10Erin Bryant14-08.75San Jacinto Christian      
5.10Rebecca Ratliff14-07.25San Jacinto Christian      
6.9Bridgett Graham14-03.75Bethesda Christian      
7.9Reygan Holloman13-07.25Pantego Christian      
8.11Christiana Virone12-09.25Lubbock Christian      
9.10Kayla Shelley11-01.25Bethesda Christian      
10.12Jessica Russell10-01.00Lubbock Christian      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - A - Finals
1.12Brittany Pennelle27-11.00Tyler Street Christi...      
2.12Melissa Burton26-03.75Fellowship Academy      
3.11Avia Gray26-02.75Christway      
4.9Amy Lyle25-05.75Fellowship Academy      
5.9Madeline Baker25-03.00Northstar      
6.12Andrea Hernandez24-11.75Tyler Street Christi...      
7.11Arielle James24-08.50Tyler Street Christi...      
8.9Danica Brooks23-03.50Fellowship Academy      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - AAA - Finals
1.12Sarah Gotcher33-10.75Covenant Christian      
2.9Bridgett Graham32-01.75Bethesda Christian      
3.10Erin Bryant30-07.75San Jacinto Christian      
4.9Lindsey Pinkston30-02.75San Jacinto Christian      
5.10Rebekah Davis30-00.50San Jacinto Christian      
6.9Reygan Holloman28-01.75Pantego Christian      
7.10Kayla Shelley25-04.00Bethesda Christian      
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