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L-R PowerSox Invitational

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lenoir-Rhyne, Hickory

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Tennessee - NCAA
King College
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKemar Hyman10.46aKing College
2.FrJames Pone10.76aLenoir-Rhyne
3.FrDennis Moore10.86aAppalachian State
4.SoDeSean Pearce10.92aAppalachian State
5.SoMaxwell Hyman11.04aKing College
7.-Cj Rouse11.06aLenoir-Rhyne
8.SoDiverne Ingraham11.07aKing College
9.JrJustin Fleming11.12aBrevard
10.-Antwain Ross11.26aLenoir-Rhyne
11.JrAdam Phillips11.30aLees-McRae
12.FrMike Pope11.32aAppalachian State
13.SoCorey Alexander11.36aLees-McRae
14.-John Darity11.62aLenoir-Rhyne
15.-Jeremy Evans11.74aLees-McRae
16.-Brandon Davis11.78aLenoir-Rhyne
17.SrStephen Mostella11.79aLees-McRae
18.SrCameron Cofield11.84aSt Andrews (NC)
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrTyrell Cuffy21.32aKing College
2.SoPhillip Bush22.22aAppalachian State
3.FrJames Pone22.29aLenoir-Rhyne
4.-John Darity22.76aLenoir-Rhyne
5.SoDeSean Pearce22.78aAppalachian State
6.FrJustin McCombs22.83aLenoir-Rhyne
7.SoJesse Hoots22.85aLees-McRae
8.SoDiverne Ingraham23.11aKing College
9.FrAlonzo Clark23.50aLees-McRae
10.SrStephen Mostella23.54aLees-McRae
12.-Brandon Davis23.72aLenoir-Rhyne
13.SrCharles Phillips24.00aSt Andrews (NC)
----Antwain RossDNFLenoir-Rhyne
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrDavid Krenik49.77aKing College
2.SoCarlos Carter50.18aAppalachian State
3.SoJesse Hoots50.65aLees-McRae
5.-John Darity53.19aLenoir-Rhyne
6.SrStephen Mostella54.17aLees-McRae
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrNick O'Keefe1:55.94aAppalachian State
2.FrMichael Davis1:59.31aLees-McRae
3.SoMatt Corbin1:59.89aLenoir-Rhyne
4.SoRyan Williamson2:03.26aKing College
5.FrLuke Anton2:04.11aLees-McRae
6.FrJakob Maidens2:06.93aLenoir-Rhyne
7.FrTyler Stanley2:07.55aKing College
8.SrMatt Barrett2:09.54aLees-McRae
9.JrAlec Meyer2:16.09aAppalachian State
10.SoJon Lecker2:23.30aSt Andrews (NC)
11.SrPatrick Hogan2:36.68aSt Andrews (NC)
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrChris Moen4:03.18aAppalachian State
2.SrAsmeron Desta4:03.53aAppalachian State
3.JrAlec Meyer4:08.03aAppalachian State
4.FrJakob Maidens4:11.90aLenoir-Rhyne
5.SoDaniel Hamilton4:16.99aKing College
6.FrRyan Pierce4:18.35aKing College
7.FrAdam Schnapp4:20.06aNorth Carolina-Ashev...
8.SoJames Walls4:31.49aSt Andrews (NC)
9.FrDamon Martin4:31.51aBrevard
10.JrTyler Mooney4:38.57aLenoir-Rhyne
11.SoTommy Wilson4:42.87aSt Andrews (NC)
12.JrJames Lloyd4:43.87aSt Andrews (NC)
13.SoRobert Abrahamson4:44.99aNorth Carolina-Ashev...
14.FrMykal Miller4:45.76aKing College
15.JrBrad McKee4:50.67aSt Andrews (NC)
16.SoTiffen Tapia4:51.52aBrevard
17.SoJon Lecker5:04.22aSt Andrews (NC)
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMitch Cooper15:55.90aSt Andrews (NC)
2.SoSimon Holzapfel15:58.08aTusculum
3.SoDoug Holt16:12.97aSt Andrews (NC)
4.JrEugene Cochran16:19.71aLenoir-Rhyne
5.FrJustin Humphreys16:55.88aKing College
6.SoJake Stuckey16:57.31aLenoir-Rhyne
7.SoJames Walls17:13.27aSt Andrews (NC)
8.SoJay Barringer17:39.98aNorth Carolina-Ashev...
9.JrAdam Vick17:42.63aNorth Carolina-Ashev...
10.SoTommy Wilson17:46.62aSt Andrews (NC)
11.JrJames Lloyd17:55.14aSt Andrews (NC)
13.FrJamie Fisher18:08.16aLenoir-Rhyne
14.JrBrad McKee19:55.16aSt Andrews (NC)
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoPhillip Bush15.08aAppalachian State
2.FrAaron AJ Dohanic15.09aAppalachian State
3.JrMatt Boruff15.13aAppalachian State
4.JrChris Glenn15.31aLees-McRae
5.SoJoseph Brown15.79aLees-McRae
6.SoSean Thompson15.97aAppalachian State
7.SoGlenn Richardson16.75aLees-McRae
8.SoAnthony Todt17.12aKing College
8.SoJake Goodchild17.12aAppalachian State
---SoAndrew ShortDNFLenoir-Rhyne
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.-Bobby Komisarski55.63aLenoir-Rhyne
2.JrBrad Tannis55.70aLees-McRae
3.FrAaron AJ Dohanic55.72aAppalachian State
4.SoSean Thompson57.61aAppalachian State
5.JrNathan Smith1:01.32aLees-McRae
6.SoShaun Rowand1:04.42aLees-McRae
7.SoAndrew Short1:04.86aLenoir-Rhyne
8.FrConnor Gray1:06.62aLees-McRae
9.SoGlenn Richardson1:07.44aLees-McRae
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMitch Cooper9:57.10St Andrews (NC)
2.FrMason Campbell10:03.20Appalachian State
3.SoDoug Holt10:15.89St Andrews (NC)
4.FrConnor Gray10:35.00Lees-McRae
6.SoDaniel Hamilton10:48.20King College
---FrRyan HarrisDNFAppalachian State
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 42.04aKing College
2.-Relay Team 43.31aLenoir-Rhyne
3.-Relay Team 43.94aLees-McRae
4.-Relay Team 46.13aLenoir-Rhyne
5.-Relay Team 48.77aSt Andrews (NC)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:21.39aKing College
2.-Relay Team 3:26.93aLees-McRae
3.-Relay Team 3:27.13aLenoir-Rhyne
4.-Relay Team 3:27.19aAppalachian State
5.-Relay Team 3:33.00aAppalachian State
6.-Relay Team 3:45.22aKing College
7.-Relay Team 3:49.08aLees-McRae
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJared Stallings13.80mAppalachian State
2.JrHamilton Borden13.35mLenoir-Rhyne
3.JrDerek Nave12.67mKing College
4.JrMatt Rogers12.50mSt Andrews (NC)
4.FrCaleb Poplin12.50mAppalachian State
6.JrJoe Dahre12.29mLees-McRae
7.FrJeremy Harn11.85mNorth Carolina-Ashev...
7.FrZane Lail11.85mAppalachian State
9.JrAllen Kiefer10.19mSt Andrews (NC)
10.-Jared Cartwright9.91mKing College
X Discus - 2kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrCaleb Poplin43.37mAppalachian State
2.FrZane Lail42.49mAppalachian State
3.FrJared Stallings41.53mAppalachian State
4.JrHamilton Borden36.47mLenoir-Rhyne
5.JrDerek Nave36.26mKing College
6.JrMatt Rogers35.46mSt Andrews (NC)
7.JrJoe Dahre31.42mLees-McRae
8.SoAnthony Todt30.88mKing College
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.JrHamilton Borden42.86mLenoir-Rhyne
2.SoJake Goodchild41.85mAppalachian State
3.SoAnthony Todt41.10mKing College
4.FrCaleb Poplin40.58mAppalachian State
5.SoMaxwell Hyman39.89mKing College
6.JrBrad Tannis39.64mLees-McRae
7.FrJames Pone35.88mLenoir-Rhyne
8.JrAllen Kiefer35.31mSt Andrews (NC)
9.JrDanny Hobgin31.15mLees-McRae
10.-Jared Cartwright27.92mKing College
11.FrZane Lail26.38mAppalachian State
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.JrMatt Boruff1.90mAppalachian State
3.SoMarcus Shuford1.90mLenoir-Rhyne
4.SrCharles Phillips1.85mSt Andrews (NC)
5.FrNick Mozzone1.85mNorth Carolina-Ashev...
6.SoLogan Kemp1.80mKing College
7.SoJake Goodchild1.75mAppalachian State
8.FrDomonique Hollins1.75mSt Andrews (NC)
8.-Jared Cartwright1.75mKing College
10.JrDanny Hobgin1.70mLees-McRae
11.SrCameron Cofield1.70mSt Andrews (NC)
12.SoShaun Rowand1.60mLees-McRae
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJonathan Arthur5.05mLees-McRae
2.JrMatt Boruff4.85mAppalachian State
3.SoRyan Twiford4.70mAppalachian State
4.SoRyan Oakes4.70mLees-McRae
5.SoMike Wilson4.55mAppalachian State
6.SoZach Smith4.40mAppalachian State
7.FrJack Bell4.40mAppalachian State
8.FrLandon Patterson4.25mAppalachian State
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMike Wilson6.43mAppalachian State
2.SrCharles Phillips6.41mSt Andrews (NC)
3.SoMarcus Shuford6.40mLenoir-Rhyne
4.FrMike Pope6.35mAppalachian State
5.SrCameron Cofield6.27mSt Andrews (NC)
6.-Antwain Ross6.18mLenoir-Rhyne
7.SoAnthony Todt6.11mKing College
8.JrChris Glenn6.10mLees-McRae
9.SoJoseph Brown5.93mLees-McRae
10.JrAdam Phillips5.79mLees-McRae
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMarcus Shuford13.83mLenoir-Rhyne
3.SrCameron Cofield12.51mSt Andrews (NC)
4.SoCorey Alexander12.42mLees-McRae
5.SrCharles Phillips12.23mSt Andrews (NC)
X Hammer - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrDerek Nave43.71mKing College
2.FrJared Stallings42.57mAppalachian State
3.FrCaleb Poplin37.65mAppalachian State
4.JrHamilton Borden37.49mLenoir-Rhyne
5.JrJoe Dahre37.24mLees-McRae
6.JrMatt Rogers34.21mSt Andrews (NC)

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoCrystal Dukes12.26aAppalachian State
2.FrAsia Dunlap12.68aAppalachian State
3.FrChristina Parker12.74aAppalachian State
4.SrTori Daniels14.16aLenoir-Rhyne
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrChristina Parker25.25aAppalachian State
2.FrAsia Dunlap25.77aAppalachian State
3.SrMonica Johnson26.03aAppalachian State
4.SoNadia Liriano26.61aAppalachian State
5.FrRebecca Foard27.43aLees-McRae
6.SrJenny Hurd28.08aLees-McRae
7.FrRayne Delutis28.48aLees-McRae
8.SrTori Daniels30.08aLenoir-Rhyne
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrBrittany Simmons58.16aKing College
2.SoNadia Liriano1:02.40aAppalachian State
3.SrDemarea Colson1:06.87aLees-McRae
4.FrRebecca Foard1:07.37aLees-McRae
5.JrAshley May1:08.77aLees-McRae
6.SrTori Daniels1:11.13aLenoir-Rhyne
7.FrAurelia Bacca1:12.47aNorth Carolina-Ashev...
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAmanda Davis2:21.00aKing College
2.SrKala Robertson2:21.37aAppalachian State
3.SrAmanda Wallace2:24.58aKing College
4.JrMelissa Kopec2:26.13aAppalachian State
5.SoDani Reese2:27.35aAppalachian State
6.JrLynda Hiller2:32.26aAppalachian State
7.FrDanielle Alfano2:32.78aKing College
8.FrTiffany Payne2:33.66aLenoir-Rhyne
9.SrDemarea Colson2:36.15aLees-McRae
10.JrAshley May2:38.74aLees-McRae
11.JrElycia Zempel2:39.11aLenoir-Rhyne
12.SoSam Howard2:45.16aLenoir-Rhyne
13.SoMiranda Annas2:51.48aLenoir-Rhyne
14.FrAllison Shields2:52.92aNorth Carolina-Ashev...
15.-Kathleen Wilkerson2:57.28aLees-McRae
16.SrKristen Zerressen3:21.42aBrevard
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAlyson Trovato5:02.61aSt Andrews (NC)
2.FrDanielle Alfano5:15.69aKing College
3.FrTiffany Payne5:24.87aLenoir-Rhyne
4.JrAlyssa Lowe5:38.79aLenoir-Rhyne
5.FrHannah Johnson5:39.28aLenoir-Rhyne
6.SoTierra Savage5:40.14aSt Andrews (NC)
7.FrTiffany Williams5:46.90aSt Andrews (NC)
8.SoDanielle Martin6:21.31aSt Andrews (NC)
9.FrRebecca May6:44.57aSt Andrews (NC)
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKate Griewisch18:32.53aLenoir-Rhyne
2.SrAlyson Trovato18:42.03aSt Andrews (NC)
3.SoCarrie Nelson18:46.28aKing College
4.SoAmy Wallace19:50.55aKing College
6.FrTiffany Williams21:10.05aSt Andrews (NC)
7.FrAmanda Barnes21:35.30aLenoir-Rhyne
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrPorsha' Evans-Hardy14.95aAppalachian State
2.SoShantra McCoy16.36aLees-McRae
3.JrErin Tyler16.62aLees-McRae
4.SrMorgan Weeks17.38aNorth Carolina-Ashev...
5.SoKatheryn Smith18.86aLees-McRae
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMegan Irwin1:15.70aAppalachian State
2.JrApril Harris1:17.02aLees-McRae
3.SoKatheryn Smith1:19.01aLees-McRae
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.JrApril Harris12:32.59aLees-McRae
2.FrKelsey Hanger12:48.86aAppalachian State
3.SrBekah Peeler13:19.91aLenoir-Rhyne
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
2.-Relay Team 49.99aKing College
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:57.96aKing College
2.-Relay Team 3:59.95aAppalachian State
3.-Relay Team 4:14.72aLees-McRae
4.-Relay Team 4:20.51aAppalachian State
5.-Relay Team 4:42.86aLenoir-Rhyne
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCarla Durham11.54mAppalachian State
2.SoMichaela McGriff11.48mAppalachian State
3.FrCrystal Bass10.09mLees-McRae
4.JrErin Tyler8.80mLees-McRae
5.JrTyler Lee8.70mSt Andrews (NC)
6.SoAmy Tripson6.97mSt Andrews (NC)
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrLily Tallent37.44mAppalachian State
2.SoMichaela McGriff32.39mAppalachian State
3.SrCarla Durham31.13mAppalachian State
4.FrCrystal Bass27.56mLees-McRae
5.JrTyler Lee27.54mSt Andrews (NC)
6.JrKristie Hurlston19.39mKing College
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.SrLily Tallent35.28mAppalachian State
2.JrAnna Waldburt34.42mKing College
3.SrCarla Durham29.67mAppalachian State
4.SrMorgan Weeks27.55mNorth Carolina-Ashev...
5.JrAlyssa Lowe23.52mLenoir-Rhyne
6.JrErin Tyler22.16mLees-McRae
7.SoAmy Tripson16.37mSt Andrews (NC)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoBridgette Hills1.60mAppalachian State
2.JrJulie Ward1.55mAppalachian State
3.SoCrystal Dukes1.50mAppalachian State
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJulie Ward3.55mAppalachian State
2.JrAshley Beale3.55mAppalachian State
3.SrShea Snow3.40mAppalachian State
4.SrMegan Irwin3.25mAppalachian State
5.SoHannah Trimble3.10mLees-McRae
6.SoCandice Corbin2.75mLees-McRae
7.FrMargo James2.60mAppalachian State
8.JrKaryn Bragman2.45mLees-McRae
9.-Kendall Cooke2.45mLenoir-Rhyne
9.FrMichele Jonas2.45mLees-McRae
11.JrAnna Waldburt2.45mKing College
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoBianca Harvey5.57mAppalachian State
2.JrKatherine Hutchings3.54mSt Andrews (NC)
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoCrystal Dukes11.24mAppalachian State
2.SoBianca Harvey11.11mAppalachian State
3.SoShantra McCoy10.13mLees-McRae
X Hammer - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCarla Durham44.75mAppalachian State
2.SoMichaela McGriff44.72mAppalachian State
3.JrKristie Hurlston35.79mKing College
4.FrCrystal Bass28.66mLees-McRae
5.JrTyler Lee20.71mSt Andrews (NC)
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