TRL District Meet Day 1

Thursday, May 18, 2006 - Meet History
  OC Stadium - Map

  Field Events Start: 3:30 PM
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Oregon - 5A
SHHSSt Helens
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Bo Khothsombath11.42aMilwaukie
10Cody Jones11.44aSt Helens
12Bennie Dixon11.52aMilwaukie
10Zach Young11.65aLakeridge
11Sambaran Chatterjee11.71aWest Linn
8.10AJ Kingsbury11.71aLake Oswego
11Ron Walters11.74aSt Helens
12Anthony Rue11.75aWest Linn
11R.W. Zeller11.81aPutnam
10Rob Kool11.81aLakeridge
10Nick Crommie11.85aMilwaukie
10Allan Young11.88aPutnam
11MJ Adams11.88aSt Helens
19.11Jaron Fagan11.92aLake Oswego
9Gabe Garza11.62Clackamas
12Kevin Oberding11.71Clackamas
9Alex Galvan11.74Clackamas
21.12David Bloom12.05aLake Oswego
10Matt VanDeZande12.21aWest Linn
12Jimmy Stafford12.47aLakeridge
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
5.12Joe Wolf11.64aOregon City
17.11Austin Schaumburg11.87aOregon City
22.10Matt Conrad12.11aOregon City
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Bennie Dixon23.05aMilwaukie
5.10Anthony Culver23.33aLake Oswego
10Zach Young23.36aLakeridge
10Cody Jones23.40aSt Helens
11Sambaran Chatterjee23.27West Linn
9Gabe Garza23.38Clackamas
12Anthony Rue23.66aWest Linn
10Nick Crommie23.79aMilwaukie
13.10AJ Kingsbury23.94aLake Oswego
10Allan Young23.96aPutnam
10Nico Matthews24.06aWest Linn
11Ron Walters24.31aSt Helens
9Alex Galvan24.06Clackamas
20.12Alex Madden24.59aLake Oswego
11MJ Adams24.81aSt Helens
10Micah Strong24.51Clackamas
11Sam Engebose25.26aLakeridge
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
9.11Cory Misley23.46aOregon City
11.12Joe Wolf23.70aOregon City
17.11Austin Schaumburg24.13aOregon City
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Sam Oltman50.97aWest Linn
12Zach Glatt51.42aWest Linn
7.11Riley Werner51.88aLake Oswego
6.10Anthony Culver52.16aLake Oswego
12Jared Forrell52.44aPutnam
10Andy Davis52.63aMilwaukie
12Nick Orvis52.74aSt Helens
11Ricky Cookman53.36aClackamas
13.12Steve Mogentale54.25Lake Oswego
10David Craig55.31aClackamas
9Ryan Grady56.51aLakeridge
9Ryan Harper59.40aSt Helens
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
2.12Jacob Hayden50.98aOregon City
12.10Ian Normand53.99aOregon City
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Ryan Waite1:59.30aSt Helens
12Jeremy Liebman1:59.6Clackamas
11Ryan Keene2:0.43Clackamas
11Ryan McLaughlin2:00.53aMilwaukie
12Kyle Saxe2:01.26aSt Helens
10Matt Regan2:02.76aPutnam
11Matt Hutchinson2:3.17Clackamas
10.11Alex Robinson2:05.83aLake Oswego
11.10Jan Budden2:06.07aLake Oswego
12Cody Ray2:07.70aSt Helens
11Harrison Ko2:08.14aWest Linn
12Chris Parr2:08.57aPutnam
11Charlie Lammers2:12.47aWest Linn
12Cory Franks2:12.94aLakeridge
9Quinn Poulton2:15.35aLakeridge
10Will Marks2:18.61aLakeridge
10Taylor Kolasinski206.17aWest Linn
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
5.11Michael Sweet2:00.63aOregon City
6.11Travis Harper2:02.66aOregon City
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
10Dave Marks4:15.11aLakeridge
11Andrew Balter4:31.86aLakeridge
10Rishi Rikhi4:35.17aLakeridge
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ben Frisbee8:52.36aLake Oswego
2.11Kevin Elder8:55.73aSt Helens
10Dave Marks9:00.8aLakeridge
4.12Brandon Snook9:06.60aOregon City
5.12Brian Saxe9:15.18aSt Helens
6.11Griff Curtis9:16.41aSt Helens
10Grant Eldridge9:18.72aClackamas
12Scott Ward9:21.35aClackamas
11Will Gordon9:24.39aClackamas
12Chris Baker9:31.90aPutnam
11.12Jon Anderson9:39.20aOregon City
12Ryan Stilwell9:43.21aPutnam
10Rishi Rikhi9:45.78aLakeridge
14.11Tyler Mills9:47.01aOregon City
15.10Alex Martin9:48.24Lake Oswego
16.10Chris Caldwell9:56.45Lake Oswego
10Temesghen Habte9:58.09aPutnam
10Michael Bernert9:59.31aWest Linn
10Ben Morrow10:04.06aWest Linn
9Neil Rajput10:11.24aWest Linn
12Cory Franks10:23.31aLakeridge
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
12Brandon Collier15.46aLakeridge
11Nic Barnes15.64aSt Helens
9Andrew Gay15.64aPutnam
11Shawn Miller15.84aWest Linn
12TJ Blaser15.94aMilwaukie
11Taylor Brown16.31aPutnam
9David Marcus16.30Clackamas
12Antony Nguyen16.54aMilwaukie
12Ed Tanous16.8aLakeridge
11James Low16.91aWest Linn
11Charlie Olson16.93aLakeridge
10Eric Serres16.64Clackamas
11Kirk Reinholdt16.97aSt Helens
9Alex Schlitt17.20aWest Linn
10Greg Inahara17.16Clackamas
19.10Austin Snell17.71aLake Oswego
12Ryan Sanford18.24aMilwaukie
11Tom Duong18.73aSt Helens
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
11.12Larry Lee16.70aOregon City
18.11John Wester17.46aOregon City
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
12Brandon Collier40.15aLakeridge
11Nic Barnes41.06aSt Helens
11Shawn Miller41.52aWest Linn
12TJ Blaser41.7aMilwaukie
10Greg Inahara42.73Clackamas
9Andrew Gay43.46aPutnam
9Bryce Baker43.99aWest Linn
12Kyle Callahan44.09aMilwaukie
10Eric Serres44.76Clackamas
9David Marcus44.88Clackamas
11Casey Smith45.43aSt Helens
11Charlie Olson45.63aLakeridge
11Kirk Reinholdt45.76aSt Helens
12Antony Nguyen46.63aMilwaukie
11James Low46.86aWest Linn
12Cory Franks2:12.94aLakeridge
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
7.12Larry Lee42.65aOregon City
8.11John Wester43.03aOregon City
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
12Greg Burke149' 11.5Milwaukie
12John Bell142'3Clackamas
11Zack Karr140'9.50Lakeridge
11Justin Inahara132'7.5Clackamas
6.12Nick Raymond129'1"St Helens
12Mitchell Scanlon128'9.5Clackamas
11Jimmy Haman126' 8.5Milwaukie
9.12Grant Perkins124'05Oregon City
12Joe Koch122'5"St Helens
12Dan Salsbery119' 5.5Milwaukie
12.11Eric Skipper112'07Oregon City
12Jim Halicki111'3.5West Linn
11Cameron Sauvain109'0.5Lakeridge
11Juan Rosales-Emanuel107'5"St Helens
17.12Jared Hart106'07Oregon City
9Mitch Gaulke103'4.5West Linn
11Jeff Hutchens100'8Lakeridge
10Robert Truax91'11West Linn
22.11Spencer Feuchtwanger88'4.5Lake Oswego
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
12Nathan Kintz6'4.0Clackamas
2.11Carson Bartlett6'4"St Helens
12Mike Shamp5' 10Milwaukie
11Tim Gonzales5' 10Milwaukie
5.11Levi Steinke5'08.00Oregon City
5.10Derek Hinkle5'08.00Oregon City
5.10Nico Matthews5'8West Linn
8.10Austin Snell5'8Lake Oswego
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Curtis Houghton13'6Lake Oswego
2.10Jack Hippler13'03.00Oregon City
12Kirk Wright12' 6Milwaukie
4.12Larry Lee12'06.00Oregon City
6.12Jesse James12'6"St Helens
11Kevin Scheiber12'0Clackamas
10Kyle Salgado11'6.0Clackamas
8.11Jacob Brumbles11'6"St Helens
11.12Bobby Binder11'06.00Oregon City
10Nick Kemner11'0West Linn
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
12Brandon Collier21'11Lakeridge
2.11Carson Bartlett21'4.50"St Helens
12Nathan Kintz21'4.0Clackamas
4.11Taylor Farah21'0.5West Linn
5.12Cameron Gordon-Forbes20'07.00Oregon City
11Jerod Owens20'0.5Clackamas
8.12Alex Madden19'11Lake Oswego
9.11Cory Misley19'08.00Oregon City
11Taylor Young19'6.5Lakeridge
11.11Zach Fisher19'05.50Oregon City
12Bo Khothsombath19' 4Milwaukie
11Jeff Hutchens18'10Lakeridge
10Dereck Dodel18'8.50"St Helens
11James Low18'6West Linn
10Cody Jones18'5.50"St Helens
10Nico Matthews18'4.5West Linn
12Kirk Wright18' 3Milwaukie
9Scott Pham17' 10.5Milwaukie
22.12Matt Tercek17'02.5Lake Oswego
23.12David Bloom16'01Lake Oswego

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Mandy White12.73aLakeridge
11Stephanie Persaud12.82aClackamas
11Kaley Jameson12.83aClackamas
10Haley Ricker12.90aSt Helens
5.9Jazmine Whitlock12.97aWest Linn
7.11Brooke Bartholomew13.00aLake Oswego
9Mady Johnson13.34aLake Oswego
9Caitlyn O'Neil13.48aClackamas
11.9Kelsey Oades13.53aPutnam
9Emily Higgins13.57aSt Helens
9Nicole Botteron14.00aMilwaukie
16.10Crystal Spring14.37aPutnam
10Erin Ambrosini14.78aLakeridge
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
9.11Aimee Shafer13.38aOregon City
10.11Lauren Shafer13.43aOregon City
14.12Jenna Flohr13.65aOregon City
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
9Kaley Edwards26.29aMilwaukie
2.9Jazmine Whitlock26.58aWest Linn
11Kaley Jameson26.64aClackamas
11Stephanie Persaud26.65aClackamas
11Mandy White26.76aLakeridge
6.11Brooke Bartholomew26.91aLake Oswego
10Haley Ricker27.05aSt Helens
7.12Jennifer Luecht27.05aPutnam
9.12Sami Whitehall27.51aWest Linn
10.9Mady Johnson27.65aLake Oswego
11.9Kelsey Oades27.75aPutnam
10Monica Strous27.83aClackamas
9Emily Higgins28.31aSt Helens
16.10Becky Luetjen28.69aLake Oswego
10Marta Flori28.88aSt Helens
18.12Mindy Malvick28.96aPutnam
9Nicole Botteron30.11aMilwaukie
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
11.11Aubrey Millen27.75aOregon City
15.9Amy Hermansen28.65aOregon City
19.9Stacie Judd29.56aOregon City
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
9Kaley Edwards59.61aMilwaukie
2.12Sami Whitehall60.36aWest Linn
3.12Jennifer Luecht1:01.13aPutnam
11Abby Hoover61.33aClackamas
9Jenna Horton61.39aLakeridge
10Monica Strous62.44aClackamas
10Marta Flori1:02.80aSt Helens
9Michaela McNairy62.89aLakeridge
9.9Melany Crocker1:03.68aPutnam
12Jennifer Marshall64.30aClackamas
10Lydia Burris64.74aLakeridge
12.12Anna Hartz65.13aLake Oswego
13.10Katie Crane65.25aWest Linn
14.10Kristi Pace65.46aWest Linn
12Jessie Higgins1:07.47aSt Helens
3.12Sarah Marks11:21.24aLake Oswego
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
16.10Caity O'Brien1:08.10aOregon City
17.9Amy Hermansen1:10.04aOregon City
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Natalie Pittenger2:28.16aWest Linn
2.12Amy Chapman2:29.02aLake Oswego
4.9Emily Dent2:29.10aOregon City
11Abby Hoover2:29.39aClackamas
7.10Lauren Ohlson2:29.45aLake Oswego
6.10Diana Crane2:29.52aWest Linn
10Meryl Butcher2:30.28aClackamas
7.10Taylor Hacmac2:30.28aPutnam
9.10Alyssa Jernigan2:33.28aWest Linn
12Savannah Walruff2:34.83aClackamas
11Natalie Barry2:38.00aLakeridge
9Heather Edwards2:40.25aMilwaukie
9Jenni Anderson2:41.94aSt Helens
10Latricia Lowe2:42.31aSt Helens
9Chloe Block2:43.56aLakeridge
9Michelle Loghry2:44.03aMilwaukie
11Andrea Hopkins2:49.58aSt Helens
11Kathryn Collins2:51.09aLakeridge
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
11.11Ashley Linza2:37.63aOregon City
20.11Jessica Bechler2:57.06aOregon City
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Claire Michel10:22.02aClackamas
2.9Taylor Nowlin11:06.06aWest Linn
4.11Whitney Harmon11:23.88aWest Linn
5.11Kelsey Gerber11:26.31aWest Linn
12Rebekah Guenther11:29.98aClackamas
7.11Olivia Tomlinson11:31.92aOregon City
11Jamie Hanna11:49.60aSt Helens
8.10Alyssa Morishita11:54.1Putnam
10Becca Adams12:06.85aMilwaukie
12Stephanie Walters12:08.15aClackamas
13.12Rachelle Hacmac12:09.6Putnam
15.9Hannah Groshong12:15.83aOregon City
16.10Sami Parr12:19.3Putnam
11Archelle Grajeda13:14.42aLakeridge
9Ashley Anderson13:24.40aSt Helens
9Kamrie Pillar13:32.17aSt Helens
20.10Lisa Terry14:05.37aOregon City
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
11Melissa Im16.81aClackamas
2.11Kelli Walters16.85aWest Linn
3.11Kaitllyn Reid17.14aWest Linn
9Sara Hursey17.45aLakeridge
9Courtney Grogan17.68aClackamas
8.11Chelsea Diamond17.75aPutnam
8.10Amy Kestek17.82aWest Linn
10Jillian Fagan17.91aLake Oswego
11Star Swan17.99aClackamas
11.10Alina Goncharova18.24aPutnam
10Jasmyne Settle18.38aSt Helens
10Christina Bogdan18.44aLakeridge
14.12Lauren Gard18.49aPutnam
12Lisa Andrew18.65aMilwaukie
12Michelle Boyd19.29aMilwaukie
12Casie Kromm20.38aSt Helens
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
4.10Melissa Robinson17.37aOregon City
15.9Kristin Stanchfield18.51aOregon City
18.10Amanda Jacks19.82aOregon City
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
11Melissa Im48.57aClackamas
11Stephanie Crim49.19aLakeridge
10Samantha Berryman49.30aLakeridge
5.11Kelli Walters49.39aWest Linn
6.11Emily Rohde49.55aLake Oswego
7.10Rachel Bauman49.91aOregon City
12Amanda Keele50.28aMilwaukie
10.11Kaitllyn Reid50.57aWest Linn
9Rachel Jordan50.66aMilwaukie
9Jenessa Kirk51.06aClackamas
9Courtney Grogan52.18aClackamas
10Jasmyne Settle52.51aSt Helens
15.10Jade Horton52.85aPutnam
16.10Jillian Fagan53.55aLake Oswego
10Christina Bogdan53.79aLakeridge
18.12Lauren Gard54.78aPutnam
20.10Alina Goncharova57.44aPutnam
12Casie Kromm1:01.79aSt Helens
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jenna Flohr47.54aOregon City
8.9Denae Lamb50.10aOregon City
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Stephanie Ralls37'6"St Helens
2.10Sam Dewart34'7West Linn
3.11Ashley Fullerton32'7.75Putnam
4.12Caitlyn Morgan32'7.5Putnam
12Kristen Holden32'6Milwaukie
6.10Justine Belliveau32'01.00Oregon City
12Whitney Buley31'1Clackamas
8.11Evan Bratcher30'07.00Oregon City
11Jessica Maresh30' 5.50"St Helens
10Aubrie Bass29'8.50Clackamas
12Felisha Borg28'9.75Clackamas
12.10Brionna Winfield28'3.5West Linn
11Kelsey Abegg27'1Lakeridge
14.9Nora Kegg26'09.50Oregon City
9Ashley Hummel26'8.5Milwaukie
15.12Megan Adams26'8Putnam
11Nikki Steele26' 7"St Helens
12Lauren Howze26'6Lakeridge
19.10Barbara Campos26'5.5West Linn
20.10Kate Mogentale23'5Lake Oswego
9Brenna Robinson22'0.5Lakeridge
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ali Super144'9West Linn
2.12Stephanie Ralls139'3"St Helens
3.9Andrea Hopkins121'8Lake Oswego
10Kai Schmidt118'11Lakeridge
5.10Sam Dewart116'1West Linn
6.11Nikki Steele105'9"St Helens
12Lauren Howze105'3Lakeridge
8.10Becca Hodges102'9Lake Oswego
9.10Devon Brown101'3Lake Oswego
10.11Amanda Fox97'03Oregon City
10Aubrie Bass95'02Clackamas
12.12Jaclyn Fitzgerald93'07Oregon City
11Karra Johnson91'0Clackamas
14.11Ashley Fullerton88Putnam
12Lisa Andrew86'9Milwaukie
16.10Crystal Spring86'7Putnam
17.10Michelle Powell83'09Oregon City
11Kaila Acoba83'4"St Helens
10Aly Rutherford76'09Clackamas
20.11Janelle Dobson71'8Putnam
10Kiersten McNairy58'5Lakeridge
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
11Mandy White17'3Lakeridge
10Samantha Berryman17'0.5Lakeridge
3.10Sami Demars16'2West Linn
4.9Emily Dent16'01.00Oregon City
9Caitlyn O'Neil15'10Clackamas
6.10Haley Ricker15'9"St Helens
7.12Jayne Herrington15'7Putnam
11Whitney Jackson15'5Clackamas
9Candace Loyd15'1"St Helens
10.12Jill Herrington14'10.5Putnam
10.11Rochelle Dobson14'10.5Putnam
13.10Julia Green14'8West Linn
14.10Lauren Wolf14'5.5West Linn
15.12Jenna Flohr14'03.00Oregon City
16.11Emily Rohde14'2.5Lake Oswego
12Amanda Keele14'2Milwaukie
18.10Amanda Jacks13'09.00Oregon City
11Alicia Tallman13'7Milwaukie
9Bethany Jackson13'2Clackamas
10Erin Ambrosini13'1.5Lakeridge
10Emma Dancer12'10Milwaukie
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