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UNF Osprey Challenge

Saturday, April 18, 2009

North Florida, Jacksonville

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South Carolina - NCAA
The Citadel
Tennessee - NCAA
East Tennessee State
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrDuronal Nonal10.65aEast Tennessee State
2.FrEric Plump10.83aSavannah State
3.SrMichael Wilson10.86aNova Southeastern
5.SoTim Moran11.01aClayton State
6.FrJeremiah Ford11.18aEast Tennessee State
7.SrMatt Habermehl11.26aFlorida International
8.FrIsaiah McCasteill11.27aNova Southeastern
9.FrJonathan Loadholt11.27aSavannah State
10.SrJohn Crute11.33aNova Southeastern
11.FrJamario Parks11.42aSavannah State
12.SoYordin Robinson11.54aEast Tennessee State
13.JrJordan Briggs11.81aEast Tennessee State
14.FrWill Shackleford12.10aEast Tennessee State
15.FrAlex McKee12.43aFlorida Southern
--FrDavid HowardDNSBethune-Cookman
--JrDezariah JohnsonDNSFlorida International
--SoTerrence MaxwellDNSEast Tennessee State
--FrAndre HarrellDNSFlorida International
--JrDaniel StephensonDNSFlorida International
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrEric Plump21.32aSavannah State
2.SrDuronal Nonal21.50aEast Tennessee State
3.SrMichael Wilson21.68aNova Southeastern
4.FrChris Herring21.97aBethune-Cookman
5.FrChristopher Jackson22.16aBethune-Cookman
6.FrDemetrius Douglas-Davis22.22aBethune-Cookman
7.SoMichael James II22.26aEast Tennessee State
8.JrMarcell Keeling22.33aBethune-Cookman
9.FrJeremiah Ford22.37aEast Tennessee State
10.SrJoshua Cloyd22.40aEast Tennessee State
11.FrRobert Horton22.43aBethune-Cookman
12.FrIsaiah McCasteill22.47aNova Southeastern
13.SrDerrick Collins22.56aBethune-Cookman
15.SrMatt Habermehl22.65aFlorida International
16.SoTim Moran22.66aClayton State
17.SrJohn Crute23.05aNova Southeastern
18.SoYordin Robinson23.90aEast Tennessee State
--FrAndre HarrellDNSFlorida International
--FrErnesto SanchezDNSFlorida International
--SrJamel BrownDNSThe Citadel
--FrJonathan LoadholtDNSSavannah State
--SoPedro BigorraDNSFlorida International
--SoTerrence MaxwellDNSEast Tennessee State
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.SoVernon Williams48.30aSavannah State
4.JrMarcell Keeling49.06aBethune-Cookman
5.FrChristopher Jackson49.80aBethune-Cookman
6.FrRobert Horton49.94aBethune-Cookman
8.FrDemetrius Douglas-Davis50.68aBethune-Cookman
9.JrNicholas Chernikow50.97aEast Tennessee State
10.FrChris Herring51.20aBethune-Cookman
11.FrAnthony Guilliams51.46aThe Citadel
12.SrDerrick Collins51.63aBethune-Cookman
13.SoTerrence Maxwell52.03aEast Tennessee State
14.JrDaniel Stephenson52.16aFlorida International
15.SoJoseph Ferguson54.34aSavannah State
--SoYordin RobinsonDNSEast Tennessee State
--FrErnesto SanchezDNSFlorida International
--SoPedro BigorraDNSFlorida International
--SrMichael WilsonDNSNova Southeastern
--SrJohn CruteDNSNova Southeastern
--FrIsaiah McCasteillDNSNova Southeastern
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrWilliam Pearce1:53.44aNorth Florida
2.SoTyrone McCoy1:54.82aSavannah State
3.SoManuel Gonzalez1:57.23aEast Tennessee State
4.FrChris Morgan1:57.34aThe Citadel
5.FrShelby Russell1:57.80aClayton State
6.SoJoseph Pena1:58.64aNova Southeastern
7.SoJoseph Tkach1:59.07aThe Citadel
8.FrGabriel Davis1:59.28aSavannah State
10.SoChris Jacob2:00.70aNova Southeastern
11.FrRicky Fort2:01.76aClayton State
12.SrZach Harten2:02.03aThe Citadel
13.JrAnthony Aguilar2:02.64aClayton State
15.FrDaniel Pederson2:08.99aThe Citadel
16.JrAlbert Pelaez2:10.45aFlorida International
17.FrWes Stoddard2:10.90aThe Citadel
--SoChris FallisDNSThe Citadel
--FrFrankie DioguardiDNSThe Citadel
--SoPedro BigorraDNSFlorida International
--FrRuben Isreal-McBeeDNSSavannah State
--SoEllis AndersonDNSThe Citadel
--JrJosphat KoskeiDNSFlorida International
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrCameron Dickerson3:58.88aNorth Florida
3.FrJohnathan Esteban4:02.09aNorth Florida
4.SoBenjamin Ronoh4:02.64aEast Tennessee State
6.FrEric Larson4:05.54aFlorida Southern
7.JrAnthony Aguilar4:08.58aClayton State
8.SoSamuel Palmer4:11.06aNorth Florida
9.SoCraig Sinbine4:11.79aNorth Florida
11.SrDaniel Selsky4:12.80aFlorida International
12.SoJohn Besharat4:13.97aNova Southeastern
13.JrChris Fulcher4:14.69aNorth Florida
14.FrJonathan Junkins4:16.41aNova Southeastern
15.FrRuben Isreal-McBee4:17.19aSavannah State
17.SoAgustin Rey4:18.02aNova Southeastern
18.FrJosh Brown4:20.88aNorth Florida
19.SrEddie Arguello4:28.28aFlorida International
20.FrJonathan Thiele4:33.63aNova Southeastern
--FrMike StrasserDNSNorth Florida
--JrJosphat KoskeiDNSFlorida International
--SoPedro BigorraDNSFlorida International
--JrChris GilbertDNSFlorida International
--SoChris FallisDNSThe Citadel
--FrFrankie DioguardiDNSThe Citadel
--JrKenneth RotichDNSEast Tennessee State
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrKenneth Rotich14:24.18aEast Tennessee State
2.SrJeff Crane14:53.58aEast Tennessee State
3.SrMichael Deren14:58.68aEast Tennessee State
5.SoFidelis Mutiso15:38.09aClayton State
6.SoAgustin Rey15:52.13aNova Southeastern
7.JrAu Nguyen15:55.00aClayton State
9.FrMike Strasser16:05.27aNorth Florida
10.FrJonathan Junkins16:06.78aNova Southeastern
11.SoKevin Flood16:08.66aThe Citadel
12.SoNathan Jackson16:14.56aThe Citadel
14.SoJarrid Casimir16:26.35aClayton State
15.FrP.J. Wasilchak16:46.73aThe Citadel
16.FrJonathan Thiele17:09.53aNova Southeastern
--SoJohn BesharatDNSNova Southeastern
--JrChris GilbertDNSFlorida International
--SoJoey ChinoDNSClayton State
--SoWalid BerkhedleDNSClayton State
--SoAndrew MartucciDNSFlorida Southern
--SoBen MartucciDNSFlorida Southern
--FrEric LarsonDNSFlorida Southern
--SrDaniel SelskyDNSFlorida International
--JrAlex AndersonDNSThe Citadel
--SrPatrick CanfieldDNSNorth Florida
--SoBenjamin RonohDNSEast Tennessee State
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
2.SoMichael James II14.33aEast Tennessee State
3.FrDavid Howard14.38aBethune-Cookman
4.JrMarcus Stallworth15.03aSavannah State
5.SrBrandon Norman15.20aSavannah State
6.SoAaron Whitaker15.29aSavannah State
7.JrNicholas Chernikow15.43aEast Tennessee State
8.FrChristian Graham15.82aThe Citadel
9.FrWill Shackleford17.67aEast Tennessee State
10.FrAaron Overton24.22aThe Citadel
--SoBrian BaizeDNSThe Citadel
--SrJamel BrownDNSThe Citadel
--FrDarrell McElroyDNSSavannah State
--JrDezariah JohnsonDNSFlorida International
--JrJordan BriggsDNSEast Tennessee State
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
3.JrMarcus Stallworth55.23aSavannah State
4.SoAaron Whitaker55.27aSavannah State
5.FrChristian Graham58.68aThe Citadel
6.FrAaron Overton1:02.13aThe Citadel
7.FrAlex McKee1:02.56aFlorida Southern
8.SrJose Trinidad1:07.30aThe Citadel
--SoMichael James IIDNSEast Tennessee State
--SrBrandon NormanDNSSavannah State
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
2.SrJ Penny9:43.38aEast Tennessee State
3.SoJoey Chino10:11.41aClayton State
4.SoJohn Blackburn11:26.68aFlorida Southern
5.SoCarlos Rojas11:27.15aNova Southeastern
--SrEddie ArguelloDNSFlorida International
--JrKenneth RotichDNSEast Tennessee State
--SoBenjamin RonohDNSEast Tennessee State
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Quentin Greenlee
Duronal Nonal
Terrence Maxwell
Jeremiah Ford
42.71aEast Tennessee State
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Gabriel Davis
Eric Plump
Tyrone McCoy
Vernon Williams
3:15.80aSavannah State
2.-Jeremiah Ford
Terrence Maxwell
Duronal Nonal
Michael James II
3:21.27aEast Tennessee State
3.-Marcus Stallworth
Aaron Whitaker
Brandon Norman
Christopher Blount
3:21.88aSavannah State
4.-Anthony Aguilar
Ricky Fort
Ahmad Rolle
Shelby Russell
3:22.01aClayton State
5.-Jamel Brown
Christian Graham
Chris Morgan
Zach Johnson
3:25.00aThe Citadel
6.-Agustin Rey
Bernard Pierry
Joe Pena
Carlos Rojas
3:46.18aNova Southeastern
7.-Relay Team 3:49.23aNova Southeastern
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCraig Johnson45-10.50Bethune-Cookman
2.SoBernard Pierry43-05.00Nova Southeastern
3.FrCornell Sneed43-03.25East Tennessee State
4.FrJustin Burton42-09.50East Tennessee State
5.SoMatt Allison41-08.00East Tennessee State
6.SoEdikan Nkan40-06.00Nova Southeastern
7.SoStuart Bowen37-08.75East Tennessee State
8.FrBryan Astudillo37-01.25Nova Southeastern
--SrCorey RobinsonDNSThe Citadel
--JrNicholas ChernikowDNSEast Tennessee State
--SoBrian BaizeDNSThe Citadel
X Discus - 2kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCraig Johnson44.79mBethune-Cookman
2.FrAaron Cagle42.75mEast Tennessee State
3.FrCornell Sneed40.96mEast Tennessee State
4.SoMatt Allison38.24mEast Tennessee State
5.SoBernard Pierry36.55mNova Southeastern
6.FrBryan Astudillo34.00mNova Southeastern
7.SoBrian Baize32.78mThe Citadel
8.SoEdikan Nkan32.35mNova Southeastern
9.JrWilliam Norris31.00mThe Citadel
--FrPatrick BearryDNSEast Tennessee State
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
2.SoMatt Baum48.99mEast Tennessee State
3.SrJohn Crute48.28mNova Southeastern
4.SrCorey Robinson47.58mThe Citadel
5.SoAusten Ditzhazy47.43mThe Citadel
6.SoBernard Pierry45.68mNova Southeastern
7.SoBrian Baize44.74mThe Citadel
8.FrWill Shackleford43.43mEast Tennessee State
9.FrJustin Burton43.22mEast Tennessee State
10.JrJordan Briggs38.16mEast Tennessee State
11.JrNicholas Chernikow37.88mEast Tennessee State
12.FrBryan Astudillo34.98mNova Southeastern
13.JrWilliam Norris34.03mThe Citadel
14.FrAaron Cagle32.02mEast Tennessee State
15.SrEskender Abdalla24.36mNova Southeastern
--FrPatrick BearryDNSEast Tennessee State
--SrMatt EarlsDNSThe Citadel
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAaron Overton6-04.75The Citadel
2.JrJames Harris6-04.75The Citadel
3.SrShaquill Smith6-02.75The Citadel
--SoShawn SovnenirDNSSavannah State
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJordan Briggs14-11.00East Tennessee State
2.FrNoah Thompson14-11.00North Florida
3.SoBrian Baize14-05.25The Citadel
4.SoMatt Baum13-05.25East Tennessee State
5.JrNicholas Chernikow12-11.50East Tennessee State
5.SrDrew Beamer12-11.50East Tennessee State
7.FrWill Shackleford11-11.75East Tennessee State
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
3.SrJoshua Cloyd7.04mEast Tennessee State
4.FrJamario Parks6.63mSavannah State
5.JrChristopher Blount6.44mSavannah State
6.SoKenson Nicholas6.25mBethune-Cookman
8.SrPreston Kight5.60mThe Citadel
9.FrShane Woodard5.56mThe Citadel
10.JrDaniel Stephenson5.15mFlorida International
11.SrShaquill Smith4.88mThe Citadel
--FrDarrell McElroyDNSSavannah State
--SoShawn SovnenirDNSSavannah State
--SoTerrence MaxwellDNSEast Tennessee State
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAhmad Rolle14.94mClayton State
2.SrJoshua Cloyd14.71mEast Tennessee State
3.SoShawn Sovnenir14.00mSavannah State
4.JrChristopher Blount13.96mSavannah State
5.SoKenson Nicholas13.66mBethune-Cookman
6.SoMatt Baum12.05mEast Tennessee State
7.SrPreston Kight11.17mThe Citadel
--SrShaquill SmithDNSThe Citadel
--FrShane WoodardDNSThe Citadel
X Hammer - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SoChristopher Castagno45.82mThe Citadel
2.FrJustin Burton41.53mEast Tennessee State
3.SoMatt Allison41.29mEast Tennessee State
4.SoStuart Bowen40.32mEast Tennessee State
5.JrWilliam Norris39.42mThe Citadel
--FrPatrick BearryDNSEast Tennessee State
--SrMatt EarlsDNSThe Citadel

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLouise Kiernan11.96aJacksonville
2.SrJudy Johnson11.98aEast Tennessee State
3.JrCharisma Anderson12.19aNorth Florida
4.FrKyley Jorgensen12.36aNova Southeastern
5.FrRoberta Fisher12.39aNova Southeastern
6.JrAnne DelBovo12.42aNorth Florida
7.JrJurnelle Francis12.54aFlorida International
8.SrRockel Mitchell12.64aBethune-Cookman
9.SoSarah Creel12.69aThe Citadel
10.FrKeva Stephens12.80aNorth Florida
11.SrJurlene Francis12.88aFlorida International
12.FrChristiana Orr12.90aNova Southeastern
13.SrElma Camacho13.15aFlorida International
14.FrAndrea Bridges13.32aNorth Florida
15.FrAva Rivera13.35aNorth Florida
--SrJon TaylorFSClayton State
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJudy Johnson23.78aEast Tennessee State
2.SoUnique Singleton24.33aJacksonville
3.SoLouise Kiernan24.38aJacksonville
4.SoDanielle Davenport24.83aJacksonville
5.JrCharisma Anderson25.15aNorth Florida
6.SoSaLydia James25.27aNorth Florida
7.FrChristiana Orr26.00aNova Southeastern
8.FrKeva Stephens26.61aNorth Florida
9.SoSarah Creel26.68aThe Citadel
10.FrAva Rivera27.17aNorth Florida
11.SoAlicen Livingston27.30aNorth Florida
12.JrTiffany Bromfield27.32aJacksonville
13.SrJurlene Francis28.08aFlorida International
14.SrElma Camacho28.10aFlorida International
15.FrSophia Bernard28.69aFlorida Southern
16.SrMidline Pierre29.12aNova Southeastern
--JrStacyann DaleyDNSNova Southeastern
--FrJessica JamesDNSNova Southeastern
--SoCrystal ColeDNSFlorida International
--JrNatasha GassDNSClayton State
--FrMercedes FergusonDNSFlorida International
--SrJanelle ClarkeDNSFlorida International
--JrJurnelle FrancisDNSFlorida International
--FrAmara JonesDNSSavannah State
--JrMekela MartinDNSSavannah State
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.SoUnique Singleton55.01aJacksonville
3.FrAmara Jones56.57aSavannah State
4.FrMercedes Ferguson56.65aFlorida International
5.JrKeisha Etienne56.97aClayton State
6.SoSaLydia James57.92aNorth Florida
7.FrLashondra Wilbon58.78aBethune-Cookman
8.SoMonique Harrison59.78aSavannah State
9.JrMekela Martin59.88aSavannah State
10.JrStacyann Daley1:00.81aNova Southeastern
11.SoAlicen Livingston1:01.12aNorth Florida
12.FrSophia Bernard1:04.39aFlorida Southern
13.FrErinn Carter1:04.50aThe Citadel
14.SoNakita Charles1:10.38aNova Southeastern
--FrKyley JorgensenDNSNova Southeastern
--SrMidline PierreDNSNova Southeastern
--FrJessica JamesDNSNova Southeastern
--FrAmber HughesDNSSavannah State
--SoAshton BishopDNSEast Tennessee State
--SrJodi WhittleDNSThe Citadel
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAmalia Vogler2:14.13aJacksonville
2.FrKayla Conrad2:14.52aNorth Florida
3.JrTara Haddock2:18.16aNova Southeastern
4.SoAshton Bishop2:20.12aEast Tennessee State
5.SrEvelyn Moore2:21.13aNorth Florida
6.SrMegan Jenkins2:21.52aThe Citadel
7.SrMarlene Derilus2:21.84aFlorida International
8.SoSianne Chong2:22.81aNorth Florida
9.FrErin Heasley2:23.47aNorth Florida
10.SoChelsea Ellis2:25.33aClayton State
11.JrAdrianne Turner2:25.52aClayton State
12.SoKarys Whitehead2:26.64aFlorida Southern
13.JrAli Gardino2:28.30aFlorida Southern
14.JrTiffanie Saxton2:29.22aJacksonville
15.FrMasiah Hutchinson2:30.24aClayton State
16.JrHeather Harris2:39.00aThe Citadel
17.SoSuzanne Gay2:41.40aThe Citadel
--SrHeidi DahlDNSEast Tennessee State
--JrAlexandria CondellDNSBethune-Cookman
--JrAlyssa DealDNSJacksonville
--JrIsel RamosDNSFlorida International
--JrCatalina OrtizDNSFlorida International
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAlyssa Deal4:38.38aJacksonville
2.FrBrooke Baumann4:51.41aNorth Florida
3.SoChelsea Ellis4:52.38aClayton State
4.FrErin Heasley4:56.45aNorth Florida
5.JrCaroline Kwambai4:57.56aFlorida Southern
6.JrCatalina Ortiz5:00.97aFlorida International
7.JrAli Gardino5:01.25aFlorida Southern
8.JrJessica Villemaire5:08.23aNorth Florida
9.FrMasiah Hutchinson5:22.80aClayton State
10.FrRene Mares5:24.32aClayton State
11.FrToni Kuzmicki5:35.15aNova Southeastern
--JrTara HaddockDNSNova Southeastern
--JrIsel RamosDNSFlorida International
--SrStephanie AmermanDNSFlorida International
--SoLaura RaglandDNSNorth Florida
--SrHeidi DahlDNSEast Tennessee State
--SoMelissa MurrellDNSEast Tennessee State
--SrMegan JenkinsDNSThe Citadel
--JrKatheryn GatewoodDNSThe Citadel
--SoSuzanne GayDNSThe Citadel
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrElsabeth Goshu18:14.24aJacksonville
2.JrKyrstal Porter18:20.87aNova Southeastern
3.JrCaroline Kwambai18:26.66aFlorida Southern
4.JrSarah Strickland18:54.62aThe Citadel
5.SoTerra Haggard19:34.12aEast Tennessee State
6.SoKelsey Dunn19:34.99aFlorida Southern
7.SoTerra Haggard19:50.07aEast Tennessee State
8.SoSarah Stierwalt20:27.42aThe Citadel
9.JrSadie Sellow20:32.02aSavannah State
10.FrRene Mares20:37.27aClayton State
11.FrEstefania Fierro21:15.17aFlorida International
--SrStephanie AmermanDNSFlorida International
--SoMelissa MurrellDNSEast Tennessee State
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrNatasha Harvey13.46aJacksonville
2.SoJ'Zotta Rolle14.32aJacksonville
3.FrStacey Young14.44aJacksonville
4.JrTiffany Bromfield14.78aJacksonville
5.SrJodi Whittle15.23aThe Citadel
6.SrVictoria Burch15.32aSavannah State
7.FrRachel Stanley15.39aNorth Florida
8.FrBrilly Gilchrist-Poteat15.67aThe Citadel
9.FrChristina King15.94aNorth Florida
10.SrElma Camacho16.19aFlorida International
11.SoMonique Harrison16.23aSavannah State
12.FrFrancesca Mccrary17.45aThe Citadel
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
2.SoCrystal Bardge59.86aBethune-Cookman
3.SoJ'Zotta Rolle1:00.33aJacksonville
4.SrJodi Whittle1:02.91aThe Citadel
5.FrRachel Stanley1:02.96aNorth Florida
6.SrVictoria Burch1:03.20aSavannah State
7.FrStacey Young1:03.34aJacksonville
8.JrKeisha Etienne1:04.91aClayton State
9.SrKara Stokes1:05.81aClayton State
10.FrMercedes Ferguson1:08.10aFlorida International
11.SrJanelle Clarke1:09.54aFlorida International
12.FrFrancesca Mccrary1:10.98aThe Citadel
13.JrLauren Fleming1:13.62aThe Citadel
--SoMonique HarrisonDNSSavannah State
--SoAshton BishopDNSEast Tennessee State
--FrBrilly Gilchrist-PoteatDNSThe Citadel
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
--SrStephanie AmermanDNSFlorida International
--SoRochelle CrookDNSEast Tennessee State
--SoTerra HaggardDNSEast Tennessee State
--JrJessica VillemaireDNSNorth Florida
--JrSarah StricklandDNSThe Citadel
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Danielle Davenport
Louise Kiernan
Unique Singleton
Natasha Harvey
2.-Anne DelBovo
SaLydia James
Keva Stephens
Charisma Anderson
46.95aNorth Florida
3.-Jessica James
Kyley Jorgensen
Christiana Orr
Roberta Fisher
48.13aNova Southeastern
4.-Relay Team 48.82aFlorida International
5.-Jodi Whittle
Sarah Creel
Brilly Gilchrist-Poteat
Erinn Carter
49.44aThe Citadel
---Octavia Burgess
Judy Johnson
Jasmine Ingram
Cagney Bailey
DNSEast Tennessee State
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mekela Martin
Victoria Burch
Amara Jones
Monique Harrison
3:51.48aSavannah State
2.-Keisha Etienne
Kara Stokes
Jon Taylor
Adrianne Turner
3:54.32aClayton State
3.-Kayla Conrad
Sianne Chong
Charisma Anderson
SaLydia James
3:56.69aNorth Florida
4.-Jodi Whittle
Erinn Carter
Brilly Gilchrist-Poteat
Megan Jenkins
4:00.05aThe Citadel
5.-Danielle Davenport
Stacey Young
Tiffanie Saxton
Amalia Vogler
6.-Marlene Derilus
Mercedes Ferguson
Janelle Clarke
Jurnelle Francis
4:02.75aFlorida International
7.-Evelyn Moore
Brooke Baumann
Ava Rivera
Alicen Livingston
4:07.37aNorth Florida
---Gardino Ali
Caroline Kwambai
Bernard Sophia
Karys Whitehead
DNSFlorida Southern
---Jasmine Ingram
Judy Johnson
Cagney Bailey
Hannah Andia
DNSEast Tennessee State
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrHillary Crook44-00.75Jacksonville
2.FrKayla Mobley38-08.75North Florida
3.FrErin Zampell38-06.00Nova Southeastern
4.SoLaura Phillips37-05.25Jacksonville
5.FrLili Barboza36-10.50East Tennessee State
6.JrNyisha Nelson34-05.75Clayton State
7.FrKristi Labossiere32-10.50Nova Southeastern
8.FrKasandra Polson32-05.00The Citadel
9.FrMia Trevino30-06.50The Citadel
--JrTiffany BromfieldDNSJacksonville
--JrZachlynn BlackburnDNSEast Tennessee State
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
2.SoMaketa Ruffin40.55mBethune-Cookman
3.SoLaura Phillips40.50mJacksonville
4.JrZachlynn Blackburn38.20mEast Tennessee State
5.JrHillary Crook34.37mJacksonville
6.FrCathy Agoris34.14mJacksonville
7.FrLili Barboza33.98mEast Tennessee State
8.FrErin Zampell33.95mNova Southeastern
9.FrKayla Mobley33.75mNorth Florida
10.FrKasandra Polson25.91mThe Citadel
--FrTheresa JohansenFOULThe Citadel
--FrKristi LabossiereFOULNova Southeastern
--JrNyisha NelsonFOULClayton State
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
2.JrAshton McGuire38.93mNorth Florida
3.JrEmily Green35.70mThe Citadel
4.FrErin Zampell32.93mNova Southeastern
5.JrTiffany Bromfield27.20mJacksonville
6.FrMia Trevino26.77mThe Citadel
7.FrBriana Dorsett23.25mNova Southeastern
8.FrAndrea Bridges19.22mNorth Florida
9.FrChristina King19.13mNorth Florida
10.SoNakita Charles16.01mNova Southeastern
--FrAnna FuzyDNSThe Citadel
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.JrElise Trexler5-01.00North Florida
2.SoHaley Pope5-01.00East Tennessee State
--FrAndrea BridgesDNSNorth Florida
--SoCrystal ColeDNSFlorida International
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAnne DelBovo10-06.00North Florida
2.FrMorgan McCorkle10-06.00North Florida
3.SoCassie Bruce10-00.00North Florida
5.FrNatalie Hart9-06.25North Florida
6.SrAndrea Reategui9-00.25Florida International
6.JrLauren Fleming9-00.25The Citadel
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrNatasha Harvey5.80mJacksonville
2.SrRockel Mitchell5.63mBethune-Cookman
4.JrAnne DelBovo5.30mNorth Florida
5.FrChristina King5.16mNorth Florida
6.SoSharonda Redfield4.94mSavannah State
7.JrNatasha Gass4.91mClayton State
8.FrJamie Stancliff4.18mEast Tennessee State
--FrAmber HughesNDSavannah State
--FrAndrea BridgesDNSNorth Florida
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJon Taylor11.40mClayton State
2.FrChristina King10.92mNorth Florida
3.SoAnalisa Austin10.91mBethune-Cookman
4.JrNatasha Gass10.58mClayton State
--FrJamie StancliffFOULEast Tennessee State
--FrAmber HughesDNSSavannah State
--SoSharonda RedfieldFOULSavannah State
X Hammer - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrZachlynn Blackburn48.42mEast Tennessee State
3.FrLili Barboza45.90mEast Tennessee State
4.SoLaura Phillips43.29mJacksonville
5.JrEmily Green39.28mThe Citadel
6.JrHillary Crook39.26mJacksonville
7.FrTheresa Johansen37.76mThe Citadel
8.FrCathy Agoris35.66mJacksonville
9.FrKasandra Polson31.39mThe Citadel
10.FrMia Trevino26.48mThe Citadel
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