PAC Championships

Saturday, April 25, 2009
  Westminster, New Wilmington - Map
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West Virginia - NCAA
BeWVBethany (WV)
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Delikli Wilson11.42aThiel
2.FrDaniel Farray11.46aBethany (WV)
3.FrJamalle Bowers11.54aWaynesburg
4.FrSam Bryne11.62aWaynesburg
5.SrCharles Roth11.63aGrove City
6.SoLuke Johnston11.78aGrove City
7.FrAndrew Lacy11.80aWashington & Jefferson
8.FrCoty Hainsey12.12aWestminster (PA)
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Delikli Wilson11.44aThiel
2.FrDaniel Farray11.50aBethany (WV)
3.FrJamalle Bowers11.51aWaynesburg
4.FrSam Bryne11.54aWaynesburg
5.SrCharles Roth11.67aGrove City
6.SoLuke Johnston11.75aGrove City
7.FrAndrew Lacy11.82aWashington & Jefferson
8.FrCoty Hainsey11.98aWestminster (PA)
9.FrCorey McGuire12.03aSt Vincent
10.SoAlex Bota12.11aBethany (WV)
11.SoForrest Harvey12.12aWestminster (PA)
12.FrJosh Ringer12.20aBethany (WV)
13.FrLester Bragg12.23aGrove City
14.FrReginald Bennett12.61aThiel
15.SoZachary Jew12.78aGrove City
16.FrAndrew Steward13.76aWaynesburg
--JrMatt SusaDQGeneva
--FrBobby RexDQGeneva
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAlex Eaton22.33aThiel
2.FrBobby Rex23.01aGeneva
3.SoJohn Fite23.38aGrove City
4.-Delikli Wilson23.40aThiel
5.FrJamalle Bowers23.42aWaynesburg
6.SrTravis Bui-Klimke23.56aWashington & Jefferson
7.JrTimothy Palma23.68aGrove City
8.FrDaniel Farray23.85aBethany (WV)
9.SrCharles Roth23.89aGrove City
10.FrCorey McGuire24.32aSt Vincent
11.JrMatt Susa24.36aGeneva
12.SoShane Sweeney24.38aSt Vincent
13.FrJosh Ringer24.47aBethany (WV)
14.SoLuke Johnston24.67aGrove City
15.SoForrest Harvey25.28aWestminster (PA)
16.SoJohn Falconi26.32aBethany (WV)
17.FrWes Marks26.43aGrove City
18.SoAlex Bota28.84aBethany (WV)
19.FrAndrew Steward29.00aWaynesburg
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAlex Eaton48.96aThiel
2.SrDeighton Williams49.58aThiel
3.SoJohn Fite49.66aGrove City
4.SoEthan Rowe49.67aThiel
5.FrNicholas Philpot51.13aGrove City
6.SoIan Pickens51.74aWestminster (PA)
7.JrBrad Adams51.89aWestminster (PA)
8.SrTravis Bui-Klimke52.22aWashington & Jefferson
9.FrCaleb Smathers52.52aWestminster (PA)
10.SoShane Sweeney53.04aSt Vincent
11.SoKevin Gallagher54.02aGrove City
12.JrJames Hilliard54.50aWestminster (PA)
13.JrMichael Harwick57.31aWaynesburg
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrDarin Miller1:59.64aGrove City
2.SoDerek Workman1:59.99aThiel
3.FrRayshawn Walker2:00.24aThiel
4.JrDerek Kruse2:01.05aGrove City
5.SoWilliam Bill Moder2:01.58aWaynesburg
6.SoBrandon Applegate2:05.89aBethany (WV)
7.FrTomas McLaughlin2:06.26aSt Vincent
8.FrAnthony Johnson2:06.71aWashington & Jefferson
9.SoMike Stevens2:07.34aSt Vincent
10.FrRyan Jones2:08.21aWestminster (PA)
11.SoRichard Koch2:10.61aWashington & Jefferson
12.JrShea Gottschalk2:11.61aWaynesburg
13.FrJoe Douglas2:12.39aBethany (WV)
14.SoSean Dougherty2:14.93aWaynesburg
15.JrAndrew Falcone2:17.41aGrove City
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrDerek Kruse4:07.39aGrove City
2.SrAdam Smith4:07.81aSt Vincent
3.FrBrendan DuLaney4:16.23aThiel
4.JrFrankie Hourigan4:17.34aGrove City
5.JrJim Vargo4:17.49aSt Vincent
6.FrTomas McLaughlin4:19.79aSt Vincent
7.SoCordell Oberholtzer4:20.10aGrove City
8.SoWilliam Bill Moder4:23.23aWaynesburg
9.SrAlan Cannella4:27.50aWashington & Jefferson
10.-Brian Wheatley4:31.13aGeneva
11.FrNathan Mansor4:31.75aGeneva
11.SoMike Stevens4:31.75aSt Vincent
13.SoRichard Koch4:33.57aWashington & Jefferson
14.SrMatt Schlemmer4:50.64aBethany (WV)
15.SoSean Dougherty4:50.77aWaynesburg
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAdam Smith15:57.14aSt Vincent
2.FrRyan Barlow16:28.47aSt Vincent
3.SrDaniel Spaulding16:46.17aGrove City
4.JrFrankie Hourigan17:05.10aGrove City
5.FrJosh Hooke17:05.47aSt Vincent
6.SrTimothy Su17:08.74aGrove City
7.SoCordell Oberholtzer17:14.27aGrove City
8.JrBryan Hanrahan17:24.19aWashington & Jefferson
9.FrRichard Peterson17:31.01aThiel
10.FrCharles Walters17:33.44aGeneva
11.SoMatt Hagg17:35.55aSt Vincent
12.JrJeremiah Patterson17:52.59aWestminster (PA)
13.JrEd Moss17:54.58aSt Vincent
14.FrMichael Shea18:05.04aWashington & Jefferson
15.SoAdam Swingle18:13.25aWaynesburg
16.FrBenjamin Lutz18:16.84aGrove City
17.FrBrendan DuLaney18:35.92aThiel
18.SoAndrew Howard18:51.15aWashington & Jefferson
19.SoBryan Montozzi18:59.98aThiel
20.FrAaron Seckar19:16.60aSt Vincent
21.SoAlex Bent19:44.24aThiel
22.FrJay Munjas20:13.84aWestminster (PA)
X 10,000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrDaniel Spaulding35:03.56aGrove City
2.SoAndrew Howard35:31.94aWashington & Jefferson
3.SrTimothy Su35:39.86aGrove City
4.SoMichael Hannon36:04.42aSt Vincent
5.SoAlex Bent37:20.73aThiel
6.FrDavid Cole37:21.75aGrove City
7.FrNick Higgins37:55.20aSt Vincent
8.FrSam Slaven38:33.68aThiel
9.FrTyler Gheres38:46.55aGrove City
10.SrMatt Toldero40:20.51aWashington & Jefferson
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrDorran Coley14.75aThiel
2.SrJeffrey Smith15.61aWashington & Jefferson
3.FrGreg French15.65aWashington & Jefferson
4.FrBryant Wang15.68aWashington & Jefferson
5.SoTrale Merz16.03aWaynesburg
6.FrBobby Rhodes16.06aWestminster (PA)
7.SrTravis Reline16.59aWashington & Jefferson
8.-Mike Himes18.85aWestminster (PA)
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrBryant Wang56.32aWashington & Jefferson
2.SoTrale Merz56.53aWaynesburg
3.SrChris Allebach56.88aGrove City
4.FrGreg French58.94aWashington & Jefferson
5.SrTravis Reline59.80aWashington & Jefferson
6.SrJeffrey Smith1:00.01aWashington & Jefferson
7.FrBobby Rhodes1:02.04aWestminster (PA)
8.SoJeremy Ratell1:02.87aWestminster (PA)
9.SoGrant Walters1:04.00aBethany (WV)
10.-Mike Himes1:05.18aWestminster (PA)
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.JrFrankie Hourigan10:20.56aGrove City
2.SoAdam Swingle10:29.04aWaynesburg
3.FrMorgan Hanes10:37.34aWestminster (PA)
4.SoBryan Montozzi10:51.31aThiel
5.FrBenjamin Lutz10:57.26aGrove City
6.JrAndrew Falcone11:04.81aGrove City
7.FrJason Lee11:10.71aWashington & Jefferson
8.SrJoe McCoy11:11.64aGrove City
9.FrJohn Eich11:19.45aThiel
10.JrJosh Bashioum11:57.17aWashington & Jefferson
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Delikli Wilson
Ethan Rowe
Alex Eaton
Dorran Coley
2.-Chris Allebach
John Fite
Charlie Roth
Tim Palma
43.31aGrove City
3.-Relay Team 44.07aWashington & Jefferson
4.-Brad Adams
Bobby Rhodes
Coty Hainsey
Ian Pickens
44.69aWestminster (PA)
5.-Alex Bota
Josh Ringer
Grant Walters
Daniel Farray
44.76aBethany (WV)
---Relay Team DQWaynesburg
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Deighton Williams
Dorran Coley
Ethan Rowe
Alex Eaton
2.-Chris Allebach
Kevin Gallagher
Darin Miller
Tim Palma
3:26.27aGrove City
3.-Relay Team 3:28.49aWashington & Jefferson
4.-Ian Pickens
Brad Adams
Coty Hainsey
Caleb Smathers
3:30.45aWestminster (PA)
5.-Relay Team 3:33.99aWaynesburg
6.-Brandon Applegate
Joe Douglas
Grant Walters
Clint Wilson
3:41.91aBethany (WV)
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrMatt Ridge15.39mGrove City
2.SrChris Huber14.69mGrove City
3.JrBryan Considder14.26mWashington & Jefferson
4.SrWill Herrington14.19mWaynesburg
5.SoJeremy Faidley14.16mWaynesburg
6.SrMatt Six13.51mGrove City
7.JrKyfer Rumburd13.47mThiel
8.SoDan Dillman13.41mGeneva
9.-John Rhodes12.46mBethany (WV)
10.FrChris Bailey12.11mBethany (WV)
11.SoGeorge Matthews11.78mGrove City
12.FrLes Tabor11.77mWestminster (PA)
13.FrDrew Myers11.69mWestminster (PA)
14.SoJames Malone11.44mBethany (WV)
15.SoMike Kantrancha11.15mWestminster (PA)
16.SoJessie Hartman11.05mThiel
17.FrSeth Myers10.96mBethany (WV)
18.FrAnthony Graham10.93mThiel
19.SoHarrison Ealey10.61mGrove City
20.FrJosh Bradley10.53mWestminster (PA)
21.SoTroy Erichson10.44mWaynesburg
22.SrCameron Mitchell9.84mThiel
23.SrDan Stiles8.61mWaynesburg
24.SoJohn Falconi8.30mBethany (WV)
--SrRobert EmesFOULThiel
X Discus - 2kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMatt Six45.12mGrove City
2.SrWill Herrington43.29mWaynesburg
3.JrTony Clark43.17mGrove City
4.JrMatt Ridge42.41mGrove City
5.SrChris Huber41.57mGrove City
6.SrCurt Jones41.23mWashington & Jefferson
7.SoJessie Hartman38.54mThiel
8.FrLes Tabor37.63mWestminster (PA)
9.SoDan Dillman37.32mGeneva
10.SoTroy Erichson37.30mWaynesburg
11.FrSeth Myers37.28mBethany (WV)
12.SoJeremy Faidley37.01mWaynesburg
13.JrKyfer Rumburd36.79mThiel
14.FrSam Bryne31.70mWaynesburg
15.FrArrel Strock30.35mThiel
16.SoTyler Anderson29.28mGrove City
17.FrJosh Bradley28.64mWestminster (PA)
18.SrCameron Mitchell28.37mThiel
19.SrDan Stiles25.33mWaynesburg
20.SoMike Kantrancha25.25mWestminster (PA)
--SrRobert EmesDQThiel
--SoJames MaloneDQBethany (WV)
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCurt Jones56.91mWashington & Jefferson
2.JrJonathan Morrow53.41mWestminster (PA)
3.SoPete Polesnak50.96mGrove City
4.FrScott Harman49.52mGrove City
5.SoDoug Orloski49.38mWestminster (PA)
6.FrSean Hunt49.27mWaynesburg
7.SoNate Donolo47.83mWestminster (PA)
8.SrDamon Neal47.55mWestminster (PA)
9.SoScott Stano47.50mThiel
10.FrZachary Gross46.87mGrove City
11.SoDominic Presutti Jr45.15mWaynesburg
12.JrDaniel Barringer44.91mWashington & Jefferson
13.SoGeorge Matthews42.31mGrove City
14.SoJames Malone41.43mBethany (WV)
15.SoJohn Falconi36.97mBethany (WV)
16.FrJacob Shaffer33.01mThiel
17.JrMike Zorch32.02mGrove City
18.FrChris Bailey31.68mBethany (WV)
19.-Nathan Sprowls30.82mGeneva
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrDorran Coley2.00mThiel
2.SoClint Wilson1.95mBethany (WV)
3.JrDerek Kruse1.90mGrove City
4.SrJustin Nock1.85mWashington & Jefferson
5.SrJeffrey Smith1.75mWashington & Jefferson
5.SrSteve Backmon1.75mThiel
5.FrJoshua Buckley1.75mWashington & Jefferson
---Bobby ReganDQWashington & Jefferson
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.FrCaleb Smathers4.18mWestminster (PA)
2.FrMatt Perella4.03mWestminster (PA)
2.FrScott Harman4.03mGrove City
4.FrJack Taylor3.88mWestminster (PA)
5.SrJeffrey Smith3.58mWashington & Jefferson
6.JrJeff Tharnish3.43mGrove City
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJoshua Buckley6.62mWashington & Jefferson
2.FrGreg French6.49mWashington & Jefferson
3.JrEric Wisler6.39mWaynesburg
4.SoGrant Walters6.33mBethany (WV)
5.FrDaniel Farray6.26mBethany (WV)
6.FrAlexander Halferty6.24mWashington & Jefferson
7.SoShaka Sydnor6.20mGeneva
8.SoMike Cercone6.05mWestminster (PA)
--FrStephen Polite6.02mGeneva
9.SrSteve Backmon6.02mThiel
10.SoShawn Flowers5.68mWestminster (PA)
11.SoJohn Falconi5.59mBethany (WV)
12.SoAlex Bota5.52mBethany (WV)
13.FrDavid Ferriera5.47mGrove City
14.JrMichael Harwick5.25mWaynesburg
15.-Nathan Sprowls5.09mGeneva
16.FrBryant Wang5.00mWashington & Jefferson
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJoshua Buckley13.63mWashington & Jefferson
2.SrCurt Jones13.47mWashington & Jefferson
3.FrGreg French13.35mWashington & Jefferson
4.SrSteve Backmon13.20mThiel
5.FrDavid Ferriera12.63mGrove City
6.SoGrant Walters12.26mBethany (WV)
7.FrAlexander Halferty12.18mWashington & Jefferson
8.SoShawn Flowers11.81mWestminster (PA)
9.FrWes Marks11.58mGrove City
10.SoShaka Sydnor11.51mGeneva
11.JrMichael Harwick11.31mWaynesburg

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMegan Harding12.37aWestminster (PA)
2.SrChavonne Greene12.64aThiel
3.SoKatelynn Balmer12.73aGrove City
4.FrAlisha Slater13.02aWestminster (PA)
5.SrCara Riffe13.07aThiel
6.JrJill Diamond13.18aWestminster (PA)
7.SrKate Degeorge13.35aThiel
8.SrRachel Katsur13.52aBethany (WV)
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrCara Riffe12.67aThiel
4.SoKatelynn Balmer12.80aGrove City
2.SrMegan Harding12.97aWestminster (PA)
3.SrChavonne Greene13.07aThiel
5.FrAlisha Slater13.16aWestminster (PA)
6.JrJill Diamond13.17aWestminster (PA)
6.SrKate Degeorge13.17aThiel
8.SrRachel Katsur13.33aBethany (WV)
9.FrConnie Woods13.36aBethany (WV)
10.FrMallory Mack13.45aWestminster (PA)
11.SoJaquala Riggins13.56aThiel
12.JrEmily Bota13.57aBethany (WV)
13.SrJackie Musillo13.92aWaynesburg
14.FrMary Trease14.08aGrove City
15.SrWhitney Davis14.34aWashington & Jefferson
16.FrKelli McAbier15.42aBethany (WV)
17.-Melody Cox16.22aWaynesburg
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMegan Harding25.79aWestminster (PA)
2.SrCara Riffe26.45aThiel
3.SoMichelle Wuenstel26.71aWashington & Jefferson
4.SrChavonne Greene26.73aThiel
5.FrJodi Bodo26.74aBethany (WV)
6.SrKate Degeorge26.77aThiel
7.FrConnie Woods27.38aBethany (WV)
8.SoKatelynn Balmer27.50aGrove City
9.FrAlisha Slater27.52aWestminster (PA)
10.JrJill Diamond27.66aWestminster (PA)
11.FrMallory Mack27.69aWestminster (PA)
12.SoKim Stitt28.25aThiel
13.FrKaitlyn Black28.59aBethany (WV)
14.SrJackie Musillo28.79aWaynesburg
15.SrRachel Katsur28.84aBethany (WV)
16.SoJaquala Riggins28.90aThiel
17.SrWhitney Davis29.24aWashington & Jefferson
18.FrSarah Wilson30.36aGeneva
19.JrEmily Bota30.98aBethany (WV)
20.SoBrianne Miller31.59aWaynesburg
21.FrKelli McAbier31.78aBethany (WV)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCara Riffe57.67aThiel
2.SoMichelle Wuenstel57.86aWashington & Jefferson
3.FrJodi Bodo58.64aBethany (WV)
4.SrKate Degeorge1:00.25aThiel
5.FrTyler Dever1:01.91aWestminster (PA)
6.SrLauren Woody1:02.38aWaynesburg
7.FrKaitlyn Black1:02.81aBethany (WV)
8.JrAlicia Crum1:03.56aWestminster (PA)
9.FrJordan Dunn1:04.74aWestminster (PA)
10.FrAisha Moore1:07.61aGeneva
11.FrSarah Wilson1:08.11aGeneva
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrRebecca Shiner2:18.90aWestminster (PA)
2.SoStaci Goode2:20.90aBethany (WV)
3.SoKelli Goode2:22.08aBethany (WV)
4.SrChristine Gettemy2:24.57aWestminster (PA)
5.FrEmily Pietrucha2:25.65aGrove City
6.SoJasmine Grady2:26.73aWestminster (PA)
7.SrRebecca VanRegenmorter2:31.98aGeneva
8.SoLaura Koller2:33.86aGrove City
9.SoMarcy Lee2:35.42aThiel
10.JrMelissa Cox2:35.49aWaynesburg
10.JrAubrey Miller2:35.49aGrove City
12.JrSarah McAfee2:35.56aThiel
13.SoAmanda Anderson2:38.41aGrove City
14.SoJulie Everett2:39.04aGeneva
15.SoSarah Davis2:40.47aGeneva
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKristen Carter4:49.40aGrove City
2.SrRebecca VanRegenmorter4:50.65aGeneva
3.SrMegan Grover4:57.48aWaynesburg
4.FrEmily Pietrucha5:01.33aGrove City
5.SoMaggie McCort5:06.48aBethany (WV)
6.JrMelissa Cox5:09.32aWaynesburg
7.SoBridgitte Fryan5:13.16aGrove City
8.JrTiffani Miller5:16.06aWestminster (PA)
9.JrAubrey Miller5:16.13aGrove City
10.FrPatience Kapfer5:21.64aWashington & Jefferson
11.SoSarah Davis5:25.69aGeneva
12.FrJennifer Krueger5:55.70aWestminster (PA)
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMegan Grover18:44.13aWaynesburg
2.SrErin Long19:52.25aWashington & Jefferson
3.SoMaggie McCort20:27.00aBethany (WV)
4.SoBridgitte Fryan20:42.00aGrove City
5.JrElizabeth Beardsley20:50.50aWestminster (PA)
6.JrAmanda Everett21:11.79aWestminster (PA)
7.FrTiffany Blosser22:07.71aThiel
8.SrMeagan Duffett22:17.95aWashington & Jefferson
9.FrKristen Slinkard23:43.06aGrove City
10.SrLindsey Stankiewicz24:55.33aWestminster (PA)
11.SoEmily Roth24:59.70aBethany (WV)
12.FrKatelyn Best25:12.88aWestminster (PA)
13.FrMichelle Gottschalk26:28.37aWaynesburg
14.FrCaitlin Smith27:09.72aWestminster (PA)
X 10,000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMegan Grover41:20.58aWaynesburg
2.SrMeagan Duffett45:35.42aWashington & Jefferson
3.JrJanet Carson46:45.65aWaynesburg
4.JrEmily Paul49:21.51aWestminster (PA)
5.FrKaitlyn Loy49:27.22aWashington & Jefferson
6.SrKelli Hartman49:27.25aWashington & Jefferson
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKatelyn Kushner15.31aWestminster (PA)
2.SoKatelynd McElhany15.74aWashington & Jefferson
3.JrAbbey Basta16.19aWestminster (PA)
4.JrLaToya Locke16.29aThiel
5.SoMichaeline Macosko16.78aWaynesburg
6.SoDesiree Finley16.80aBethany (WV)
7.SrSara Wagoner17.35aGrove City
8.SoMoriah Monroe17.86aThiel
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoKatelynd McElhany15.49aWashington & Jefferson
2.SrKatelyn Kushner15.58aWestminster (PA)
3.JrAbbey Basta16.05aWestminster (PA)
4.JrLaToya Locke16.28aThiel
5.SoMoriah Monroe16.61aThiel
6.SoMichaeline Macosko16.62aWaynesburg
7.SoDesiree Finley16.86aBethany (WV)
8.SrSara Wagoner16.88aGrove City
9.SrLindsey Nuzzo17.00aWestminster (PA)
10.FrHeather Good17.03aGrove City
11.SoBrianne Miller17.81aWaynesburg
12.SrKelsey Anderson17.87aGeneva
13.SrAlison Dougherty19.23aWashington & Jefferson
14.JrMegan Markley19.48aGrove City
--FrAmanda ZyzakDNFWaynesburg
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKatelyn Kushner1:04.96aWestminster (PA)
2.SrCara Riffe1:06.63aThiel
3.JrAbbey Basta1:06.77aWestminster (PA)
4.SoMichaeline Macosko1:08.94aWaynesburg
5.SoDesiree Finley1:08.98aBethany (WV)
6.SoMoriah Monroe1:09.65aThiel
7.FrAmanda Zyzak1:10.42aWaynesburg
8.SrLindsey Nuzzo1:10.81aWestminster (PA)
9.FrChristine Vallimont1:11.26aGrove City
10.FrTierney Risley1:12.50aWashington & Jefferson
11.SrBrittany Anderton1:15.07aWashington & Jefferson
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.FrMorgan Osterhouse11:54.49aGrove City
2.SrErin Long12:01.72aWashington & Jefferson
3.FrMaria Shepas12:46.25aWaynesburg
4.FrTiffany Blosser13:12.00aThiel
5.SoAlissa Moss13:24.64aBethany (WV)
6.SrShalyn Eakin13:28.62aWestminster (PA)
7.SoLaura Procario13:36.86aWashington & Jefferson
8.FrMichelle Naymick14:30.61aWaynesburg
9.-Natalie Rambish15:15.13aWestminster (PA)
10.FrBrittany Davis15:36.65aThiel
11.FrMichelle Gottschalk16:24.59aWaynesburg
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 48.33aWestminster (PA)
2.-Chavonne Greene
Kate Degeorge
Jaquala Riggins
Cara Riffe
3.-Jodi Bodo
Emily Bota
Kaitlyn Black
Rachel Katsur
50.45aBethany (WV)
4.-Relay Team 51.56aWashington & Jefferson
5.-Relay Team 52.69aWaynesburg
6.-Kelsey Anderson
Aisha Moore
Jamie Williams
Tiffany Bear
7.-Sara Wagoner
Heather Good
Christine Vallimont
Katelynn Balmer
53.07aGrove City
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Staci Goode
Kelli Goode
Kaitlyn Black
Jodi Bodo
4:02.53aBethany (WV)
2.-Relay Team 4:04.07aThiel
3.-Relay Team 4:04.85aWestminster (PA)
4.-Relay Team 4:17.45aWashington & Jefferson
5.-Relay Team 4:21.86aWaynesburg
6.-Aubrey Miller
Morgan Osterhouse
Emily Pietrucha
Laura Koller
4:29.30aGrove City
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKim Stitt12.29mThiel
2.FrCarly Schubert12.00mWaynesburg
3.SoJoy Metzler11.86mThiel
4.SoJillian Babish10.72mWestminster (PA)
5.SoTara Harris10.69mBethany (WV)
6.JrJen Boyer10.54mThiel
7.FrRachel Weeber9.87mGrove City
8.SrTonya Lewis9.73mWaynesburg
9.FrEmily Dolsak9.61mWestminster (PA)
10.SrAmanda Mitchell9.20mWaynesburg
11.FrKristina Moff8.86mBethany (WV)
12.JrAmber Young7.66mThiel
13.FrRafiat Lawal6.60mBethany (WV)
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrEmily Dolsak41.45mWestminster (PA)
2.SoJillian Babish36.50mWestminster (PA)
3.SoTara Harris36.42mBethany (WV)
4.JrLiz Sitko36.34mThiel
5.FrMarybeth Rocco35.84mWaynesburg
6.SrMegan Fellows35.55mGrove City
7.SoElisha Jones33.35mWaynesburg
8.FrCarly Schubert33.08mWaynesburg
9.FrChelsi Clark32.38mThiel
10.SoJoy Metzler32.27mThiel
11.FrKristina Moff29.67mBethany (WV)
12.SrTonya Lewis28.75mWaynesburg
13.-Jessica Henry27.36mWestminster (PA)
14.FrRafiat Lawal18.73mBethany (WV)
--JrJen BoyerFOULThiel
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.SoElisha Jones42.29mWaynesburg
2.SrTiffany Bear42.24mGeneva
3.FrMarybeth Rocco39.27mWaynesburg
4.SrAmanda Staudt37.17mWaynesburg
5.FrKylie Czulewisz36.68mThiel
6.JrAmber Dillaman33.48mWestminster (PA)
7.SoChrystal Kuchincski33.41mGrove City
8.-Jessica Henry28.35mWestminster (PA)
9.-Sarah Thompson27.52mThiel
10.FrCarly Schubert27.40mWaynesburg
11.SrAmanda Mitchell27.22mWaynesburg
12.FrAvon Milton27.06mThiel
13.SoLisa Weatherly24.19mThiel
14.SrJamie Williams24.11mGeneva
15.FrKristina Moff20.19mBethany (WV)
16.-Amanda Nagy17.44mGeneva
--JrAmber YoungFOULThiel
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrSummer Baumgard1.65mWashington & Jefferson
2.SoKelsie Crowder1.58mWestminster (PA)
2.FrKrystal Baker1.58mWaynesburg
4.SrAmanda Smallhoover1.53mWestminster (PA)
5.FrMarissa McClung1.48mWestminster (PA)
5.SrJamie Williams1.48mGeneva
7.JrLaToya Locke1.43mThiel
7.FrAmanda Zyzak1.43mWaynesburg
7.FrCassandra Allen1.43mBethany (WV)
10.FrAisha Moore1.38mGeneva
--SoKim StittNHThiel
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAshley Dodd3.60mWaynesburg
2.FrMerrissa Malcolm3.40mWestminster (PA)
3.FrMorgan Bland3.10mWestminster (PA)
3.FrKrystal Baker3.10mWaynesburg
5.FrCaitie Grisnik2.94mWestminster (PA)
5.SoDesiree Finley2.94mBethany (WV)
5.JrKim Bauer2.94mThiel
8.JrAmy Keegan2.64mWashington & Jefferson
9.SrKelsey Anderson2.49mGeneva
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKatelynd McElhany5.27mWashington & Jefferson
2.SoKim Stitt5.23mThiel
3.FrConnie Woods5.19mBethany (WV)
4.SoKelsie Crowder5.18mWestminster (PA)
5.-Amber Roderick5.12mThiel
6.SrTiffany Bear4.90mGeneva
7.SoLisa Weatherly4.80mThiel
8.SrMagdalena Eshleman4.78mWashington & Jefferson
9.SrChavonne Greene4.77mThiel
10.SrBrittany Anderton4.75mWashington & Jefferson
11.FrTaylor Thompson4.72mWashington & Jefferson
12.JrEmily Bota4.65mBethany (WV)
13.FrHeather Good4.60mGrove City
14.FrCassandra Allen4.39mBethany (WV)
15.FrAisha Moore4.31mGeneva
16.FrKristina Scanlon4.26mWestminster (PA)
17.FrJaimee Anderson4.20mThiel
18.FrKelli McAbier4.14mBethany (WV)
19.JrAmy Lasure4.12mGeneva
20.FrDana Weber3.82mWaynesburg
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKrystal Baker11.56mWaynesburg
2.SoKim Stitt11.41mThiel
3.SrChavonne Greene10.87mThiel
4.FrConnie Woods10.83mBethany (WV)
5.FrTaylor Thompson10.57mWashington & Jefferson
6.SrBrittany Anderton10.31mWashington & Jefferson
7.SoLisa Weatherly10.01mThiel
8.FrChristine Vallimont9.86mGrove City
9.SoKatelynn Balmer9.54mGrove City
10.FrCassandra Allen9.43mBethany (WV)
11.JrAmy Lasure8.70mGeneva
--JrLaToya LockeFOULThiel
--FrDana WeberFOULWaynesburg
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