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3A Fifth District Championships

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Bear Lake, Montpelier

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Oscar Serna11.4hSnake River
2.10Clayton Harris11.4hBear Lake
3.12Tyson Ward11.7hBear Lake
4.9TJ Mathews11.9hSnake River
5.11Jordan Lynn11.9hSnake River
6.9Dallas Evans12.0hMarsh Valley
7.11Jacob Reese12.4hSnake River
8.10Derik Williams12.5hSnake River
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Clayton Harris11.24Bear Lake
2.12Oscar Serna11.26Snake River
3.12Tyson Ward11.54Bear Lake
4.11Jordan Lynn11.60Snake River
5.9TJ Mathews11.68Snake River
6.9Dallas Evans11.89Marsh Valley
9.10Addison Ochsenbein11.85Bear Lake
7.10Derik Williams12.18Snake River
8.11Jacob Reese12.29Snake River
10.10Ryan Larson12.28Marsh Valley
11.10VJ Giulio12.32American Falls
12.12Bryce Shaffer12.58Marsh Valley
13.12Daniel Whitaker12.67Marsh Valley
14.10Mike Duff12.93Snake River
15.9Kylan Romrell12.95Bear Lake
16.10Jeff Huckstep12.98Marsh Valley
17.11Joonas Tanslarnen13.00Snake River
18.9Kade Barker13.13Marsh Valley
19.10Rees Thomas13.25Marsh Valley
20.10Chyler Bullock13.49Marsh Valley
21.9Kaden Laga13.89Marsh Valley
9Bailey LynnNTMarsh Valley
10Alex MancillaNTAmerican Falls
11Christian LandesNTMarsh Valley
10Dustin MihmNTSnake River
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Oscar Serna23.1hSnake River
2.12Clint Smith23.5hMarsh Valley
3.11Nick Gelles23.6hSnake River
4.10Michael Rigby24.1hBear Lake
5.12Tarin Dawson24.7hSnake River
6.10Justin Shaffer24.9hMarsh Valley
7.11Dustin Wheatley25.1hMarsh Valley
8.10Ryan Larson25.2hMarsh Valley
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Oscar Serna22.62Snake River
2.12Clint Smith23.25Marsh Valley
3.11Nick Gelles23.65Snake River
4.10Michael Rigby23.94Bear Lake
5.10Justin Shaffer24.66Marsh Valley
6.12Tarin Dawson24.81Snake River
7.10Ryan Larson24.86Marsh Valley
9.12Tyce Stewart24.82American Falls
10.12David Lamm24.83Bear Lake
11.11Jordan Lynn24.89Snake River
12.9Dallas Evans25.25Marsh Valley
8.11Dustin Wheatley25.35Marsh Valley
13.9Emmett Smith25.35Snake River
14.11Jacob Reese25.36Snake River
15.12Daniel Whitaker26.48Marsh Valley
16.10Jeff Huckstep26.64Marsh Valley
17.11Joonas Tanslarnen26.78Snake River
18.10Danny Lin26.90Bear Lake
19.10Mike Duff27.28Snake River
20.9Kade Barker27.44Marsh Valley
21.10Rees Thomas27.89Marsh Valley
22.9Kaden Laga28.59Marsh Valley
23.10Chyler Bullock28.64Marsh Valley
9Bailey LynnNTMarsh Valley
10Dylan PrattNTAmerican Falls
9TJ MathewsNTSnake River
9Cooper PetersonNTSnake River
10Alex MancillaNTAmerican Falls
10Dustin MihmNTSnake River
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nick Gelles53.3hSnake River
2.11Devin Mock54.2hAmerican Falls
3.12David Lamm56.2hBear Lake
4.9Lucas Miller57.3hAmerican Falls
5.10Justin Shaffer57.7hMarsh Valley
6.9Josh Dunkle57.9hSnake River
7.10Derik Williams58.2hSnake River
8.9Michael Manns1:01.3hAmerican Falls
9.9Andrew Anderson1:13.2hMarsh Valley
10Dylan PrattNTAmerican Falls
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dory Alleman2:06.3hBear Lake
2.12Collin Miller2:09.2hAmerican Falls
3.12Ryan Belk2:09.8hSnake River
4.12Nathan Gambles2:10.1hMarsh Valley
5.9Sam Burt2:16.4hSnake River
6.12Scott Anderson2:18.8hAmerican Falls
7.9Justin Belk2:20.5hSnake River
8.12Sam Sanchez2:21.0hAmerican Falls
9.12Chantz Eborn2:21.8hBear Lake
10.12Micahel Brennan2:24.1hBear Lake
9Jordan Boles2:31American Falls
11.10Jed Price2:31.8hBear Lake
12.9Lorenzo Contreras2:32.0hBear Lake
13.10Danny Lin2:36.1hBear Lake
14.9Wes Ercanbrack2:38.8hMarsh Valley
15.9Trinity Sharbono2:42.3hMarsh Valley
16.10Noo Budda2:48.4hBear Lake
17.9Jeffery Hansen2:50.3hSnake River
9Cooper PetersonNTSnake River
9Tylo DawsonNTSnake River
9Kelby AndersenNTMarsh Valley
11Taylor EynonNTBear Lake
11Tommy PlateroNTBear Lake
9Israel UribeNTAmerican Falls
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dory Alleman4:44.1hBear Lake
2.11Christian Esplin5:03.5hSnake River
3.12Ryan Belk5:05.5hSnake River
4.12Michael Wheat5:13.0hMarsh Valley
5.12Scott Anderson5:18.1hAmerican Falls
6.12Sam Sanchez5:24.6hAmerican Falls
7.9Lucas Miller5:30.3hAmerican Falls
8.9Michael Manns5:33.9hAmerican Falls
9.11Tommy Platero5:35.9hBear Lake
10.9Justin Belk5:43.1hSnake River
11.12Josh Treasure5:59.1hMarsh Valley
12.9Tylo Dawson6:00.7hSnake River
13.12Chantz Eborn6:11.8hBear Lake
14.9Jeffery Hansen6:38.2hSnake River
15.9Trinity Sharbono6:52.5hMarsh Valley
9Wes ErcanbrackNTMarsh Valley
9Kelby AndersenNTMarsh Valley
9Lorenzo ContrerasNTBear Lake
11Taylor EynonNTBear Lake
9Israel UribeNTAmerican Falls
9Jordan BolesNTAmerican Falls
10Jed PriceNTBear Lake
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dory Alleman10:58.9hBear Lake
2.11Christian Esplin11:10.8hSnake River
3.12Michael Wheat11:23.5hMarsh Valley
4.12Sam Sanchez11:23.6hAmerican Falls
5.12Scott Anderson11:56.0hAmerican Falls
6.9Justin Belk12:35.7hSnake River
7.9Kelby Andersen12:57.4hMarsh Valley
8.9Tylo Dawson13:29.5hSnake River
9.9Jeffery Hansen15:11.1hSnake River
9Trinity SharbonoNTMarsh Valley
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Keagan Gardener15.9hSnake River
2.12Quinn Jacobsen17.7hSnake River
3.9Emmett Smith19.5hSnake River
4.9Josh Dunkle20.3hSnake River
5.9Sam Burt20.6hSnake River
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Richard Bitton43.3hMarsh Valley
2.12Quinn Jacobsen43.8hSnake River
3.12Collin Miller47.8hAmerican Falls
4.12Micahel Brennan48.0hBear Lake
5.10Shawn Buxton50.0hMarsh Valley
9Cooper PetersonNTSnake River
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kohl Braun
Kyle Boehme
Tyson Ward
Clayton Harris
45.6hBear Lake
2.-Clint Smith
Dylan Bybee
Christian Landes
Clayson Morris
46.4hMarsh Valley
3.-Brian Beach
Keagan Gardener
Oscar Serna
Jacob Reese
46.7hSnake River
-Addison Ochsenbein
Andy Isom
Kylan Romrell
Jake Isom
48.04Bear Lake
4.-Derek Taylor
Anthony Lasley
Tony Torres
Hank Fitch
54.0hAmerican Falls
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dylan Bybee
Richard Bitton
Clint Smith
Christian Landes
1:35.2hMarsh Valley
2.-Clayton Harris
Michael Rigby
Kohl Braun
Kyle Boehme
1:37.1hBear Lake
3.-Tarin Dawson
Jordan Lynn
Derik Williams
TJ Mathews
1:40.3hSnake River
4.-Addison Ochsenbein
Andy Isom
Micahel Brennan
Jake Isom
1:43.6hBear Lake
5.-Braden Campbell
Michael Manns
David Sadler
Eli West
1:50.0hAmerican Falls
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Clint Smith
Richard Bitton
Nathan Gambles
Dustin Wheatley
3:41.4hMarsh Valley
2.-Josh Dunkle
Emmett Smith
Derik Williams
Quinn Jacobsen
3:46.3hSnake River
3.-Relay Team 3:47.7hAmerican Falls
4.-David Lamm
Tommy Platero
Micahel Brennan
Jed Price
3:49.8hBear Lake
-Justin Shaffer
Michael Wheat
Dallas Evans
Clayson Morris
NTMarsh Valley
-Jeff Huckstep
Rees Thomas
Kelby Andersen
Bailey Lynn
NTMarsh Valley
-Kade Barker
Ryan Larson
Chyler Bullock
Bryce Shaffer
NTMarsh Valley
X SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8] - Varsity - Finals
1.-Clayton Harris
Kohl Braun
Michael Rigby
Dory Alleman
3:52.8hBear Lake
2.-Collin Miller
Tyce Stewart
Devin Mock
Lucas Miller
4:06.1hAmerican Falls
3.-Justin Shaffer
Shawn Buxton
Clayson Morris
Michael Wheat
4:24.8hMarsh Valley
-Brian Beach
Keagan Gardener
Nick Gelles
Ryan Belk
DQSnake River
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brock Bench45-06.50Snake River
2.12Chase Peterson44-00.00Bear Lake
3.12Mason Kidd43-03.50Bear Lake
4.11Keith Lolofie41-00.00Marsh Valley
5.12Riley Brown37-08.00Marsh Valley
6.11Hank Fitch35-03.00American Falls
7.11Matt Kunz34-04.50Bear Lake
8.12Tanner Hooton34-00.50Bear Lake
9.11Derek Taylor32-04.00American Falls
10.10CJ Toulouse31-00.00Snake River
11.12Bryce Shaffer30-11.50Marsh Valley
12.10Anthony Lasley30-10.50American Falls
13.12Chantz Eborn30-06.50Bear Lake
14.10Karl Hunt30-06.00Marsh Valley
15.11Mason Richens30-00.50Bear Lake
16.9Jacob Hanover29-01.50Bear Lake
17.9Kade Barker28-04.50Marsh Valley
18.9Dawson Bingham28-01.00Snake River
19.9Eli West27-10.00American Falls
20.9Braden Campbell27-08.50American Falls
21.9David Sadler27-04.00American Falls
22.10Quenton Kirkham26-11.50Snake River
23.11Joonas Tanslarnen26-06.50Snake River
24.10Daylon Sleight24-00.00Bear Lake
25.10Dylan Ware21-04.50Marsh Valley
26.9Andrew Anderson21-01.50Marsh Valley
12Luis ArreolaNDMarsh Valley
10Tony TorresNDAmerican Falls
9Dee PetersonNDBear Lake
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mason Kidd129-01Bear Lake
2.12Chase Peterson124-03Bear Lake
3.12Riley Brown118-01Marsh Valley
4.12Bryce Shaffer106-04Marsh Valley
5.11Hank Fitch102-02American Falls
6.11Matt Kunz101-03Bear Lake
7.9Braden Campbell97-11American Falls
8.12Brock Bench95-06Snake River
9.10VJ Giulio92-01American Falls
10.10Karl Hunt87-00Marsh Valley
11.10CJ Toulouse86-09Snake River
12.11Derek Taylor85-11American Falls
13.9Dawson Bingham79-07Snake River
14.12Tanner Hooton75-10Bear Lake
15.9David Sadler75-00American Falls
16.9Eli West74-08American Falls
17.10Daylon Sleight73-11Bear Lake
18.11Joonas Tanslarnen73-05Snake River
19.9Jacob Hanover70-09Bear Lake
20.9Andrew Anderson70-06Marsh Valley
21.10Quenton Kirkham68-04Snake River
22.11Mason Richens61-03Bear Lake
23.10Dylan Ware58-03Marsh Valley
10Tony TorresNDAmerican Falls
10Anthony LasleyNDAmerican Falls
12Luis ArreolaNDMarsh Valley
11Keith LolofieNDMarsh Valley
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Keagan Gardener6-03.00Snake River
2.12Richard Bitton6-00.00Marsh Valley
3.11Devin Mock5-10.00American Falls
4.9Sam Burt5-04.00Snake River
4.10Shawn Buxton5-04.00Marsh Valley
4.10CJ Toulouse5-04.00Snake River
7.9Josh Dunkle5-02.00Snake River
11Justin StuartNHBear Lake
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nick Gelles12-06.00Snake River
2.12Tyson Ward12-00.00Bear Lake
3.12Brian Beach11-06.00Snake River
4.11Justin Stuart9-06.00Bear Lake
5.12Jake Isom9-00.00Bear Lake
6.12Andy Isom8-06.00Bear Lake
6.9Braden Campbell8-06.00American Falls
8.9Kylan Romrell8-00.00Bear Lake
9.10Quenton Kirkham7-00.00Snake River
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Oscar Serna20-02.00Snake River
2.11Kohl Braun20-01.00Bear Lake
3.11Dylan Bybee19-09.00Marsh Valley
4.12Tarin Dawson18-11.00Snake River
5.12Nathan Gambles18-02.00Marsh Valley
6.12Daniel Whitaker18-00.75Marsh Valley
7.9Emmett Smith17-08.00Snake River
8.12Tyce Stewart17-01.25American Falls
9.12Andy Isom17-00.00Bear Lake
10.11Jacob Reese16-08.25Snake River
11.11Dustin Wheatley16-08.00Marsh Valley
12.9Kylan Romrell16-05.50Bear Lake
13.9Clayson Morris16-03.75Marsh Valley
14.10Shawn Buxton16-03.50Marsh Valley
14.10VJ Giulio16-03.50American Falls
16.12Jake Isom16-02.00Bear Lake
17.10Mike Duff15-11.50Snake River
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tyce Stewart40-04.00American Falls
2.11Dylan Bybee39-10.50Marsh Valley
3.10Addison Ochsenbein39-08.50Bear Lake
4.12Tarin Dawson39-01.50Snake River
5.11Christian Landes37-06.00Marsh Valley
6.10VJ Giulio36-02.50American Falls
7.10CJ Toulouse33-11.50Snake River
12Tyson WardNDBear Lake
11Dustin WheatleyNDMarsh Valley
12Brian BeachNDSnake River

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Carly Anderson13.2hSnake River
2.11Erica Christensen13.2hSnake River
3.10Alexa Lund13.6hSnake River
4.11Trecia Kunz13.7hSnake River
5.12Jessica Lewis13.8hMarsh Valley
6.10Zoie Laggis13.9hAmerican Falls
7.9Lisa VanOrden14.0hSnake River
8.10Piercly Burmester14.2hMarsh Valley
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jessica Lewis13.25Marsh Valley
2.12Carly Anderson13.26Snake River
4.11Erica Christensen13.26Snake River
3.11Trecia Kunz13.45Snake River
5.10Alexa Lund13.55Snake River
6.10Piercly Burmester13.68Marsh Valley
7.9Lisa VanOrden13.84Snake River
8.10Zoie Laggis14.04American Falls
9.11Manon Bonnet14.10Snake River
10.9Mckenzie Taylor14.33Snake River
11.9Hailey Miller14.40American Falls
12.12Lyndel Anderson14.42American Falls
13.9Hailee Williams14.62Snake River
14.9Aimee Holjeson14.78Bear Lake
15.10Matracea McBride14.82Marsh Valley
16.9Ashley Freeman14.99Bear Lake
17.11Lara Gebhardt15.07Snake River
18.9Lauren Lloyd15.83Snake River
19.9Chambray Fehringer16.12American Falls
20.9Jennifer Motley17.57Marsh Valley
10Kylee HaleNTSnake River
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Carly Anderson27.5hSnake River
2.12Heather Wallentine28.1hBear Lake
3.10Piercly Burmester28.5hMarsh Valley
4.11Erica Christensen28.7hSnake River
5.12Jessica Lewis29.1hMarsh Valley
6.9Angie Morris29.5hMarsh Valley
7.11Jessica Morris30.6hAmerican Falls
8.11Holly Grauburger33.1hAmerican Falls
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Carly Anderson27.89Snake River
2.10Piercly Burmester28.28Marsh Valley
3.12Heather Wallentine28.36Bear Lake
4.12Jessica Lewis28.62Marsh Valley
5.11Erica Christensen29.25Snake River
6.9Angie Morris29.34Marsh Valley
7.11Holly Grauburger29.65American Falls
8.11Jessica Morris29.82American Falls
9.11Manon Bonnet30.28Snake River
10.9Zelia Levy31.06American Falls
11.10Chelsea Nebeker31.27American Falls
12.9Lisa VanOrden31.29Snake River
13.11Lara Gebhardt31.35Snake River
14.9Aimee Holjeson31.42Bear Lake
15.9Hailee Williams31.58Snake River
16.10Matracea McBride31.67Marsh Valley
17.9Meg Wilkes31.73Bear Lake
18.9Ashley Freeman33.13Bear Lake
19.9Lauren Lloyd33.40Snake River
20.9Jennifer Motley38.68Marsh Valley
10Kylee HaleNTSnake River
10Alexa LundNTSnake River
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Stephanie Turpin1:04.9hSnake River
2.11Holly Grauburger1:07.5hAmerican Falls
3.10Kylee Hale1:09.8hSnake River
4.11Jessica Morris1:11.2hAmerican Falls
5.10Matracea McBride1:11.2hMarsh Valley
6.10Chelsea Nebeker1:14.0hAmerican Falls
7.9Zelia Levy1:14.9hAmerican Falls
12Heather WallentineNTBear Lake
10Kayla WallentineNTBear Lake
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Janelle Wright2:33.2hMarsh Valley
2.10Kallie VanOrden2:34.0hSnake River
3.11Jocelyn Gonzalez2:34.7hAmerican Falls
4.12Ashley Leonhardt2:40.9hBear Lake
5.11Shaylynn Rushton2:41.4hSnake River
6.12Payge Jacobsen2:43.9hBear Lake
7.9Angie Morris2:53.4hMarsh Valley
8.12Karina Tapia3:14.0hAmerican Falls
12Rina WilkesNTBear Lake
9Dixie WrightNTBear Lake
9Sandra MartinezNTAmerican Falls
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kallie VanOrden5:44.1hSnake River
2.12Jessica Leonhardt5:52.7hBear Lake
3.11Jocelyn Gonzalez6:03.2hAmerican Falls
4.11Shaylynn Rushton6:07.7hSnake River
5.12Ashley Leonhardt6:24.2hBear Lake
6.12Chantel Fehringer6:33.2hAmerican Falls
7.12Karina Tapia7:38.9hAmerican Falls
9Sandra MartinezNTAmerican Falls
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jessica Leonhardt12:35.1hBear Lake
2.10Kallie VanOrden12:48.3hSnake River
3.11Shaylynn Rushton13:24.7hSnake River
4.11Jocelyn Gonzalez13:44.4hAmerican Falls
5.12Ashley Leonhardt14:34.8hBear Lake
6.12Chantel Fehringer14:46.3hAmerican Falls
7.12Karina Tapia16:46.1hAmerican Falls
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Eden VanOrden15.5hSnake River
2.12Allie Murdock16.9hSnake River
3.11Janelle Wright17.9hMarsh Valley
4.9Mckenzie Taylor19.6hSnake River
5.9Meg Wilkes21.4hBear Lake
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Eden VanOrden46.7hSnake River
2.12Allie Murdock48.0hSnake River
3.12Abby Williams49.3hMarsh Valley
4.12Megan Etcheverry54.1hBear Lake
5.9Mckenzie Taylor55.5hSnake River
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Erica Christensen
Trecia Kunz
Stephanie Turpin
Alexa Lund
53.0hSnake River
2.-Tiffany Wallentine
Heather Wallentine
Chandler Jacobsen
Shayna Singleton
53.0hBear Lake
3.-Isabel Cervantez
Suzanna Lute
Marrisa Siemon
Reagan Nielson
1:02.9hAmerican Falls
-Manon Bonnet
Lara Gebhardt
Lisa VanOrden
Hailee Williams
DQSnake River
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Carly Anderson
Kaitlin Harker
Alexa Lund
Trecia Kunz
1:52.1hSnake River
2.-Abby Williams
Jessica Lewis
Angie Morris
Piercely Burmester
1:54.6hMarsh Valley
3.-Heather Wallentine
Payge Jacobsen
Jamie Parker
Chandler Jacobsen
1:56.4hBear Lake
4.-Brittany Berry
Jessica Morris
Chelsea Nebeker
Zelia Levy
2:05.2hAmerican Falls
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Carly Anderson
Stephanie Turpin
Eden VanOrden
Allie Murdock
4:16.5hSnake River
2.-Abby Williams
Janelle Wright
Piercely Burmester
Angie Morris
4:34.3hMarsh Valley
3.-Chandler Jacobsen
Jamie Parker
Megan Etcheverry
Payge Jacobsen
4:46.5hBear Lake
4.-Chantel Fehringer
Chelsea Nebeker
Zelia Levy
Jocelyn Gonzalez
5:14.3hAmerican Falls
X SMR 100-100-200-400m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Erica Christensen
Trecia Kunz
Allie Murdock
Stephanie Turpin
2:01.4hSnake River
2.-Megan Etcheverry
Tiffany Wallentine
Heather Wallentine
Payge Jacobsen
2:06.2hBear Lake
3.-Lyndel Anderson
Hailey Miller
Jessica Morris
Zoie Laggis
2:07.4hAmerican Falls
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Sarah Viehweg30-01.00Marsh Valley
2.12Susan Duff29-11.00Snake River
3.11Suzanna Lute26-10.00American Falls
4.10Jordyn Galloway23-05.00Marsh Valley
5.11Adele Smout23-04.00Snake River
6.9Cassidy Gates22-06.50Snake River
7.11Marrisa Siemon21-02.00American Falls
8.10Reagan Nielson19-06.00American Falls
9.10Isabel Cervantez18-10.00American Falls
10Amy JonesNDSnake River
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Suzanna Lute84-05American Falls
2.12Susan Duff76-07Snake River
3.10Reagan Nielson72-07American Falls
4.11Adele Smout66-05Snake River
5.9Cassidy Gates65-10Snake River
6.11Marrisa Siemon62-09American Falls
7.10Jordyn Galloway59-11Marsh Valley
8.10Isabel Cervantez49-09American Falls
10Amy JonesNDSnake River
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brittany Berry4-08.00American Falls
2.11Adele Smout4-06.00Snake River
2.12Jamie Parker4-06.00Bear Lake
4.12Abby Williams4-04.00Marsh Valley
4.11Kaitlin Harker4-04.00Snake River
4.9Sarah Viehweg4-04.00Marsh Valley
7.10Kylee Hale4-02.00Snake River
7.10Zoie Laggis4-02.00American Falls
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Megan Etcheverry7-06.00Bear Lake
2.12Kyra Capson7-00.00Snake River
2.9Lisa VanOrden7-00.00Snake River
4.11Holly Grauburger6-00.00American Falls
10Amy JonesNHSnake River
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Shayna Singleton16-09.00Bear Lake
2.9Tiffany Wallentine15-04.00Bear Lake
3.11Holly Grauburger15-03.00American Falls
4.10Kayla Wallentine15-00.25Bear Lake
5.12Lyndel Anderson14-05.00American Falls
6.9Hailee Williams14-01.00Snake River
7.9Mckenzie Taylor13-04.75Snake River
8.11Lara Gebhardt12-11.00Snake River
9.11Manon Bonnet12-03.50Snake River
10.9Hailey Miller11-11.50American Falls
11.9Lauren Lloyd11-09.00Snake River
12.9Chambray Fehringer10-03.25American Falls
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Shayna Singleton36-09.00Bear Lake
2.10Kayla Wallentine36-01.00Bear Lake
3.9Tiffany Wallentine32-01.00Bear Lake
4.12Lyndel Anderson29-04.00American Falls
5.9Hailey Miller28-02.00American Falls
9Chambray FehringerNDAmerican Falls
10Eden VanOrdenNDSnake River
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