SPC Track & Field Championships

Saturday, May 09, 2009 - Meet Website
  Greenhill School, Addison - Map

  Field Events Start: 8:00 AM  Track Events Start: 8:00 AM
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Whit Shaw11.14aSt Marks Of Texas
2.12DJ Johnson11.23aSt Stephens Episcopal
3.12Ethan Edmondson11.24aSt John's
4.10Alex Espinoza11.38aFort Worth Country Day
5.11Barnik Saha11.39aGreenhill
6.11Tarek Chehabi11.40aGreenhill
6.11David Newcomb11.40aCistercian Prep
8.11Grant Clary11.51aHolland Hall
9.11Kyle Hunt11.56aSt Andrews Episcopal
10.12Connor Haley11.67aCistercian Prep
11.9Cody Sixkiller11.72aSt Marks Of Texas
11.10Jonathan Ong11.72aSt John's
13.9Conner Adell11.76aEpiscopal School Of ...
13.10Josh Martinez11.76aFort Worth Country Day
15.9Cameron Cooper11.77aHolland Hall
16.12George Collins11.78aKinkaid
17.9Ardis Graham11.79aSt Marks Of Texas
18.11Will Bost11.80aEpiscopal School Of ...
19.11Garrett Zwahlen11.83aCasady
20.10Brandall Bell11.84aOakridge
21.12Mike Claxton11.86aEpiscopal School Of ...
22.12Brock Hudson11.88aEpiscopal
23.11Shelter Ukpe11.90aKinkaid
24.10Travis Cornett12.13aTrinity Valley
25.11Reese Henningsen12.17aEpiscopal
26.10Michael Andras12.20aEpiscopal
27.9Adam Amil12.32aCasady
28.9Vivek Bhandari12.47aTrinity Valley
29.11Neil Davis12.80aSt Andrews Episcopal
30.10Andrew Lee12.83aSt Stephens Episcopal
31.11Malte Schroeder13.05aSt Andrews Episcopal
9Brandon HudsonDNSTrinity Valley
12Edmond OsujiSCRKinkaid
12Jordan JacksonSCRCasady
11Chandler HicksDNFHolland Hall
9Whit MaddoxDNSFort Worth Country Day
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Whit Shaw21.94aSt Marks Of Texas
2.12DJ Johnson22.60aSt Stephens Episcopal
3.10Alex Espinoza23.08aFort Worth Country Day
4.11Grant Clary23.17aHolland Hall
5.11Tarek Chehabi23.22aGreenhill
6.10Kwame Sexton23.31aHolland Hall
7.11Kyle Hunt23.38aSt Andrews Episcopal
8.11Samuel Watson23.50aTrinity Valley
9.10Geoffrey Livsey23.77aSt Stephens Episcopal
10.12Jon Wright23.78aHolland Hall
11.10Josh Martinez23.81aFort Worth Country Day
12.11Barnik Saha23.83aGreenhill
13.12Connor Haley23.86aCistercian Prep
14.9Ardis Graham24.07aSt Marks Of Texas
15.9Cody Sixkiller24.09aSt Marks Of Texas
16.10Jonathan Ong24.14aSt John's
17.11Jack Wallace24.43aSt Andrews Episcopal
18.12George Collins24.49aKinkaid
19.12Josh Blount24.50aSt Andrews Episcopal
20.9Thomas Samuelson24.57aFort Worth Country Day
21.10Michael Andras24.59aEpiscopal
22.12Brock Hudson24.62aEpiscopal
23.12Blake Rankin24.92aEpiscopal
24.10Patrick Flam24.94aSt John's
25.11Shelter Ukpe25.23aKinkaid
26.9Vivek Bhandari25.50aTrinity Valley
27.9Adam Amil25.65aCasady
28.10Andrew Lee26.42aSt Stephens Episcopal
9Conner AdellSCREpiscopal School Of ...
11Alex SmithSCREpiscopal School Of ...
12Edmond OsujiSCRKinkaid
11Garrett ZwahlenSCRCasady
9Brandon HudsonSCRTrinity Valley
12Ethan EdmondsonSCRSt John's
11Hill MartinSCREpiscopal School Of ...
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Julian Frazier49.97aHolland Hall
2.11Travis Gill51.31aKinkaid
3.11Samuel Watson52.33aTrinity Valley
4.9Simon Redko52.98aKinkaid
5.11Alex Smith53.08aEpiscopal School Of ...
6.12Matthew Rayeski53.43aEpiscopal
7.11Jack Wallace53.64aSt Andrews Episcopal
8.12Josh Blount53.82aSt Andrews Episcopal
9.10Trevor Brown53.88aEpiscopal
10.11Demetrios Cokinos54.13aKinkaid
11.10Brian Kelley54.44aFort Worth Country Day
12.10Stephen Tetirick54.92aFort Worth Country Day
13.11Hill Martin54.96aEpiscopal School Of ...
14.12Blake Rankin55.53aEpiscopal
15.9Bre Shard Busby55.58aEpiscopal School Of ...
16.12Cris Feo56.33aSt Andrews Episcopal
17.9Thomas Samuelson56.75aFort Worth Country Day
18.11Crit Jones56.76aGreenhill
19.9Seth Mitchell56.79aTrinity Valley
20.10Austin Mora56.82aSt Marks Of Texas
21.10Ryan Martinez56.84aCistercian Prep
22.10Gus Blessing57.03aSt Marks Of Texas
23.12Matthew Owen57.24aGreenhill
24.9John Newcomb57.29aCistercian Prep
25.9Thomas Kim57.71aSt Stephens Episcopal
26.11James Sharpe57.93aAll Saints Episcopal
11Jacob BrightSCRCasady
12Erik LeeSCRCasady
12Jonathan RiveraSCRSt Marks Of Texas
9Brandon HudsonSCRTrinity Valley
11David ZaleSCRGreenhill
12Jorge MunozDNFSt Stephens Episcopal
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12William Myers50.8Episcopal
12Matthew Rayeski53.02Episcopal
10Trevor Brown54.05Episcopal
12Blake Rankin54.3Episcopal
10Jonathan Ong54.5St John's
12Lukmon Babajide54.5St John's
10Patrick Flam57.4St John's
12Carlos Falcon58.8St John's
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12John McNamara1:59.41aSt Andrews Episcopal
2.11Chance Siller2:00.39aEpiscopal
3.11Grayam Sailor-Tynes2:01.36aSt Mary's Hall
4.11James Sharpe2:02.06aAll Saints Episcopal
5.12Jonathan Rivera2:03.90aSt Marks Of Texas
6.10Roberto Diaz2:05.23aSt Andrews Episcopal
7.12Alex Brown2:06.05aTrinity Valley
8.10Ryan Manoogian2:07.12aEpiscopal
9.12Brian Cummiskey2:07.18aSt Marks Of Texas
10.11Austin Katigan2:08.28aCasady
11.10Abram Kepes2:09.28aSt Mary's Hall
12.11Alan Sostek2:09.57aGreenhill
13.9Will Morris2:09.62aSt Marks Of Texas
14.12Taylor Stratton2:09.98aTrinity Valley
15.11Will Dodds2:10.35aSt Andrews Episcopal
16.10Mike Roberto2:11.60aCistercian Prep
17.10Philip Johnson2:12.57aJohn Cooper
18.9Edward Taussig2:13.82aEpiscopal
19.12Ian Elkin2:14.03aHolland Hall
20.10Shawn Adams2:14.65aEpiscopal School Of ...
21.9Bre Shard Busby2:16.05aEpiscopal School Of ...
22.9Austin Hill2:18.22aCistercian Prep
23.10Jake Nevola2:19.42aSt Stephens Episcopal
24.11Daniel Lim2:19.96aKinkaid
25.10John Barulich2:22.03aOakridge
26.9Austin Tucker2:26.40aKinkaid
11Jacob BrightDNSCasady
12Dave EmersonDNSTrinity Valley
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Chance Siller2:02.96Episcopal
12Carlos Falcon2:04St John's
10Ryan Manoogian2:05.9Episcopal
10Trevor Brown2:08.9Episcopal
10Derek Fossi2:09St John's
12Lukmon Babajide2:10St John's
9Edward Taussig2:12.7Episcopal
11Ben Marek2:13.5St John's
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12John McNamara4:22.02aSt Andrews Episcopal
2.11Tim Cousins4:22.14aJohn Cooper
3.12Andres Ramirez4:27.28aGreenhill
4.12Carlos Falcon4:27.43aSt John's
5.10Roberto Diaz4:35.52aSt Andrews Episcopal
6.11Grayam Sailor-Tynes4:38.09aSt Mary's Hall
7.12Nick Bonfiglio4:39.39aCasady
8.12Brian Cummiskey4:40.64aSt Marks Of Texas
9.10Taylor Moult4:41.84aHolland Hall
10.10Abram Kepes4:47.08aSt Mary's Hall
11.11Chance Siller4:47.50aEpiscopal
12.10Ryan Manoogian4:48.97aEpiscopal
13.9Evan Wineland4:51.09aSt Andrews Episcopal
14.11Miles Bratton4:51.65aFort Worth Country Day
15.10Eriq Robinson4:54.84aGreenhill
16.9Samir Saidi4:56.89aSt Marks Of Texas
17.9Michael Hall4:57.70aAll Saints Episcopal
18.10Sonny Stepp4:58.82aFort Worth Country Day
19.10Robert Wichmann5:00.81aHolland Hall
20.10Drew Garcia5:01.06aSt Mary's Hall
21.10Derek Fossi5:01.73aSt John's
22.10Issac Johnston5:01.83aCistercian Prep
23.12Paul Spellings5:02.64aEpiscopal School Of ...
24.10Henry Spellings5:11.18aEpiscopal School Of ...
25.9Austin Burns5:12.18aCistercian Prep
26.10Shawn Adams5:15.20aEpiscopal School Of ...
27.10Jorge Clifton5:21.00aEpiscopal
28.12Ian Elkin5:25.48aHolland Hall
10Jake NevolaSCRSt Stephens Episcopal
9Will MorrisSCRSt Marks Of Texas
12Dave EmersonSCRTrinity Valley
12Taylor StrattonSCRTrinity Valley
12Alex BrownSCRTrinity Valley
11Alan SostekSCRGreenhill
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12John McNamara9:33.30aSt Andrews Episcopal
2.12Andres Ramirez9:35.70aGreenhill
3.10Roberto Diaz9:39.00aSt Andrews Episcopal
4.11Anthony Urbanelli9:58.10aJohn Cooper
5.12Nick Bonfiglio10:05.60aCasady
6.12Carlos Falcon10:22.20aSt John's
7.10Taylor Moult10:23.10aHolland Hall
8.9Evan Wineland10:23.50aSt Andrews Episcopal
9.10Issac Johnston10:38.80aCistercian Prep
10.10Robert Wichmann10:40.90aHolland Hall
11.12Dave Emerson10:54.20aTrinity Valley
12.12Paul Spellings10:56.10aEpiscopal School Of ...
13.12Kane Kimler10:56.80aJohn Cooper
14.9Michael Hall10:58.20aAll Saints Episcopal
15.10Henry Spellings11:00.10aEpiscopal School Of ...
16.9David Munoz11:02.50aSt Marks Of Texas
17.11Chris Kraemer11:21.20aSt Mary's Hall
18.10Hayden Wolf11:22.40aSt Marks Of Texas
19.10Jorge Clifton11:26.60aEpiscopal
20.11Ronan Anand11:28.60aSt Marks Of Texas
21.9Jared Cline11:45.70aTrinity Valley
22.9Mariano Aufiero11:54.10aFort Worth Country Day
23.10Joshua Ou11:54.70aCasady
24.9Mitch Hill12:06.10aHolland Hall
25.10Jonathan Schulz12:07.40aSt John's
26.12Trevor Wylie12:22.10aCistercian Prep
27.11Joel Fontenote12:34.10aCistercian Prep
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Julian Frazier14.60aHolland Hall
2.11Nick White15.57aHolland Hall
3.11Joe Graham15.72aCistercian Prep
4.12Nick Echevarria15.82aCistercian Prep
5.12Lukmon Babajide16.22aSt John's
6.11L. C. Chandler16.24aSt Marks Of Texas
7.12Travis Foxhall16.25aSt John's
8.10Harlin Lawal16.27aKinkaid
9.12Brooks Schaefer16.37aSt Andrews Episcopal
10.11Bowden Kelly16.93aSt John's
11.9Muhummad Benson16.98aOakridge
12.11Ian White17.03aCistercian Prep
13.10Aurel Baker17.14aGreenhill
14.10Trenton Seale17.88aGreenhill
15.12Adam Shepherd20.36aSt Mary's Hall
11Trevor FullerDNSEpiscopal School Of ...
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nick White41.05aHolland Hall
2.10Harlin Lawal41.98aKinkaid
3.11Michael Shulman42.00aSt Marks Of Texas
4.11Eli Bogle42.76aTrinity Valley
5.11Joe Graham42.77aCistercian Prep
6.11L. C. Chandler42.86aSt Marks Of Texas
7.12Brooks Schaefer43.14aSt Andrews Episcopal
8.12Lukmon Babajide43.32aSt John's
9.10Evan Griffin44.00aFort Worth Country Day
10.9Sam Jamison44.20aSt John's
11.9Cameron Cooper44.31aHolland Hall
12.12Nick Echevarria44.44aCistercian Prep
13.10Nathan Roberts44.57aHolland Hall
14.12Travis Foxhall44.64aSt John's
15.11Ian White44.84aCistercian Prep
16.11Bentley Williams44.92aCasady
17.10Aurel Baker45.19aGreenhill
18.9Muhummad Benson45.37aOakridge
19.10Faris Chehabi46.34aGreenhill
20.10Shane Robinson46.53aAll Saints Episcopal
21.9Jairo Nevarez46.58aSt Marks Of Texas
22.10William Reade46.61aKinkaid
23.11Will Everett46.75aGreenhill
24.10Travis Cornett46.88aTrinity Valley
25.10Kellen Moczulski47.46aFort Worth Country Day
26.10Peter Clifton47.64aKinkaid
27.10Brooks Naylor47.84aSt Mary's Hall
28.9Edward Gilbert49.50aSt Andrews Episcopal
29.9Iain Lamb49.53aAll Saints Episcopal
30.12Adam Shepherd52.36aSt Mary's Hall
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Grant Clary
Chandler Hicks
Jon Wright
Julian Frazier
43.40aHolland Hall
2.-Ardis Graham
Andrew Langdon
Cody Sixkiller
Whit Shaw
43.81aSt Marks Of Texas
3.-Bowden Kelly
Jonathan Ong
Travis Foxhall
Ethan Edmondson
43.97aSt John's
4.-Garrett Zwahlen
Erik Lee
Jacob Bright
Jordan Jackson
5.-Josh Martinez
Evan Griffin
Brian Kelley
Alex Espinoza
44.67aFort Worth Country Day
6.-Shelter Ukpe
Travis Gill
Harlin Lawal
Simon Redko
7.-Samuel Murphy
Christian Fletcher
Aaron Otenaike
Samuel Watson
44.92aTrinity Valley
7.-Brooks Schaefer
Kyle Hunt
Josh Blount
Jack Wallace
44.92aSt Andrews Episcopal
9.-Reese Henningsen
Trevor Brown
Charlie Strauss
Matthew Rayeski
10.-Trevor Spears
DJ Johnson
Geoffrey Livsey
Jorge Munoz
45.22aSt Stephens Episcopal
-Casey Kassem
Barnik Saha
Faris Chehabi
Tarek Chehabi
-John Newcomb
Connor Haley
Matthew Butler
David Newcomb
DNFCistercian Prep
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kwame Sexton
Jon Wright
Nick White
Julian Frazier
3:24.94aHolland Hall
2.-Jack Wallace
Brooks Schaefer
Josh Blount
Kyle Hunt
3:29.09aSt Andrews Episcopal
3.-William Myers
Trevor Brown
Blake Rankin
Matthew Rayeski
4.-Austin Katigan
Jacob Bright
Erik Lee
Bentley Williams
5.-Jonathan Rivera
Austin Mora
L. C. Chandler
Whit Shaw
3:34.95aSt Marks Of Texas
6.-Simon Redko
Harlin Lawal
Demetrios Cokinos
Travis Gill
7.-Crit Jones
JP Chilton
Faris Chehabi
Tarek Chehabi
8.-Josh Martinez
Evan Griffin
Brian Kelley
Alex Espinoza
3:39.38aFort Worth Country Day
9.-David Newcomb
Paul Pesek
Chris Martinez
Connor Haley
3:41.67aCistercian Prep
10.-Jonathan Ong
Patrick Flam
Carlos Falcon
Lukmon Babajide
3:45.41aSt John's
11.-Trevor Spears
Geoffrey Livsey
Ben Carpenter
Thomas Kim
3:46.12aSt Stephens Episcopal
-Seth Mitchell
Samuel Watson
Samuel Murphy
Christian Fletcher
SCRTrinity Valley
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Will Dodds
Cris Feo
Roberto Diaz
John McNamara
8:16.11aSt Andrews Episcopal
2.-Brian Cummiskey
Samir Saidi
Will Morris
Jonathan Rivera
8:17.39aSt Marks Of Texas
3.-Taylor Stratton
Samuel Murphy
Dave Emerson
Alex Brown
8:17.79aTrinity Valley
4.-Trevor Brown
Ryan Mannoogian
Edward Taussig
Chance Siller
5.-Robert Wichmann
Nick White
Jon Wright
Taylor Moult
8:31.28aHolland Hall
6.-Austin Katigan
Erik Lee
Bentley Williams
Nick Bonfiglio
7.-Lukmon Babajide
Carlos Falcon
Derek Fossi
Ben Marek
8:37.26aSt John's
8.-Alan Sostek
Eriq Robinson
Matthew Owen
Andres Ramirez
9.-Brooks Naylor
Drew Garcia
Chris Kraemer
Abram Kepes
8:48.82aSt Mary's Hall
10.-Paul Pesek
Mike Roberto
Issac Johnston
Chris Martinez
8:51.50aCistercian Prep
11.-Austin Tucker
Travis Gill
Daniel Lim
Demetrios Cokinos
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeff Wilson50-06.50St Marks Of Texas
2.12Khiiron Woods48-04.00Episcopal
3.12Josef Albert47-08.00St Marks Of Texas
4.12Ben Carpenter47-05.50St Stephens Episcopal
5.12Stephen Friedberg46-03.00St Marks Of Texas
6.11Chandler Hicks45-07.00Holland Hall
7.11Yoshio Wilson45-04.50Kinkaid
8.10Cesar Lovo44-01.50Episcopal
9.11Robert Luce43-01.50Episcopal School Of ...
10.12Richard Ledo42-10.00Episcopal
11.11Keith Gooden41-05.50Oakridge
12.11Christian Fletcher39-05.00Trinity Valley
13.12Giancarlo Carleo38-04.00Cistercian Prep
14.9Eric Klein37-09.50Greenhill
15.11Jake Freudenrich37-09.00Holland Hall
15.12Michael Kutzler37-09.00Trinity Valley
17.11Oliver Stone37-08.00All Saints Episcopal
18.9Graham Bennett37-06.50Casady
19.9Walker Ryan37-05.50Fort Worth Country Day
20.11Aaron Olson37-04.00Cistercian Prep
21.11James Eckstrom37-03.50Fort Worth Country Day
22.12Parker Ainsworth36-09.50St Stephens Episcopal
23.9Ikkenna Nwafor36-07.00Cistercian Prep
24.9Charlie Albright35-08.50Episcopal School Of ...
25.12Jake Boxberger35-05.00St Andrews Episcopal
26.10Ian Lopez34-00.00St Mary's Hall
27.10Evan McGregor33-10.50Episcopal School Of ...
28.12Eben Smitherman33-07.00Fort Worth Country Day
29.11John Amalong33-05.50Casady
30.10Jesus Aleman32-09.00St Mary's Hall
31.12Camron Waugh32-05.50Holland Hall
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeff Wilson172-07St Marks Of Texas
2.12Josef Albert154-11St Marks Of Texas
3.12Khiiron Woods149-07Episcopal
4.12Jarrod Sparks147-10St Marks Of Texas
5.12John Wooldridge131-06Episcopal
6.9Graham Bennett128-09Casady
7.11Yoshio Wilson128-04Kinkaid
8.11Chandler Hicks125-10Holland Hall
9.12Michael Kutzler123-02Trinity Valley
10.10Michael Hartnett121-01Episcopal School Of ...
11.10Mark Roberson120-00Episcopal
12.11Aaron Otenaike117-02Trinity Valley
13.12Phillip Hiner-Leamon116-01Greenhill
14.11Jake Freudenrich116-00Holland Hall
15.11Christian Fletcher113-06Trinity Valley
16.10Ian Lopez109-02St Mary's Hall
17.12Eben Smitherman104-05Fort Worth Country Day
18.12Ben Carpenter102-09St Stephens Episcopal
19.9Eric Klein102-05Greenhill
20.12Ricky Wysocki102-03Episcopal School Of ...
21.10Jesus Aleman101-11St Mary's Hall
22.12Jake Boxberger100-08St Andrews Episcopal
23.9Forest Rahn97-08Cistercian Prep
24.9Jason Shelley94-09Casady
25.10John Henry Beck93-04Cistercian Prep
26.11Matthew Summers90-02Fort Worth Country Day
27.10Omar Munoz89-05Greenhill
28.9Teddy Nollert86-07Casady
29.11William Easterling82-04All Saints Episcopal
30.10Paul Mackey81-03Fort Worth Country Day
31.12Parker Ainsworth80-07St Stephens Episcopal
12Camron WaughSCRHolland Hall
12Malcolm AdamsSCROakridge
11Robert LuceSCREpiscopal School Of ...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kwame Sexton6-04.00Holland Hall
2.11Eli Bogle6-04.00Trinity Valley
3.11David Newcomb6-02.00Cistercian Prep
4.12George Collins5-10.00Kinkaid
5.11Christian Fletcher5-10.00Trinity Valley
5.11Jake Freudenrich5-10.00Holland Hall
7.11Aaron Otenaike5-10.00Trinity Valley
8.10Kevin McLaughlin5-10.00Episcopal
9.9Jonathan Bradford5-10.00St John's
9.9Muhummad Benson5-10.00Oakridge
11.12Erik Lee5-10.00Casady
12.10Mark Hartman5-10.00Cistercian Prep
13.10Kevin Phillips5-08.00Greenhill
14.11David Helmerich5-06.00Holland Hall
10Geoffrey LivseyNHSt Stephens Episcopal
9John NewcombNHCistercian Prep
11Austin KatiganSCRCasady
11James SharpeSCRAll Saints Episcopal
12Sean AltmanNHGreenhill
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Travis Stull15-03.00Greenhill
2.11Bowden Kelly14-00.00St John's
3.12Charlie Pearce13-00.00Episcopal
3.12Matthew Owen13-00.00Greenhill
5.12Archit Kumar12-06.00Greenhill
6.12Travis Foxhall12-00.00St John's
7.10Clifton Harlin11-06.00Fort Worth Country Day
8.12Stephen Goodwin11-06.00Fort Worth Country Day
9.11Lucas Russey11-06.00Trinity Valley
10.11Daniel Rafkin11-00.00St Marks Of Texas
10.10Patrick Flam11-00.00St John's
10.11Zeke Blackwell11-00.00Fort Worth Country Day
13.10Nathan Roberts10-06.00Holland Hall
13.11James Vinson10-06.00Oakridge
13.9Alex Kadesky10-06.00St Marks Of Texas
16.11Sam Schoonover10-00.00All Saints Episcopal
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Grant Clary22-07.50Holland Hall
2.11Barnik Saha22-01.00Greenhill
3.12Matthew Rayeski21-05.75Episcopal
4.12Andrew Langdon20-07.25St Marks Of Texas
5.11JP Chilton20-05.00Greenhill
6.9John Newcomb20-03.75Cistercian Prep
7.11Eli Bogle19-11.75Trinity Valley
8.11Charlie Strauss19-11.50Episcopal
9.11James Sharpe19-11.50All Saints Episcopal
10.10Shaun Duggan19-10.50St Andrews Episcopal
11.12Whit Shaw19-09.75St Marks Of Texas
12.12Jon Wright19-08.00Holland Hall
13.9Ardis Graham19-07.00St Marks Of Texas
14.11Keller Reese19-04.75Fort Worth Country Day
15.11Will Bost19-03.00Episcopal School Of ...
16.11Reese Henningsen19-00.25Episcopal
17.11Zeke Blackwell18-11.00Fort Worth Country Day
18.11David Zale18-09.25Greenhill
19.11Aaron Otenaike18-08.50Trinity Valley
19.11Samuel Watson18-08.50Trinity Valley
21.12Erik Lee18-03.75Casady
22.11Jacob Bright18-03.50Casady
22.11Jack Samis18-03.50All Saints Episcopal
24.9Thomas Samuelson18-01.50Fort Worth Country Day
25.12Brooks Schaefer17-11.25St Andrews Episcopal
26.11Matthew Butler17-06.50Cistercian Prep
26.9Cameron Cooper17-06.50Holland Hall
28.9Adam Amil16-03.75Casady
11David NewcombNDCistercian Prep
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andrew Langdon43-05.50St Marks Of Texas
2.11Aaron Otenaike41-09.50Trinity Valley
3.12Matthew Rayeski41-09.50Episcopal
4.11James Sharpe41-07.00All Saints Episcopal
5.10Mark Hartman41-01.50Cistercian Prep
6.10Geoffrey Livsey41-00.00St Stephens Episcopal
7.10Patrick Flam40-09.00St John's
8.11L. C. Chandler40-07.00St Marks Of Texas
9.9Ardis Graham40-05.00St Marks Of Texas
10.11Barnik Saha40-02.00Greenhill
11.11JP Chilton39-11.00Greenhill
12.12Ben Carpenter39-07.00St Stephens Episcopal
13.11Charlie Strauss38-10.00Episcopal
14.10Trevor Brown38-03.00Episcopal
15.9Sam Jamison37-11.00St John's
16.12Brooks Schaefer37-09.50St Andrews Episcopal
17.12Archit Kumar37-08.00Greenhill
18.11Matthew Butler37-06.00Cistercian Prep
19.10Travis Cornett36-11.00Trinity Valley
20.9Adam Amil34-05.75Casady
21.9Edward Gilbert34-05.50St Andrews Episcopal
9Brandon HudsonSCRTrinity Valley
12Cris FeoSCRSt Andrews Episcopal

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ashely Espy12.35aFort Worth Country Day
2.12Candace Springer12.39aEpiscopal
3.10Taylor Smith12.69aFort Worth Country Day
4.11Layne Miller12.78aHolland Hall
5.10Dionne O'Bannon12.79aHockaday
6.9Rae'Van Parson12.80aGreenhill
7.11Shelby Schmitz13.05aHockaday
8.11Madi Steenbergen13.10aAll Saints Episcopal
9.10Bobbe Chaffin13.12aCasady
10.9Tamara Mejia13.19aAll Saints Episcopal
11.10Tiatjah Johnson13.22aCasady
12.9Emily Gemp13.27aKinkaid
13.10Kimberly Staffieri13.29aEpiscopal School Of ...
14.11Amanda Adwon13.36aHolland Hall
15.12Alex Wallace13.38aEpiscopal
16.10Dale Potts13.39aEpiscopal
17.11Tola Emiola13.47aSt John's
18.11Jasmine Larry13.54aSt John's
19.10Jennifer Orr13.58aKinkaid
20.10Jesse Steinmetz13.67aKinkaid
21.9Jennifer Hayes13.77aHockaday
22.11Anna Ewell13.82aSt Stephens Episcopal
23.12Olivia Serra13.98aSt Mary's Hall
24.12Chinasa Ugoala14.12aSt Stephens Episcopal
25.9Gina Mills14.19aGreenhill
26.9Katie Sheinfeld14.22aGreenhill
26.11Carolyn Sheffey14.22aEpiscopal School Of ...
28.10Rachael Ugoala14.30aSt Stephens Episcopal
29.9Jennifer McCune14.68aCasady
30.10Laura Berardo14.78aSt Mary's Hall
11Amanda MurashigeDNSEpiscopal School Of ...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Candace Springer25.37aEpiscopal
2.10Taylor Smith25.84aFort Worth Country Day
3.11Amanda Murashige25.99aEpiscopal School Of ...
4.12Ashely Espy26.05aFort Worth Country Day
5.12Brooke Granowski26.12aHockaday
6.10Dionne O'Bannon26.44aHockaday
7.11Layne Miller26.76aHolland Hall
8.9Katie McKenzie26.96aAll Saints Episcopal
9.10Bobbe Chaffin27.14aCasady
10.9Emily Gemp27.24aKinkaid
11.10Tiatjah Johnson27.47aCasady
12.10Kimberly Staffieri27.49aEpiscopal School Of ...
13.9Meagan Johnson27.64aEpiscopal
14.11Tola Emiola27.68aSt John's
15.9Jennifer Hayes28.05aHockaday
16.9Lee Younger28.06aEpiscopal
17.11Charlotte Iupe28.15aSt John's
18.12M.K. Blakley28.30aCasady
19.9Tess Coates28.50aSt Stephens Episcopal
20.11Jasmine Larry28.65aSt John's
21.10Jennifer Orr28.80aKinkaid
22.10Jesse Steinmetz28.84aKinkaid
23.9Tamara Mejia28.98aAll Saints Episcopal
24.12Allie Cortes29.01aSt Mary's Hall
25.11Katherine Plumlee29.18aEpiscopal School Of ...
26.12Lucy Wagner29.22aSt Stephens Episcopal
27.12Olivia Serra29.36aSt Mary's Hall
28.10Dominique Trudelle29.83aSt Mary's Hall
29.12Chinasa Ugoala30.07aSt Stephens Episcopal
30.11Lisa Reichstein30.47aSt Andrews Episcopal
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Taylor Buckner58.40aEpiscopal
2.12Brooke Granowski59.22aHockaday
3.12Allison Bereswill59.86aEpiscopal
4.12Lilian Nwora1:00.39aKinkaid
5.11Sarah Yeates1:00.79aEpiscopal
6.11Shelby Schmitz1:01.59aHockaday
7.12Spenser Stevens1:02.97aAll Saints Episcopal
8.10Tessa Granowski1:03.74aHockaday
9.10Nicole Gras1:03.99aSt John's
10.10Elizabeth Canon1:04.01aEpiscopal School Of ...
11.10Courtney Reimer1:05.44aFort Worth Country Day
12.12Allie Cortes1:06.99aSt Mary's Hall
13.9Diana Davis1:07.04aSt Mary's Hall
14.10Daniela Covarrubias1:07.09aSt John's
15.11Hallie Gluk1:07.74aSt Andrews Episcopal
16.10Emily Smith1:08.21aAll Saints Episcopal
17.11Lisa Reichstein1:09.23aSt Andrews Episcopal
18.10Dominique Trudelle1:09.36aSt Mary's Hall
19.9Ally Denton1:09.38aCasady
20.10Adriuna Howard1:09.73aKinkaid
21.9Jennifer McCune1:11.26aCasady
22.9Caroline Blakley1:12.61aCasady
23.11Emily Samuelson1:13.07aFort Worth Country Day
24.9Natasha Ivanova1:13.28aSt Andrews Episcopal
11Amanda MurashigeDNFEpiscopal School Of ...
11Capri NeurohrSCREpiscopal School Of ...
10Kia TaylorSCRHolland Hall
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Sarah Yeates58.8Episcopal
12Allison Bereswill59.5Episcopal
11Meredith Gamble59.8St John's
12Becky Bereswill59.74Episcopal
11Taylor Buckner60.2Episcopal
10Anne Johnson61.3St John's
11Mackenzie Hicks65.5St John's
10Nicole Gras65.8St John's
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chelsey Sveinsson2:08.55aGreenhill
2.11Taylor Buckner2:15.28aEpiscopal
3.11Meredith Gamble2:15.46aSt John's
4.12Becky Bereswill2:16.91aEpiscopal
5.10Anne Johnson2:24.59aSt John's
6.9Katie Burford2:25.05aSt Stephens Episcopal
7.12Nicole Martin2:26.14aSt Stephens Episcopal
8.10Daphne Desjardins2:29.61aHolland Hall
9.11Anisa Pruitt2:29.64aEpiscopal School Of ...
10.12Ann McCampbell2:30.52aCasady
11.10Megan Bentzin2:30.60aSt Andrews Episcopal
12.10Courtney Reimer2:31.55aFort Worth Country Day
13.10Elise Hansell2:32.91aEpiscopal School Of ...
14.11Leah Mosier2:33.13aSt Stephens Episcopal
15.11Emily Orthwein2:33.63aCasady
16.10Katherine Kirkland2:35.03aKinkaid
17.10Carla Kolber2:36.55aTrinity Valley
18.10Lauren Hollins2:36.97aEpiscopal
19.11Hallie Gluk2:37.54aSt Andrews Episcopal
20.12Nelly Kontchou2:37.87aSt John's
21.12Christina Co2:39.99aHockaday
22.10Asha Mahatma2:40.79aHockaday
23.11Katherine Pully2:41.31aHockaday
24.9Parker Ackerman2:42.31aEpiscopal School Of ...
25.12Marie Mason2:46.13aCasady
26.9Lilly Swab2:50.73aHolland Hall
27.9Natasha Ivanova2:51.03aSt Andrews Episcopal
11Margaret BradySCRHolland Hall
10Abby KizerSCRTrinity Valley
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Meredith Gamble2:17.5St John's
12Becky Bereswill2:18.3Episcopal
11Sarah Yeates2:18.6Episcopal
10Anne Johnson2:21St John's
12Kelley Harrison2:23St John's
12Allison Bereswill2:24.5Episcopal
11Taylor Buckner2:26.8Episcopal
11Sara Patterson2:32St John's
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chelsey Sveinsson5:23.64aGreenhill
2.11Meredith Gamble5:24.59aSt John's
3.9Katie Burford5:25.59aSt Stephens Episcopal
4.12Kelley Harrison5:26.49aSt John's
5.12Ann McCampbell5:37.75aCasady
6.11Sara Patterson5:40.67aSt John's
7.12Jackie Altshuler5:43.77aGreenhill
8.12Nicole Martin5:44.96aSt Stephens Episcopal
9.11Leah Mosier5:47.53aSt Stephens Episcopal
10.9Cindy Saliba5:51.78aHolland Hall
11.10Jewel Crosswell5:55.50aKinkaid
12.11Emily Orthwein5:59.32aCasady
13.10Morgan Addis6:01.11aSt Mary's Hall
14.9Annie Stephens6:01.41aKinkaid
15.12Whitney Langston6:02.98aSt Andrews Episcopal
16.11Jillian Mock6:07.09aHockaday
17.12Anne Tabb6:07.93aHockaday
18.10Katie Hebeler6:08.86aHockaday
19.11Amanda Garcia6:10.13aGreenhill
20.9Carly Gray6:12.80aKinkaid
21.9Parker Ackerman6:14.24aEpiscopal School Of ...
22.9Haley Stratton6:14.52aFort Worth Country Day
23.9Chandler Helms6:14.55aCasady
24.10Taylor White6:18.74aFort Worth Country Day
25.9Diana Davis6:24.93aSt Mary's Hall
26.11Lauren Grubbs6:26.16aFort Worth Country Day
27.10Sarah Caty Cochrum6:33.52aTrinity Valley
28.9Elizabeth Cameron6:34.79aHolland Hall
29.11Evans Milller6:41.56aSt Andrews Episcopal
10Abby KizerSCRTrinity Valley
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Chelsey Sveinsson11:03.90aGreenhill
2.9Katie Burford11:50.00aSt Stephens Episcopal
3.12Jackie Altshuler12:08.50aGreenhill
4.12Nicole Martin12:25.10aSt Stephens Episcopal
5.9Cindy Saliba12:32.90aHolland Hall
6.12Cara Martin12:39.70aCasady
7.12Whitney Langston12:46.80aSt Andrews Episcopal
8.10Morgan Addis12:53.90aSt Mary's Hall
9.12Emily Dunlap13:01.30aJohn Cooper
10.10Katie Hebeler13:16.40aHockaday
11.11Jillian Mock13:26.10aHockaday
12.11Brooke Osborne13:26.90aTrinity Valley
13.12Brittany Beavers13:31.00aSt John's
14.10Ashley Brown13:43.80aKinkaid
15.9Megan Curiel13:53.60aSt Mary's Hall
16.12Anne Tabb14:03.80aHockaday
17.12Alice Conlin14:05.60aFort Worth Country Day
18.10Sarah Caty Cochrum14:15.10aTrinity Valley
19.11Margaret Peyrefitte14:23.50aTrinity Valley
20.11Evans Milller14:25.10aSt Andrews Episcopal
21.10Shelby Stripling14:58.10aFort Worth Country Day
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jackie Guevel15.09aHockaday
2.11Madi Steenbergen15.26aAll Saints Episcopal
3.11Katherine Kuntz16.04aEpiscopal
4.11Emma Steele16.27aHolland Hall
5.12Andrea Rahardja16.51aGreenhill
6.12Lucy Wagner16.52aSt Stephens Episcopal
7.12Kristyn Story16.99aEpiscopal
8.11Mackenzie Hicks17.62aSt John's
9.9Meridith Viguet17.81aSt John's
10.12Olivia Serra17.96aSt Mary's Hall
11.10Becca Leigh Brown17.98aTrinity Valley
12.12Allison Reppe18.09aEpiscopal School Of ...
13.12Emmie Proctor18.11aSt John's
14.11Laura Clegg18.31aKinkaid
15.9Myra Noshahi18.33aGreenhill
16.9Kat Hyde18.36aFort Worth Country Day
17.10Caitlin Lohrenz18.58aKinkaid
18.12Emily Sampson19.17aHockaday
19.11Elizabeth Muse19.50aHockaday
20.11Victoria McCune19.98aCasady
21.9Jean Edwards20.29aEpiscopal
22.9Olivia Tse20.95aSt Mary's Hall
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jackie Guevel46.44aHockaday
2.10KK Maddox47.42aFort Worth Country Day
3.10Sloan Childress47.72aKinkaid
4.10Allison Latham48.51aHolland Hall
5.11Emma Steele48.69aHolland Hall
6.12Kristyn Story49.14aEpiscopal
7.12Andrea Rahardja49.94aGreenhill
8.12Lucy Wagner50.13aSt Stephens Episcopal
9.11Mackenzie Hicks50.77aSt John's
10.9Meridith Viguet51.13aSt John's
11.11Jordan McCray51.69aGreenhill
12.11Laura Clegg51.77aKinkaid
13.10Megan Bentzin52.28aSt Andrews Episcopal
14.10Kelsey Drusch52.38aEpiscopal
15.11Rachel Ransleben52.57aEpiscopal
16.12Emmie Proctor54.58aSt John's
17.10Becca Leigh Brown54.59aTrinity Valley
18.10Caitlin Lohrenz54.72aKinkaid
19.11Victoria McCune55.18aCasady
20.12Emily Sampson55.85aHockaday
21.9Kat Hyde56.06aFort Worth Country Day
22.9Callie Hadobas57.53aTrinity Valley
23.10Samantha Givens59.30aTrinity Valley
11Elizabeth MuseSCRHockaday
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-KK Maddox
Ashely Espy
Taylor Smith
Nicole Dory
48.97aFort Worth Country Day
2.-Brooke Granowski
Dionne O'Bannon
Shelby Schmitz
Hanna Fobare
3.-Meagan Johnson
Dale Potts
Alex Wallace
Candace Springer
4.-Lindsey Chew
Lilian Nwora
Sloan Childress
Emily Gemp
5.-Tamara Mejia
Spenser Stevens
Katie McKenzie
Maddie Steenbergen
50.37aAll Saints Episcopal
6.-Amanda Adwon
Layne Miller
Allison Latham
Emma Steele
50.50aHolland Hall
7.-Amanda Murashige
Allison Bishop
Capri Neurohr
Kimberly Staffieri
51.54aEpiscopal School Of ...
8.-MacKenzie Hicks
Tola Emiola
Charlotte Iupe
Jasmine Larry
51.70aSt John's
9.-Marcela Engles
Tiatjah Johnson
M.K. Blakley
Bobbe Chaffin
10.-Jordan McCray
Rae'Van Parson
Gina Mills
Katie Sheinfeld
11.-Chinasa Ugoala
Lucy Wagner
Julianna Gardner
Anna Ewell
53.94aSt Stephens Episcopal
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sarah Yeates
Allison Bereswill
Becky Bereswill
Taylor Buckner
2.-Brooke Granowski
Shelby Schmitz
Hanna Fobare
Tessa Granowski
3.-Andrea Rahardja
Chelsey Sveinsson
Rae'Van Parson
Jordan McCray
4.-Lilian Nwora
Katherine Kirkland
Emily Gemp
Sloan Childress
5.-MacKenzie Hicks
Anne Johnson
Nicole Gras
Meredith Gamble
4:12.60aSt John's
6.-Anisa Pruitt
Elizabeth Canon
Capri Neurohr
Amanda Murashige
4:15.50aEpiscopal School Of ...
7.-Lauren Hauge
Daphne Desjardins
Emma Steele
Allison Latham
4:20.34aHolland Hall
8.-Paige Neely
Merit Sharpe
Spenser Stevens
Katie McKenzie
4:21.31aAll Saints Episcopal
9.-Marcela Engles
Marie Mason
M.K. Blakley
Bobbe Chaffin
10.-Hallie Gluk
Natasha Ivanova
Lisa Reichstein
Megan Bentzin
4:43.90aSt Andrews Episcopal
-Leah Mosier
Kaylin Balley
Tess Coates
Julianna Gardner
SCRSt Stephens Episcopal
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sarah Yeates
Allison Bereswill
Becky Bereswill
Taylor Buckner
2.-Anne Johnson
Kelley Harrison
Sara Patterson
Meredith Gamble
9:33.94aSt John's
3.-Cara Martin
Emily Orthwein
M.K. Blakley
Ann McCampbell
4.-Margaret Brady
Whitney Jackson
Lauren Hauge
Daphne Desjardins
10:32.51aHolland Hall
5.-Paige Neely
Julie Kleberg
Katie McKenzie
Merit Sharpe
10:40.14aAll Saints Episcopal
6.-Blake Pruitt
Katie Sheinfeld
Amanda Garcia
Jackie Altshuler
7.-Elise Hansell
Parker Ackerman
Megan O'Sullivan
Anisa Pruitt
10:52.33aEpiscopal School Of ...
8.-Katherine Kirkland
Jewel Crosswell
Annie Stephens
Carly Gray
9.-Margaret Peyrefitte
Brooke Osborne
Abby Kizer
Carla Kolber
11:26.36aTrinity Valley
-Christina Co
Asha Mahatma
Stephanie Do
Tessa Granowski
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Khortlan Patterson33-03.00St John's
2.12Alex Wallace30-07.00Episcopal
3.11Rachel Celniker30-06.00St Stephens Episcopal
4.9Jenny Carmichael28-04.00Holland Hall
5.10Alyssa Wyre27-03.00Oakridge
6.10Ashley Wallace27-00.00Episcopal
7.10Tope Emiola26-11.00St John's
8.9Claire Hicks26-09.00Holland Hall
9.12Shanice Beasley26-09.00St John's
10.11Jordan McCray26-05.00Greenhill
11.11Alex Nowlin25-10.00Hockaday
11.11Amanda Adwon25-10.00Holland Hall
13.11Luyi Adesanya25-08.00Hockaday
14.11Dana Behrens25-07.00Episcopal
15.10Kamala Watkins25-03.00Kinkaid
16.11Cassidy Hall24-10.00Greenhill
17.12Nicole Jacobs24-06.00Greenhill
18.12Marie Mason24-00.00Casady
19.10Abby Kizer23-10.00Trinity Valley
20.11Taylor Helms23-09.00Casady
21.11Brooke Osborne23-08.00Trinity Valley
22.12Ellen Slugg23-03.00All Saints Episcopal
23.12Chinasa Ugoala22-11.00St Stephens Episcopal
24.10Alex Bishop20-09.00Hockaday
11Emma NworaSCRKinkaid
9Zinny BonnerSCRSt Stephens Episcopal
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jenny Carmichael108-09Holland Hall
2.10Tope Emiola107-11St John's
3.9Khortlan Patterson97-04St John's
4.12Shanice Beasley96-03St John's
5.11Alex Nowlin96-03Hockaday
6.12Alex Wallace95-10Episcopal
7.10Ashley Wallace88-04Episcopal
8.11Emma Nwora86-09Kinkaid
9.11Rachel Celniker85-05St Stephens Episcopal
10.11Morgan Cooper84-05Episcopal
11.12Marie Mason83-09Casady
12.9Claire Hicks83-05Holland Hall
13.10Abby Kizer83-01Trinity Valley
14.11Heather Golgart80-08Greenhill
15.11Amanda Adwon80-02Holland Hall
16.10Alyssa Wyre76-05Oakridge
17.12Lilian Nwora71-10Kinkaid
18.11Katherine Levy70-00Greenhill
19.11Taylor Helms69-02Casady
20.12Nicole Jacobs68-09Greenhill
21.11Katie Hadobas67-10Trinity Valley
22.12Ellen Slugg65-03All Saints Episcopal
23.9Megan Neligan65-01Hockaday
24.10Genesis Castillo60-09Hockaday
24.10Kamala Watkins60-09Kinkaid
9Zinny BonnerSCRSt Stephens Episcopal
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Leah Dintino5-00.00Trinity Valley
2.10Laura Sellingsloh5-00.00Episcopal
3.10Dale Potts4-10.00Episcopal
4.11Jordan McCray4-10.00Greenhill
5.12Brooke Granowski4-10.00Hockaday
6.10Bobbe Chaffin4-10.00Casady
6.9Hannah Yeates4-10.00Episcopal
8.11Madi Steenbergen4-08.00All Saints Episcopal
8.9Julie Kleberg4-08.00All Saints Episcopal
10.11Allison Bishop4-08.00Episcopal School Of ...
11.9Olivia Tse4-06.00St Mary's Hall
11.10Merit Sharpe4-06.00All Saints Episcopal
11.10Madison Powell4-06.00Holland Hall
11.9Sarah Myers4-06.00Episcopal School Of ...
15.9Sophie Jefferson4-04.00Holland Hall
15.11Mackenzie Hicks4-04.00St John's
11Ashley AndersonNHHockaday
9Sarah TuckerNHKinkaid
10Tessa GranowskiNHHockaday
11Katherine PlumleeSCREpiscopal School Of ...
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nicole Dory10-06.00Fort Worth Country Day
2.10Olivia Nicolais10-00.00Greenhill
3.10Allison Bulkley9-06.00Greenhill
4.11Hayley Cox9-06.00Oakridge
5.11Mary Mackie9-00.00Hockaday
6.12Andrea Rahardja8-06.00Greenhill
7.9Callie Hadobas8-00.00Trinity Valley
8.12Hannah Lockwood8-00.00Kinkaid
9.11Rachel Ransleben7-06.00Episcopal
9.10Sarah Dunlap7-06.00St John's
10Catherine HayNHSt John's
11Morgan BeelerNHKinkaid
12Sarah BrickerNHHockaday
10Asha MahatmaNHHockaday
11Megan BlaneySCRKinkaid
10Lauren HollinsNHEpiscopal
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lilian Nwora17-08.75Kinkaid
2.11Madi Steenbergen17-06.25All Saints Episcopal
3.11Nicole Dory17-05.75Fort Worth Country Day
4.11Jordan McCray17-01.00Greenhill
5.11Emma Steele16-10.50Holland Hall
6.10Bobbe Chaffin16-04.25Casady
7.11Mary Mackie16-03.50Hockaday
8.9Emily De Santis16-00.00Episcopal School Of ...
9.9Lee Younger15-11.50Episcopal
10.12Kim Simmons15-09.50Oakridge
11.10Dale Potts15-09.00Episcopal
11.10Caitlin Lohrenz15-09.00Kinkaid
13.11Shelby Schmitz15-07.75Hockaday
14.11Allison Bishop15-05.50Episcopal School Of ...
15.10Laura Berardo15-04.75St Mary's Hall
16.9Katie McKenzie14-10.75All Saints Episcopal
17.11Katherine Kuntz14-09.25Episcopal
18.10Daniela Covarrubias14-07.00St John's
19.9Myra Noshahi14-05.00Greenhill
20.12Julianna Gardner14-02.00St Stephens Episcopal
21.9Olivia Tse14-01.50St Mary's Hall
22.9Tamara Mejia14-00.50All Saints Episcopal
23.12Allie Cortes13-11.50St Mary's Hall
24.10Sarah Alexander13-11.00Hockaday
25.9Gina Mills13-09.00Greenhill
26.10Rachael Ugoala13-03.50St Stephens Episcopal
27.9Megan Zwahlen13-03.00Casady
28.9Yasmine Smith12-11.00St Stephens Episcopal
29.10Kia Taylor11-08.50Holland Hall
10Sloan ChildressSCRKinkaid
10Carla KolberSCRTrinity Valley
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nicole Dory38-07.50Fort Worth Country Day
2.12Andrea Rahardja35-05.00Greenhill
3.12Kim Simmons34-11.75Oakridge
4.11Madi Steenbergen34-09.50All Saints Episcopal
5.9Calhan Hale33-09.00Episcopal
6.11Katherine Kuntz33-06.50Episcopal
7.9Julie Kleberg33-02.25All Saints Episcopal
8.12Julianna Gardner32-08.75St Stephens Episcopal
9.10Kelsey Drusch32-02.00Episcopal
10.11Leah Dintino31-10.75Trinity Valley
11.9Myra Noshahi31-08.50Greenhill
12.11Shelby Schmitz31-01.75Hockaday
13.10Sarah Alexander31-00.50Hockaday
14.11Mary Mackie30-10.50Hockaday
15.9Tess Coates30-06.50St Stephens Episcopal
16.12M.K. Blakley30-02.50Casady
17.11Anna Ewell29-09.50St Stephens Episcopal
18.11Katie Hadobas29-07.75Trinity Valley
19.11Tola Emiola29-05.50St John's
20.10Adriuna Howard25-08.75Kinkaid
9Tamara MejiaSCRAll Saints Episcopal
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