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100 Meters  4A - Finals

1.12Jayson Washington10.86aMoscow

100 Meters  5A - Prelims

9.11Camden Bernatz11.20aLewiston
11.Alex Baker11.28aIdaho Falls

100 Meters  4A - Prelims

3.12Jayson Washington10.92aMoscow
14.11Justin Parkins11.92aMoscow
15.Jordan Jones11.98aCanyon Ridge

200 Meters  5A - Finals

8.Alex Baker22.59aIdaho Falls

200 Meters  4A - Finals

5.Chase Hathhorn22.65aKuna

200 Meters  5A - Prelims

10.11Camden Bernatz22.85aLewiston

200 Meters  4A - Prelims

8.Chase Hathhorn22.83aKuna
9.12Jayson Washington23.02aMoscow
15.11Jordan Maxwell24.05aMoscow

200 Meters  2A - Prelims

15.12Darian Ball24.84aKamiah

400 Meters  5A - Finals

6.12Chris Schrette50.93aLewiston
8.12Kasen Covington52.47a Capital

400 Meters  2A - Finals

3.9Kevin Hill52.11aKamiah
4.12Ty Johnson52.43aMelba

400 Meters  5A - Prelims

3.12Kasen Covington51.13a Capital
3.12Chris Schrette51.13aLewiston
12.12Justin Podrabsky52.55aLewiston
13.11Alister Tencate53.34a Capital

400 Meters  4A - Prelims

9.11Travis Gessler51.98aMoscow
12.10Derrel Russell52.73aMoscow

400 Meters  2A - Prelims

2.12Ty Johnson51.99aMelba
6.9Kevin Hill52.18aKamiah

800 Meters  5A - Finals

9.12Anthony Trakas2:01.70a Capital

800 Meters  4A - Finals

7.12Aaron Davis2:00.45aMoscow

800 Meters  2A - Finals

3.9Eric Hill2:03.20aKamiah
6.10Taylor Leavitt2:06.03aMelba

1600 Meters  2A - Finals

7.10Bryan Leon4:57.47aMelba

3200 Meters  5A - Finals

14.11Cody Larson10:16.17a Capital

3200 Meters  4A - Finals

15.11Adam Storey10:24.48aMoscow

3200 Meters  2A - Finals

10Bryan LeonDNSMelba

110m Hurdles - 39"  4A - Finals

3.10Wade Schumaker15.10aMoscow

110m Hurdles - 39"  2A - Finals

5.10Jack Nygaard16.26aKamiah

110m Hurdles - 39"  5A - Prelims

11.12Ben Fitzsimmons16.09aLewiston

110m Hurdles - 39"  4A - Prelims

3.10Wade Schumaker15.38aMoscow
15.12Michael Mastro18.76aMoscow

110m Hurdles - 39"  2A - Prelims

3.10Jack Nygaard16.13aKamiah
13.9Reed York19.55aKamiah

300m Hurdles - 36"  4A - Finals

1.10Wade Schumaker39.83aMoscow

300m Hurdles - 36"  2A - Finals

2.10Jack Nygaard40.65aKamiah

300m Hurdles - 36"  5A - Prelims

12.12Ben Fitzsimmons42.95aLewiston
14.11Dean Reitz44.24aLewiston

300m Hurdles - 36"  4A - Prelims

3.10Wade Schumaker40.53aMoscow

300m Hurdles - 36"  2A - Prelims

2.10Jack Nygaard41.32aKamiah

4x100 Relay  5A - Finals

1.Relay Team42.56aIdaho Falls
2.Relay Team42.58aBorah
3.Relay Team42.64aMeridian
4.Relay Team43.11aEagle
5.Relay Team43.19aSkyline
6.Relay Team43.55aMadison
7.Relay Team43.62aLake City
8.-Relay Team 44.52a Capital

4x100 Relay  4A - Finals

1.Relay Team43.02aNampa
2.Relay Team43.24aEmmett
3.Relay Team43.53aHillcrest
4.-Relay Team 44.26aMoscow
5.Relay Team44.67aCanyon Ridge
6.Relay Team44.72aJerome
7.Relay Team45.37aPocatello
8.Relay Team45.55aRigby

4x100 Relay  3A - Finals

1.Relay Team44.02aKimberly
2.Relay Team44.85aSalmon
3.Relay Team44.87aShelley
4.Relay Team44.89aPayette
5.Relay Team45.14aTimberlake
6.Relay Team45.48aBear Lake
7.Relay Team45.59aFiler
8.Relay Team45.68aSugar-Salem

4x100 Relay  2A - Finals

1.Relay Team44.48aNampa Christian
2.Relay Team44.67aGrangeville
3.Relay Team44.71aNew Plymouth
4.Relay Team45.57aAberdeen
5.Relay Team46.39aDeclo
6.Relay Team46.75aRirie
7.Relay Team48.26aWest Side

4x100 Relay  1A - Finals

1.Relay Team44.59aOakley
2.Relay Team45.60aChallis
3.Relay Team46.18aRaft River
4.Relay Team46.19aLiberty Charter
5.Relay Team46.23aTri-Valley
6.Relay Team46.52aHagerman
7.Relay Team46.59aLapwai
8.Relay Team46.65aTroy

4x200 Relay  5A - Finals

1.Relay Team1:30.04aRocky Mountain
2.Relay Team1:30.04aMountain View
3.Relay Team1:31.21aCoeur d'Alene
4.Relay Team1:31.51aMadison
5.Relay Team1:31.58aCentennial
-Relay Team 1:31.59aLewiston
6.Relay Team1:32.93aVallivue

4x200 Relay  4A - Finals

1.Relay Team1:30.49aNampa
2.Relay Team1:31.11aMinico
3.Relay Team1:31.95aPocatello
4.Relay Team1:32.02aKuna
5.Relay Team1:33.16aRigby
6.Relay Team1:35.67aJerome
7.-Relay Team 1:35.78aMoscow
8.Relay Team1:36.35aHillcrest

4x200 Relay  3A - Finals

1.Relay Team1:31.88aPayette
2.Relay Team1:32.23aShelley
3.Relay Team1:32.35aSouth Fremont
4.Relay Team1:32.91aKimberly
5.Relay Team1:33.83aBear Lake
6.Relay Team1:34.65aFiler
7.Relay Team1:35.29aFruitland
Relay Team1:37.85aOrofino

4x200 Relay  2A - Finals

1.Relay Team1:32.49aNew Plymouth
2.Relay Team1:32.95aGrangeville
3.Relay Team1:33.22aWest Side
4.Relay Team1:34.74aCoeur d'Alene Charter
5.Relay Team1:36.05aFirth
6.Relay Team1:36.44aRirie
7.-Relay Team 1:36.61aMelba
8.Relay Team1:37.09aDeclo

4x200 Relay  1A - Finals

1.Relay Team1:34.93aLighthouse Christian
2.Relay Team1:35.12aLiberty Charter
3.Relay Team1:35.12aLapwai
4.Relay Team1:37.20aCarey
5.Relay Team1:37.35aWallace
6.Relay Team1:38.04aClark County
7.Relay Team1:40.61aTri-Valley

4x400 Relay  5A - Finals

1.Relay Team3:22.19aEagle
2.Relay Team3:23.29aBorah
3.-Relay Team 3:25.92a Capital
4.Relay Team3:26.40aCentennial
5.Relay Team3:26.51aLake City
6.Relay Team3:29.13aIdaho Falls
7.Relay Team3:30.32aSkyline
8.Relay Team3:32.33aMountain View

4x400 Relay  4A - Finals

1.Relay Team3:25.88aMinico
2.Relay Team3:27.17aKuna
3.-Relay Team 3:28.43aMoscow
4.Relay Team3:30.33aEmmett
5.Relay Team3:30.49aHillcrest
6.Relay Team3:33.69aRigby
7.Relay Team3:33.96aPreston
8.Relay Team3:36.35aTwin Falls

4x400 Relay  3A - Finals

1.Relay Team3:32.97aPayette
2.Relay Team3:35.51aTimberlake
3.Relay Team3:38.91aBonners Ferry
4.Relay Team3:39.63aFruitland
5.Relay Team3:41.43aWeiser
6.Relay Team3:42.05aSugar-Salem
7.Relay Team3:45.13aSnake River
8.Relay Team3:50.73aBuhl

4x400 Relay  2A - Finals

1.Relay Team3:33.14aGrangeville
2.Relay Team3:33.32aNew Plymouth
3.-Relay Team 3:33.50aKamiah
4.Relay Team3:38.06aWest Side
5.Relay Team3:38.95aNampa Christian
6.-Relay Team 3:45.41aMelba
7.Relay Team3:48.42aButte County
8.Relay Team3:51.74aDeclo

4x400 Relay  1A - Finals

1.Relay Team3:43.06aLiberty Charter
2.Relay Team3:47.17aNorth Gem
3.Relay Team3:48.11aLighthouse Christian
4.Relay Team3:50.70aTroy
5.Relay Team3:51.05aCamas County
6.Relay Team3:51.24aDeary
7.Relay Team3:53.54aTri-Valley

4x800 Relay  5A - Finals

1.Relay Team8:00.65aVallivue
2.Relay Team8:01.83aCoeur d'Alene
3.Relay Team8:07.43aEagle
4.Relay Team8:09.89aBoise
5.Relay Team8:16.75aRocky Mountain
6.Relay Team8:20.76aMountain View
7.-Relay Team 8:36.20a Capital
8.Relay Team8:41.68aMadison

SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]  4A - Finals

1.Relay Team3:33.51aTwin Falls
2.Relay Team3:35.11aHillcrest
3.Relay Team3:37.77aMiddleton
4.Relay Team3:40.70aPocatello
5.Relay Team3:41.18aBonneville
Relay Team3:42.74aMinico
6.Relay Team3:44.67aColumbia
7.-Relay Team 3:46.26aMoscow

SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]  3A - Finals

1.Relay Team3:37.60aBuhl
2.Relay Team3:40.88aTimberlake
3.Relay Team3:41.41aFruitland
4.Relay Team3:41.47aSugar-Salem
5.Relay Team3:45.12aSt Maries
6.Relay Team3:45.88aKimberly
7.Relay Team3:45.95aGooding
8.Relay Team3:49.10aSnake River

SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]  2A - Finals

1.Relay Team3:40.06aWest Side
2.Relay Team3:41.96aCoeur d'Alene Charter
3.Relay Team3:43.31aNew Plymouth
4.-Relay Team 3:43.73aMelba
5.Relay Team3:51.87aFirth
6.Relay Team3:52.61aDeclo
7.Relay Team3:53.36aGrace
8.Relay Team3:58.42aButte County

SMR 200-200-400-800m - [2-2-4-8]  1A - Finals

1.Relay Team3:41.08aChallis
2.Relay Team3:42.21aRaft River
3.Relay Team3:45.49aKootenai
4.Relay Team3:46.73aCarey
5.Relay Team3:49.79aTimberline-Weippe
6.Relay Team3:52.45aLiberty Charter
7.Relay Team3:58.46aSalmon River
8.Relay Team4:10.70aKendrick

Shot Put - 12lb  5A - Finals

1.12Beaugh Meyer58-00.00 Capital
12.12Spencer Beale44-09.00Lewiston

Shot Put - 12lb  4A - Finals

15.12Al Taylor38-00.50Moscow

Shot Put - 12lb  2A - Finals

1.12Steve Mason45-10.75Melba

Discus - 1.6kg  5A - Finals

2.12Beaugh Meyer159-11 Capital
8.12Kyle Sosnowski146-10 Capital
9.12Spencer Beale141-01Lewiston
14.10Reece Uhlorn124-09Lewiston

Discus - 1.6kg  4A - Finals

11.11Dain Adams128-10Moscow
13.11John Westberg127-03Moscow

Discus - 1.6kg  2A - Finals

3.12Mike Morris139-08Kamiah
10.9Spencer Crane113-01Kamiah
12Steve MasonDNSMelba

High Jump  2A - Finals

5.10Jack Nygaard5-08.00Kamiah
6.9Kevin Hill5-08.00Kamiah
10.12Colby Heiner5-06.00Melba

High Jump  1A - Finals

10.Andrew Simon5-08.00Camas County

Pole Vault  5A - Finals

12.12Ben Fitzsimmons12-00.00Lewiston

Pole Vault  4A - Finals

4.12Matt Morris12-06.00Moscow

Pole Vault  2A - Finals

3.10Jacob Lloyd12-06.00Kamiah
4.11Reed Woodruff12-06.00Melba
5.11Shad McHargue12-00.00Melba
7.9Tucker Medel11-06.00Kamiah
10Steven RamirezNHMelba

Long Jump  5A - Finals

1.12Kasen Covington24-05.25 Capital
9.11Dean Reitz21-02.50Lewiston
11.11Patrick Carter20-06.50 Capital
15.11Jon Lanser19-11.25 Capital

Long Jump  4A - Finals

2.Chase Hathhorn21-07.25Kuna

Long Jump  2A - Finals

12.12Paul Raymond17-10.25Kamiah

Triple Jump  5A - Finals

1.12Kasen Covington49-10.25 Capital
4.11Jon Lanser45-05.00 Capital

Triple Jump  4A - Finals

10.10Josh Helbling39-05.75Moscow

Triple Jump  2A - Finals

8.11Reed Woodruff38-07.50Melba

Triple Jump  1A - Finals

13.Brandon Smith37-08.25Lakeside

Womens Results Switch to

100 Meters  5A - Prelims

12.12Marie Smith13.03a Capital

200 Meters  4A - Prelims

9.12Kerry Moller26.80aMoscow

200 Meters  2A - Prelims

15.Kylie Johnson28.72aFirth

400 Meters  5A - Prelims

16.10Ekaterina Nikolaeva1:07.03aLewiston

400 Meters  4A - Prelims

9.11Heidi Anders1:01.63aMoscow
10.12Kerry Moller1:02.05aMoscow

800 Meters  5A - Finals

1.Kate Jamboretz2:15.98aBoise
12.12Kelsey Guzman2:25.10aLewiston

800 Meters  4A - Finals

5.12Emily Paradis2:21.80aMoscow
14.12Quincey Cole2:31.52aMoscow

800 Meters  2A - Finals

14.9Sarah Willis2:44.21aKamiah
15.10Jolene Svedin2:47.56aMelba

1600 Meters  5A - Finals

4.Kate Jamboretz5:14.49aBoise
7.Michelle Hickerson5:21.06aBoise

1600 Meters  4A - Finals

6.12Elizabeth Nielsen5:23.60aMoscow
12Emily ParadisDNSMoscow

1600 Meters  2A - Finals

12.10Jolene Svedin6:01.10aMelba

3200 Meters  5A - Finals

3.Michelle Hickerson11:23.34aBoise

3200 Meters  4A - Finals

7.12Emily Paradis11:35.91aMoscow
9.12Elizabeth Nielsen11:47.89aMoscow

3200 Meters  2A - Finals

12.10Jolene Svedin12:44.27aMelba

100m Hurdles - 33"  5A - Finals

3.12Marie Smith14.77a Capital

100m Hurdles - 33"  4A - Finals

6.Tiana Thomas16.56aMiddleton

100m Hurdles - 33"  2A - Finals

4.11Shayla Richardson16.46aMelba

100m Hurdles - 33"  5A - Prelims

4.12Marie Smith15.07a Capital
11Bethany StuffleSCRLewiston

100m Hurdles - 33"  4A - Prelims

8.Tiana Thomas16.81aMiddleton

100m Hurdles - 33"  2A - Prelims

4.11Shayla Richardson16.39aMelba
15.9Brianna Riggins18.57aKamiah
16.10Megan Beckman18.77aKamiah

300m Hurdles - 30"  5A - Finals

2.12Marie Smith45.70a Capital

300m Hurdles - 30"  2A - Finals

5.Kylie Johnson49.69aFirth

300m Hurdles - 30"  5A - Prelims

4.12Marie Smith46.96a Capital
11.11Bethany Stuffle48.91aLewiston
15.11Meghan Holzer49.90aLewiston

300m Hurdles - 30"  4A - Prelims

12.Tiana Thomas50.19aMiddleton
15.9Kim Lawrence51.24aMoscow

300m Hurdles - 30"  2A - Prelims

5.Kylie Johnson49.11aFirth
15.10Kelli Green54.69aKamiah

4x100 Relay  5A - Finals

1.Relay Team49.30aEagle
2.-Relay Team 49.65a Capital
3.Relay Team50.06aCentennial
Relay Team50.39aMountain View
5.Relay Team50.59aMadison
6.Relay Team50.80aBoise

4x100 Relay  4A - Finals

1.Relay Team50.02aMountain Home
2.Relay Team51.04aSandpoint
3.Relay Team51.48aBonneville
4.Relay Team51.66aRigby
5.Relay Team51.84aColumbia
6.Relay Team52.00aTwin Falls
7.Relay Team52.34aCentury

4x100 Relay  3A - Finals

1.Relay Team52.23aSugar-Salem
2.Relay Team52.70aTimberlake
3.Relay Team52.91aWeiser
4.Relay Team53.34aShelley
5.Relay Team53.44aBonners Ferry
6.Relay Team53.65aSalmon
7.Relay Team54.37aBuhl
8.Relay Team54.94aSnake River

4x100 Relay  2A - Finals

1.Relay Team52.49aNampa Christian
2.Relay Team52.85aParma
3.Relay Team52.90aGrangeville
4.Relay Team52.94aButte County
5.Relay Team53.50aWest Side
6.Relay Team54.03aAberdeen
7.Relay Team54.33aCoeur d'Alene Charter

4x100 Relay  1A - Finals

1.Relay Team52.72aTroy
2.Relay Team53.17aRaft River
3.Relay Team53.47aPrairie
4.Relay Team54.47aMackay
5.Relay Team54.93aTri-Valley
6.Relay Team54.98aIdaho City
7.Relay Team55.48aKendrick
8.Relay Team56.65aCastleford

4x200 Relay  5A - Finals

1.Relay Team1:44.71aEagle
2.Relay Team1:44.73aPost Falls
3.Relay Team1:45.84aCentennial
4.Relay Team1:46.05aMountain View
5.Relay Team1:47.00aBorah
6.-Relay Team 1:48.35a Capital
7.-Jamie Gates
Bethany Stuffle
Ekaterina Nikolaeva
Chelsea Lundgren
8.Relay Team1:50.39aHighland

4x200 Relay  4A - Finals

1.Relay Team1:46.10aMountain Home
Relay Team1:46.55aBishop Kelly
2.Relay Team1:47.63aCanyon Ridge
3.Relay Team1:47.69aJerome
4.Relay Team1:49.14aPocatello
5.Relay Team1:49.91aHillcrest
6.Relay Team1:50.02aPreston
7.Relay Team1:50.85aSandpoint

4x200 Relay  3A - Finals

1.Relay Team1:48.44aSugar-Salem
2.Relay Team1:49.60aKimberly
3.Relay Team1:50.18aBonners Ferry
4.Relay Team1:50.41aPriest River Lamanna
5.Relay Team1:50.47aMcCall-Donnelly
6.Relay Team1:50.71aSnake River
8.Relay Team1:50.79aFruitland

4x200 Relay  2A - Finals

1.Relay Team1:49.26aCoeur d'Alene Charter
2.Relay Team1:49.74aFirth
3.Relay Team1:50.33aWest Side
4.Relay Team1:51.27aNampa Christian
5.-Relay Team 1:52.06aKamiah
6.Relay Team1:52.49aGrangeville
7.Relay Team1:52.62aRirie
8.Relay Team1:53.29aValley

4x200 Relay  1A - Finals

1.Relay Team1:49.62aPrairie
2.Relay Team1:50.65aRaft River
3.Relay Team1:52.60aTroy
4.Relay Team1:55.13aTri-Valley
5.Relay Team1:56.22aRockland
6.Relay Team1:56.30aIdaho City
7.Relay Team1:56.54aCarey
8.Relay Team1:56.55aTimberline-Weippe

4x400 Relay  5A - Finals

1.Relay Team4:00.04aEagle
2.Relay Team4:01.51aCentennial
3.Relay Team4:05.76aBoise
4.-Jamie Gates
Kelsey Guzman
Bethany Stuffle
Chelsea Lundgren
5.Relay Team4:11.00aBorah
6.Relay Team4:11.93aMeridian
7.Relay Team4:12.09aVallivue
8.Relay Team4:15.58aMadison

4x400 Relay  4A - Finals

1.Relay Team3:59.76aBishop Kelly
2.Relay Team4:01.97aTwin Falls
3.Relay Team4:04.46aMinico
4.Relay Team4:11.52aMiddleton
5.-Relay Team 4:12.69aMoscow
6.Relay Team4:12.86aHillcrest
7.Relay Team4:13.11aPreston
8.Relay Team4:19.56aBlackfoot

4x400 Relay  3A - Finals

1.Relay Team4:17.93aMcCall-Donnelly
2.Relay Team4:20.49aGooding
3.Relay Team4:21.97aTimberlake
4.Relay Team4:26.16aSugar-Salem
5.Relay Team4:27.55aPriest River Lamanna
6.Relay Team4:28.71aBuhl
7.Relay Team4:29.71aFruitland
8.Relay Team4:36.26aMarsh Valley

4x400 Relay  2A - Finals

1.Relay Team4:14.33aGrangeville
2.Relay Team4:15.68aSoda Springs
3.Relay Team4:21.55aRirie
4.Relay Team4:22.48aNampa Christian
5.Relay Team4:24.42aCoeur d'Alene Charter
6.Relay Team4:26.88aFirth
7.Relay Team4:30.83aButte County
8.Relay Team4:37.64aDeclo

4x400 Relay  1A - Finals

1.Relay Team4:20.32aLapwai
2.Relay Team4:31.58aPrairie
3.Relay Team4:32.76aRaft River
4.Relay Team4:33.40aNorth Gem
5.Relay Team4:34.51aLiberty Charter
6.Relay Team4:38.53aCarey
7.Relay Team4:40.31aTri-Valley
8.Relay Team4:40.70aTroy

4x800 Relay  5A - Finals

1.Relay Team9:23.32aMountain View
2.Relay Team9:25.30aBoise
3.Relay Team9:39.99aVallivue
4.Relay Team9:42.49aLake City
5.Relay Team9:46.11aCentennial
6.-Relay Team 9:46.58a Capital
7.Relay Team10:00.31aCoeur d'Alene
8.Relay Team10:01.08aMadison

SMR 100-100-200-400m  4A - Finals

1.Relay Team1:47.81aBishop Kelly
2.Relay Team1:49.51aMinico
3.Relay Team1:49.52aCanyon Ridge
4.Relay Team1:52.86aBlackfoot
5.Relay Team1:52.96aPocatello
6.Relay Team1:53.22aEmmett
7.Relay Team1:53.60aCentury
8.Relay Team1:55.18aSandpoint

SMR 100-100-200-400m  3A - Finals

1.Relay Team1:53.37aSugar-Salem
2.Relay Team1:54.22aSalmon
3.Relay Team1:55.26aBonners Ferry
4.Relay Team1:55.88aPriest River Lamanna
5.Relay Team1:56.02aSnake River
6.Relay Team1:57.38aGooding
7.Relay Team1:57.41aBuhl
8.Relay Team2:00.43aMcCall-Donnelly

SMR 100-100-200-400m  2A - Finals

1.Relay Team1:53.08aSoda Springs
2.Relay Team1:53.24aNew Plymouth
3.Relay Team1:54.04aGrangeville
4.Relay Team1:54.05aCoeur d'Alene Charter
5.Relay Team1:54.15aNampa Christian
6.Relay Team1:54.82aDeclo
7.Relay Team1:54.91aButte County
8.Relay Team1:55.49aWest Side

SMR 100-100-200-400m  1A - Finals

1.Relay Team1:57.12aLapwai
2.Relay Team1:57.27aMackay
3.Relay Team1:57.79aTroy
4.Relay Team2:00.59aCarey
5.Relay Team2:00.61aRichfield
Relay Team2:03.21aTimberline-Weippe
6.Relay Team2:04.42aHorseshoe Bend
7.Relay Team2:05.80aGreenleaf Friends

Shot Put - 4kg  4A - Finals

1.12Margaret Behre36-07.50Moscow

Shot Put - 4kg  2A - Finals

5.12Kaylynn Lloyd31-10.25Kamiah

Discus - 1kg  4A - Finals

3.12Margaret Behre110-08Moscow

Discus - 1kg  2A - Finals

5.12Kaylynn Lloyd107-08Kamiah

High Jump  5A - Finals

10.11Meghan Holzer4-10.00Lewiston
12.10Kirsten Way4-10.00 Capital

High Jump  2A - Finals

3.11Shayla Richardson5-00.00Melba
9Jana RingenNHKamiah
9Bailey HelmNHMelba

Pole Vault  5A - Finals

5.11Jamie Gates9'06.00Lewiston
8.10Brandy Larsen9-06.00 Capital
11.12Taylor Prine8-06.00Lewiston

Pole Vault  2A - Finals

9Amanda GroverNHMelba

Long Jump  5A - Finals

3.12Sharaysa Stewart18-00.25 Capital
5.12Chelsea Lundgren17'06.00Lewiston

Long Jump  2A - Finals

2.Kylie Johnson16-08.00Firth

Triple Jump  5A - Finals

3.12Chelsea Lundgren35'07.00Lewiston
5.9Phoebe Nielson34-09.25 Capital
10.12Sharaysa Stewart33-08.75 Capital

Triple Jump  2A - Finals

10.11Megan Philips31-02.50Kamiah
12.10Riley Stirm30-10.50Melba


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