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CUNY Athletic Conference Championships

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Icahn Stadium, Randalls Island

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJovannie Gardener11.25aKingsborough      
2.FrAndre Gouldbourne11.32aCUNY Lehman      
3.SoAdrian Davis11.43aCUNY Queensborough      
4.JrNkosi Dick11.50aCUNY Medgar Evers      
5.SrPete Charles11.56aCUNY Lehman      
6.FrKeoto Peterson11.61aKingsborough      
7.FrChinedu Agu11.75aCUNY York      
8.-Andre Clarke11.94aCUNY Lehman      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrJovannie Gardener10.92aKingsborough      
2.SoAdrian Davis11.20aCUNY Queensborough      
3.FrChinedu Agu11.40aCUNY York      
4.FrAndre Gouldbourne11.41aCUNY Lehman      
5.JrNkosi Dick11.47aCUNY Medgar Evers      
6.SrPete Charles11.51aCUNY Lehman      
7.FrKeoto Peterson11.55aKingsborough      
8.-Andre Clarke11.56aCUNY Lehman      
9.FrMark Johnson11.66aCUNY Queensborough      
10.SoAkeem Thompson11.79aKingsborough      
10.-Frederick Durojaieye11.79aCity College of NY      
12.-Christon Charles11.88aCUNY Medgar Evers      
13.FrMuktar Adebayo11.89aCUNY City Tech      
14.-Inguar Denis11.91aCUNY Lehman      
15.JrJonathan Sajous11.96aCUNY Medgar Evers      
16.FrRashchion Lemenius12.12aCUNY Queensborough      
17.-Chevon Joseph12.30aCUNY Medgar Evers      
18.FrOmar Rodriquez12.44aCUNY Queensborough      
19.JrAndre DeCristo12.49aCUNY Hunter      
20.-James Samuels12.57aCUNY City Tech      
21.-Zickey Nicholas12.74aCUNY City Tech      
22.SrErwin Joseph12.77aCity College of NY      
23.FrLegenry Sosa12.87aCUNY Hunter      
24.FrJeffrey Castano14.22aCUNY Hunter      
25.-Michael Delvecchio14.74aCUNY Staten Island      
26.FrDean Kunjravia14.88aCUNY Staten Island      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAndre Gouldbourne22.52aCUNY Lehman      
2.FrJovannie Gardener22.68aKingsborough      
3.SoAdrian Davis23.02aCUNY Queensborough      
4.JrNajua Ward23.17aCity College of NY      
5.FrChinedu Agu23.18aCUNY York      
6.FrSean Hamil23.48aKingsborough      
7.FrClayton Hayes23.50aBronx      
8.JrNkosi Dick23.65aCUNY Medgar Evers      
9.SoAkeem Thompson23.67aKingsborough      
10.-Andrae Raymond23.67aCUNY Lehman      
11.SoAdonis Fanith23.88aCity College of NY      
12.FrJahmel Upshaw23.93aCUNY Queensborough      
13.-Frederick Durojaieye23.96aCity College of NY      
14.FrKeoto Peterson24.21aKingsborough      
15.-Christon Charles24.27aCUNY Medgar Evers      
16.SoEmson Esprit24.35aCity College of NY      
17.-Andre Clarke24.36aCUNY Lehman      
18.-Duane Rhoden24.48aCUNY Lehman      
19.JrCavohdyah Ben-Levi24.49aCUNY York      
20.FrAlexander Wright25.01aCUNY City Tech      
21.FrLegenry Sosa26.02aCUNY Hunter      
22.-Chris Towns26.34aCUNY Staten Island      
23.FrDimitriy Generalov27.20aCUNY Hunter      
24.-Mario Gregg27.70aCUNY City Tech      
25.FrJeffrey Castano28.72aCUNY Hunter      
26.FrDean Kunjravia30.48aCUNY Staten Island      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKeoto Peterson48.81aKingsborough      
2.FrChinedu Agu50.10aCUNY York      
3.JrNajua Ward50.26aCity College of NY      
4.FrClayton Hayes51.00aBronx      
5.FrJahmel Upshaw51.51aCUNY Queensborough      
6.SoOscar Kalamalu52.68aCUNY Lehman      
7.-Andrae Raymond52.91aCUNY Lehman      
8.JrEdwardo Fanith54.00aCUNY Lehman      
9.SoAdonis Fanith54.01aCity College of NY      
10.FrSean Hamil54.26aKingsborough      
11.FrMatthew Hogan55.09aCUNY Staten Island      
12.SoEmson Esprit55.12aCity College of NY      
13.JrCavohdyah Ben-Levi55.25aCUNY York      
14.FrRishawn Marshal55.67aCUNY Lehman      
15.SoKwaynce Leonce56.30aKingsborough      
16.FrRashchion Lemenius56.77aCUNY Queensborough      
17.FrLegenry Sosa59.84aCUNY Hunter      
18.-Joel Reid1:00.66aCUNY Medgar Evers      
19.JrKenneth Wong1:03.05aCUNY Hunter      
20.SoPeter Agbeyo1:03.59aCUNY York      
21.SoHuberto Flores1:05.36aCUNY York      
22.FrJeffrey Castano1:07.34aCUNY Hunter      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKouri Falconer1:57.84aCUNY Queensborough      
2.JrNajua Ward2:00.65aCity College of NY      
3.JrIrfan Anwar2:02.01aCUNY Lehman      
4.SoOscar Kalamalu2:02.13aCUNY Lehman      
5.FrJean Desrosiers2:05.45aCUNY Queensborough      
6.SoBenjam Chateauvert2:06.25aCUNY Hunter      
7.SoSergio Soto2:06.29aCity College of NY      
8.FrRishawn Marshal2:06.96aCUNY Lehman      
9.SoJames McArdle2:08.33aCUNY Hunter      
10.SoKenny Jacquet2:09.66aCUNY York      
11.SoGem Alegre2:09.87aCUNY Hunter      
12.FrEric Persaud2:11.62aCity College of NY      
13.JrAndrew Wong2:11.67aCUNY Hunter      
14.JrFiseha Brooks2:16.31aCUNY Lehman      
15.FrMark Johnson2:18.50aCUNY Queensborough      
16.SoKwaynce Leonce2:18.77aKingsborough      
17.SoJose Matute2:19.72aCUNY City Tech      
18.SoKeller Louis-Jean2:20.85aCUNY Queensborough      
19.FrDavid Jean-Baptiste2:28.56aCUNY City Tech      
20.-Chris Towns2:31.94aCUNY Staten Island      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKouri Falconer4:20.45aCUNY Queensborough      
2.JrIrfan Anwar4:20.52aCUNY Lehman      
3.SoBenjam Chateauvert4:31.66aCUNY Hunter      
4.SoKenny Jacquet4:33.62aCUNY York      
5.-Christopher Wallace4:34.84aKingsborough      
6.SoLuis Cabrera4:38.54aCUNY Hunter      
7.SoSergio Soto4:42.92aCity College of NY      
8.JrJabreel Sabir4:43.80aCity College of NY      
9.JrAndrew Wong4:46.54aCUNY Hunter      
10.FrAlex Medina4:46.97aCUNY Queensborough      
11.JrArben Argair4:56.73aCUNY Hunter      
12.-Joaquin Cruz4:57.00aCUNY Lehman      
13.SoHuberto Flores5:10.20aCUNY York      
14.SrJuan Frias5:13.78aCity College of NY      
15.SoKeller Louis-Jean5:16.27aCUNY Queensborough      
16.-Benny Ventura5:20.65aCUNY Lehman      
17.FrYorki Munoz5:22.07aCUNY Queensborough      
18.SrPatrick Thompson5:53.55aCUNY Lehman      
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLuis Cabrera16:33.10aCUNY Hunter      
2.FrAlex Medina16:52.29aCUNY Queensborough      
3.JrIrfan Anwar17:19.80aCUNY Lehman      
4.SoKenny Jacquet17:20.53aCUNY York      
5.SoSergio Soto17:55.61aCity College of NY      
5.JrArben Argair17:55.61aCUNY Hunter      
7.FrLegenry Sosa18:20.81aCUNY Hunter      
8.JrAndrew Wong18:21.62aCUNY Hunter      
9.SrJuan Frias18:25.04aCity College of NY      
10.FrRafael Nunez18:28.61aCUNY Queensborough      
11.JrJabreel Sabir19:08.91aCity College of NY      
12.-Christopher Wallace19:13.36aKingsborough      
13.-Benny Ventura19:29.97aCUNY Lehman      
14.FrAlimou Diallo19:59.39aCity College of NY      
15.FrGlen Romero20:05.90aCUNY Queensborough      
16.-Joaquin Cruz20:40.72aCUNY Lehman      
17.SrPatrick Thompson21:17.44aCUNY Lehman      
X 10,000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLuis Cabrera34:37.01aCUNY Hunter      
2.SoKenny Jacquet35:22.72aCUNY York      
3.FrAlex Medina36:28.57aCUNY Queensborough      
4.JrAndrew Wong37:48.48aCUNY Hunter      
5.JrArben Argair38:36.89aCUNY Hunter      
6.-Benny Ventura40:55.88aCUNY Lehman      
7.FrYorki Munoz42:43.36aCUNY Queensborough      
8.SrPatrick Thompson47:07.59aCUNY Lehman      
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrNikoloz Rekhviashvili16.93aCUNY Hunter      
2.JrOscar Dotti17.89aCUNY Hunter      
3.FrDimitriy Generalov18.42aCUNY Hunter      
4.SrJoseph Bodden18.60aCUNY Lehman      
5.FrMax Zamor18.66aCUNY Hunter      
6.-CJ Zheng19.38aCUNY Lehman      
7.-Kevon Bruce22.63aKingsborough      
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrChinedu Agu1:00.35aCUNY York      
2.FrNikoloz Rekhviashvili1:00.48aCUNY Hunter      
3.JrOscar Dotti1:03.35aCUNY Hunter      
4.FrMarvin Cox1:04.23aKingsborough      
5.FrShariq Mian1:04.38aCity College of NY      
6.-CJ Zheng1:05.22aCUNY Lehman      
7.SoJames McArdle1:05.50aCUNY Hunter      
8.-Kevon Bruce1:07.24aKingsborough      
9.FrMax Zamor1:07.45aCUNY Hunter      
10.SrErwin Joseph1:10.52aCity College of NY      
11.FrEric Persaud1:12.52aCity College of NY      
12.FrJoseph Tam1:30.26aCity College of NY      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Keoto Peterson
Sean Hamil
Jovannie Gardener
Akeem Thompson
2.-Shadel James
Pete Charles
Andrae Raymond
Andre Gouldbourne
42.98aCUNY Lehman      
3.-Chevon Joseph
Nkosi Dick
Vaner Ducalet
Jonathan Sajous
44.38aCUNY Medgar Evers      
4.-Mark Johnson
Jahmel Upshaw
Omar Rodriquez
Adrian Davis
44.57aCUNY Queensborough      
5.-Adonis Fanith
Emson Esprit
Erwin Joseph
Eric Persaud
48.27aCity College of NY      
6.-Relay Team 48.82aCUNY Staten Island      
7.-Andre DeCristo
Gem Alegre N
Legenry Sosa
Kenneth Wong
50.95aCUNY Hunter      
---Relay Team NTCity College of NY      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kouri Falconer
Jahmel Upshaw
Jean Desrosiers
Adrian Davis
3:26.01aCUNY Queensborough      
2.-Jonathan Alexis
Sean Hamil
Jovannie Gardener
Keoto Peterson
3.-Joseph Bodden
Oscar Kamalu
Andrae Raymond
Andre Gouldbourne
3:31.19aCUNY Lehman      
4.-Najua Ward
Adonis Fanith
Emson Esprit
Lylekar Leslie
3:31.25aCity College of NY      
5.-Foulhel Bakayoko
Nkosi Dick
Jonathan Sajous
Kareem Thorpe
3:45.00aCUNY Medgar Evers      
6.-Gem Alegre N
Nikoloz Rekhviashvili
Ben Chateauvert
James McArdle
3:45.84aCUNY Hunter      
7.-Daniel Camacho
Joseph Tam
Eric Persaud
Erwin Joseph
4:00.31aCity College of NY      
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJoseph Charles12.78mBronx      
2.SrJase Franklyn12.67mCUNY Lehman      
3.-Kevin Cooke11.42mKingsborough      
4.FrMax Zamor11.35mCUNY Hunter      
5.-Christopher Pinto11.18mCUNY Medgar Evers      
6.SoHector Avalos10.45mCUNY Hunter      
7.-Elijah Evelyn9.94mCUNY York      
8.-Chris Molfetas9.83mCUNY Hunter      
9.SrJoseph Bodden9.78mCUNY Lehman      
10.-Charles Motlomi9.61mCUNY Medgar Evers      
11.FrJohan Lopez9.56mCUNY Lehman      
12.FrLaron Blount9.54mKingsborough      
13.JrAndre DeCristo9.45mCUNY Hunter      
14.-Lou Landers9.14mCUNY York      
15.FrPhillip Acevedo9.13mCity College of NY      
16.FrOludam Adetimehin8.93mKingsborough      
17.SrMatthew DeTiberius6.79mCUNY Lehman      
18.-Adeyinka Adebola6.31mCUNY Medgar Evers      
X Discus - 2kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJase Franklyn35.87mCUNY Lehman      
2.SrJoseph Bodden31.71mCUNY Lehman      
3.FrLaron Blount31.59mKingsborough      
4.FrOludam Adetimehin30.85mKingsborough      
5.FrMax Zamor29.41mCUNY Hunter      
6.SoHector Avalos26.11mCUNY Hunter      
7.-Elijah Evelyn25.75mCUNY York      
8.-Kevin Cooke25.72mKingsborough      
9.-Christopher Pinto23.25mCUNY Medgar Evers      
10.-Chris Molfetas19.83mCUNY Hunter      
11.-Andre Clarke14.45mCUNY Lehman      
12.FrJohan Lopez7.69mCUNY Lehman      
--FrPhillip AcevedoFOULCity College of NY      
--FrJoseph CharlesFOULBronx      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJoseph Bodden47.32mCUNY Lehman      
2.FrMax Zamor42.89mCUNY Hunter      
3.FrOludam Adetimehin41.89mKingsborough      
4.FrPhillip Acevedo41.73mCity College of NY      
5.-Shawn Young39.01mCUNY York      
6.FrShariq Mian37.98mCity College of NY      
7.-Andre Clarke37.27mCUNY Lehman      
8.-Foulhel Bakayoko36.44mCUNY Medgar Evers      
9.-Joaquin Cruz31.49mCUNY Lehman      
10.FrJonathan Alexis30.82mKingsborough      
11.SoHector Avalos29.86mCUNY Hunter      
12.FrJohan Lopez26.24mCUNY Lehman      
13.-Chris Molfetas22.24mCUNY Hunter      
14.FrNikoloz Rekhviashvili21.18mCUNY Hunter      
15.-Christopher Pinto19.89mCUNY Medgar Evers      
16.FrLaron Blount13.42mKingsborough      
--FrVaner DucaletFOULCUNY Medgar Evers      
---Kareem ThorpeDNFCUNY Medgar Evers      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJonathan Alexis1.77mKingsborough      
2.JrOscar Dotti1.72mCUNY Hunter      
3.-Charles Motlomi1.72mCUNY Medgar Evers      
4.FrMax Zamor1.62mCUNY Hunter      
5.FrVaner Ducalet1.62mCUNY Medgar Evers      
6.JrJonathan Sajous1.62mCUNY Medgar Evers      
7.SrJoseph Bodden1.57mCUNY Lehman      
8.-Jonathan Cruz1.57mCUNY Lehman      
9.SoKwaynce Leonce1.52mKingsborough      
---Christopher ToddNHKingsborough      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrPete Charles6.74mCUNY Lehman      
2.JrNkosi Dick6.57mCUNY Medgar Evers      
3.FrJonathan Alexis6.06mKingsborough      
4.-Ancil Porter-Lee5.91mCUNY Medgar Evers      
5.-Duane Rhoden5.90mCUNY Lehman      
6.-Foulhel Bakayoko5.80mCUNY Medgar Evers      
7.FrMarvin Cox5.73mKingsborough      
8.-Jonathan Cruz5.39mCUNY Lehman      
9.SoAdonis Fanith5.31mCity College of NY      
10.-Charles Motlomi5.22mCUNY Medgar Evers      
11.JrOscar Dotti5.13mCUNY Hunter      
12.-Stephen Hill4.92mCUNY Staten Island      
13.FrOmar Rodriquez4.65mCUNY Queensborough      
14.-Christopher Todd0.86mKingsborough      
--SrJoseph BoddenFOULCUNY Lehman      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrPete Charles14.26mCUNY Lehman      
2.-Foulhel Bakayoko13.23mCUNY Medgar Evers      
3.-Ancil Porter-Lee12.76mCUNY Medgar Evers      
4.FrMarvin Cox12.69mKingsborough      
5.FrJonathan Alexis12.07mKingsborough      
6.FrMax Zamor11.95mCUNY Hunter      
7.JrOscar Dotti11.89mCUNY Hunter      
8.SrJoseph Bodden11.43mCUNY Lehman      
--JrKenneth WongFOULCUNY Hunter      
---Jonathan CruzFOULCUNY Lehman      
X Hammer - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJase Franklyn42.10mCUNY Lehman      
2.FrJoseph Charles37.48mBronx      
3.FrLaron Blount34.48mKingsborough      
4.FrOludam Adetimehin27.03mKingsborough      
5.FrRafael Nunez22.93mCUNY Queensborough      
6.-Kevin Cooke22.81mKingsborough      
7.-Elijah Evelyn22.41mCUNY York      
8.-Timothy Coleman21.85mCUNY Hunter      
9.-Chris Molfetas21.77mCUNY Hunter      
10.SoHector Avalos19.01mCUNY Hunter      
11.FrMax Zamor17.86mCUNY Hunter      
12.FrJohan Lopez15.35mCUNY Lehman      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrChianne Ashman12.61aCUNY Lehman      
2.FrDeandra Nelson12.69aKingsborough      
3.FrKadisha Wickham12.81aCUNY York      
4.FrGabrielle Charles12.88aCUNY Medgar Evers      
5.JrJillene Sennon12.98aCUNY Lehman      
6.SrShenequa Williams13.31aCUNY Medgar Evers      
7.SrStephanie Ravello13.56aCity College of NY      
8.SrWhitney Gardner13.78aCity College of NY      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrChianne Ashman12.92aCUNY Lehman      
2.SrShenequa Williams12.97aCUNY Medgar Evers      
3.FrDeandra Nelson12.98aKingsborough      
4.FrGabrielle Charles13.14aCUNY Medgar Evers      
5.FrKadisha Wickham13.22aCUNY York      
6.JrJillene Sennon13.41aCUNY Lehman      
7.SrStephanie Ravello13.44aCity College of NY      
8.SrWhitney Gardner13.76aCity College of NY      
9.FrAnika Rivera13.80aCity College of NY      
10.-Allana Paul13.86aCUNY York      
11.FrSonia Omokaro14.34aCUNY Queensborough      
12.FrHaleemat Emozozo14.69aCUNY Queensborough      
13.SoDawn Davis14.71aCUNY York      
14.FrVanessa Daniel14.98aCUNY Medgar Evers      
15.-Kelly Kenny15.88aCUNY Staten Island      
15.FrStephanie Reyes15.88aCUNY Hunter      
17.-Jrean Noel Noel16.06aCUNY City Tech      
18.-Oceane Mercadal16.07aCUNY Hunter      
19.-Aderianna Williams16.41aKingsborough      
20.FrShante Richardson16.90aCUNY Lehman      
21.FrTrisha Benjamin16.96aCUNY Hunter      
--SoWendella RankinNTCUNY York      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrShenequa Williams25.97aCUNY Medgar Evers      
2.FrClaudette Hetmeyer26.95aBronx      
3.JrJillene Sennon27.02aCUNY Lehman      
4.SrStephanie Ravello27.29aCity College of NY      
5.FrGabrielle Charles27.44aCUNY Medgar Evers      
6.SoWendella Rankin27.52aCUNY York      
7.-Allana Paul27.54aCUNY York      
8.FrD'Jaunae Lewis-Stephenson27.84aCUNY Medgar Evers      
9.FrAnika Rivera28.11aCity College of NY      
10.SrWhitney Gardner28.79aCity College of NY      
11.FrMercy Sabblah29.11aCUNY Queensborough      
12.SoLauren Lourick29.17aCUNY Lehman      
13.-Christina Jacob29.70aCUNY Staten Island      
14.SoAnicka Lewis29.71aKingsborough      
15.-Dekora Sawyer30.06aCUNY York      
16.SoElsie Akwara30.32aCUNY Hunter      
17.-Christine Miller31.38aCUNY Hunter      
18.-Aderianna Williams33.47aKingsborough      
19.-Oceane Mercadal33.49aCUNY Hunter      
20.FrNatalie Henry34.38aCity College of NY      
21.-Coretta Branford34.59aCUNY Hunter      
22.FrKadisha Wickham41.89aCUNY York      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrClaudette Hetmeyer58.51aBronx      
2.SrShenequa Williams58.74aCUNY Medgar Evers      
3.JrAlexandra Nkrumah59.90aCUNY York      
4.FrKadisha Wickham1:01.66aCUNY York      
5.-Valerie Delice1:02.26aCUNY Medgar Evers      
6.JrDorothy Jean-Pierre1:02.34aCUNY Lehman      
7.SoWendella Rankin1:03.93aCUNY York      
8.FrD'Jaunae Lewis-Stephenson1:04.21aCUNY Medgar Evers      
9.SrWhitney Gardner1:05.06aCity College of NY      
10.FrNancy Olisma1:06.42aCUNY Hunter      
11.SrStephanie Ravello1:06.75aCity College of NY      
12.SoElsie Akwara1:08.26aCUNY Hunter      
13.JrMobria Small1:09.27aCUNY Lehman      
14.FrMehida Alexandre1:10.59aCUNY Hunter      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrClaudette Hetmeyer2:17.64aBronx      
2.JrAlexandra Nkrumah2:19.45aCUNY York      
3.JrDorothy Jean-Pierre2:25.67aCUNY Lehman      
4.JrTaneisha Renaud2:32.07aCUNY York      
5.FrAlexis Schloss2:32.93aCUNY York      
6.-Sheena Murray2:36.96aCUNY York      
7.-Caitlin Logan2:37.81aCUNY Hunter      
8.FrMercy Sabblah2:39.30aCUNY Queensborough      
9.SoJennifer Griffin2:39.83aCUNY Staten Island      
10.FrMichaelle Garcon2:40.30aCUNY Lehman      
11.JrSylvia Churchill2:53.73aCUNY Lehman      
12.-Christina Jacob2:56.59aCUNY Staten Island      
13.-Ednita Lorenzo3:03.87aCUNY Staten Island      
14.FrLuisa Garcia3:04.44aCUNY Lehman      
15.FrLizeth Pecho3:54.28aCUNY Queensborough      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrDorothy Jean-Pierre5:09.11aCUNY Lehman      
2.JrTaneisha Renaud5:32.72aCUNY York      
3.FrAlexis Schloss5:36.51aCUNY York      
4.FrShantel Peters5:42.05aCUNY Queensborough      
5.JrSylvia Churchill5:54.68aCUNY Lehman      
6.FrLuisa Garcia6:14.49aCUNY Lehman      
7.-Caitlin O'Neil6:22.83aCUNY Staten Island      
8.SrMaria Amate6:25.05aCUNY York      
9.FrMarjorie Contreras6:43.55aCity College of NY      
10.-Leen Feliciano6:46.51aCUNY Queensborough      
11.-Kelyn Potes7:24.00aCUNY Staten Island      
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrTaneisha Renaud20:29.57aCUNY York      
2.FrAlexis Schloss20:58.13aCUNY York      
3.SoJennifer Griffin21:07.60aCUNY Staten Island      
4.JrSylvia Churchill22:19.81aCUNY Lehman      
5.SrMaria Amate22:47.82aCUNY York      
6.FrLuisa Garcia23:42.21aCUNY Lehman      
7.-Alyse Osher23:59.37aCUNY Staten Island      
8.SoElizabeth Grieco25:49.83aCUNY Staten Island      
9.-Yudelka Espinal30:25.19aCUNY Lehman      
X 10,000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrTaneisha Renaud44:47.72aCUNY York      
2.FrAlexis Schloss45:08.03aCUNY York      
3.SoLisa Lamanna45:55.69aCUNY Staten Island      
4.SrMaria Amate51:49.26aCUNY York      
5.-Leen Feliciano54:32.90aCUNY Queensborough      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLissette Robertson16.63aCUNY Medgar Evers      
2.JrAlexandra Nkrumah16.71aCUNY York      
3.SoRollesscia Hurd-Rosa19.14aCity College of NY      
4.FrMehida Alexandre19.19aCUNY Hunter      
5.SoJessica Paillant22.02aCity College of NY      
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAlexandra Nkrumah1:07.89aCUNY York      
2.FrLaverne Hardy1:12.58aCUNY Queensborough      
3.SoRollesscia Hurd-Rosa1:12.91aCity College of NY      
4.FrNancy Olisma1:13.45aCUNY Hunter      
5.FrAlexis Schloss1:15.31aCUNY York      
6.FrMehida Alexandre1:19.61aCUNY Hunter      
7.SoWendella Rankin1:39.19aCUNY York      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shenequa Williams
Gabrielle Charles
Alicia Wright
D'Janae Stephenson
49.30aCUNY Medgar Evers      
2.-Alexandra Nkrumah
Wendella Rankin
Allana Paul
Kadisha Wickham
49.77aCUNY York      
3.-Jillene Sennon
Lauren Lourick
Dorothy Jean-Pierre
Chianne Ashman
50.17aCUNY Lehman      
4.-Relay Team 53.61aCUNY Queensborough      
5.-Relay Team 54.47aCUNY Medgar Evers      
6.-Dekora Sawyer
Fiona Brown
Shalia Hollington
Dawn Davis
56.71aCUNY York      
7.-Nancy Olisma N
Oceane Mercadal
Trisha Benjamin N
Stephanie Reyes N
58.92aCUNY Hunter      
8.-Relay Team 59.00aCUNY Staten Island      
9.-Marjorie Contreras
Melissa Spleen
Natalie Henry
Jessica Paillant
1:02.21aCity College of NY      
---Christine Miller
Coretta Branford
Reunet Rodney-Sandy
Michelle Munevar N
DQCUNY Hunter      
---Stephanie Ravello
Anika Rivera
Rollesscia Hurd-Rosa
Whitney Gardner
DQCity College of NY      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shenequa Williams
Alicia Wright
Valerie Delice
D'Janae Stephenson
4:03.82aCUNY Medgar Evers      
2.-Alexandra Nkrumah
Wendella Rankin
Allana Paul
Kadisha Wickham
4:04.72aCUNY York      
3.-Stephanie Ravello
Whitney Gardner
Rollesscia Hurd-Rosa
Anna Romero
4:23.51aCity College of NY      
4.-Nancy Olisma
Elsie Akwara
Mehida Alexandre
Caitlin Logan
4:31.18aCUNY Hunter      
5.-Sheena Murray
Fiona Brown
Dawn Davis
Dekora Sawyer
4:32.53aCUNY York      
6.-Relay Team 5:19.93aCUNY Staten Island      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrShanine Bogan10.78mCUNY York      
2.SoRhoda Ocansey8.67mCity College of NY      
3.JrJo-Ann Winter8.61mCUNY Lehman      
4.FrNancy Olisma8.32mCUNY Hunter      
5.FrSonia Omokaro7.97mCUNY Queensborough      
6.-Valene Michel7.86mCUNY Hunter      
7.FrHaleemat Emozozo7.75mCUNY Queensborough      
8.-Swelly Cabelo7.60mCUNY York      
9.JrJanina Browne7.58mCUNY Lehman      
10.-Elizabeth Padilla7.35mCUNY York      
11.-Phylicia Harrison7.15mCUNY York      
12.-Annabel Michel6.42mCUNY Medgar Evers      
13.-Karen Thompson4.82mCUNY Lehman      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoRhoda Ocansey27.96mCity College of NY      
2.JrJo-Ann Winter26.86mCUNY Lehman      
3.FrHaleemat Emozozo21.75mCUNY Queensborough      
4.SoAvery Mohamad21.71mCUNY York      
5.-Valene Michel19.51mCUNY Hunter      
6.FrNancy Olisma18.81mCUNY Hunter      
7.FrSonia Omokaro18.05mCUNY Queensborough      
8.JrJanina Browne17.42mCUNY Lehman      
9.-Meriem Alahiane16.81mCUNY York      
10.-Elizabeth Padilla13.16mCUNY York      
11.-Karen Thompson12.28mCUNY Lehman      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.SoRhoda Ocansey28.02mCity College of NY      
2.JrShanine Bogan22.01mCUNY York      
3.FrHaleemat Emozozo21.76mCUNY Queensborough      
4.FrTanaka Nyemba19.31mCUNY Lehman      
5.JrJo-Ann Winter17.30mCUNY Lehman      
6.-Allana Paul17.13mCUNY York      
7.SoAvery Mohamad16.64mCUNY York      
8.-Valene Michel13.07mCUNY Hunter      
9.FrSonia Omokaro12.59mCUNY Queensborough      
--FrNancy OlismaFOULCUNY Hunter      
---Bashirah HentonDQCUNY City Tech      
--SoShanoy FrancisFOULCUNY Lehman      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLauren Lourick1.63mCUNY Lehman      
2.FrKadisha Wickham1.48mCUNY York      
3.JrAlexandra Nkrumah1.43mCUNY York      
--SoJennifer GriffinNHCUNY Staten Island      
---Caitlin O'NeilNHCUNY Staten Island      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLauren Lourick5.12mCUNY Lehman      
2.JrAlexandra Nkrumah4.87mCUNY York      
3.SoRollesscia Hurd-Rosa4.70mCity College of NY      
4.SoShanoy Francis4.49mCUNY Lehman      
5.SoAnicka Lewis4.47mKingsborough      
6.JrJanina Browne4.44mCUNY Lehman      
7.-Lennise Noralez4.21mCUNY Medgar Evers      
8.SoWendella Rankin4.16mCUNY York      
9.-Dekora Sawyer3.49mCUNY York      
10.FrTanaka Nyemba3.42mCUNY Lehman      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLauren Lourick11.51mCUNY Lehman      
2.JrAlexandra Nkrumah10.79mCUNY York      
3.SoAnicka Lewis9.96mKingsborough      
4.SoRollesscia Hurd-Rosa9.91mCity College of NY      
5.SoShanoy Francis9.54mCUNY Lehman      
6.SoWendella Rankin9.40mCUNY York      
---Lennise NoralezFOULCUNY Medgar Evers      
--JrJanina BrowneFOULCUNY Lehman      
X Hammer - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJanina Browne36.17mCUNY Lehman      
2.JrShanine Bogan34.14mCUNY York      
3.-Valene Michel26.20mCUNY Hunter      
4.FrSonia Omokaro23.44mCUNY Queensborough      
5.-Phylicia Harrison23.00mCUNY York      
6.JrJo-Ann Winter21.68mCUNY Lehman      
7.FrTrisha Benjamin21.39mCUNY Hunter      
8.FrNancy Olisma19.72mCUNY Hunter      
9.-Swelly Cabelo19.32mCUNY York      
10.FrHaleemat Emozozo16.04mCUNY Queensborough      
11.-Karen Thompson14.49mCUNY Lehman      
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