PVAL Qualifier @ WHS

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
  WHS, Watsonville - Map
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CA: Central - Central Coast
ccmsCesar Chavez
CA: Central Coast - Central Coast
eahaE. A. Hall
mvchMonte Vista Christian
rsjRancho San Justo
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - A Division - Finals
1.8Marcos Avalos12.80aE. A. Hall
2.8Jose Rios12.92aE. A. Hall
3.8Saidi Jarquin13.29aPajaro
4.8Alex Garret13.85aRancho San Justo
5.8Omar Garibay14.09aCesar Chavez
6.8Jonathan Pipitone14.25aRancho San Justo
7.8robb Rodriquez14.41aRancho San Justo
8.7Josh Ouimet14.54aMonte Vista Christian
9.8Luis Garcia14.70aPajaro
10.8Moises Kristich14.98aMonte Vista Christian
11.7Tristen Bouch16.88aMonte Vista Christian
8David HightowerDNSMonte Vista Christian
8Damien PenaDNSCesar Chavez
X 100 Meters - B Division - Finals
1.7Alex Guzman13.75aE. A. Hall
2.7Isaac Lopez14.19aE. A. Hall
3.8Allan Medina14.46aPajaro
4.7Chano Figueroa14.54aPajaro
5.8Steven Morales14.83aRancho San Justo
6.8Anthony Kincheloe15.35aRancho San Justo
7.7Miguel Patino15.84aCesar Chavez
8.7Tyler Hatchett16.82aRancho San Justo
9.6Adrian Monjo17.89aCesar Chavez
7Jaiden BetancourtDNSCesar Chavez
X 100 Meters - C Division - Finals
1.6Chris Rivera14.99aE. A. Hall
2.7Raymundo Trejo15.43aE. A. Hall
3.6Miguel Sandoval15.49aE. A. Hall
4.6Manuel Cornejo16.11aCesar Chavez
5.7Jonathan Castro16.18aPajaro
6.6Braulio Franco16.43aPajaro
7.7Justin Mendoza16.54aCesar Chavez
8.7Wesley DonJuan17.77aRancho San Justo
9.6Braden Eggers19.50aRancho San Justo
10.6Austin Robson21.79aRancho San Justo
X 200 Meters - A Division - Finals
1.8Marcos Avalos26.58aE. A. Hall
2.8Kevin Pantoja28.24aCesar Chavez
3.7Simon Coehlo28.42aRancho San Justo
4.8Alex Garret29.06aRancho San Justo
5.8Omar Garibay29.10aCesar Chavez
6.8Jose Diaz29.48aE. A. Hall
7.8Adam Garcia30.22aRancho San Justo
8.8Alexis Palomino30.61aPajaro
9.8David Hightower31.06aMonte Vista Christian
8Saidi JarquinSCRPajaro
X 200 Meters - B Division - Finals
1.7Arturo Milanes29.61aE. A. Hall
2.7Ryan Holguin32.38aRancho San Justo
3.7Emmanuel Garcia32.83aPajaro
4.6Kenny Perry33.54aRancho San Justo
5.7Johnathon Summer34.60aRancho San Justo
X 200 Meters - C Division - Finals
1.6Jovanny Esqueda31.42aCesar Chavez
2.6Miguel Sandoval33.11aE. A. Hall
3.6Joey Horn35.41aRancho San Justo
4.6Brayant Nieves36.24aCesar Chavez
5.6Gerry Segura36.75aE. A. Hall
6.6Alejandro Zavala37.50aCesar Chavez
7.6Austin Robson49.72aRancho San Justo
X 400 Meters - A Division - Finals
1.8Abraham Ortiz1:03.57aE. A. Hall
2.8Edgar Topete1:03.64aPajaro
3.8Brandon Sainz1:04.32aRancho San Justo
4.8Jose Diaz1:05.48aE. A. Hall
5.8Englie Haydn1:07.80aRancho San Justo
6.8Andres Martinez1:07.88aCesar Chavez
7.8Jose Rios1:10.49aE. A. Hall
8.7Tanner Smallwood1:14.53aRancho San Justo
9.8Albert Rios1:19.59aCesar Chavez
8Martin EstradaDNSPajaro
X 400 Meters - B Division - Finals
1.7Alex Guzman1:01.60aE. A. Hall
2.7Jaiden Betancourt1:08.37aCesar Chavez
3.7Austin Adame1:08.77aRancho San Justo
4.7Jorgeluis Aguayo1:18.52aRancho San Justo
5.6Adrian Monjo1:30.71aCesar Chavez
8Steven MoralesDNSRancho San Justo
X 400 Meters - C Division - Finals
1.6Joey Horn1:17.12aRancho San Justo
2.6Elidio Neponceno1:21.01aE. A. Hall
X 800 Meters - A Division - Finals
1.8Martin Corona-De La Cruz2:38.43aPajaro
2.8Willy Garcia2:40.14aCesar Chavez
3.7Stephan Gause2:40.16aRancho San Justo
4.8Alexis Palomino2:48.54aPajaro
5.7Jesse Vallejo2:49.89aRancho San Justo
6.7Saul Gonzales3:04.93aRancho San Justo
7Nick DoakDNSMonte Vista Christian
8Gabriel NievesDNSCesar Chavez
X 800 Meters - B Division - Finals
1.7Austin Adame2:45.86aRancho San Justo
2.1David Rameriz2:56.42aRancho San Justo
3.7Jorgeluis Aguayo3:04.89aRancho San Justo
7Issac GalopeDNSRancho San Justo
X 800 Meters - C Division - Finals
1.6Elidio Neponceno3:14.86aE. A. Hall
X 1600 Meters - A Division - Finals
1.8Gabriel Nieves5:40.14aCesar Chavez
2.8Martin Corona-De La Cruz5:45.41aPajaro
3.7Jesse Vallejo5:50.95aRancho San Justo
4.7Stephan Gause5:51.10aRancho San Justo
5.8robb Rodriquez5:56.51aRancho San Justo
6.7Nick Doak6:04.96aMonte Vista Christian
8Alberto JuarezDNFCesar Chavez
X 1600 Meters - B Division - Finals
1.7George Garcia5:56.14aE. A. Hall
2.8Josue Garcia6:02.31aCesar Chavez
3.7Issac Galope6:52.05aRancho San Justo
4.7Johnathon Summer6:59.99aRancho San Justo
X 65m Hurdles - 39" - A Division - Finals
1.8Edgar Topete11.18aPajaro
2.8Andres Martinez11.22aCesar Chavez
3.8Jonathan Pipitone11.90aRancho San Justo
4.8Adam Garcia12.27aRancho San Justo
5.8Damien Pena12.29aCesar Chavez
6.6Peter Jelenick13.06aRancho San Justo
X 65m Hurdles - 39" - B Division - Finals
1.7Isaac Lopez11.88aE. A. Hall
2.7George Garcia12.04aE. A. Hall
3.7Miguel Patino12.75aCesar Chavez
4.7Damien Contreras12.93aRancho San Justo
5.7Emmanuel Garcia13.08aPajaro
6.7Tyler Hatchett13.66aRancho San Justo
7.1David Rameriz16.81aRancho San Justo
X 65m Hurdles - 39" - C Division - Finals
1.6Chris Rivera12.30aE. A. Hall
2.6Manuel Cornejo12.48aCesar Chavez
3.7Tyler Sabuole12.67aRancho San Justo
4.7Raymundo Trejo13.31aE. A. Hall
5.6Cheyston Deaton14.88aE. A. Hall
X 4x100 Relay - A Division - Finals
1.-Abraham Ortiz
Jose Rios
Jose Diaz
Marcos Avalos
52.69aE. A. Hall
2.-Edgar Topete
Saidi Jarquin
Alexis Palomino
Martin Estrada
3.-Jonathan Pipitone
Brandon Sainz
robb Rodriquez
Alex Garret
53.25aRancho San Justo
4.-Gabriel Nieves
Alberto Juarez
Kevin Pantoja
Omar Garibay
54.49aCesar Chavez
5.-Dante Ambrosini
Josh Ouimet
Moises Kristich
David Hightower
55.96aMonte Vista Christian
X 4x100 Relay - B Division - Finals
1.-Alex Guzman
Arturo Milandes
George Garcia
Isaac Lopez
54.37aE. A. Hall
2.-Austin Adame
Anthony Kincheloe
Steven Morales
Dyan Yamasaki
58.96aRancho San Justo
3.-Emmanuel Garcia
Allan Medina
Chano Figueroa
Kevin Baez
4.-Josue Garcia
Jaiden Betancourt
Miguel Patino
Adrian Monjo
1:04.37aCesar Chavez
X 4x100 Relay - C Division - Finals
1.-Raymundo Trejo
Chris Rivera
Miguel Sandoval
Elidio Neponceno
1:00.75aE. A. Hall
2.-Manuel Cornejo
Jovanny Esqueda
Brayant Nieves
Alejandro Zavala
1:03.48aCesar Chavez
3.-Wesley DonJuan
Tyler Sabuole
Braden Eggers
Joey Horn
1:05.84aRancho San Justo
X Shot Put - 8lb - A Division - Finals
1.8Miguel Manzo32-07.00Pajaro
2.7Josh Ouimet32-00.00Monte Vista Christian
3.8Hunter Hendrick31-05.00E. A. Hall
4.7Aaron Taing28-10.00E. A. Hall
5.8Alberto Juarez28-02.00Cesar Chavez
6.7Christopher Grijalva28-01.00E. A. Hall
7.8Erik Cirujano27-05.00Monte Vista Christian
8.8Noah Wilson27-04.00Monte Vista Christian
9.8Englie Haydn26-07.00Rancho San Justo
10.8Willy Garcia23-03.00Cesar Chavez
8Alfonso DiazFOULCesar Chavez
7Tanner SmallwoodNDRancho San Justo
8Dylan PonzioNDRancho San Justo
7Andrew RamirezNDE. A. Hall
X Shot Put - 8lb - B Division - Finals
1.8Josue Garcia28-11.00Cesar Chavez
2.6Adrian Monjo25-02.00Cesar Chavez
3.6Kenny Perry23-02.00Rancho San Justo
4.7Emmanuel Garcia22-08.00Pajaro
5.7Sergio Ibarra22-00.00Cesar Chavez
6.7Ryan Holguin21-10.00Rancho San Justo
7Damien ContrerasFOULRancho San Justo
X Shot Put - 8lb - C Division - Finals
1.6Alejandro Zavala21-09.00Cesar Chavez
2.6Brayant Nieves20-06.00Cesar Chavez
3.6Gerry Segura20-04.00E. A. Hall
4.6Elidio Neponceno17-02.00E. A. Hall
X Discus - 1.6kg - A Division - Finals
1.7Josh Ouimet84-06Monte Vista Christian
2.8Hayden Engle72-01Rancho San Justo
3.8Alfonso Diaz70-09Cesar Chavez
4.8Miguel Manzo64-00Pajaro
5.8Kevin Pantoja63-01Cesar Chavez
6.7Christopher Grijalva62-01E. A. Hall
7.8Erik Cirujano60-10Monte Vista Christian
8.8Noah Wilson57-10Monte Vista Christian
9.8Hunter Hendrick53-09E. A. Hall
10.7Simon Coehlo53-05Rancho San Justo
11.8Juan Alcantar49-05E. A. Hall
X Discus - 1.6kg - B Division - Finals
1.8Josue Garcia64-01Cesar Chavez
2.7Issac Galope60-09Rancho San Justo
3.8Anthony Kincheloe54-10Rancho San Justo
4.7Argenis Loera49-05Cesar Chavez
X Discus - 1.6kg - C Division - Finals
1.7Andres Blanco61-06E. A. Hall
2.6Gerry Segura49-00E. A. Hall
6Victor OrtizNDE. A. Hall
6Joey HornNDRancho San Justo
X High Jump - A Division - Finals
1.8Alex Garret4-08.00Rancho San Justo
2.8Omar Garibay4-08.00Cesar Chavez
3.8Marcos Avalos4-08.00E. A. Hall
4.8Brandon Sainz4-06.00Rancho San Justo
5.8David Hightower4-04.00Monte Vista Christian
6.8Adam Garcia4-02.00Rancho San Justo
7.7Aaron Taing4-00.00E. A. Hall
8.8Abraham Ortiz3-10.00E. A. Hall
8.8Gabriel Nieves3-10.00Cesar Chavez
10.8Luis Garcia3-06.00Pajaro
10.8Alexis Palomino3-06.00Pajaro
X High Jump - B Division - Finals
1.7Isaac Lopez4-02.00E. A. Hall
2.7Tyler Hatchett4-00.00Rancho San Justo
3.7Alex Guzman3-10.00E. A. Hall
4.7Chano Figueroa3-06.00Pajaro
4.1Isah Temez3-06.00Rancho San Justo
X High Jump - C Division - Finals
1.7Tyler Sabuole4-00.00Rancho San Justo
2.6Jovanny Esqueda3-10.00Cesar Chavez
3.6Alejandro Zavala3-06.00Cesar Chavez
7Jonathan CastroNHPajaro
7Justin MendozaNHCesar Chavez
6Miguel SandovalNHE. A. Hall
X Long Jump - A Division - Finals
1.8Edgar Topete16-03.50Pajaro
2.8Jose Rios16-03.00E. A. Hall
3.8Kevin Pantoja16-00.75Cesar Chavez
4.8Martin Corona-De La Cruz14-07.00Pajaro
5.8Abraham Ortiz14-04.00E. A. Hall
6.8Saidi Jarquin14-03.00Pajaro
7.8Alberto Juarez12-10.00Cesar Chavez
8.7Nick Doak12-07.75Monte Vista Christian
9.7Dante Ambrosini12-05.50Monte Vista Christian
10.8Jeffrey Curry10-03.50Rancho San Justo
8robb RodriquezNDRancho San Justo
7Simon CoehloNDRancho San Justo
8Damien PenaNDCesar Chavez
8Moises KristichNDMonte Vista Christian
7Renaldo HernandezNDE. A. Hall
X Long Jump - B Division - Finals
1.8Allan Medina14-02.00Pajaro
2.7Arturo Milanes14-01.25E. A. Hall
3.8Josue Garcia12-03.25Cesar Chavez
4.7Chano Figueroa11-07.75Pajaro
5.7Sergio Ibarra9-00.00Cesar Chavez
7George GarciaNDE. A. Hall
7Miguel PatinoNDCesar Chavez
8Steven MoralesNDRancho San Justo
X Long Jump - C Division - Finals
1.7Raymundo Trejo12-06.00E. A. Hall
2.6Chris Rivera12-02.50E. A. Hall
3.7Jonathan Castro11-07.50Pajaro
4.6Brayant Nieves9-07.50Cesar Chavez
5.7Wesley DonJuan9-05.25Rancho San Justo
6.6Braden Eggers8-04.75Rancho San Justo
6Braulio FrancoFOULPajaro
7Justin MendozaNDCesar Chavez
6Victor OrtizNDE. A. Hall
X Triple Jump - A Division - Finals
1.8Albert Rios28-00.00Cesar Chavez
2.8Andres Martinez27-01.00Cesar Chavez
3.7Dante Ambrosini27-00.00Monte Vista Christian
4.7Tristen Bouch23-04.00Monte Vista Christian
5.8Jeffrey Curry22-01.00Rancho San Justo
6.7Andrew Ramirez16-02.00E. A. Hall
8Jose DiazNDE. A. Hall
7Renaldo HernandezNDE. A. Hall
8Martin EstradaNDPajaro
7Jesse VallejoNDRancho San Justo
8Luis GarciaNDPajaro
8Willy GarciaNDCesar Chavez
X Triple Jump - B Division - Finals
1.7Arturo Milanes32-03.00E. A. Hall
2.8Allan Medina32-00.00Pajaro
3.7Dyan Yamasaki28-04.00Rancho San Justo
4.7Miguel Patino24-04.00Cesar Chavez
4.7Argenis Loera24-04.00Cesar Chavez
7Jaiden BetancourtNDCesar Chavez
7Damien ContrerasNDRancho San Justo
X Triple Jump - C Division - Finals
1.6Miguel Sandoval25-09.00E. A. Hall
2.7Tyler Sabuole24-10.00Rancho San Justo
3.7Andres Blanco24-07.00E. A. Hall
4.6Braden Eggers24-03.00Rancho San Justo
5.7Wesley DonJuan23-05.00Rancho San Justo
6.6Manuel Cornejo21-00.00Cesar Chavez

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - A Division - Finals
1.8Crystal Martinez15.05aCesar Chavez
2.8Ellie Burley15.19aRancho San Justo
3.7Nalecia Hauser15.67aMonte Vista Christian
4.8Shaelyn Eggers15.69aRancho San Justo
5.7Hayley Patterson15.94aMonte Vista Christian
6.8Kaya Lincoln16.06aRancho San Justo
7.8Angelica Alvarez16.28aCesar Chavez
8.8Darien Covita16.30aCesar Chavez
9.7Gracie Gullen16.42aMonte Vista Christian
10.7Maria Chavez16.56aPajaro
11.7Jasmine Flores16.63aE. A. Hall
7Ashley MaloneDNFMonte Vista Christian
X 100 Meters - B Division - Finals
1.7Illana Woods14.42aRancho San Justo
2.7Holly Holbert14.74aCesar Chavez
3.8Maria Magallon15.31aE. A. Hall
4.7Ashley Moore15.36aMonte Vista Christian
5.7Jessica Dominguez15.62aE. A. Hall
6.7Elena Medina15.79aPajaro
7.8Emiley Plamquist15.80aRancho San Justo
8.7Becca Raney16.45aMonte Vista Christian
9.7Ryanne Arellano17.21aCesar Chavez
10.7Marilyn Medina17.52aPajaro
11.7Molly Cortese17.94aMonte Vista Christian
1Alex MiguelDNFMonte Vista Christian
7Perla GonzalezDNFCesar Chavez
X 100 Meters - C Division - Finals
1.7Adriana Abonce15.11aPajaro
2.7Amy Quinonea15.86aRancho San Justo
3.6Sophie Nye15.87aRancho San Justo
4.6Madeline Suarez16.57aCesar Chavez
5.7Caitlin Pipitone16.76aRancho San Justo
6.7Nissa Gonzalez16.87aE. A. Hall
7.6Judith Roman16.88aPajaro
8.6Kristy Mendez16.92aPajaro
9.7Monet Cardenas17.10aE. A. Hall
10.6Metzly Valenciano17.20aE. A. Hall
X 200 Meters - A Division - Finals
1.8Crystal Martinez31.49aCesar Chavez
2.8Vanessa Estrada32.07aRancho San Justo
3.7Conception Guzman33.20aE. A. Hall
4.8Lisa McCroskey34.17aMonte Vista Christian
5.7Gracie Gullen34.48aMonte Vista Christian
6.8Laura Rodriguez38.14aRancho San Justo
7.7Roxanna Prieto39.00aCesar Chavez
8.8Margarita Toledo43.44aE. A. Hall
8Liliana AbonceDNSPajaro
7Nalecia HauserDNSMonte Vista Christian
X 200 Meters - B Division - Finals
1.7Jackie Fishers33.96aRancho San Justo
2.7Ryanne Arellano34.67aCesar Chavez
3.8Janease Casillas35.31aE. A. Hall
4.8Abigail Nieves35.33aCesar Chavez
5.7Rachel Logue35.59aRancho San Justo
6.8Amanda Espindola35.77aCesar Chavez
7.7Jocelyne Manzo47.49aRancho San Justo
7Ashley MooreDNSMonte Vista Christian
6Andrea CastilloDNSE. A. Hall
7Gabriela MedinaDNSE. A. Hall
8Jessica MartinezDNSPajaro
X 200 Meters - C Division - Finals
1.7Adriana Abonce32.19aPajaro
2.7Nicole Ramirez32.68aCesar Chavez
3.6Metzly Valenciano35.54aE. A. Hall
4.6Ally Murphy36.57aRancho San Justo
5.6Diana Alvarez36.74aCesar Chavez
6.6Savannah Santos37.79aRancho San Justo
7.7Luz Gomez37.89aE. A. Hall
8.6Jenny Velazquez38.09aRancho San Justo
6Alexandria BrumleySCRPajaro
X 400 Meters - A Division - Finals
1.8Vanessa Estrada1:11.19aRancho San Justo
2.8Ana Guzman1:17.06aE. A. Hall
3.7Alexandra Ozoborne1:17.88aRancho San Justo
4.8Danette Martinez1:21.79aPajaro
5.8Maria Carranza1:24.47aE. A. Hall
6.7Maraya Carmona1:40.65aCesar Chavez
8Michaela AndradeDNSRancho San Justo
8Paula RomanDNSPajaro
X 400 Meters - B Division - Finals
1.8Morgan Di domenico1:14.39aRancho San Justo
2.6Katie Ramirez1:16.53aRancho San Justo
3.8Georgina Zavala1:18.09aE. A. Hall
4.7Stephanie Medrano1:18.84aCesar Chavez
5.8Amanda Espindola1:19.95aCesar Chavez
6.8Brianna Ruvalcaba1:32.75aCesar Chavez
7.7Jocelyne Manzo1:38.84aRancho San Justo
X 400 Meters - C Division - Finals
1.7Shaila Cervantes1:11.35aCesar Chavez
2.6Adriana Gomez1:17.37aCesar Chavez
3.6Teresa Soria1:19.66aRancho San Justo
4.6Madeline Suarez1:21.73aCesar Chavez
5.6Vanessa Medrano1:25.82aPajaro
6.7Anissa Del Valle1:26.47aRancho San Justo
7Marissa VacaDNSRancho San Justo
7Gabriela GomezDNSE. A. Hall
X 800 Meters - A Division - Finals
1.8Victoria Perez2:49.91aRancho San Justo
2.8Kaitin Dukelow2:57.28aRancho San Justo
3.8Laura Rodriguez3:34.17aRancho San Justo
4.7Maraya Carmona3:39.90aCesar Chavez
7Emily HughesDNSE. A. Hall
X 800 Meters - B Division - Finals
1.7Illana Woods2:55.40aRancho San Justo
2.7Allee Smallwood2:57.31aRancho San Justo
3.8Georgina Zavala3:07.75aE. A. Hall
4.7Sierra Jackson3:08.77aRancho San Justo
5.6Dontea Williams3:36.05aCesar Chavez
X 800 Meters - C Division - Finals
1.7Lizette Garcia3:04.77aE. A. Hall
2.6Scheherazade Tabancy3:05.95aRancho San Justo
3.7Jaqueline Vasquez3:12.11aCesar Chavez
4.6Vanessa Medrano3:19.54aPajaro
5.7Nicole Hauck3:28.71aRancho San Justo
6.6Selena Aguayo3:31.11aRancho San Justo
7Maria OlaldeDNSCesar Chavez
X 1600 Meters - A Division - Finals
1.8Kaitin Dukelow6:24.33aRancho San Justo
2.7Conception Guzman6:51.58aE. A. Hall
3.8Maria Carranza7:37.01aE. A. Hall
X 1600 Meters - B Division - Finals
1.7Kristen Callanta6:16.37aRancho San Justo
2.8Emiley Plamquist6:18.75aRancho San Justo
X 1600 Meters - C Division - Finals
1.6Scheherazade Tabancy6:31.42aRancho San Justo
2.7Caitlin Pipitone7:13.24aRancho San Justo
7Jessi PheiferDNFRancho San Justo
X 65m Hurdles - 33" - A Division - Finals
1.8Lisa McCroskey12.86aMonte Vista Christian
2.8Ashley Gudgel12.99aMonte Vista Christian
3.8Angelica Alvarez13.56aCesar Chavez
4.7Jacquline Loleza13.71aE. A. Hall
5.7Laura Gonzalez14.13aRancho San Justo
6.8Irasema Hernandez14.74aE. A. Hall
7.8Ana Ontiveros14.80aE. A. Hall
8.7Maria Chavez14.97aPajaro
X 65m Hurdles - 33" - B Division - Finals
1.8Maria Magallon12.21aE. A. Hall
2.7Jessica Dominguez12.68aE. A. Hall
3.7Cheyanne Gossman12.82aRancho San Justo
4.7Stephanie Medrano13.02aCesar Chavez
5.7Becca Raney13.16aMonte Vista Christian
6.8Jessica Martinez13.39aPajaro
7.7Sierra Jackson13.78aRancho San Justo
8.7Molly Cortese14.03aMonte Vista Christian
9.7Katrina Martinez15.46aPajaro
10.1Alex Miguel15.56aMonte Vista Christian
7Kristen CallantaDNFRancho San Justo
X 65m Hurdles - 33" - C Division - Finals
1.7Shaila Cervantes12.49aCesar Chavez
2.6Adriana Gomez12.80aCesar Chavez
3.8Taylor Lawerence12.88aRancho San Justo
4.7Anissa Del Valle15.01aRancho San Justo
5.6Selena Aguayo15.46aRancho San Justo
6.6Marisol Serrato16.44aPajaro
7.6Alexandria Brumley16.45aPajaro
X 4x100 Relay - A Division - Finals
1.-Vanessa Estrada
Shaelyn Eggers
Ellie Burley
Victoria Perez
58.69aRancho San Justo
2.-Lisa McCroskey
Ashley Gudgel
Nalecia Hauser
Ashley Moore
1:00.84aMonte Vista Christian
3.-Angelica Alvarez
Miranda Rodriguez
Crystal Martinez
Darien Covita
1:02.63aCesar Chavez
4.-Jasmine Flores
Ana Guzman
Maria Carranza
Conception Guzman
1:05.13aE. A. Hall
5.-Danette Martinez
Paula Roman
Liliana Abonce
Maria Chavez
X 4x100 Relay - B Division - Finals
1.-Emiley Plamquist
Allee Smallwood
Cheyanne Gossman
Morgan Di domenico
1:00.92aRancho San Justo
2.-Abigail Nieves
Ryanne Arellano
Stephanie Medrano
Holly Holbert
1:02.19aCesar Chavez
3.-Maria Magallon
Georgina Zavala
Gabriela Medina
Jessica Dominguez
1:05.03aE. A. Hall
4.-Jessica Martinez
Katrina Martinez
Marilyn Medina
Elena Medina
5.-Molly Cortese
Hayley Patterson
Becca Raney
Ashley Malone
1:05.49aMonte Vista Christian
X 4x100 Relay - C Division - Finals
1.-Nicole Hauck
Sophie Nye
Caitlin Pipitone
Amy Quinonea
1:03.40aRancho San Justo
2.-Diamond Torres
Nicole Ramirez
Madeline Suarez
Adriana Gomez
1:03.41aCesar Chavez
3.-Adriana Abonce
Marisol Serrato
Kristy Mendez
Judith Roman
4.-Nissa Gonzalez
Metzly Valenciano
Luz Gomez
Monet Cardenas
1:06.73aE. A. Hall
X Shot Put - 6lb - A Division - Finals
1.8Ellie Burley27-09.00Rancho San Justo
2.8Tori Perez26-00.00Rancho San Justo
2.8Monique Rubalcava26-00.00Cesar Chavez
4.8Laura Rodriguez25-09.00Rancho San Justo
5.8Darien Covita24-09.00Cesar Chavez
6.7Noemi Rocha24-04.00E. A. Hall
7.8Brianna Alamillo23-08.00E. A. Hall
8.8Ana Ontiveros23-05.00E. A. Hall
9.8Liliana Abonce23-00.00Pajaro
10.7Jacquline Loleza22-01.00E. A. Hall
11.7Maria Chavez20-00.00Pajaro
12.7Maraya Carmona19-09.00Cesar Chavez
8Maria GuerreroFOULPajaro
X Shot Put - 6lb - B Division - Finals
1.7Holly Holbert24-07.00Cesar Chavez
2.7Mayela Guzman22-04.00Cesar Chavez
3.6Cassandra Nava21-11.00Pajaro
4.7Rachel Logue21-03.00Rancho San Justo
5.7Katrina Martinez21-01.00Pajaro
6.7Allison Espinoza20-10.00Cesar Chavez
7.6Katie Ramirez20-07.00Rancho San Justo
8.8Georgina Zavala20-04.00E. A. Hall
9.7Jackie Fishers19-09.00Rancho San Justo
10.7Gabriela Medina16-11.00E. A. Hall
X Shot Put - 6lb - C Division - Finals
1.6Sophie Nye23-04.00Rancho San Justo
2.6Ally Murphy19-10.00Rancho San Justo
3.8Jessica Gutierrez18-09.00Rancho San Justo
3.7Maria Olalde18-09.00Cesar Chavez
5.7Luz Gomez18-00.00E. A. Hall
6.7Lizette Garcia16-04.00E. A. Hall
6.6Marisol Serrato16-04.00Pajaro
8.6Judith Roman16-01.00Pajaro
9.7Gabriela Gomez14-06.00E. A. Hall
10.6Vanessa Medrano12-01.00Pajaro
6Diana AlvarezFOULCesar Chavez
X Discus - 1kg - A Division - Finals
1.8Ellie Burley59-05Rancho San Justo
2.8Brianna Alamillo54-03E. A. Hall
3.8Miranda Rodriguez53-04Cesar Chavez
4.8Darien Covita52-05Cesar Chavez
5.8Michaela Andrade52-03Rancho San Justo
6.8Margarita Toledo31-03E. A. Hall
7Noemi RochaFOULE. A. Hall
8Danette MartinezNDPajaro
8Maria GuerreroNDPajaro
7Jessica CastilloNDRancho San Justo
X Discus - 1kg - B Division - Finals
1.7Holly Holbert66-03Cesar Chavez
2.7Rachel Logue55-10Rancho San Justo
3.7Mayela Guzman54-07Cesar Chavez
4.8Emiley Plamquist48-02Rancho San Justo
5.6Cassandra Nava45-02Pajaro
6.7Jackie Fishers36-10Rancho San Justo
7.7Perla Gonzalez30-02Cesar Chavez
6Andrea CastilloFOULE. A. Hall
X Discus - 1kg - C Division - Finals
1.7Diamond Torres47-09Cesar Chavez
2.7Nicole Ramirez47-06Cesar Chavez
3.6Ally Murphy40-00Rancho San Justo
4.6Metzly Valenciano37-01E. A. Hall
5.8Jessica Gutierrez31-07Rancho San Justo
6.7Nissa Gonzalez31-06E. A. Hall
7.8Kayla Rodrigues28-07Rancho San Justo
X High Jump - A Division - Finals
1.8Vanessa Estrada4-04.00Rancho San Justo
2.7Laura Gonzalez4-02.00Rancho San Justo
3.8Kaya Lincoln3-10.00Rancho San Justo
4.8Irasema Hernandez3-10.00E. A. Hall
5.7Jacquline Loleza3-08.00E. A. Hall
6.8Ana Ontiveros3-08.00E. A. Hall
X High Jump - B Division - Finals
1.7Cheyanne Gossman4-00.00Rancho San Justo
2.7Allee Smallwood3-10.00Rancho San Justo
3.6Katie Ramirez3-08.00Rancho San Justo
4.8Brianna Ruvalcaba3-06.00Cesar Chavez
8Abigail NievesNHCesar Chavez
7Ryanne ArellanoNHCesar Chavez
7Katrina MartinezNHPajaro
X High Jump - C Division - Finals
1.7Shaila Cervantes3-10.00Cesar Chavez
1.8Taylor Lawerence3-10.00Rancho San Justo
3.7Lizette Garcia3-08.00E. A. Hall
4.7An Nghiem3-08.00Rancho San Justo
4.8Kayla Rodrigues3-08.00Rancho San Justo
6.7Diamond Torres3-06.00Cesar Chavez
6Kristy MendezNHPajaro
X Long Jump - A Division - Finals
1.8Tori Perez12-00.50Rancho San Justo
2.8Ashley Gudgel12-00.00Monte Vista Christian
3.8Liliana Abonce11-03.00Pajaro
4.8Shaelyn Eggers11-01.50Rancho San Justo
5.8Angelica Alvarez10-11.00Cesar Chavez
6.7Alexandra Ozoborne10-07.00Rancho San Justo
7.8Irasema Hernandez10-05.00E. A. Hall
8.7Noemi Rocha9-01.25E. A. Hall
7Emily HughesNDE. A. Hall
7Ashley MaloneNDMonte Vista Christian
7Roxanna PrietoNDCesar Chavez
7Priscilla RamirezFOULCesar Chavez
X Long Jump - B Division - Finals
1.8Morgan Di domenico12-05.00Rancho San Justo
2.8Maria Magallon11-07.75E. A. Hall
3.7Cheyanne Gossman11-04.25Rancho San Justo
4.8Janease Casillas11-00.00E. A. Hall
5.8Jessica Martinez10-11.00Pajaro
6.7Sierra Jackson10-03.00Rancho San Justo
7.7Allison Espinoza9-06.50Cesar Chavez
8.8Brianna Ruvalcaba9-00.00Cesar Chavez
9.6Dontea Williams8-06.00Cesar Chavez
7Elena MedinaNDPajaro
6Andrea CastilloFOULE. A. Hall
X Long Jump - C Division - Finals
1.6Sophie Nye11-08.75Rancho San Justo
2.6Shelby Kennedy11-05.50Rancho San Justo
3.6Scheherazade Tabancy10-11.00Rancho San Justo
4.7Monet Cardenas10-02.00E. A. Hall
5.6Kristy Mendez9-09.00Pajaro
6.6Judith Roman9-04.25Pajaro
7.6Marisol Serrato9-03.50Pajaro
7.7Nissa Gonzalez9-03.50E. A. Hall
7.7Maria Olalde9-03.50Cesar Chavez
10.7Jaqueline Vasquez9-02.50Cesar Chavez
11.6Gabriela Davidson9-00.50Cesar Chavez
12.7Luz Gomez8-02.00E. A. Hall
X Triple Jump - A Division - Finals
1.8Ashley Gudgel26-04.00Monte Vista Christian
2.8Shaelyn Eggers24-10.00Rancho San Justo
3.7Alexandra Ozoborne24-05.00Rancho San Justo
4.8Monique Rubalcava21-02.00Cesar Chavez
5.8Miranda Rodriguez20-06.00Cesar Chavez
6.7Priscilla Ramirez11-00.00Cesar Chavez
7.8Margarita Toledo10-10.00E. A. Hall
7Emily HughesNDE. A. Hall
X Triple Jump - B Division - Finals
1.8Morgan Di domenico26-09.00Rancho San Justo
2.7Allee Smallwood25-06.00Rancho San Justo
3.7Marilyn Medina21-01.00Pajaro
4.8Janease Casillas21-00.00E. A. Hall
5.7Stephanie Medrano19-04.00Cesar Chavez
6.7Gabriela Medina19-02.00E. A. Hall
7.6Dontea Williams17-10.00Cesar Chavez
7Jocelyne ManzoNDRancho San Justo
7Elena MedinaNDPajaro
7Jessica DominguezNDE. A. Hall
X Triple Jump - C Division - Finals
1.8Taylor Lawerence26-10.00Rancho San Justo
2.6Shelby Kennedy24-00.00Rancho San Justo
3.7Monet Cardenas20-08.00E. A. Hall
4.7Gabriela Gomez19-06.00E. A. Hall
5.6Gabriela Davidson19-05.00Cesar Chavez
6.7Adriana Abonce19-04.00Pajaro
7.6Adriana Gomez18-09.00Cesar Chavez
8.6Savannah Santos18-01.00Rancho San Justo
9.6Madeline Suarez16-10.00Cesar Chavez
10.6Alexandria Brumley16-07.00Pajaro
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