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Saturday, May 16, 2009


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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Marquis White10.67aNorth County Tech      
2.12Marcus Bennett10.79aJennings      
3.11Ryan Dickson10.99aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
4.12Christian Tobias11.09aMary Institute-Count...      
5.11Ryan St.hill11.26aJennings      
6.12Josh Mansco11.32aSt. Charles West      
7.9Nelson Atkins11.34aUniversity City      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Marquis White10.77aNorth County Tech      
2.12Marcus Bennett10.84aJennings      
5.12Christian Tobias11.17aMary Institute-Count...      
3.11Ryan Dickson11.21aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
4.12Josh Mansco11.24aSt. Charles West      
6.10Camron Hampton11.32aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
7.11Ryan St.hill11.42aJennings      
8.9Nelson Atkins11.55aUniversity City      
9.9Gerrod Williams11.62aJohn Burroughs      
10.10Mivon Green11.73aTransportation & Law      
11.11Stevie Lowman11.75aNorth County Tech      
12.11Andrew Montasser11.87aSt. Charles      
13.9Andrew Rhodes12.06aSt Louis Priory      
14.9Keith Degler12.09aWestminster Christian      
15.11Don Stewart12.12aClayton      
16.12Justin Giles12.32aMary Institute-Count...      
17.10Vince Jones12.33aSt Louis Priory      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Marquis White22.13aNorth County Tech      
2.12Marcus Bennett22.41aJennings      
3.11Marquise Hill22.66aTrinity Catholic      
4.10Camron Hampton22.91aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
5.12Christian Tobias23.03aMary Institute-Count...      
6.11Alozie Onwamere23.18aClayton      
7.12Deshaun Cooper23.28aJennings      
8.12Josh Mansco23.48aSt. Charles West      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Marquis White21.86aNorth County Tech      
2.12Marcus Bennett22.42aJennings      
3.11Marquise Hill22.44aTrinity Catholic      
4.10Camron Hampton22.63aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
5.12Deshaun Cooper22.69aJennings      
6.12Christian Tobias22.82aMary Institute-Count...      
7.11Alozie Onwamere22.83aClayton      
8.12Josh Mansco23.01aSt. Charles West      
9.12Eric Willis23.15aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
10.9Nelson Atkins23.64aUniversity City      
11.10Alex Walters23.85aTrinity Catholic      
12.11Desmond Moore23.92aLutheran North      
13.9John Pichon23.97aLutheran North      
14.11Matt Harrellson24.34aSt. Charles      
15.9Gerrod Williams24.40aJohn Burroughs      
15.11Don Stewart24.40aClayton      
17.11Chris Graham24.49aMary Institute-Count...      
18.11Arthur Townsend24.69aJohn Burroughs      
19.11Kerry Bonnett24.83aTransportation & Law      
20.10Vince Jones25.25aSt Louis Priory      
21.10Colin Bruns25.63aSt Louis Priory      
22.11Josh Al-Hameed26.37aSt. Charles      
23.11Vick Johnson26.86aTransportation & Law      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alozie Onwamere50.68aClayton      
2.12Willie Williams51.08aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
3.11Kelend Smith51.18aUniversity City      
4.9Alfred Larry51.49aJennings      
5.11Ian Zatlin53.17aJohn Burroughs      
6.12Josh Mansco53.61aSt. Charles West      
7.11Charles McGill53.66aSt. Charles      
8.10Corbin Nichols53.81aMary Institute-Count...      
9.11Kenneth Williams53.87aUniversity City      
10.12Kennard Wells53.91aNorth County Tech      
11.10Toma Peebles54.42aTrinity Catholic      
12.11Robert Cotton54.49aJennings      
13.12Justin Welch54.68aLutheran North      
14.11Andrew Montasser54.72aSt. Charles      
15.10Jake Busche54.79aDuchesne      
16.9Sam Schnabel55.19aJohn Burroughs      
17.9Paul Schulz56.20aSt Louis Priory      
18.9Ben Corley57.18aSt Louis Priory      
19.9Peter Duell57.40aWestminster Christian      
20.11Kerry Bonnett58.08aTransportation & Law      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Daniel Everett1:59.70aWestminster Christian      
2.12Michael Easton2:00.20aSt. Charles West      
3.11Deandre Ingram2:01.62aJennings      
4.12Nick Evens2:02.80aJohn Burroughs      
5.12Eric Wallace2:03.23aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
6.12Kennard Wells2:05.09aNorth County Tech      
7.10William Taylor2:05.14aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
8.12Julian Nicks2:06.99aUniversity City      
9.12John Miramonti2:07.14aSt Louis Priory      
10.11Charles McGill2:12.04aSt. Charles      
11.10Niall Caparon2:13.51aSt Louis Priory      
12.9Vernon Davis2:13.93aSt. Charles West      
13.9Raheem Tolbert2:14.36aUniversity City      
14.11Dan Mohan2:15.90aTrinity Catholic      
15.11Charley Field2:18.25aMary Institute-Count...      
16.12Tom Miranda2:19.70aSt. Charles      
17.9Aaron Brewster2:20.75aTransportation & Law      
18.9Caleb Grady2:26.74aClayton      
19.10Dominic Bisesi2:30.73aDuchesne      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Daniel Everett4:25.08aWestminster Christian      
2.11Brett Klosterhoff4:26.90aSt. Charles West      
3.12Tom Kenyon4:27.92aUniversity City      
4.10David Lambus4:30.67aUniversity City      
5.12Daniel Duncan4:31.25aSt. Charles West      
6.11Ryan Tucker4:43.10aLutheran North      
7.9Chris Noda4:50.70aMary Institute-Count...      
8.11Dan Mohan4:54.54aTrinity Catholic      
9.10Niall Caparon4:54.63aSt Louis Priory      
10.10Coty Williams4:56.76aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
11.11William Gregory5:05.14aJennings      
12.11Charley Field5:06.77aMary Institute-Count...      
13.10Christopher Floyd5:08.18aLutheran North      
14.11Quintin Marshall5:09.44aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
15.10Tyler Markham5:14.73aClayton      
16.9Michael Busche5:21.57aDuchesne      
17.9Ian Docherty5:22.61aClayton      
18.11Robert Hanmore5:23.11aSt. Charles      
19.10Ron Richison5:32.44aSt. Charles      
20.9Michael Frisella5:39.83aDuchesne      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tom Kenyon9:41.84aUniversity City      
2.10David Lambus9:46.05aUniversity City      
3.11Adam Prahlow9:47.00aLutheran North      
4.11Brett Klosterhoff9:47.25aSt. Charles West      
5.10David Everett9:55.84aWestminster Christian      
6.10Jordan Mann10:25.12aMary Institute-Count...      
7.9Chris Noda10:25.54aMary Institute-Count...      
8.10Danny Keith10:30.59aWestminster Christian      
9.12Rob Poeppelmeier11:05.07aJohn Burroughs      
10.11Jon Van bruesegen11:07.14aSt Louis Priory      
11.10Mike Merchant11:19.96aLutheran North      
12.11Quintin Marshall11:31.83aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
13.11Robert Hanmore11:59.81aSt. Charles      
14.10Ron Richison12:27.72aSt. Charles      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Spencer Dudley14.54aSt. Charles      
2.12Aaron Smith15.41aNorth County Tech      
3.11Martin Hill15.44aLutheran North      
4.12Jusean Archibald15.62aTrinity Catholic      
5.9Emanuel Price15.89aUniversity City      
6.11Russell Lamkin16.01aMary Institute-Count...      
7.11Garrett Beckham16.02aTrinity Catholic      
8.10Grant Wallace16.11aJohn Burroughs      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Spencer Dudley14.6hSt. Charles      
2.11Martin Hill15.81aLutheran North      
3.12Aaron Smith15.87aNorth County Tech      
4.12Jusean Archibald15.93aTrinity Catholic      
5.11Russell Lamkin15.8hMary Institute-Count...      
6.9Emanuel Price16.33aUniversity City      
9.12Sam Doerr16.1hSt Louis Priory      
7.11Garrett Beckham16.42aTrinity Catholic      
8.10Grant Wallace16.46aJohn Burroughs      
10.11Shawn Brown16.56aSt. Charles      
11.12Sam Kost16.77aLutheran North      
12.11Jordano Miller17.16aUniversity City      
13.10Shane Huddleston18.16aSt. Charles West      
14.10Henry Cordova18.34aSt Louis Priory      
15.10Carson Pryor18.58aMary Institute-Count...      
16.11Daniel Jackson18.7hSt. Charles West      
17.10Tim Butler18.7hDuchesne      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kevin Cates41.66aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
2.11Spencer Dudley41.97aSt. Charles      
3.11Russell Lamkin42.31aMary Institute-Count...      
4.12Sam Kost42.72aLutheran North      
5.10Grant Wallace43.08aJohn Burroughs      
6.10Lonell Watkins43.16aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
7.9Emanuel Price43.25aUniversity City      
8.12Sam Doerr43.50aSt Louis Priory      
9.11Vince Gaia44.02aTrinity Catholic      
10.11Martin Hill44.65aLutheran North      
11.11Najja Marshall45.51aJohn Burroughs      
12.10Shane Huddleston45.62aSt. Charles West      
13.10Josh Hartke46.42aSt Louis Priory      
14.11Jordano Miller47.08aUniversity City      
15.11Shawn Brown48.40aSt. Charles      
16.11Daniel Jackson49.97aSt. Charles West      
17.10Tim Butler50.05aDuchesne      
--10Carson PryorDQMary Institute-Count...      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 43.26aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
2.-Marcus Bennett
Deshaun Cooper
Shauron Jenning
Jaylen Robinson
3.-Relay Team 43.86aNorth County Tech      
43.87aTrinity Catholic      
5.-Relay Team 44.42aLutheran North      
6.-Kevin Abrams
Grant Wallace
Gerrod Williams
Ian Zatlin
44.51aJohn Burroughs      
7.-Nelson Atkins
Darion Boure
Tyler Davis
Alexander Jamerison
45.22aUniversity City      
8.-Andrew Boyd
Brandon Sudbrock
Ray Gillespie
Matt Harrellson
46.69aSt. Charles      
9.-Rick Lottenbach
Justin Giles
Chris Graham
Jordan Evans
47.21aMary Institute-Count...      
10.-Kerry Bonnett
Mivon Green
Vick Johnson
Aaron Brewster
48.55aTransportation & Law      
11.-Vince Jones
Mike Puettmann
Colin Bruns
Sean Sigilitto
48.93aSt Louis Priory      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:30.59aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
1:30.88aTrinity Catholic      
3.-Relay Team 1:31.88aLutheran North      
4.-Nelson Atkins
Tyler Davis
Darion Boure
Marcus Mamon
1:32.33aUniversity City      
5.-Deshaun Cooper
Robert Cotton
Shauron Jenning
Jaylen Robinson
6.-Najja Marshall
Max Witt
Ian Zatlin
Grant Wallace
1:32.93aJohn Burroughs      
7.-Andrew Boyd
Charles McGill
Ray Gillespie
Spencer Dudley
1:36.32aSt. Charles      
8.-Rick Lottenbach
Justin Giles
Chris Graham
Rhyan Henson
1:36.75aMary Institute-Count...      
9.-Jack Gregg
Jake Tweet
Jake Busche
Cody Baugh
10.-Vince Jones
Mike Puettmann
Andrew Rhodes
Colin Bruns
1:39.92aSt Louis Priory      
---Relay Team DQNorth County Tech      
---Kerry Bonnett
Mivon Green
Vick Johnson
Christian Gregory
DQTransportation & Law      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kevin Cates
Ryan Dickson
Eric Wallace
Willie Williams
3:26.44aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
2.-Marcus Bennett
Robert Cotton
Deandre Ingram
Alfred Larry
3.-Victor Alexander
Daniel Everett
David Meyer
Drew Wendt
3:29.49aWestminster Christian      
4.-Relay Team 3:29.86aLutheran North      
5.-Relay Team 3:31.79aUniversity City      
6.-Andrew Montasser
Andrew Boyd
Ray Gillespie
Spencer Dudley
3:38.25aSt. Charles      
7.-Michael Easton
Josh Mansco
Anthony Richardson
Blake Whiteside
3:38.72aSt. Charles West      
8.-Russell Lamkin
Rhyan Henson
Corbin Nichols
Christian Tobias
3:39.73aMary Institute-Count...      
9.-Timothy Ross
Sam Schnabel
Arthur Townsend
Max Witt
3:42.95aJohn Burroughs      
10.-Relay Team 3:47.06aSt Louis Priory      
3:48.47aTrinity Catholic      
12.-Jake Tweet
Jake Busche
Sean Flynn
Cody Baugh
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Calvin Boesch
David Everett
Daniel Everett
Kevin Taylor
8:16.43aWestminster Christian      
2.-Relay Team 8:21.46aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
3.-Nick Evens
Wyn Ferris
Timothy Ross
Taylor Seabaugh
8:25.75aJohn Burroughs      
4.-Relay Team 8:32.36aLutheran North      
5.-Robert Cotton
Henry Evan
William Gregory
Deandre Ingram
6.-Relay Team 9:12.80aUniversity City      
7.-Relay Team 9:44.13aSt. Charles West      
8.-Dominic Bisesi
Michael Busche
Michael Frisella
Tim Butler
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Curtis Yancy46-01.00Mary Institute-Count...      
2.12Brandon Sudbrock44-03.25St. Charles      
3.11Alex Bruns44-00.00St. Charles West      
4.12Mike Kruse43-07.00Westminster Christian      
5.10Colin Linkul43-06.25St Louis Priory      
6.10Fade Oluokun41-01.00John Burroughs      
7.10Joesph Bratkowski41-00.00John Burroughs      
8.12Jared Ward40-05.00University City      
9.11Ryan Olive40-02.00St. Charles West      
10.11Ira Murell38-11.00McCluer South-Berkeley      
11.11Adarius Preston38-09.00Jennings      
12.11John Haake38-09.00St. Charles      
13.12Kenton Coffman37-06.50Westminster Christian      
14.11Alex Mead37-03.50Duchesne      
15.11David Johnson36-09.50Lutheran North      
16.9Jordan Cameron36-09.00Transportation & Law      
17.12Derek Sanderson36-05.50Mary Institute-Count...      
18.11Barry Bryant35-11.50McCluer South-Berkeley      
19.10Brett Turnbough35-07.00Trinity Catholic      
20.10Matt Dowling35-02.50St Louis Priory      
21.11Aaron Ford34-09.00Trinity Catholic      
22.11Joshua Jones33-05.00Lutheran North      
23.11Bryant Stallworth32-11.00North County Tech      
24.10Kenny Schroeder32-02.50Duchesne      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Curtis Yancy142-03Mary Institute-Count...      
2.12Mike Kruse140-09Westminster Christian      
3.11John Plummer137-04St. Charles      
4.10John Valentine124-05Mary Institute-Count...      
5.12Nick Ross122-10St Louis Priory      
6.11Dan Reitz117-01St Louis Priory      
7.11Ryan Olive114-05St. Charles West      
8.10Fade Oluokun114-01John Burroughs      
9.11Danny Underwood114-01Lutheran North      
10.10Brett Turnbough112-02Trinity Catholic      
11.10Kenny Schroeder110-03Duchesne      
12.11Dinnis Harding107-08University City      
13.11Matt Harrellson106-06St. Charles      
14.12Brennan Grone105-10Westminster Christian      
15.11Alex Wolfrum101-01John Burroughs      
16.11Alex Mead94-01Duchesne      
17.11David Johnson88-07Lutheran North      
--9Jordan CameronFOULTransportation & Law      
--11Alex BrunsFOULSt. Charles West      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joe Vehige6-02.00Duchesne      
2.10Shane Huddleston6-00.00St. Charles West      
3.11Blake Whiteside5-10.00St. Charles West      
4.11Mike Puettmann5-10.00St Louis Priory      
5.12Tyler Davis5-10.00University City      
6.12Chris Roger5-10.00McCluer South-Berkeley      
7.10Harrison Ivie5-08.00Mary Institute-Count...      
8.11Garrett Beckham5-08.00Trinity Catholic      
9.12Thomas Worthy5-08.00Lutheran North      
--12Matt BellNHMary Institute-Count...      
--10Levenston HallNHTransportation & Law      
--12Grant NicholasNHJohn Burroughs      
--10Jake WolteringNHDuchesne      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kevin Abrams12-06.00John Burroughs      
2.11Kenneth Williams12-00.00University City      
3.11Alexander Jamerison12-00.00University City      
4.9David Jones-Richerson11-06.00Duchesne      
5.11Matt McDonald11-00.00John Burroughs      
6.12Evan Kutta10-06.00Mary Institute-Count...      
--12Drew SnodgrassNHClayton      
--10Alex FrostNHMary Institute-Count...      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Matt Bell22-05.25Mary Institute-Count...      
2.11David Goss22-01.75Clayton      
3.9Emanuel Price21-06.50University City      
4.11Martin Hill21-04.00Lutheran North      
5.12Justin Keener20-04.00McCluer South-Berkeley      
6.12Myles Moody20-01.00John Burroughs      
7.11Blake Whiteside20-00.00St. Charles West      
8.10Anthony Gowdy19-11.00Lutheran North      
9.12Derrick Basties19-06.25McCluer South-Berkeley      
10.10Darion Boure19-04.00University City      
11.11Demietry Robinson19-01.75North County Tech      
12.12Jusean Archibald19-00.00Trinity Catholic      
13.10Nick D'Orazio18-01.00St Louis Priory      
14.11Shawn Brown18-01.00St. Charles      
15.10Levenston Hall17-11.25Transportation & Law      
16.12Brandon Varner17-04.50North County Tech      
17.10Harrison Ivie17-02.00Mary Institute-Count...      
18.10Cody Baugh17-00.50Duchesne      
19.11Josh Al-Hameed17-00.00St. Charles      
20.11Max Campbell16-10.50John Burroughs      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Darion Boure44-05.00University City      
2.12Matt Bell43-11.00Mary Institute-Count...      
3.12Myles Moody43-07.50John Burroughs      
4.10Anthony Gowdy41-02.00Lutheran North      
5.12Derrick Basties41-01.00McCluer South-Berkeley      
6.12Jusean Archibald40-08.50Trinity Catholic      
7.10Jordan Wood40-00.00McCluer South-Berkeley      
8.11Demietry Robinson39-08.50North County Tech      
9.12Sam Doerr38-11.00St Louis Priory      
10.9Andrew Rhodes38-05.00St Louis Priory      
11.11Kyle Jamison37-09.00St. Charles West      
12.11Rhyan Henson37-08.50Mary Institute-Count...      
13.11Max Campbell36-09.50John Burroughs      
14.11Shawn Brown36-06.00St. Charles      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Hollingsworth12.08aVilla Duchesne      
2.12Shakira Thomas12.44aNorth County Tech      
3.12Taelar King12.51aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
4.11Bianca Stokes12.54aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
5.9Kayla Heidelberg12.78aUniversity City      
6.10Jenny Howard13.09aDuchesne      
7.10Chakeva Raiford13.29aJennings      
10Julia Avery13.33aSt. Charles West      
8.11Iesha White13.81aJennings      
10Kiara Combs13.89aSt. Charles West      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Lauren Hollingsworth11.96aVilla Duchesne      
2.11Bianca Stokes12.38aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
5.12Shakira Thomas12.53aNorth County Tech      
3.12Taelar King12.58aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
4.9Kayla Heidelberg12.75aUniversity City      
6.10Jenny Howard12.84aDuchesne      
7.10Chakeva Raiford13.19aJennings      
8.11Iesha White13.29aJennings      
9.10Julia Avery13.33aSt. Charles West      
10.10Leah Johnson13.71aClayton      
11.11Hali Schoelhamer13.82aSt. Charles      
12.10Kiara Combs13.89aSt. Charles West      
13.11Missy Oliver14.08aWestminster Christian      
14.9Tori Deters14.38aDuchesne      
15.9Dani Dykstra14.76aWestminster Christian      
16.9Catherine Honigfort16.35aVisitation Academy      
--9Lauren HoganDQClayton      
X 100 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
6.10Shayla Luckett11.9St. Charles West      
6.11Jordan Denker13.1St. Charles West      
6.10Julia Avery13.2St. Charles West      
6.10Kiara Combs13.6St. Charles West      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Hollingsworth25.05aVilla Duchesne      
2.12Taelar King26.05aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
3.11Bianca Stokes26.35aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
4.12Brittany Turner26.45aNorth County Tech      
5.9Kayla Heidelberg26.80aUniversity City      
6.10Jenny Howard27.03aDuchesne      
7.10Lydia Bohlen27.22aUniversity City      
8.10Leah Johnson29.02aClayton      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Lauren Hollingsworth25.26aVilla Duchesne      
2.11Bianca Stokes25.53aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
3.12Taelar King25.89aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
5.9Kayla Heidelberg26.47aUniversity City      
6.12Brittany Turner26.51aNorth County Tech      
4.10Lydia Bohlen26.87aUniversity City      
7.10Jenny Howard27.15aDuchesne      
8.10Leah Johnson28.28aClayton      
9.9Stephanie Halper28.30aVisitation Academy      
10.10Bailey Kohrs28.37aSt. Charles      
11.10Emily Boillot28.47aDuchesne      
12.9Morgan Hart28.55aTrinity Catholic      
13.11Erica Charleston29.09aJennings      
14.11Caroline Min29.62aJohn Burroughs      
15.10Kiara Combs29.67aSt. Charles West      
16.12Daphne Williams30.17aVisitation Academy      
17.10Rin Palmer30.72aMary Institute-Count...      
18.11Missy Oliver30.89aWestminster Christian      
19.9Dani Dykstra31.25aWestminster Christian      
20.9Caitlin Kropp38.36aClayton      
X 200 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
7.10Shayla Luckett26.1St. Charles West      
7.10Julia Avery26.4St. Charles West      
7.10Kiara Combs28.9St. Charles West      
7.11Jordan Denker29.8St. Charles West      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kianna Ruff55.84aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
2.12Lauren Hollingsworth57.93aVilla Duchesne      
3.10Lydia Bohlen59.33aUniversity City      
4.10Shayla Luckett59.40aSt. Charles West      
5.11Sandra Ewing59.90aNorth County Tech      
6.11Clarissa Thomas1:00.65aNorth County Tech      
7.12Naima Ross1:01.02aMary Institute-Count...      
8.12Angel Williams1:01.42aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
9.10Rosalind Mobley1:04.12aJennings      
10.9Olivia Treischmann1:04.84aMary Institute-Count...      
11.9Morgan Hart1:05.09aTrinity Catholic      
12.10Jenna Friedel1:05.56aDuchesne      
13.9Hailey Richter1:08.04aDuchesne      
14.9Devan Sanders1:09.71aJohn Burroughs      
15.10Krista Karg1:10.54aLutheran North      
16.11Mariah Evans1:11.19aLutheran North      
17.9Shelby Gross1:12.00aSt. Charles West      
18.12Antoinette Roberts1:12.03aJennings      
19.10Kayla Love1:14.01aClayton      
20.9Kayla Brown1:14.71aClayton      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
3.12Erica Easton62.0St. Charles West      
3.10Shayla Luckett62.0St. Charles West      
3.11Jordan Denker64.0St. Charles West      
3.10Jessica Groff64.St. Charles West      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kianna Ruff2:25.03aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
2.11Sandra Ewing2:27.66aNorth County Tech      
3.12Erica Easton2:29.45aSt. Charles West      
4.10Jessica Groff2:35.79aSt. Charles West      
5.12Sherle Duckworth2:39.17aNorth County Tech      
6.9Libby Boyle2:42.08aVilla Duchesne      
7.9Andrea Haake2:42.76aSt. Charles      
8.9Payton Sciarratta2:43.91aClayton      
9.12Lashay Dodd2:45.28aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
10.10Rosalind Dreyer2:47.21aJohn Burroughs      
11.11Ellen Jackson2:51.82aDuchesne      
12.10Kami Latta2:55.69aJohn Burroughs      
13.11Sarah Thone3:02.40aDuchesne      
14.9Audrianna Ebel3:02.60aVilla Duchesne      
15.10Anat Gross3:06.92aClayton      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Julie Sharp5:34.25aWestminster Christian      
2.11Makenzie Cely5:36.21aSt. Charles West      
3.10Grace Bridwell5:39.97aMary Institute-Count...      
4.9Andrea Haake5:53.90aSt. Charles      
5.9Payton Sciarratta6:14.62aClayton      
6.11Mia Seagraves6:14.95aWestminster Christian      
7.11Simone Bernstein6:21.93aClayton      
8.12Malia Bucher6:23.01aDuchesne      
9.11Kate Hampel6:50.10aDuchesne      
10.11Annabelle Wilmott7:04.54aVilla Duchesne      
11.10Katie Mohan7:23.47aVisitation Academy      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Grace Bridwell11:49.49aMary Institute-Count...      
2.12Molly Shultz11:59.91aVisitation Academy      
3.11Makenzie Cely12:12.88aSt. Charles West      
4.11Julie Sharp12:17.73aWestminster Christian      
5.10Anne Rathje12:57.12aLutheran North      
6.10Anna Wattles13:04.43aVilla Duchesne      
7.10Ashley Rubin13:12.59aVisitation Academy      
8.9Audrey Imbs13:18.59aMary Institute-Count...      
9.10Katie Foster13:19.93aVilla Duchesne      
10.9Meagan Schmidt13:20.53aLutheran North      
11.11Catelyn Steinmeyer14:49.28aSt. Charles      
12.9Marguerite Daw16:49.30aClayton      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Briana Isom-Brummer15.18aVilla Duchesne      
2.12Armani Tatum15.43aJohn Burroughs      
3.12Shakira Thomas15.50aNorth County Tech      
4.10Hannah Heard16.28aJohn Burroughs      
5.11Courtnee Jackson17.17aUniversity City      
6.9Sara Carney17.97aSt. Charles West      
7.11Brieanna Williams18.71aSt. Charles      
8.9Madison Mann19.28aMary Institute-Count...      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Briana Isom-Brummer15.46aVilla Duchesne      
3.12Armani Tatum15.77aJohn Burroughs      
2.10Hannah Heard16.01aJohn Burroughs      
4.12Shakira Thomas16.31aNorth County Tech      
5.11Brieanna Williams17.91aSt. Charles      
6.11Courtnee Jackson17.94aUniversity City      
7.9Madison Mann17.98aMary Institute-Count...      
8.9Sara Carney18.08aSt. Charles West      
9.9Tynesha Cooper18.60aJennings      
10.11Alicia Harmon20.08aJennings      
11.11Isabel Fratt20.25aClayton      
12.9Hannah Snyder20.36aLutheran North      
13.12Katie Becher20.68aDuchesne      
14.10Maggie Kane20.81aWestminster Christian      
15.10Moriah Olschansky23.22aClayton      
--12Aleese PittmanDQMcCluer South-Berkeley      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Aleese Pittman45.53aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
2.12Briana Isom-Brummer46.15aVilla Duchesne      
3.11Jane Plegge47.72aJohn Burroughs      
4.11Gabby Simmons48.65aLutheran North      
5.11Courtnee Jackson49.88aUniversity City      
6.9Amani Borders51.49aUniversity City      
7.9Ralonda Robinson51.70aJennings      
8.11Brieanna Williams51.84aSt. Charles      
9.10Mikaila Peery53.96aLutheran North      
10.10Jordan Baumgartner54.95aSt. Charles West      
11.9Madison Mann54.96aMary Institute-Count...      
12.10Angelica Clay55.63aDuchesne      
13.10Melissa Forgarty59.07aVisitation Academy      
14.9Caity Reinfurt1:01.49aVilla Duchesne      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 50.06aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
2.-Tiffani Ferrell
Hannah Heard
Caroline Min
Jane Plegge
50.19aJohn Burroughs      
3.-Relay Team 50.39aNorth County Tech      
4.-Josilyn McGeeSmith
Gabby Simmons
Nicole Goodwin
Andrea Hopkins
51.04aLutheran North      
5.-Naima Ross
Kate Pflager
Kimaya Black
Heather Cousins
51.12aMary Institute-Count...      
6.-Kiara Combs
Jordan Denker
Julia Avery
Shayla Luckett
52.17aSt. Charles West      
7.-Relay Team 53.51aUniversity City      
8.-Hali Schoelhamer
Brieanna Williams
Bailey Kohrs
Kiarah Cook
54.86aSt. Charles      
9.-Relay Team 55.88aClayton      
10.-Taylor Cribbin
Nellie Dankmyer
Courtney Mellanby
Megan Sheahan
55.91aVilla Duchesne      
11.-Erica Charleston
Jasmine Marshall
Chakeva Raiford
Iesha White
---Erin Finnegan
Stephanie Halper
Kathryn Schilling
Elizabeth Avery
DQVisitation Academy      
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:43.60aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
2.-Tiffani Ferrell
Hannah Heard
Caroline Min
Jane Plegge
1:46.31aJohn Burroughs      
3.-Heather Cousins
Lauren Waterbury
Kimaya Black
Naima Ross
1:46.41aMary Institute-Count...      
4.-Relay Team 1:47.67aNorth County Tech      
5.-Relay Team 1:47.89aUniversity City      
6.-Josilyn McGeeSmith
Gabby Simmons
Nicole Goodwin
Andrea Hopkins
1:50.23aLutheran North      
7.-Kiara Combs
Jordan Denker
Julia Avery
Shayla Luckett
1:51.29aSt. Charles West      
8.-Relay Team 1:57.70aVisitation Academy      
9.-Nellie Dankmyer
Taylor Cribbin
Courtney Mellanby
Megan Sheahan
1:57.76aVilla Duchesne      
10.-Bailey Kohrs
Hali Schoelhamer
Kiarah Cook
Amy Hotchkiss
1:58.36aSt. Charles      
11.-Relay Team 1:59.45aClayton      
---Jasmine Marshall
Chakeva Raiford
Iesha White
Tynesha Cooper
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:03.66aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
2.-Relay Team 4:13.64aNorth County Tech      
3.-Jessica Groff
Jordan Denker
Erica Easton
Shayla Luckett
4:14.72aSt. Charles West      
4.-Kimaya Black
Rin Palmer
Olivia Treischmann
Naima Ross
4:17.14aMary Institute-Count...      
5.-Emily Boillot
Jenna Friedel
Jenny Howard
Hailey Richter
6.-Tiffani Ferrell
Hannah Heard
Caroline Min
Armani Tatum
4:24.23aJohn Burroughs      
7.-Relay Team 4:26.23aUniversity City      
8.-Rosalind Mobley
Antoinette Roberts
Bernice Farlow
Chakeva Raiford
9.-Relay Team 4:38.48aLutheran North      
10.-Andrea Haake
Joanna Shelton
Brieanna Williams
Bailey Kohrs
4:39.33aSt. Charles      
11.-Relay Team 5:13.06aClayton      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:09.44aMcCluer South-Berkeley      
2.-Rebecca Harner
Amanda Schaffner
Mia Seagraves
Julie Sharp
10:41.57aWestminster Christian      
3.-Tierra Alvey
Bernice Farlow
Miche' Jaquess
Antoinette Roberts
4.-Relay Team 10:43.96aVilla Duchesne      
5.-Kylie Fenemor
Andrea Haake
Mikki Mertz
Joanna Shelton
10:57.62aSt. Charles      
6.-Mary Merkley
Ashley Rubin
Molly Shultz
Julia D'Souza
11:21.21aVisitation Academy      
7.-Relay Team 11:51.34aClayton      
8.-Ellen Jackson
Malia Bucher
Kate Hampel
Sarah Thone
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Mandy Shelton34-11.00St. Charles      
2.10Lea Johnson34-01.50John Burroughs      
3.11Alfreda Brown33-00.00Lutheran North      
4.10Kylie Fenemor31-11.75St. Charles      
5.9Britanny Anderson31-10.00Jennings      
6.11Alarra Gill31-07.25North County Tech      
7.10Yasmin Musaddiq31-01.00Mary Institute-Count...      
8.12Tihra Devres29-05.75Jennings      
9.12Daphne Washington29-05.25Mary Institute-Count...      
10.12Esther Brown28-04.50McCluer South-Berkeley      
11.12Paige Moore28-03.50University City      
12.9Mariah Stoehner26-08.00St. Charles West      
13.11Elizabeth Renaud26-00.75Lutheran North      
14.11Jasmine McNutt24-03.00McCluer South-Berkeley      
15.9Lenora Brown24-00.75Trinity Catholic      
16.11Stef Carty23-06.75Duchesne      
17.12Gail Scheibel23-04.50Trinity Catholic      
18.11Taylor Edwards22-04.25John Burroughs      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lea Johnson117-04John Burroughs      
2.10Yasmin Musaddiq100-01Mary Institute-Count...      
3.12Paige Moore99-02University City      
4.12Daphne Washington94-10Mary Institute-Count...      
5.12LeAundra Townson93-05St. Charles      
6.11Stef Carty88-07Duchesne      
7.10Kylie Fenemor84-07St. Charles      
8.11Alfreda Brown82-10Lutheran North      
9.9Kelsey Chapman80-07University City      
9Mariah Stoehner79'9St. Charles West      
10.9Mariah Stoehner73-09St. Charles West      
11.12Tihra Devres73-01Jennings      
12.12Esther Brown72-11McCluer South-Berkeley      
13.11Elizabeth Renaud72-02Lutheran North      
14.11Alarra Gill71-00North County Tech      
15.11Taylor Edwards65-09John Burroughs      
16.12Gail Scheibel64-02Trinity Catholic      
--9Britanny AndersonFOULJennings      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Briana Isom-Brummer5-04.00Villa Duchesne      
2.10Katherine Cella5-02.00Mary Institute-Count...      
3.10Kate Pflager5-00.00Mary Institute-Count...      
3.12Joanna Shelton5-00.00St. Charles      
5.9Jessica Harris4-10.00Visitation Academy      
5.12Amanda Spallek4-10.00Lutheran North      
7.10Maggie Kane4-06.00Westminster Christian      
7.12Kylyn Walker4-06.00Clayton      
7.12Lashay Dodd4-06.00McCluer South-Berkeley      
10.12Kelsey Ring4-04.00St. Charles West      
10.11Jennifer Rogers4-04.00St. Charles West      
--9Margaret McWilliamsNHTrinity Catholic      
--11Trianda HopkinsNHMcCluer South-Berkeley      
--10Kayla LoveNHClayton      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Maggie Cely8-06.00St. Charles West      
2.9Haley Pryor8-06.00Mary Institute-Count...      
3.12Elizabeth Veron8-00.00Mary Institute-Count...      
4.9Ashley White6-06.00University City      
5.10Julia Avery6-06.00St. Charles West      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lauren Waterbury17-03.25Mary Institute-Count...      
2.12Shakira Thomas16-07.50North County Tech      
3.12Briana Isom-Brummer16-01.50Villa Duchesne      
4.11Lakeisha Taylor16-01.50McCluer South-Berkeley      
5.11Terrell Minner15-07.25Mary Institute-Count...      
6.12Joanna Shelton14-10.75St. Charles      
7.9Hannah Snyder14-09.25Lutheran North      
8.12Sandra Dupree14-06.00Lutheran North      
9.10Tasha Hamm14-05.25St. Charles      
10.10Katy Johnson13-11.25St. Charles West      
10Katy Johnson13'11St. Charles West      
11.11Trianda Hopkins13-10.50McCluer South-Berkeley      
12.11Aileen Mayer13-08.00St. Charles West      
13.11Edirin Okoloko11-00.75John Burroughs      
14.9Margaret McWilliams9-10.00Trinity Catholic      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Hollingsworth36-04.50Villa Duchesne      
2.10Lauren Waterbury35-09.25Mary Institute-Count...      
3.12Brittany Turner33-06.00North County Tech      
4.12Jennifer Smith33-01.00Lutheran North      
5.11Terrell Minner32-06.50Mary Institute-Count...      
6.12Sandra Dupree32-03.25Lutheran North      
7.10Jordan Baumgartner31-08.00St. Charles West      
8.10Tasha Hamm30-03.50St. Charles      
9.9Devan Sanders30-00.25John Burroughs      
10.11Trianda Hopkins29-11.50McCluer South-Berkeley      
11.11Lakeisha Taylor29-02.00McCluer South-Berkeley      
12.10Katy Johnson28-08.50St. Charles West      
--11Shaunice PierceFOULJennings      
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