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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.9Alex Falconer11.7Potomac School
2.10Anthony Deriggs11.9Episcopal
3.9James McMichael11.9Potomac School
4.9Shilo Tshuma11.91Episcopal
5.10Franco Brunet12.1Episcopal
6.12Alex Schuyler12.1Episcopal
7.10Andrew Jones12.3St Albans For Boys
9.11Tim Norland12.31Potomac School
10.11Fais Amin12.5St Albans For Boys
11.9Charles Cato12.6St Albans For Boys
12.9Peter Chung12.71St Albans For Boys
14.11Percy Li13.5St Albans For Boys
15.11Nick Williams13.7St Stephens and St A...

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Fritz Parker22.8St Albans For Boys
2.12Chris Horam23.8Episcopal
3.9Alex Falconer24.5Potomac School
4.10Carter Bradley24.5St Albans For Boys
5.11Tim Norland24.61Potomac School
6.10Travis Jones24.8St Stephens and St A...
7.9Josh Sen25.2Potomac School
8.9Justin Goldsborough25.2St Stephens and St A...
9.10Andrew Jones25.3St Albans For Boys
10.10Dominique Tucker25.3St Albans For Boys
12.12Michael Adams25.8St Albans For Boys
13.10Marlon Copeland25.9St Stephens and St A...
14.11Fais Amin26.2St Albans For Boys
15.9Akeda Hosten26.2St Albans For Boys
16.9Ulises Giacoman26.2St Stephens and St A...
17.9Gus Youmans26.21Episcopal
19.11Warren Jones26.4St Stephens and St A...
20.9Mulindi Johnson26.41St Albans For Boys
22.10Ian Blau26.7St Stephens and St A...
23.10Donte Allison27St Stephens and St A...
24.9Peter Chung27.2St Albans For Boys
25.11Percy Li27.7St Albans For Boys
26.11Jack Hamilton29.3St Stephens and St A...

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Allante Keels50Episcopal
2.10Fritz Parker51.6St Albans For Boys
3.12Stanley Campbell53Potomac School
4.9John Steele54.4Potomac School
5.10Carter Bradley55.7St Albans For Boys
6.10Efosa Guobadia56.1St Albans For Boys
7.10Tier Gibbons57Episcopal
8.11Warren Jones57.8St Stephens and St A...
9.10Peter Voth58.4St Stephens and St A...
9.10Sope Peters58.41St Albans For Boys
10.9Mulindi Johnson59.41St Albans For Boys
11.9Akeda Hosten01:00.4St Albans For Boys
12.9Charles Cato01:03.1St Albans For Boys
12.10Trevor Bobola01:03.1Episcopal
13.10JB Adams01:04.6St Albans For Boys
14.9James McMichael01:06.2Potomac School
15.9Alex Talati1:18.4St Stephens and St A...

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Aaron Jumani2:06.9St Stephens and St A...
2.11Sage Ofray02:07.0Episcopal
3.11Jordan Clark02:07.0St Albans For Boys
4.10Campbell Ross02:09.0Potomac School
5.12Ned Downie02:14.0St Albans For Boys
6.11John Bennett02:16.0Potomac School
7.11Stefan Koester2:19.0St Stephens and St A...
8.9Jack Kaplan02:20.0Potomac School
9.10Solly Thomas02:20.0Episcopal
10.10Vishal Patel02:22.0Episcopal
11.10Trevor Bobola02:23.0Episcopal
12.9Luke Frerichs2:23.0St Stephens and St A...
13.11Connor Leidl02:23.1St Albans For Boys
14.9Kieran Pasco02:25.0St Albans For Boys
15.10Tyler Kennedy02:26.0Episcopal
16.10Alec Downie02:27.0St Albans For Boys
17.10Joe Sullivan2:28.0St Stephens and St A...
18.9Alexander Jalota02:30.0St Albans For Boys
19.-Ben Baldwin02:31.0Episcopal
20.10Nam-Tran Mai2:31.0St Stephens and St A...
21.10Broadway Jackson02:37.0Potomac School
23.9Peyton Klieforth02:50.0St Albans For Boys
24.10Robert Amico02:51.0Episcopal
25.9Martin Kellogg02:57.0St Albans For Boys
28.10Edward Mahaffey03:28.0St Albans For Boys

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Aaron Jumani4:40.0St Stephens and St A...
2.10Campbell Ross04:41.0Potomac School
3.10Tom Harrison04:42.0St Albans For Boys
4.11Jamie Durling04:45.0St Albans For Boys
5.12Francis Thumpasery04:48.0St Albans For Boys
6.10Andrei Klein04:56.0St Albans For Boys
7.10JB Adams04:57.0St Albans For Boys
8.11Austin Palmer05:01.8St Albans For Boys
10.11Stefan Koester5:02.2St Stephens and St A...
11.11Jeff Schlossberg05:03.0St Albans For Boys
12.9Jack Kaplan05:09.0Potomac School
13.11Charlie Axelrod05:21.0St Albans For Boys
14.12Brian Palmer05:32.0St Albans For Boys
15.9Austin Campbell05:33.0St Albans For Boys
16.10Robbie Heartfield05:35.0St Albans For Boys
17.10Joe Sullivan5:37.0St Stephens and St A...
18.10Nam-Tran Mai5:42.0St Stephens and St A...
21.12Austin Kim06:44.0Episcopal
22.10Matty Heller7:22.0St Stephens and St A...

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Seck Barry15.3St Albans For Boys
2.12Chris Horam16.3Episcopal
3.10Jelani Molock22.3St Stephens and St A...
4.11Koby Koomson23St Albans For Boys

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Seck Barry40.7St Albans For Boys
2.10Jelani Molock41.7St Stephens and St A...
3.11Jun Wu46.7Episcopal
4.11Koby Koomson50.7St Albans For Boys

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 44.4Episcopal
2.-Relay Team 45.8St Albans For Boys
3.-Relay Team 46Potomac School
4.-Relay Team 46.5Episcopal
5.-Relay Team 47.5St Stephens and St A...
6.-Relay Team 51.7Potomac School

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 03:38.7Potomac School
2.-Relay Team 03:49.5St Stephens and St A...
3.-Relay Team 03:58.2St Albans For Boys
4.-Relay Team 03:58.5Episcopal
5.-Relay Team 03:59.5Episcopal
6.-Relay Team 04:04.1St Albans For Boys
7.-Relay Team 04:06.7St Albans For Boys
8.-Relay Team 04:10.6Potomac School
9.-Relay Team 04:12.3St Stephens and St A...

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Lester Batiste44'07.00Episcopal
2.12Robert Asmar41'01.75St Stephens and St A...
3.11Vincent Mariano37'06.50Episcopal
4.10Stewart Bova35'10.00Episcopal
5.10Jack Rhodes32'10.25Potomac School
6.10Nick Shelley32'01.50St Albans For Boys
7.10Martin Pittman30'05.00St Albans For Boys
8.11Jeremy Kallan29'03.00St Albans For Boys
9.9Mulindi Johnson28'03.00St Albans For Boys
10.11Glen Thomas27'11.00St Albans For Boys
11.9Cameron Kahl27'09.00Potomac School
12.11Nick Smith27'08.50St Stephens and St A...
13.9Ivan Aggrey27'05.50St Albans For Boys
14.10Chick Foster26'10.00St Albans For Boys
16.9Tommy Karamanolev26'00.50St Albans For Boys
15.11Josh Flint26'0-6.00St Albans For Boys
17.11James Denison26'00.00St Albans For Boys
18.10Peter Clancy25'07.00St Albans For Boys
19.11David Feest25-3 1/4St Albans For Boys
20.9Joe Lindsay24-5 1/2St Stephens and St A...
21.11Nick Williams24-4 1/4St Stephens and St A...
22.9Peter Chung19'07.00St Albans For Boys

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.11Mike Jones119'08.00Episcopal
2.11Lee Cowden101'02.00Episcopal
3.10Nick Shelley94'09.00St Albans For Boys
4.11Jack Overstreet89'06.00Potomac School
5.12Philip Roepers88'04.75Potomac School
6.10William Omorogieva86'05.50St Albans For Boys
7.10Martin Pittman86'01.50St Albans For Boys
8.11Nick Smith82'04.50St Stephens and St A...
9.11Jeremy Kallan81'07.00St Albans For Boys
10.9Rashawn Ince81'05.00Episcopal
11.11James Denison65'02.50St Albans For Boys
12.9Joe Lindsay63'01.00St Stephens and St A...
13.12Daniel O'Connor61'01.00Potomac School
14.10Chick Foster57'07.00St Albans For Boys

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Efosa Guobadia5'08.00St Albans For Boys
2.10Ian Kuzmick5'06.00Potomac School
3.12Reggie Newsome5'06.00St Stephens and St A...
4.10Alex Jagun5'04.00St Albans For Boys
5.12Robert Asmar5'02.00St Stephens and St A...
6.9Gus Youmans5'02.00Episcopal
7.10Donte Allison5'00.00St Stephens and St A...
8.9Terry Chun5'00.00Episcopal
9.9Justin Goldsborough5'00.00St Stephens and St A...
10.10Brandon Mitchell5'00.00Potomac School

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Brendan Evans20'01.50Potomac School
2.12PJ Miller19'06.00Potomac School
3.11Alex Edwards18'10.00St Stephens and St A...
3.11Brian Bracey18'10.00St Stephens and St A...
4.10Archie Odenyo18'09.50Episcopal
5.12Brian Freeman18'07.00Potomac School
6.9Justin Goldsborough17'10.50St Stephens and St A...
7.10Sope Peters16'09.00St Albans For Boys
7.10Alex Jagun16'09.00St Albans For Boys
8.9Akeda Hosten15'06.00St Albans For Boys
9.10Andrew Jones15'05.00St Albans For Boys
10.12Reggie Newsome13'04.50St Stephens and St A...

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.10Archie Odenyo40'10.00Episcopal
2.11Alex Edwards39'10.00St Stephens and St A...
4.11Brian Bracey37'01.00St Stephens and St A...
5.12Fred Kajumba-Kalema36'06.50St Stephens and St A...
6.9Shilo Tshuma36'04.50Episcopal
7.10Martin Pittman36'03.25St Albans For Boys
8.11alexander kur36'02.00Potomac School
9.9Akeda Hosten34'02.00St Albans For Boys
10.10Dominique Tucker34'00.00St Albans For Boys