4A East Region Championship Meet

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
  PG Sports Complex , Riverdale - Map

  Field Events Start: 4:00 PM  Track Events Start: 4:00 PM
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Maryland - Class 1A
NOCANorth Carroll
Maryland - Class 3A
TSHSThomas Stone
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Stennett6.60aC.H. Flowers
2.10Deandre Smith6.65aHenry A Wise
3.12Anthony Wright6.66aHenry A Wise
4.12Kwinton Pierce6.71aDuVal
5.12Taj-najee Rattigan6.74aNorthwestern-PG
6.12Abdulai Bangura6.77aEleanor Roosevelt
7.11Dexter Carr6.79aEleanor Roosevelt
8.12Dwayne Powell6.83aC.H. Flowers
X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Michael Stennett6.65aC.H. Flowers
2.12Anthony Wright6.68aHenry A Wise
3.12Taj-najee Rattigan6.72aNorthwestern-PG
5.10Deandre Smith6.72aHenry A Wise
4.12Abdulai Bangura6.80aEleanor Roosevelt
6.11Dexter Carr6.80aEleanor Roosevelt
7.12Dwayne Powell6.84aC.H. Flowers
8.12Kwinton Pierce6.85aDuVal
9.11Bilah Rahim6.86aBowie
10.12Darius Johnson6.88aThomas Stone
11.11Tj Richardson6.97aThomas Stone
12.12Malcom Ball6.98aSuitland
13.12Quentin Jones7.15aWestminster
14.12Christopher Thompson7.16aLaurel
15.10Yves Nguessan7.18aLaurel
16.12Ademola Olatungi7.20aParkdale
17.11Jimmy Yingling7.27aWestminster
18.10Wonma Agbaze7.29aBladensburg
19.12Eugene Pok7.31aLeonardtown
20.11Ashton Poist7.40aNorth Carroll
21.-Greg Applewhite7.48aHigh Point
22.11Mike Pardoe7.63aNorth Carroll
23.10Daniel Nwosu7.98aBladensburg
X 300 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Denny Long35.53aEleanor Roosevelt
2.11Tj Richardson36.58aThomas Stone
3.12Michael Rowland36.61aC.H. Flowers
4.10Saquan Johnson36.69aSuitland
5.12Brian David36.83aHenry A Wise
6.12Emmanuel Noumossie36.91aBowie
7.12Kwinton Pierce36.92aDuVal
8.12Crevonte' Coppola37.59aHigh Point
9.12Chris Borum37.63aDuVal
10.12Christopher Thompson37.85aLaurel
11.12Taj-najee Rattigan38.25aNorthwestern-PG
12.11Bilah Rahim38.34aBowie
13.12Kareem Ali38.57aC.H. Flowers
14.12Delante Fooks39.07aThomas Stone
14.12Ademola Olatungi39.07aParkdale
16.12Sammy Ndiyo39.21aHenry A Wise
17.12Andrew Njoku39.57aParkdale
18.12Ricco Bailey40.39aHigh Point
19.12Josh Kurek40.90aNorth Carroll
20.12Eugene Pok41.22aLeonardtown
21.11Stanley Murphy41.34aBladensburg
22.12Eric Spioch41.96aWestminster
23.11Grant Shriver42.74aWestminster
24.10Yves Nguessan43.65aLaurel
25.11Bryan Beatty43.91aNorth Carroll
26.12Michael Wilson44.01aOxon Hill
X 500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12George Empty1:05.9hC.H. Flowers
2.12Michael Rowland1:07.0hC.H. Flowers
3.10Saquan Johnson1:07.2hSuitland
4.12Brian David1:08.0hHenry A Wise
5.12Daniel Rich1:10.0hHenry A Wise
6.12Crevonte' Coppola1:10.4hHigh Point
7.12Daniel Ballah1:10.6hBowie
8.11Ben Raver1:11.1hNorth Carroll
9.12Chris Borum1:11.2hDuVal
10.10Oluwapelumi Adenikinju1:11.6hEleanor Roosevelt
11.12Travis Mattingly1:12.8hLeonardtown
12.10Diamond Hansford1:13.0hNorthwestern-PG
13.11Chris Langowski1:13.3hNorth Carroll
14.12Tano Eroraha1:13.4hLaurel
15.12Kingsley Eguzoro1:14.0hDuVal
16.11Nelson Damachi1:14.3hParkdale
17.12Kevin Deminne1:14.7hThomas Stone
18.12Delante Fooks1:16.3hThomas Stone
19.10Michael McCoy1:17.3hLaurel
20.11Dera Nwosu1:18.1hBladensburg
21.12Lorenzo Wells1:18.4hNorthwestern-PG
22.11Grant Shriver1:19.5hWestminster
23.9Kevin Taylor1:23.3hWestminster
24.11George Harley1:37.6hOxon Hill
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jovon Edwards1:58.5hEleanor Roosevelt
2.12George Empty2:00.4hC.H. Flowers
3.11Paul Edwards2:00.7hBowie
4.12Ishmail Tarawali2:02.0hBladensburg
5.10Garland Brooks2:02.6hC.H. Flowers
6.11Jd Tharpe2:03.2hSuitland
7.12Malcolm Hosten2:03.8hBowie
8.11Trevon White2:07.5hHenry A Wise
9.11Leland Baldwin2:09.0hWestminster
10.11Joey Gutoska2:09.9hNorth Carroll
11.12Codjo Gbedo2:10.3hParkdale
12.12Kevin Deminne2:11.0hThomas Stone
13.12Tyler Miluski2:13.8hLeonardtown
14.11Kehinde Agbebakun2:14.2hEleanor Roosevelt
15.11Rashawn Cumberbatch2:14.4hLaurel
16.12Mark Sweet Jr.2:15.4hLeonardtown
17.12Tano Eroraha2:15.9hLaurel
18.11Jacob Baugher2:17.0hWestminster
19.10Isias Alvares-Romero2:27.4hBladensburg
20.12Ryan Kellough2:28.7hThomas Stone
21.10Edose Ibadin2:34.1hDuVal
14.11Rashanda Dickens2:40.7hBowie
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Charles Bolinger4:44.3hEleanor Roosevelt
2.11Ryan Taylor4:45.5hWestminster
3.11Troy Browne4:46.3hC.H. Flowers
4.12Nick Boyd4:47.34aLeonardtown
5.12Codjo Gbedo4:51.0hParkdale
6.11Trevon White5:00.7hHenry A Wise
7.12Austin Toombs5:05.12aLeonardtown
8.11Adrain Miller5:07.7hHenry A Wise
9.12Hunter Wyatt5:28.88aEleanor Roosevelt
10.12Ryan Kellough5:32.3hThomas Stone
11.11Rashawn Cumberbatch5:40.4hLaurel
12.10Edose Ibadin5:42.9hDuVal
13.11Lawrence Garrett5:51.3hC.H. Flowers
14.10Ian Vitanovec5:56.3hThomas Stone
--12Micheal MartinDNFSuitland
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brian Faherty9:47.8hEleanor Roosevelt
2.12Logan Wright10:13.7hLeonardtown
3.11Ryan Taylor10:33.1hWestminster
4.12Paul Yuan10:33.5hEleanor Roosevelt
5.12Michael Hageman10:37.0hLeonardtown
6.11Jesse Albright10:54.2hNorth Carroll
7.10James Beacham10:59.3hWestminster
8.9Geraldo Amaya11:08.6hBowie
9.10Edose Ibadin11:34.0hDuVal
10.10Ian Vitanovec11:37.3hThomas Stone
11.12Ryan Kellough11:49.2hThomas Stone
12.10Tyler Chenowith12:01.6hNorth Carroll
13.11Karl Simpson12:17.2hHenry A Wise
14.11Isaac Fenta12:32.5hBowie
X 55m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Trae Proctor7.63aThomas Stone
2.12Marcus Weeks7.68aHenry A Wise
3.12Courtney Mazyck7.83aSuitland
4.11Stephen Ehahoun8.11aBladensburg
5.12Anthony Simpson8.30aBowie
6.12Eric Spioch9.07aWestminster
7.11Derrick Williams9.18aEleanor Roosevelt
X 55m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Marcus Weeks7.65aHenry A Wise
2.12Trae Proctor7.72aThomas Stone
3.12Courtney Mazyck8.02aSuitland
4.11Stephen Ehahoun8.43aBladensburg
5.12Anthony Simpson8.47aBowie
6.12Eric Spioch9.42aWestminster
7.11Derrick Williams9.66aEleanor Roosevelt
8.9Robert Mercer9.88aOxon Hill
9.12Christian Erk9.94aLeonardtown
10.10Kevin Carswell11.11aBladensburg
11.11Grant Shriver11.21aWestminster
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:31.3hEleanor Roosevelt
2.-Relay Team 1:33.4hSuitland
3.-Relay Team 1:33.8hC.H. Flowers
4.-Relay Team 1:35.2hNorthwestern-PG
5.-Relay Team 1:35.5hDuVal
6.-Relay Team 1:37.0hThomas Stone
7.-Relay Team 1:43.7hWestminster
8.-Relay Team 1:45.8hBladensburg
9.-Relay Team 1:46.4hNorth Carroll
10.-Relay Team 1:54.5hOxon Hill
---Relay Team DQHenry A Wise
---Relay Team DQLeonardtown
---Relay Team DQBowie
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:28.6hSuitland
2.-Relay Team 3:31.4hBowie
3.-Relay Team 3:33.08aHenry A Wise
4.-Relay Team 3:35.2hC.H. Flowers
5.-Relay Team 3:38.8hEleanor Roosevelt
6.-Relay Team 3:41.2hDuVal
7.-Relay Team 3:43.5hNorth Carroll
8.-Relay Team 3:45.9hLeonardtown
9.-Relay Team 3:52.3hBladensburg
10.-Relay Team 4:04.9hWestminster
---Relay Team DQNorthwestern-PG
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:26.0hC.H. Flowers
2.-Relay Team 8:37.8hLeonardtown
3.-Relay Team 8:43.4hWestminster
4.-Relay Team 8:46.6hEleanor Roosevelt
5.-Relay Team 9:03.4hBladensburg
6.-Relay Team 9:11.8hNorth Carroll
7.-Relay Team 9:30.3hHenry A Wise
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brendan Morales52-02.50Westminster
2.11Jeff Butler52-01.25Henry A Wise
3.12Jr Burrell43-08.00Henry A Wise
4.11Okayo Bozeman43-05.50Bowie
5.11Donald Phillps40-08.00Oxon Hill
6.12Michael Sumpter39-09.50Thomas Stone
7.10Shad Wagner36-07.75North Carroll
8.10Cal Kilby35-11.50C.H. Flowers
9.10Vaden Williams34-02.50Eleanor Roosevelt
10.10Austin Murphy34-00.00North Carroll
11.10Wonma Agbaze31-11.25Bladensburg
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jerimah Hendy6-04.00Bowie
2.12Matt Snively6-02.00Leonardtown
3.12Quentin Jones5-10.00Westminster
4.12Michael Sumpter5-08.00Thomas Stone
5.11Phillip Green5-08.00DuVal
--12Tovaun McneilNHHenry A Wise
--12Dennis SteigerNHLeonardtown
--10Tyler ChenowithNHNorth Carroll
--12Chris SainzNHNorth Carroll
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.9Robert Mercer10-06.00Oxon Hill
2.11Ashton Poist10-00.00North Carroll
3.11Derek Rouse9-00.00Bowie

Womens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.11Aurieyall Scott7.03aEleanor Roosevelt
2.12Abidemi Adenikinju7.10aEleanor Roosevelt
3.11Lorraine Graham7.24aC.H. Flowers
4.11Taylor Bulter7.31aOxon Hill
5.12Sherreka Jackson7.37aC.H. Flowers
6.12Alexis Hurd7.43aNorth Carroll
7.12Cassundra Bouldin7.46aBowie
8.12Cearha Miller7.63aOxon Hill
X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Aurieyall Scott7.03aEleanor Roosevelt
5.12Abidemi Adenikinju7.16aEleanor Roosevelt
2.11Lorraine Graham7.32aC.H. Flowers
3.12Sherreka Jackson7.35aC.H. Flowers
6.11Taylor Bulter7.35aOxon Hill
7.12Cearha Miller7.39aOxon Hill
4.12Cassundra Bouldin7.43aBowie
8.12Alexis Hurd7.50aNorth Carroll
9.11Ericka Butler7.52aSuitland
10.10Whitney Ikpeze7.68aBladensburg
11.9Erika Hurd7.73aNorth Carroll
12.12Adrienne Tolson7.76aBowie
13.10Lauren Donovan8.10aLeonardtown
14.11Tirzah Bartley8.13aWestminster
15.9Briana Antionin8.24aHenry A Wise
16.9Suriely Morales8.34aThomas Stone
17.9Kedisha Miller8.65aNorthwestern-PG
X 300 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Aurieyall Scott39.60aEleanor Roosevelt
2.12Cearha Miller40.02aOxon Hill
3.12Doris Anyanwu40.11aEleanor Roosevelt
4.11Corryn Hurrington40.33aC.H. Flowers
5.12Asha Ruth40.91aBowie
6.12Alexis Hurd41.31aNorth Carroll
7.11Ikea Long43.03aHenry A Wise
8.12Joyce Olusoga43.42aBladensburg
9.9Tericka Lathern43.93aSuitland
10.11Taylor Blackwell44.36aHigh Point
11.10Chanel Beaudoin45.01aC.H. Flowers
12.10Cierra Kenney45.88aHenry A Wise
13.10Lindsay Egbert46.23aLeonardtown
14.9Lauren Snyder46.24aLeonardtown
15.10Emily Hemphill47.22aHigh Point
16.9Kedisha Miller48.51aNorthwestern-PG
17.10Yarne White49.53aBladensburg
18.9Hannah Sisler50.01aWestminster
19.9Zahrina Hutchins50.02aLaurel
20.9Heather Thompson50.07aNorth Carroll
21.11Tirzah Bartley50.61aWestminster
22.11Ambar Ortiz51.54aThomas Stone
23.9Christinea Francis52.44aNorthwestern-PG
--12Bayinah WattsFSBowie
--12Sharon PlummerFSLaurel
X 500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Doris Anyanwu1:14.6hEleanor Roosevelt
2.11Deseree' King1:15.1hOxon Hill
3.11Afia Charles1:16.7hEleanor Roosevelt
4.11Corryn Hurrington1:18.3hC.H. Flowers
5.11Deborah Adelola1:19.3hBladensburg
6.12Jasmine Butler1:19.5hC.H. Flowers
7.12Kiana Martinez1:20.2hOxon Hill
8.12Katie Crumbaugh1:20.3hNorth Carroll
9.10Kamaria Ellerbe1:20.7hNorthwestern-PG
10.9Alexxis Walston1:21.3hSuitland
11.10Deborah Fayaguibe1:21.8hBowie
12.10Zainab Jimba1:24.4hNorthwestern-PG
13.10Cara Mclaughlin1:24.6hLeonardtown
14.12Cierra Redfield1:25.5hLaurel
15.12Sharon Plummer1:26.6hLaurel
16.11Taylor Blackwell1:28.4hHigh Point
17.11Rachel Jordan1:29.3hBowie
18.11samatha Clarkson1:31.1hHenry A Wise
19.10Ena Fonville1:32.0hThomas Stone
20.9Hannah Sisler1:34.8hWestminster
21.10Emily Hemphill1:36.0hHigh Point
22.11Krystinah Buckhanan1:38.4hBladensburg
23.10Mia Dabney1:47.0hHenry A Wise
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Amirah Johnson2:14.9hEleanor Roosevelt
2.11Afia Charles2:20.5hEleanor Roosevelt
3.11Deseree' King2:20.9hOxon Hill
4.12Kiana Martinez2:24.2hOxon Hill
5.11Asia Lewis2:27.7hC.H. Flowers
6.11Courtney Cox2:28.0hBowie
7.10Kamaria Ellerbe2:29.5hNorthwestern-PG
8.9Alexxis Walston2:30.9hSuitland
9.10Zainab Jimba2:33.5hNorthwestern-PG
10.11Denae Ford2:34.2hC.H. Flowers
11.12Davi Clark2:36.0hLeonardtown
12.12Anna Sprout2:38.3hLeonardtown
13.12Rachelle Bernadel2:38.7hParkdale
15.11Leah Carr2:41.8hBladensburg
16.10Ena Fonville2:57.2hThomas Stone
17.9Mia Hawkins3:12.0hHenry A Wise
18.9Sarah Patterson3:30.3hWestminster
19.9Courtney Williams3:30.7hLaurel
20.10Leah Smith3:33.6hWestminster
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Amirah Johnson5:34.1hEleanor Roosevelt
2.11Danielle Calhoun5:42.3hEleanor Roosevelt
3.10Ashley Weston5:47.1hLeonardtown
4.11Elizabeth Carino5:48.5hParkdale
5.11Cali Copsey5:59.9hLeonardtown
6.11Camille Washingon6:17.0hC.H. Flowers
7.11Breana Dugger6:20.1hBladensburg
8.10Shealyn Tucker6:26.3hThomas Stone
9.9Sara Bucacink6:44.3hWestminster
10.12Shanita Williams7:08.7hHenry A Wise
11.11Marissa Fulton7:17.0hWestminster
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Teshika Rivers12:03.6hEleanor Roosevelt
2.11Jessica Gass12:05.4hLeonardtown
3.12Tyreka Arrington12:09.6hEleanor Roosevelt
4.11Tnay Williams12:50.0hC.H. Flowers
5.11Elizabeth Carino13:00.6hParkdale
6.10Ashley Duvall13:24.7hLeonardtown
7.10Rebecca Baldwin14:08.9hWestminster
8.12Tina Dang14:16.1hBowie
9.10Elizabeth Foote14:16.9hWestminster
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lorraine Graham8.11aC.H. Flowers
2.12Jenea McCammon8.17aEleanor Roosevelt
3.11Taylor Bulter8.22aOxon Hill
4.12Cassundra Bouldin8.25aBowie
5.12Adrienne Tolson8.51aBowie
6.11Evann Slaughter8.84aOxon Hill
7.11JoAnne Pitman8.88aC.H. Flowers
8.10Amanda Gates9.19aNorth Carroll
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Lorraine Graham8.26aC.H. Flowers
2.11Taylor Bulter8.30aOxon Hill
3.12Cassundra Bouldin8.34aBowie
4.12Jenea McCammon8.51aEleanor Roosevelt
5.12Adrienne Tolson8.72aBowie
6.11Evann Slaughter8.73aOxon Hill
7.11JoAnne Pitman9.09aC.H. Flowers
8.10Amanda Gates9.20aNorth Carroll
9.12Joyce Olusoga9.83aBladensburg
10.12Aimee Sutherland10.73aLeonardtown
11.12Alex Tribino10.82aLeonardtown
12.12Camille Carter10.87aHenry A Wise
13.11Vivian Williams10.95aBladensburg
14.11Marissa Fulton11.00aWestminster
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:41.8hEleanor Roosevelt
2.-Relay Team 1:43.6hOxon Hill
3.-Relay Team 1:44.4hBowie
4.-Relay Team 1:45.3hC.H. Flowers
5.-Relay Team 1:46.6hSuitland
6.-Relay Team 1:48.4hNorth Carroll
7.-Relay Team 1:50.7hHenry A Wise
8.-Relay Team 1:51.0hBladensburg
9.-Relay Team 1:51.7hLeonardtown
10.-Relay Team 2:14.8hThomas Stone
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:59.6hEleanor Roosevelt
2.-Relay Team 4:01.1hOxon Hill
3.-Relay Team 4:01.6hBowie
4.-Relay Team 4:06.9hC.H. Flowers
5.-Relay Team 4:20.2hHenry A Wise
6.-Relay Team 4:24.0hNorth Carroll
7.-Relay Team 4:27.0hSuitland
8.-Relay Team 4:30.8hLeonardtown
9.-Relay Team 4:37.7hBladensburg
10.-Relay Team 4:56.3hThomas Stone
---Relay Team DQWestminster
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 9:49.6hEleanor Roosevelt
2.-Relay Team 9:54.0hLeonardtown
3.-Relay Team 9:54.5hBowie
4.-Relay Team 9:54.9hC.H. Flowers
5.-Relay Team 9:55.4hOxon Hill
6.-Relay Team 10:41.9hSuitland
7.-Relay Team 12:01.3hHenry A Wise
8.-Relay Team 12:26.7hWestminster
9.-Relay Team 12:32.9hNorth Carroll
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Juanita Weaver39-04.00Eleanor Roosevelt
2.11Brelyn Finley35-08.50C.H. Flowers
3.11Lindsay Kermisch32-08.75Westminster
4.11Jessica Wells32-08.75Oxon Hill
5.10Jazmyne Claggett31-09.25Eleanor Roosevelt
6.11Onome Agbaza31-07.50Bladensburg
7.11Sharita Moore30-01.75C.H. Flowers
8.12Miranda Guerriero30-00.50North Carroll
9.12Lindsey Henderson30-00.00Bladensburg
10.9Stephanie Greney29-07.00North Carroll
11.12Anna Sprout26-08.50Leonardtown
12.12Abiola Poopola26-03.25Parkdale
13.11Sabrae Demby25-03.00Henry A Wise
14.11Rachel Phares24-08.75Leonardtown
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Amber Melville5-06.00North Carroll
2.11Lorraine Graham5-04.00C.H. Flowers
3.11Evann Slaughter5-02.00Oxon Hill
4.12Shalethia Barnes5-02.00Oxon Hill
5.12Seanniece Bamiro5-02.00Bowie
6.9Erika Hurd5-02.00North Carroll
7.12Camille Carter5-00.00Henry A Wise
8.12Jessica Cooke5-00.00Leonardtown
9.10Elan Holston4-06.00Eleanor Roosevelt
--11Ashleigh NorrisNHLeonardtown
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
--9Stephanie SpeightsNHNorth Carroll
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