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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.11Caleb Porzel11.03a (1.6)Our Lady Of Good Cou...
2.12Johnson Bademosi11.20a (1.6)Gonzaga College
3.12Mac Reed11.22a (1.6)DeMatha Catholic
4.11Donte Washington11.40a (1.6)DeMatha Catholic
5.-Tyrell Vincent11.41a (1.6)Archbishop Carroll
6.10Mike Little11.51a (1.6)St. Mary's Ryken
7.-Christopher Towsend11.55a (1.6)Bishop McNamara
8.11Mike Wallace11.64a (1.6)Our Lady Of Good Cou...

100 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.11Caleb Porzel11.01aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
2.12Johnson Bademosi11.11aGonzaga College
3.12Mac Reed11.31aDeMatha Catholic
4.11Donte Washington11.34aDeMatha Catholic
5.10Mike Little11.43aSt. Mary's Ryken
6.-Tyrell Vincent11.45aArchbishop Carroll
7.11Mike Wallace11.48aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
8.-Christopher Towsend11.52aBishop McNamara
9.-Ashby Christian11.54aDeMatha Catholic
10.-Marc Syphax11.55aSt John's College
10.11Trent Edgerton11.55aArchbishop Carroll
12.9Sean Sutton11.56aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
13.11Roberto Hylton11.62aSt John's College
14.-Ed Thomas11.64aSt John's College
15.10James Naylor11.69aPaul VI
16.-Michael Clare11.70aArchbishop Carroll
17.11Darrian Carmichael11.79aBishop McNamara
18.10Brandon Richardson11.83aSt. Mary's Ryken
19.11Alex Beauboeuf11.84aGonzaga College
20.-Joey Corso11.98aPaul VI
20.10Blake Anderson11.98aSt. Mary's Ryken
22.10Mark Holmes12.03aBishop Ireton
23.12Blake Bynum12.31aBishop Ireton
24.-Jon Asman12.32aBishop O'Connell
25.-Pierre Someroy12.56aBishop Ireton

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Johnson Bademosi22.53aGonzaga College
2.12Mac Reed22.60aDeMatha Catholic
3.12Chris Brown22.73aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
4.11Caleb Porzel22.94aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
5.9Sean Sutton22.96aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
6.10Mike Little23.15aSt. Mary's Ryken
7.10Robert Corbitt23.24aDeMatha Catholic
---Tyrell VincentDQArchbishop Carroll

200 Meters  Varsity - Prelims

1.11Caleb Porzel22.33aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
2.12Chris Brown22.43aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
3.12Johnson Bademosi22.58aGonzaga College
4.12Mac Reed22.59aDeMatha Catholic
5.10Robert Corbitt22.99aDeMatha Catholic
6.-Tyrell Vincent23.00aArchbishop Carroll
7.10Mike Little23.08aSt. Mary's Ryken
8.9Sean Sutton23.33aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
9.12Rodney McLeod23.43aDeMatha Catholic
10.-Christopher Towsend23.51aBishop McNamara
11.10Leo McLaughlin23.70aGonzaga College
12.10Brandon Richardson23.76aSt. Mary's Ryken
13.11Trent Edgerton23.81aArchbishop Carroll
14.-Marc Syphax23.82aSt John's College
15.11Donald Quarles23.86aSt John's College
16.-CJ Hammond24.17aSt John's College
17.11Darrian Carmichael24.23aBishop McNamara
18.12Blake Bynum24.67aBishop Ireton
19.11Chris Curly24.95aGonzaga College
20.11Contee Cameron25.52aBishop McNamara
21.12Vincent Tchong26.29aPaul VI
22.11Chas Romeo26.46aSt. Mary's Ryken
23.9Sam Ferrara26.73aBishop Ireton
24.-Pierre Someroy26.88aBishop Ireton

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.12Chris Brown49.45aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
2.10Karrie Butler, Jr.49.76aArchbishop Carroll
3.10Hassan Dixon51.05aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
4.10Robert Corbitt51.12aDeMatha Catholic
5.10Cortlandt Harris51.39aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
6.10Kyle Cathion51.55aArchbishop Carroll
7.10Jamal Joseph52.06aDeMatha Catholic
8.11Donald Quarles52.61aSt John's College
9.11Kwame Carrion52.83aDeMatha Catholic
10.11Mike Busby53.85aSt John's College
11.10Christopher Spriggs53.98aBishop McNamara
12.10Mark Holmes55.69aBishop Ireton
13.10Joe Powell56.30aPaul VI
14.10Devin Jones56.33aGonzaga College
15.10Francis Massa57.28aBishop Ireton
16.11Josh Rawlings57.46aSt. Mary's Ryken
17.11Chris Curly58.69aGonzaga College
18.11Victor Traven59.04aSt. Mary's Ryken
19.10Steven Jackey1:00.13aPaul VI
20.11Danny Burke1:00.69aSt. Mary's Ryken
21.9Matt Smith1:03.84aBishop Ireton
--11Lionel GainesDQSt John's College

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Billy Ledder1:58.41aGonzaga College
2.10Blaize Johnson1:59.55aPaul VI
3.12Chad Rogers1:59.93aDeMatha Catholic
4.12Phillip Iwugo2:03.25aDeMatha Catholic
5.12Lloyd Foster2:03.75aDeMatha Catholic
6.12Ted Lopez2:04.27aGonzaga College
7.11Matthew Shorter2:04.44aArchbishop Carroll
8.11Steve Czujko2:08.30aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
9.12Pat Vaughan2:09.52aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
10.11Ian McGinn2:09.63aPaul VI
11.-Will Nyce2:10.13aBishop O'Connell
12.10Ruben Wise2:10.15aBishop McNamara
13.12Ian Baylor2:10.56aSt John's College
14.12Kevin Rivero2:11.57aBishop Ireton
15.11Mark Hamilton2:12.41aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
16.11Kenneth Hunt2:12.51aBishop McNamara
17.11Andrew Holleran2:13.66aBishop O'Connell
18.10Mark Landry, Jr.2:13.86aArchbishop Carroll
19.-Rob Niska2:14.59aSt John's College
20.-N Roberts2:15.68aBishop O'Connell
21.10Simon Casselle2:16.61aSt John's College
22.10Jason Torres2:19.47aSt. Mary's Ryken
23.10Andrew Kicinski2:22.98aBishop Ireton
24.9Nicholas Staufenberger2:24.72aSt. Mary's Ryken
25.9Murphy Costigan2:31.56aBishop Ireton

1600 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Billy Ledder4:23.77aGonzaga College
2.10Cory Puffett4:26.28aDeMatha Catholic
3.10Ben Zeiss4:35.48aGonzaga College
4.12Philip Adams4:36.26aDeMatha Catholic
5.11Brian Benkhadra4:36.71aDeMatha Catholic
6.11Ian McGinn4:38.00aPaul VI
7.12Sam Rainard4:41.02aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
8.12Ian McDermott4:41.21aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
9.11Charles Horne4:48.04aPaul VI
10.11Andrew Holleran4:49.46aBishop O'Connell
11.-N Roberts4:50.50aBishop O'Connell
12.12Kevin Rivero4:51.14aBishop Ireton
13.11Matt Gardner4:51.17aBishop O'Connell
14.10Jason Torres4:52.31aSt. Mary's Ryken
15.10Will Fleury4:53.15aGonzaga College
16.10Ruben Wise4:56.18aBishop McNamara
17.9Nicholas Staufenberger4:56.83aSt. Mary's Ryken
18.12Stephen Vaccaro4:58.45aBishop Ireton
19.11Kenneth Hunt5:03.30aBishop McNamara
20.12Charles Hayes5:06.48aSt John's College
21.10James Stohlman5:07.66aPaul VI
22.12Chris Hogan5:07.71aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
23.9Milan Edgerton5:12.36aArchbishop Carroll
24.9Murphy Costigan5:16.90aBishop Ireton
25.9John Tracey5:17.06aSt John's College
26.10Sam Foo5:18.92aSt John's College
27.10Roderick Marshall5:44.06aArchbishop Carroll
28.12William Simms5:44.81aSt. Mary's Ryken

3200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.10Cory Puffett9:38.81aDeMatha Catholic
2.12Sam Rainard10:04.76aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
3.11Robert Patterson10:05.44aDeMatha Catholic
4.12Ian McDermott10:09.45aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
5.10Will Fleury10:16.00aGonzaga College
6.12Philip Adams10:22.81aDeMatha Catholic
7.11Charles Horne10:24.44aPaul VI
8.10Ben Zeiss10:27.58aGonzaga College
9.11Billy Lewis10:42.86aGonzaga College
10.10Kyle Graves10:47.68aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
11.11Matt Gardner11:06.03aBishop O'Connell
12.9Jake Reichert11:07.16aBishop Ireton
13.12Joey Chelak11:10.25aBishop Ireton
14.12Eddie Wojtan11:13.63aPaul VI
15.11Kenneth Hunt11:15.20aBishop McNamara
16.11Dan Welch11:18.27aBishop O'Connell
17.10James Stohlman11:20.72aPaul VI
18.10Simon Casselle11:27.86aSt John's College
19.10Sam Foo11:45.89aSt John's College
20.10Drew Fletcher11:46.45aBishop O'Connell
21.10Elliot Green12:14.92aSt. Mary's Ryken
22.10Zack Landis12:18.53aSt. Mary's Ryken
23.9Milan Edgerton12:26.16aArchbishop Carroll
24.12William Simms12:32.27aSt. Mary's Ryken
25.10Roderick Marshall13:21.90aArchbishop Carroll
26.10Serge Riddell13:27.35aSt John's College
27.11Ryan Jones15:37.25aArchbishop Carroll

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Finals

1.10Aaron Shepperd15.28a (1.3)Gonzaga College
2.12Mark Chauteh15.53a (1.3)Bishop O'Connell
3.10Andreas Roberson15.81a (1.3)DeMatha Catholic
4.-David Warner16.01a (1.3)Archbishop Carroll
5.9Jordan Lomax16.05a (1.3)DeMatha Catholic
6.9Eric Pittman16.46a (1.3)Gonzaga College
7.12Cory Essington16.68a (1.3)St. Mary's Ryken
8.-Jerome Couplin17.66a (1.3)Bishop McNamara

110m Hurdles - 39"  Varsity - Prelims

1.10Aaron Shepperd14.99aGonzaga College
2.12Mark Chauteh15.67aBishop O'Connell
3.9Jordan Lomax15.70aDeMatha Catholic
4.10Andreas Roberson15.87aDeMatha Catholic
5.-David Warner16.19aArchbishop Carroll
6.9Eric Pittman16.24aGonzaga College
7.12Cory Essington16.60aSt. Mary's Ryken
8.-Jerome Couplin17.43aBishop McNamara
9.12Brandon Clark17.51aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
10.10Brandon Williams17.72aSt John's College
11.9Kendall Harris18.55aDeMatha Catholic
12.12John Fritts19.34aBishop Ireton
13.11Isaiah Williams20.16aArchbishop Carroll
14.10John Stabile20.21aSt. Mary's Ryken
15.9Sam Ferrara21.09aBishop Ireton
16.-Kenneth Younger22.05aArchbishop Carroll

300m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.12Mark Chauteh40.60aBishop O'Connell
2.10Andreas Roberson41.10aDeMatha Catholic
3.12Brandon Clark41.39aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
4.9Jordan Lomax41.42aDeMatha Catholic
5.-David Warner41.88aArchbishop Carroll
6.9Kendall Harris42.62aDeMatha Catholic
7.12Cory Essington43.19aSt. Mary's Ryken
8.12Richard Gonzalez44.58aBishop O'Connell
9.9Eric Pittman44.60aGonzaga College
10.10Brandon Williams45.15aSt John's College
11.10Scott Chen45.73aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
12.10John Stabile46.35aSt. Mary's Ryken
13.9Ricky Baier46.67aBishop Ireton
14.11Duane Lucas47.17aArchbishop Carroll
15.12John Fritts48.19aBishop Ireton
16.9Sam Ferrara48.91aBishop Ireton
17.-Rashad Rich49.69aBishop McNamara
18.-Kenneth Younger50.66aArchbishop Carroll

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Mike Wallace
Jordan Myers
Chris Brown
Caleb Porzel
42.54aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
2.-Relay Team 44.21aSt John's College
3.-Relay Team 44.27aArchbishop Carroll
4.-Relay Team 44.37aGonzaga College
5.-Brandon Richardson
Bradley Clements
Blake Anderson
Mike Little
44.38aSt. Mary's Ryken
6.-Relay Team 46.49aBishop McNamara
7.-Relay Team 47.15aPaul VI
8.-Relay Team 47.41aBishop Ireton
---Relay Team DQDeMatha Catholic

4x200 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 1:30.69aDeMatha Catholic
2.-Jordan Myers
Caleb Porzel
Sean Sutton
Chris Brown
1:30.71aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
3.-Relay Team 1:33.28aArchbishop Carroll
4.-Relay Team 1:34.56aSt John's College
5.-Relay Team 1:35.73aGonzaga College
6.-Relay Team 1:37.13aPaul VI
7.-Relay Team 1:37.72aBishop McNamara
8.-Brandon Richardson
Chas Romeo
Blake Anderson
Mike Little
1:38.73aSt. Mary's Ryken
9.-Joseph Auclair
P Pereira
Mark Chauteh
George Llames
1:40.01aBishop O'Connell
10.-Relay Team 1:43.42aBishop Ireton

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Cortlandt Harris
Mark Hamilton
Jemell Sessoms
Chris Brown
3:22.41aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
2.-Relay Team 3:23.61aDeMatha Catholic
3.-Karrie Butlerjr
Kyle Cathion
Matthew Shorter
Trent Edgerton
3:27.24aArchbishop Carroll
4.-Mike Busby
Donald Quarles
Lionel Gaines
Brandon Williams
3:32.93aSt John's College
5.-Relay Team 3:40.71aGonzaga College
6.-Relay Team 3:47.45aPaul VI
7.-Relay Team 3:47.51aBishop O'Connell
8.-Relay Team 3:47.60aBishop Ireton
9.-Danny Burke
Victor Traven
Mitchell Mellinger
Josh Rawlings
3:56.89aSt. Mary's Ryken
10.-Christopher Spriggs
Jeffery Mcdonald
Ruben Wise
Nigel Crawley
3:57.41aBishop McNamara

4x800 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 8:21.36aGonzaga College
2.-Relay Team 8:21.41aDeMatha Catholic
3.-Mark Hamilton
Pat Vaughan
Steve Czujko
Ian McDermott
8:24.50aOur Lady Of Good Cou...
4.-Karrie Butlerjr
Kyle Cathion
Mark Landryjr
Matthew Shorter
8:53.06aArchbishop Carroll
5.-Relay Team 8:53.21aPaul VI
6.-Relay Team 8:57.43aBishop O'Connell
7.-Relay Team 9:06.15aSt John's College
8.-Relay Team 9:14.12aBishop Ireton
9.-Jason Torres
Brian Fedorchak
Nicholas Staufenberger
Josh Rawlings
9:21.50aSt. Mary's Ryken

Shot Put - 12lb  Varsity - Finals

1.12Corey Boatman51-00.50Our Lady Of Good Cou...
2.12Aaron Brooks50-09.25DeMatha Catholic
3.12Allen Whearry46-08.75Gonzaga College
4.10Andre Monroe46-04.25St John's College
5.11Dan McGroarty45-09.75Paul VI
6.11Jelani Jenkins45-06.25Our Lady Of Good Cou...
7.12Charles Kelly45-04.00DeMatha Catholic
8.10Channing Johnson44-03.75DeMatha Catholic
9.11Samuel Oyekoya41-06.00Gonzaga College
10.11Alphonso Beale40-02.00Archbishop Carroll
11.-Peter White38-11.50St John's College
12.11Nick Appel38-01.75Bishop O'Connell
13.10Daniel Knowles38-01.25Our Lady Of Good Cou...
14.10Vann Pugh37-11.50Bishop McNamara
15.-Kortland Jackson36-02.75St John's College
16.11Duane Lucas34-04.00Archbishop Carroll
16.11John Boyd34-04.00St. Mary's Ryken
18.-Matt DeLaCuesta32-07.25Bishop Ireton
18.11Devin Douglas32-07.25Bishop McNamara
20.12Dorrian Thorne31-06.75Bishop McNamara
21.11Xavier Williams30-04.00Archbishop Carroll
22.12Will Padukiewicz29-00.25St. Mary's Ryken
23.10Jacob Manley27-05.75Bishop Ireton
--12Eric WigginsNDGonzaga College
--12Pat RyanNDBishop Ireton
--10Steven MuskettNDPaul VI
--10Eric WrightNDPaul VI

Discus - 1.6kg  Varsity - Finals

1.12Aaron Brooks144-00DeMatha Catholic
2.11Jelani Jenkins137-02Our Lady Of Good Cou...
3.12Allen Whearry135-00Gonzaga College
4.12Charles Kelly129-01DeMatha Catholic
5.11Dan McGroarty127-06Paul VI
6.11Samuel Oyekoya125-04Gonzaga College
7.10Thor Serafenas114-09Our Lady Of Good Cou...
8.12James Roberson105-06Gonzaga College
9.11John Boyd104-11St. Mary's Ryken
10.10Channing Johnson103-00DeMatha Catholic
11.10Eric Wright100-03Paul VI
12.10Andre Monroe98-03St John's College
13.11Devin Douglas95-01Bishop McNamara
14.-Peter White93-04St John's College
15.12Corey Boatman92-09Our Lady Of Good Cou...
16.10Vann Pugh91-00Bishop McNamara
17.10Jacob Manley75-02Bishop Ireton
18.9Dalton Dixon74-07St. Mary's Ryken
19.10Steven Muskett74-00Paul VI
20.12Will Padukiewicz71-03St. Mary's Ryken
21.-Kortland Jackson70-01St John's College
--12Pat RyanNDBishop Ireton
---Matt DeLaCuestaNDBishop Ireton

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.11Stephen Brown6-00.00St John's College
2.-Rashad Rich6-00.00Bishop McNamara
3.12Bradley Clements5-10.00St. Mary's Ryken
4.12George Llames5-10.00Bishop O'Connell
5.-Kenny Tate5-08.00DeMatha Catholic
6.11David Outland5-08.00Our Lady Of Good Cou...
7.-Arvon Amisial5-08.00St John's College
8.11Colin Barkell5-06.00Bishop Ireton
9.11Terrance Martin5-04.00Our Lady Of Good Cou...
10.12Andrew Harvey5-02.00St. Mary's Ryken
10.12Mitchell Mellinger5-02.00St. Mary's Ryken
10.-Jonathan Mason5-02.00DeMatha Catholic
13.10Andrew Kicinski5-02.00Bishop Ireton

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12Johnson Bademosi20-10.00Gonzaga College
2.10Hassan Dixon20-05.50Our Lady Of Good Cou...
3.12George Llames19-10.00Bishop O'Connell
4.-Michael Clare19-06.50Archbishop Carroll
5.12Bradley Clements19-04.50St. Mary's Ryken
6.-Jerome Couplin19-02.50Bishop McNamara
7.11Terrance Martin18-11.00Our Lady Of Good Cou...
8.11Stephen Brown18-05.25St John's College
9.11David Outland18-05.00Our Lady Of Good Cou...
10.12Cory Essington18-02.25St. Mary's Ryken
11.12Michael Jackson17-11.00St John's College
12.12Blake Bynum17-08.75Bishop Ireton
13.-Ryan Rhodes17-06.50DeMatha Catholic
14.12Darrell Wesley17-05.75St John's College
15.9Edmund Piper17-05.00DeMatha Catholic
16.9Michael Landry17-03.00Archbishop Carroll
17.-Rashad Rich17-01.75Bishop McNamara
18.10Darius Young16-06.00DeMatha Catholic
19.10Roderick Marshall16-00.50Archbishop Carroll
20.10Francis Massa15-11.00Bishop Ireton
21.12Vincent Tchong15-01.25Paul VI

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.12George Llames42-06.00Bishop O'Connell
2.-Jerome Couplin41-01.50Bishop McNamara
3.-Michael Clare41-00.50Archbishop Carroll
4.11Mark Hamilton40-06.00Our Lady Of Good Cou...
5.10Aaron Shepperd40-05.75Gonzaga College
6.12Cory Essington40-03.50St. Mary's Ryken
7.12Bradley Clements39-11.75St. Mary's Ryken
8.12Blake Bynum39-03.50Bishop Ireton
9.9Edmund Piper39-02.00DeMatha Catholic
10.-Ryan Rhodes38-07.00DeMatha Catholic
11.11Terrance Martin38-02.50Our Lady Of Good Cou...
12.10Roderick Marshall37-06.75Archbishop Carroll
13.-Rashad Rich37-06.25Bishop McNamara
14.10Joe Powell36-06.50Paul VI
15.9Zach Fetters36-05.50Our Lady Of Good Cou...
16.10Francis Massa36-01.00Bishop Ireton
17.9Eric Pittman35-09.50Gonzaga College