Clarksburg, Richard Montgomery, Albert Einstein @ Col. Zadok Magruder

Tuesday, April 01, 2008
  Col. Zadok Magruder HS, Rockville - Map

  Field Events Start: 4:00 PM  Track Events Start: 4:00 PM
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Maryland - Class 3A
ALEIAlbert Einstein
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Avery Graham10.6hClarksburg
2.11Mark Small10.8hClarksburg
3.9Anthony Winter11.0hCol. Zadok Magruder
4.12Alonzo Evans-Chase11.1hRichard Montgomery
5.11Justin Henderson11.2hCol. Zadok Magruder
6.12David Douglas11.3hAlbert Einstein
7.-Greg Alexander11.6hClarksburg
---Mike Moore11.7hClarksburg
--10Kyle Summers11.8hClarksburg
8.-Luis Manzan12.0hClarksburg
9.11Ikram Khan12.1hAlbert Einstein
--10Neil Kpamegen12.7hCol. Zadok Magruder
---Kushal Choxi12.7hCol. Zadok Magruder
10.9Zachary Angel12.70Richard Montgomery
11.-Will Gadol13.1hAlbert Einstein
12.9Isaac Kruger13.3hRichard Montgomery
13.10Robbie Wong13.5hClarksburg
---Andres Moreta14.0hRichard Montgomery
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Avery Graham21.8hClarksburg
2.12Joseph Kelly23.0hAlbert Einstein
3.9Anthony Winter23.7hCol. Zadok Magruder
4.11Justin Henderson23.8hCol. Zadok Magruder
5.11Tim Ukwuani24.4hCol. Zadok Magruder
6.-Donald Haltiwanger24.5hCol. Zadok Magruder
7.11Estefan Beltran24.9hClarksburg
--9Kizon Garrett25.0hClarksburg
8.9Ben Bailer25.2hRichard Montgomery
--9Malcolm Ayers25.3hClarksburg
9.11Samuel Oluyemi25.3hClarksburg
10.11Ikram Khan25.4hAlbert Einstein
---Gerard Kipre25.5hCol. Zadok Magruder
11.-Mike Moore25.6hClarksburg
12.-Will Gadol26.3hAlbert Einstein
--10Brian Ngo26.6hClarksburg
--10Neil Kpamegen26.9hCol. Zadok Magruder
---Edusei Forkkio27.0hCol. Zadok Magruder
---David Fitzpatrick27.0hCol. Zadok Magruder
---Kushal Choxi27.4hCol. Zadok Magruder
13.-russel Thomas28.2hRichard Montgomery
14.10Kory Akers29.0hRichard Montgomery
---Brandon King30.7hCol. Zadok Magruder
15.-Yoftahe Yirdaw32.7hRichard Montgomery
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brendan Etzel50.7hRichard Montgomery
2.11Mark Small51.3hClarksburg
3.11Naseem Zietoon54.7hClarksburg
4.11Tim Ukwuani55.5hCol. Zadok Magruder
5.11Jeremy Blair56.7hRichard Montgomery
6.12Joseph Kelly57.4hAlbert Einstein
7.-russel Thomas59.5hRichard Montgomery
8.-Josh Dorsey59.8hClarksburg
9.11Samuel Oluyemi1:00.3hClarksburg
---David Fitzpatrick1:02.0hCol. Zadok Magruder
10.11Dawit Zewdie1:02.9hAlbert Einstein
11.-Edusei Forkkio1:03.5hCol. Zadok Magruder
12.9Jakub Lizon1:04.1hCol. Zadok Magruder
13.10Neil Kpamegen1:05.0hCol. Zadok Magruder
14.-Kushal Choxi1:05.7hCol. Zadok Magruder
--10David C Rosario1:07.4hCol. Zadok Magruder
--10Eric Bisselle1:07.7hCol. Zadok Magruder
---Brandon King1:15.2hCol. Zadok Magruder
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bentsi Johnson2:08.9hClarksburg
2.12Alex Bodaken2:09.4hAlbert Einstein
3.12Emilio Galis2:11.3hCol. Zadok Magruder
4.12Tony Wu2:13.1hClarksburg
5.-Arnould Nikamdjeu2:15.1hClarksburg
6.11Naseem Zietoon2:15.5hClarksburg
7.10Zimin Hang2:15.9hRichard Montgomery
8.9Sam Martin2:23.1hRichard Montgomery
9.10James Thomas2:25.1hClarksburg
10.-Ben Petros2:26.2hClarksburg
11.9Eric Mottola2:26.7hRichard Montgomery
12.10Philip Cruz2:27.7hClarksburg
13.10Jared Brody2:29.2hCol. Zadok Magruder
14.-James Corbett2:30.6hCol. Zadok Magruder
15.11Dawit Zewdie2:34.2hAlbert Einstein
16.10Benjamin Rivers2:35.1hAlbert Einstein
17.9Thomas Keane2:37.1hCol. Zadok Magruder
18.10Aaron Kuhn2:39.3hAlbert Einstein
19.-Tigran Kapinos2:41.1hClarksburg
20.-Mohil Bisht2:42.9hClarksburg
21.-Sean Steiner2:45.3hClarksburg
22.12Con Foley2:58.2hAlbert Einstein
23.-Joshua Martinez3:01.2hCol. Zadok Magruder
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Bodaken4:48.5hAlbert Einstein
2.10Nicolas Escobar4:53.2hCol. Zadok Magruder
3.12Sebastian Devlin-Foltz4:57.4hAlbert Einstein
4.12Bentsi Johnson5:00.2hClarksburg
5.9Sam Martin5:02.2hRichard Montgomery
6.10Mark Mechak5:02.6hCol. Zadok Magruder
7.-Arnould Nikamdjeu5:12.7hClarksburg
8.12Ramon Munoz5:14.0hClarksburg
9.-James Corbett5:16.6hCol. Zadok Magruder
10.9Matt Lidell5:19.5hRichard Montgomery
11.-Ben Petros5:20.4hClarksburg
12.9Russ Daley5:21.8hClarksburg
13.9Jeremy Batt5:23.3hRichard Montgomery
14.11Francisco Reyes5:24.7hRichard Montgomery
15.10James Thomas5:31.20Clarksburg
16.9Sebastian Arrazola5:38.3hCol. Zadok Magruder
17.10Benjamin Rivers5:39.2hAlbert Einstein
18.10John McCullough5:45.2hRichard Montgomery
19.10Aaron Kuhn5:46.2hAlbert Einstein
20.9Edgar Rodriguez5:51.2hCol. Zadok Magruder
21.9Dagmawi Abebe5:55.3hCol. Zadok Magruder
22.10Jared Brody5:58.7hCol. Zadok Magruder
23.-Sean Steiner6:02.7hClarksburg
24.-Tigran Kapinos6:04.3hClarksburg
25.-Mohil Bisht6:09.9hClarksburg
26.10Mudit Verma6:19.6hClarksburg
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Nicolas Escobar10:49.5hCol. Zadok Magruder
2.12Sebastian Devlin-Foltz10:50.9hAlbert Einstein
3.10Mark Mechak11:14.9hCol. Zadok Magruder
4.9Jacob Cantor11:17.3hRichard Montgomery
5.12Ramon Munoz11:27.1hClarksburg
6.9Russ Daley11:48.7hClarksburg
7.11Francisco Reyes11:49.8hRichard Montgomery
8.9Jeremy Batt12:10.3hRichard Montgomery
9.9Matt Lidell12:11.7hRichard Montgomery
10.9Daniel Abdool12:21.9hCol. Zadok Magruder
11.10John McCullough12:36.9hRichard Montgomery
12.9Sebastian Arrazola12:49.70Col. Zadok Magruder
13.9Edgar Rodriguez13:22.7hCol. Zadok Magruder
14.10Mudit Verma13:55.8hClarksburg
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tyler Jackson14.5hRichard Montgomery
2.12Petros Bein15.3hClarksburg
3.12Morgan Mott15.5hClarksburg
4.11Andrew Rodrigues16.8hRichard Montgomery
5.10Sam Asiamah17.0hAlbert Einstein
6.11Ibrahim Raheem17.6hAlbert Einstein
7.12Kevin Chung18.7hRichard Montgomery
8.11Olumbe Falu18.8hAlbert Einstein
9.12Robert Nettey20.4hCol. Zadok Magruder
10.12Jordan King20.8hCol. Zadok Magruder
11.11Francis Rodenzo21.0hRichard Montgomery
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tyler Jackson40.0hRichard Montgomery
2.12Petros Bein42.2hClarksburg
3.12Michael Leaman42.9hClarksburg
4.11Andrew Rodrigues43.2hRichard Montgomery
---Arnould Nikamdjeu43.93Clarksburg
5.10Devin Moreno44.0hClarksburg
6.10Sam Asiamah44.2hAlbert Einstein
7.12David Douglas44.3hAlbert Einstein
8.11Ibrahim Raheem44.7hAlbert Einstein
9.10Sam Collins45.8hClarksburg
10.11Olumbe Falu47.2hAlbert Einstein
--9Tareq Zietoon47.9hClarksburg
11.12Kevin Chung48.9hRichard Montgomery
--11Francis Rodenzo49.2hRichard Montgomery
12.10Nicholas Xydis54.0hRichard Montgomery
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 46.3hAlbert Einstein
2.-Relay Team 48.7hCol. Zadok Magruder
3.-Relay Team 49.0hClarksburg
4.-Relay Team 50.9hRichard Montgomery
5.-Relay Team 51.6hRichard Montgomery
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:39.1hClarksburg
2.-Relay Team 1:40.1hCol. Zadok Magruder
3.-Relay Team 1:42.7hAlbert Einstein
4.-Relay Team 1:43.7hRichard Montgomery
5.-Relay Team 1:49.7hRichard Montgomery
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:37.1hClarksburg
2.-Relay Team 3:40.5hCol. Zadok Magruder
3.-Relay Team 4:10.7hCol. Zadok Magruder
4.-Relay Team 4:16.2hRichard Montgomery
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:51.5hCol. Zadok Magruder
2.-Relay Team 8:57.8hRichard Montgomery
3.-Relay Team 9:10.9hAlbert Einstein
4.-Relay Team 9:16.6hClarksburg
5.-Relay Team 9:36.7hRichard Montgomery
6.-Relay Team 9:44.5hCol. Zadok Magruder
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Avery Graham49-04.00Clarksburg
2.11Marcus Kinney40-06.50Clarksburg
3.11Rob Thompson40-05.50Clarksburg
4.11Eric Miner38-03.50Richard Montgomery
5.11Christian Smith36-11.00Clarksburg
6.12Robert Nettey36-09.00Col. Zadok Magruder
7.10Ty Chase32-09.00Richard Montgomery
8.12Mark Matienzo31-04.00Col. Zadok Magruder
9.11Kuevi Quevison31-02.00Clarksburg
10.-Patrick Maguire30-11.00Richard Montgomery
11.-Giuromo Scruto30-01.50Richard Montgomery
12.11Edgar Villegas27-06.00Col. Zadok Magruder
13.-Rob Erold26-03.00Clarksburg
14.-Yo Tran21-02.00Richard Montgomery
15.-Mark Sigmund19-06.50Clarksburg
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Marcus Kinney124-07Clarksburg
2.11Eric Miner101-03Richard Montgomery
3.12Brendan Etzel91-08Richard Montgomery
4.-Ben Petros90-05Clarksburg
5.11Edgar Villegas86-11Col. Zadok Magruder
6.12Mark Matienzo79-06Col. Zadok Magruder
7.-Ivan Saranov74-05Richard Montgomery
8.-Lev Slyusarev74-01Richard Montgomery
9.11Rob Arold66-09Clarksburg
10.-Mark Sigmund66-06Clarksburg
11.11Rob Thompson66-01Clarksburg
11.11Christian Smith66-01Clarksburg
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Darius Ray5-08.00Col. Zadok Magruder
2.10Sam Collins5-02.00Clarksburg
3.12Jordan King5-00.00Col. Zadok Magruder
3.11Avery Graham5-00.00Clarksburg
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Darius Ray20-08.00Col. Zadok Magruder
2.12Alonzo Evans-Chase19-02.00Richard Montgomery
3.10Fonati Quinn18-08.00Richard Montgomery
4.12Petros Bein18-01.00Clarksburg
5.12Morgan Mott18-00.00Clarksburg
6.11Steven Ha17-08.00Col. Zadok Magruder
7.12Tony Wu17-05.00Clarksburg
8.-Andres Moreta17-02.00Richard Montgomery
9.11Estefan Beltran16-09.00Clarksburg
10.9Ben Bailer16-08.00Richard Montgomery
11.-russel Thomas16-03.00Richard Montgomery
12.12David Douglas15-08.00Albert Einstein
12.10Jonathan Bullock15-08.00Albert Einstein
14.11Vorith Phlong15-06.00Clarksburg
15.10Robbie Wong15-05.00Clarksburg
16.9Strong Wu14-10.00Clarksburg
17.-Josh Dorsey14-09.00Clarksburg
18.9Isaac Kruger13-01.00Richard Montgomery
19.9Shahidou Mariko11-03.00Richard Montgomery
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Darius Ray44-03.00Col. Zadok Magruder
2.11Steven Ha41-03.00Col. Zadok Magruder
3.12Alonzo Evans-Chase41-01.00Richard Montgomery
4.12Tyler Jackson40-06.50Richard Montgomery
5.12Tony Wu40-01.00Clarksburg
6.11Vorith Phlong38-04.50Clarksburg
7.11Estefan Beltran37-11.00Clarksburg
8.12Morgan Mott37-02.50Clarksburg
9.9Shahidou Mariko33-01.50Richard Montgomery

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jasmine Scott12.7hCol. Zadok Magruder
2.-Kerene Turgott12.8hRichard Montgomery
3.10Charnay Ryland12.9hClarksburg
4.11Courtney Clark13.2hClarksburg
5.10Vanessa Trinh13.3hCol. Zadok Magruder
5.9Lauren Birdsong13.3hAlbert Einstein
7.11Mayo Sonko13.4hCol. Zadok Magruder
7.11Kayla Hunter13.4hClarksburg
9.9Jenaye Blackmon13.5hCol. Zadok Magruder
10.10Tyra Frye14.2hAlbert Einstein
--10Ruth J Sims14.6hCol. Zadok Magruder
11.9Ashley Thurmond14.7hAlbert Einstein
11.9Lasette Sewell14.7hRichard Montgomery
---Sumiya Raheem15.0hCol. Zadok Magruder
--9Judith Vesoh15.0hClarksburg
--10Inna C De Leon15.2hCol. Zadok Magruder
--10Marisa Van Der Ejik15.3hCol. Zadok Magruder
13.-Allie Emmet15.3hClarksburg
14.11Coralia Ortiz16.0hAlbert Einstein
---Andrea De Leon16.2hCol. Zadok Magruder
---Karen Dunford16.5hRichard Montgomery
---Fithawie Muluzeta17.6hRichard Montgomery
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Rianne Webb26.2hRichard Montgomery
2.10Jasmine Scott26.6hCol. Zadok Magruder
3.11Adriyah Young26.8hCol. Zadok Magruder
4.11Kayla Hunter27.3hClarksburg
5.11Mayo Sonko28.4hCol. Zadok Magruder
6.9Lauren Birdsong28.6hAlbert Einstein
7.12Chanel Hamilton28.7hRichard Montgomery
8.10Tyra Frye28.9hAlbert Einstein
9.10Ashley Gillard29.3hRichard Montgomery
10.10Cynthia Oboh29.5hCol. Zadok Magruder
---Veronica Ramos30.1hCol. Zadok Magruder
--9Jenaye Blackmon30.1hCol. Zadok Magruder
11.11Courtney Clark30.7hClarksburg
12.9Molly Brand30.8hRichard Montgomery
13.9Caroline McCarty31.3hClarksburg
--10Ruth J Sims31.4hCol. Zadok Magruder
14.-Kelly Beltre31.6hClarksburg
---Ashley Galway32.2hClarksburg
--9Bolu Odubayo32.2hCol. Zadok Magruder
15.11Coralia Ortiz32.7hAlbert Einstein
---Allie Emmet33.2hClarksburg
---Sumiya Raheem34.1hCol. Zadok Magruder
--10Inna C De Leon34.2hCol. Zadok Magruder
--10Marisa Van Der Ejik36.5hCol. Zadok Magruder
---Andrea De Leon38.6hCol. Zadok Magruder
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Page Harris1:03.5hClarksburg
2.11Erin Hylton1:05.3hRichard Montgomery
3.11Sarah Kronheim1:08.8hAlbert Einstein
4.11Ronlet Thomas1:09.0hCol. Zadok Magruder
5.9Yodit Solomon1:10.3hAlbert Einstein
6.10Ruth J Sims1:10.5hCol. Zadok Magruder
---Veronica Ramos1:11.0hCol. Zadok Magruder
7.12Sarela Herrada1:11.6hCol. Zadok Magruder
8.11Susan Wu1:14.7hClarksburg
9.10Brielle Belt1:15.9hClarksburg
---Ashley Galway1:16.9hClarksburg
10.10Starla Belt1:16.90Clarksburg
11.9Ariam Solomon1:17.2hAlbert Einstein
---Kelly Beltre1:17.4hClarksburg
--10Inna C De Leon1:19.6hCol. Zadok Magruder
12.9Bolu Odubayo1:19.87Col. Zadok Magruder
13.-Karen Dunford1:21.1hRichard Montgomery
14.-Alex French1:24.0hRichard Montgomery
---Sumiya Raheem1:24.3hCol. Zadok Magruder
--10Marisa Van Der Ejik1:26.5hCol. Zadok Magruder
---Andrea De Leon1:30.0hCol. Zadok Magruder
15.9Holly Trout1:58.4hAlbert Einstein
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Lauren Sumner2:37.9hClarksburg
2.11Jenna Smith2:41.6hClarksburg
3.9Alexandra Jones2:44.6hCol. Zadok Magruder
4.11Sarah Kronheim2:44.8hAlbert Einstein
5.-Jeanne Ball2:45.3hCol. Zadok Magruder
6.11Ronlet Thomas2:52.80Col. Zadok Magruder
7.10Julianne Dirks2:58.5hClarksburg
8.10Miranda Brady3:03.7hCol. Zadok Magruder
9.9Fatima Resendiz3:05.7hRichard Montgomery
10.9Ariam Solomon3:06.2hAlbert Einstein
11.11Susan Wu3:06.3hClarksburg
12.9Shoshana Yun3:06.6hRichard Montgomery
13.9Ashley Thurmond3:09.6hAlbert Einstein
14.11Eva Rodenzo3:09.9hRichard Montgomery
15.11Rachel Rosa3:12.8hClarksburg
16.-Sarah Fitzsmmons3:14.9hClarksburg
17.10Micaela Larson3:15.3hClarksburg
18.-Courtney Sanders3:17.9hClarksburg
19.9Rae Blanco3:27.3hCol. Zadok Magruder
20.9Holly Trout3:30.1hAlbert Einstein
21.-Alejandra Plazas3:39.1hCol. Zadok Magruder
22.-Salma Sharaf3:45.7hCol. Zadok Magruder
23.10Cynthia Perez3:50.2hCol. Zadok Magruder
24.9Alexandra Martinez3:50.80Albert Einstein
25.-Hua Hong Nguyen3:55.3hCol. Zadok Magruder
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Courtney Whalen5:42.8hCol. Zadok Magruder
2.12Sarah Britton5:50.7hRichard Montgomery
3.10Sisi Reid6:08.0hAlbert Einstein
4.11Jenna Smith6:24.6hClarksburg
5.10Miranda Brady6:26.7hCol. Zadok Magruder
6.9Fatima Resendiz6:28.8hRichard Montgomery
7.12Samantha Albert6:37.4hCol. Zadok Magruder
8.11Kelsey Smith6:38.6hClarksburg
9.9Shoshana Yun6:41.7hRichard Montgomery
10.11Eva Rodenzo6:43.7hRichard Montgomery
11.9Laura Sprague7:04.9hCol. Zadok Magruder
12.11Rachel Rosa7:20.7hClarksburg
13.10Huma Moinuddin7:24.6hCol. Zadok Magruder
14.10Micaela Larson7:24.9hClarksburg
15.11Rahwa Solomon7:25.1hAlbert Einstein
16.9Rae Blanco7:27.6hCol. Zadok Magruder
17.-Alejandra Plazas7:46.0hCol. Zadok Magruder
18.9Alexandra Martinez7:59.9hAlbert Einstein
19.-Salma Sharaf8:09.0hCol. Zadok Magruder
20.10Cynthia Perez8:12.4hCol. Zadok Magruder
21.-Hua Hong Nguyen8:29.7hCol. Zadok Magruder
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sarah Britton13:00.8hRichard Montgomery
2.10Sisi Reid13:14.2hAlbert Einstein
3.12Courtney Whalen13:33.1hCol. Zadok Magruder
4.11Kelsey Smith15:16.5hClarksburg
5.12Samantha Albert15:26.9hCol. Zadok Magruder
6.9Laura Sprague15:54.10Col. Zadok Magruder
7.10Huma Moinuddin16:52.1hCol. Zadok Magruder
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Elana Diestel16.8hCol. Zadok Magruder
2.12Jessica Weaver17.2hRichard Montgomery
3.11Nana Langa17.45Clarksburg
4.12Devin Crone17.46Col. Zadok Magruder
5.10Katherine Rebois17.76Albert Einstein
6.11Erin Hylton18.84Richard Montgomery
7.-Michelle Lyman19.8hCol. Zadok Magruder
8.11Providence Kruger20.6hCol. Zadok Magruder
9.8Samantha Smith20.8hRichard Montgomery
10.11Riham Osman21.0hClarksburg
--9Monica Stein21.4hClarksburg
--9Mary Ellen Coffay21.5hCol. Zadok Magruder
---Kirsten Hight21.9hClarksburg
11.-Ava Omidvar22.10Clarksburg
12.10Amanda Neff22.60Clarksburg
--9Amy Price24.2hCol. Zadok Magruder
--9Rae Blanco26.5hCol. Zadok Magruder
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nana Langa49.0hClarksburg
2.11Elana Diestel50.7hCol. Zadok Magruder
3.10Lauren Sumner53.9hClarksburg
4.10Katherine Rebois55.9hAlbert Einstein
5.12Jessica Weaver56.2hRichard Montgomery
6.9Mary Ellen Coffay56.7hCol. Zadok Magruder
7.11Riham Osman59.2hClarksburg
8.-Michelle Lyman1:00.2hCol. Zadok Magruder
9.-Ava Omidvar1:01.20Clarksburg
10.-Katie Bertrand1:01.4hClarksburg
11.-Kirsten Hight1:02.5hClarksburg
12.9Amy Price1:03.4hCol. Zadok Magruder
13.9Monica Stein1:04.7hClarksburg
14.10Amanda Neff1:06.3hClarksburg
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 51.6hClarksburg
2.-Relay Team 53.0hRichard Montgomery
3.-Relay Team 55.7hCol. Zadok Magruder
4.-Relay Team 58.3hAlbert Einstein
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:51.0hRichard Montgomery
2.-Relay Team 1:52.8hClarksburg
3.-Relay Team 1:53.7hCol. Zadok Magruder
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:28.9hCol. Zadok Magruder
2.-Relay Team 4:37.8hRichard Montgomery
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:45.9hClarksburg
2.-Relay Team 10:49.1hCol. Zadok Magruder
3.-Relay Team 11:09.7hAlbert Einstein
4.-Relay Team 12:00.0hRichard Montgomery
5.-Relay Team 12:02.3hCol. Zadok Magruder
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Turquoia Johnson34-03.00Clarksburg
2.11Porcha Davis32-00.50Richard Montgomery
3.12Brianna Fulton29-10.00Richard Montgomery
4.10Natalia Morrison28-05.75Clarksburg
5.12Kate Baker26-10.50Richard Montgomery
6.12Colleen McNickle25-00.50Col. Zadok Magruder
7.10Talia A Shepheard24-09.50Col. Zadok Magruder
8.12Shanek Reid23-03.50Col. Zadok Magruder
9.9Sam Appleby22-11.00Col. Zadok Magruder
10.11Kate McCully21-04.75Albert Einstein
11.-Pooja Deb20-04.00Col. Zadok Magruder
12.10Xena Dreyfuss18-05.00Albert Einstein
13.10Clara Pittleman17-06.50Col. Zadok Magruder
14.-Page Masonson17-02.50Col. Zadok Magruder
15.-Kelly Stief16-11.25Col. Zadok Magruder
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kate McCully75-09Albert Einstein
2.12Kate Baker74-00Richard Montgomery
3.11Porcha Davis69-07Richard Montgomery
4.8Marrissa Foster67-01Richard Montgomery
5.11Turquoia Johnson64-00Clarksburg
6.12Shanek Reid62-05Col. Zadok Magruder
7.10Natalia Morrison61-07Clarksburg
8.12Colleen McNickle54-08Col. Zadok Magruder
9.9Sam Appleby53-11Col. Zadok Magruder
10.11Alexandra Spilsbury49-06Albert Einstein
11.10Xena Dreyfuss46-09Albert Einstein
12.-Kelly Stief44-00Col. Zadok Magruder
13.10Clara Pittleman43-10Col. Zadok Magruder
14.9Holly Trout28-08Albert Einstein
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Cassidy Pickles4-08.00Clarksburg
2.10Sarah Leaman4-06.00Clarksburg
2.11Providence Kruger4-06.00Col. Zadok Magruder
4.10Charnay Ryland4-04.00Clarksburg
5.9Caroline McCarty4-02.00Clarksburg
6.12Jessica Weaver4-00.00Richard Montgomery
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Caroline McCarty15-05.50Clarksburg
2.10Katherine Rebois14-06.50Albert Einstein
3.8Samantha Smith12-06.00Richard Montgomery
4.9Molly Brand12-05.00Richard Montgomery
5.9Conni Li12-01.50Richard Montgomery
6.-Lily Zhang11-10.00Richard Montgomery
7.-Michelle Lyman11-09.00Col. Zadok Magruder
7.12Devin Crone11-09.00Col. Zadok Magruder
9.9Lasette Sewell11-06.00Richard Montgomery
10.-Jeanne Ball11-04.00Col. Zadok Magruder
11.9Amy Price10-11.00Col. Zadok Magruder
12.-Marrissa Zhong10-07.00Richard Montgomery
13.9Mary Ellen Coffay10-03.00Col. Zadok Magruder
14.-zeona Walker-LAtney10-00.00Richard Montgomery
15.9Yiqi Cao9-05.00Richard Montgomery
16.-Fithawie Muluzeta9-00.00Richard Montgomery
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Page Harris34-08.50Clarksburg
2.11Erin Hylton30-06.50Richard Montgomery
3.12Devin Crone30-04.50Col. Zadok Magruder
4.11Turquoia Johnson29-08.50Clarksburg
5.8Samantha Smith28-07.00Richard Montgomery
6.12Colleen McNickle27-11.00Col. Zadok Magruder
7.11Providence Kruger27-10.50Col. Zadok Magruder
8.9Conni Li27-06.00Richard Montgomery
9.-Lily Zhang27-04.00Richard Montgomery
10.-Jeanne Ball25-11.50Col. Zadok Magruder
11.9Molly Brand25-09.00Richard Montgomery
12.-Fithawie Muluzeta24-01.00Richard Montgomery
13.9Yiqi Cao23-03.00Richard Montgomery
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