GISA State Championships

Saturday, May 02, 2009
  Mills Stadium, Albany - Map
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Georgia - AA
WESTWestminster Schools
Georgia - AAAA
Georgia - AAAAA
Georgia - AAAAAA
Georgia - Class A
BRNHBrandon Hall
HIDLHidden Lake
CCACovenant Christian
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - A - Finals
1.-Derek Lindsey11.33aDavid Emanuel
2.-Cole Byrd11.61aTerrell
3.-Taylor Boone11.73aWestwood
4.-Michael Bridges12.02aThomas Jefferson
5.-Taylor Barrentine12.10aThomas Jefferson
6.-Gunnar Mendiola12.10aCovenant Academy
6.-Nick Dawson12.10aBriarwood Academy
8.-Michael Battle12.25aCovenant Academy
X 100 Meters - AA - Finals
1.-Justin Chambers11.17aCottage
2.-Irvin Dunn11.66aThe Heritage
3.-Antonio Proctor11.67aMemorial Day
4.-Wes Carter12.03aTiftarea Academy
5.-Troy Poulin12.08aBulloch Academy
6.-Dartavious Brown12.09aBrentwood
7.-Jordan Peacock12.10aWindsor Academy
----Kent GibsonDQWindsor Academy
X 100 Meters - AAA - Finals
1.-Toney Zenon11.29aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
2.-Rodger Walker11.37aBrookwood School
3.-Taylor Harden11.49aFirst Presbyterian Day
4.-Andy Clack11.59aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
5.-James Mason11.67aTrinity Christian
6.-Ryan Goss11.71aAugusta Prep
7.-Julian Hawkins11.83aDominion Christian
8.10Kevin Greene11.92aSouthland Academy
X 100 Meters - A - Prelims
1.-Derek Lindsey11.16aDavid Emanuel
2.-Cole Byrd11.39aTerrell
3.-Taylor Boone11.52aWestwood
4.-Taylor Barrentine11.59aThomas Jefferson
5.-Michael Bridges11.63aThomas Jefferson
6.-Gunnar Mendiola11.79aCovenant Academy
7.-Michael Battle11.80aCovenant Academy
8.-Nick Dawson11.89aBriarwood Academy
9.-Giles Bascho-George11.96aBrandon Hall
10.-Michael Johnson12.17aWestwood
11.-Dillon Thorpe12.63aRandolph Southern
12.-Travis Daniels12.86aDawson St Christian
13.Vaughn Head13.50aFpca
X 100 Meters - AA - Prelims
1.-Justin Chambers11.02aCottage
2.-Kent Gibson11.07aWindsor Academy
3.-Irvin Dunn11.29aThe Heritage
4.-Dartavious Brown11.48aBrentwood
5.-Wes Carter11.50aTiftarea Academy
6.-Antonio Proctor11.53aMemorial Day
7.-Troy Poulin11.67aBulloch Academy
8.-Jordan Peacock11.70aWindsor Academy
9.-AJ Pryor11.75aBrentwood
10.-CJ Smith11.77aMemorial Day
11.-Brandon Davis11.84aCurtis Baptist
12.10Miles Lee11.90aSouthwest Georgia
13.-Ethan Rowe11.97aFlint River Academy
14.-Daniel Few11.99aHarvester Christian ...
15.-Josh Reim12.24aCommunity Christian
16.-Dashon Douglas12.64aStrong Rock Christian
X 100 Meters - AAA - Prelims
1.-Toney Zenon10.98aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
3.-Rodger Walker11.03aBrookwood School
2.-Ryan Goss11.12aAugusta Prep
4.-Taylor Harden11.16aFirst Presbyterian Day
5.10Kevin Greene11.17aSouthland Academy
6.-James Mason11.18aTrinity Christian
7.-Andy Clack11.23aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
8.-Julian Hawkins11.42aDominion Christian
9.-Sam Bryant11.62aMt De Sales
9.-Tre Blanchard11.62aHoly Spirit Prep
11.-Myles Swain11.63aMt De Sales
12.-Logan Rose11.72aPinewood Christian
13.-Bobby Ellison11.79aGeorge Walton
14.-Marcus Tebbs11.83aWestminster Schools
15.-Robbie Ballard11.97aFirst Presbyterian Day
X 200 Meters - A - Finals
1.-Derek Lindsey23.60aDavid Emanuel
2.-Taylor Boone24.20aWestwood
3.-Nick Dawson24.32aBriarwood Academy
4.-Michael Battle24.44aCovenant Academy
5.-Taylor Barrentine24.69aThomas Jefferson
6.-Sanquell Wilson24.79aDavid Emanuel
7.-Gunnar Mendiola25.01aCovenant Academy
8.-Giles Bascho-George25.61aBrandon Hall
X 200 Meters - AA - Finals
1.-Justin Chambers22.65aCottage
2.-Kent Gibson23.78aWindsor Academy
3.-Irvin Dunn23.95aThe Heritage
4.-AJ Pryor24.00aBrentwood
5.-Jordan Peacock24.34aWindsor Academy
6.-Omari Anderson24.38aCottage
7.-Micah Stewart24.45aNathanael Greene
8.-Troy Poulin25.45aBulloch Academy
X 200 Meters - AAA - Finals
1.-Andy Clack23.05aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
2.-Rodger Walker23.17aBrookwood School
3.-Toney Zenon23.22aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
4.-Tyler Harden23.33aFirst Presbyterian Day
5.10Kevin Greene23.87aSouthland Academy
6.-Julian Hawkins24.03aDominion Christian
7.-Marcus Tebbs24.40aWestminster Schools
8.-Parker Rhodes24.43aWestminster Schools
X 200 Meters - A - Prelims
1.-Derek Lindsey23.87aDavid Emanuel
3.-Nick Dawson24.18aBriarwood Academy
2.-Taylor Boone24.30aWestwood
4.-Taylor Barrentine24.43aThomas Jefferson
5.-Michael Battle24.44aCovenant Academy
6.-Sanquell Wilson24.63aDavid Emanuel
7.-Giles Bascho-George24.65aBrandon Hall
8.-Gunnar Mendiola24.66aCovenant Academy
9.-Jesse Morrell24.80aBethesda Day
10.-Michael Johnson24.99aWestwood
11.-Stephone Gates25.87aDawson St Christian
12.-Alex Weeks27.34aRandolph Southern
13.Vaughn Head29.18aFpca
X 200 Meters - AA - Prelims
1.-Justin Chambers22.53aCottage
2.-Kent Gibson23.74aWindsor Academy
3.-AJ Pryor24.00aBrentwood
4.-Irvin Dunn24.07aThe Heritage
5.-Omari Anderson24.13aCottage
6.-Jordan Peacock24.20aWindsor Academy
7.-Troy Poulin24.22aBulloch Academy
8.-Micah Stewart24.32aNathanael Greene
9.-Antonio Proctor24.60aMemorial Day
10.-Shaad Wright25.21aMemorial Day
11.-Josh Maddox25.22aSherwood Christian
12.-Chandler Hammond25.29aTiftarea Academy
13.-Ellis Lane25.37aBulloch Academy
14.-Devonte Washington25.91aArlington Christian
15.-Dylan Collins26.07aPiedmont Academy
16.-Heath Boyd26.58aBrentwood
X 200 Meters - AAA - Prelims
1.-Toney Zenon22.95aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
3.-Rodger Walker22.98aBrookwood School
2.-Tyler Harden23.05aFirst Presbyterian Day
4.-Andy Clack23.16aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
5.-Julian Hawkins23.89aDominion Christian
6.10Kevin Greene23.94aSouthland Academy
7.-Marcus Tebbs24.12aWestminster Schools
8.-Parker Rhodes24.16aWestminster Schools
9.-Sam Bryant24.35aMt De Sales
10.-Robbie Ballard24.42aFirst Presbyterian Day
11.-Chad Rutledge24.59aGeorge Walton
12.-James Mason24.75aTrinity Christian
13.-Corbin Turner25.41aTrinity Christian
X 400 Meters - A - Finals
1.-Jesse Morrell53.15aBethesda Day
2.-Michael Bridges53.45aThomas Jefferson
3.-Riley Anderson53.78aWestwood
4.-Taylor Barrentine54.02aThomas Jefferson
5.-Zack Culler54.24aDawson St Christian
6.-Tre Simons54.92aBrandon Hall
7.-Ethan Lambert55.17aWestwood
8.-Giles Bascho-George56.49aBrandon Hall
X 400 Meters - AA - Finals
1.-Justin Chambers49.05aCottage
2.10Miles Lee52.85aSouthwest Georgia
3.-Omari Anderson52.97aCottage
4.-Micah Stewart53.03aNathanael Greene
5.-Troy Poulin54.30aBulloch Academy
6.-Nick Burgamy54.64aBrentwood
7.10Daniel Bayman54.81aSouthwest Georgia
8.-Damon Harris55.17aBrentwood
X 400 Meters - AAA - Finals
1.-Andy Clack49.44aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
2.-Tre Blanchard51.30aHoly Spirit Prep
3.-Davis Moore51.97aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
4.-Kemper Morton52.62aFirst Presbyterian Day
5.-John Pittman52.94aJohn Milledge Academy
6.-Logan Rose52.99aPinewood Christian
7.-Ty Shelnutt53.27aGeorge Walton
8.-Ryan Ridley53.99aStratford Academy
X 400 Meters - A - Prelims
1.-Michael Bridges53.55aThomas Jefferson
1.-Jesse Morrell53.55aBethesda Day
3.-Riley Anderson54.25aWestwood
5.-Ethan Lambert54.31aWestwood
6.-Zack Culler54.57aDawson St Christian
4.-Taylor Barrentine54.65aThomas Jefferson
7.-Giles Bascho-George54.92aBrandon Hall
8.-Tre Simons54.97aBrandon Hall
9.-Clay Snow55.45aJohn Hancock Academy
10.-Matthew McElveen55.80aBriarwood Academy
11.-Gunnar Mendiola56.11aCovenant Academy
12.-Brian Ambrose58.76aTerrell
13.-Brandon Bostic1:01.63aBethesda Day
14.-Loy Devane1:02.53aRandolph Southern
15.Steven Robinson1:05.19aFpca
X 400 Meters - AA - Prelims
1.-Justin Chambers50.13aCottage
2.-Omari Anderson52.26aCottage
3.-Micah Stewart52.62aNathanael Greene
4.10Miles Lee52.81aSouthwest Georgia
5.-Troy Poulin53.16aBulloch Academy
6.-Damon Harris53.26aBrentwood
7.10Daniel Bayman53.86aSouthwest Georgia
8.-Nick Burgamy54.51aBrentwood
9.-Josh Reim54.68aCommunity Christian
10.-Jackson Sharpe55.65aRobert Toombs Christ...
11.-Ben Swanson55.89aCurtis Baptist
12.-Stuart Sumner55.90aTiftarea Academy
13.-Ellis Lane57.21aBulloch Academy
14.-Garrett Rippy57.75aTiftarea Academy
15.-Jonathan Swint57.79aFlint River Academy
X 400 Meters - AAA - Prelims
1.-Andy Clack49.51aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
3.-Tre Blanchard51.72aHoly Spirit Prep
5.-Ryan Ridley51.84aStratford Academy
6.-Davis Moore52.09aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
7.-Logan Rose52.39aPinewood Christian
2.-Kemper Morton52.60aFirst Presbyterian Day
4.-John Pittman53.29aJohn Milledge Academy
8.-Ty Shelnutt53.50aGeorge Walton
9.-Parker Rhodes53.67aWestminster Schools
10.-Daniel Walston53.74aMt De Sales
11.-John Peake53.84aWestfield
12.12Chibuzo Nwosu54.20aMt De Sales
13.-Michael Nwiloh54.56aGeorge Walton
14.-Cody Wood55.72aJohn Milledge Academy
15.-Chul Chae1:00.58aDominion Christian
16.-Tyler Quinet1:01.90aBrookwood School
X 800 Meters - A - Prelims
2.-Caleb Timmerman2:14.71aCovenant Academy
3.-Logan Perdue2:16.03aThomas Jefferson
4.-Andrew Swicegood2:17.18aCovenant Academy
5.-Rasheik Wilson2:18.25aBethesda Day
6.-Owen Kimbrall2:18.82aRandolph Southern
7.-Ryan Nelson2:19.00aBriarwood Academy
8.-Chris McCoy2:19.33aJohn Hancock Academy
X 800 Meters - AA - Prelims
2.-Will Pattiz2:05.35aThe Heritage
3.-Steven Boatright2:07.71aBrentwood
4.-Travis Rogers2:08.67aStrong Rock Christian
5.-John Manack2:08.74aBulloch Academy
6.-Jonathan Pittman2:12.02aRobert Toombs Christ...
7.-Jordan Keck2:12.06aNathanael Greene
8.-Kyle Wilson2:13.18aEdmund Burke Academy
9.-Kanhaiya Patel2:18.63aNathanael Greene
10.10Weston Lee2:21.89aSouthwest Georgia
11.-Mario LeePow2:22.36aCottage
12.-Woosik Joong2:26.36aMemorial Day
13.-Adam Dye2:31.69aValwood
X 800 Meters - AAA - Prelims
2.-Andrew Scott2:01.85aFirst Presbyterian Day
3.12Chris Svideskis2:02.21aDominion Christian
4.-Harrison Myers2:04.10aMt De Sales
5.-Nick Newsome2:05.37aWestminster Schools
6.-Taylor Withers2:05.39aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
7.-William Matheson2:05.81aAugusta Prep
8.12Jim Hull2:07.05aAugusta Prep
9.-Rob Lyghtel2:07.38aMt De Sales
10.11Robert Brooks2:07.88aWestfield
11.-Matt Bryarly2:08.29aTrinity Christian
12.-Santi Flores2:08.51aPinecrest Academy
13.-Phillip Sangster2:12.02aGeorge Walton
14.-Ryan Casey2:15.58aHoly Spirit Prep
15.-Chandler Lane2:18.57aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
16.10Gabe Gattis2:24.57aWestfield
X 1600 Meters - A - Prelims
2.-Cameron Bolden5:09.88aBrandon Hall
3.-Clark Evans5:13.83aThomas Jefferson
4.-Pedro Oconitrillo5:15.80aHidden Lake
5.-Rasheik Wilson5:18.40aBethesda Day
6.-Levi Griffin5:22.23aTerrell
7.-Jake Kotter5:30.24aWestwood
8.-Stephen Thomas5:33.72aCovenant Academy
9.-Andrew Adams5:45.08aWestwood
10.-Harry Sanders5:51.98aTwiggs Academy
11.-Ben Raburn5:52.87aBriarwood Academy
12.-Drew Taylor5:57.25aRandolph Southern
13.-Phillip Stewart6:04.98aThomas Jefferson
14.Bryan Kim7:06.43aFpca
X 1600 Meters - AA - Prelims
2.-Sam Kacergis4:50.22aCottage
3.-John Manack4:54.85aBulloch Academy
4.-Andy Bonifay4:57.09aBrentwood
5.-Jordan Keck5:01.59aNathanael Greene
6.-Kyle Wilson5:03.65aEdmund Burke Academy
7.-Medford McDonald5:15.03aTiftarea Academy
8.-Will Johnson5:15.50aBulloch Academy
9.-Mario LeePow5:22.78aCottage
10.-Clay Wilson5:23.41aEdmund Burke Academy
11.-John-Mark Hunt5:36.22aNathanael Greene
12.-Chase Johnson5:42.25aWindsor Academy
13.-Jesse Bray5:42.91aCommunity Christian
14.10Matt Kendrick5:54.94aSouthwest Georgia
15.-Chris Shultz6:21.60aMill Springs Academy
X 1600 Meters - AAA - Prelims
2.12Jim Hull4:35.19aAugusta Prep
3.12Chris Svideskis4:36.98aDominion Christian
4.-Robert Bradham4:40.11aFirst Presbyterian Day
5.-Harrison Myers4:41.38aMt De Sales
6.11Dylan Swafford4:42.28aCentral Fellowship C...
7.-William Matheson4:43.41aAugusta Prep
8.-Rob Lyghtel4:43.44aMt De Sales
9.-Taylor Withers4:49.13aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
10.-Santi Flores4:49.72aPinecrest Academy
11.9Ryan Doyle4:51.31aHoly Spirit Prep
12.-Michael Caneega4:56.81aTrinity Christian
13.11Robert Brooks5:01.15aWestfield
14.-Phillip Sangster5:07.58aGeorge Walton
15.-Daniel Talley5:22.60aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
16.10Gabe Gattis5:53.57aWestfield
X 3200 Meters - A - Prelims
2.-Pedro Oconitrillo11:52.65aHidden Lake
3.-Cameron Bolden12:02.13aBrandon Hall
5.-Jake Kotter12:21.48aWestwood
6.-Russell Burdette12:35.04aBriarwood Academy
7.-Collin Enfinger13:01.17aWestwood
8.-Alex Roberson13:45.30aDavid Emanuel
X 3200 Meters - AA - Prelims
2.-John Manack10:38.39aBulloch Academy
3.-Sam Kacergis10:45.15aCottage
4.-Kyle Wilson11:02.00aEdmund Burke Academy
5.-Clay Wilson11:24.23aEdmund Burke Academy
6.-Will Johnson11:56.99aBulloch Academy
7.-Matthew Myers12:12.11aTiftarea Academy
8.-Chase Johnson12:31.86aWindsor Academy
X 3200 Meters - AAA - Prelims
2.12Jim Hull10:00.12aAugusta Prep
3.12Chris Svideskis10:05.37aDominion Christian
4.10Gray Lindley10:16.31aFirst Presbyterian Day
5.11Dylan Swafford10:23.46aCentral Fellowship C...
6.-Michael Caneega10:25.15aTrinity Christian
7.12Steven Brown10:25.90aAugusta Prep
8.9Ryan Doyle10:26.37aHoly Spirit Prep
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - A - Finals
1.-Keaton Icard16.42aTerrell
2.-Trey Stadler16.75aBriarwood Academy
3.-Jake Edore17.61aWestwood
4.-Tre Wheeler18.12aThomas Jefferson
5.-Ashton Lanier18.44aDavid Emanuel
6.-Austin Harrell18.78aWestwood
7.-Nick Wilburn19.17aDawson St Christian
8.-Cameron Myers19.35aDavid Emanuel
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - AA - Finals
1.-John Harden16.40aBulloch Academy
2.-Zach Phillips16.41aTiftarea Academy
3.-Antee Aryee17.14aArlington Christian
4.-Jared Sharpe17.41aRobert Toombs Christ...
5.-David Poole17.50aBulloch Academy
6.-Chandler Hammond18.40aTiftarea Academy
7.-Chris Wilkins18.54aWindsor Academy
8.-Cole Swanson18.64aCurtis Baptist
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - AAA - Finals
1.-Chaz Curtis16.12aStratford Academy
2.-Josh Dillard16.36aWestminster Schools
3.-Lee Simpson16.45aJohn Milledge Academy
4.-Will Jarriel16.52aPinewood Christian
5.-Justin Webb16.53aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
6.-Joseph Neyman17.04aFirst Presbyterian Day
7.-Aaron Nix17.18aDominion Christian
8.11Chris Jordan18.53aMt De Sales
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - A - Prelims
1.-Keaton Icard16.44aTerrell
2.-Trey Stadler17.19aBriarwood Academy
3.-Jake Edore17.39aWestwood
4.-Tre Wheeler18.52aThomas Jefferson
5.-Cameron Myers18.70aDavid Emanuel
6.-Nick Wilburn19.02aDawson St Christian
7.-Austin Harrell19.07aWestwood
8.-Ashton Lanier19.48aDavid Emanuel
9.-Jesse Wheeler20.38aCovenant Academy
10.-Stephen Thomas21.95aCovenant Academy
11.-Brett Card24.10aCrisp
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - AA - Prelims
1.-John Harden16.65aBulloch Academy
3.-Antee Aryee17.13aArlington Christian
2.-Zach Phillips17.23aTiftarea Academy
4.-Jared Sharpe17.96aRobert Toombs Christ...
5.-David Poole18.37aBulloch Academy
6.-Chandler Hammond18.43aTiftarea Academy
7.-Chris Wilkins18.80aWindsor Academy
8.-Cole Swanson19.09aCurtis Baptist
9.-Steven Boatright19.12aBrentwood
10.-Seth Scruggs19.73aWindsor Academy
11.-Logan Burdett21.01aNathanael Greene
12.-Arvind Papudesu21.38aBrentwood
12.-Dylan Couch21.38aFlint River Academy
14.-Jordan Webb21.99aCottage
15.-Logan Kimball22.81aThe Heritage
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - AAA - Prelims
1.-Chaz Curtis16.26aStratford Academy
3.-Josh Dillard16.37aWestminster Schools
2.-Joseph Neyman16.55aFirst Presbyterian Day
5.-Aaron Nix16.64aDominion Christian
4.11Chris Jordan16.76aMt De Sales
6.-Lee Simpson16.77aJohn Milledge Academy
7.-Will Jarriel16.92aPinewood Christian
8.-Justin Webb17.06aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
9.-Kyle York17.43aGeorge Walton
10.10Chance Isreal17.60aSouthland Academy
11.-Andrew Eck18.37aTrinity Christian
12.-Nick Kulway20.25aPinecrest Academy
13.-Jim Lim20.32aDominion Christian
----Kamron JohnsonDQTattnall Square Acad...
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - A - Finals
1.-Kevin Melton43.45aRandolph Southern
2.-Austin Harrell44.72aWestwood
3.-Nick Wilburn45.30aDawson St Christian
4.-Tre Wheeler45.95aThomas Jefferson
5.-Daniel Hays45.99aWestwood
6.-Nick Dawson46.62aBriarwood Academy
7.-Austin Logue46.80aThomas Jefferson
8.-Cameron Myers48.89aDavid Emanuel
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - AA - Finals
1.-Dartavious Brown41.92aBrentwood
2.-David Poole42.88aBulloch Academy
3.-Jared Sharpe42.99aRobert Toombs Christ...
4.-Josh Cunningham43.95aArlington Christian
5.-Chandler Hammond44.48aTiftarea Academy
6.-Zach Phillips45.33aTiftarea Academy
7.-John Harden45.40aBulloch Academy
8.-Seth Scruggs48.84aWindsor Academy
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - AAA - Finals
1.-Justin Webb41.09aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
2.-Lee Simpson41.33aJohn Milledge Academy
3.-Will Jarriel42.22aPinewood Christian
4.-Joe Neiner42.24aPinecrest Academy
5.-Josh Dillard42.51aWestminster Schools
6.-Chaz Curtis43.46aStratford Academy
7.-Matt Mercer43.84aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
8.-Joseph Neyman44.47aFirst Presbyterian Day
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - A - Prelims
1.-Kevin Melton44.54aRandolph Southern
2.-Austin Harrell44.60aWestwood
3.-Tre Wheeler46.04aThomas Jefferson
4.-Nick Wilburn46.69aDawson St Christian
5.-Daniel Hays47.00aWestwood
6.-Nick Dawson47.80aBriarwood Academy
7.-Cameron Myers48.06aDavid Emanuel
8.-Austin Logue48.07aThomas Jefferson
9.-Bishop Powell50.90aBethesda Day
10.-Jesse Wheeler52.30aCovenant Academy
11.-David Moring59.66aCovenant Academy
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - AA - Prelims
1.-Jared Sharpe42.98aRobert Toombs Christ...
3.-Dartavious Brown42.99aBrentwood
5.-Josh Cunningham43.99aArlington Christian
2.-David Poole44.21aBulloch Academy
6.-Zach Phillips44.69aTiftarea Academy
4.-Chandler Hammond44.75aTiftarea Academy
7.-John Harden45.36aBulloch Academy
8.-Seth Scruggs46.32aWindsor Academy
9.10Parker Adams47.04aSouthwest Georgia
10.-Steven Adamson49.67aStrong Rock Christian
11.-Dylan Smith50.10aEdmund Burke Academy
12.-Arvind Papudesu51.43aBrentwood
13.-Logan Burdett52.11aNathanael Greene
14.-Dylan Couch53.01aFlint River Academy
15.-Logan Kimball59.82aThe Heritage
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - AAA - Prelims
1.-Justin Webb42.05aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
2.-Lee Simpson42.20aJohn Milledge Academy
3.-Chaz Curtis42.70aStratford Academy
5.-Joseph Neyman42.71aFirst Presbyterian Day
4.-Josh Dillard42.98aWestminster Schools
6.-Will Jarriel42.98aPinewood Christian
7.-Joe Neiner43.62aPinecrest Academy
8.-Matt Mercer43.75aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
9.-Kamron Johnson44.05aTattnall Square Acad...
10.11Chris Jordan44.37aMt De Sales
11.-Aaron Nix44.39aDominion Christian
12.-James Williamson45.41aGeorge Walton
13.-Kyle York45.73aGeorge Walton
14.-Cameron Guthrie45.80aAugusta Prep
15.-Jarred Parnell49.12aWestfield
X 4x100 Relay - A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 46.53aThomas Jefferson
2.-Relay Team 46.66aWestwood
3.-Relay Team 47.02aDavid Emanuel
3.-Chris Shepperd
Chase Brannen
Miles Patterson
Jacob Wheeler
47.02aDavid Emanuel
4.-Relay Team 47.31aTerrell
5.-Relay Team 47.61aCovenant Academy
5.-Joel Walters
Travis Fite
Sam Ashmore
Reece Freel
47.61aCovenant Academy
6.-Relay Team 48.13aBriarwood Academy
7.-Relay Team 48.14aDawson St Christian
8.-Relay Team 48.24aThomas Jefferson
X 4x100 Relay - AA - Finals
1.-Relay Team 45.82aWindsor Academy
2.-Relay Team 46.02aBulloch Academy
3.-Relay Team 46.39aTiftarea Academy
4.-Relay Team 47.31aSherwood Christian
5.-Relay Team 47.32aSouthwest Georgia
6.-Relay Team 47.68aRobert Toombs Christ...
7.-Relay Team 47.89aBrentwood
----Relay Team DNFBrentwood
X 4x100 Relay - AAA - Finals
1.-Relay Team 44.32aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
2.-Relay Team 45.58aGeorge Walton
3.-Relay Team 45.73aMt De Sales
4.-Relay Team 45.96aStratford Academy
5.-Relay Team 46.13aTattnall Square Acad...
6.-Relay Team 46.40aWestfield
7.Relay Team46.55aWestminster A
8.-Relay Team 47.90aJohn Milledge Academy
X 4x100 Relay - A - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 46.26aWestwood
3.-Relay Team 46.27aCovenant Academy
2.-Relay Team 46.65aThomas Jefferson
4.-Relay Team 46.94aDavid Emanuel
5.-Relay Team 47.19aDawson St Christian
6.-Relay Team 47.58aTerrell
7.-Relay Team 47.81aThomas Jefferson
8.-Relay Team 48.33aBriarwood Academy
9.-Relay Team 49.31aRandolph Southern
10.-Relay Team 50.85aRandolph Southern
11.-Relay Team 55.28aDawson St Christian
----Relay Team DQCovenant Academy
X 4x100 Relay - AA - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 45.50aWindsor Academy
2.-Relay Team 46.36aBulloch Academy
3.-Relay Team 46.59aBrentwood
4.-Relay Team 46.61aTiftarea Academy
5.-Relay Team 47.01aSouthwest Georgia
6.-Relay Team 47.23aBrentwood
7.-Relay Team 47.56aSherwood Christian
8.-Relay Team 47.60aRobert Toombs Christ...
9.-Relay Team 48.09aCottage
10.-Relay Team 48.85aArlington Christian
11.-Relay Team 49.10aStrong Rock Christian
12.-Relay Team 49.91aFlint River Academy
13.-Relay Team 50.08aRobert Toombs Christ...
14.-Relay Team 51.45aNathanael Greene
15.-Relay Team 52.44aHarvester Christian ...
----Relay Team DQMemorial Day
X 4x100 Relay - AAA - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 44.42aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
2.-Relay Team 45.33aMt De Sales
3.-Relay Team 45.84aGeorge Walton
5.-Relay Team 46.02aStratford Academy
4.Relay Team46.14aWestminster A
6.-Relay Team 46.22aTattnall Square Acad...
7.-Relay Team 46.61aWestfield
8.-Relay Team 46.65aJohn Milledge Academy
9.-Relay Team 46.84aSouthland Academy
10.-Relay Team 46.86aHoly Spirit Prep
11.-Relay Team 47.19aPinewood Christian
12.Relay Team47.26aTrinity Chr A
13.-Relay Team 47.81aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
14.-Relay Team 47.82aGeorge Walton
15.-Relay Team 48.47aDominion Christian
X 4x400 Relay - A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:42.41aWestwood
2.-Relay Team 3:47.38aThomas Jefferson
3.-Relay Team 3:49.15aBrandon Hall
4.-Relay Team 3:50.99aJohn Hancock Academy
5.-Relay Team 3:51.55aWestwood
6.-Relay Team 3:52.13aBriarwood Academy
7.-Relay Team 4:00.62aThomas Jefferson
X 4x400 Relay - AA - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:40.18aSouthwest Georgia
2.-Relay Team 3:42.33aNathanael Greene
3.-Relay Team 3:45.15aBrentwood
4.-Relay Team 3:46.59aRobert Toombs Christ...
5.-Relay Team 3:54.43aBulloch Academy
6.-Relay Team 3:56.52aCurtis Baptist
7.-Relay Team 4:00.48aStrong Rock Christian
8.-Relay Team 4:04.68aNathanael Greene
X 4x400 Relay - AAA - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:31.96aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
2.Relay Team3:35.31aWestminster A
3.-Relay Team 3:36.37aAugusta Prep
4.-Relay Team 3:37.43aGeorge Walton
5.Relay Team3:37.53aFpd A
6.-Relay Team 3:39.72aDominion Christian
7.Relay Team3:42.18aFpd B
8.-Relay Team 3:43.65aMt De Sales
X 4x400 Relay - A - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 3:42.46aCovenant Academy
2.-Relay Team 3:45.96aWestwood
3.-Relay Team 3:46.81aBrandon Hall
3.-Tre Simons
Carlos Tandron
Deonte Luster
Cameron Bolden
3:46.81aBrandon Hall
4.-Relay Team 3:49.78aThomas Jefferson
5.-Relay Team 3:50.14aBriarwood Academy
6.-Relay Team 3:50.68aWestwood
7.-Relay Team 3:52.28aThomas Jefferson
8.-Relay Team 3:52.61aJohn Hancock Academy
9.-Relay Team 3:58.53aBethesda Day
10.-Relay Team 4:01.59aTerrell
10.-Blake Grimsley
Wes Lawton
Levi Griffin
Brian Ambrose
11.-Relay Team 4:08.66aCovenant Academy
X 4x400 Relay - AA - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 3:40.26aSouthwest Georgia
3.-Relay Team 3:44.06aNathanael Greene
2.-Relay Team 3:44.69aBulloch Academy
4.-Relay Team 3:45.47aBrentwood
5.-Relay Team 3:47.84aRobert Toombs Christ...
6.-Relay Team 3:55.07aCurtis Baptist
7.-Relay Team 4:03.71aStrong Rock Christian
8.-Relay Team 4:06.30aNathanael Greene
9.-Relay Team 4:06.76aMemorial Day
10.-Relay Team 4:07.62aArlington Christian
11.-Relay Team 4:08.23aTiftarea Academy
12.-Relay Team 4:10.38aSouthwest Georgia
13.-Relay Team 4:12.26aFlint River Academy
----Relay Team DQSherwood Christian
X 4x400 Relay - AAA - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 3:30.08aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
2.Relay Team3:35.09aFpd A
3.Relay Team3:35.62aWestminster A
4.-Relay Team 3:35.63aAugusta Prep
5.-Relay Team 3:36.20aGeorge Walton
6.Relay Team3:38.30aFpd B
7.-Relay Team 3:42.42aMt De Sales
8.-Relay Team 3:42.83aDominion Christian
9.-Relay Team 3:44.05aStratford Academy
10.-Relay Team 3:45.15aGeorge Walton
11.-Relay Team 3:46.71aWestfield
12.-Relay Team 3:48.66aAugusta Prep
13.-Relay Team 3:53.75aHoly Spirit Prep
14.-Relay Team 3:57.71aJohn Milledge Academy
15.-Relay Team 4:02.75aSouthland Academy
16.-Relay Team 4:03.75aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
X Shot Put - 12lb - A - Prelims
2.-Dustin Harrell40-05.75Westwood
4.-Maurice Dunson37-06.50Dawson St Christian
5.-Justin Batchelor37-06.00John Hancock Academy
7.-Kareem Byrd36-08.00Bethesda Day
8.-Jeff Ly36-02.00Brandon Hall
9.-Sam Prochansky35-09.00Hidden Lake
10.-Chris Thomlinson35-03.00Westwood
11.-Jonathan Farr35-01.75Terrell
12.-Steven Gunn34-09.50Briarwood Academy
13.-Jesse Morrell33-09.00Bethesda Day
15.-Devonta Nelson28-00.00Dawson St Christian
X Shot Put - 12lb - AA - Prelims
2.-Adam Dowd43-02.75Robert Toombs Christ...
3.-Jeffrey Bipps40-07.00The Heritage
4.-Nathan Brown40-03.50Bulloch Academy
5.-Paul Son39-10.00Bulloch Academy
6.-Jordan Peacock39-02.75Windsor Academy
7.-Jake Utley38-03.75Cottage
8.-Stephen McMillion38-00.00Tiftarea Academy
9.-Daniel Few37-06.50Harvester Christian ...
10.-Will Fender36-03.00Tiftarea Academy
11.-Colby Yates35-11.00Brentwood
12.-Daniel Anderson35-00.00Brentwood
13.-Jacob Russell34-06.50Piedmont Academy
14.-Hunter Bickers34-00.00Nathanael Greene
15.-Pete McSwain33-05.50Sherwood Christian
----Anthony IssacsNDCottage
X Shot Put - 12lb - AAA - Prelims
2.10Mason Greene45-04.50Southland Academy
3.-Bradwell Lanier43-10.50Deerfield-Windsor Up...
4.-Lee Spratling43-02.25Deerfield-Windsor Up...
5.10Mack Greene43-01.25Southland Academy
6.John Strauss42-08.50Byron Stratford
7.-Chris Russo41-02.00George Walton
8.-Bud Burruss40-10.50Mt Vernon Presbyterian
9.-Harrison Gore40-06.75Tattnall Square Acad...
10.12Michael Singlton40-02.00Mt De Sales
11.-Burns Farley40-01.50Tattnall Square Acad...
12.-Preston Stafford38-09.25Pinecrest Academy
13.-Oliver Nesges38-03.25Westminster Schools
14.-Devin Cruse36-04.00Central Fellowship C...
15.-C. Giannopoulos36-01.00Holy Spirit Prep
16.-Steven Crowley35-01.25Gatewood Schools Inc
X Discus - 1.6kg - A - Prelims
2.-Nick Beaver116-11 8Terrell
3.-Dustin Harrell112-06 6Westwood
4.-Hank Gilmore107-11 5Thomas Jefferson
5.-Josh Edwards107-10 4Randolph Southern
6.-Steven Gunn104-05 3Briarwood Academy
7.-Tre Wheeler103-09 2Thomas Jefferson
8.-Austin Harrell94-03 1Westwood
9.-Seth Wheeler93-00Covenant Academy
10.-Kasey Hall70-01Covenant Academy
11.Tommy Cai69-01Fpca
X Discus - 1.6kg - AA - Prelims
2.-Jared Johnson111-02 8Robert Toombs Christ...
3.-Daniel Few110-07 6Harvester Christian ...
4.-John Goudelock110-02 5Arlington Christian
5.-Jeffrey Bipps107-03 4The Heritage
6.-Stephen McMillion106-09 3Tiftarea Academy
7.-Colby Yates105-09 2Brentwood
8.-Zack Slaney101-00 1The Heritage
9.-Matt Truisis100-10Memorial Day
10.-Ben Tubbs100-05Memorial Day
11.-Hunter Bickers93-07Nathanael Greene
12.-Will Fender92-07Tiftarea Academy
13.10Danny Doster88-05Southwest Georgia
14.-Cody Cahill84-11Community Christian
15.-Aric Hanson78-01Nathanael Greene
16.-Gus Elliott74-07Valwood
X Discus - 1.6kg - AAA - Prelims
2.-Bradwell Lanier136-05 8Deerfield-Windsor Up...
3.-Lee Spratling134-08 6Deerfield-Windsor Up...
4.-Drew Akacki133-03 5Stratford Academy
5.John Strauss126-10 4Byron Stratford
6.12Michael Singlton124-10 3Mt De Sales
7.10Clay Hendrickson117-11 2Southland Academy
8.-Derren McGiboney111-08 1John Milledge Academy
9.-Keylon Carpenter108-11Dominion Christian
10.-Matt Farkas106-06Pinecrest Academy
11.-C. Giannopoulos101-08Holy Spirit Prep
12.10Dylan Wellborn100-05George Walton
13.-Ryan Garnto98-10Pinewood Christian
14.10Bo Minor96-08Southland Academy
15.-David Tisler77-09Augusta Prep
X High Jump - A - Prelims
2.-Stephen Howard5-10.00Covenant Academy
3.-Andretti Loyd5-10.00Covenant Academy
4.-Mark Martin5-10.00Hidden Lake
5.-Chase Walden5-08.00Thomas Jefferson
6.-Andrew Adams5-08.00Westwood
7.-Devin Rachels5-06.00John Hancock Academy
8.-Sanquell Wilson5-04.00David Emanuel
9.-Blake Grimsley5-04.00Terrell
10.-Travis Minor5-04.00King's Ridge Christian
11.-Mitch Good5-02.00Westwood
----Derek LindseyNHDavid Emanuel
----Kareem ByrdNHBethesda Day
X High Jump - AA - Prelims
2.-Chan Newton6-00.00Bulloch Academy
3.-Antee Aryee5-10.00Arlington Christian
4.-Chris Thorne5-06.00Mill Springs Academy
4.-Tay Mallory5-06.00Tiftarea Academy
6.-Wyley Deleza5-06.00Piedmont Academy
7.-Nelson Liu5-06.00Edmund Burke Academy
8.-Chris Wilkins5-04.00Windsor Academy
9.-Jake Brown5-02.00Harvester Christian ...
10.-Nathaniel Wavro5-00.00Nathanael Greene
10.-Ben Swanson5-00.00Curtis Baptist
10.-Damon Harris5-00.00Brentwood
10.-Arvind Papudesu5-00.00Brentwood
10.-D. Weiche5-00.00Windsor Academy
10.-Ben Gilson5-00.00Flint River Academy
----Cole JohnsonNHRobert Toombs Christ...
X High Jump - AAA - Prelims
2.-Breck Pinkerton6-00.00Gatewood Schools Inc
3.-Becker O'Shaughnessey5-10.00Stratford Academy
4.-Abe Britt5-08.00George Walton
4.-Joe Neiner5-08.00Pinecrest Academy
6.-Chris Brown5-08.00Westfield
7.10Jay Angrish5-08.00Southland Academy
8.-Cody Haas5-06.00Central Fellowship C...
9.-Banks Kinslow5-06.00Deerfield-Windsor Up...
9.-Duane Anderson5-06.00Deerfield-Windsor Up...
9.-Ryan Goss5-06.00Augusta Prep
12.-Ryan Smith5-04.00First Presbyterian Day
12.-Nader Megally5-04.00First Presbyterian Day
14.-Mitchell Taylor5-02.00Augusta Prep
---9Christian HippsNHDominion Christian
----Bart BentonNHGeorge Walton
X Pole Vault - A - Prelims
2.-Caleb Timmerman10-00.00Covenant Academy
3.-Saul Smith9-06.00Briarwood Academy
4.-Jordan Newsome9-00.00Westwood
5.-Jacob Patterson8-00.00Briarwood Academy
----David MoringNHCovenant Academy
X Pole Vault - AA - Prelims
2.-Austin Rhodes10-00.00Brentwood
3.-Kelly Williams9-00.00Bulloch Academy
4.-Marco Orrel9-00.00Robert Toombs Christ...
5.-Colby Collins8-06.00Robert Toombs Christ...
----Ross DanielsNHEdmund Burke Academy
X Pole Vault - AAA - Prelims
2.-Matthew Weigel11-06.00Trinity Christian
3.-Jon-Michael Shepherd11-00.00Tattnall Square Acad...
4.-Matt Mercer10-06.00Deerfield-Windsor Up...
5.-Donnie Piper10-00.00Tattnall Square Acad...
6.-James Williamson10-00.00George Walton
7.-Josh Harrison10-00.00John Milledge Academy
8.-Clinton Millwood9-06.00Dominion Christian
9.-Jacob Carr9-06.00Pinecrest Academy
10.-Jordan Adams9-00.00John Milledge Academy
10.-John Germany9-00.00Deerfield-Windsor Up...
10.-Michael Klooster9-00.00Pinecrest Academy
13.-Randy Knauss8-06.00Pinewood Christian
----John TreadwellNHStratford Academy
X Long Jump - A - Prelims
2.-Sanquell Wilson19-09.75David Emanuel
3.-Stephen Howard19-08.00Covenant Academy
4.-Clay Snow18-10.50John Hancock Academy
5.-Michael Johnson18-09.00Westwood
6.-Jake Edore18-08.75Westwood
9.-Todd Beaver17-02.75Terrell
10.-Zack Culler16-11.25Dawson St Christian
11.-Bishop Powell16-05.00Bethesda Day
12.-Jonathan Cape15-09.00Fullington Academy
13.-Brandon Bostic15-08.25Bethesda Day
14.Steven Robinson14-09.50Fpca
----Andretti LoydNDCovenant Academy
X Long Jump - AA - Prelims
2.-Wes Carter19-08.50Tiftarea Academy
3.-Josh Cunningham19-06.75Arlington Christian
4.10Taylor Tabb19-05.25Southwest Georgia
5.-Steven Boatright19-03.50Brentwood
6.-Ethan Rowe19-01.25Flint River Academy
7.-Chan Newton19-00.50Bulloch Academy
9.-Kent Gibson18-04.50Windsor Academy
10.-Ellis Lane17-08.50Bulloch Academy
11.10Daniel Bayman17-07.50Southwest Georgia
11.-Nick Burgamy17-07.50Brentwood
13.-Jake Bartram16-11.75Strong Rock Christian
14.-Joe Holmes16-10.00Robert Toombs Christ...
15.-Jordan Webb16-01.00Cottage
16.-Chris Thorne16-00.25Mill Springs Academy
X Long Jump - AAA - Prelims
2.-Drew Owens20-04.00First Presbyterian Day
3.-Blake Turner19-09.50Tattnall Square Acad...
4.-Marquez Lemon19-05.50Stratford Academy
5.-Mo Odemsanya19-04.00Dominion Christian
6.-Chad Rutledge19-03.50George Walton
7.-Bobby Ellison19-00.75George Walton
8.-Will Jarriel18-09.50Pinewood Christian
9.-John Peake18-02.50Westfield
9.-Breck Pinkerton18-02.50Gatewood Schools Inc
11.12Chibuzo Nwosu17-06.00Mt De Sales
12.-Josh Harrison17-05.50John Milledge Academy
13.-Josh Dillard17-01.00Westminster Schools
14.10Brandon Vann16-11.50Southland Academy
14.-Ben Watson16-11.50Holy Spirit Prep
---10Jay AngrishNDSouthland Academy
X Triple Jump - A - Prelims
2.-Stephen Howard40-11.00Covenant Academy
3.-Mark Martin39-03.00Hidden Lake
4.-Jake Edore39-02.75Westwood
5.-Bo Kochenower38-05.25Covenant Academy
7.-Jeff Ly37-02.25Brandon Hall
9.-Harry Sanders35-11.00Twiggs Academy
10.-Ashton Lanier35-03.00David Emanuel
X Triple Jump - AA - Prelims
2.-Dartavious Brown39-10.25Brentwood
3.-Tay Mallory39-05.50Tiftarea Academy
4.-Kevin McCrary38-10.25Brentwood
5.-Josh Cunningham38-09.25Arlington Christian
6.-Chan Newton38-03.50Bulloch Academy
7.10Taylor Tabb38-03.50Southwest Georgia
8.-Ethan Rowe37-03.50Flint River Academy
9.-Travis Rogers35-11.00Strong Rock Christian
10.-Jordan Webb35-05.50Cottage
11.-Colby Czerepinski35-02.75Tiftarea Academy
12.10Weston Lee34-04.50Southwest Georgia
13.-Joe Holmes32-06.25Robert Toombs Christ...
14.-Dallas Gibson30-04.00Flint River Academy
X Triple Jump - AAA - Prelims
2.-Obi Ekeledo41-00.00Stratford Academy
3.-Drew Owens40-07.25First Presbyterian Day
4.-Ryan Ridley40-04.25Stratford Academy
5.-Alex Berry40-03.00Deerfield-Windsor Up...
6.-Ryan Brose40-02.00Tattnall Square Acad...
7.-Joshua Long39-05.75Mt Vernon Presbyterian
8.-Matt Mercer39-03.25Deerfield-Windsor Up...
9.-Chad Rutledge38-03.75George Walton
10.-Cody Hass37-02.75Central Fellowship C...
11.-Ryan Goss36-06.50Augusta Prep
12.-Tyler Panfil36-02.75John Milledge Academy

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - A - Finals
1.-Marcie Rivers13.92aBriarwood Academy
2.-Miller Singleton13.93aWestwood
3.-Emily Carlson14.00aTerrell
4.-Amy Wells14.16aDavid Emanuel
5.-Maura Milliron14.19aTerrell
6.-Morgan Bridges14.20aThomas Jefferson
7.-Kayla Crumpler14.50aCovenant Academy
8.-Gillian Ford14.51aWestwood
X 100 Meters - AA - Finals
1.-Alicia Whittle12.54aHarvester Christian ...
2.-Anna Rozier12.81aStrong Rock Christian
3.-Kisha Jones13.32aCurtis Baptist
4.-Ritzy Griffin13.40aCurtis Baptist
5.-Katrina Walls13.42aBrentwood
6.-Melissa Stewart13.58aValwood
7.-Emma Nauman13.62aHarvester Christian ...
----Chelsey DoolingDQCommunity Christian
X 100 Meters - AAA - Finals
1.9Shannen-Rose Forde12.87aDominion Christian
2.-Amber Vaughn12.89aMt De Sales
3.12Susan Johnson13.18aDominion Christian
4.-Olivia Brown13.35aGatewood Schools Inc
5.-Macie Couey13.48aJohn Milledge Academy
6.-Melissa McClure13.65aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
7.-Logan Petry13.74aBrookwood School
----La'Conna CampbellDNFTattnall Square Acad...
X 100 Meters - A - Prelims
1.-Marcie Rivers13.81aBriarwood Academy
3.-Miller Singleton13.93aWestwood
5.-Maura Milliron13.94aTerrell
6.-Gillian Ford13.95aWestwood
2.-Emily Carlson13.97aTerrell
4.-Morgan Bridges14.02aThomas Jefferson
7.-Amy Wells14.03aDavid Emanuel
8.-Kayla Crumpler14.06aCovenant Academy
9.-Ashley Odom14.39aTwiggs Academy
10.-Julie Thomas14.97aCovenant Academy
11.-Shayna Hollub16.45aHidden Lake
X 100 Meters - AA - Prelims
1.-Alicia Whittle12.40aHarvester Christian ...
2.-Kisha Jones13.14aCurtis Baptist
3.-Ritzy Griffin13.16aCurtis Baptist
4.-Katrina Walls13.22aBrentwood
5.-Anna Rozier13.23aStrong Rock Christian
6.-Emma Nauman13.29aHarvester Christian ...
7.-Melissa Stewart13.51aValwood
9.-Maria Cotton13.55aBrentwood
10.-Abby Devirgilis13.76aSherwood Christian
8.-Chelsey Dooling13.80aCommunity Christian
11.-Megan Orrel14.02aRobert Toombs Christ...
12.-Hannah Johnson14.03aFlint River Academy
13.-Heather Kelley14.09aTiftarea Academy
14.-Anna Newton14.11aBulloch Academy
15.-Aimee Welch14.65aFlint River Academy
X 100 Meters - AAA - Prelims
1.9Shannen-Rose Forde12.54aDominion Christian
2.-La'Conna Campbell12.82aTattnall Square Acad...
3.-Amber Vaughn12.84aMt De Sales
4.12Susan Johnson12.88aDominion Christian
5.-Macie Couey12.99aJohn Milledge Academy
6.-Melissa McClure13.06aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
7.-Olivia Brown13.09aGatewood Schools Inc
8.-Logan Petry13.11aBrookwood School
9.-Amber Young13.16aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
10.-Amanda Tarver13.27aPinewood Christian
11.-Kate Miller13.52aPinewood Christian
12.-Logan Heath13.64aTattnall Square Acad...
13.-India Phillip13.65aMt De Sales
14.-Chi Montoya13.66aHoly Spirit Prep
14.-Lauren Johnson13.66aBrookwood School
X 200 Meters - A - Finals
1.-Lizzie Keene28.52aBriarwood Academy
2.-Emily Carlson29.03aTerrell
3.-Marcie Rivers29.04aBriarwood Academy
4.-Morgan Bridges29.16aThomas Jefferson
5.-Miller Singleton29.42aWestwood
6.-Taylor Haynes29.51aTerrell
7.-Shelby Crawford30.46aDavid Emanuel
8.-Gillian Ford30.59aWestwood
X 200 Meters - AA - Finals
1.-Alicia Whittle25.78aHarvester Christian ...
2.-Anna Rozier26.56aStrong Rock Christian
3.-Rachel Gilbert27.43aBulloch Academy
4.-Becca Whittle27.89aHarvester Christian ...
5.-Kisha Jones28.33aCurtis Baptist
6.-Brooke Hinton28.34aBrentwood
7.-Ritzy Griffin28.48aCurtis Baptist
8.-Maria Cotton28.62aBrentwood
X 200 Meters - AAA - Finals
1.9Nnenya Hailey26.10aMt Vernon Presbyterian
2.9Shannen-Rose Forde26.63aDominion Christian
3.12Susan Johnson26.94aDominion Christian
4.-Megan Mayfield27.20aAugusta Prep
5.10Fran Johnson27.30aFirst Presbyterian Day
6.-Logan Petry27.71aBrookwood School
7.-Olivia Brown27.75aGatewood Schools Inc
X 200 Meters - A - Prelims
1.-Lizzie Keene28.82aBriarwood Academy
3.-Marcie Rivers29.19aBriarwood Academy
2.-Emily Carlson29.23aTerrell
4.-Miller Singleton29.38aWestwood
5.-Morgan Bridges29.52aThomas Jefferson
6.-Taylor Haynes30.06aTerrell
7.-Gillian Ford30.17aWestwood
8.-Shelby Crawford30.26aDavid Emanuel
9.-Julie Thomas30.93aCovenant Academy
10.-Madison Back35.68aCovenant Academy
X 200 Meters - AA - Prelims
1.-Alicia Whittle25.75aHarvester Christian ...
3.-Becca Whittle26.81aHarvester Christian ...
2.-Rachel Gilbert26.97aBulloch Academy
4.-Anna Rozier27.45aStrong Rock Christian
5.-Ritzy Griffin27.70aCurtis Baptist
6.-Brooke Hinton28.12aBrentwood
7.-Kisha Jones28.15aCurtis Baptist
8.-Maria Cotton28.44aBrentwood
9.-Courtney Albritton28.68aTiftarea Academy
10.-Chelsey Dooling28.72aCommunity Christian
11.-Abby Devirgilis29.15aSherwood Christian
12.-Melissa Stewart29.28aValwood
13.-Ashley Smith29.41aBulloch Academy
14.-Kaitlyn Thompson30.55aFlint River Academy
15.10Charity Lewis31.54aSouthwest Georgia
X 200 Meters - AAA - Prelims
1.9Nnenya Hailey26.35aMt Vernon Presbyterian
2.9Shannen-Rose Forde26.43aDominion Christian
3.-La'Conna Campbell26.82aTattnall Square Acad...
4.12Susan Johnson26.89aDominion Christian
5.10Fran Johnson27.03aFirst Presbyterian Day
6.-Megan Mayfield27.57aAugusta Prep
7.-Logan Petry27.60aBrookwood School
8.-Olivia Brown27.73aGatewood Schools Inc
9.-Melissa McClure27.82aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
10.-Mackenzie Burgess28.10aWestminster Schools
11.-Sara Catherine Parker28.21aSouthland Academy
12.-India Phillip28.34aMt De Sales
13.-Kate Miller28.52aPinewood Christian
14.-Indria Deen28.87aHoly Spirit Prep
15.-Logan Heath28.88aTattnall Square Acad...
16.-Laine Moore28.92aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
X 400 Meters - A - Finals
1.-Lizzie Keene1:05.47aBriarwood Academy
2.-Rachel Coxwell1:06.93aBriarwood Academy
3.-Julie Thomas1:08.77aCovenant Academy
4.-Jasmine Phillips1:09.45aDavid Emanuel
5.-Brittany Bailey1:10.26aFullington Academy
6.-Coley Westbrook1:11.33aWestwood
7.-Shelby Crawford1:11.99aDavid Emanuel
8.-Parker Rigsby1:12.41aRandolph Southern
X 400 Meters - AA - Finals
1.-Rachel Gilbert1:01.01aBulloch Academy
2.-Becca Whittle1:01.24aHarvester Christian ...
3.-Jacey Hinton1:03.42aBrentwood
4.-Taylor Collins1:04.77aBulloch Academy
5.-Cassie Nobles1:06.63aSherwood Christian
6.-Megan Orrel1:06.64aRobert Toombs Christ...
7.-Hunter Connell1:08.04aFlint River Academy
8.-Audrianna Harris1:08.85aStrong Rock Christian
X 400 Meters - AAA - Finals
1.9Nnenya Hailey59.32aMt Vernon Presbyterian
2.9Maddie Anderskow1:01.18aFirst Presbyterian Day
3.10Fran Johnson1:01.55aFirst Presbyterian Day
4.-Kelly Conway1:02.60aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
5.-Lindsey Etheridge1:04.50aGeorge Walton
6.11Nicole Davis1:05.77aDominion Christian
7.-Maggie Hammerle1:06.45aWestfield
8.-Mackenzie Burgess1:06.71aWestminster Schools
X 400 Meters - A - Prelims
1.-Lizzie Keene1:05.90aBriarwood Academy
3.-Rachel Coxwell1:05.97aBriarwood Academy
2.-Parker Rigsby1:07.58aRandolph Southern
4.-Julie Thomas1:07.97aCovenant Academy
5.-Coley Westbrook1:09.13aWestwood
6.-Jasmine Phillips1:10.12aDavid Emanuel
7.-Shelby Crawford1:10.45aDavid Emanuel
8.-Brittany Bailey1:10.63aFullington Academy
9.-Sumner Watson1:11.33aWestwood
10.-Rryan Mortimer1:17.77aHidden Lake
11.-Madison Back1:18.85aCovenant Academy
12.-Ciaira Meyers1:20.12aHidden Lake
X 400 Meters - AA - Prelims
1.-Becca Whittle1:00.75aHarvester Christian ...
2.-Rachel Gilbert1:01.70aBulloch Academy
3.-Taylor Collins1:03.72aBulloch Academy
4.-Jacey Hinton1:03.94aBrentwood
5.-Hunter Connell1:06.63aFlint River Academy
5.-Cassie Nobles1:06.63aSherwood Christian
7.-Megan Orrel1:06.81aRobert Toombs Christ...
8.-Audrianna Harris1:08.80aStrong Rock Christian
9.-Jena Joiner1:09.84aBrentwood
10.10Beth Burkett1:10.47aSouthwest Georgia
11.-Calleigh Simpson1:11.47aNathanael Greene
12.-Diamond Clarke1:13.96aSherwood Christian
13.-Jessalyn Nash1:15.43aFlint River Academy
14.-Lindsay Sherrod1:15.75aThe Heritage
X 400 Meters - AAA - Prelims
1.9Nnenya Hailey1:00.20aMt Vernon Presbyterian
3.9Maddie Anderskow1:00.66aFirst Presbyterian Day
2.-Kelly Conway1:01.79aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
4.10Fran Johnson1:02.87aFirst Presbyterian Day
5.11Nicole Davis1:02.95aDominion Christian
6.-Mackenzie Burgess1:03.33aWestminster Schools
7.-Lindsey Etheridge1:04.42aGeorge Walton
8.-Maggie Hammerle1:05.36aWestfield
9.-Alexis Gautier1:05.65aStratford Academy
10.-Macy Malcolm1:06.11aGatewood Schools Inc
10.11Jessica Watson1:06.11aMt De Sales
12.-Laine Moore1:07.39aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
13.-Caitlin Tompkins1:07.83aJohn Milledge Academy
14.-Sarah Sussman1:08.47aAugusta Prep
15.-Katie Bender1:09.52aGeorge Walton
16.10Alex Lindsey1:09.96aSouthland Academy
X 800 Meters - A - Prelims
2.-Victoria Zoldos2:49.34aHidden Lake
3.-Carley Law2:49.68aTerrell
4.-Logan Chambers2:53.69aHidden Lake
5.-Abby Deckbar2:57.27aCovenant Academy
6.-Hannah Peavy2:58.99aRandolph Southern
7.-Catherine Sanders2:59.45aTwiggs Academy
8.-Crystal McDaniel2:59.70aRandolph Southern
9.-Riley Ford3:00.05aWestwood
10.-Emily Stewart3:03.91aThomas Jefferson
X 800 Meters - AA - Prelims
2.-Alix Pryor2:31.87aBrentwood
3.-Kelcie Jacobs2:34.38aBulloch Academy
4.-Abby Smith2:34.47aNathanael Greene
5.-Ginger Gatewood2:37.12aTiftarea Academy
6.-Elizabeth Ginn2:41.07aThe Heritage
7.-Katie Meagher2:41.53aSherwood Christian
8.-Hannah Dees2:42.96aRobert Toombs Christ...
X 800 Meters - AAA - Prelims
2.9Grace Tinkey2:25.12aFirst Presbyterian Day
3.-Katie Rose Alligood2:27.07aTrinity Christian
4.-Abby Haynes2:28.53aMt De Sales
5.-Blair Milo2:29.46aGatewood Schools Inc
6.11Allison Lones2:30.18aCentral Fellowship C...
7.-Katherine Lacksen2:31.41aGatewood Schools Inc
8.10Nana Osei2:35.52aGeorge Walton
X 1600 Meters - A - Prelims
2.-Claire Collins6:32.62aWestwood
3.-Carley Law6:34.03aTerrell
4.-Abby Deckbar6:36.09aCovenant Academy
5.-Caitlin Lamm6:42.46aDavid Emanuel
6.-Victoria Zoldos6:42.47aHidden Lake
7.-Georgia-Grace Thompson6:55.44aTwiggs Academy
8.-Brooke Taylor6:56.17aRandolph Southern
9.-Riley Ford7:04.00aWestwood
10.-Kendall Robinson7:04.66aCovenant Academy
11.-Jessie Talkington7:10.00aBriarwood Academy
12.-Rryan Mortimer7:17.42aHidden Lake
X 1600 Meters - AA - Prelims
2.-Katie Meagher5:51.66aSherwood Christian
3.-Haley Burke6:00.24aBulloch Academy
4.-Helen Harris6:10.36aBrentwood
5.-Elizabeth Ginn6:15.00aThe Heritage
6.-Madison McLendon6:25.00aRobert Toombs Christ...
7.-Aleisha Khan6:26.47aThe Heritage
8.-Laura Reynolds6:27.24aWindsor Academy
9.10Morgan Mock6:35.06aSouthwest Georgia
10.-Sarah Smith6:37.93aBrentwood
11.-Haden Bell6:55.84aStrong Rock Christian
12.-Amanda Bourque7:01.52aHarvester Christian ...
13.-Maggie Cook7:28.56aHarvester Christian ...
14.10Brooke Hornsby8:02.43aSouthwest Georgia
X 1600 Meters - AAA - Prelims
2.9Grace Tinkey5:27.68aFirst Presbyterian Day
3.-Katherine Lacksen5:35.02aGatewood Schools Inc
4.-Abby Haynes5:40.61aMt De Sales
5.11Allison Lones5:43.72aCentral Fellowship C...
6.-Katie Rose Alligood5:47.24aTrinity Christian
7.-Elizabeth Lacksen5:47.68aGatewood Schools Inc
8.9Danielle Ferro6:05.71aFirst Presbyterian Day
9.12Stephanie Sawyer6:08.84aMt De Sales
10.11Mallory Eubanks6:11.56aWestfield
11.9Caroline Amos6:17.56aWestfield
12.-Madeline Chiboucas6:18.27aPinecrest Academy
13.-Chelsea Chmura6:26.03aPinecrest Academy
14.-Brooke Moon6:26.47aGeorge Walton
15.-Katherine Wolff6:45.16aBrookwood School
X 3200 Meters - A - Prelims
2.-Claire Collins14:11.43aWestwood
3.-Victoria Zoldos14:16.35aHidden Lake
4.-Caitlin Lamm15:37.34aDavid Emanuel
5.-Kendall Robinson15:38.10aCovenant Academy
7.-Coley Westbrook16:35.17aWestwood
8.-Jessie Talkington17:15.68aBriarwood Academy
X 3200 Meters - AA - Prelims
2.-Haley Burke12:58.28aBulloch Academy
3.-Kelcie Jacobs13:05.39aBulloch Academy
4.-Helen Harris13:26.38aBrentwood
5.-Abigail Giles13:33.66aBrentwood
6.-Elizabeth Ginn13:45.16aThe Heritage
7.9Janet Keller13:55.11aCottage
8.-Ginger Gatewood14:04.65aTiftarea Academy
X 3200 Meters - AAA - Prelims
2.-Katherine Lacksen12:14.67aGatewood Schools Inc
3.-Elizabeth Lacksen12:43.17aGatewood Schools Inc
4.11Allison Lones12:52.26aCentral Fellowship C...
5.-Katie Rose Alligood12:52.37aTrinity Christian
6.-Candice Cosby13:09.02aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
7.-Chelsea Chmura13:28.47aPinecrest Academy
8.-Madison Ham13:40.43aFirst Presbyterian Day
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - A - Finals
1.-Shannon Newsome17.42aBriarwood Academy
2.-Hope Wheeler17.76aCovenant Academy
3.-Virginia Vereen18.53aWestwood
4.-Rachel Coxwell18.69aBriarwood Academy
5.-Haley Grace18.86aThomas Jefferson
6.-Lindsey Curles18.99aWestwood
7.-Jasmine Phillips23.66aDavid Emanuel
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - AA - Finals
1.-Savannah Douglas16.39aNathanael Greene
2.-Brooke Hinton17.37aBrentwood
3.-Jasmine Griffin17.54aCurtis Baptist
4.-Chase Parker17.74aThe Heritage
5.-Kaylee Dennard18.35aBulloch Academy
6.-Katelyn Dubose18.38aCurtis Baptist
7.-Courtney Albritton18.41aTiftarea Academy
8.-Katy Johnson18.79aTiftarea Academy
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - AAA - Finals
1.-Ashley Cope15.40aFirst Presbyterian Day
2.9Nnenya Hailey16.39aMt Vernon Presbyterian
3.-Taylor Nix17.00aDominion Christian
4.-Torri Knight17.16aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
5.-Morgan Carr17.18aTrinity Christian
6.-Dana Rose17.21aMt De Sales
7.11Claire McNeely17.35aMt De Sales
8.-Megan Mayfield17.57aAugusta Prep
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - A - Prelims
1.-Shannon Newsome17.09aBriarwood Academy
2.-Hope Wheeler18.34aCovenant Academy
3.-Rachel Coxwell18.72aBriarwood Academy
5.-Virginia Vereen18.73aWestwood
4.-Haley Grace18.87aThomas Jefferson
6.-Lindsey Curles19.03aWestwood
7.-Lexi Fulgham19.83aRandolph Southern
8.-Jasmine Phillips22.36aDavid Emanuel
9.-Lizzy McCullers23.14aCovenant Academy
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - AA - Prelims
1.-Savannah Douglas16.11aNathanael Greene
3.-Jasmine Griffin17.79aCurtis Baptist
2.-Brooke Hinton17.86aBrentwood
4.-Chase Parker18.07aThe Heritage
5.-Courtney Albritton18.32aTiftarea Academy
5.-Kaylee Dennard18.32aBulloch Academy
7.-Katelyn Dubose18.48aCurtis Baptist
8.-Katy Johnson18.70aTiftarea Academy
9.-McKale Yancey18.88aRobert Toombs Christ...
10.-Tyler Lohman19.52aFlint River Academy
11.10Jordan Lanton20.31aSouthwest Georgia
12.-Emily Turner20.87aNathanael Greene
13.-Anna Niewoehner21.04aValwood
14.-Shaina Thompson21.76aStrong Rock Christian
15.-Heaven Carson22.22aCottage
16.-Paige O'Dell22.41aHarvester Christian ...
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - AAA - Prelims
1.-Ashley Cope15.37aFirst Presbyterian Day
2.9Nnenya Hailey16.74aMt Vernon Presbyterian
3.-Taylor Nix16.98aDominion Christian
5.-Dana Rose17.20aMt De Sales
6.-Morgan Carr17.28aTrinity Christian
4.-Torri Knight17.36aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
7.-Megan Mayfield17.64aAugusta Prep
8.11Claire McNeely18.10aMt De Sales
9.-Allie Bailey18.45aTattnall Square Acad...
10.-Gracyn Beck18.48aGatewood Schools Inc
11.-Demi Douglas18.53aHoly Spirit Prep
12.-Hillary Grider18.60aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
13.-Erin Corbet20.19aGeorge Walton
14.12Abby Goodroe21.59aWestfield
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - AA - Finals
1.-Savannah Douglas50.82aNathanael Greene
2.-Heaven Hinton52.50aBulloch Academy
3.-Jacey Hinton52.70aBrentwood
4.-Chase Parker52.72aThe Heritage
5.-McKale Yancey53.20aRobert Toombs Christ...
6.-Kaylee Dennard53.81aBulloch Academy
7.-Lily Devirgilis54.85aSherwood Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - AAA - Finals
1.9Shannen-Rose Forde46.24aDominion Christian
2.-Ashley Cope46.35aFirst Presbyterian Day
3.-Christy McMillan47.87aBrookwood School
4.-Morgan Carr48.08aTrinity Christian
5.-Shelley Cogdell48.49aGatewood Schools Inc
6.-Hillary Grider49.79aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
7.-Demi Douglas51.49aHoly Spirit Prep
8.-Connor Dixon51.72aPinewood Christian
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - A - Prelims
2.-Virginia Vereen50.75aWestwood
3.-Kristen Hodges54.08aThomas Jefferson
4.-Hope Wheeler54.84aCovenant Academy
5.-Amy Wells55.26aDavid Emanuel
6.-Hope Bailey56.87aWestwood
7.-Anna Goolsby56.90aBriarwood Academy
8.-Lexi Fulgham58.23aRandolph Southern
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - AA - Prelims
1.-Savannah Douglas48.92aNathanael Greene
2.-Jacey Hinton51.65aBrentwood
3.-Chase Parker51.72aThe Heritage
4.-Lily Devirgilis52.50aSherwood Christian
5.-McKale Yancey52.79aRobert Toombs Christ...
6.-Anna Niewoehner52.99aValwood
7.-Heaven Hinton53.12aBulloch Academy
8.-Kaylee Dennard53.29aBulloch Academy
9.-Katy Johnson53.30aTiftarea Academy
10.-Katie Jones54.11aStrong Rock Christian
11.-Tyler Lohman55.88aFlint River Academy
12.-Jasmine Nichols56.05aCurtis Baptist
13.10Jordan Lanton57.38aSouthwest Georgia
14.-Desi Levan59.98aCottage
15.-Megan Archer1:00.16aBrentwood
16.-Paige O'Dell1:02.52aHarvester Christian ...
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - AAA - Prelims
1.9Shannen-Rose Forde46.71aDominion Christian
3.-Christy McMillan47.13aBrookwood School
5.-Ashley Cope47.88aFirst Presbyterian Day
2.-Shelley Cogdell49.14aGatewood Schools Inc
4.-Morgan Carr49.53aTrinity Christian
6.-Hillary Grider50.90aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
7.-Demi Douglas52.30aHoly Spirit Prep
8.-Connor Dixon52.87aPinewood Christian
9.-Gracyn Beck53.37aGatewood Schools Inc
10.-Kristin Banks53.54aStratford Academy
11.-Dana Rose54.15aMt De Sales
12.-Taylor Nix55.34aDominion Christian
13.-Kelli Bates56.03aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
14.11Kaki Tuggle56.75aWestfield
15.-Alex Stone57.02aGeorge Walton
X 4x100 Relay - A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 54.71aBriarwood Academy
2.-Amy Wells
Shelby Crawford
Laura Cardell
Jasmine Phillips
54.92aDavid Emanuel
3.-Relay Team 55.14aWestwood
4.-Relay Team 56.83aThomas Jefferson
5.-Relay Team 56.86aBriarwood Academy
6.-Riley Ford
Ivy Foister
Mary Westbrook
Toni Hall
7.-Relay Team 57.60aCovenant Academy
8.-Relay Team 58.07aRandolph Southern
X 4x100 Relay - AA - Finals
1.-Relay Team 51.58aCurtis Baptist
2.-Relay Team 52.79aHarvester Christian ...
3.-Relay Team 53.34aBrentwood
4.-Relay Team 53.53aBulloch Academy
2.-Relay Team 54.92aDavid Emanuel
5.-Relay Team 55.20aBulloch Academy
6.-Relay Team 55.24aSherwood Christian
7.-Relay Team 55.39aRobert Toombs Christ...
8.-Relay Team 55.45aNathanael Greene
6.-Relay Team 57.41aWestwood
X 4x100 Relay - AAA - Finals
1.-Relay Team 51.09aMt De Sales
2.-Relay Team 51.79aDominion Christian
3.Relay Team52.00aFpd A
4.-Relay Team 52.20aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
5.-Relay Team 52.62aTattnall Square Acad...
6.-Relay Team 53.03aJohn Milledge Academy
7.Relay Team53.12aTrinity Chr A
8.-Relay Team 53.35aGatewood Schools Inc
X 4x100 Relay - A - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 54.08aBriarwood Academy
3.-Amy Wells
Shelby Crawford
Laura Cardell
Jasmine Phillips
54.97aDavid Emanuel
2.-Relay Team 55.76aWestwood
5.-Riley Ford
Ivy Foister
Mary Westbrook
Toni Hall
4.-Relay Team 56.29aBriarwood Academy
6.-Relay Team 57.01aThomas Jefferson
7.-Julie Thomas
Abby Davis
Winter Brown
Hope Wheeler
57.39aCovenant Academy
8.-Relay Team 58.25aRandolph Southern
9.-Relay Team 1:01.33aHidden Lake
----Relay Team DQTerrell
X 4x100 Relay - AA - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 52.07aHarvester Christian ...
2.-Relay Team 52.08aCurtis Baptist
3.-Relay Team 53.23aBulloch Academy
4.-Relay Team 53.32aBrentwood
5.-Relay Team 54.23aSherwood Christian
6.-Relay Team 54.60aBulloch Academy
3.-Relay Team 54.97aDavid Emanuel
7.-Relay Team 55.68aRobert Toombs Christ...
8.-Relay Team 55.95aNathanael Greene
5.-Relay Team 56.09aWestwood
9.-Relay Team 56.49aValwood
10.-Relay Team 56.75aSouthwest Georgia
7.-Relay Team 57.39aCovenant Academy
11.-Relay Team 57.55aSouthwest Georgia
12.-Relay Team 57.83aFlint River Academy
13.-Relay Team 59.76aFlint River Academy
----Relay Team DQArlington Christian
----Relay Team DQBrentwood
----Relay Team DNFStrong Rock Christian
X 4x100 Relay - AAA - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 50.65aDominion Christian
2.-Relay Team 51.39aMt De Sales
3.Relay Team51.92aFpd A
4.-Relay Team 52.21aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
5.Relay Team52.31aTrinity Chr A
6.-Relay Team 52.77aTattnall Square Acad...
7.-Relay Team 52.85aJohn Milledge Academy
8.-Relay Team 52.92aGatewood Schools Inc
9.-Relay Team 53.55aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
10.-Relay Team 53.60aBrookwood
11.-Relay Team 53.61aStratford Academy
12.-Relay Team 53.68aMt Vernon Presbyterian
13.-Relay Team 53.94aPinewood Christian
14.-Relay Team 54.27aGeorge Walton
15.-Relay Team 54.37aHoly Spirit Prep
16.-Relay Team 58.45aSouthland Academy
X 4x400 Relay - A - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:30.26aBriarwood Academy
2.-Relay Team 4:41.00aWestwood
3.-Relay Team 4:41.80aRandolph Southern
4.-Relay Team 4:45.42aTerrell
5.-Relay Team 4:50.56aBriarwood Academy
6.-Relay Team 4:53.36aCovenant Academy
7.-Amy Wells
Laura Cardell
Jasmine Phillips
Shelby Crawford
4:54.55aDavid Emanuel
8.-Relay Team 4:54.58aWestwood
X 4x400 Relay - AA - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:16.76aBulloch Academy
2.-Relay Team 4:19.84aHarvester Christian ...
3.-Relay Team 4:29.09aBulloch Academy
4.-Relay Team 4:30.09aTiftarea Academy
5.-Relay Team 4:32.21aBrentwood
6.-Relay Team 4:39.58aNathanael Greene
7.-Relay Team 4:54.55aDavid Emanuel
----Relay Team DQSherwood Christian
----Relay Team DQRobert Toombs Christ...
X 4x400 Relay - AAA - Finals
1.Relay Team4:11.73aFpd A
2.-Relay Team 4:14.72aDominion Christian
3.-Relay Team 4:17.08aBrookwood
4.Relay Team4:18.14aTrinity Chr A
5.-Relay Team 4:19.25aMt De Sales
6.-Relay Team 4:22.31aStratford Academy
7.-Relay Team 4:22.35aAugusta Prep
8.-Relay Team 4:25.01aGatewood Schools Inc
X 4x400 Relay - A - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 4:29.26aBriarwood Academy
2.-Relay Team 4:36.77aWestwood
3.-Relay Team 4:42.66aTerrell
5.-Relay Team 4:45.81aRandolph Southern
4.-Relay Team 4:47.88aDavid Emanuel
6.-Relay Team 4:48.27aCovenant Academy
7.-Relay Team 4:56.48aBriarwood Academy
8.-Relay Team 4:57.95aWestwood
9.-Relay Team 5:03.43aHidden Lake
X 4x400 Relay - AA - Prelims
1.-Relay Team 4:18.81aBulloch Academy
3.-Relay Team 4:22.32aHarvester Christian ...
2.-Relay Team 4:30.30aBulloch Academy
5.-Relay Team 4:30.86aBrentwood
4.-Relay Team 4:32.31aSherwood Christian
6.-Relay Team 4:33.61aNathanael Greene
7.-Relay Team 4:34.11aTiftarea Academy
8.-Relay Team 4:34.18aRobert Toombs Christ...
9.-Relay Team 4:37.45aStrong Rock Christian
10.-Relay Team 4:50.42aSouthwest Georgia
11.-Relay Team 4:52.37aCurtis Baptist
12.-Relay Team 4:55.75aSouthwest Georgia
13.-Relay Team 5:09.28aFlint River Academy
14.-Relay Team 5:19.26aCottage
X 4x400 Relay - AAA - Prelims
1.Relay Team4:14.83aFpd A
2.-Relay Team 4:18.24aBrookwood
3.Relay Team4:19.42aTrinity Chr A
4.-Relay Team 4:19.44aDominion Christian
5.-Relay Team 4:21.47aGatewood Schools Inc
6.-Relay Team 4:21.86aStratford Academy
7.-Relay Team 4:22.35aAugusta Prep
8.-Relay Team 4:24.03aMt De Sales
9.-Relay Team 4:26.38aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
10.-Relay Team 4:30.25aPinewood Christian
11.-Relay Team 4:32.86aGeorge Walton
12.-Relay Team 4:35.55aTattnall Square Acad...
13.-Relay Team 4:37.30aDeerfield-Windsor Up...
14.-Relay Team 4:42.13aWestfield
15.-Relay Team 4:45.08aMt Vernon Presbyterian
X Shot Put - 4kg - A - Prelims
2.-Kyndall Tomlinson33-09.25Westwood
3.-Aimee Horne29-08.50Terrell
4.-Ashley Sanders25-02.00Twiggs Academy
5.-Audrey Brim23-09.25Terrell
6.-Kayla Crumpler22-10.00Covenant Academy
8.-Allyson Staeven20-05.50John Hancock Academy
9.-Lizzy McCullers19-11.50Covenant Academy
10.-Catherine Brock19-05.75Hidden Lake
----Jessica HowardNDJohn Hancock Academy
X Shot Put - 4kg - AA - Prelims
2.-Lindsey Upton29-01.50Brentwood
3.-Ansley Hughes28-01.75Strong Rock Christian
4.10Haley Chappell27-10.25Southwest Georgia
5.-Abby Smith27-07.00Nathanael Greene
6.-Jessalyn Nash27-06.25Flint River Academy
7.-Blair Savelli26-06.00Tiftarea Academy
8.-Caitlyn Pittman26-00.50Robert Toombs Christ...
9.10Heather Grebel26-00.25Southwest Georgia
10.-Kaylee Riner24-10.50Brentwood
11.-Kaylee Lanier24-07.00Bulloch Academy
12.-Amy Adams22-08.00Flint River Academy
X Shot Put - 4kg - AAA - Prelims
2.-Mallory Long34-08.25Stratford Academy
3.-Morgan Phillips31-11.75Deerfield-Windsor Up...
4.-Jovan Cardoso31-11.00Augusta Prep
5.-Shelley Wolfe31-10.75Tattnall Square Acad...
6.-Haley Caldwell30-04.00Brookwood School
7.-Ashley Standifer30-00.75Mt Vernon Presbyterian
8.-Terranicia Holmes30-00.00Atlanta Girls'
9.-Kahler Campbell29-06.50Gatewood Schools Inc
10.-Lauren Robertson28-07.50George Walton
11.-Margie Dickey28-07.00Stratford Academy
12.-AK Wright28-04.25First Presbyterian Day
13.11Kayla Albright28-03.75Central Fellowship C...
14.-Joyce Knight28-02.75Deerfield-Windsor Up...
15.-Breonca Hackney27-05.50Mt Vernon Presbyterian
16.10Caylee Hammack25-02.75Southland Academy
X Discus - 1kg - A - Prelims
2.-Gillian Ford91-03 8Westwood
3.-Aimee Horne83-05 6Terrell
4.-Peyton Parker80-01 5Terrell
5.-Kayla Crumpler78-05 4Covenant Academy
6.-Ciaira Meyers74-05 3Hidden Lake
7.-Jessica Wimberly73-07 2David Emanuel
8.-Karrah Bittner66-08 1Hidden Lake
9.-Brittini Phelps64-09Briarwood Academy
10.-Gabrielle Story63-04David Emanuel
11.-Morgan Bridges62-07Thomas Jefferson
12.-Lizzy McCullers50-03Covenant Academy
X Discus - 1kg - AA - Prelims
2.-Emma Nauman84-09 8Harvester Christian ...
3.-Jessalyn Nash82-10 6Flint River Academy
4.-Abby Smith82-06 5Nathanael Greene
5.-Heaven Hinton80-09 4Bulloch Academy
6.-Jordan Nash79-03 3Flint River Academy
7.-Kristen Walker77-00 2Harvester Christian ...
8.-Caitlyn Pittman72-04 1Robert Toombs Christ...
9.-Jasmine Griffin72-03Curtis Baptist
10.10Haley Chappell72-00Southwest Georgia
11.-Lori White67-07Tiftarea Academy
12.-Lindsey Upton67-02Brentwood
13.-Katie Jones64-04Strong Rock Christian
14.-Kyla Smith58-02Windsor Academy
15.-Taylor Chamberlain56-06Strong Rock Christian
16.10Jordan Lanton54-07Southwest Georgia
X Discus - 1kg - AAA - Prelims
2.-Shelley Wolfe106-03 8Tattnall Square Acad...
3.-Whitney Crews105-05 6Pinewood Christian
4.-Margie Dickey98-05 5Stratford Academy
5.-Mallory Long96-00 4Stratford Academy
6.-DeAsia Carter94-02 3Mt Vernon Presbyterian
7.-AK Wright93-06 2First Presbyterian Day
8.-Bess Couey90-10 1Trinity Christian
9.-Heather Lash85-01Deerfield-Windsor Up...
10.-Jessie Stephens82-05George Walton
11.-Haley Caldwell81-09Brookwood School
12.-Jennifer Hightower77-01Gatewood Schools Inc
13.-Rachel Davis74-00Dominion Christian
14.10Caylee Hammack73-00Southland Academy
15.-Kayla Bergen68-08Pinecrest Academy
16.-Morgan Phillips55-03Deerfield-Windsor Up...
X High Jump - A - Prelims
2.-Cristi Yoder4-10.00Randolph Southern
3.-Shannon Newsome4-08.00Briarwood Academy
4.-Ashlyn Reed4-06.00Fullington Academy
6.-Toni Hall4-04.00Westwood
6.-Virginia Vereen4-04.00Westwood
8.-Jasmine Phillips4-04.00David Emanuel
9.-Rryan Mortimer4-02.00Hidden Lake
X High Jump - AA - Prelims
2.-Savannah Douglas4-10.00Nathanael Greene
3.-Sydney Anderson4-08.00Brentwood
4.-Cassie Avant4-06.00Brentwood
5.-Jenna Delk4-06.00Robert Toombs Christ...
6.-Rue Hobgood4-04.00Tiftarea Academy
7.-Joanna Hendrix4-02.00Robert Toombs Christ...
8.-Katie Klym4-02.00Curtis Baptist
9.-Anne Durand4-00.00Flint River Academy
---10Sarah OliverNHSouthwest Georgia
---10Taylor StuartNHSouthwest Georgia
----Maggie McNeaseNHTiftarea Academy
----Emma NaumanNHHarvester Christian ...
X High Jump - AAA - Prelims
2.-Amanda Tarver5-00.00Pinewood Christian
3.-Blair McMichael5-00.00Trinity Christian
4.-Erin Wester4-10.00Augusta Prep
4.-Chelsea Parham4-10.00John Milledge Academy
6.-Sophie Green4-10.00Tattnall Square Acad...
7.-Ivy Puckett4-08.00Deerfield-Windsor Up...
7.-Maria Olson4-08.00Brookwood School
9.-Lauren Robertson4-06.00George Walton
9.-Taylor Nix4-06.00Dominion Christian
9.-Rebecca White4-06.00First Presbyterian Day
12.-Maggie Anderson4-04.00Stratford Academy
12.10Jessica Smith4-04.00Westfield
12.-Sara Grimaldi4-04.00Pinecrest Academy
15.10Nana Osei4-02.00George Walton
15.-Elizabeth Maples4-02.00Deerfield-Windsor Up...
X Pole Vault - A - Prelims
2.-Brittini Phelps7-06.00Briarwood Academy
3.-Toni Hall6-00.00Westwood
X Pole Vault - AA - Prelims
2.-Rebekah Beasley7-09.00Bulloch Academy
3.-Morgan Gould7-06.00Robert Toombs Christ...
4.-Judah Banks7-00.00Robert Toombs Christ...
5.-Marianna Peebles6-00.00Bulloch Academy
6.-Jacey Hinton6-00.00Brentwood
X Pole Vault - AAA - Prelims
2.-Kelli Bates10-09.00Deerfield-Windsor Up...
3.-Reed Hancock9-06.00Deerfield-Windsor Up...
4.-AnnaClaire Knight8-00.00Trinity Christian
5.-Blair McMichael8-00.00Trinity Christian
6.Julia Bradley8-00.00Anne Stratford
7.9Sarah Gehling7-06.00Pinecrest Academy
7.12Mary Beth Ehalt7-06.00Mt De Sales
9.12Janna Comer7-06.00Mt De Sales
9.11Alexis Carnes7-06.00George Walton
11.-Blair Milo7-00.00Gatewood Schools Inc
12.10Hannah McSwain6-06.00George Walton
13.10Lee Rogers6-00.00Atlanta Girls'
X Long Jump - A - Prelims
2.-Hope Bailey15-00.25Westwood
3.-Laura Cardell14-04.50David Emanuel
4.-Sumner Watson14-03.00Westwood
5.-Rachel Coxwell13-10.00Briarwood Academy
6.-Alex Peavy13-10.00Fullington Academy
7.-Crista Pierce13-09.00Twiggs Academy
8.-Ashley Odom12-11.00Twiggs Academy
9.-Julia Riccardi12-03.75Hidden Lake
10.-Karrah Bittner10-10.25Hidden Lake
11.-Madison Back10-08.50Covenant Academy
X Long Jump - AA - Prelims
2.-Becca Whittle16-05.50Harvester Christian ...
3.-Rachel Gilbert16-04.00Bulloch Academy
4.-Kaylee Lanier15-09.00Bulloch Academy
5.-Cassie Avant15-00.00Brentwood
6.-Racheal Haynes14-09.50Tiftarea Academy
7.-Anna Sullivan14-07.00Robert Toombs Christ...
8.-Katrina Walls14-06.00Brentwood
9.-Heather Kelley14-02.00Tiftarea Academy
10.-Hunter Connell14-01.75Flint River Academy
11.10Kyndal Andrews13-07.00Southwest Georgia
12.-Amber Bowman13-05.50Edmund Burke Academy
13.-Amanda Bourque13-02.75Harvester Christian ...
14.-Summer Thompson12-11.25Strong Rock Christian
15.-Chelsey Epps12-11.00Nathanael Greene
X Long Jump - AAA - Prelims
2.-Christy McMillan16-10.50Brookwood School
3.11Nicole Davis16-06.50Dominion Christian
4.-Faren Harris16-04.50Tattnall Square Acad...
5.-Amanda Tarver16-02.00Pinewood Christian
6.-Alexis Gautier15-11.75Stratford Academy
7.-AnnaClaire Knight15-11.50Trinity Christian
8.12Susan Johnson15-05.25Dominion Christian
9.-Aggie Rodriguez15-00.25Pinecrest Academy
10.-Shelley Cogdell14-09.75Gatewood Schools Inc
11.-Allie Bailey14-08.75Tattnall Square Acad...
12.-Liz Olson14-03.50Brookwood School
13.12Abby Goodroe14-01.25Westfield
14.-Sonya Belakhlef13-07.75Deerfield-Windsor Up...
15.-Megan Mayfield13-07.00Augusta Prep
16.-Lindsey Etheridge13-01.25George Walton
X Triple Jump - A - Prelims
2.-Sumner Watson30-06.50Westwood
3.-Hope Bailey30-06.50Westwood
4.-Laura Cardell28-05.75David Emanuel
5.-Catherine Sanders28-05.00Twiggs Academy
6.-Lauren Barfield27-08.00Terrell
7.-Hope Wheeler27-08.00Covenant Academy
----Alex PeavyNDFullington Academy
X Triple Jump - AA - Prelims
2.-Meghan Downs33-03.25Arlington Christian
3.-Cassie Avant33-01.00Brentwood
4.-Katrina Walls32-01.00Brentwood
5.-Katie Klym30-01.50Curtis Baptist
6.-Taylor Collins29-10.00Bulloch Academy
7.-Rue Hobgood29-07.00Tiftarea Academy
8.10Kyndal Andrews29-05.00Southwest Georgia
9.-Calleigh Simpson28-11.50Nathanael Greene
10.-Courtney Albritton28-10.25Tiftarea Academy
11.-Hunter Connell28-02.00Flint River Academy
12.-Kinsley Mallard27-10.00Bulloch Academy
13.-Amanda Bourque27-08.50Harvester Christian ...
14.-Marissa Stewart25-06.50Arlington Christian
15.-Katie Jones24-11.25Strong Rock Christian
---10Taylor StuartNDSouthwest Georgia
X Triple Jump - AAA - Prelims
2.-Christy McMillan34-04.00Brookwood School
3.11Nicole Davis33-05.75Dominion Christian
4.11Daphne Jones33-02.00Mt De Sales
5.10Fran Johnson33-00.00First Presbyterian Day
6.-Lauren Clark32-09.50John Milledge Academy
7.-Jessica Chapman32-04.50Trinity Christian
8.-Ashley Standifer32-04.25Mt Vernon Presbyterian
9.-Allie Bailey32-03.50Tattnall Square Acad...
10.-Demi Douglas32-01.50Holy Spirit Prep
11.-Faren Harris31-06.00Tattnall Square Acad...
12.-Shelley Cogdell30-09.25Gatewood Schools Inc
13.-Sonya Belakhlef30-08.00Deerfield-Windsor Up...
14.-Reedi Hawkins30-05.50Deerfield-Windsor Up...
14.12Abby Goodroe30-05.50Westfield
16.-Sara Grimaldi30-03.00Pinecrest Academy
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