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Southeastern District Meet

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Grassfield HS, Chesapeake,

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Virginia - 4A
King's Fork
Virginia - 5A
Great Bridge
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jared Pickering10.86aGreat Bridge
2.12Jerome Lewis11.04aOscar Smith
3.12Timothy Smith11.07aOscar Smith
4.12Carvin Powell11.09aGreat Bridge
5.11Alex Pennecke11.13aGrassfield
6.12Perry Jones11.19aOscar Smith
7.12Matias Parker11.22aOscar Smith
8.10Tyree Jordan11.26aGrassfield
9.10Taylor Snipes11.34aKing's Fork
10.12Louis Phillips11.50aOscar Smith
11.10Corey Gwynn11.54aGrassfield
---Bruce Smith11.57aGrassfield
--9Dominique Torres11.82aGrassfield
12.-Solomon Fowler11.86aGreat Bridge
13.-Edward Robinson11.88aHickory
14.9Devin Hardy12.03aKing's Fork
15.-Robert Carter12.21aHickory
16.10Alex Mcdowell12.29aKing's Fork
17.-Terry Sivels12.35aHickory
18.-Niles Kirckof12.43aHickory
19.-Shaquille Anderson12.44aKing's Fork
---Glenn Polo12.70aGreat Bridge
---Tyler Miller12.80aGreat Bridge
20.10William Galloway14.17aKing's Fork
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jared Pickering22.71aGreat Bridge
2.12Jerome Lewis22.72aOscar Smith
3.12Shawn Rosco22.77aOscar Smith
4.12Micah Moyer22.86aGreat Bridge
5.10Terrell Johnson22.95aGrassfield
6.11Nico Villegas23.20aHickory
7.10Corey Gwynn23.25aGrassfield
---D'Wayne Windley23.28aGrassfield
8.10Tyree Jordan23.32aGrassfield
9.12Matias Parker23.41aOscar Smith
10.10Tyler Holloway23.53aKing's Fork
11.12Perry Jones23.56aOscar Smith
12.12Louis Phillips23.75aOscar Smith
13.12Christopher Byrd24.07aHickory
14.-Jeremy Williams25.01aHickory
---Immanuel Harris25.28aGrassfield
15.-Kevin Artis25.56aKing's Fork
16.-James Underwood25.85aGreat Bridge
17.9Jordan Childs26.00aKing's Fork
18.11Hildrew McNair26.16aKing's Fork
---Tyler Miller26.54aGreat Bridge
19.-DeAndre Dunnaway27.06aHickory
20.-Quay Hollerman28.53aHickory
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tyree Jordan51.10aGrassfield
2.-Kelton Millhouse52.84aKing's Fork
3.-Jared Miller52.85aHickory
4.10Jonh Stubbs53.27aOscar Smith
5.11Colin Gibbons53.87aGreat Bridge
6.10Tyler Cheesebrew54.39aGrassfield
7.-Jarrett Walker54.68aGrassfield
8.10Jaquan Loftin55.18aOscar Smith
9.-Solomon Fowler55.44aGreat Bridge
10.11Matthew Ford56.47aOscar Smith
11.-Evan Smith56.59aGrassfield
12.10Raysean Richardson56.71aOscar Smith
13.12Kyle Vaughn56.75aHickory
14.12Brian Booth57.00aGreat Bridge
15.-Jakob Willich57.75aHickory
16.-Scott Martin58.39aHickory
17.11Jordan White59.47aGreat Bridge
---James Underwood59.75aGreat Bridge
---Dakari Kirby1:01.12aGrassfield
18.-Arnold Haynes1:05.07aKing's Fork
19.10Quinton Johnson1:06.92aKing's Fork
20.-Chad Jones1:08.94aHickory
20.9Richard Parks1:08.94aKing's Fork
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jeremy Greenwald2:00.36aGrassfield
2.10Daniel Bienlien2:00.61aGreat Bridge
3.12Clevon Clarke2:09.78aOscar Smith
4.12Curtis Campbell2:10.92aGrassfield
5.11Alex Mullaney2:11.39aHickory
6.12Ryan Pitts2:11.96aHickory
7.12Chris Zrya2:12.46aGrassfield
8.9Joel Coleman2:15.14aKing's Fork
9.12Michael Mason2:15.87aKing's Fork
10.10Joseph Hill2:16.15aKing's Fork
11.9Zachary Inman2:16.57aHickory
12.12Zachary Boron2:18.21aHickory
--12Timothy Edwards2:20.00aGrassfield
13.-Jayquan Darden2:22.48aOscar Smith
14.12Isa Randall2:26.21aOscar Smith
15.-Rickey Foremen2:33.85aOscar Smith
16.-Brendan Boone2:45.61aGreat Bridge
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Joseph Daversa4:48.06aGrassfield
2.11Andrew Atangan4:48.43aGrassfield
3.11Kyle Corwin4:50.79aHickory
4.10Matthew Freedman5:04.18aHickory
5.11Julian Johnson5:10.52aOscar Smith
6.10Josh Boron5:11.15aHickory
7.11David Quackenbos5:18.87aGrassfield
--11Eric Littley5:20.55aGrassfield
8.11Trevor Raymond5:22.96aGreat Bridge
9.10Joshua Gaskill5:25.03aHickory
--11Sean Murphy5:29.86aGrassfield
10.-Johnathan Capra5:31.36aHickory
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Aaron Harrison9:59.52aGrassfield
2.9Michael Sanders10:48.79aHickory
2.10Brett Gordon10:48.79aHickory
4.11Elliott Carbaugh10:49.04aHickory
5.11Luke Wade10:53.88aHickory
6.10Justin Cimring10:59.79aGreat Bridge
7.12Steven Froncillo11:41.86aGrassfield
8.10Mitchell Pitts11:52.71aHickory
9.11Julian Johnson11:55.24aOscar Smith
10.10Bradley Hoyt12:22.63aGrassfield
11.11Collin Mattison12:27.74aGreat Bridge
--10Ian Blake12:32.94aGrassfield
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bryan Lee17.22aGrassfield
2.10Anthony Hurd17.94aOscar Smith
---Jarrett WalkerDQGrassfield
--10Joshua BeyDQKing's Fork
---Kiree MartinDQOscar Smith
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bryan Lee43.06aGrassfield
2.10Joshua Bey44.36aKing's Fork
3.11Justin Gilbert44.38aGrassfield
4.10Anthony Hurd44.70aOscar Smith
5.-Darrell Buxton46.07aHickory
6.-Dominic Burkett46.16aGrassfield
7.11Christopher Comeau48.78aHickory
---Kiree MartinDNFOscar Smith
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jerome Lewis
Matias Parker
Timothy Smith
Shawn Rosco
43.18aOscar Smith
2.-Micah Moyer
Carvin Powell
Taylor Sykes
Jared Pickering
43.22aGreat Bridge
3.-Relay Team 43.47aKing's Fork
4.-Loren Hubbard
Niles Kirckof
Conley Smith
Nico Villegas
5.-Relay Team 46.83aOscar Smith
6.-Relay Team 46.84aGrassfield
7.-Jeremy Williams
DeAnte Gregory
DeAndre Dunnaway
Anthony Olmo
---Relay Team DQGrassfield
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:35.50aHickory
2.-Terrell Johnson
Jeremy Greenwald
Joseph Daversa
Andrew Atangan
3.-Joshua Bey
Joseph Hill
Michael Mason
Tyler Holloway
3:40.33aKing's Fork
4.-Relay Team 3:40.84aGrassfield
5.-Clevon Clarke
Jaquan Loftin
Raysean Richardson
Dontae Taylor
3:41.78aOscar Smith
6.-Relay Team 3:46.89aOscar Smith
7.-Anthony Olmo
Scott Martin
Aaron Gosnell
Kyle Vaughn
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:40.76aKing's Fork
2.-Kyle Corwin
Josh Boron
Alex Mullaney
Luke Wade
3.-Relay Team 8:58.48aGrassfield
4.-Relay Team 9:10.57aOscar Smith
5.-Relay Team 9:30.73aGreat Bridge
6.-Relay Team 9:59.14aGrassfield
7.-Relay Team 10:02.36aHickory
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Trey Bray48-03.00Great Bridge
2.10Brandon Ruffin42-09.00Oscar Smith
2.-Phil Smith42-09.00Oscar Smith
4.-Thomas Clark42-08.75Grassfield
5.10Raysean Richardson42-02.00Oscar Smith
5.9Austin Johnson42-02.00Grassfield
7.-Brian Jordan39-00.00Great Bridge
8.12Perry Jones37-02.00Oscar Smith
9.12Nykoi Potts36-11.00Hickory
10.12Zachary Addis36-10.00Hickory
---Nicholas Warwack36-02.00Grassfield
11.10Tony Kovacs35-08.00Great Bridge
12.-Charles Shaffer35-01.00Grassfield
13.12Lester Garris34-08.00Oscar Smith
14.11Ian Copeland33-10.00King's Fork
15.-Andrew Butkovich33-03.00Hickory
16.-George Cuffee32-04.00Oscar Smith
17.-Adam Galoppa28-06.00Hickory
---Taylor Mendler27-08.00Great Bridge
---Robert Grim27-03.00Great Bridge
18.9Dameon Rhoudes25-05.75King's Fork
19.10William Galloway22-09.00King's Fork
--10John MarxDQKing's Fork
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Zachary Addis124-10Hickory
2.-Phil Smith115-00Oscar Smith
3.10Brandon Ruffin113-07Oscar Smith
4.9Austin Johnson106-02Grassfield
5.-Andrew Butkovich105-01Hickory
6.-James Farrow92-05Grassfield
---Isaiah Twitty91-06Grassfield
7.11Ian Copeland81-04King's Fork
8.10John Marx80-07King's Fork
9.12Nykoi Potts80-02Hickory
10.11Deshawn Faulks76-02Oscar Smith
11.9Dameon Rhoudes74-08King's Fork
12.-Adam Galoppa66-08Hickory
13.10Joshua Toliver58-11Oscar Smith
---Wesley Hall50-03Grassfield
--12Lester GarrisNDOscar Smith
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rodney Grant6-00.00Grassfield
1.-Jordan McBride6-00.00Grassfield
3.-Kelcey Moore5-10.00Grassfield
4.12Christopher Byrd5-08.00Hickory
5.11Hildrew McNair5-06.00King's Fork
5.10Joseph Hill5-06.00King's Fork
5.12Shawn Rosco5-06.00Oscar Smith
5.10Joshua Bey5-06.00King's Fork
---Edward RobinsonNHHickory
---Jared MillerNHHickory
---Jeremy WilliamsNHHickory
---Dustin OsborneNHGrassfield
--12Perry JonesNHOscar Smith
---Shaquille AndersonNHKing's Fork
--9Jordan ChildsNHKing's Fork
--12Timothy SmithNHOscar Smith
---Caleb SmithNHOscar Smith
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Allen Kelly14-06.00King's Fork
2.12Kevin Webb14-00.00Great Bridge
3.11Hildrew McNair12-06.00King's Fork
4.11Christopher Comeau11-00.00Hickory
4.12Robert Grantz11-00.00Hickory
6.11Ryan Ward9-06.00King's Fork
7.10Alex Brueggeman9-00.00King's Fork
---Ricardo EnriguezNHGrassfield
--10Ashley LouisNHGrassfield
--10Rasheen RawlingNHKing's Fork
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Micah Moyer21-06.50Great Bridge
2.-Micheal Lawton21-02.00Grassfield
3.12Shawn Rosco20-04.00Oscar Smith
4.10Joshua Bey20-02.50King's Fork
5.10Jared Pickering19-09.50Great Bridge
6.11Hildrew McNair19-09.00King's Fork
7.10Joseph Hill19-08.00King's Fork
8.12Arthur Johnson19-06.00Grassfield
9.9DeAnte Gregory19-04.00Hickory
10.-Quinta Funderburke18-10.50Oscar Smith
11.9Dominique Torres18-02.00Grassfield
12.11Matthew Ford18-00.00Oscar Smith
13.-Jaston George17-11.00Oscar Smith
14.-Shaquille Anderson16-06.00King's Fork
15.-Aaron Gosnell16-00.00Hickory
15.-DeAndre Dunnaway16-00.00Hickory
17.10Godfrey Grayland15-03.00Oscar Smith
18.9Jordan Childs14-11.00King's Fork
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Micheal Lawton45-00.00Grassfield
2.12Arthur Johnson42-01.00Grassfield
3.12Perry Jones41-06.00Oscar Smith
4.12Christopher Byrd41-04.00Hickory
5.-Quinta Funderburke39-05.00Oscar Smith
6.-Jaston George37-01.00Oscar Smith
---Dakari KirbyNDGrassfield
---Darrell BuxtonNDHickory

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Karimah Sheperd11.99aGrassfield
2.10Kelia Tyson12.14aOscar Smith
3.12Myesha Barr12.40aGrassfield
4.10Christen Roberts12.55aGrassfield
5.12Tonie Robinson13.13aKing's Fork
6.11Brandi Barnes13.24aGreat Bridge
7.11Samantha Harper13.28aHickory
8.-Rachell Kirby13.38aHickory
9.9Brittany Cuffee13.53aOscar Smith
10.-Diamond Mizell13.62aGreat Bridge
11.12Natasha Godfrey13.70aOscar Smith
12.-Latoya Beamon13.76aGrassfield
---Chelsea Harris13.78aGreat Bridge
13.8Alana Glover13.97aKing's Fork
14.-Jonell Purvis14.09aGrassfield
15.-Brianna Chaney14.28aGreat Bridge
---Ashley Graham14.50aGreat Bridge
16.-Morgan Nestegard15.13aHickory
17.9Allyson Smiley15.30aHickory
18.-Katherine Smith15.52aHickory
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Karimah Sheperd25.43aGrassfield
2.12Myesha Barr25.64aGrassfield
3.-Jasmine Debrow27.63aHickory
4.11Samantha Harper27.88aHickory
5.11Brandi Barnes28.01aGreat Bridge
6.12Tonie Robinson28.07aKing's Fork
7.-Rachell Kirby28.09aHickory
8.-Chabre Smith28.29aGrassfield
9.9Victoria Desadier29.07aHickory
10.8Alana Glover29.22aKing's Fork
---Chelsea Harris29.39aGreat Bridge
11.-Ashley Ore29.53aGrassfield
12.12Morgan Wright29.94aKing's Fork
13.12Chacobi Eley30.29aKing's Fork
14.-Alexis Hitchman30.47aGrassfield
15.12Briana Teal31.03aKing's Fork
16.10Tasia Mack31.75aOscar Smith
17.-Erica Dubose32.38aHickory
18.-Megan Stringfield34.10aOscar Smith
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jazmen Townsend59.21aGrassfield
2.9Charity Wilson1:02.11aGrassfield
3.9Christal Wilson1:04.33aGrassfield
4.11Kristina Tandy1:06.42aHickory
5.-Sarah Kneemiller1:06.87aGreat Bridge
6.-Divine Sanders1:07.24aGrassfield
7.12Chacobi Eley1:07.32aKing's Fork
8.-Alicia Muratore1:07.96aHickory
9.11Canesha Swift1:08.53aOscar Smith
10.9Sharonee White1:08.65aOscar Smith
11.10Kellie Burdick1:10.06aHickory
--9Sydney Ermalinski1:10.78aGreat Bridge
12.11Anna Hawkins1:10.91aGreat Bridge
13.10Emily Smith1:11.65aGreat Bridge
14.12Morgan Wright1:11.80aKing's Fork
15.9Christina McGraw1:12.75aOscar Smith
16.-Megan Goldberg1:15.31aHickory
---Shelby Moore1:31.08aGreat Bridge
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Amanda Smith2:18.28aGrassfield
2.11Kassidy Earehart2:34.11aHickory
3.11Sarah Nalepa2:41.84aGreat Bridge
4.-Kaitlin Butt2:42.17aHickory
5.-Bria Miranda2:45.57aGrassfield
6.10Lauren Snell2:51.87aGrassfield
7.12Norshawanda Lee2:54.41aKing's Fork
8.-Ruth Jones2:56.45aKing's Fork
9.10Colleen Leathrum2:57.00aOscar Smith
10.10Megan Greaves2:57.84aOscar Smith
11.-Rachel Hoyt3:07.37aGrassfield
12.10Keristan Lamb3:11.22aKing's Fork
13.10Lindsey Freeman3:12.57aOscar Smith
14.-Emily Twiford3:18.10aGrassfield
15.11Raven Odgers3:21.13aOscar Smith
16.10Ashley Kelso3:33.47aOscar Smith
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kerry Kelley5:25.84aOscar Smith
2.11Julia Monti5:44.43aGrassfield
3.10Sarah Bieszczad6:02.91aHickory
4.-Alexandra Tandy6:05.67aHickory
5.10Alyssa Yong6:06.03aGrassfield
6.9Shannon Foster6:29.36aGrassfield
7.-Caitlyn Brown6:29.79aGrassfield
8.-Danielle Weinstein6:56.39aHickory
9.12Sarah Kiestler7:16.26aOscar Smith
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kerry Kelley11:23.88aOscar Smith
2.9Peyton Holm12:15.89aGrassfield
3.9Hannah Gray12:29.39aGrassfield
4.10Alyssa Yong12:56.41aGrassfield
5.10Rachel Greenwald13:34.09aGrassfield
6.11Destiny Lowder13:48.61aHickory
7.9Kailey Harrison14:33.31aGrassfield
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Anika Turkiewicz16.54aOscar Smith
2.-Gabriela Graziani20.06aHickory
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nneke Ogwu50.50aGrassfield
2.10Anika Turkiewicz52.08aOscar Smith
3.11Ciara Roman53.31aOscar Smith
4.10Alicia Sabin53.60aHickory
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brittany Cuffee
Kelia Tyson
Ciara Roman
Anika Turkiewicz
52.89aOscar Smith
2.-Relay Team 54.03aHickory
3.-Alana Glover
Megan Simpson
Briana Teal
Tonie Robinson
54.50aKing's Fork
4.-Latoya Beamon
Victoria Darnell
Alexis Hitchman
Divine Sanders
5.-Tonnica Halsey
Michelle Felton
Natasha Godfrey
Tasia Mack
57.10aOscar Smith
6.-Relay Team 59.96aGrassfield
7.-Morgan Nestegard
Katherine Smith
Caitlyn Starnes
Sarah Stefan
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Myesha Barr
Lia Monti
Nneke Ogwu
Amanda Smith
2.-Ashley Ore
Jazmine Perry
Divine Sanders
Christal Wilson
3.-Relay Team 4:38.40aHickory
4.-Relay Team 4:41.51aHickory
5.-Canesha Swift
Sharonee White
Megan Greaves
Ciara Roman
4:42.20aOscar Smith
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sarah Bieszczad
Kassidy Earehart
Kaitlin Butt
Alexandra Tandy
2.-Jessica Erhbar
Hannah Gray
Peyton Holm
Julia Monti
3.-Relay Team 11:04.10aGreat Bridge
---Relay Team 11:54.20aGrassfield
4.-Lindsey Freeman
Raven Odgers
Colleen Leathrum
Ashley Kelso
13:01.50aOscar Smith
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.8Precious Nwala34-04.00Great Bridge
2.9Kiara Howell32-10.50Grassfield
3.9Navia Howell32-00.50Grassfield
4.11Lia Monti31-07.00Grassfield
5.-Mayisha Kirby31-01.00Grassfield
5.-Kayla Kittek31-01.00Grassfield
7.10Renikqua Ricks29-11.00King's Fork
8.11Natasha Nichols26-01.00Oscar Smith
9.12Trimika Skyles26-00.50Oscar Smith
10.-Monique Abrams25-02.00Great Bridge
11.10Deriniquia Derrick23-08.50Oscar Smith
12.11Jasmine Livingston23-04.50King's Fork
13.10Keristan Lamb23-01.50King's Fork
14.-Savannah Perry22-07.00Hickory
15.-Ciera Parham22-05.50Great Bridge
16.11Cenise Thomas20-06.00Oscar Smith
17.10Dominque Muldrow20-04.00King's Fork
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kiara Howell101-02Grassfield
2.11Megan Simpson85-06King's Fork
3.-Kayla Kittek84-07Grassfield
4.11Lia Monti80-08Grassfield
5.-Jasmine Trotter76-08Grassfield
6.9Navia Howell71-08Grassfield
7.12Trimika Skyles65-04Oscar Smith
8.10Renikqua Ricks65-00King's Fork
9.11Cenise Thomas61-06Oscar Smith
10.10Deriniquia Derrick50-00Oscar Smith
11.11Natasha Nichols40-10Oscar Smith
--12Danielle BrownNDOscar Smith
--10Bonita SimmonsNDKing's Fork
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kelia Tyson5-04.00Oscar Smith
2.10Christen Roberts5-02.00Grassfield
3.12Karimah Sheperd4-10.00Grassfield
4.11Megan Simpson4-08.00King's Fork
--10Brooke PerryNHGreat Bridge
--10Anika TurkiewiczNHOscar Smith
---Chabre SmithNHGrassfield
---Monique CattenNHGrassfield
--9Allyson SmileyNHHickory
--12Sarah KiestlerNHOscar Smith
--10Victoria DarnellNHGrassfield
--11Ciara RomanNHOscar Smith
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Karen Gray10-00.00Hickory
2.12Sarah Kiestler8-06.00Oscar Smith
3.10Megan Greaves7-06.00Oscar Smith
4.10Lauren Snell6-00.00Grassfield
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Shakeela Saunders17-06.00Great Bridge
2.10Kelia Tyson16-06.50Oscar Smith
3.11Brandi Barnes15-04.00Great Bridge
4.9Victoria Desadier13-11.00Hickory
5.-Michelle Felton13-01.50Oscar Smith
6.10Victoria Darnell12-10.50Grassfield
7.12Briana Teal12-10.00King's Fork
8.12Natasha Godfrey12-06.00Oscar Smith
9.-Morgan Nestegard12-00.00Hickory
--12Tonie RobinsonNDKing's Fork
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Victoria Darnell30-00.00Grassfield
2.12Natasha Godfrey28-06.00Oscar Smith
2.-Jazmine Perry28-06.00Grassfield
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