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Southeastern District Championships

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Grassfield HS Track, Chesapeake

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Joel Coleman11.33aKing's Fork      
2.10Jared Pickering11.36aGreat Bridge      
3.-Charles Arnold11.51aDeep Creek      
4.11Donnvan Wright11.57aLakeland      
5.11Alex Pennecke11.61aGrassfield      
6.12Carvin Powell11.64aGreat Bridge      
7.12Dontarius Boone11.65aLakeland      
8.12Timothy Smith11.76aOscar Smith      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Joel Coleman11.27aKing's Fork      
2.10Jared Pickering11.35aGreat Bridge      
4.11Alex Pennecke11.37aGrassfield      
5.12Timothy Smith11.38aOscar Smith      
5.11Donnvan Wright11.38aLakeland      
7.-Charles Arnold11.45aDeep Creek      
8.12Dontarius Boone11.46aLakeland      
3.12Carvin Powell11.57aGreat Bridge      
9.-Brandon Alston11.57aNansemond River      
10.12Perry Jones11.58aOscar Smith      
11.12Antoine Griffin11.61aIndian River      
12.-Micheal Lawton11.62aGrassfield      
12.10Tyler Holloway11.62aKing's Fork      
14.12Jerome Lewis11.66aOscar Smith      
15.11Nico Villegas11.67aHickory      
16.12Matias Parker11.69aOscar Smith      
16.-Gregory Mosley11.69aNansemond River      
18.-Phillip Haynes11.72aIndian River      
19.12Darren Roberts11.73aWestern Branch      
20.12Timothy Downey12.05aHickory      
20.9Malcolm White12.05aWestern Branch      
22.-Tevin Stokley12.26aLakeland      
23.10Terryn Gordon12.77aDeep Creek      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12James Taylor21.75aNansemond River      
2.12Daniel Nix21.90aWestern Branch      
3.12Tyrone Bridgers22.43aDeep Creek      
4.10Terrell Johnson22.68aGrassfield      
5.11Donnvan Wright22.69aLakeland      
6.12Timothy Smith22.72aOscar Smith      
7.10Tyler Holloway23.21aKing's Fork      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12James Taylor21.86aNansemond River      
2.12Curtis Campbell22.11aGrassfield      
4.12Tyrone Bridgers22.39aDeep Creek      
3.12Daniel Nix22.55aWestern Branch      
5.12Timothy Smith22.60aOscar Smith      
6.11Donnvan Wright22.87aLakeland      
7.10Terrell Johnson22.94aGrassfield      
8.10Tyler Holloway23.14aKing's Fork      
9.12Dontarius Boone23.23aLakeland      
10.12Jerome Lewis23.28aOscar Smith      
11.12Shawn Rosco23.46aOscar Smith      
12.-Kelton Millhouse23.48aKing's Fork      
13.11Nico Villegas23.75aHickory      
14.-Brandon Turner23.99aIndian River      
15.10Mylon Blueford24.04aIndian River      
16.12Timothy Downey24.55aHickory      
17.9Quante Cotton26.31aDeep Creek      
18.-Tyler Miller26.89aGreat Bridge      
---Gregory MosleyDQNansemond River      
--11Vernon PayneDQWestern Branch      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12James Taylor47.51aNansemond River      
2.12Javanti Sparrow48.98aWestern Branch      
3.9Joel Coleman49.58aKing's Fork      
4.10Tyree Jordan49.69aGrassfield      
5.10Vince Mosby50.12aKing's Fork      
6.10Dontae Taylor52.71aOscar Smith      
7.12Joel Dinkins54.11aIndian River      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12James Taylor48.94aNansemond River      
2.12Curtis Campbell49.51aGrassfield      
4.9Joel Coleman49.69aKing's Fork      
3.12Javanti Sparrow49.70aWestern Branch      
5.10Tyree Jordan52.02aGrassfield      
6.10Vince Mosby52.18aKing's Fork      
7.10Dontae Taylor53.25aOscar Smith      
8.12Joel Dinkins53.66aIndian River      
9.11Keenan Smith53.81aWestern Branch      
10.-Jared Miller54.07aHickory      
11.11Shawn Respess55.22aOscar Smith      
12.11Collin Mattison57.98aGreat Bridge      
13.9Felix Toxey58.27aDeep Creek      
14.10Denzel White58.54aIndian River      
15.-James Underwood59.59aGreat Bridge      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jeremy Greenwald1:58.27aGrassfield      
2.11George Matais1:59.35aWestern Branch      
3.11Colin Gibbons2:02.13aGreat Bridge      
4.11Alex Mullaney2:02.54aHickory      
5.11Will Davis2:03.80aWestern Branch      
6.12Clevon Clarke2:03.85aOscar Smith      
7.12Brian Booth2:06.17aGreat Bridge      
8.12Chris Zrya2:08.28aGrassfield      
9.10Calvin Stanford2:09.67aOscar Smith      
10.-Jesse Apple2:12.39aKing's Fork      
11.10Bijan Fallahi2:12.41aIndian River      
12.-Brandon Wilson2:12.75aLakeland      
13.12Kyle Vaughn2:14.61aHickory      
14.-Patrick Brito2:16.96aNansemond River      
15.9Jordan Childs2:17.38aKing's Fork      
16.-Shaquille Howard2:23.16aNansemond River      
17.-Brian Boone2:40.33aLakeland      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Blake Theroux4:20.32aWestern Branch      
2.11George Matais4:23.27aWestern Branch      
3.11Jordan White4:29.05aGreat Bridge      
4.12Christopher Werner4:32.72aWestern Branch      
5.11Joseph Daversa4:36.31aGrassfield      
6.11Andrew Atangan4:43.11aGrassfield      
7.11Kyle Jacobs4:49.18aWestern Branch      
8.11Julian Johnson4:59.96aOscar Smith      
9.10Josh Enokida5:01.23aGreat Bridge      
10.11Elliott Carbaugh5:04.47aHickory      
11.11Luke Wade5:07.75aHickory      
12.10Bijan Fallahi5:08.58aIndian River      
13.12Kenneth Boyd5:39.79aIndian River      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Aaron Harrison10:12.40aGrassfield      
2.11Kyle Corwin10:30.11aHickory      
3.11Christian Sierra10:33.33aWestern Branch      
4.9Michael Sanders10:44.14aHickory      
5.9Terry Reel10:50.50aWestern Branch      
6.10Josh Boron10:52.94aHickory      
7.10Matthew Freedman11:05.19aHickory      
8.10Justin Cimring11:16.35aGreat Bridge      
9.11David Quackenbos11:20.49aGrassfield      
10.10Spencer Sherman11:40.98aGreat Bridge      
11.11Julian Johnson11:49.08aOscar Smith      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeffrey Artis14.41aWestern Branch      
2.11Jeffrey Lewis15.10aWestern Branch      
3.-Marco Peterson15.92aLakeland      
4.-Jordan Patrick17.32aLakeland      
5.11Justin Gilbert17.46aGrassfield      
6.10Anthony Hurd18.36aOscar Smith      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jeffrey Artis14.35aWestern Branch      
2.11Jeffrey Lewis14.94aWestern Branch      
3.-Marco Peterson15.81aLakeland      
4.12Tyrece Shepherd16.48aLakeland      
5.11Justin Gilbert16.98aGrassfield      
6.-Jordan Patrick17.63aLakeland      
7.10Anthony Hurd18.13aOscar Smith      
8.10Joshua Bey19.09aKing's Fork      
9.-Dominic Burkett19.12aGrassfield      
10.-Ryan Turner21.59aNansemond River      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeffrey Artis38.39aWestern Branch      
2.10Cameron Cipcic40.89aWestern Branch      
3.12Khyiem Long41.74aWestern Branch      
4.10Anthony Hurd42.81aOscar Smith      
5.11Bryan Lee43.41aGrassfield      
6.-Marco Peterson43.77aLakeland      
7.10Travis Hawkins45.84aWestern Branch      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Jeffrey Artis37.98aWestern Branch      
2.12Tyrece Shepherd41.08aLakeland      
3.10Cameron Cipcic41.10aWestern Branch      
4.12Khyiem Long41.78aWestern Branch      
5.10Travis Hawkins42.70aWestern Branch      
6.-Marco Peterson42.99aLakeland      
7.10Anthony Hurd43.07aOscar Smith      
8.11Bryan Lee44.09aGrassfield      
9.11Justin Gilbert44.83aGrassfield      
10.10Joshua Bey45.20aKing's Fork      
11.-Darrell Buxton45.60aHickory      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Perry Jones
Jerome Lewis
Shawn Rosco
Timothy Smith
42.71aOscar Smith      
2.-Charles Arnold
Tyrone Bridgers
Caleb Henderson
Previn Johnson
42.72aDeep Creek      
3.-Relay Team 42.86aLakeland      
4.-Mylon Blueford
Aquante Thornton
Phillip Haynes
Brandon Turner
43.59aIndian River      
4.-Relay Team 43.59aKing's Fork      
6.-Gregory Mosley
Brandon Alston
Terrance Hardy
LaMont Brown
44.81aNansemond River      
7.-Vernon Payne
Nick Bolton
Travis Paige
Malcolm White
45.23aWestern Branch      
8.-Timothy Downey
Loren Hubbard
Edward Robinson
Nico Villegas
---Relay Team DQGrassfield      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Joel Coleman
Joseph Hill
Michael Mason
Vince Mosby
3:23.50aKing's Fork      
2.-Relay Team 3:24.38aDeep Creek      
3.-Taylor Sykes
Micah Moyer
Jared Pickering
Carvin Powell
3:24.66aGreat Bridge      
4.-Antonio Foster
Devante Cherry
Malcolm White
Keenan Smith
3:34.45aWestern Branch      
5.-Joel Dinkins
Denzel White
Anthony Orton
Dwight Cherry
3:34.82aIndian River      
6.-Dontae Taylor
Shawn Respess
Clevon Clarke
Godfrey Grayland
3:34.84aOscar Smith      
7.-Darrell Buxton
Loren Hubbard
Jared Miller
Christopher Byrd
8.-Relay Team 3:44.21aLakeland      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cameron Cipcic
George Matais
Christopher Werner
Blake Theroux
8:07.84aWestern Branch      
2.-Brian Booth
Colin Gibbons
Daniel Bienlien
Taylor Sykes
8:13.70aGreat Bridge      
3.-Jeremy Greenwald
Aaron Harrison
Joseph Daversa
Andrew Atangan
4.-Relay Team 8:40.91aKing's Fork      
5.-Kyle Corwin
Alex Mullaney
Luke Wade
Ryan Pitts
6.-Shawn Respess
Dontae Taylor
Calvin Stanford
Clevon Clarke
8:48.09aOscar Smith      
7.-Denzel White
Joel Dinkins
Bijan Fallahi
Andrew Wenthe
8:59.99aIndian River      
8.-Jordan Patrick
Brian Boone
Brandon Wilson
Erick Hargrove
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.10Brandon Ruffin48-04.00Oscar Smith      
2.11Trey Bray48-02.00Great Bridge      
3.12Jeremy Edmond47-10.00Western Branch      
4.11Kindel Allen45-01.50Deep Creek      
5.-Phillip Smith44-09.50Grassfield      
6.12Roy Powell43-08.50Western Branch      
7.11Jeremie Walton43-07.00Deep Creek      
8.-Thomas Clark39-06.50Grassfield      
9.10Jose Guerra38-05.00Indian River      
10.12Nykoi Potts37-10.00Hickory      
11.11Ian Copeland35-06.00King's Fork      
12.-Bryant Bailey33-06.00King's Fork      
---Brian JordanFOULGreat Bridge      
--9Kyle RobbinsFOULIndian River      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeremy Edmond132-10.50Western Branch      
2.-Isaiah Twitty127-08Grassfield      
3.10Brandon Ruffin126-04Oscar Smith      
4.11Ian Copeland126-00King's Fork      
5.12Chase Marchetti125-03Western Branch      
6.11Kindel Allen114-03.50Deep Creek      
7.12Arthur Huffman112-07Indian River      
8.-Andrew Butkovich109-00.50Hickory      
9.11Jeremie Walton107-03.50Deep Creek      
10.-Justin Kee95-08.50Lakeland      
11.10Jose Guerra94-11Indian River      
12.-Phillip Smith93-07.50Grassfield      
13.-Derek Morris66-01Nansemond River      
14.-Brandon Holland58-10Lakeland      
---Bryant BaileyNDKing's Fork      
--12Zachary AddisNDHickory      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caleb Henderson6-06.00Deep Creek      
2.12John James6-04.00Nansemond River      
3.11Steve Wood6-02.00Lakeland      
3.12Timothy Smith6-02.00Oscar Smith      
3.12Antoino Dildy6-02.00Lakeland      
6.12Jeffrey Artis6-00.00Western Branch      
6.9Dwight Cherry6-00.00Indian River      
6.-Jordan McBride6-00.00Grassfield      
9.11Hildrew McNair5-10.00King's Fork      
9.12Tyrece Shepherd5-10.00Lakeland      
9.11Andrew Shipp5-10.00Western Branch      
12.-Rodney Grant5-08.00Grassfield      
13.12Anthony Gilliam5-06.00Lakeland      
13.-Jordan Patrick5-06.00Lakeland      
--10Aquante ThorntonNHIndian River      
--12Leroy BurchNHOscar Smith      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Allen Kelly15-00.00King's Fork      
2.12Kevin Webb13-06.00Great Bridge      
3.12Fred Boone13-00.00Lakeland      
3.11Hildrew McNair13-00.00King's Fork      
5.11Christopher Comeau11-06.00Hickory      
6.10Oneil Williams10-06.00Indian River      
7.10Ashley Louis10-00.00Grassfield      
8.-Ricardo Enriguez9-06.00Grassfield      
9.-Zachery Perkins9-00.00Oscar Smith      
--9Kalynn BlakelyNHWestern Branch      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jeffrey Artis22-04.50Western Branch      
2.12Tyrone Bridgers21-11.00Deep Creek      
3.12Shawn Rosco21-07.50Oscar Smith      
4.-Micheal Lawton21-02.00Grassfield      
5.-Jarrett Walker20-10.00Grassfield      
6.12Arthur Johnson20-07.50Grassfield      
7.10Dontae Taylor20-07.00Oscar Smith      
8.11Quentin Gilchrist19-10.00Lakeland      
9.9Joel Coleman19-08.50King's Fork      
10.10Joshua Bey19-00.00King's Fork      
11.12Marcus Dean18-09.50Western Branch      
12.10Mylon Blueford18-05.00Indian River      
13.10Jared Pickering16-02.00Great Bridge      
14.10Anthony Orton15-10.00Indian River      
15.-Robert Winfield14-03.00Deep Creek      
--10Ricky BlakeFOULNansemond River      
--12Micah MoyerFOULGreat Bridge      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.-Micheal Lawton45-04.00Grassfield      
2.11Kendrick Smith44-11.50Western Branch      
3.12Marcus Dean44-04.50Western Branch      
4.-Terrance Hardy42-11.00Nansemond River      
5.12Arthur Johnson42-10.00Grassfield      
6.11Andrew Shipp42-07.50Western Branch      
7.12Keenan Sparrow42-03.00Western Branch      
8.12Perry Jones42-02.00Oscar Smith      
9.-Jordan Patrick41-05.00Lakeland      
10.12Christopher Byrd40-06.00Hickory      
10.11Donnvan Wright40-06.00Lakeland      
12.12Anthony Gilliam40-03.00Lakeland      
13.10Ricky Blake39-09.00Nansemond River      
--12Shawn RoscoFOULOscar Smith      
---Darrell BuxtonFOULHickory      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kelia Tyson12.23aOscar Smith      
2.12Karimah Sheperd12.34aGrassfield      
3.12Tanay Chandler12.38aNansemond River      
4.9Taranisha Taylor12.47aWestern Branch      
5.10Shakia Williams12.63aWestern Branch      
6.10Desmonae Gray12.75aWestern Branch      
7.9Tiffany Ellick12.84aIndian River      
8.-Brittney Hails13.07aLakeland      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Kelia Tyson12.23aOscar Smith      
2.10Shakia Williams12.39aWestern Branch      
3.12Karimah Sheperd12.40aGrassfield      
4.9Taranisha Taylor12.43aWestern Branch      
5.10Desmonae Gray12.50aWestern Branch      
6.12Tanay Chandler12.69aNansemond River      
7.9Tiffany Ellick12.74aIndian River      
8.-Brittney Hails13.00aLakeland      
9.11Jamila Chattman13.18aDeep Creek      
10.10Simone Epps13.29aWestern Branch      
11.12Logan Dickens13.45aWestern Branch      
12.12Celina Smith13.52aWestern Branch      
13.-Diamond Mizell13.57aGreat Bridge      
14.10Erika Rodgers13.58aIndian River      
15.11Ciara Roman13.59aOscar Smith      
16.9Aziza Chattman13.66aDeep Creek      
17.-Tyrah Johnson13.88aNansemond River      
18.8Alana Glover13.93aKing's Fork      
19.9Victoria Desadier13.95aHickory      
20.-Chelsea Harris14.05aGreat Bridge      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kelia Tyson24.80aOscar Smith      
2.9Shakeela Saunders24.90aGreat Bridge      
3.12Tanay Chandler24.98aNansemond River      
4.11Breanna Dennis25.14aGreat Bridge      
5.9Tiffany Ellick25.71aIndian River      
6.12Karimah Sheperd49.26aGrassfield      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Shakia Williams24.85aWestern Branch      
2.11Breanna Dennis25.24aGreat Bridge      
4.9Shakeela Saunders25.34aGreat Bridge      
5.12Karimah Sheperd25.44aGrassfield      
6.10Kelia Tyson25.55aOscar Smith      
3.12Tanay Chandler25.63aNansemond River      
7.9Tiffany Ellick25.89aIndian River      
8.12Amber Mitchell26.01aWestern Branch      
9.-Brittney Hails26.54aLakeland      
10.11Jamila Chattman26.70aDeep Creek      
11.9Brittany Cuffee27.87aOscar Smith      
12.11Brittany Wood28.02aIndian River      
13.10Mechelle Knight28.17aLakeland      
14.9Aziza Chattman28.48aDeep Creek      
15.-Tyrah Johnson28.91aNansemond River      
16.8Alana Glover28.99aKing's Fork      
17.12Morgan Wright29.36aKing's Fork      
18.9Victoria Desadier29.49aHickory      
--12Myesha BarrDQGrassfield      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Shakia Williams57.39aWestern Branch      
2.10Qualitra Brown58.19aKing's Fork      
3.-Shanna Daniels59.03aLakeland      
4.10Shakiella Daniels59.96aLakeland      
5.9Charity Wilson1:00.02aGrassfield      
6.11Lauren Hymon1:01.55aWestern Branch      
7.10Simone Epps1:24.70aWestern Branch      
--10Kelia TysonFSOscar Smith      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Shakia Williams57.89aWestern Branch      
2.10Simone Epps58.66aWestern Branch      
4.10Qualitra Brown58.74aKing's Fork      
3.-Shanna Daniels59.44aLakeland      
5.10Shakiella Daniels1:00.73aLakeland      
6.11Lauren Hymon1:01.63aWestern Branch      
7.9Charity Wilson1:01.85aGrassfield      
8.10Kelia Tyson1:02.41aOscar Smith      
9.9Keenta Nichols1:03.57aIndian River      
10.11Kristina Tandy1:06.00aHickory      
11.10Claire Harrington1:07.91aOscar Smith      
11.-Alicia Muratore1:07.91aHickory      
13.12Chacobi Eley1:08.30aKing's Fork      
14.-Brittany Agent1:08.44aDeep Creek      
15.9Desiree Cuffee1:08.58aIndian River      
16.-Rebecca Adams1:09.44aDeep Creek      
17.-Imani Cannon1:10.33aNansemond River      
18.-Brianna Chaney1:12.10aGreat Bridge      
19.-Ashley Graham1:15.61aGreat Bridge      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Shannon Morton2:25.06aIndian River      
2.11Mary Katherine Sanders2:28.61aWestern Branch      
3.12Kayleigh Lewellyn2:29.91aWestern Branch      
4.11Julia Monti2:30.95aGrassfield      
5.11Shaniece Collins2:31.01aOscar Smith      
6.9Allie Zaricor2:31.78aHickory      
7.11Kassidy Earehart2:36.22aHickory      
8.9Sydney Ermalinski2:42.17aGreat Bridge      
9.10Shakiella Daniels2:48.52aLakeland      
10.-Ruth Jones2:51.63aKing's Fork      
11.10Sha Mccollough-Hoffmann2:59.06aIndian River      
12.10Lindsey Freeman3:02.56aOscar Smith      
13.10Keristan Lamb3:14.32aKing's Fork      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kerry Kelley5:10.12aOscar Smith      
2.12Casey Gresham5:19.75aWestern Branch      
3.10Natalie Wynn5:31.63aWestern Branch      
4.10Emily Smith5:40.26aGreat Bridge      
5.-Kaitlin Butt5:48.07aHickory      
6.11Julia Monti5:50.01aGrassfield      
7.10Kellie Burdick5:55.93aHickory      
8.10Beth Lunsford5:59.56aGreat Bridge      
9.10Colleen Leathrum6:23.94aOscar Smith      
10.10Sha Mccollough-Hoffmann6:42.87aIndian River      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kerry Kelley11:50.64aOscar Smith      
2.9Kathryn De La Rosa12:20.15aWestern Branch      
3.10Sarah Bieszczad12:49.30aHickory      
4.9Alexandra Justice12:53.59aWestern Branch      
5.9Hannah Gray12:55.20aGrassfield      
6.-Alexandra Tandy13:15.92aHickory      
7.-Brittany Smith14:31.33aIndian River      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Desmonae Gray15.01aWestern Branch      
2.12Chantal Luedeke15.23aDeep Creek      
3.11Camille Thomas15.64aWestern Branch      
4.11Johniqua Porter15.70aLakeland      
5.11Venus Whitties16.32aWestern Branch      
6.10Anika Turkiewicz16.34aOscar Smith      
7.9Shamia Lassiter16.63aWestern Branch      
8.10Alicia Sabin17.95aHickory      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Desmonae Gray14.92aWestern Branch      
3.12Chantal Luedeke15.04aDeep Creek      
2.11Johniqua Porter15.44aLakeland      
4.11Camille Thomas15.53aWestern Branch      
5.10Anika Turkiewicz15.97aOscar Smith      
6.11Venus Whitties16.04aWestern Branch      
7.9Shamia Lassiter16.18aWestern Branch      
8.10Alicia Sabin18.17aHickory      
9.-Alexis Thompson18.27aGrassfield      
10.-Brittany Bowman18.71aNansemond River      
11.11Jasmine Livingston20.44aKing's Fork      
12.-Gabriela Graziani20.60aHickory      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chantal Luedeke45.08aDeep Creek      
2.12Keisha Myrrick46.45aWestern Branch      
3.11Kinyata Cooper47.47aDeep Creek      
4.9Shamia Lassiter48.10aWestern Branch      
5.11Nneke Ogwu48.31aGrassfield      
6.11Camille Thomas49.56aWestern Branch      
7.10Anika Turkiewicz50.44aOscar Smith      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Chantal Luedeke45.59aDeep Creek      
2.12Keisha Myrrick46.11aWestern Branch      
3.11Marressa Pinnock46.17aWestern Branch      
4.9Shamia Lassiter46.98aWestern Branch      
5.11Nneke Ogwu47.43aGrassfield      
6.11Kinyata Cooper47.97aDeep Creek      
7.10Anika Turkiewicz48.25aOscar Smith      
8.11Camille Thomas48.64aWestern Branch      
9.9Javette Lee49.13aWestern Branch      
10.9Jimesha Richard49.30aWestern Branch      
11.11Johniqua Porter49.70aLakeland      
12.10Tiana Norman50.00aDeep Creek      
13.9Alana Calhoun51.17aWestern Branch      
14.9Taranisha Taylor52.47aWestern Branch      
15.10Alicia Sabin53.12aHickory      
16.11Ciara Roman54.46aOscar Smith      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kaitlin Chatman
Mechelle Knight
Ayana Pugh
Mariah Varney
2.-Amber Atkins
Celina Smith
Javette Lee
Logan Dickens
49.59aWestern Branch      
3.-Alana Glover
Megan Simpson
Whitney Nichols
Qualitra Brown
50.77aKing's Fork      
4.-Tanay Chandler
Mikeisha Davis
Tyrah Johnson
Brittany Bowman
51.64aNansemond River      
5.-Relay Team 52.03aDeep Creek      
6.-Relay Team 52.14aGrassfield      
7.-Sharonee White
Anika Turkiewicz
Ciara Roman
Natasha Godfrey
54.31aOscar Smith      
---Charv'e Bynum
Tiffany Ellick
Brittany Wood
Erika Rodgers
DNFIndian River      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:03.48aGrassfield      
2.-Shanna Daniels
Brittney Hails
Johniqua Porter
Shakiella Daniels
3.-Shannon Morton
Desiree Cuffee
Dubose Desiree
Keenta Nichols
4:17.69aIndian River      
4.-Relay Team 4:18.73aDeep Creek      
5.-Morgan Wright
Chacobi Eley
Qualitra Brown
Whitney Nichols
4:38.50aKing's Fork      
6.-Relay Team 4:43.49aWestern Branch      
---Shaniece Collins
Claire Harrington
Sharonee White
Canesha Swift
2009aOscar Smith      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Marressa Pinnock
Lauren Hymon
Natalie Wynn
Casey Gresham
10:04.55aWestern Branch      
2.-Julia Monti
Peyton Holm
Hannah Gray
Amanda Smith
3.-Breanna Dennis
Sarah Kneemiller
Sarah Nalepa
Shakeela Saunders
10:23.96aGreat Bridge      
4.-Claire Harrington
Shaniece Collins
Colleen Leathrum
Kerry Kelley
10:41.50aOscar Smith      
5.-Sarah Bieszczad
Kassidy Earehart
Kaitlin Butt
Allie Zaricor
6.-Relay Team 11:27.99aIndian River      
7.-Ruth Jones
Keristan Lamb
Whitney Nichols
Nicolette Santora
12:21.42aKing's Fork      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sydni Cobb37-07.50Western Branch      
2.8Precious Nwala35-05.00Great Bridge      
3.11Latisha Pledger34-11.50Indian River      
4.9Navia Howell34-08.50Grassfield      
5.9Kiara Howell33-05.50Grassfield      
6.11Lia Monti32-00.00Grassfield      
7.10Renikqua Ricks31-03.50King's Fork      
8.12Jackie Marin31-03.00Deep Creek      
9.11Ashley Clarke29-04.00Western Branch      
10.11Chelsea Gray28-10.00Indian River      
11.11Kaitlin Chatman28-06.00Lakeland      
12.12Trimika Skyles27-09.00Oscar Smith      
13.9Danielle Reeves26-01.50Lakeland      
14.-Monique Abrams26-00.50Great Bridge      
15.11Jasmine Livingston25-04.25King's Fork      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.9Kiara Howell116-01Grassfield      
2.11Megan Simpson115-07King's Fork      
3.11Sydni Cobb113-02Western Branch      
4.11Ashley Clarke108-00Western Branch      
5.11Chelsea Gray99-03Indian River      
6.11Lia Monti94-06Grassfield      
7.-Kayla Kittek86-10Grassfield      
8.11Shatia Myers82-02Indian River      
9.12Trimika Skyles69-01Oscar Smith      
--11Kaitlin ChatmanFOULLakeland      
--12Jackie MarinFOULDeep Creek      
--10Bonita SimmonsFOULKing's Fork      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Megan Simpson5-04.00King's Fork      
2.12Keisha Myrrick5-02.00Western Branch      
2.12Karimah Sheperd5-02.00Grassfield      
4.10Kelia Tyson5-02.00Oscar Smith      
5.9Alana Calhoun4-10.00Western Branch      
6.9Shamia Lassiter4-06.00Western Branch      
--10Ayana PughNHLakeland      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Karen Gray9-00.00Hickory      
2.12Sarah Kiestler9-00.00Oscar Smith      
3.10Lauren Snell8-00.00Grassfield      
4.10Megan Greaves8-00.00Oscar Smith      
5.-Patricia VonTersch7-00.00Indian River      
---Danielle McCannNHKing's Fork      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Karimah Sheperd19-03.25Grassfield      
2.9Tiffany Ellick18-06.00Indian River      
3.10Desmonae Gray17-04.25Western Branch      
4.11Camille Thomas17-02.75Western Branch      
5.11Brandi Barnes16-09.75Great Bridge      
6.12Amber Mitchell16-09.50Western Branch      
7.9Shakeela Saunders16-07.75Great Bridge      
8.10Kelia Tyson16-01.25Oscar Smith      
9.-Brittney Hails15-11.50Lakeland      
10.12Tanay Chandler15-06.75Nansemond River      
11.11Johniqua Porter15-06.00Lakeland      
12.-Rodnesia Sallins15-05.75Lakeland      
13.9Charv'e Bynum15-04.25Indian River      
14.9Shamia Lassiter14-09.50Western Branch      
15.11Venus Whitties14-08.50Western Branch      
16.12Natasha Godfrey14-02.25Oscar Smith      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Karimah Sheperd39-05.00Grassfield      
2.-Mikeisha Davis34-09.50Nansemond River      
3.9Jimesha Richard34-07.00Western Branch      
4.11Johniqua Porter34-05.50Lakeland      
5.11Camille Thomas34-01.00Western Branch      
5.11Venus Whitties34-01.00Western Branch      
7.11Breanna Dennis34-00.50Great Bridge      
8.9Shamia Lassiter33-01.75Western Branch      
9.9Sharonee White32-00.00Oscar Smith      
10.-Rodnesia Sallins31-03.50Lakeland      
11.10Briana Hill31-03.00Indian River      
12.12Natasha Godfrey30-09.00Oscar Smith      
13.10Victoria Darnell30-04.50Grassfield      
14.-Imani Cannon27-07.00Nansemond River      
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