Mountain West Indoor Championships

Saturday, February 27, 2010
  New Mexico, Albuquerque - Map
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California - NCAA
SDSUSan Diego State
Colorado - NCAA
AiFoAir Force
COSTColorado State
Nevada - NCAA
UNLVNevada-Las Vegas
New Mexico - NCAA
UNMNew Mexico
Texas - NCAA
TCUTexas Christian
Utah - NCAA
Wyoming - NCAA
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.FrSkye Dawson6.69aTexas Christian
2.FrCharles Silmon6.75aTexas Christian
3.SoLamaar Thomas6.75aNew Mexico
4.FrMario Harris6.80aWyoming
5.FrStephen Michel6.81aWyoming
6.JrMychal Dungey6.82aTexas Christian
7.SoMark Barnes6.85aTexas Christian
8.JrSulaiman Sayyid6.87aColorado State
X 60 Meter Dash - Heptathlon - Finals
1.FrRichard York7.17aNew Mexico
2.SrPhillip Bettis7.17aBYU
3.SrJay Petsch7.22aWyoming
4.SoBrett Birkland7.26aBYU
5.JrJohn Reilly7.32aBYU
6.JrBrian Wilson7.35aNew Mexico
7.SrKirk Cooper7.42aColorado State
8.FrJosh McMillin7.43aColorado State
9.FrMichael Tibbs7.46aAir Force
10.SoJacob Ringrose7.52aAir Force
11.SrJeremy Lee7.53aNew Mexico
12.FrBlair O'Bryant7.53aAir Force
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrCharles Silmon6.76aTexas Christian
2.FrSkye Dawson6.76aTexas Christian
3.FrStephen Michel6.81aWyoming
4.FrMario Harris6.82aWyoming
5.SoLamaar Thomas6.84aNew Mexico
6.SoMark Barnes6.84aTexas Christian
7.JrMychal Dungey6.84aTexas Christian
8.JrSulaiman Sayyid6.87aColorado State
9.SoAntoine Harrison6.90aColorado State
10.SoTravis Gunderson6.98aWyoming
11.SoThomas Trujillo6.99aNew Mexico
12.FrKendall Spencer7.00aNew Mexico
13.FrDe'Vron Walker7.03aNew Mexico
14.FrUzor Udensi7.04aAir Force
15.SrKeith Brauneis7.04aWyoming
16.FrLenyn Leonce7.06aWyoming
17.SoPhil Ofili7.14aAir Force
18.JrJosh Murphy7.18aColorado State
19.FrJustin Will7.20aWyoming
20.SrAdam Benz7.21aTexas Christian
--SoOJ StonehamFSTexas Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrClemore Henry21.02aTexas Christian
2.JrMychal Dungey21.05aTexas Christian
3.FrUzor Udensi21.76aAir Force
4.SoOJ Stoneham21.77aTexas Christian
5.SrDell Guy21.78aTexas Christian
6.FrKendall Spencer21.81aNew Mexico
7.SoMark Barnes21.92aTexas Christian
8.SoThomas Trujillo22.26aNew Mexico
9.SoRhyan Atrice22.54aBYU
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrMychal Dungey21.15aTexas Christian
2.SrClemore Henry21.46aTexas Christian
3.SrDell Guy21.48aTexas Christian
4.SoMark Barnes21.75aTexas Christian
5.SoOJ Stoneham21.78aTexas Christian
6.FrUzor Udensi21.79aAir Force
7.FrKendall Spencer21.79aNew Mexico
8.SoRhyan Atrice21.91aBYU
9.SoThomas Trujillo22.03aNew Mexico
10.SrRob Skidmore22.13aBYU
11.JrBrian Fox22.16aColorado State
12.JrSulaiman Sayyid22.30aColorado State
13.SrKeith Brauneis22.34aWyoming
14.FrJames Derek McAllister22.37aBYU
15.SrAdam Benz22.79aTexas Christian
--FrCharles SilmonFSTexas Christian
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrMatt Love47.08aTexas Christian
2.SoRhyan Atrice47.21aBYU
3.SrClemore Henry47.35aTexas Christian
4.SrDell Guy47.57aTexas Christian
5.FrMario Harris48.03aWyoming
6.SrBryan Payne48.04aBYU
7.SrKevin Biesenger48.68aBYU
8.SrKekoa Chavez48.70aWyoming
9.JrNigel Joseph49.09aColorado State
10.FrJustin Manchester49.10aAir Force
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrDell Guy47.53aTexas Christian
2.SrClemore Henry47.97aTexas Christian
3.SrBryan Payne48.26aBYU
4.FrMario Harris48.27aWyoming
5.SrKevin Biesenger48.34aBYU
6.SoRhyan Atrice48.68aBYU
7.JrMatt Love48.95aTexas Christian
8.SrKekoa Chavez49.00aWyoming
9.FrJustin Manchester49.19aAir Force
10.SrRob Skidmore49.22aBYU
11.JrBrian Fox49.37aColorado State
12.FrJames Derek McAllister49.45aBYU
13.JrChris Severino49.56aAir Force
14.FrDerek Montoya49.98aNew Mexico
15.JrNigel Joseph50.03aColorado State
16.SoJason Easley50.13aWyoming
--SoManuel SmithDQAir Force
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrLee Emanuel1:50.87aNew Mexico
2.SrBrian Weirich1:51.28aBYU
3.SrJames Heiner1:52.66aBYU
4.FrRaffi Cote1:52.79aNew Mexico
5.SoJustin Hedin1:52.89aBYU
6.SoNick White1:53.65aAir Force
7.SoJack Obrien1:54.03aTexas Christian
8.JrTyler Stanley1:55.56aAir Force
9.JrSean Zerko1:56.95aTexas Christian
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrSean Zerko1:54.64aTexas Christian
3.SrBrian Weirich1:55.30aBYU
5.SoNick White1:55.40aAir Force
6.FrRaffi Cote1:56.02aNew Mexico
2.SrJames Heiner1:56.41aBYU
4.SrLee Emanuel1:56.50aNew Mexico
7.SoJustin Hedin1:56.56aBYU
8.JrTyler Stanley1:56.59aAir Force
9.SoJack Obrien1:56.74aTexas Christian
10.FrKen Lane1:56.84aWyoming
11.SrBrian Vallie1:57.55aNew Mexico
12.SoTyler Short1:58.22aColorado State
X 1000 Meters - Heptathlon - Finals
1.FrBlair O'Bryant2:44.30aAir Force
2.FrRichard York2:49.29aNew Mexico
3.SrJay Petsch2:52.05aWyoming
4.SoBrett Birkland2:53.61aBYU
5.SrJeremy Lee2:56.80aNew Mexico
6.JrBrian Wilson2:58.37aNew Mexico
7.SrPhillip Bettis3:00.03aBYU
8.SoJacob Ringrose3:03.77aAir Force
9.JrJohn Reilly3:05.26aBYU
10.FrMichael Tibbs3:10.85aAir Force
11.FrJosh McMillin3:12.59aColorado State
--SrKirk CooperDNFColorado State
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.SrLee Emanuel4:05.85aNew Mexico
2.SrRory Fraser4:10.04aNew Mexico
3.SrDavid Bishop4:12.06aNew Mexico
4.SoRoss Millington4:13.94aNew Mexico
5.SoSpenser Lynass4:14.97aColorado State
6.SoMatt Everett4:15.57aNew Mexico
7.SoJosh Adams4:16.24aBYU
8.SrRobert Harrison4:19.84aBYU
9.FrAndrew Roberts4:25.42aColorado State
10.FrSean Wilde4:30.70aWyoming
11.SrBrandon Babiracki4:36.85aBYU
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJustin Tyner8:21.59aAir Force
2.SrFestus Kigen8:22.54aTexas Christian
3.SrJacob Kirwa8:22.56aNew Mexico
4.SrNathan Ogden8:23.82aBYU
5.SrJohn Kotter8:27.85aBYU
6.SoJames Walmsley8:28.09aAir Force
7.SrRory Fraser8:30.83aNew Mexico
8.JrKeith Gerrard8:31.80aNew Mexico
9.JrBrandon Hebbert8:37.30aBYU
10.SrRichard Nelson8:39.47aBYU
11.SrAlex Willis8:45.92aNew Mexico
12.SoPatrick Ortiz8:46.24aNew Mexico
13.JrJake Keyser8:49.13aColorado State
14.SrZachary Nordahl8:50.94aAir Force
15.SoCory Kalm8:54.07aNew Mexico
16.FrJeremy Drenckhahn8:59.54aAir Force
17.SoSpenser Lynass9:02.82aColorado State
18.SoJeff Holt9:02.99aColorado State
19.SoJohn O'Neil9:04.44aColorado State
20.SoJosh Adams9:06.77aBYU
21.FrAndrew Lesser9:08.13aColorado State
22.SrRobert Harrison9:09.14aBYU
23.SoMatt Everett9:11.19aNew Mexico
24.FrNik Deininger9:14.25aWyoming
25.SoLouie Tijerina9:45.92aTexas Christian
--JrJeff PelsDNSTexas Christian
--JrGreg MillerDNSWyoming
--JrBrock HagermanDNSNew Mexico
--SrDavid BishopDNFNew Mexico
--SrLee EmanuelDNFNew Mexico
--SoJonathan RockDNSAir Force
--SrBrandon BabirackiDNSBYU
--SoRoss MillingtonDNFNew Mexico
--FrAndrew RobertsDNFColorado State
--JrDaniel WallisDNSColorado State
--SrChris BarnicleDNFNew Mexico
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrFestus Kigen14:14.19aTexas Christian
2.JrJustin Tyner14:14.94aAir Force
3.SrNathan Ogden14:16.08aBYU
4.SrJacob Kirwa14:18.22aNew Mexico
5.SrChris Barnicle14:18.53aNew Mexico
6.JrKeith Gerrard14:41.95aNew Mexico
7.SrJohn Kotter14:45.85aBYU
8.JrDaniel Wallis15:05.73aColorado State
9.FrJeremy Drenckhahn15:07.30aAir Force
10.SrAlex Willis15:11.82aNew Mexico
11.SoJonathan Rock15:20.04aAir Force
12.FrAndrew Lesser15:20.20aColorado State
13.SoJohn O'Neil15:21.61aColorado State
14.SoCory Kalm15:29.02aNew Mexico
15.JrBrock Hagerman15:39.80aNew Mexico
16.JrGreg Miller15:42.99aWyoming
17.SoPatrick Ortiz15:48.39aNew Mexico
18.JrJake Keyser15:51.55aColorado State
19.SoJeff Holt15:52.59aColorado State
20.SoLouie Tijerina16:44.90aTexas Christian
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJordan Pitts8.08aTexas Christian
2.FrDe'Vron Walker8.09aNew Mexico
3.SrPhillip Bettis8.25aBYU
4.FrBrandon Douglass8.29aWyoming
5.JrNigel Joseph8.35aColorado State
6.SrBryan Payne8.39aBYU
7.FrMichael Tasker8.43aWyoming
8.SrJay Petsch8.44aWyoming
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrPhillip Bettis8.21aBYU
2.FrRichard York8.45aNew Mexico
3.SrJay Petsch8.50aWyoming
4.JrBrian Wilson8.68aNew Mexico
5.SoBrett Birkland8.79aBYU
6.JrJohn Reilly8.86aBYU
7.FrMichael Tibbs8.86aAir Force
8.SrJeremy Lee9.02aNew Mexico
9.SoJacob Ringrose9.05aAir Force
10.FrBlair O'Bryant9.18aAir Force
11.FrJosh McMillin9.43aColorado State
12.SrKirk Cooper11.71aColorado State
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrJordan Pitts8.05aTexas Christian
2.FrDe'Vron Walker8.10aNew Mexico
3.FrBrandon Douglass8.26aWyoming
4.SrPhillip Bettis8.33aBYU
5.JrNigel Joseph8.37aColorado State
6.SrBryan Payne8.45aBYU
7.SrJay Petsch8.46aWyoming
8.FrMichael Tasker8.49aWyoming
9.SoAndy McKen8.58aWyoming
10.JrMatthew Jones8.66aAir Force
11.FrMark Flegel8.71aWyoming
12.SrTanner Emrich12.28aBYU
--FrKelby DiasDQColorado State
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Dell Guy
Mychal Dungey
Jordan Pitts
Clemore Henry
3:09.73aTexas Christian
2.-James Derek McCallister
Kevin Biesenger
Rob Skidmore
Bryan Payne
3.-Chris Severino
Matthew Jones
Bryant Davis
Manuel Smith
3:14.71aAir Force
4.-Keith Brauneis
Kekoa Chavez
Jay Petsch
Mario Harris
5.-Josh Lovato
Derek Montoya
Thomas Trujillo
Raffi Cote
3:17.09aNew Mexico
6.-Brian Fox
Nigel Joseph
Tyler Short
Josh Murphy
3:17.31aColorado State
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Rory Fraser
Josh Lovato
Ross Millington
Lee Emanuel
10:01.74aNew Mexico
2.-Sean Zerko
Jeff Pels
Jordan Pitts
Festus Kigen
10:03.43aTexas Christian
3.-Zach Nordahl
Bryant Davis
Tyler Stanley
Jim Walmsley
10:05.76aAir Force
4.-Brian Weirich
Kevin Biesenger
Justin Hedin
Brandon Babiracki
5.-Andrew Roberts
Josh Murphy
Jake Keyser
Spenser Lynass
10:37.78aColorado State
6.-Sean Wilde
Jason Easley
Ken Lane
Nik Deininger
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrLeif Arrhenius59-09.75BYU
2.SrDaniel Lawson58-08.75BYU
3.JrTyson Williams57-02.75Colorado State
4.FrSean Tabor56-08.75Texas Christian
5.SrMarcus Cannon55-07.00Texas Christian
6.JrIan Lettow54-00.50Colorado State
7.SrThomas Killen53-11.75Texas Christian
8.SoKyle Schwochow53-08.25Air Force
9.SoRobert Drye51-03.00Air Force
10.FrWeston Richburg50-00.50Colorado State
11.FrCarson Rowley49-08.25Colorado State
12.SoJoe Plante49-01.75Wyoming
13.SoSean Herbison47-08.00Air Force
14.JrCameron Carter47-07.75Colorado State
15.FrAlec Pott47-07.25Colorado State
16.FrMark Sparks47-03.75Wyoming
17.SoJames Cole45-03.75Air Force
--JrOliver WhaleyDNSBYU
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrTrevor Heiner6-10.75BYU
2.FrZach Wood6-09.00Air Force
3.JrJeremiah James6-09.00Wyoming
4.FrTyler Skinner6-07.50Wyoming
5.FrTravis Smith6-06.00Air Force
6.FrRichard York6-00.75New Mexico
6.FrBrandon Ribble6-00.75Colorado State
8.SrPhillip Bettis6-00.75BYU
--FrJaymes TalkingtonNHWyoming
--SoMichael McConkieNHBYU
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SrNick Frawley17-04.50Air Force
2.FrChase Cooper17-04.50Air Force
3.JrChris Little17-00.75BYU
4.SrKirk Cooper16-08.75Colorado State
5.SrDoug Dieker16-08.75Colorado State
6.SrTanner Emrich16-08.75BYU
7.JrKyle Walker16-04.75New Mexico
8.SrJoel Nolan16-04.75Air Force
9.FrRob Simmons16-00.75Air Force
10.FrCale Simmons16-00.75Air Force
11.SoSam Potter16-00.75New Mexico
--FrChris DoddsNHNew Mexico
X Pole Vault - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrKirk Cooper16-06.75Colorado State
2.SrPhillip Bettis16-02.75BYU
3.FrJosh McMillin14-11.00Colorado State
4.JrJohn Reilly14-07.25BYU
4.FrMichael Tibbs14-07.25Air Force
6.FrRichard York14-03.25New Mexico
7.SoJacob Ringrose13-11.25Air Force
8.JrBrian Wilson13-07.25New Mexico
8.SrJay Petsch13-07.25Wyoming
8.FrBlair O'Bryant13-07.25Air Force
11.SoBrett Birkland13-03.50BYU
12.SrJeremy Lee11-03.75New Mexico
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJeremiah James24-06.25Wyoming
2.FrLenyn Leonce24-06.25Wyoming
3.FrKendall Spencer24-03.75New Mexico
4.FrStephen Michel23-06.25Wyoming
5.JrAaron Powell23-02.50BYU
6.JrAnse Myller DeAraujo23-00.00BYU
7.SoKyle Mills22-07.75BYU
8.FrBrandon Douglass22-07.00Wyoming
9.SrRyan Billups22-06.50Colorado State
10.SoTy Kirk22-05.75New Mexico
11.JrTravis Corrow21-10.25Wyoming
12.FrSkye Dawson21-08.25Texas Christian
13.SrNnamdi Agwu21-05.50Colorado State
14.FrJustin Will21-02.00Wyoming
15.FrRyan Wasilawski20-10.50Colorado State
X Long Jump - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrJay Petsch23-01.75Wyoming
2.SrPhillip Bettis22-04.25BYU
3.FrRichard York22-03.75New Mexico
4.SrKirk Cooper21-00.75Colorado State
5.FrMichael Tibbs20-07.25Air Force
6.JrJohn Reilly20-07.00BYU
7.JrBrian Wilson20-05.75New Mexico
8.FrJosh McMillin20-03.00Colorado State
9.SoBrett Birkland19-08.75BYU
10.FrBlair O'Bryant19-07.50Air Force
11.SrJeremy Lee18-11.25New Mexico
12.SoJacob Ringrose16-08.50Air Force
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJeremiah James50-03.50Wyoming
2.FrStephen Michel50-03.25Wyoming
3.SrRyan Billups49-09.25Colorado State
4.SrNnamdi Agwu49-04.25Colorado State
5.JrAaron Powell48-09.50BYU
6.SoKyle Mills48-05.50BYU
7.JrAnse Myller DeAraujo47-05.00BYU
8.SrTravis Smith47-02.25Colorado State
9.FrJaymes Talkington46-10.00Wyoming
10.FrRyan Wasilawski44-00.75Colorado State
--SoTy KirkFOULNew Mexico
--SrJohn AldersonDNSWyoming
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrLeif Arrhenius68-07.25BYU
2.SoJoe Plante60-03.25Wyoming
3.JrOliver Whaley60-02.50BYU
4.SoRobert Drye59-11.25Air Force
5.JrIan Lettow58-03.25Colorado State
6.FrSean Tabor53-11.25Texas Christian
7.JrTyson Williams53-11.00Colorado State
8.FrMark Sparks52-11.50Wyoming
9.FrAlec Pott51-00.75Colorado State
10.FrCarson Rowley49-11.75Colorado State
11.SoSean Herbison48-01.75Air Force
--JrCameron CarterFOULColorado State
X Heptathlon Score - Varsity - Finals
1.SrPhillip Bettis5489BYU
2.FrRichard York5224New Mexico
3.SrJay Petsch5081Wyoming
4.JrBrian Wilson4895New Mexico
5.SoBrett Birkland4621BYU
5.FrMichael Tibbs4621Air Force
7.FrJosh McMillin4596Colorado State
8.JrJohn Reilly4558BYU
9.FrBlair O'Bryant4377Air Force
10.SrJeremy Lee4265New Mexico
11.SoJacob Ringrose4159Air Force
12.SrKirk Cooper3625Colorado State

Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.FrChaniqua Corinealdi7.33aTexas Christian
2.SrKaroline Koehler7.39aSan Diego State
3.SrMindy McClurkin7.47aBYU
4.JrTeneshia Peart7.52aTexas Christian
5.FrEmily Blok7.66aNevada-Las Vegas
6.SrTanesha Johnson7.66aColorado State
7.SrShahnel Woodley7.67aNevada-Las Vegas
8.JrPorshe Giddings7.71aBYU
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrKaroline Koehler7.38aSan Diego State
2.SrMindy McClurkin7.43aBYU
4.FrChaniqua Corinealdi7.52aTexas Christian
3.JrTeneshia Peart7.54aTexas Christian
5.JrPorshe Giddings7.56aBYU
6.SrTanesha Johnson7.60aColorado State
7.FrEmily Blok7.61aNevada-Las Vegas
8.SrShahnel Woodley7.62aNevada-Las Vegas
9.SrKai Wheeler7.68aSan Diego State
10.JrCresha White7.68aAir Force
11.JrAlicia King7.72aSan Diego State
12.JrSade-Shari St. Louis7.73aTexas Christian
13.JrJessika Hornsby7.76aSan Diego State
14.SrWhitney Wellington7.79aUtah
15.SrCandise Maxwell7.81aNevada-Las Vegas
16.FrErin Urbanoski7.91aWyoming
17.SoChantel Bernabo7.91aWyoming
18.SoAnnimari Korte7.95aSan Diego State
19.JrBriana Johnson7.95aSan Diego State
20.SrJennifer Johnson8.03aNevada-Las Vegas
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMindy McClurkin23.34aBYU
2.FrChaniqua Corinealdi23.67aTexas Christian
3.JrTeneshia Peart23.91aTexas Christian
4.SrKaroline Koehler24.07aSan Diego State
5.JrPorshe Giddings24.32aBYU
6.SrTanesha Johnson24.39aColorado State
7.FrEmily Blok24.61aNevada-Las Vegas
8.FrLarissa Matthews24.80aTexas Christian
9.SrNicole Stone24.83aSan Diego State
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrMindy McClurkin23.92aBYU
2.JrTeneshia Peart24.01aTexas Christian
3.FrChaniqua Corinealdi24.02aTexas Christian
4.SrNicole Stone24.17aSan Diego State
5.SrTanesha Johnson24.43aColorado State
6.JrPorshe Giddings24.52aBYU
7.SrKaroline Koehler24.52aSan Diego State
8.FrEmily Blok24.67aNevada-Las Vegas
9.FrLarissa Matthews24.67aTexas Christian
10.SrShahnel Woodley24.76aNevada-Las Vegas
11.JrJessika Hornsby25.01aSan Diego State
12.SoWhitney Gipson25.03aTexas Christian
13.FrKelsey Williamson25.05aNevada-Las Vegas
14.JrSade-Shari St. Louis25.08aTexas Christian
15.JrAlicia King25.41aSan Diego State
16.SrChauncey David-Jacobs25.42aNevada-Las Vegas
17.SrJennifer Johnson25.53aNevada-Las Vegas
18.JrCresha White25.54aAir Force
19.SoChantel Bernabo25.63aWyoming
20.SoLindsay Roach25.70aNevada-Las Vegas
21.JrDavina Collins26.28aNevada-Las Vegas
22.SoJessamy Barton27.64aAir Force
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAfiya Walker53.40aWyoming
2.JrKristal Juarez53.43aTexas Christian
3.SrNicole Stone53.69aSan Diego State
4.SoNatalie Stewart54.63aBYU
5.FrAlyssa Johnson56.12aUtah
6.FrKelsey Williamson56.31aNevada-Las Vegas
7.FrTaylor Gardner57.84aWyoming
8.FrQuinterra Charles62.15aTexas Christian
--FrAshley MosleyFSUtah
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrAfiya Walker54.70aWyoming
2.JrKristal Juarez55.16aTexas Christian
3.SoNatalie Stewart55.32aBYU
4.FrAlyssa Johnson55.60aUtah
5.FrQuinterra Charles55.70aTexas Christian
6.SrNicole Stone55.86aSan Diego State
7.FrKelsey Williamson55.87aNevada-Las Vegas
8.FrAshley Mosley56.80aUtah
9.FrTaylor Gardner56.91aWyoming
10.SrChauncey David-Jacobs57.40aNevada-Las Vegas
11.FrShirley Pitts57.66aNew Mexico
12.FrLauryn McKay57.72aUtah
13.FrNatalie Young57.83aUtah
14.SoHayley Shade57.97aTexas Christian
15.SrChelsey Kaplar58.10aUtah
16.SoLindsay Roach58.75aNevada-Las Vegas
17.SrErica Anderson58.78aWyoming
18.SrWhitney Wellington58.87aUtah
19.FrOlivia Heaston59.16aWyoming
20.SrJessica Mapes59.38aAir Force
21.FrDiana Long59.67aWyoming
22.SrAmber Waddell60.01aSan Diego State
23.FrUnique Connor60.09aTexas Christian
24.SoRachel Thomas60.29aAir Force
25.SoEmily Cotharn61.17aAir Force
--SoChristine LoweDNFNevada-Las Vegas
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLacey Cramer2:05.55aBYU
2.SoNachelle Stewart2:07.06aBYU
3.SrAngela Wagner2:08.90aBYU
4.JrNicole Clark2:09.04aBYU
5.SrAlison Romanko2:09.15aAir Force
6.FrJosefine Koskinen2:12.41aSan Diego State
7.SoLucy Yates2:12.91aUtah
8.SoAlex Darling2:13.05aNew Mexico
9.FrMorgan Mosby2:16.78aAir Force
X 800 Meters - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SoPhaelen French2:23.20aAir Force
2.SrKristen Kugler2:23.39aColorado State
3.SrDanielle McCarty2:24.06aAir Force
4.SrAmy Otis2:26.93aBYU
5.FrCate Brus2:27.54aColorado State
6.JrBritney Jackson2:27.95aWyoming
7.SrSandy Fortner2:27.96aNew Mexico
8.FrEmily Hanna2:35.27aTexas Christian
9.JrMindy Robins2:36.39aBYU
10.SoBrianna LeRoy2:37.57aUtah
11.SoKiersten Kirkland2:37.84aSan Diego State
12.SoSophia Wagner2:38.24aColorado State
13.SoKelsey Kaster2:41.08aSan Diego State
14.SoJulianne Alarcio2:52.08aSan Diego State
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoNachelle Stewart2:11.43aBYU
3.SrAngela Wagner2:12.24aBYU
2.SoLacey Cramer2:12.53aBYU
4.SoLucy Yates2:12.63aUtah
5.SrAlison Romanko2:12.65aAir Force
6.JrNicole Clark2:13.39aBYU
7.FrJosefine Koskinen2:13.92aSan Diego State
8.SoAlex Darling2:14.37aNew Mexico
9.FrMorgan Mosby2:17.42aAir Force
10.FrNikki Dotter2:17.82aUtah
11.JrAmy Brown2:19.39aSan Diego State
12.FrWhitney Henderson2:19.55aColorado State
13.JrEmma Reed2:19.55aNew Mexico
14.SoBrett Zorich2:20.06aNevada-Las Vegas
15.FrMegan Combe2:20.70aUtah
16.FrAnsherae Devine2:23.20aSan Diego State
17.SoLeigh Rutherford2:25.85aSan Diego State
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAngela Wagner4:55.87aBYU
2.FrAmanda Mergaert4:57.38aUtah
3.SrAshley Gibson4:58.53aNew Mexico
4.SoSarah Edwards4:59.09aBYU
5.SoSarah Yingling5:00.57aBYU
6.SrMichaelanne Laurent5:01.02aBYU
7.JrRuth Senior5:04.91aNew Mexico
8.FrAliese Willard5:11.07aColorado State
9.SoBianca Martin5:20.71aNew Mexico
10.SoMichelle Dettmann5:29.13aColorado State
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAlyssa Abbott9:55.54aUtah
2.SoRose Tanui9:56.18aTexas Christian
3.SrEllie Rastall9:57.73aColorado State
4.SoRachel Lange9:59.20aBYU
5.SrNicky Archer10:00.04aNew Mexico
6.SrBailey Kuestermeyer10:01.85aNevada-Las Vegas
7.JrKatie Bowen10:01.86aBYU
8.SoLacey Oeding10:02.17aNew Mexico
9.JrRuth Senior10:03.45aNew Mexico
10.SrMichelle Corrigan10:14.00aNew Mexico
11.SrLaura Bowerman10:15.04aNew Mexico
12.FrAgnes Kemboi10:16.58aTexas Christian
13.SoNicole Peters10:17.30aColorado State
14.JrVanessa Ortiz10:17.61aNew Mexico
15.SoKendra Gerk10:22.14aColorado State
16.FrSarah Heuer10:27.79aColorado State
17.SrCarolyn Boosey10:27.85aNew Mexico
18.SrRachel Williams10:28.74aSan Diego State
19.SoKelley Dawson10:31.65aTexas Christian
20.SoSarah Muniz10:32.17aNevada-Las Vegas
21.JrKatherine Ward10:32.99aAir Force
22.JrAlysha Davis10:33.09aWyoming
23.JrDelyth James10:33.26aNew Mexico
24.FrBrooke Hughes10:40.19aWyoming
25.SoShawna Winnegar10:47.63aNew Mexico
26.FrJordan Davis11:01.14aSan Diego State
27.FrKatie Dalton11:11.65aTexas Christian
28.JrSara Beyers11:12.51aSan Diego State
29.JrMichelle Martinez11:27.32aSan Diego State
30.FrJennifer Bremser11:30.36aAir Force
31.SoMissy Bunn11:47.14aSan Diego State
--JrEmma ReedDNFNew Mexico
--SrAshley GibsonDNSNew Mexico
--SoMichelle DettmannDNSColorado State
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoRose Tanui17:09.46aTexas Christian
2.JrKatie Bowen17:22.83aBYU
3.SrNicole Nelsen17:22.91aBYU
4.SoKaty Andrews17:23.01aBYU
5.SrEllie Rastall17:25.58aColorado State
6.SoLacey Oeding17:31.05aNew Mexico
7.SrBailey Kuestermeyer17:31.61aNevada-Las Vegas
8.SrNicky Archer17:39.54aNew Mexico
9.SrMichelle Corrigan17:55.65aNew Mexico
10.JrVanessa Ortiz18:10.28aNew Mexico
11.SoKendra Gerk18:14.25aColorado State
12.JrDelyth James18:18.33aNew Mexico
13.SoNicole Peters18:20.13aColorado State
14.SoShawna Winnegar18:28.92aNew Mexico
15.FrSarah Heuer18:32.05aColorado State
16.JrEmily Byra18:32.56aWyoming
17.JrKatherine Ward18:39.33aAir Force
18.FrKatie Dalton18:50.29aTexas Christian
19.JrAlysha Davis18:52.24aWyoming
20.FrKate Kanetzky18:59.50aAir Force
21.JrFrancis Gipson19:00.94aWyoming
22.SrRachel Williams19:26.44aSan Diego State
23.FrJordan Davis19:29.94aSan Diego State
24.SoMissy Bunn20:50.67aSan Diego State
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrLarissa Matthews8.41aTexas Christian
2.JrBriana Johnson8.60aSan Diego State
3.SoAnnimari Korte8.60aSan Diego State
4.SrCandise Maxwell8.70aNevada-Las Vegas
5.SrAmy Otis8.72aBYU
6.SoFatima Makakala8.75aBYU
7.SrSandy Fortner8.76aNew Mexico
8.SrJennifer Schmitz8.93aWyoming
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SrAmy Otis8.46aBYU
2.SrSandy Fortner8.71aNew Mexico
3.JrMindy Robins8.80aBYU
4.SoKiersten Kirkland8.93aSan Diego State
5.FrEmily Hanna9.00aTexas Christian
6.SoBrianna LeRoy9.04aUtah
7.FrCate Brus9.17aColorado State
8.SrKristen Kugler9.30aColorado State
9.SoSophia Wagner9.41aColorado State
10.SrDanielle McCarty9.50aAir Force
11.JrBritney Jackson9.58aWyoming
12.SoJulianne Alarcio9.73aSan Diego State
13.SoKelsey Kaster10.20aSan Diego State
14.SoPhaelen French10.23aAir Force
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrAmy Otis8.43aBYU
2.JrBriana Johnson8.51aSan Diego State
3.FrLarissa Matthews8.56aTexas Christian
4.SoFatima Makakala8.67aBYU
5.SrSandy Fortner8.68aNew Mexico
6.SoAnnimari Korte8.69aSan Diego State
7.SrCandise Maxwell8.70aNevada-Las Vegas
8.SrJennifer Schmitz8.76aWyoming
9.SrRachael Long8.85aNevada-Las Vegas
10.SoKiersten Kirkland8.85aSan Diego State
11.JrMindy Robins8.87aBYU
12.FrKaty Hall9.11aWyoming
13.SoEmily Cotharn9.49aAir Force
--SoLarissa EdwardsDNFWyoming
--FrAngela KaplarFSUtah
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Quinterra Charles
Teneshia Peart
Chaniqua Corinealdi
Kristal Juarez
3:41.57aTexas Christian
2.-Nachelle Stewart
Amy Otis
Lacey Cramer
Natalie Stewart
3.-Alyssa Johnson
Ashley Mosley
Lauryn McKay
Chelsey Kaplar
4.-Jessika Hornsby
Amber Waddell
Kierstan Kirkland
Ansherae Devine
3:49.63aSan Diego State
5.-Taylor Gardner
Erica Anderson
Jennifer Schmitz
Afiya Walker
6.-Ashly Lester
Tanesha Johnson
Meagan Robinson
Kristen Kugler
3:53.92aColorado State
7.-Tawsha Brazley
Ashley Miknis
Rachel Kelchner
Shirley Pitts
3:54.74aNew Mexico
8.-Jessica Mapes
Ally Romanko
Morgan Mosby
Emily Cotharn
3:54.82aAir Force
9.-Emily Blok
Christine Lowe
Lindsay Roach
Kelsey Williamson
3:55.10aNevada-Las Vegas
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Amanda Mergaert
Chelsey Kaplar
Lucy Yates
Alyssa Abbott
2.-Sarah Yingling
Mindy Robins
Lacey Cramer
Sarah Edwards
3.-Ruth Senior
Tawsha Brazley
Bianca Martin
Ashley Gibson
12:05.64aNew Mexico
4.-Agnes Kemboi
Hayley Shade
Kelley Dawson
Rose Tanui
12:17.29aTexas Christian
5.-Michelle Dettmann
Ashly Lester
Whitney Henderson
Aliese Willard
12:20.46aColorado State
6.-Alison Motor
Christine Lowe
Courtney Allen
Sarah Muniz
12:23.72aNevada-Las Vegas
7.-Josefine Koskinen
Ansherae Devine
Amy Brown
Michelle Martinez
12:26.39aSan Diego State
8.-Maya Martinez
Andrea Frary
McKynzie Maher
Brooke Hughes
9.-Katie Carroll
Cathy Haycraft
Phaelen French
Jennifer Bremser
13:14.69aAir Force
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrSara Neubauer53-11.00Air Force
2.FrKelsey Samuels50-09.25Texas Christian
3.JrStormy Harrison49-05.75Texas Christian
4.SrJennifer Ugochukwu46-11.75Colorado State
5.FrSara Talley44-11.75Texas Christian
6.JrTianna Illi44-04.25BYU
7.SoAshley Hutchinson44-02.00Wyoming
8.FrNikkie Rudder43-03.25Utah
9.SrBriana Paxton43-01.50New Mexico
10.JrJeanette McConnell41-07.00San Diego State
11.SoShrissa Thayer41-02.50BYU
12.SoCassandra Woodall40-05.50BYU
13.SrSarah Grimm40-01.50Utah
14.JrSerena Johnson39-11.25Colorado State
15.FrKaty Moorkamp38-09.75Air Force
16.SoRachel Gebauer37-05.25Air Force
X Shot Put - 4kg - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SrSandy Fortner42-11.75New Mexico
2.SrKristen Kugler41-08.00Colorado State
3.SrAmy Otis38-02.75BYU
4.SoSophia Wagner34-05.75Colorado State
5.SoKiersten Kirkland33-10.00San Diego State
6.JrBritney Jackson33-05.75Wyoming
7.JrMindy Robins33-01.00BYU
8.SoBrianna LeRoy32-01.50Utah
9.SoPhaelen French31-11.25Air Force
10.SrDanielle McCarty31-10.25Air Force
11.FrEmily Hanna31-08.00Texas Christian
12.SoKelsey Kaster28-05.50San Diego State
13.FrCate Brus28-01.50Colorado State
14.SoJulianne Alarcio25-09.25San Diego State
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoAda Robinson5-11.25BYU
2.SoLangley Iverson5-08.75Utah
3.SoDiana Blauer5-08.75BYU
4.SrSandy Fortner5-07.75New Mexico
5.JrJohnna Jeffries5-06.00Wyoming
6.FrEmily Hanna5-04.25Texas Christian
6.SrSonni Russell5-04.25Colorado State
8.SoBrianna LeRoy5-04.25Utah
9.SrKristen Kugler5-04.25Colorado State
10.FrCate Brus5-04.25Colorado State
11.SrDanielle McCarty5-02.25Air Force
11.FrMarin Schweigert5-02.25New Mexico
13.SoSarah Kaster5-02.25San Diego State
13.SoStephanie Schafer5-02.25Nevada-Las Vegas
13.SoOlivia Downing5-02.25Colorado State
16.SoAshley Dace5-02.25Colorado State
16.JrBritney Jackson5-02.25Wyoming
--JrNatalie PetersonNHSan Diego State
--FrLoren Van RassenNHAir Force
X High Jump - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SrSandy Fortner5-09.25New Mexico
2.SrKristen Kugler5-05.75Colorado State
2.FrEmily Hanna5-05.75Texas Christian
4.FrCate Brus5-04.50Colorado State
4.SrAmy Otis5-04.50BYU
4.SoBrianna LeRoy5-04.50Utah
7.JrBritney Jackson5-03.25Wyoming
7.SrDanielle McCarty5-03.25Air Force
9.SoSophia Wagner5-02.25Colorado State
10.SoKelsey Kaster4-10.50San Diego State
11.JrMindy Robins4-09.50BYU
12.SoPhaelen French4-08.25Air Force
13.SoJulianne Alarcio4-07.00San Diego State
13.SoKiersten Kirkland4-07.00San Diego State
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.JrStephanie (Bagan) James14-01.25San Diego State
2.FrRachel Brooke Fisher13-11.25BYU
3.SrKari Clark13-01.50BYU
4.SoKimber Shealy12-09.50Air Force
5.FrKelsy Hintz12-09.50San Diego State
6.SoKelli Ehardt12-09.50BYU
7.SrKelly Fortner12-05.50New Mexico
8.SoTawny Lambuth12-05.50Air Force
9.JrRachel Simmons11-11.75Air Force
9.JrAmber Menke11-11.75New Mexico
11.FrTheresa Waybright11-11.75Utah
12.JrKatie Vo11-05.75San Diego State
12.SoRachel Saunders11-05.75Colorado State
12.JrLauren Jaramillo11-05.75New Mexico
--FrBizzy MelladoNHAir Force
--JrSara LeeNHNew Mexico
--SrAditi MajumdarNHNew Mexico
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKaroline Koehler21-03.25San Diego State
2.SrMindy McClurkin20-09.00BYU
3.SoWhitney Gipson20-05.25Texas Christian
4.SrNeidra Covington20-05.00Texas Christian
5.SrKai Wheeler19-04.75San Diego State
6.SrSandy Fortner18-09.00New Mexico
7.SoBrianna LeRoy18-06.00Utah
8.SoDeja Edwards18-05.75Nevada-Las Vegas
9.JrCresha White18-05.00Air Force
10.FrAlex Evans18-02.50San Diego State
11.FrErin Urbanoski17-10.75Wyoming
11.SoJulianne Alarcio17-10.75San Diego State
13.JrMindy Robins17-07.00BYU
14.JrAsal Salehpoor17-06.00New Mexico
14.SrTanesha Johnson17-06.00Colorado State
16.JrDavina Collins16-10.75Nevada-Las Vegas
17.FrMolly Bush16-08.50Air Force
18.SoThoraya Maronsey16-06.50San Diego State
19.SoFatima Makakala13-11.00BYU
X Long Jump - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SrAmy Otis19-11.50BYU
2.SrSandy Fortner19-01.25New Mexico
3.SoBrianna LeRoy18-03.00Utah
4.JrMindy Robins18-02.25BYU
5.SoJulianne Alarcio17-08.00San Diego State
6.SrKristen Kugler17-05.25Colorado State
7.SoKiersten Kirkland17-02.25San Diego State
8.FrEmily Hanna17-02.00Texas Christian
9.SrDanielle McCarty17-00.75Air Force
10.JrBritney Jackson16-08.75Wyoming
11.FrCate Brus15-11.00Colorado State
12.SoSophia Wagner15-09.00Colorado State
13.SoPhaelen French15-03.25Air Force
14.SoKelsey Kaster13-09.00San Diego State
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKaroline Koehler43-10.50San Diego State
2.SrNeidra Covington41-11.50Texas Christian
3.SrTanesha Johnson41-03.00Colorado State
4.FrAlex Evans40-04.75San Diego State
5.SoWhitney Gipson39-01.75Texas Christian
6.SrMadara Dzalbe38-11.50BYU
7.SoMeaghan Peak37-08.00Colorado State
8.SoThoraya Maronsey37-05.00San Diego State
9.SoSaria Hawkins37-04.00Texas Christian
10.SoOlivia Downing37-01.00Colorado State
11.FrMolly Bush35-04.50Air Force
12.SoDeja Edwards34-11.25Nevada-Las Vegas
13.SoJordyn Stoddard34-08.25Air Force
--JrAsal SalehpoorFOULNew Mexico
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrSara Neubauer60-02.00Air Force
2.SoAshley Hutchinson59-02.25Wyoming
3.SrSarah Grimm57-10.25Utah
4.JrTipaleli Fotu56-09.25BYU
5.JrAmanda Aimone56-05.75Wyoming
6.JrDeezbaa Whaley55-06.25BYU
7.SoCassandra Woodall55-03.75BYU
8.SrMeagan Berg55-03.00Colorado State
9.SoAmanda Bingson54-10.00Nevada-Las Vegas
10.JrSerena Johnson53-10.50Colorado State
11.SrJennifer Ugochukwu53-02.25Colorado State
12.SrLeah Elmshauser52-10.25Colorado State
13.FrAnneli Stahl52-01.75Utah
14.JrLaShante Ellison48-05.25Nevada-Las Vegas
15.JrChristina Burke47-11.25Air Force
16.JrTami Williams47-11.00New Mexico
17.FrKaty Moorkamp47-09.00Air Force
18.SoDanielle Rios46-08.25Nevada-Las Vegas
19.SoRachel Gebauer44-06.75Air Force
X Pentathlon Score (Indoor) - Varsity - Finals
1.SrSandy Fortner4147New Mexico
2.SrAmy Otis4053BYU
3.SrKristen Kugler3796Colorado State
4.SoBrianna LeRoy3519Utah
5.FrEmily Hanna3486Texas Christian
6.SrDanielle McCarty3448Air Force
7.JrMindy Robins3391BYU
8.JrBritney Jackson3388Wyoming
9.FrCate Brus3337Colorado State
10.SoKiersten Kirkland3211San Diego State
11.SoSophia Wagner3200Colorado State
12.SoPhaelen French2973Air Force
13.SoJulianne Alarcio2772San Diego State
14.SoKelsey Kaster2641San Diego State
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