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100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SoJacob Gruver10.79aChadron State
2.SoReger Craigo10.95aWestern State
3.FrChad LIscar11.05aAir Force
4.JrGarrett Kidd11.10aNorthern Colorado
5.Jamras Rittidet11.18aThailand
6.JrChris Burris11.23aWestern State
7.JrJosh Murphy11.25aColorado State
8.SrDaniel Walker11.31aAir Force
9.-Dustin Meneley11.35aSouth Dakota Mines &...
10.SrDrew Schmidt11.36aFort Hays State
11.SoJamie Dale11.40aSouth Dakota Mines &...
12.FrDerrick Snodgrass11.44aFort Hays State
12.Phil Turano11.44aUnattached
14.FrChris Graziano11.55aColorado School of M...
15.SrCarl Lum11.69aUC - Colorado Springs
16.SrChris Beach11.72aColorado School of M...
17.FrJosh McMillin11.78aColorado State
18.SrJason Simmons11.80aSouth Dakota Mines &...
19.-Bernis Berber11.95aSouth Dakota Mines &...
20.-Colby Hunt12.23aAdams State
21.SoBrian Ehmke12.78aWestern State

100 Meters  Decathlon - Finals

1.SrJay Petsch11.47a (-2.3)Wyoming
2.FrAlec Wold11.66a (-1.9)Fort Hays State
3.SrCody Sanders11.76a (-2.3)Western State
4.SoJames Hanafin11.80a (-1.9)Colorado School of M...
5.FrRandy Brown12.06a (-1.9)Western State
6.FrMatthew Stark12.13a (-2.3)Colorado School of M...
7.FrCodie White12.26a (-1.9)Adams State
8.SoBrian Hopkins12.29a (-2.3)UC - Colorado Springs
9.JrTim Popp12.32a (-1.9)Colorado School of M...
10.JrLuke Lubbers12.48a (-1.9)Fort Hays State

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.Dane Hyatt21.18a (2.7)Unattached
2.SoJamie Dale22.21a (3.6)South Dakota Mines &...
3.JrGarrett Kidd22.31a (3.6)Northern Colorado
4.FrChad LIscar22.35a (2.2)Air Force
5.FrKarl McFarlane22.60a (3.6)Chadron State
6.JrJosh Murphy22.68a (2.7)Colorado State
7.JrAndy Crook22.81a (3.6)Western State
8.SrDevon Ford22.86a (4.0)Air Force
9.SrJason Simmons22.86a (4.0)South Dakota Mines &...
10.JrBryce Allen22.88a (4.0)Fort Hays State
11.SoCree Clark22.95a (4.0)Western State
12.FrJamison Green22.98a (3.6)Fort Hays State
13.FrChris Graziano23.03a (3.4)Colorado School of M...
14.-Adrian Baca23.06a (3.6)Adams State
15.JrChris Burris23.12a (4.0)Western State
16.-Garrett Shaal23.13a (4.0)South Dakota Mines &...
17.-Seth Brotherton23.15a (2.2)South Dakota Mines &...
18.JrKyle Hameister23.17a (2.2)Metropolitan-Denver
19.casey Hulbert23.26a (3.6)Unattached
20.FrBrandon White23.33a (2.2)Chadron State
21.FrGabe Meidl23.37a (3.4)Metropolitan-Denver
22.FrSam Saccomano23.46a (2.2)Colorado State
23.Phil Turano23.56a (2.7)Unattached
24.SrCarl Lum23.62a (3.4)UC - Colorado Springs
24.-Dustin Meneley23.62a (2.2)South Dakota Mines &...
26.SoMatthew Gibas23.84a (3.4)Colorado School of M...
27.SrChris Beach23.90a (2.7)Colorado School of M...
28.FrRyan Dunn23.99a (3.4)Chadron State
29.-Bernis Berber24.31a (2.7)South Dakota Mines &...
30.-Peter Amendolar24.48a (3.4)Black Hills State
31.-Colby Hunt24.79a (2.7)Adams State
32.SoBrian Ehmke25.65a (3.4)Western State

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.JrAndy Crook49.37aWestern State
2.SrMatt Robbins49.79aNorthern Colorado
3.FrPhil Rivera49.94aChadron State
4.-Garrett Shaal50.08aSouth Dakota Mines &...
5.FrAlan Ford50.63aUC - Colorado Springs
6.FrJon Christian50.67aUC - Colorado Springs
7.FrCale Snider51.31aAir Force
8.FrAnthony Delgado51.33aAir Force
9.FrGabe Meidl51.48aMetropolitan-Denver
10.-Seth Brotherton51.51aSouth Dakota Mines &...
11.SrDevon Ford51.52aAir Force
12.SoCorey Breeden51.56aWestern State
13.FrJoseph Jallow51.67aAdams State
14.SrGrant Sasse51.70aChadron State
15.JrJason Shaver51.73aUC - Colorado Springs
16.FrReid McCallum52.41aWestern State
17.JrBryce Allen52.74aFort Hays State
18.Roblet Muhudin53.12aUnattached
19.FrBrandon White53.15aChadron State
20.FrPatrick Thorton53.26aColorado School of M...
21.SoNick Forrest53.31aWestern State
22.casey Hulbert53.73aUnattached
23.FrKelly Troester54.03aChadron State
24.-Peter Amendolar54.49aBlack Hills State
25.JrKyle Hameister54.64aMetropolitan-Denver
26.FrJamison Green54.87aFort Hays State
27.Adam Nickerson56.99aUnattached

400 Meters  Decathlon - Finals

1.SrJay Petsch49.27aWyoming
2.FrMatthew Stark52.81aColorado School of M...
3.SrCody Sanders53.18aWestern State
4.SoBrian Hopkins53.20aUC - Colorado Springs
5.JrTim Popp53.79aColorado School of M...
6.FrRandy Brown54.65aWestern State
7.SoJames Hanafin56.41aColorado School of M...
8.FrAlec Wold58.20aFort Hays State
9.JrLuke Lubbers58.71aFort Hays State
10.FrCodie White59.39aAdams State

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.Russell Slade1:54.78aUnattached
2.SrAlex Vazquez1:55.02aUC - Colorado Springs
3.FrRobert Segura1:56.11aFort Hays State
4.FrChris Ullom1:57.77aUC - Colorado Springs
5.SrAndy Schweitzer1:57.89aAir Force
6.JrKevin Sander1:59.46aFort Hays State
7.JrLucas Fried1:59.91aSouth Dakota Mines &...
8.David Valdez2:00.89aUnattached
9.SoEiger Erickson2:01.52aMetropolitan-Denver
10.FrLucas Winslow2:02.81aFort Hays State
11.FrKenneth Rennick2:03.34aColorado School of M...
12.Roblet Muhudin2:04.36aUnattached
13.FrDrew Servold2:04.66aUC - Colorado Springs
14.FrSam O'Hair2:05.12aAir Force
15.FrAlex Johnson2:05.59aChadron State
16.FrCraig Leavitt2:07.75aBlack Hills State
17.SoTrev Fiedler2:08.85aBlack Hills State
18.FrJerry Munoz2:11.36aMetropolitan-Denver

1500 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SrCole Ginther4:04.69aFort Hays State
2.Roblet Muhudin4:05.72aUnattached
3.JrJoe Schultz4:08.28aChadron State
4.SoEiger Erickson4:08.31aMetropolitan-Denver
5.SoTanner Christensen4:09.27aFort Hays State
6.FrDonald Jackson4:12.36aAir Force
6.FrSam O'Hair4:12.36aAir Force
8.FrAlex Hendee4:12.70aFort Hays State
9.JrLucas Fried4:13.83aSouth Dakota Mines &...
10.SoMatthew Cain4:15.35aAir Force
11.FrCameron Edwards4:16.76aAir Force
12.FrAlex Johnson4:17.39aChadron State
13.SoLuke Ott4:18.36aWestern State
14.SoDylan Hedges4:19.94aNorthern Colorado
15.FrTed Artz4:22.78aAir Force
16.SrChris LeBlanc4:23.35aMetropolitan-Denver
17.JrCole Lemke4:24.36aBlack Hills State
18.SoTrev Fiedler4:25.29aBlack Hills State
19.FrLuke Dakin4:27.58aUC - Colorado Springs
20.SoTed Schultz4:27.80aUC - Colorado Springs
21.FrSean Thoensen4:28.33aMetropolitan-Denver
22.FrCory Johnson4:29.92aAir Force
23.-Stephen Christensen4:33.17aSouth Dakota Mines &...
24.SrAllen Browne4:35.43aUC - Colorado Springs
25.FrJosh Wilson4:37.05aBlack Hills State

1500 Meters  Decathlon - Finals

1.SoBrian Hopkins4:49.06aUC - Colorado Springs
2.FrMatthew Stark4:58.34aColorado School of M...
3.JrTim Popp4:59.63aColorado School of M...
4.SrJay Petsch5:05.65aWyoming
5.SrCody Sanders5:09.93aWestern State
6.SoJames Hanafin5:10.01aColorado School of M...
7.FrRandy Brown5:13.31aWestern State
8.JrLuke Lubbers5:35.40aFort Hays State
9.FrCodie White5:45.17aAdams State

5000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.Jay Luna15:51.83aUnattached
2.FrAdam Bodnar15:58.72aColorado School of M...
3.JrBrian Stillwell16:01.70aColorado School of M...
4.SoZack Minard16:08.79aWestern State
5.JrDaniel Sojka16:09.37aNorthern Colorado
6.Mike Schmidt16:11.85aUnattached
7.FrNeal Anderson16:12.70aColorado School of M...
8.FrMike Kasberg16:15.38aColorado School of M...
9.FrKellen Fockler16:17.01aMetropolitan-Denver
10.SoThomas Everett16:30.00aSouth Dakota Mines &...
11.-Matthew Nakamoto16:40.00aNorthern Colorado
12.Brandon Hough16:50.38aUnattached
13.Chris Cornish16:59.15aUnattached
14.FrDavid McClelland17:02.33aNorthern Colorado
15.SoMatt Pike17:40.00aSouth Dakota Mines &...

110m Hurdles - 42"  Varsity - Finals

1.Jamras Rittidet14.30a (.1)Thailand
2.SrBrandon Harrington14.57a (.1)Chadron State
3.FrKarl McFarlane14.58a (.1)Chadron State
4.SoLanar Newman15.02a (.1)Chadron State
5.FrMichael Geiger15.29a (.2)Adams State
6.JrScott Murtaugh15.49a (.1)Western State
7.FrSam Saccomano15.55a (.2)Colorado State
8.FrMatthew Mathiason15.67a (.1)Chadron State
9.SoLincoln Proud15.72a (.1)Chadron State
10.JrConner Coltharp15.75a (.2)Colorado School of M...
11.FrRyan Dunn15.92a (.2)Chadron State
12.SoPierce Fair15.99a (.1)Adams State
13.SoDaniel Heptig16.09a (.1)Colorado School of M...
14.Jacob Nebelsick16.11a (.1)Unattached
15.SoDevin Meyers16.24a (.2)Western State
16.FrJakob Groskurth16.25a (.1)Fort Hays State
17.FrStephen Ike17.60a (.1)Fort Hays State
18.FrGrant Golightly17.77a (.2)Western State

110m Hurdles - 42"  Decathlon - Finals

1.SrJay Petsch15.34aWyoming
2.SrCody Sanders15.61aWestern State
3.SoJames Hanafin15.81aColorado School of M...
4.SoBrian Hopkins16.80aUC - Colorado Springs
5.JrLuke Lubbers17.04aFort Hays State
6.FrAlec Wold17.45aFort Hays State
7.FrMatthew Stark17.62aColorado School of M...
8.FrRandy Brown17.80aWestern State
9.JrTim Popp19.56aColorado School of M...
10.FrCodie White19.97aAdams State

400m Hurdles - 36"  Varsity - Finals

1.SoLincoln Proud54.49aChadron State
2.SrMarty Wittmer55.66aNorthern Colorado
3.SrJoe Pummer56.68aNorthern Colorado
4.FrDan Gieck57.16aAir Force
5.SoJacob Wolford57.60aMetropolitan-Denver
6.SrDrew Mahin57.61aFort Hays State
7.FrMatthew Mathiason57.65aChadron State
8.JrScott Murtaugh57.78aWestern State
9.-Marcelis Tatum58.10aNorthern Colorado
10.SoDevin Meyers58.40aWestern State
11.FrJeremiah Burroughs59.09aNorthern Colorado
12.SoDaniel Heptig59.24aColorado School of M...
13.FrStephen Ike1:00.95aFort Hays State
14.SoJed Morgan1:01.91aBlack Hills State
15.FrJakob Groskurth1:01.97aFort Hays State
16.FrMark Santon1:05.82aUC - Colorado Springs

3k Steeplechase  Varsity - Finals

1.David Goodman9:42.95aUnattached
2.JrMichael Flowers9:51.01aAdams State
3.SoJed Morgan9:54.37aBlack Hills State
4.SoJared Shillington10:02.06aFort Hays State
5.Matt VanDyke10:07.08aUnattached
6.FrCraig Leavitt10:19.35aBlack Hills State
7.FrZak Boston10:25.37aAir Force
8.SoEric Eisinger10:27.18aColorado School of M...
9.Cody Banks10:32.74aUnattached
10.SoJosh Jones10:32.77aUC - Colorado Springs
11.FrGage Owens10:49.99aAir Force

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 42.00aChadron State
2.-Relay Team 42.84aUC - Colorado Springs
3.-Relay Team 44.07aSouth Dakota Mines &...

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 3:21.42aWestern State
2.-Relay Team 3:21.71aChadron State
3.-Relay Team 3:25.05aNorthern Colorado
4.-Relay Team 3:25.95aUC - Colorado Springs
5.-Relay Team 3:29.30aSouth Dakota Mines &...
6.-Relay Team 3:30.30aFort Hays State
7.-Relay Team 3:30.57aAdams State
8.-Relay Team 3:32.22aUC - Colorado Springs
9.-Relay Team 3:37.39aFort Hays State
10.-Relay Team 3:40.23aWestern State
11.-Relay Team 3:44.78aWestern State

Shot Put - 16lb  Varsity - Finals

1.Matt Gersick16.34mUnattached
2.SrDaniel Maldonado15.95mAdams State
3.Wesley Lavong15.65mUnattached
4.JrMitch Sahlfeld15.46mFort Hays State
5.SrNick Zehring15.20mColorado School of M...
6.FrMiguel Narez14.93mAdams State
7.SrIan Reel14.86mFort Hays State
8.FrKen Harriman14.69mColorado State
9.FrMark Reding14.62mSouth Dakota Mines &...
10.JrTim McElroy14.59mFort Hays State
11.FrChandler Mikkonen14.52mBlack Hills State
12.FrCarson Rowley14.49mColorado State
13.FrJames Chambers13.86mAir Force
14.-Wyatt Hunter-Johnson13.74mSouth Dakota Mines &...
15.JrCole Nicholes13.58mBlack Hills State
16.Joe Hochanadel13.51mUnattached
17.David Lyon13.37mUnattached
18.FrJack White13.27mColorado State
19.FrNick Clayton12.80mAir Force
20.FrGreg Orosz12.64mWestern State
21.SoCole Carveth12.58mColorado School of M...
22.JrSean Conlin12.53mNorthern Colorado
23.-Miguel Flores12.44mSouth Dakota Mines &...
24.SoJared Barkemeyer11.94mAir Force
25.FrShane Cox8.93mAir Force

Shot Put - 16lb  Decathlon - Finals

1.FrAlec Wold11.22mFort Hays State
2.SrJay Petsch11.09mWyoming
3.SoJames Hanafin11.02mColorado School of M...
4.JrLuke Lubbers10.98mFort Hays State
5.SrCody Sanders10.80mWestern State
6.SoBrian Hopkins10.44mUC - Colorado Springs
7.FrRandy Brown9.14mWestern State
8.FrCodie White9.09mAdams State
9.JrTim Popp8.43mColorado School of M...
10.FrMatthew Stark8.12mColorado School of M...

Discus - 2kg  Decathlon - Finals

1.SrCody Sanders37.16mWestern State
2.JrLuke Lubbers34.31mFort Hays State
3.SrJay Petsch31.61mWyoming
4.FrAlec Wold30.80mFort Hays State
5.FrRandy Brown30.46mWestern State
6.JrTim Popp27.60mColorado School of M...
7.SoBrian Hopkins26.01mUC - Colorado Springs
8.SoJames Hanafin24.86mColorado School of M...
9.FrCodie White20.08mAdams State
10.FrMatthew Stark19.39mColorado School of M...

Javelin - 800g  Varsity - Finals

1.SrTim Markloft55.94mFort Hays State
2.FrWyatt Warnick52.01mAir Force
3.FrBlake Phillips50.92mFort Hays State
4.SoJacob Gruver48.84mChadron State
5.FrSean Munger47.15mChadron State
6.FrJosh McMillin47.07mColorado State
7.FrMark Reding44.54mSouth Dakota Mines &...
8.FrBoomer McLaughlin43.91mChadron State
9.SrMark Baue43.18mSouth Dakota Mines &...
10.JrJonathan Whitmore40.95mColorado School of M...
11.SrPreston Williams40.53mUC - Colorado Springs

Javelin - 800g  Decathlon - Finals

1.SrJay Petsch49.79mWyoming
2.FrCodie White40.98mAdams State
3.SrCody Sanders40.79mWestern State
4.JrTim Popp39.69mColorado School of M...
5.SoBrian Hopkins38.34mUC - Colorado Springs
6.FrRandy Brown37.87mWestern State
7.JrLuke Lubbers37.04mFort Hays State
8.FrAlec Wold33.44mFort Hays State
9.FrMatthew Stark27.30mColorado School of M...
10.SoJames Hanafin26.57mColorado School of M...

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.SoSteven Gomez2.15mUC - Colorado Springs
2.SrRiley Northrup1.99mChadron State
3.SrShawn Marshall1.99mWestern State
4.SrDrew Schmidt1.99mFort Hays State
5.SoChris Carter1.96mWestern State
6.JrAkil Gipson1.93mWestern State
6.Devin Bolich1.93mUnattached
7.SoCody Mylander1.93mNorthern Colorado
8.FrBoomer McLaughlin1.90mChadron State
10.FrPhilip Repasky1.85mBlack Hills State
10.Jordan Bolich1.85mUnattached
12.SoMatthew Gibas1.80mColorado School of M...
12.FrDrew Thomas1.80mFort Hays State
--SoJake TimmonsNHColorado

High Jump  Decathlon - Finals

1.SrCody Sanders1.98mWestern State
2.SrJay Petsch1.92mWyoming
3.SoBrian Hopkins1.89mUC - Colorado Springs
4.FrAlec Wold1.83mFort Hays State
4.FrRandy Brown1.83mWestern State
6.JrLuke Lubbers1.80mFort Hays State
7.SoJames Hanafin1.77mColorado School of M...
8.FrMatthew Stark1.65mColorado School of M...
9.JrTim Popp1.62mColorado School of M...
10.FrCodie White1.56mAdams State

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.JrBlair Sohl4.65mAdams State
2.FrJosh McMillin4.50mColorado State
2.SrJordan Ungles4.50mFort Hays State
2.FrMatt Cooper4.50mAir Force
2.SoAndrew Schall4.50mColorado State
6.SoDavid Swisher4.35mFort Hays State
6.FrKolten Jelden4.35mSouth Dakota Mines &...
8.JrRobbie McGourty4.20mColorado School of M...
9.JrLuke Lubbers4.05mFort Hays State
9.FrT.J. Puls4.05mColorado School of M...
11.FrCody Walega3.90mColorado School of M...
12.FrElliott Varga3.60mWestern State
--FrDerrick SnodgrassNHFort Hays State
--JrRyan PeveyNHNorthern Colorado

Pole Vault  Decathlon - Finals

1.SrJay Petsch4.25mWyoming
1.FrCodie White4.25mAdams State
1.SrCody Sanders4.25mWestern State
4.JrLuke Lubbers4.05mFort Hays State
5.SoBrian Hopkins3.75mUC - Colorado Springs
5.FrMatthew Stark3.75mColorado School of M...
7.JrTim Popp3.65mColorado School of M...
8.SoJames Hanafin3.25mColorado School of M...
9.FrRandy Brown2.95mWestern State
10.FrAlec Wold2.85mFort Hays State

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.SoLanar Newman7.05m (-.4)Chadron State
2.SoJamie Dale6.85mSouth Dakota Mines &...
3.SrJason Mannerberg6.85mAdams State
4.FrRyan Wasilawski6.81mColorado State
5.JrJeff Brummer6.76mChadron State
6.SoZachary Little6.73m (-.3)Western State
7.FrKeith Britton6.54mNorthern Colorado
8.SoPaul McGowan6.49mChadron State
9.Dave Soderquist6.48m (-.2)Unattached
10.FrTyler Thompson6.40m (-.9)Colorado
11.FrKegan Garnett6.35mAir Force
12.-Najji Mayberry6.33mWestern State
13.FrGrant Golightly6.24m (1.8)Western State
14.SrDaniel Walker6.13m (1.0)Air Force
15.FrMarc Dumlao6.09m (1.0)Northern Colorado
15.FrEfrem Woldu6.09m (-.1)Colorado State
17.-Jonathan Grace6.03mBlack Hills State
18.-Trent Nelson5.99m (.1)South Dakota Mines &...
19.FrRiley Meissner5.96mBlack Hills State
19.JrJonathan Whitmore5.96mColorado School of M...
21.FrCodie White5.79m (.2)Adams State
22.-Jacob Courkamp5.66mWestern State
23.SrJohn Ritzen5.10m (-1.5)Chadron State

Long Jump  Decathlon - Finals

1.SrJay Petsch7.31m (2.2)Wyoming
2.SrCody Sanders6.63m (1.7)Western State
3.FrRandy Brown5.94m (3.2)Western State
3.SoBrian Hopkins5.94m (1.1)UC - Colorado Springs
5.SoJames Hanafin5.86m (.1)Colorado School of M...
6.JrTim Popp5.80m (1.8)Colorado School of M...
7.FrAlec Wold5.73mFort Hays State
8.JrLuke Lubbers5.68m (.4)Fort Hays State
9.FrCodie White5.54m (1.2)Adams State
10.FrMatthew Stark5.41m (3.4)Colorado School of M...

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.SrBrandon Harrington14.89m (2.2)Chadron State
2.SrRiley Northrup14.39m (3.5)Chadron State
3.SrTravis Smith14.04m (2.1)Colorado State
4.SrJohn Ritzen13.94m (2.5)Chadron State
5.FrRyan Wasilawski13.76m (2.8)Colorado State
6.SrAndrew Gannon13.49m (2.2)Fort Hays State
7.JrAkil Gipson13.47m (2.4)Western State
8.SoPierce Fair13.42m (3.0)Adams State
9.FrKegan Garnett13.29m (2.1)Air Force
10.-Jonathan Grace13.00mBlack Hills State
11.FrEfrem Woldu12.91mColorado State
12.FrRiley Meissner12.89mBlack Hills State
13.FrMark Santon12.37mUC - Colorado Springs
---Jacob CourkampFOULWestern State
--JrJeff BrummerFOULChadron State
--JrJonathan WhitmoreFOULColorado School of M...

Hammer - 16lb  Varsity - Finals

1.JrMitch Sahlfeld58.71mFort Hays State
2.JrTim McElroy58.47mFort Hays State
3.SrIan Reel52.28mFort Hays State
4.JrCole Nicholes51.27mBlack Hills State
5.SrNick Zehring50.67mColorado School of M...
6.SoBrady Schreibvogel47.52mAdams State
7.JrJake Santerre46.41mAdams State
8.FrCarson Rowley46.18mColorado State
9.Ryan Walstrom45.36mUnattached
10.Joe Hochanadel43.66mUnattached
11.JrSean Conlin43.05mNorthern Colorado
12.FrSean Munger42.26mChadron State
13.FrAlec Pott41.58mColorado State
14.SoCole Carveth39.68mColorado School of M...
15.FrChris McFee38.70mColorado School of M...
16.JrKyle Keller37.32mChadron State
17.FrMark Reding36.85mSouth Dakota Mines &...
18.-Miguel Flores36.66mSouth Dakota Mines &...
19.-Wyatt Hunter-Johnson36.15mSouth Dakota Mines &...
20.FrShane Cox35.87mAir Force
21.FrKen Harriman34.86mColorado State
22.FrBrendon Birdsell33.53mAir Force
23.SrPreston Williams33.35mUC - Colorado Springs
--FrChandler MikkonenFOULBlack Hills State
--SoJared BarkemeyerFOULAir Force
--SoZach BoslauFOULChadron State

Decathlon Score  Varsity - Finals

1.SrJay Petsch6884Wyoming
2.SrCody Sanders6449Western State
3.SoBrian Hopkins5682UC - Colorado Springs
4.JrLuke Lubbers5282Fort Hays State
5.SoJames Hanafin5229Colorado School of M...
6.FrRandy Brown5171Western State
7.JrTim Popp4977Colorado School of M...
8.FrMatthew Stark4857Colorado School of M...
9.FrCodie White4488Adams State

Womens Results Switch to

100 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SoBlair Gilkes12.19aColorado State-Pueblo
2.SrCandace St. Louis12.38aNew Mexico Highlands
3.SrCasey Hagen12.51aWestern State
4.Wallapa Punsoongneun12.72aThailand
5.FrBreanna Jones12.80aColorado Mesa
6.FrMeagan Robinson12.81aColorado State
7.FrJazmin Evans12.84aColorado State-Pueblo
7.JrJazmine Ralph12.84aAdams State
9.FrShanea Anderson12.99aNew Mexico Highlands
10.SoLauren Keiser13.09aColorado School of M...
11.FrTaylor Allmon13.29aColorado Mesa
12.FrBrandy Jayne13.30aAir Force
13.SoAilena McDonald13.47aUC - Colorado Springs
14.FrGenessa Heide13.55aWestern State
15.SrLauren Chapman13.84aColorado State-Pueblo
16.FrAmy Tafoya14.21aNew Mexico Highlands

200 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SrCandace St. Louis25.48a (3.3)New Mexico Highlands
2.FrHeather Hopkins25.58a (3.3)Colorado State
3.SrCasey Hagen25.84a (3.3)Western State
4.FrMonique Fair25.89a (2.8)Chadron State
5.FrJazmin Evans25.95a (2.8)Colorado State-Pueblo
6.FrBreanna Jones26.00a (1.7)Colorado Mesa
7.JrJazmine Ralph26.07a (3.3)Adams State
8.SoMaya Richards26.11a (3.3)Colorado State-Pueblo
9.SrSherry Ann Baggoo26.30a (2.8)New Mexico Highlands
10.FrAlicia Gieck26.39a (2.8)Colorado Mesa
11.SoKristen Fleharty26.46a (1.7)Fort Hays State
12.-Katelyn Kieffer26.53a (1.7)South Dakota Mines &...
13.Marissa Garcia26.78a (1.7)Unattached
14.FrMeghan Finney26.81a (2.8)Chadron State
15.FrTaylor Allmon26.84a (1.6)Colorado Mesa
16.FrMariah Wiles27.00a (1.7)Fort Hays State
17.SoLauren Keiser27.04a (2.8)Colorado School of M...
18.FrErin Vigil27.17a (1.7)Western State
19.FrTrae Patch27.18a (3.3)Chadron State
19.FrArianna Andreatta27.18a (2.8)New Mexico Highlands
21.FrVanessa Emerson27.22a (1.6)Colorado State-Pueblo
22.Leanne Carberry27.31a (1.6)Colorado State
23.SoJessamy Barton27.35a (2.8)Air Force
24.FrSierra Pickslay27.36a (1.6)Colorado Mesa
25.SoSophia Wagner27.57a (1.6)Colorado State
26.FrLiz Nickles27.60a (1.6)Northern Colorado
27.FrCherrelle Cropp27.63a (1.7)Metropolitan-Denver
28.April Young27.89a (1.6)Unattached
29.SoAmber Haberman28.05a (1.6)Colorado Mesa
30.SoJanice McClain28.57a (1.6)Colorado State
31.SoMegan Janssen28.62a (1.6)Chadron State
32.SrAndrea Ager28.76a (1.6)Colorado Mesa
33.FrAmy Tafoya29.07a (1.6)New Mexico Highlands
34.SoKatelyn Houghton29.27a (1.6)Colorado State
35.SoLaurette Beal29.39a (1.6)South Dakota Mines &...
36.-Emily Wood35.93a (1.6)Metropolitan-Denver
37.-Alee Seehausen35.99a (1.6)Metropolitan-Denver
38.-Candice Kohn36.93a (1.6)Metropolitan-Denver
39.SoSam Schall37.04a (1.6)Metropolitan-Denver

200 Meters  Heptathlon - Finals

1.JrAngela Graham25.28a (-.1)New Mexico Highlands
2.SoJena Isaacson26.19a (-.1)Nebraska-Kearney
3.FrWhitney Taylor26.54a (1.2)Fort Hays State
4.JrCarissa Heim26.91a (1.2)Fort Hays State
5.FrLindsay Hart27.15a (-.1)Colorado Mesa
6.FrSherrea Elliott27.24a (-.1)Colorado State-Pueblo
7.JrBritney Jackson27.39a (1.2)Wyoming
8.SrJasmine Rollins27.50a (1.2)Colorado State-Pueblo
9.FrKaelie Jelden27.58a (-.1)Chadron State
10.FrChristina Slanger27.81a (-.1)Colorado Mesa
11.FrErin Krause28.15a (1.2)Chadron State
12.FrRachel Weakland28.18a (-.1)Western State
13.JrCecilia Vollmer28.19a (-.1)Western State
14.SrCatherine Wurtz28.39a (1.2)Fort Hays State
15.FrAlly Watson29.17a (1.2)UC - Colorado Springs
16.FrKelsie Johnston29.70a (-.1)Fort Hays State

400 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.FrAshley Benfield59.60aUC - Colorado Springs
2.SoMaya Richards59.70aColorado State-Pueblo
3.-Katelyn Kieffer59.74aSouth Dakota Mines &...
4.SrSherry Ann Baggoo59.81aNew Mexico Highlands
5.FrKatie Kielian1:00.22aWestern State
6.FrWhitney Henderson1:00.34aColorado State
7.Leanne Carberry1:00.39aColorado State
8.FrEmma Waibel1:00.85aColorado State
9.FrAlicia Gieck1:00.93aColorado Mesa
10.SrCatherine Haycraft1:01.20aAir Force
11.FrJaime Pritchard1:01.77aColorado State
12.JrBriana Hammer1:02.37aColorado Mesa
13.Marissa Garcia1:02.46aUnattached
14.JrAshley Turpin1:02.82aFort Hays State
15.SoJessamy Barton1:03.32aAir Force
16.SrAshlee Hafey1:03.35aColorado Mesa
17.FrJessie Evitt1:03.44aColorado State
18.April Young1:04.84aUnattached
19.FrCherrelle Cropp1:04.88aMetropolitan-Denver
20.SoJanice McClain1:05.29aColorado State
21.SoJessica Luna1:05.44aUC - Colorado Springs
22.FrAubrey Valdez1:06.14aColorado Mesa
23.-Kimberly Gunning1:14.43aMetropolitan-Denver

800 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.Justine Sandersfeld2:17.36aUnattached
2.FrRaven Boettger2:21.53aFort Hays State
3.JrHali Mobley2:22.07aFort Hays State
4.FrSara Kettelcamp2:26.45aUC - Colorado Springs
5.FrDominique Amor2:26.95aAir Force
6.SoMegan Horsch2:27.56aNorthern Colorado
7.FrKery Allen2:27.64aMetropolitan-Denver
8.-Mila Kilchrist2:27.88aColorado State
9.SoAnna Dean2:28.35aAdams State
10.FrMelissa Buchanan2:28.51aUC - Colorado Springs
11.-Lana Thompson2:29.33aColorado State
12.JrGloriemar Torre Santiago2:29.55aAir Force
13.JrBrieanna Roper2:29.91aNew Mexico Highlands
14.JrRobyn Rosechandler2:30.00aBlack Hills State
15.SoSari Little2:31.06aNorthern Colorado
16.SrKatherine Anderson2:31.14aAir Force
17.FrHaley Wolf2:31.32aFort Hays State
18.SrKayla Ferguson2:31.63aBlack Hills State
19.JrKendra Crisman2:32.20aSouth Dakota Mines &...
20.FrAllie Sojourner2:33.09aNorthern Colorado
21.-Alexis Godeke2:33.18aSouth Dakota Mines &...
22.SrKellie Callahan2:33.52aNorthern Colorado
23.SrErin Apsey2:34.80aNorthern Colorado
24.JrKatherine Ward2:35.47aAir Force
25.SrKendall Donegan2:37.68aSouth Dakota Mines &...
26.SoNicole Larson2:41.37aNorthern Colorado
27.FrTara Ebarb2:44.14aColorado Mesa
28.FrLexi Levang2:46.90aMetropolitan-Denver
29.SoKrystin Yarkosky2:47.37aMetropolitan-Denver
30.FrGabi Hildreth2:52.89aMetropolitan-Denver
31.-Alex Hall2:54.29aColorado School of M...
32.FrRachel Wiggins2:55.74aColorado Mesa
33.-Amanda McConnell3:01.77aSouth Dakota Mines &...

800 Meters  Heptathlon - Finals

1.SoJena Isaacson2:26.29aNebraska-Kearney
2.JrCarissa Heim2:26.77aFort Hays State
3.FrWhitney Taylor2:33.23aFort Hays State
4.JrBritney Jackson2:35.70aWyoming
5.FrLindsay Hart2:36.64aColorado Mesa
6.FrChristina Slanger2:37.21aColorado Mesa
7.SrJasmine Rollins2:44.27aColorado State-Pueblo
8.FrRachel Weakland2:48.25aWestern State
9.FrErin Krause2:50.47aChadron State
10.FrKelsie Johnston2:50.88aFort Hays State
11.FrAlly Watson2:53.60aUC - Colorado Springs
12.JrCecilia Vollmer2:53.66aWestern State
13.SrCatherine Wurtz3:02.20aFort Hays State
14.FrSherrea Elliott3:06.51aColorado State-Pueblo

1500 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SrKatherine Anderson4:53.33aAir Force
2.SoMegan Horsch4:53.44aNorthern Colorado
3.FrAshley Riesen4:55.47aChadron State
4.FrKery Allen4:57.26aMetropolitan-Denver
5.JrKatherine Ward4:58.69aAir Force
6.FrMelissa Fuerst5:00.87aAir Force
7.SoKatherine Carroll5:02.31aAir Force
8.JrAmie Algrim5:02.47aFort Hays State
9.SrCarolina Garcia5:05.75aNew Mexico Highlands
10.SrKellie Callahan5:06.05aNorthern Colorado
11.SoMargaret Wood5:07.01aColorado State
12.FrHannah Pensack-Rinehart5:08.11aColorado State
13.JrRobyn Rosechandler5:08.45aBlack Hills State
14.SoDanielle Kehoe5:08.89aMetropolitan-Denver
15.FrHayley Lewis5:12.36aColorado State-Pueblo
16.SrErin Apsey5:12.54aNorthern Colorado
17.SrTracy Falsetto5:12.72aUC - Colorado Springs
18.FrKathy Vardell5:13.73aAir Force
19.SoSabrina Nelson5:14.21aMetropolitan-Denver
20.SoAlexa Ramsier5:15.28aAir Force
21.FrKassie Mazzocco5:17.19aUC - Colorado Springs
22.SrBrittany Morreale5:17.77aAir Force
23.SrAlison Mishler5:18.03aFort Hays State
24.SrSandra Martinez5:20.52aNew Mexico Highlands
25.FrErica Burr5:21.05aChadron State
26.FrGentry Linscott5:24.09aFort Hays State
27.SoKrystin Yarkosky5:36.48aMetropolitan-Denver
28.FrJael Nichols5:38.27aFort Hays State
29.SoJessica Baker5:38.66aColorado School of M...
30.FrTara Ebarb5:42.91aColorado Mesa

5000 Meters  Varsity - Finals

1.SrCarolina Garcia18:30.5hNew Mexico Highlands
2.SrSandra Martinez19:12.9hNew Mexico Highlands
3.SrDenise Kintzley19:32.3hNorthern Colorado
4.SrRachel Forrest20:15.4hNorthern Colorado
5.FrCaitlin Kodweis20:40.1hColorado School of M...
6.FrChristina Lobato22:47.8hColorado State-Pueblo

100m Hurdles - 33"  Varsity - Finals

1.-Shannon Hellman13.66a (-.1)Black Hills State
2.Wallapa Punsoongneun14.39a (-.1)Thailand
3.JrKelsey Martin14.71a (-.1)Fort Hays State
4.JrAngela Graham15.13a (-.1)New Mexico Highlands
5.SrJulia Bayer15.28a (-.1)Chadron State
5.FrLindsey Keller15.28a (-.1)Colorado State
7.SoKristen Fleharty15.31a (-.1)Fort Hays State
8.SrCasey Hagen15.32a (-.1)Western State
9.FrErin Glover15.49a (-.1)Colorado School of M...
10.FrCate Brus15.58a (-.1)Colorado State
11.SoKatelyn Houghton15.81a (-.1)Colorado State
12.FrLindsay Hart15.94a (-.1)Colorado Mesa
13.SrKristen Kugler16.11a (-.1)Colorado State
14.SoSierra Jones16.63a (-.2)Colorado State-Pueblo
15.SoAmber Haberman16.86a (-.2)Colorado Mesa
16.FrAndi Morris16.94a (-.1)Colorado State-Pueblo
17.SrKayla Haines17.17a (-.1)Black Hills State
18.JrLisa Koch17.24a (-.2)Black Hills State
19.JrAnnelise Pradal17.32a (-.1)Adams State
20.SrNikki Shinkle19.40a (-.1)Black Hills State

100m Hurdles - 33"  Heptathlon - Finals

1.JrAngela Graham15.21a (-1.3)New Mexico Highlands
2.SoJena Isaacson15.54a (-2.4)Nebraska-Kearney
3.FrLindsay Hart16.00a (-1.6)Colorado Mesa
4.JrCarissa Heim16.35aFort Hays State
5.SrCatherine Wurtz16.40a (-2.4)Fort Hays State
6.SrJasmine Rollins16.52a (-1.3)Colorado State-Pueblo
7.JrBritney Jackson16.67a (-1.6)Wyoming
8.FrSherrea Elliott17.06a (-1.6)Colorado State-Pueblo
9.FrKaelie Jelden17.16a (-1.3)Chadron State
10.FrChristina Slanger17.43a (-1.3)Colorado Mesa
11.FrAlly Watson17.63a (-1.3)UC - Colorado Springs
12.JrCecilia Vollmer17.86a (-2.4)Western State
13.FrRachel Weakland18.22a (-2.4)Western State
14.FrWhitney Taylor18.46aFort Hays State
15.FrKelsie Johnston18.69aFort Hays State
16.FrErin Krause19.90aChadron State
--FrHannah RomsaNT (-1.6)Wyoming
--SoRachel BurnsNT (-1.6)Western State

400m Hurdles - 30"  Varsity - Finals

1.SrNikki Shinkle1:03.86aBlack Hills State
2.SoEllie Wills1:04.55aNorthern Colorado
3.FrVanessa Emerson1:05.92aColorado State-Pueblo
4.SoKayla Contreras1:06.39aNorthern Colorado
5.SoAmber Haberman1:06.42aColorado Mesa
6.SrAndrea Ager1:06.60aColorado Mesa
7.SoKalen Prentice1:07.37aChadron State
8.SoDesarey Balloon1:08.01aColorado State-Pueblo
9.-Klaudia Szewszyk1:08.39aNew Mexico Military ...
10.SoSierra Jones1:08.70aColorado State-Pueblo
11.SoHillary Hurst1:09.14aColorado School of M...
12.SoAshtyn Rossman1:11.19aWestern State
13.SoStephanie Dufford1:15.63aColorado State-Pueblo

3k Steeplechase  Varsity - Finals

1.-Emilia Skolubowicz12:16.17aNew Mexico Military ...
2.Angela Vitulli12:28.18aUnattached

4x100 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 48.24aColorado State-Pueblo
2.-Relay Team 49.23aChadron State
3.-Relay Team 49.75aColorado Mesa
4.-Relay Team 49.98aNew Mexico Highlands
5.-Relay Team 50.33aColorado State
6.-Relay Team 50.64aWestern State

4x400 Relay  Varsity - Finals

1.-Relay Team 4:02.71aBlack Hills State
2.-Relay Team 4:04.34aFort Hays State
3.-Relay Team 4:07.27aUC - Colorado Springs
4.-Relay Team 4:08.17aColorado State
5.-Relay Team 4:10.26aColorado State-Pueblo
6.-Relay Team 4:18.68aFort Hays State
7.-Relay Team 4:20.87aNew Mexico Highlands
8.-Relay Team 4:30.04aSouth Dakota Mines &...
9.-Relay Team 4:32.13aNorthern Colorado
---Relay Team DNFColorado State
---Relay Team DNFNorthern Colorado

Shot Put - 4kg  Varsity - Finals

1.Katie Kruger13.29mUnattached
2.SoCody Milbourn13.05mBlack Hills State
3.JrTamara Fowler12.94mAdams State
4.FrLory Johnson12.12mBlack Hills State
5.FrBreanna Janovy11.97mBlack Hills State
6.FrAlaina Yaracz11.92mBlack Hills State
7.FrMolly Potter11.86mColorado
8.SrEbonee Carter11.86mNew Mexico Highlands
9.SrChynna McCall11.66mColorado
10.SoKelsey Huckle11.64mAdams State
11.SoRachel Gebauer11.59mAir Force
12.FrEmily Hunsucker11.58mColorado
13.FrKelli Johnson11.56mChadron State
14.FrHolli Salzar11.46mColorado State-Pueblo
15.FrSadie Waugh11.34mChadron State
16.FrLarissa Bookout10.98mNew Mexico Highlands
17.SoLindsey Gumb10.74mChadron State
18.FrAnnita Alvarez10.71mNorthern Colorado
19.FrJessica Needham10.69mColorado Mesa
20.SoCatrina Donley10.45mAdams State
21.Jessica Gile10.34mUnattached
22.FrCasie Ratzlaff10.28mColorado School of M...
23.SoKasey Becco10.19mNorthern Colorado

Shot Put - 4kg  Heptathlon - Finals

1.JrCecilia Vollmer11.32mWestern State
2.FrWhitney Taylor10.27mFort Hays State
3.JrAngela Graham10.14mNew Mexico Highlands
4.JrCarissa Heim10.12mFort Hays State
5.FrSherrea Elliott9.54mColorado State-Pueblo
6.FrKaelie Jelden9.46mChadron State
7.SoJena Isaacson9.33mNebraska-Kearney
8.FrChristina Slanger9.20mColorado Mesa
9.SrJasmine Rollins9.18mColorado State-Pueblo
10.FrKelsie Johnston8.99mFort Hays State
11.SrCatherine Wurtz8.78mFort Hays State
12.FrRachel Weakland8.69mWestern State
13.FrLindsay Hart8.60mColorado Mesa
14.JrBritney Jackson8.57mWyoming
15.FrErin Krause8.30mChadron State
16.FrAlly Watson5.22mUC - Colorado Springs

Discus - 1kg  Varsity - Finals

1.Ashley Stephens45.99mUnattached
2.FrBreanna Janovy41.20mBlack Hills State
3.FrElizabeth Johnson40.95mColorado State
4.SoJenna Bohnen40.02mAdams State
5.SrStacey Robben39.57mColorado State
6.Karen Wyatt38.80mUnattached
7.FrWhitney Taylor37.43mFort Hays State
8.SrEmily Geubelle37.12mColorado State
9.JrMary Shepherd37.07mNorthern Colorado
10.Katie Kruger37.05mUnattached
11.SoVictoria Dominguez37.03mNew Mexico Highlands
12.FrSadie Waugh36.82mChadron State
13.FrDylaina Morelli36.44mWestern State
14.Jessica Gile35.98mUnattached
15.SoCody Milbourn35.91mBlack Hills State
16.FrAlaina Yaracz35.70mBlack Hills State
17.FrAnnita Alvarez33.91mNorthern Colorado
18.SoKelsey Huckle32.84mAdams State
19.FrBailey Hoover32.60mColorado School of M...
20.SoCatrina Donley32.02mAdams State
21.FrKelli Johnson30.73mChadron State
22.SoKasey Becco29.97mNorthern Colorado
23.FrJessica Needham29.72mColorado Mesa
24.FrLory Johnson29.50mBlack Hills State
25.FrHolli Salzar28.51mColorado State-Pueblo
26.FrLarissa Bookout27.20mNew Mexico Highlands
--FrKemoy ChristieFOULNew Mexico Highlands
--SrSavannah AfoaFOULColorado School of M...
--SrEbonee CarterFOULNew Mexico Highlands

Javelin - 600g  Varsity - Finals

1.SrKristen Kugler37.39mColorado State
2.JrErica Smythe36.90mNew Mexico Highlands
3.JrTamara Fowler36.79mAdams State
4.-Jessica Ayre35.32mBlack Hills State
5.SoSierra Wiggans35.27mColorado Mesa
6.SoAbby Miskolci35.19mWestern State
7.FrSally Page34.97mColorado
8.FrKemoy Christie34.45mNew Mexico Highlands
9.-Rita Herrera32.82mNew Mexico Military ...
10.SoSophia Wagner28.09mColorado State
11.FrCate Brus27.68mColorado State
12.JrMax Van Dyke27.60mColorado
13.FrKelsi Nervik25.10mColorado School of M...
14.SrAshlee Hafey24.43mColorado Mesa
15.-Megan Kruthoff23.95mBlack Hills State
16.-Aly Abreu22.60mNew Mexico Military ...
17.JrBriana Hammer22.31mColorado Mesa
18.FrCourtney Tamulis20.58mColorado School of M...

Javelin - 600g  Heptathlon - Finals

1.SrCatherine Wurtz30.72mFort Hays State
2.FrKelsie Johnston27.60mFort Hays State
3.FrChristina Slanger26.93mColorado Mesa
4.FrWhitney Taylor26.63mFort Hays State
5.SrJasmine Rollins26.07mColorado State-Pueblo
6.JrBritney Jackson24.79mWyoming
7.SoJena Isaacson24.34mNebraska-Kearney
8.JrCarissa Heim23.41mFort Hays State
9.FrRachel Weakland23.09mWestern State
10.JrCecilia Vollmer20.99mWestern State
11.FrErin Krause20.76mChadron State
12.FrLindsay Hart16.73mColorado Mesa
13.FrSherrea Elliott13.64mColorado State-Pueblo
--FrAlly WatsonFOULUC - Colorado Springs

High Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.SoMorgan Witzel1.71mFort Hays State
2.FrLaurisa Canini1.68mColorado
3.SrKristen Kugler1.62mColorado State
3.FrSummer Hawkinson1.62mColorado State-Pueblo
5.FrCate Brus1.59mColorado State
6.FrAshley Fanelli1.56mChadron State
7.SoOlivia Downing1.53mColorado State
7.SoNicole Bacovcin1.53mColorado School of M...
9.SoAshley Dace1.53mColorado State
9.SoAmanda Wineman1.53mAir Force
11.FrKim Vandergeest1.48mNew Mexico Highlands
11.FrKayla Matthews1.48mWestern State
11.-Lillian Temple1.48mSouth Dakota Mines &...
11.SoSavannah Dederick1.48mBlack Hills State
11.SrJocelyn Booker1.48mAir Force
16.SrKayla Haines1.43mBlack Hills State
--FrGenessa HeideNHWestern State

High Jump  Heptathlon - Finals

1.JrAngela Graham1.67mNew Mexico Highlands
2.JrBritney Jackson1.61mWyoming
3.FrWhitney Taylor1.55mFort Hays State
3.SrJasmine Rollins1.55mColorado State-Pueblo
3.JrCarissa Heim1.55mFort Hays State
6.SoJena Isaacson1.52mNebraska-Kearney
7.FrRachel Weakland1.49mWestern State
8.JrCecilia Vollmer1.46mWestern State
9.FrAlly Watson1.43mUC - Colorado Springs
9.SrCatherine Wurtz1.43mFort Hays State
11.FrLindsay Hart1.40mColorado Mesa
11.FrSherrea Elliott1.40mColorado State-Pueblo
13.FrKelsie Johnston1.37mFort Hays State
14.FrKaelie Jelden1.31mChadron State
15.FrErin Krause1.28mChadron State
--FrChristina SlangerNHColorado Mesa

Pole Vault  Varsity - Finals

1.FrLauren Graham3.85mUC - Colorado Springs
2.JrLisa Koch3.70mBlack Hills State
3.JrAnnelise Pradal3.55mAdams State
4.Casey Jo Wanger3.40mUnattached
5.FrPia Goodman3.25mAir Force
6.SoJesse Howe3.25mWestern State
7.SrMelissa Rhodes3.10mColorado School of M...
8.-Kate Dannecker3.10mColorado State
9.FrErin Krause2.95mChadron State
9.FrKaelie Jelden2.95mChadron State
11.SoLaurette Beal2.80mSouth Dakota Mines &...
--SoKalen PrenticeNHChadron State
--SrCatherine WurtzNHFort Hays State

Long Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.FrNatasha Bruins5.62m (.3)Northern Colorado
2.SrJulia Bayer5.46m (.4)Chadron State
3.JrCarissa Heim5.44m (1.6)Fort Hays State
4.JrAshley Cornett5.43m (-.3)Fort Hays State
5.JrKelsey Martin5.38mFort Hays State
6.SoHannah Selke5.25m (1.7)Western State
7.FrAshley Fanelli5.22m (1.7)Chadron State
8.FrShanea Anderson5.10m (.4)New Mexico Highlands
9.SoDanita Wyatt5.05m (1.4)Colorado State-Pueblo
10.SrJasmine Rollins5.02m (.7)Colorado State-Pueblo
11.SrJourdan Otis4.90m (1.7)Western State
12.FrLaurisa Canini4.82m (2.0)Colorado
12.SoSophia Wagner4.82m (2.6)Colorado State
14.SoLauren Keiser4.61m (1.2)Colorado School of M...
15.SoKrista Wiltberger4.59m (1.4)Colorado State-Pueblo
16.SrKayla Haines4.51m (1.7)Black Hills State
17.SoMegan Janssen4.50m (.7)Chadron State
18.SoNicole Bacovcin4.39m (.9)Colorado School of M...

Long Jump  Heptathlon - Finals

1.SoJena Isaacson5.41m (2.2)Nebraska-Kearney
2.JrCarissa Heim5.28m (2.3)Fort Hays State
3.JrAngela Graham5.21m (2.3)New Mexico Highlands
4.JrBritney Jackson5.06m (3.0)Wyoming
5.SrCatherine Wurtz4.81m (2.4)Fort Hays State
6.FrChristina Slanger4.74m (1.9)Colorado Mesa
7.SrJasmine Rollins4.69m (2.1)Colorado State-Pueblo
8.FrRachel Weakland4.64m (2.2)Western State
9.FrLindsay Hart4.60m (2.7)Colorado Mesa
10.FrSherrea Elliott4.48m (2.9)Colorado State-Pueblo
11.FrKelsie Johnston4.44m (1.9)Fort Hays State
12.JrCecilia Vollmer4.40m (2.4)Western State
13.FrWhitney Taylor4.37m (2.2)Fort Hays State
14.FrAlly Watson4.15m (1.4)UC - Colorado Springs
15.FrErin Krause4.03m (2.7)Chadron State

Triple Jump  Varsity - Finals

1.JrAngela Graham11.90m (-1.4)New Mexico Highlands
2.JrAshley Cornett11.51m (-1.7)Fort Hays State
3.SoOlivia Downing11.23m (-.5)Colorado State
4.SrJulia Bayer11.15m (-.5)Chadron State
5.SoMeaghan Peak10.99m (-.3)Colorado State
6.-Lillian Temple10.70mSouth Dakota Mines &...
7.SoHannah Selke10.49mWestern State
8.FrLiz Nickles10.38m (-.1)Northern Colorado
9.FrAshley Fanelli10.32m (-.9)Chadron State
10.SoAdrienne Bratton10.21mMetropolitan-Denver
11.SoMacy Migchelbrink10.18m (-1.5)Fort Hays State
12.FrBhupinder Sandhu9.90m (-.4)New Mexico Highlands
13.SoAilena McDonald9.73mUC - Colorado Springs
14.SoMegan Janssen9.18m (1.5)Chadron State
15.SoBrooklyn Barton8.80m (-.3)Colorado Mesa
--SoSophia WagnerDQColorado State
--FrKim VandergeestDQNew Mexico Highlands

Hammer - 4kg  Varsity - Finals

1.Ashley Stephens55.12mUnattached
2.SoCody Milbourn51.71mBlack Hills State
3.Jessica Horsley48.87mUnattached
4.FrEmily Hunsucker46.07mColorado
5.SoJennifer Swartwood44.19mWestern State
6.FrBreanna Janovy43.41mBlack Hills State
7.SrEbonee Carter42.68mNew Mexico Highlands
8.FrAlaina Yaracz41.84mBlack Hills State
9.SrChynna McCall41.46mColorado
10.JrMary Shepherd41.13mNorthern Colorado
11.FrElizabeth Johnson41.05mColorado State
12.FrMolly Potter40.06mColorado
13.FrHolli Salzar39.93mColorado State-Pueblo
14.SoRachel Gebauer39.91mAir Force
15.JrMax Van Dyke39.81mColorado
16.SoKasey Becco39.80mNorthern Colorado
17.JrLisa Bernau38.07mColorado School of M...
18.SoLindsey Gumb37.80mChadron State
19.SoNicole Oester37.76mColorado School of M...
20.FrAnnita Alvarez35.63mNorthern Colorado
21.FrKelli Johnson35.41mChadron State
22.FrCourtney Tamulis35.28mColorado School of M...
23.FrLarissa Bookout34.43mNew Mexico Highlands
24.SoStephanie Dufford33.37mColorado State-Pueblo
25.SoKelsey Huckle33.20mAdams State
26.FrJessica Needham31.11mColorado Mesa
27.FrCasie Ratzlaff30.10mColorado School of M...
28.FrBailey Hoover27.19mColorado School of M...
29.FrKelsi Nervik26.94mColorado School of M...
--SrEmily GeubelleFOULColorado State
--SoCatrina DonleyFOULAdams State

Heptathlon Score  Varsity - Finals

1.SoJena Isaacson4467Nebraska-Kearney
2.JrCarissa Heim4329Fort Hays State
3.JrBritney Jackson4074Wyoming
4.SrJasmine Rollins3881Colorado State-Pueblo
5.FrWhitney Taylor3880Fort Hays State
6.FrLindsay Hart3657Colorado Mesa
7.SrCatherine Wurtz3603Fort Hays State
8.JrCecilia Vollmer3448Western State
9.FrRachel Weakland3430Western State
10.FrSherrea Elliott3195Colorado State-Pueblo
11.FrChristina Slanger3186Colorado Mesa
12.FrKelsie Johnston3166Fort Hays State
13.FrErin Krause2815Chadron State
14.FrAlly Watson2605UC - Colorado Springs