Cornell Invitational

Saturday, January 30, 2010
  Cornell College, Mount Vernon - Map
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Iowa - NAIA
MoMeMt Mercy
StAmSt Ambrose
Iowa - NCAA
CCIACornell College (IA)
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.-Arick Ridgell6.58aCornell College (IA)
2.SrSean Whitten6.75aSt Ambrose
3.FrDennis Gilbertson6.87aCoe
4.JrRoli Teko-Folly6.88aCornell College (IA)
5.SrToby Cewe6.91aSt Ambrose
6.FrTony Morrison6.92aSt Ambrose
7.FrAndrew Thomas6.94aSt Ambrose
8.SoIan Merrill6.98aSt Ambrose
9.FrMatt Rumery7.00aMt Mercy
10.FrMarnel Desir7.10aCornell College (IA)
10.FrRobert Dunham7.10aSt Ambrose
12.FrKeith Graden7.11aCornell College (IA)
13.FrAlphonso Miller7.12aCornell College (IA)
13.FrEric Carlson7.12aSt Ambrose
15.SoMarshall Kraker7.14aCornell College (IA)
16.SrJustin Heaton7.15aSt Ambrose
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKhaliph Green23.44aCornell College (IA)
2.SoCraig Labath23.62aSt Ambrose
3.SrSean Whitten23.75aSt Ambrose
4.FrIan VanAntwerp24.02aSt Ambrose
5.FrDennis Gilbertson24.03aCoe
6.SrToby Cewe24.05aSt Ambrose
7.-Arick Ridgell24.06aCornell College (IA)
8.FrAndrew Thomas24.24aSt Ambrose
9.SrMatt Hakeman24.63aMt Mercy
10.JrMatt Madera24.68aSt Ambrose
11.FrTony Morrison24.77aSt Ambrose
12.FrRobert Dunham24.96aSt Ambrose
13.FrEric Carlson25.02aSt Ambrose
14.SoCody Robertson25.08aMt Mercy
15.SoMatt Pachota25.30aMt Mercy
16.FrKeith Graden25.98aCornell College (IA)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJoseph Appah52.28aSt Ambrose
2.SrToby Cewe52.91aSt Ambrose
3.SoCraig Labath53.13aSt Ambrose
4.SoMatt McGowan53.29aCornell College (IA)
5.JrMatt Madera53.38aSt Ambrose
6.FrLeonard Froissard53.67aCoe
7.JrJustin Waring53.71aMt Mercy
8.SoReed Skoog55.91aCornell College (IA)
9.JrKevin Connell56.43aCoe
10.SoMitchell Binkley57.71aSt Ambrose
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoTommy Fallon2:00.52aSt Ambrose
2.SoJohn Darmody2:00.78aSt Ambrose
3.SoAdam Rooyakkers2:02.39aCornell College (IA)
4.FrLeonard Froissard2:03.88aCoe
5.SrRyan Schroeder2:06.32aCoe
6.SoCraig Nie2:06.91aCoe
7.FrMichael Kelso2:07.32aCornell College (IA)
8.JrMatt Clarke2:07.76aMt Mercy
9.FrJordan Kemme2:08.24aCornell College (IA)
10.JrKyle Heineman2:09.72aCoe
11.SoBen Jacobs2:10.97aCornell College (IA)
12.JrHunter Hills2:11.72aCoe
13.JrSean Whalen2:16.68aSt Ambrose
14.FrDaniel Vaughn2:17.62aSt Ambrose
15.FrPatrick Milder2:25.17aSt Ambrose
16.SoPaden Chang2:31.21aCoe
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAustin Quinn2:39.73aSt Ambrose
2.SoRyan McCleeary2:41.78aCoe
3.JrMatthew Schmidt2:50.57aSt Ambrose
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJohn Darmody4:23.47aSt Ambrose
2.JrKyle Heineman4:25.00aCoe
3.JrAndrew Tobben4:28.20aCornell College (IA)
4.SrRyan Schroeder4:32.94aCoe
5.FrErik Myers4:34.40aCornell College (IA)
6.SoCraig Nie4:34.66aCoe
7.SoAdam Rooyakkers4:35.31aCornell College (IA)
8.SoBen Jacobs4:39.95aCornell College (IA)
9.SrJordan Stacey4:41.46aCornell College (IA)
10.SrQuin Purkey4:42.41aCornell College (IA)
11.FrKevin Randle4:42.69aSt Ambrose
12.SoTommy LeForce4:43.99aCornell College (IA)
13.JrHunter Hills4:44.82aCoe
14.FrJay Whitmore4:45.34aSt Ambrose
15.JrKeith Randle4:51.38aSt Ambrose
16.FrRyan Buchanan4:52.48aSt Ambrose
17.JrMatt Clarke4:57.70aMt Mercy
18.FrJacob Rorem5:06.65aSt Ambrose
19.SoJacob Barker5:14.87aSt Ambrose
20.FrZachary Clark5:17.36aSt Ambrose
21.SoPaden Chang5:24.60aCoe
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoChase Nowak8:56.57aCornell College (IA)
2.SrLane Moser8:59.92aCoe
3.JrKirkwood Donavin9:14.37aCornell College (IA)
4.SoJordan Lord9:16.34aCoe
5.SoMike Miroux9:23.55aMt Mercy
6.SoEric Wood9:49.64aCoe
7.Jayson Lawton9:59.75aMM Unattached
8.FrTyler Norby10:03.45aSt Ambrose
9.FrJeff Rehfeldt10:05.48aMt Mercy
10.Keith Terry10:08.05aMM Unattached
11.FrKyle McKenna10:15.59aSt Ambrose
12.FrBen Morrissey10:21.98aSt Ambrose
13.SoJames Sobucki10:33.44aSt Ambrose
X 55m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrTony Morrison7.98aSt Ambrose
2.SrJames Wohrley8.27aCornell College (IA)
3.SoCody Robertson8.50aMt Mercy
4.JrSean Whalen8.65aSt Ambrose
5.SrDanny DeVenney8.76aSt Ambrose
6.FrHarrison Southwick8.89aSt Ambrose
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:36.00aCornell College (IA)
2.-Relay Team 1:41.71aSt Ambrose
3.-Relay Team 1:53.10aMt Mercy
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:37.08aCornell College (IA)
2.-Relay Team 3:38.18aSt Ambrose
3.-Relay Team 3:38.57aMt Mercy
4.-Relay Team 3:45.18aSt Ambrose
5.-Relay Team 3:49.85aCoe
6.-Relay Team 3:52.59aSt Ambrose
7.-Relay Team 4:00.02aSt Ambrose
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrScott Cherryholmes48-02.75St Ambrose
2.FrChris Dubree45-03.50St Ambrose
3.FrEric Ritter44-11.50Coe
4.SoDanny Rufus43-09.75St Ambrose
5.FrJon Mulder43-03.75St Ambrose
6.SoMarshall Kraker43-03.25Cornell College (IA)
7.FrLuke Wielgopolan43-02.25St Ambrose
8.FrWes Vaden43-00.50St Ambrose
9.JrNick Heuermann42-00.75St Ambrose
10.SrDanny DeVenney41-08.00St Ambrose
11.SrJames Wohrley40-10.50Cornell College (IA)
12.FrAdam Chocola40-10.25St Ambrose
13.JrDale Anderson40-03.25Coe
14.FrPeter Turcato38-08.75St Ambrose
15.JrAndrew Meyer37-01.00Coe
16.FrChristopher Brummitt33-01.25Coe
17.SoGreg Everett31-08.75Coe
18.SoTyler Munhollon29-11.25Coe
19.FrBrian McLinden29-10.25St Ambrose
20.JrNick Steinbach27-08.25St Ambrose
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJames Wohrley6-04.00Cornell College (IA)
3.JrRoli Teko-Folly5-10.00Cornell College (IA)
4.SoGreg Everett5-08.00Coe
5.SrJustin Heaton5-06.00St Ambrose
6.FrAlex DiCicco5-04.25Cornell College (IA)
7.SoDenis Jimenez5-02.25Cornell College (IA)
--FrTony MorrisonNHSt Ambrose
--FrJosh LeagueNHSt Ambrose
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJordan Kemme12-06.00Cornell College (IA)
2.FrCharlie Balagna12-06.00St Ambrose
3.FrHarrison Southwick11-05.75St Ambrose
4.SoMarshall Kraker10-11.75Cornell College (IA)
5.SoRyan Foster10-11.75St Ambrose
6.FrCharles Dewar10-06.00Coe
7.FrZachary Clark8-11.75St Ambrose
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoTony Villasenor19-10.25St Ambrose
2.SoKhaliph Green19-08.25Cornell College (IA)
3.SrSean Whitten19-08.00St Ambrose
4.SoIan Merrill18-07.00St Ambrose
5.SoDenis Jimenez18-01.50Cornell College (IA)
6.SrJustin Heaton16-05.25St Ambrose
7.FrAlex DiCicco16-00.25Cornell College (IA)
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrSean Whitten44-01.25St Ambrose
2.FrIan VanAntwerp43-02.25St Ambrose
3.FrAlex DiCicco38-00.00Cornell College (IA)
4.SoDenis Jimenez37-05.75Cornell College (IA)
--SoTony VillasenorNDSt Ambrose
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SoDanny Rufus52-07.50St Ambrose
2.FrLuke Wielgopolan50-06.75St Ambrose
3.SrDanny DeVenney49-05.50St Ambrose
4.JrDale Anderson48-03.50Coe
5.JrAndrew Meyer48-01.25Coe
6.FrAdam Chocola42-06.25St Ambrose
7.JrNick Heuermann42-04.00St Ambrose
8.FrChris Dubree42-03.25St Ambrose
9.SrScott Cherryholmes42-00.00St Ambrose
10.JrCurtis Roeder41-00.25St Ambrose
11.FrWes Vaden37-02.50St Ambrose
12.FrEric Ritter36-03.00Coe
13.FrPeter Turcato35-07.75St Ambrose
14.FrBrian McLinden34-07.00St Ambrose
15.FrJon Mulder34-04.25St Ambrose
16.FrChristopher Brummitt30-02.25Coe
17.SoTyler Munhollon28-10.25Coe
18.SoTy Hetland24-03.50Coe

Womens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJenna Higgins7.40aMt Mercy
2.FrEbonie Butler7.41aSt Ambrose
3.FrJanae Rosien7.60aMt Mercy
4.JrAlisa Denny7.68aCoe
5.FrStefani Wright7.71aCoe
6.SrMichelle Moorehead7.85aCoe
7.SoCortni Kooi7.87aMt Mercy
8.FrRachel Krier7.91aSt Ambrose
9.FrAlicia Moeller7.92aSt Ambrose
10.SoJacqueline Kane7.97aMt Mercy
11.FrRachel Luehrs7.98aSt Ambrose
12.JrAlexa Francois7.99aMt Mercy
13.FrAriel Harris8.07aCornell College (IA)
14.JrBeca Orvella8.43aMt Mercy
15.FrElsie Freland8.54aCornell College (IA)
16.FrAngela Sanchez8.57aCornell College (IA)
17.FrJenny Snooke8.71aCoe
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJenna Higgins27.00aMt Mercy
2.FrEbonie Butler27.02aSt Ambrose
3.JrAlisa Denny27.40aCoe
4.FrStefani Wright27.64aCoe
5.JrEmilie Warren27.72aMt Mercy
6.FrChristal Harris28.00aCornell College (IA)
7.FrAlicia Moeller28.12aSt Ambrose
8.SrMichelle Moorehead28.15aCoe
9.FrJanae Rosien28.35aMt Mercy
10.FrJorden Scott28.43aMt Mercy
11.FrLauren Flahive28.58aSt Ambrose
12.FrRachel Luehrs28.59aSt Ambrose
13.FrRachel Krier28.77aSt Ambrose
14.JrElizabeth Mattias28.90aCoe
15.FrJenny Morris29.55aSt Ambrose
16.SrKrystal Jackson29.61aCoe
17.FrEmilie Minteer29.69aSt Ambrose
18.SoAnna Guittar29.74aCornell College (IA)
19.FrAriel Harris30.00aCornell College (IA)
20.SrKim Kuda30.23aCoe
21.FrEllie Kloberdanz30.60aSt Ambrose
22.FrJenny Snooke30.62aCoe
23.FrElsie Freland31.11aCornell College (IA)
24.SrAllie Nappe31.15aCornell College (IA)
25.FrAngela Sanchez31.24aCornell College (IA)
26.JrBeca Orvella32.23aMt Mercy
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJacqueline Kane61.14aMt Mercy
2.FrSara Heizer61.21aCoe
3.FrRachel Luehrs62.67aSt Ambrose
4.JrElizabeth Mattias63.15aCoe
5.FrLauren Flahive63.19aSt Ambrose
6.SrKim Kuda63.71aCoe
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrKeelie Finnel2:26.77aCoe
2.SoJustine Screws2:29.52aCoe
3.SrChelsea Kvidera2:32.31aMt Mercy
4.FrChelsea Burhite2:33.49aMt Mercy
5.SoDana Maier2:35.26aSt Ambrose
6.FrShelby Daisy2:37.20aMt Mercy
7.JrAllison Newman2:37.65aCornell College (IA)
8.FrElise Mead2:39.23aCornell College (IA)
9.FrLauren Seemann2:41.82aCornell College (IA)
10.SoLaura Lindsay2:46.30aCornell College (IA)
11.SoPaula Hermsen2:47.80aMt Mercy
12.FrChelsey Thill2:55.02aCoe
---Jessica BarrDNFSt Ambrose
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrBeth Ripperger3:06.61aMt Mercy
2.JrAbby Parsons3:07.41aSt Ambrose
3.SrJessie Robison3:20.34aCoe
4.JrHeather White3:23.08aCoe
5.SoKara Danielsen3:26.92aMt Mercy
6.FrCatherine Berger3:57.85aSt Ambrose
7.FrHanna O'Toole4:11.46aMt Mercy
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.SrChelsea Kvidera5:34.76aMt Mercy
2.SoLaura Lindsay5:37.91aCornell College (IA)
3.FrElise Mead5:39.67aCornell College (IA)
4.JrAllison Newman5:44.07aCornell College (IA)
5.FrLauren Seemann5:45.35aCornell College (IA)
6.JrEllie Hutchison5:45.61aCornell College (IA)
7.FrChelsee Lisk5:49.56aSt Ambrose
8.FrMegan Maroon6:00.82aSt Ambrose
9.SoHannah Cargill6:02.35aCornell College (IA)
10.SoPaula Hermsen6:05.45aMt Mercy
11.FrChristine Eden6:11.70aSt Ambrose
12.FrStephanie Nibaur6:14.26aMt Mercy
13.FrKatie Simones6:15.24aSt Ambrose
14.FrMaria Helgeson6:18.19aCornell College (IA)
15.FrLexie Ronconi6:30.46aSt Ambrose
16.FrChelsey Thill6:42.40aCoe
17.FrMeg Mckenna6:50.12aSt Ambrose
18.FrLeah Schultz7:00.56aMt Mercy
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAllie Jagielo10:34.17aCornell College (IA)
2.JrBrooke Ashcraft11:08.76aSt Ambrose
3.JrErin Behan11:30.68aMt Mercy
4.FrEsther Rono11:37.44aMt Mercy
5.SoKristen Syring11:57.79aSt Ambrose
6.SoBritney Yotter12:50.57aMt Mercy
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrRachel Krier8.83aSt Ambrose
2.SrMichelle Moorehead8.84aCoe
3.JrAlisa Denny8.85aCoe
4.SrAlyssa Maher8.95aMt Mercy
5.FrRachel Luehrs8.99aSt Ambrose
6.FrLarissa Wilden9.07aMt Mercy
7.JrBeca Orvella9.85aMt Mercy
8.SoKelsey Berg9.97aSt Ambrose
9.FrStephanie O'Connor11.96aSt Ambrose
10.JrBrea Christiansen12.45aSt Ambrose
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:48.85aCoe
2.-Relay Team 1:49.89aMt Mercy
3.-Relay Team 1:56.09aSt Ambrose
4.-Relay Team 1:57.57aMt Mercy
---Relay Team DQCornell College (IA)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:09.40aCoe
2.-Relay Team 4:10.53aMt Mercy
3.-Relay Team 4:21.64aCoe
4.-Relay Team 4:27.54aMt Mercy
5.-Relay Team 4:28.20aSt Ambrose
6.-Relay Team 4:38.78aCornell College (IA)
7.-Relay Team 4:41.52aSt Ambrose
8.-Relay Team 5:09.21aSt Ambrose
9.-Relay Team 5:12.70aMt Mercy
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMandy Streu44-04.00St Ambrose
2.FrMartha Burd41-01.50St Ambrose
3.JrMadison Craw38-08.25Cornell College (IA)
4.FrAlissa Martin37-05.75St Ambrose
5.JrKelsey Hansen36-02.00Mt Mercy
6.FrTaylor Christiansen34-01.50St Ambrose
7.SrKelly Kall30-08.25Cornell College (IA)
8.FrAshley Rojemann30-07.50St Ambrose
9.FrAngela Dugan29-05.25Cornell College (IA)
9.FrChristal Harris29-05.25Cornell College (IA)
11.FrAmaris Meyers28-09.25Mt Mercy
12.SoKelsey Harper28-09.00Cornell College (IA)
13.-Alana Risatti28-03.50Coe
14.JrBrea Christiansen27-10.75St Ambrose
15.JrJenny South26-09.00Cornell College (IA)
16.FrChelsea Arredondo24-11.25Coe
17.-Ellan Burns16-07.25Coe
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKrystal Jackson5-03.75Coe
2.FrLarissa Wilden5-03.75Mt Mercy
3.FrCassandra Morigaki4-09.75Coe
4.SoTeresa Popp4-07.75St Ambrose
5.SoEmily Morrissey4-07.75St Ambrose
6.-Alana Risatti4-07.75Coe
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAnne Ledford9-05.75St Ambrose
2.FrKristen Blodgett8-11.75Coe
3.SoKelsey Berg8-00.00St Ambrose
3.JrLauren Gunawan8-00.00St Ambrose
3.JrMichell Hannemann8-00.00Cornell College (IA)
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoCortni Kooi16-02.25Mt Mercy
2.FrRachel Luehrs15-10.25St Ambrose
3.SrKrystal Jackson15-06.75Coe
4.SoCarli Schieferdecker15-00.00St Ambrose
5.FrKristen Blodgett14-03.00Coe
6.SrAllie Nappe13-06.00Cornell College (IA)
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoCarli Schieferdecker31-11.50St Ambrose
2.FrLarissa Wilden31-07.25Mt Mercy
3.JrBrea Christiansen31-06.50St Ambrose
4.FrEmilie Minteer31-01.00St Ambrose
--FrStefani WrightNDCoe
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMandy Streu48-06.00St Ambrose
2.JrKelsey Hansen45-09.25Mt Mercy
3.FrAshley Rojemann45-01.00St Ambrose
4.JrMadison Craw42-09.00Cornell College (IA)
5.FrMartha Burd42-04.25St Ambrose
6.FrAlissa Martin41-10.75St Ambrose
7.SoKelsey Harper39-06.00Cornell College (IA)
8.JrDaniell Darbyshire38-02.75Mt Mercy
9.FrTaylor Christiansen37-01.00St Ambrose
10.SrKelly Kall35-11.50Cornell College (IA)
11.FrAngela Dugan31-06.00Cornell College (IA)
12.FrChelsea Arredondo28-03.50Coe
13.JrJenny South25-11.00Cornell College (IA)
14.FrAmaris Meyers25-00.50Mt Mercy
15.-Ellan Burns20-10.50Coe
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