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Central Open

Friday, May 07, 2010

Central (IA), Pella

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Monmouth (IL)
Iowa - College
Indian Hills CC
Iowa - NAIA
Minnesota - NCAA
St Mary's (MN)
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrDavivorn Dowe10.83aDubuque
2.FrLogan Danko11.08aCentral College (IA)
3.JrSaidu Sesay11.19aMonmouth (IL)
5.FrLeonard Brady Jr.11.29aDubuque
6.SrMitch Morris11.31aCentral College (IA)
7.JrScott Phillips11.34aGrinnell
8.SrMike Martinez11.39aGrinnell
9.FrJacob Christy11.40aSimpson College (IA)
10.SoTrevor Veach11.41aCentral College (IA)
10.Nate Sickerson11.41aUnattached
12.FrDennis Gilbertson11.51aCoe
13.FrMatt Dawson11.54aMonmouth (IL)
14.SoClint Faust11.61aCentral College (IA)
15.FrTrent Heetland11.63aCentral College (IA)
16.SoDylan Boucher11.64aGrinnell
17.JrRoli Teko-Folly11.69aCornell College (IA)
18.FrJake Swider-Rogers11.77aKnox
19.FrAndrew Harter11.78aCornell College (IA)
20.SoMike Malone11.94aNorthern Iowa
21.SrFernando Fonz Jenkins11.96aGrinnell
22.FrMarnel Desir12.01aCornell College (IA)
23.JrRyan Wockenfus12.05aSt Mary's (MN)
24.FrMarcus Webb12.11aCentral College (IA)
25.SoHarpreet Singh12.19aGrinnell
26.SrJordan Courtain12.34aGrinnell
27.SrWinnon Brunson12.63aGrinnell
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrLuke Reschke21.83aMonmouth (IL)
2.SoKyle Wood22.08aCentral College (IA)
3.FrJoe Puntoriero22.41aKnox
4.SoTrevor Veach22.51aCentral College (IA)
5.SrMartin Rounds22.52aSimpson College (IA)
6.SoShane Reschke22.61aMonmouth (IL)
7.FrCorey Albrecht22.67aNorthern Iowa
8.FrMatt Dawson22.77aMonmouth (IL)
9.JrSaidu Sesay22.84aMonmouth (IL)
10.SrMatt Patrick22.97aCentral College (IA)
11.Sean Newlin23.28aUnattached
12.JrScott Phillips23.32aGrinnell
13.SrLuke Bolander23.32aCentral College (IA)
14.Nate Sickerson23.34aUnattached
15.SrLeGrand Bien-Aime23.37aSimpson College (IA)
16.FrJordan Appenzeller23.37aCentral College (IA)
17.FrAndrew Harter23.57aCornell College (IA)
18.FrTrent Heetland23.63aCentral College (IA)
19.Wez Offerman23.68aD4nc
20.FrJacob Christy23.76aSimpson College (IA)
21.JrSeth Walter23.78aDubuque
22.SoChris Kasel23.92aNorthern Iowa
23.FrJake Swider-Rogers24.07aKnox
24.JrRoli Teko-Folly24.09aCornell College (IA)
25.SrDavid Footle24.11aKnox
26.John Brehm24.27aD4nc
27.FrMarnel Desir24.42aCornell College (IA)
28.FrDerek Beckman24.44aCentral College (IA)
29.FrPeter Schmidt24.44aCornell College (IA)
30.SoHarpreet Singh24.73aGrinnell
31.FrQuentin Banks24.81aGrinnell
32.SrSam Goldstein24.99aGrinnell
33.FrMarcus Webb25.11aCentral College (IA)
34.FrDavid Garwood26.19aGrinnell
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrRupert Bannerman-Thompson49.56aNorthern Iowa
2.SrMatt Patrick50.89aCentral College (IA)
3.Jarred Schubert51.61aUnattached
4.SoReed Skoog51.87aCornell College (IA)
5.SrJosiah Ryks52.19aSt Mary's (MN)
6.SoMatt McGowan52.26aCornell College (IA)
7.JrBenton Kodet52.66aSt Mary's (MN)
8.SoQue'nique Newbill52.66aGrinnell
9.FrJoe Puntoriero52.86aKnox
10.SoScott Riedel53.33aCentral College (IA)
11.SrNate Schueller53.61aCornell College (IA)
12.FrDerek Beckman53.71aCentral College (IA)
13.SoRobert Yin54.32aGrinnell
14.FrQuentin Banks55.37aGrinnell
15.FrColton Welch55.88aMonmouth (IL)
16.FrDavid Garwood60.47aGrinnell
--FrAlphonso MillerDNFCornell College (IA)
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAlex Miller1:55.84aCentral College (IA)
2.SrMike Craddick1:56.03aNorthern Iowa
3.FrRyan Krogmann1:57.53aNorthern Iowa
4.SoJustin Bartels1:57.59aNorthern Iowa
5.FrBen Schornack1:58.80aCentral College (IA)
6.SoAdam Rooyakkers1:59.68aCornell College (IA)
7.FrKyle Burns2:01.21aNorthern Iowa
8.FrBrennen Wears2:04.97aIndian Hills CC
9.FrPeter Borash2:05.63aSt Mary's (MN)
10.SoBen Duea2:06.19aSimpson College (IA)
11.FrLogan Dorpinghaus2:06.47aSimpson College (IA)
12.SrTim Bentz2:07.12aMonmouth (IL)
13.SrBrad O'Neil2:07.24aCoe
14.SoMatt Evans2:07.64aCornell College (IA)
15.SoMatt Stone2:07.71aSimpson College (IA)
16.SrPatric Mundschenk2:10.38aMonmouth (IL)
17.Jake DaSnake2:12.39aD4nc
18.SrEric Patten2:13.19aSimpson College (IA)
19.FrBrian Daly2:14.91aMonmouth (IL)
20.FrJordan Kemme2:15.60aCornell College (IA)
21.SoKenny Kemp2:16.34aCentral College (IA)
22.FrLuke Devlin2:16.82aMonmouth (IL)
23.FrNick Barker2:19.26aDubuque
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrDavid Montgomery4:05.74aGrinnell
2.JrAndrew Tobben4:10.50aCornell College (IA)
3.SoAndrew Hamer4:12.19aCentral College (IA)
4.SoKevin Box4:12.46aKnox
5.SoIan McCallum-Cook4:16.18aGrinnell
6.SrTim Bentz4:19.93aMonmouth (IL)
7.SoJonathan Welty4:20.97aMonmouth (IL)
8.SrRyan Maniscalco4:21.57aKnox
9.FrBrent Ewing4:24.14aCentral College (IA)
10.FrJacob Barr4:25.14aMonmouth (IL)
11.FrSteele Fiscus4:25.53aIndian Hills CC
12.JrQuinten Moore4:28.23aSt Mary's (MN)
13.SoWes Farrington4:35.02aSimpson College (IA)
14.SoAustin Redmond4:40.64aGrinnell
15.FrScott Hageman4:42.19aCornell College (IA)
16.JrAndre Jacobsmeyer4:47.37aCornell College (IA)
17.JrDavid Salazar4:55.77aGrinnell
18.SoPaden Chang4:57.86aCoe
19.SoIan Malone5:04.49aKnox
20.SoMarcus Zeitz5:07.45aGrinnell
--SrKevin CashmanDNFGrinnell
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAustin Vondracek9:14.03aCentral College (IA)
2.SoDavid Kuhlmann9:17.01aCornell College (IA)
3.SoBen Jacobs9:17.08aCornell College (IA)
4.SrPierre Taylor9:19.86aCentral College (IA)
5.FrJohn Gonzalez9:26.18aCentral College (IA)
6.SoJonathan Welty9:36.01aMonmouth (IL)
7.SrCasey Dunning9:37.59aSimpson College (IA)
8.SrCory Fitzsimmons9:37.66aCentral College (IA)
9.FrBrandon Clough9:41.10aCentral College (IA)
10.SoChris Stadler9:42.22aCornell College (IA)
11.FrEdward Koski9:44.84aCentral College (IA)
12.SrAaron Skopec9:49.48aSimpson College (IA)
13.FrSteele Fiscus9:54.39aIndian Hills CC
14.SrBaron Davis10:14.70aSimpson College (IA)
15.FrBen Swerdlow10:19.66aCornell College (IA)
16.FrMark Stanek10:31.77aSimpson College (IA)
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoBrendan Thompson16:04.29aNorthern Iowa
2.SoRyan Edwardson16:10.96aSimpson College (IA)
3.SrJordan Stacey16:24.29aCornell College (IA)
4.FrJon Gerling16:24.41aIndian Hills CC
5.FrErik Figge16:34.67aGrinnell
6.FrSean Choate16:47.07aKnox
7.JrMichael Tylinski16:47.59aGrinnell
9.FrBenjamin Burt17:10.58aGrinnell
10.SrRobert Zyskowski17:11.41aGrinnell
11.SoGriffin Smith17:23.84aGrinnell
12.SoColin McCallum-Cook17:37.85aGrinnell
13.FrRyan Moorehead17:56.12aGrinnell
14.SoJordan Bell-Masterson18:06.07aGrinnell
15.FrJackson Menner19:08.27aGrinnell
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMartin Rounds14.94aSimpson College (IA)
2.SoMike Malone15.59aNorthern Iowa
3.SoAndrew Hirakawa16.17aGrinnell
4.SrNick Wilson16.38aSimpson College (IA)
5.JrAndrew Hopper16.71aCentral College (IA)
6.FrTrent Chavira16.75aGrinnell
7.SrTim McDonald16.99aGrinnell
8.FrBenjamin Fry17.06aCentral College (IA)
9.SrGreg Swanson17.15aGrinnell
10.SoMatt Hassler17.16aMonmouth (IL)
11.SoChris Kasel17.18aNorthern Iowa
12.FrTed Heying17.44aSimpson College (IA)
13.JrSam Levy19.17aGrinnell
14.FrJacob Loechler19.24aSt Mary's (MN)
--SrScott LynnDQNorthern Iowa
--SrCurt Van AstenDQSt Mary's (MN)
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrDennis Hammel54.58aNorthern Iowa
2.SrCory Goos54.64aNorthern Iowa
3.SrJordan Gegner55.64aCentral College (IA)
4.SoLogan Weir58.71aMonmouth (IL)
5.SoEric Ragan59.40aGrinnell
6.SrGreg Swanson59.68aGrinnell
7.SrScott Lynn59.99aNorthern Iowa
8.FrTrent Chavira61.44aGrinnell
9.JrAndrew Hopper61.99aCentral College (IA)
10.Michael Stebbins62.00aD4nc
11.Tyler Friese62.12aD4nc
12.FrCraig Lowary62.64aCentral College (IA)
13.JrSam Levy63.68aGrinnell
14.FrTed Heying64.00aSimpson College (IA)
15.Dylan Humburg64.09aD4nc
16.Andy Allen64.11aUnattached
17.FrBenjamin Fry64.52aCentral College (IA)
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAhmed Khalif9:44.62aGraceland
2.FrJake Traxler10:08.69aSt Mary's (MN)
3.FrLars Larson11:24.97aCentral College (IA)
--FrPat GerhardtDNFSimpson College (IA)
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 42.06aCentral College (IA)
2.-Relay Team 43.15aMonmouth (IL)
3.-Relay Team 43.53aSimpson College (IA)
4.-Relay Team 43.83aGrinnell
5.Relay Team44.90aUnattached
6.-Relay Team 45.01aCornell College (IA)
7.Relay Team45.13aUnattached
8.-Relay Team 45.16aCentral College (IA)
9.-Relay Team 46.56aSimpson College (IA)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.Relay Team3:32.75aD4nc
2.-Relay Team 3:33.39aGrinnell
3.-Relay Team 3:34.73aCornell College (IA)
4.-Relay Team 3:36.40aMonmouth (IL)
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
2.JrMatt Graber52-07.25Central College (IA)
3.FrJordan Williams52-06.00Northern Iowa
4.SoJustin Romero50-11.00Northern Iowa
5.JrSam Cokinos49-10.50Monmouth (IL)
6.JrPeyton Lumzy48-08.25Monmouth (IL)
7.SrScott Danielson47-03.00Simpson College (IA)
8.SoPhillip Miller45-05.00Central College (IA)
9.SrJohn Wardenburg43-09.00Simpson College (IA)
10.SrAdam Kent43-05.25Knox
11.FrKevin Harp43-04.25Drake
12.FrJosh Fleming42-07.00Central College (IA)
13.FrEric Ritter40-10.25Coe
14.FrTaylor Stockdale38-11.75Simpson College (IA)
15.FrJacob Seaton38-07.75Coe
16.FrAntonio Reyes37-10.75Simpson College (IA)
17.SoTony Sickley36-09.50Knox
18.FrPaul Lebryk36-03.50Knox
19.FrChristopher Brummitt33-07.25Coe
20.FrDan Johnson33-04.50Knox
X Discus - 2kg - Varsity - Finals
1.Chase Madison58.71mFuzion Athletics
2.JrAllen Weeks53.34mNorthern Iowa
3.FrJordan Williams52.28mNorthern Iowa
4.SoTanner Hurt50.60mNorthern Iowa
5.SoTyler Crouse50.24mCentral College (IA)
6.Daniel Swarbrick48.58mUnattached
7.SrRahim Martin47.61mGraceland
8.SrJoey Snyder47.13mGrinnell
9.SoJustin Romero44.86mNorthern Iowa
10.FrIsaac Twombly44.05mDrake
11.FrJosh Fleming43.95mCentral College (IA)
12.FrRyan Elmore43.61mMonmouth (IL)
13.Matt Schiffer43.55mUnattached
14.JrPeyton Lumzy43.21mMonmouth (IL)
15.SoPhillip Miller42.30mCentral College (IA)
16.JrDale Anderson41.35mCoe
17.JrAndrew Brueggen39.97mSt Mary's (MN)
18.SoTyler Bazyn39.80mSimpson College (IA)
19.FrTaylor Stockdale39.78mSimpson College (IA)
20.SrDerek Wherley39.67mSt Mary's (MN)
21.SrKevin Hein39.16mSt Mary's (MN)
22.SrDavid Footle35.48mKnox
23.SoTyler Munhollon33.52mCoe
24.SoTony Sickley33.50mKnox
25.FrPaul Lebryk30.27mKnox
26.SoJesse Joyce29.56mCentral College (IA)
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJake Darrington56.07mSimpson College (IA)
2.JrRyan Wockenfus52.97mSt Mary's (MN)
3.JrJameson Rosien50.16mCentral College (IA)
4.SrJoey Snyder49.69mGrinnell
5.Adam McDonnell48.48mUnattached
6.JrNick Law47.12mMonmouth (IL)
7.FrChanning Puls47.11mNorthern Iowa
8.JrMarquis Bradley46.71mGrinnell
9.JrBen Brewer45.03mGrinnell
10.SoTony Sickley43.02mKnox
11.SrMatt Schmailzl40.24mCentral College (IA)
12.SrAdam Kent40.21mKnox
13.Daniel Swarbrick36.71mUnattached
14.SrDavid Footle36.58mKnox
15.SoTyler Bazyn36.51mSimpson College (IA)
16.JrBen Burzacott35.61mCentral College (IA)
17.FrRaymond Gosha34.63mDubuque
18.FrAdam Ledvina28.30mCentral College (IA)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrNick Byom6-06.75Monmouth (IL)
1.JrTyler Hannam6-06.75Monmouth (IL)
3.FrJared Kuehner6-04.75Coe
4.SrSean Wells6-02.75Monmouth (IL)
4.FrJordan Marks6-02.75Central College (IA)
6.FrJohn Cord6-00.75Simpson College (IA)
6.FrRyan Elmore6-00.75Monmouth (IL)
9.JrJohn Gambrel5-08.75Monmouth (IL)
9.FrEmery Davis5-08.75Central College (IA)
9.SoMatt Hassler5-08.75Monmouth (IL)
12.SoCole Resleff5-05.00St Mary's (MN)
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.JrSam Kranz15-11.25Northern Iowa
1.SrMike Beese15-11.25Northern Iowa
3.Tyler Schiffrel15-05.50Unattached
4.SoBrock McAnally14-11.50Monmouth (IL)
6.JrJeremy Henkins13-05.75Monmouth (IL)
7.FrJordan Kemme12-11.75Cornell College (IA)
7.SrFernando Fonz Jenkins12-11.75Grinnell
9.JrNoah Mortell11-00.25Central College (IA)
9.SoRobert Yin11-00.25Grinnell
11.SrZach Marks10-06.25Central College (IA)
12.SoChris Kasel10-00.50Northern Iowa
13.SrEthan Elkin9-06.50Simpson College (IA)
--SoIgor MoralesNHGraceland
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrRozle Bucalo7.05mNorthern Iowa
2.FrJohn Cord6.71mSimpson College (IA)
3.SoJarod Schott6.60mSimpson College (IA)
4.FrChanning Puls6.48mNorthern Iowa
5.JrNick Law6.47mMonmouth (IL)
6.JrMichael Blodgett6.38mMonmouth (IL)
7.SoChris Kasel6.33mNorthern Iowa
8.SoMatt Hassler6.23mMonmouth (IL)
9.JrShane Hallengren6.13mCentral College (IA)
10.FrPhilip Heisterkamp6.07mCentral College (IA)
11.FrJake Swider-Rogers5.97mKnox
12.SrFernando Fonz Jenkins5.84mGrinnell
13.SoKhaliph Green5.82mCornell College (IA)
14.FrBenjamin Garrett5.79mCentral College (IA)
15.SrSam Goldstein5.61mGrinnell
16.JrJohn Gambrel5.41mMonmouth (IL)
17.FrPeter Schmidt5.10mCornell College (IA)
18.SoDenis Jimenez4.54mCornell College (IA)
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrSean Wells13.62mMonmouth (IL)
2.SrSam Goldstein12.68mGrinnell
3.FrBenjamin Garrett12.38mCentral College (IA)
4.FrEmery Davis12.08mCentral College (IA)
5.JrShane Hallengren11.81mCentral College (IA)
6.SoJarod Schott11.71mSimpson College (IA)
7.SoRobert Yin11.49mGrinnell
--SoDenis JimenezFOULCornell College (IA)
--FrJohn CordFOULSimpson College (IA)
X Hammer - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAndrew Brueggen56.66mSt Mary's (MN)
2.SoTanner Hurt52.26mNorthern Iowa
3.SoJesse Joyce48.06mCentral College (IA)
4.SoTyler Crouse47.90mCentral College (IA)
5.JrPeyton Lumzy47.23mMonmouth (IL)
6.Matt Schiffer47.12mUnattached
7.JrMatt Graber46.48mCentral College (IA)
8.JrAndrew Meyer46.37mCoe
9.JrDale Anderson44.20mCoe
10.FrJosh Fleming42.81mCentral College (IA)
11.SrDerek Wherley41.42mSt Mary's (MN)
12.FrEric Ritter41.04mCoe
13.SrAdam Kent38.91mKnox
14.SrJohn Wardenburg38.87mSimpson College (IA)
15.SrTrevor Hixon38.22mCentral College (IA)
16.SoPhillip Miller36.99mCentral College (IA)
17.SoTyler Bazyn36.88mSimpson College (IA)
18.FrTaylor Stockdale35.69mSimpson College (IA)
19.SoTyler Munhollon35.13mCoe
20.SrKevin Hein34.90mSt Mary's (MN)
21.SoTy Hetland31.92mCoe
22.FrAntonio Reyes30.91mSimpson College (IA)
23.FrDan Johnson30.12mKnox
24.FrPaul Lebryk28.99mKnox
25.SoTony Sickley28.77mKnox
--FrIsaac TwomblyFOULDrake

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrBridget Hosley12.46aDubuque
2.FrFelicia Coleman12.60aCentral College (IA)
3.FrStefani Wright12.71aCoe
4.SrTeri Heinzen12.99aSt Mary's (MN)
5.JrAlisa Denny13.08aCoe
6.SoJae Moore13.17aMonmouth (IL)
7.JrJessica Hale13.30aNorthern Iowa
8.SoMorgan Leffel13.34aMonmouth (IL)
9.SrMichelle Moorehead13.35aCoe
10.JrClaire Knowlton13.40aKnox
11.SrBrittany Korell13.43aNorthern Iowa
12.SoSteph Sturges13.45aSt Mary's (MN)
13.SoKristi Weller13.54aKnox
14.JrKelsey Manecke13.57aCentral College (IA)
15.FrMackinsey Marquith13.63aMonmouth (IL)
16.FrKelsey Hiens13.76aCoe
17.SoKaci Lierman13.80aMonmouth (IL)
18.FrSara Brown13.81aKnox
19.JrBridget Coffou14.42aSt Mary's (MN)
20.FrKate Simpson14.47aSimpson College (IA)
21.FrElsie Freland14.79aCornell College (IA)
22.FrRayann Parkinson14.93aKnox
23.FrJenny Snooke15.08aCoe
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrKeelie Finnel25.75aCoe
2.JrBridget Hosley26.01aDubuque
3.SrTeri Heinzen26.21aSt Mary's (MN)
4.FrFelicia Coleman26.34aCentral College (IA)
5.FrStefani Wright26.54aCoe
6.JrEmily Teas26.55aCentral College (IA)
7.SoJae Moore26.57aMonmouth (IL)
8.SoKayla Selby26.97aNorthern Iowa
9.SrMichelle Moorehead27.10aCoe
10.JrAlisa Denny27.42aCoe
11.SoMorgan Leffel27.44aMonmouth (IL)
12.FrApril Sigmund27.51aSimpson College (IA)
13.SoKaci Lierman27.72aMonmouth (IL)
14.JrAlexandria Selenke27.76aNorthern Iowa
15.SoKristi Weller27.80aKnox
16.JrKelsey Manecke27.91aCentral College (IA)
17.SrKim Kuda28.00aCoe
18.SoSteph Sturges28.05aSt Mary's (MN)
19.SrAshley Lippincott28.10aCentral College (IA)
20.FrKelsey Hiens28.17aCoe
21.FrJasmine Taylor28.42aDubuque
22.FrJordan Maher28.43aSimpson College (IA)
23.SoMaggie Wehde28.85aCentral College (IA)
24.SrKathleen Pawlowski28.88aSt Mary's (MN)
25.FrSara Brown28.97aKnox
26.FrJordan Gertseema29.48aCentral College (IA)
27.FrKara Engebretson30.14aSimpson College (IA)
28.FrJenny Snooke30.51aCoe
29.FrElsie Freland30.60aCornell College (IA)
30.SoEllen Bina31.24aSt Mary's (MN)
31.FrShelby Walsh31.35aCentral College (IA)
32.SoAmy Tsui31.36aGrinnell
33.SoKelsey Remeikis31.46aCornell College (IA)
34.FrRayann Parkinson31.89aKnox
35.SoLauren O'Hair32.00aGrinnell
36.FrKate Simpson32.44aSimpson College (IA)
37.-Lorejune Fernandez33.54aGrinnell
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrClaire Johannesen58.90aNorthern Iowa
2.FrSara Heizer59.20aCoe
3.SoMariah Willis59.67aGraceland
4.FrSamantha Retz59.90aCentral College (IA)
5.FrBethany Michaelis62.29aDubuque
6.JrChloe Bohm62.63aKnox
7.SoMaggie Wehde62.92aCentral College (IA)
8.SrKim Kuda63.48aCoe
9.FrKelsey Hiens63.58aCoe
10.FrApril Sigmund63.80aSimpson College (IA)
11.JrAlexandria Selenke64.08aNorthern Iowa
12.SoKayla Selby64.24aNorthern Iowa
13.SrKathleen Pawlowski64.56aSt Mary's (MN)
14.FrJasmine Taylor65.48aDubuque
15.SrAlyssa Hedrick65.70aSimpson College (IA)
16.SoLauren Baier65.79aSt Mary's (MN)
17.SoLaura Mills66.72aKnox
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrSarah Hammel2:19.46aSimpson College (IA)
2.SoMolly Cashman2:21.60aNorthern Iowa
3.SrRachelle Tipton2:24.69aCentral College (IA)
4.FrRachel Bowden2:26.09aMonmouth (IL)
5.SrJessie Robison2:27.86aCoe
6.FrAron Jackson2:29.53aMonmouth (IL)
7.JrJoanna Pace2:30.64aSt Mary's (MN)
8.SoAnnie Tempest2:33.59aGrinnell
9.SrFrances Leslie2:34.14aGrinnell
10.JrAllison Newman2:34.45aCornell College (IA)
11.FrAmanda Lamb2:35.31aCentral College (IA)
12.JrChloe Bohm2:35.45aKnox
13.JrKelsey Ranum2:38.38aNorthern Iowa
14.FrAmanda Brandt2:39.15aNorthern Iowa
15.FrJade Osborne2:40.91aSimpson College (IA)
16.JrRegina Reinig2:44.92aNorthern Iowa
17.SoRachel Smith2:47.06aSimpson College (IA)
18.FrBrandi Schindel2:59.59aSimpson College (IA)
19.FrJenny Linder3:07.48aKnox
20.FrAlyssa Henderson3:10.22aSimpson College (IA)
21.-Jackie Johnson3:35.57aKnox
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrCatie Ellingson4:34.30aSimpson College (IA)
2.SrCaedryn Schrunk4:37.57aNorthern Iowa
3.FrLindsey Wilkins4:44.53aNorthern Iowa
4.SoCarly Olsen4:52.55aNorthern Iowa
5.SrAmy Ledvina4:55.66aCentral College (IA)
6.SoSara Crippen4:57.09aCentral College (IA)
7.FrHaley Thomas4:59.97aNorthern Iowa
8.SoLindsey Triggs5:03.72aGraceland
9.Srkatie Staab5:03.79aMonmouth (IL)
10.FrElise Mead5:04.45aCornell College (IA)
11.SoLaura Lindsay5:09.48aCornell College (IA)
12.FrHattie Buikema5:10.89aNorthern Iowa
13.SoEve Rienhold5:16.22aCentral College (IA)
14.JrMeghann Burt5:18.16aCentral College (IA)
15.JrBrianna Flynn5:18.29aMonmouth (IL)
16.FrApril Davidshofer5:23.20aNorthern Iowa
17.FrMegan Bloedow5:23.26aDubuque
18.SoSachi Graber5:30.69aGrinnell
19.SoCatherine Bisignan5:36.59aGrinnell
20.FrSara Lindemulder5:40.46aIndian Hills CC
21.FrChelsey Thill5:43.91aCoe
22.FrAnna Novikova5:45.43aKnox
23.FrJacqueline Vautin5:46.15aGrinnell
24.FrClaire Fleckenstein5:47.29aGrinnell
25.FrMetzere Bierlein De La Rosa5:47.39aGrinnell
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJess Christensen10:41.53aSimpson College (IA)
2.SrAngela Berry10:54.31aCentral College (IA)
3.SoJillian Lageschulte10:56.95aNorthern Iowa
4.SrAmber Mayer11:00.17aCentral College (IA)
5.Srkatie Staab11:23.89aMonmouth (IL)
6.JrAndrea Aerts11:32.32aCornell College (IA)
7.SrTricia Davis11:49.58aSimpson College (IA)
8.FrMarlee Lane12:09.66aMonmouth (IL)
9.SoSigne Mayland12:22.82aSimpson College (IA)
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
16.SrMary Purrazzo23:49.22aKnox
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrLauren Bucklin14.38aSimpson College (IA)
2.JrJessica Hale15.08aNorthern Iowa
3.SrMichelle Moorehead15.10aCoe
4.JrLauren Anderson15.12aSimpson College (IA)
5.SrBrittany Korell15.34aNorthern Iowa
6.JrAlisa Denny15.41aCoe
7.SoMegan Stoulil16.12aCentral College (IA)
8.FrChelsey Widdop16.36aMonmouth (IL)
9.SoFelica Shunk16.77aCentral College (IA)
10.FrIsabelle Miller17.01aGrinnell
11.SoEmma Swanson17.14aKnox
12.SrLiza Brost17.16aGrinnell
13.FrJordan Maher17.26aSimpson College (IA)
14.JrClaire Knowlton17.28aKnox
15.JrBridget Coffou19.36aSt Mary's (MN)
16.FrShelby Walsh19.67aCentral College (IA)
17.FrJordan Gertseema20.50aCentral College (IA)
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrLauren Bucklin65.49aSimpson College (IA)
2.JrLauren Anderson66.66aSimpson College (IA)
3.JrWhitney Didier69.30aMonmouth (IL)
4.FrKayla Herbers70.07aNorthern Iowa
5.SoEmma Swanson70.50aKnox
6.FrShawn Shaddox71.15aNorthern Iowa
7.SoElizabet Matthias71.22aCoe
8.FrChelsey Widdop71.42aMonmouth (IL)
9.JrLindsie Pettie71.81aMonmouth (IL)
10.FrBethany Corbin74.60aMonmouth (IL)
11.JrClaire Knowlton74.63aKnox
X 3k Steeplechase - Varsity - Finals
1.FrMelony McDermott12:24.25aCentral College (IA)
2.JrKelsey Tompkins13:31.11aCentral College (IA)
3.SoErin Guzman13:45.23aSimpson College (IA)
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 48.94aCoe
2.-Relay Team 49.97aCentral College (IA)
3.-Relay Team 50.38aSimpson College (IA)
4.-Relay Team 50.60aMonmouth (IL)
5.-Relay Team 52.51aCentral College (IA)
6.-Relay Team 52.81aKnox
7.-Relay Team 54.51aSimpson College (IA)
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:15.74aMonmouth (IL)
2.-Relay Team 4:24.59aMonmouth (IL)
3.-Relay Team 4:30.04aCentral College (IA)
4.-Relay Team 4:41.24aGrinnell
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKelsey Sukovaty45-06.25Northern Iowa
2.SrGloria Lehr43-03.00Monmouth (IL)
3.SoTracy Harms43-02.25Northern Iowa
4.FrKaitlin Kromminga42-04.25Northern Iowa
5.JrMadison Craw40-07.00Cornell College (IA)
6.FrCoco Booker39-05.75St Mary's (MN)
7.SoAmanda Streeter39-01.00Monmouth (IL)
8.Brooke Gritters39-00.50Unattached
9.FrRaqual Ristau37-08.75Cornell College (IA)
10.FrKayla Corzine37-03.00Monmouth (IL)
11.SoAmber Sanford37-02.25Graceland
12.FrAllison Devor37-01.25Monmouth (IL)
13.SrStacy Bonertz36-07.75Simpson College (IA)
14.JrMaureen Dewan35-04.50Monmouth (IL)
15.Ashlyn Gulvas33-07.25Unattached
16.SrChristina Davis32-01.50Knox
17.JrLauren Lindaman31-10.25Northern Iowa
18.FrEmily McCarthy31-10.00Northern Iowa
19.SoJoannah Smith31-03.25Northern Iowa
20.FrLindsay Gierke30-05.75Northern Iowa
21.FrJesseka Kaldenberg29-10.25Central College (IA)
22.SrKelly Kall28-09.00Cornell College (IA)
23.FrAngela Dugan28-07.75Cornell College (IA)
24.FrDeanna Marguglio25-03.50Coe
25.FrGlyniss Boney23-04.00Knox
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrDeidra Dirth47.79mDrake
2.JrChelsey Degen46.07mSimpson College (IA)
3.Brooke Gritters44.36mUnattached
4.Ashlyn Gulvas43.51mUnattached
5.SrGloria Lehr42.96mMonmouth (IL)
6.SrAshley Feldman41.89mCentral College (IA)
7.Tressa Borchardt40.95mUnattached
8.JrNicole Heitmann40.46mSt Mary's (MN)
9.FrJordan Maher39.43mSimpson College (IA)
10.FrKayla Corzine34.91mMonmouth (IL)
11.FrAllison Devor34.49mMonmouth (IL)
12.FrJesseka Kaldenberg34.00mCentral College (IA)
13.FrIsabelle Miller33.26mGrinnell
14.SoAmanda Streeter32.00mMonmouth (IL)
15.JrMaureen Dewan31.15mMonmouth (IL)
15.FrChelsea Arredondo31.15mCoe
17.SrKelly Kall28.02mCornell College (IA)
18.SrAmy Hadow23.53mGrinnell
19.FrDeanna Marguglio18.65mCoe
20.SoEmily Bajet17.28mGrinnell
--SrStacy BonertzFOULSimpson College (IA)
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.SrGloria Lehr40.72mMonmouth (IL)
2.SoAli Hagerty38.53mSimpson College (IA)
3.SoBrittany McCline37.88mMonmouth (IL)
4.JrHeather Hull33.50mMonmouth (IL)
5.JrAllison Andrews32.74mMonmouth (IL)
6.SrChristina Davis32.31mKnox
7.JrSara Mouw31.31mCentral College (IA)
8.JrKelsey Peterson31.26mCentral College (IA)
9.FrLindsay Gierke31.07mNorthern Iowa
10.SoJoannah Smith30.04mNorthern Iowa
11.FrRaqual Ristau25.91mCornell College (IA)
12.SoFelica Shunk25.84mCentral College (IA)
13.SrKelly Kall25.74mCornell College (IA)
14.FrEmily McCarthy24.93mNorthern Iowa
15.JrLauren Lindaman24.84mNorthern Iowa
16.SoNicole Reynard23.77mSt Mary's (MN)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrHeather Hull5-01.00Monmouth (IL)
1.FrMichelle Strickland5-01.00Dubuque
1.JrLauren Lindaman5-01.00Northern Iowa
1.SrRazanna Robinson5-01.00Graceland
6.FrChelsey Widdop4-11.00Monmouth (IL)
6.FrCassandra Morigaki4-11.00Coe
6.JrSarah Stinson4-11.00Monmouth (IL)
6.SoFelica Shunk4-11.00Central College (IA)
6.FrKara Engebretson4-11.00Simpson College (IA)
11.FrJordan Gertseema4-09.00Central College (IA)
11.SoJoannah Smith4-09.00Northern Iowa
13.FrEmily McCarthy4-05.00Northern Iowa
13.FrLindsay Gierke4-05.00Northern Iowa
15.FrIsabelle Miller4-03.25Grinnell
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJenna Wexter12-03.25Northern Iowa
2.JrWhitney Didier11-03.50Monmouth (IL)
3.JrLauren Anderson9-03.75Simpson College (IA)
3.Kay Glynn9-03.75Unattached
5.FrKristen Blodgett8-09.75Coe
5.SoMorgan Leffel8-09.75Monmouth (IL)
5.SoLiz Hasenmiller8-09.75Central College (IA)
8.SoEve Rienhold8-04.00Central College (IA)
8.SrAshley Feldman8-04.00Central College (IA)
8.SoSachi Graber8-04.00Grinnell
8.SoLaura Johnson8-04.00Knox
12.SoKelly Bruce7-10.00Grinnell
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrQuannika Horne5.59mGraceland
2.-Lynn Mueller5.40mKnox
3.SrDani Stipe5.33mNorthern Iowa
4.FrMackinsey Marquith5.21mMonmouth (IL)
5.FrEbony Craig5.20mDubuque
6.SrTeri Heinzen5.15mSt Mary's (MN)
7.JrLauren Lindaman5.04mNorthern Iowa
8.SoJoannah Smith4.98mNorthern Iowa
9.SoMorgan Leffel4.95mMonmouth (IL)
10.FrLindsay Gierke4.93mNorthern Iowa
11.Jaclyn Anderson4.88munattached
12.SoFelica Shunk4.79mCentral College (IA)
13.FrChelsey Widdop4.66mMonmouth (IL)
13.FrChristal Harris4.66mCornell College (IA)
15.JrAllison Andrews4.57mMonmouth (IL)
16.FrEmily McCarthy4.50mNorthern Iowa
17.SrKellie Whitney4.47mSimpson College (IA)
18.FrJordan Gertseema4.26mCentral College (IA)
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMorgan Leffel10.90mMonmouth (IL)
2.FrMackinsey Marquith10.68mMonmouth (IL)
3.SrAlicia Dusenbury10.54mCentral College (IA)
4.FrChristal Harris10.22mCornell College (IA)
5.SrKellie Whitney10.01mSimpson College (IA)
6.FrMikalya Vail10.00mMonmouth (IL)
--FrEbony CraigFOULDubuque
X Hammer - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCourtney Landers53.24mNorthern Iowa
2.SoTracy Harms50.72mNorthern Iowa
3.Kelsey Taylor44.77mUnattached
4.SoAmanda Streeter44.44mMonmouth (IL)
5.SrGloria Lehr44.38mMonmouth (IL)
6.Tressa Borchardt43.58mUnattached
7.Ashlyn Gulvas42.04mUnattached
8.JrSara Harstad41.88mSt Mary's (MN)
9.JrMadison Craw38.57mCornell College (IA)
10.SrKelly Kall37.63mCornell College (IA)
11.SrStacy Bonertz36.16mSimpson College (IA)
12.SrChristina Davis35.25mKnox
13.FrChelsea Arredondo35.22mCoe
14.SrAshley Feldman34.77mCentral College (IA)
15.JrMaureen Dewan34.32mMonmouth (IL)
16.FrAllison Devor33.58mMonmouth (IL)
17.FrAngela Dugan32.36mCornell College (IA)
18.FrKayla Corzine31.35mMonmouth (IL)
19.FrGlyniss Boney29.46mKnox
20.FrCoco Booker24.63mSt Mary's (MN)
--FrJesseka KaldenbergFOULCentral College (IA)
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