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West Virginia State Farm Games

Saturday, January 23, 2010

West Virginia, Morgantown

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.FrDa'Joun Heidelberg6.97aCalifornia U of PA      
2.FrDwight Phillips7.23aCalifornia U of PA      
4.JrTaylor McNeil7.36aBethany (WV)      
5.FrIan Anderson7.44aHagerstown      
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrDa'Joun Heidelberg7.08aCalifornia U of PA      
2.David Cheeks7.13aGreat Stride      
3.FrDwight Phillips7.17aCalifornia U of PA      
4.Scott Mayle7.29aUnattached      
5.JrTaylor McNeil7.36aBethany (WV)      
6.FrIan Anderson7.42aHagerstown      
7.FrCraig Webb7.45aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
7.Nathanue Frezzell7.45aUnattached      
9.FrEd Holmes7.46aBethany (WV)      
10.SoGregory Benscoter7.50aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
11.FrMarc Lewis7.55aHagerstown      
12.JrMichael Donovan7.58aCalifornia U of PA      
13.SrVinnie Krawiec7.64aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
14.FrTremayne Ford7.67aBethany (WV)      
15.FrMolee Keifa7.74aHagerstown      
16.JrEston Winn7.75aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
17.FrNick Panucci7.79aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
18.FrDylan Beck7.86aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
19.FrJames Griffith8.07aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrFrank Ehrensberger22.70aCalifornia U of PA      
2.FrDa'Joun Heidelberg22.87aCalifornia U of PA      
3.SrDadre Williams23.37aCalifornia U of PA      
4.SrJordan Telin23.61aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
5.JrTaylor McNeil23.73aBethany (WV)      
6.FrBobby Ralls23.75aCalifornia U of PA      
7.Nathanue Frezzell23.90aUnattached      
8.FrIan Anderson24.07aHagerstown      
9.FrCraig Webb24.37aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
10.FrMarc Lewis24.45aHagerstown      
11.FrWillis Powell24.56aBethany (WV)      
12.FrEd Holmes24.64aBethany (WV)      
13.FrRaymear Pinchom25.01aBethany (WV)      
14.SrVinnie Krawiec25.22aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
15.JrMichael Donovan25.34aCalifornia U of PA      
16.SrEarl Bass25.38aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
17.FrMolee Keifa25.46aHagerstown      
18.FrTremayne Ford25.58aBethany (WV)      
19.FrToby Oduho25.60aCalifornia U of PA      
20.FrNick Panucci25.74aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
21.SoGregory Benscoter26.00aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
22.JrGrant Walters26.30aBethany (WV)      
23.FrMichael Sendek31.91aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrFrank Ehrensberger50.52aCalifornia U of PA      
2.Vincent Wilson52.48aUnattached      
3.FrBobby Ralls52.67aCalifornia U of PA      
4.SoAlex Smith52.72aCalifornia U of PA      
5.SrJordan Telin52.96aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
6.SrDadre Williams53.24aCalifornia U of PA      
7.JrShane Cyphert53.95aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
8.SoGregory Benscoter55.21aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
9.FrRaymear Pinchom55.85aBethany (WV)      
10.FrWillis Powell56.31aBethany (WV)      
11.FrSteven Ingraham56.40aHagerstown      
12.FrMarc Lewis57.15aHagerstown      
13.FrNick Marzka57.85aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
14.FrMichael Sendek1:12.95aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
X 500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrMichael Johnson1:12.70aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
2.FrTyler Geer1:12.87aCalifornia U of PA      
3.FrDoquan Hines1:14.57aCalifornia U of PA      
4.FrBakari Thompson1:21.42aCalifornia U of PA      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAaron Roe2:01.42aCalifornia U of PA      
2.FrGavin Volosky2:05.21aCalifornia U of PA      
3.JrNicholas Messina2:06.43aCalifornia U of PA      
4.SrRickie Watson2:08.07aCalifornia U of PA      
5.FrKevin Forish2:09.60aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
6.FrTyler Powell2:10.14aCalifornia U of PA      
7.SoCorey Centofonti2:11.41aHagerstown      
8.FrBrandon Mauch2:13.25aHagerstown      
9.SoCarl Kallgren2:13.45aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
10.FrGrier Walker2:15.30aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
11.FrDavid Suhan2:15.82aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrJeremiah Wilt2:38.29aHagerstown      
2.SoWade Miller2:39.49aHagerstown      
3.FrGavin Volosky2:55.20aCalifornia U of PA      
4.FrAaron Roe2:55.92aCalifornia U of PA      
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.SrEric Reger4:37.84aCalifornia U of PA      
2.Travis Mersing4:38.87aUnattached      
3.SoCorey Centofonti4:40.73aHagerstown      
4.FrBrandon Mauch4:42.68aHagerstown      
5.JrJustin DiPenti4:42.87aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
6.JrTony Russo4:44.77aCalifornia U of PA      
7.FrChris Werner4:48.48aCalifornia U of PA      
8.JrSteve Monnie4:49.34aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
9.SoCarl Kallgren4:59.88aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
10.FrTim Karls5:13.71aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrNathaniel Clark9:33.23aHagerstown      
2.SrEric Reger9:42.85aCalifornia U of PA      
3.FrChris Werner9:49.55aCalifornia U of PA      
4.-Rio Ferrario9:52.98aHagerstown      
5.JrTony Russo10:00.10aCalifornia U of PA      
6.JrSteel Flynn10:16.17aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
7.SoSteven Gibbens10:35.70aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
8.SoEric Gerber10:36.63aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
9.FrTim Karls10:45.80aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.William Jones15:25.80aUnattached      
2.JrRob Shrawder16:54.92aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
3.FrAlex Myers16:54.98aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
4.JrSteel Flynn17:05.03aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
5.FrBraden Davis17:43.49aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrBrice Myers8.21aCalifornia U of PA      
3.JrMichael Stark8.79aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
4.SrEarl Bass9.05aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
5.FrToby Oduho9.11aCalifornia U of PA      
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrBrice Myers8.30aCalifornia U of PA      
2.Kurt Jones8.69aUnattached      
3.FrToby Oduho8.83aCalifornia U of PA      
4.JrMichael Stark9.01aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
5.SrEarl Bass9.11aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
6.Nick Continenza9.29aMaple Leaf      
7.FrSteven Ingraham9.40aHagerstown      
8.FrTyler Geer9.72aCalifornia U of PA      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:26.54aCalifornia U of PA      
2.-Jordan Telin
Shane Cyphert
Gregory Benscoter
Steve Monnie
3:38.63aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
3.-Nicholas Messina
Rickie Watson
Toby Oduho
Dadre Williams
3:38.78aCalifornia U of PA      
4.-Doquan Hines
Tyler Geer
Tyler Powell
Dadre Williams
3:44.70aCalifornia U of PA      
5.-Jeremiah Wilt
Wade Miller
Corey Centofonti
Brandon Mauch
6.-Relay Team 3:45.02aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
7.-Relay Team 3:46.26aCalifornia U of PA      
8.-Relay Team 3:47.61aHagerstown      
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.FrKyle Toms13.56mHagerstown      
2.FrJohn Cerminara12.77mPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
3.FrBrady McConnell12.76mBethany (WV)      
4.SoSeth Myers12.12mBethany (WV)      
5.SoCalvin Schmader12.11mPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
6.FrLawrence Mcclain11.97mHagerstown      
7.JrMichael Hontz11.17mCalifornia U of PA      
8.JrJohn Bowman11.06mPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
9.JrJames Malone11.04mBethany (WV)      
10.FrJeremy Tiedemann9.11mPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrRonson Mazany1.83mPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
2.JrMichael Johnson1.78mPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
2.JrMichael Stark1.78mPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
4.FrDylan Beck1.65mPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
5.FrJeff Gleixner1.58mPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
4.JrEston Winn4.15mPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
4.FrBrandon Claypool4.15mCalifornia U of PA      
6.FrJames Griffith4.00mPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
8.JrMichael Stark3.85mPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
8.-Nick Patton3.85mCalifornia U of PA      
8.FrNathaniel Hensh3.85mBethany (WV)      
11.FrJeff Gleixner3.40mPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrRonson Mazany6.62mPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
2.Scott Mayle6.21mUnattached      
3.FrDylan Beck6.20mPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
4.JrDavid Robinson-Gault5.89mPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
5.FrIan Anderson5.86mHagerstown      
6.JrMichael Johnson5.65mPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
8.-Jesse Byrd5.54mCalifornia U of PA      
9.FrMarc Lewis5.10mHagerstown      
--JrEvern LeeFOULPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
--FrPatrick MitroFOULCalifornia U of PA      
--JrGrant WaltersFOULBethany (WV)      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrRonson Mazany12.90mPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
2.FrPatrick Mitro12.75mCalifornia U of PA      
3.JrEvern Lee12.53mPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
4.JrDavid Robinson-Gault12.41mPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
5.FrDylan Beck12.04mPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
6.David Cheeks11.86mGreat Stride      
--JrGrant WaltersFOULBethany (WV)      
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrKyle Spaniol13.63mCalifornia U of PA      
2.FrJake Hillegas10.68mCalifornia U of PA      
3.JrJohn Bowman10.34mPenn State-Erie-Behr...      

Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.JrChelsea Carrier7.74aWest Virginia      
2.JrKelly Fortune8.04aWest Virginia      
3.FrAlexis Geiger8.14aOhio      
4.JrCathy Udeani8.19aOhio      
6.SoKyllie Bebout8.36aWest Virginia      
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrChelsea Carrier7.79aWest Virginia      
2.JrKelly Fortune8.07aWest Virginia      
3.FrAlexis Geiger8.18aOhio      
4.JrCathy Udeani8.28aOhio      
6.SoKyllie Bebout8.31aWest Virginia      
7.FrJordyn Reagan8.43aCalifornia U of PA      
8.JrKristi Sturges8.48aOhio      
9.FrAleeda Kimbrough8.50aCalifornia U of PA      
9.JrShareyna Spears8.50aOhio      
11.FrShantae Motley8.55aCalifornia U of PA      
12.FrVictoria Harwood8.77aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
13.FrAshley Reed8.86aOhio      
14.FrAnnaleise Kitzler8.87aOhio      
15.SoChanel Glenn8.89aOhio      
16.JrKylie Swanson9.36aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
17.FrLexy Weissinger9.39aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrApril Rotilio26.07aWest Virginia      
2.SoShakeria Love27.62aCalifornia U of PA      
3.SoJodi Bodo27.73aBethany (WV)      
4.JrKristi Sturges27.85aOhio      
5.FrShantae Motley27.91aCalifornia U of PA      
6.FrPaige Neville27.96aCalifornia U of PA      
7.SoKyllie Bebout28.04aWest Virginia      
8.JrCathy Udeani28.13aOhio      
9.FrAlexis Geiger28.47aOhio      
10.JrAmanda Wehrle28.58aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
11.SoChanel Glenn28.75aOhio      
12.JrJenna Fatica28.88aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
13.FrVictoria Harwood28.90aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
14.SoKaitlyn Black29.60aBethany (WV)      
15.FrAnnaleise Kitzler29.66aOhio      
16.JrShareyna Spears30.27aOhio      
17.FrAshley Reed30.56aOhio      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrApril Rotilio57.09aWest Virginia      
2.Katurrah Hayman1:00.24aUnattached      
3.SoSandra Estep1:00.43aCalifornia U of PA      
4.JrJordann Mitchell1:00.85aWest Virginia      
5.SoShakeria Love1:01.35aCalifornia U of PA      
6.SoJodi Bodo1:02.23aBethany (WV)      
7.FrDanielle Winningham1:02.30aOhio      
8.SoJerica Snedden1:02.54aCalifornia U of PA      
9.JrJenna Fatica1:02.90aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
10.FrJanaia Sledge-Maith1:03.08aOhio      
11.FrKiley Mathews1:03.36aOhio      
12.FrAlley Rohaley1:04.44aOhio      
13.SrSharon Gase1:04.66aOhio      
14.JrAmanda Wehrle1:05.40aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
15.FrAnnaleise Kitzler1:08.02aOhio      
16.FrAleeda Kimbrough1:09.64aCalifornia U of PA      
X 500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrArielle Gaither1:20.88aWest Virginia      
2.FrDanielle Winningham1:22.34aOhio      
3.FrKiley Mathews1:22.84aOhio      
4.JrHeather Saffel1:23.27aWest Virginia      
5.FrErin Gale1:24.08aOhio      
6.SoCourtney Weiss1:24.18aOhio      
7.FrLauren Moskal1:24.81aWest Virginia      
8.JrMegan Helgeson1:25.82aOhio      
9.JrDanielle Deininger1:28.78aCalifornia U of PA      
10.FrMegan Kleiner1:29.51aCalifornia U of PA      
11.FrYahnae Weldon1:30.33aCalifornia U of PA      
12.SoMegan Broman1:32.57aCalifornia U of PA      
13.JrCaitlin Ford1:35.08aCalifornia U of PA      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrKaylyn Christopher2:14.30aWest Virginia      
2.FrMegan Kleiner2:37.42aCalifornia U of PA      
3.SrMichelle Diez2:41.50aOhio      
4.FrJamie Wisz2:44.64aHagerstown      
5.SoKimmie Adams2:51.98aHagerstown      
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.SrMandy Mc Bean3:09.13aWest Virginia      
3.FrBrianna Shaw3:15.05aOhio      
4.FrErin Gale3:16.29aOhio      
5.SoKimmie Adams3:43.32aHagerstown      
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.SrClara Grandt4:57.18aWest Virginia      
2.FrAubrey Moskal5:12.94aWest Virginia      
3.FrHallie Portner5:13.13aWest Virginia      
4.Heather Parks5:15.46aSaucony      
5.SoStephanie Caruso5:17.90aWest Virginia      
6.Sarah Martinelli5:20.91aUnattached      
7.SoJennifer Sirockman5:23.38aWest Virginia      
8.SrJamie Cokeley5:24.20aWest Virginia      
9.SrClare McSweeney5:35.26aCalifornia U of PA      
10.SrTricia Learn5:46.83aCalifornia U of PA      
11.SrAbigail Swift5:48.87aOhio      
12.FrJamie Wisz5:55.15aHagerstown      
13.JrMaggie McCort5:56.90aBethany (WV)      
14.JrElizabeth Keller6:01.79aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
15.SoBryanna Learn6:07.16aCalifornia U of PA      
16.JrBethany Stone6:08.45aCalifornia U of PA      
17.JrAlexandra Falvo6:25.53aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
18.SoKirsten Zinsser6:36.95aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrBrittany Amori11:43.85aCalifornia U of PA      
2.FrErin Reske11:47.04aBethany (WV)      
3.JrBethany Stone12:07.67aCalifornia U of PA      
4.JrTanisha Wheatley12:18.08aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
5.FrJulia Denison12:21.60aOhio      
6.FrAngela Ferree12:45.49aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKatie Burda19:54.20aWest Virginia      
2.SoLauren Pecor21:24.09aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
3.FrKaitlynn Patterson21:43.14aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
--SoMeghan KronenwetterDNFPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrChelsea Carrier8.57aWest Virginia      
2.FrThomika Acie9.32aCalifornia U of PA      
3.JrKatelyn Williams9.55aWest Virginia      
4.FrFarath Raphael9.58aCalifornia U of PA      
6.SrSharon Gase9.82aOhio      
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrChelsea Carrier8.60aWest Virginia      
2.FrThomika Acie9.48aCalifornia U of PA      
3.JrKatelyn Williams9.55aWest Virginia      
4.FrFarath Raphael9.64aCalifornia U of PA      
5.SrSharon Gase9.67aOhio      
6.Katurrah Hayman9.74aUnattached      
7.SrChristen Bosch9.94aOhio      
8.FrAlley Rohaley10.05aOhio      
9.SoBrittany Tyree10.06aOhio      
10.SoKhyalyani Whitiker10.45aCalifornia U of PA      
11.JrDana Turley10.54aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
12.SoHope McCarty10.81aOhio      
13.SoMegan Broman10.88aCalifornia U of PA      
14.FrAngela Sweeney10.97aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
15.JrCaitlin Ford11.02aCalifornia U of PA      
16.FrJanaia Sledge-Maith11.61aOhio      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jordann Mitchell
Meghan Mock
Brittany Wolford
Chelsea Carrier
4:00.60aWest Virginia      
2.-Relay Team 4:09.05aCalifornia U of PA      
3.-Brittany Tyree
Hope McCarty
Kiley Mathews
Danielle Winningham
4.-Shantae Motley
Jordyn Reagan
Danielle Deininger
Jerica Snedden
4:16.76aCalifornia U of PA      
5.-Dana Turley
Jenna Fatica
Meghan Kronenwetter
Amanda Wehrle
4:21.54aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
6.-Courtney Weiss
Alley Rohaley
Janaia Sledge-Maith
Sharon Gase
7.-Relay Team 4:42.94aCalifornia U of PA      
8.-Relay Team 4:57.48aPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SrBahiyjaui Allen14.80mOhio      
2.SrEmily Amendola12.84mOhio      
3.FrKristen Mason11.48mOhio      
4.FrLauren McCullough11.24mOhio      
5.SoBrianna Allen11.02mOhio      
6.FrAmanda Taylor10.87mOhio      
7.FrSamantha Minich10.71mCalifornia U of PA      
8.FrPatriece Thompson10.52mCalifornia U of PA      
9.JrChelsea Carrier10.29mWest Virginia      
10.JrKatelyn Williams10.11mWest Virginia      
11.SrPatsy Schreiber10.00mCalifornia U of PA      
12.SoBrittany Tyree9.60mOhio      
13.SoAmber Williams8.86mCalifornia U of PA      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrKatelyn Williams1.75mWest Virginia      
2.JrCathy Udeani1.73mOhio      
3.JrChelsea Carrier1.70mWest Virginia      
4.FrSydney Cummings1.63mWest Virginia      
5.SrNatasha Redman1.58mWest Virginia      
5.SoMeghan Mock1.58mWest Virginia      
7.SoHope McCarty1.47mOhio      
7.SoKhyalyani Whitiker1.47mCalifornia U of PA      
9.SoBrittany Tyree1.42mOhio      
--SoBrittany WolfordNHWest Virginia      
--FrLexy WeissingerNHPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAlexandra Acker3.80mWest Virginia      
2.SrChristen Bosch3.30mOhio      
2.SrKasey Stepp3.30mOhio      
2.SoLori Rendos3.30mWest Virginia      
5.SoLindsay Kopenhaver3.20mWest Virginia      
6.JrNadia Pinna3.00mWest Virginia      
7.SoDanielle Morrison2.90mCalifornia U of PA      
7.SoSkye Sankey2.90mCalifornia U of PA      
9.FrAngela Sweeney2.75mPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
10.JrKylie Swanson2.60mPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
10.FrJaimie Cavinee2.60mOhio      
10.SoBritney Turley2.60mCalifornia U of PA      
--SoJamie FisherNHOhio      
--FrVictoria HarwoodNHPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrChelsea Carrier5.77mWest Virginia      
2.SoMeghan Mock5.68mWest Virginia      
3.JrKatelyn Williams5.28mWest Virginia      
4.FrAlexis Geiger5.25mOhio      
4.JrKristi Sturges5.25mOhio      
6.FrFarath Raphael4.71mCalifornia U of PA      
7.FrAshley Reed4.67mOhio      
8.SoHope McCarty4.55mOhio      
9.SoKelly Fromknecht4.50mCalifornia U of PA      
10.SoBrittney Buchheit3.91mCalifornia U of PA      
--JrShareyna SpearsFOULOhio      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAlexis Geiger10.55mOhio      
2.JrKristi Sturges10.43mOhio      
3.SoKelly Fromknecht10.20mCalifornia U of PA      
4.JrShareyna Spears10.06mOhio      
5.FrAshley Reed9.43mOhio      
6.FrLexy Weissinger9.39mPenn State-Erie-Behr...      
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrBahiyjaui Allen16.43mOhio      
2.SrEmily Amendola15.89mOhio      
3.SoTerina Miller14.95mWest Virginia      
4.SoBrianna Allen13.20mOhio      
5.FrHeather Adams13.03mWest Virginia      
5.SrPatsy Schreiber13.03mCalifornia U of PA      
7.FrLauren McCullough12.85mOhio      
8.FrAmanda Taylor11.36mOhio      
9.FrBrittney Thomas11.18mWest Virginia      
10.FrSamantha Minich11.11mCalifornia U of PA      
11.FrKristen Mason10.75mOhio      
12.FrPatriece Thompson10.51mCalifornia U of PA      
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