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CISAA @ Charlotte Christian

Thursday, April 02, 2009

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Carter Barnhardht11.6hCharlotte Latin
2.11Jalen Ross11.6hCharlotte Latin
3.12Rashad Moore11.8hCharlotte Christian
4.9Zack Tysinger11.8hCannon
5.11Andrew Krussell12.0hCannon
6.12Emmanuel Cimmodore12.0hCharlotte Country Day
7.10Chris McDonagh12.1hProvidence Day
8.10Hobbs Maker12.1hCharlotte Latin
9.12Charles Cisne12.5hCharlotte Latin
10.12Kareem Kashif12.5hCharlotte Country Day
11.12Alex Bruce12.6hCannon
12.9Thomas Harr12.6hCannon
12.12Michael Adams12.6hCharlotte Christian
14.11Brandon Santiago12.6hCharlotte Country Day
15.10Matt McCormick12.7hCharlotte Christian
16.10Jay Pittman12.7hCharlotte Country Day
17.12Ty Smith13.0hCharlotte Latin
18.10Kevin Lee13.3hProvidence Day
19.12William Roberts13.3hCharlotte Country Day
20.9Mike Sumner13.7hCannon
21.10Graham Kirby14.0hProvidence Day
22.11Keifer Colcord14.2hCannon
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Emmanuel Cimmodore23.6hCharlotte Country Day
2.11Jalen Ross23.7hCharlotte Latin
2.9Zack Tysinger23.7hCannon
4.12Nick Kamerer24.5hCharlotte Country Day
5.10Mac Cramer24.7hCharlotte Country Day
6.9States Lee25.1hCharlotte Country Day
7.11Davis Austin25.3hCharlotte Latin
8.11Will Merrell25.4hCannon
9.10Michael Floyd26.1hCharlotte Country Day
10.12Alex Bruce26.2hCannon
11.12David Zittrouer26.6hCharlotte Christian
12.10Graham Kirby27.5hProvidence Day
13.12William Roberts27.5hCharlotte Country Day
14.12Jongmin Park28.5hCharlotte Christian
15.9Mike Sumner28.6hCannon
16.9Nelson Hall29.3hProvidence Day
17.10Kevin Lee29.3hProvidence Day
18.12Daniel Goldstein29.5hCharlotte Christian
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9States Lee55.3hCharlotte Country Day
2.11Davis Austin56.0hCharlotte Latin
3.12Nick Kamerer56.6hCharlotte Country Day
4.10Stephen Deal56.9hCharlotte Country Day
5.9Zack Tysinger57.2hCannon
6.9Will Nork57.5hCannon
7.11Andrew Krussell57.6hCannon
8.10Michael Floyd58.3hCharlotte Country Day
9.10Jay Pittman58.6hCharlotte Country Day
10.10Adam Kridler59.3hCharlotte Country Day
11.10Luke Robinson59.3hCharlotte Christian
12.10Graham Kirby1:01.2hProvidence Day
13.12Nick Berman1:01.9hCharlotte Country Day
14.10Ian Richardson1:02.2hCharlotte Christian
15.12William Medearis1:02.7hCharlotte Latin
16.9Nelson Hall1:03.6hProvidence Day
17.10Caleb Coker1:03.7hCharlotte Country Day
18.12William Roberts1:03.9hCharlotte Country Day
19.11Graham Hunt1:06.6hCharlotte Country Day
20.12Tyler Mott1:08.1hCharlotte Latin
21.12Eddie Lee1:08.4hCharlotte Latin
--12David RandDQCharlotte Latin
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Reynolds2:22.3hCannon
2.9Andrew Kral2:23.4hProvidence Day
3.12John Gilmartin2:28.4hCharlotte Latin
4.11Tyler Brown2:33.6hProvidence Day
5.11Zach Hart2:33.8hCharlotte Christian
6.10John Healy2:37.7hCharlotte Country Day
7.12William Medearis2:39.3hCharlotte Latin
8.9Charles Sterner2:39.7hCannon
9.12David Rand2:40.3hCharlotte Latin
10.9Ryan Melton2:41.0hProvidence Day
11.12Eddie Lee2:54.9hCharlotte Latin
12.10Ari Lipsitz2:58.2hCharlotte Country Day
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Reid Palmer4:40.5hCharlotte Country Day
2.10Alex Wilson4:48.0hCharlotte Latin
3.9Tim Gruber4:49.0hCannon
4.10Andrew Powell4:57.0hCannon
5.12John Amory5:06.0hCharlotte Latin
6.9John Good5:06.7hCharlotte Christian
7.12John Gilmartin5:17.0hCharlotte Latin
8.9Rob Saunders5:18.0hCharlotte Country Day
9.9Reed Payne5:19.0hProvidence Day
10.12Wil Bradley5:23.0hCharlotte Christian
11.11Tyler Brown5:25.0hProvidence Day
11.11Dan Hay5:25.0hProvidence Day
13.10Alex Rennie5:26.0hCannon
14.10Cameron Cook5:27.0hCannon
15.9Hayward Hood5:29.0hCharlotte Christian
16.12David Claborn5:30.0hCharlotte Christian
17.12Dylan Smith5:33.0hProvidence Day
18.9Connor Choka5:35.0hCharlotte Country Day
19.11James Howard5:36.0hCharlotte Country Day
20.11Daniel Forrest5:40.0hCharlotte Christian
21.-Ryan Carter5:46.0hCharlotte Latin
21.11Zach Hart5:46.0hCharlotte Christian
23.9Charlie Sowers5:52.0hProvidence Day
24.11Nathan Walker5:57.0hCharlotte Christian
25.10Adam Kiihr6:24.0hCharlotte Christian
26.12Frank Headen6:28.0hCharlotte Country Day
27.10Ari Lipsitz6:29.0hCharlotte Country Day
28.12Christoph O'Brien6:48.0hCharlotte Latin
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Scott Foy10:11.0hCharlotte Country Day
2.9Tim Gruber10:15.0hCannon
3.10Andrew Powell10:53.0hCannon
4.10Peter Lewis11:11.0hCharlotte Latin
5.9John Good11:23.0hCharlotte Christian
6.11Robert Miller11:27.0hCharlotte Latin
7.9Reed Payne11:40.0hProvidence Day
8.9Conor Jones11:44.0hCharlotte Country Day
9.10Alex Rennie12:03.0hCannon
10.10Cameron Cook12:07.0hCannon
10.12Wil Bradley12:07.0hCharlotte Christian
12.9Connor Choka12:36.0hCharlotte Country Day
13.9Charlie Sowers12:42.0hProvidence Day
14.12David Claborn12:48.0hCharlotte Christian
15.12Zi Yang13:05.0hCharlotte Country Day
16.11Nathan Walker13:20.0hCharlotte Christian
17.12David Scarlett14:03.0hCharlotte Christian
18.10Adam Kiihr14:05.0hCharlotte Christian
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jonathan Miller16.6hCharlotte Christian
2.11Brian Bartlett17.0hCharlotte Christian
3.10Cyrus Bahram18.0hCharlotte Country Day
4.9Jared Cokley20.5hProvidence Day
5.11Hans Beier20.6hCannon
6.12Ian Coffield21.2hProvidence Day
7.11Tyler Sakaluk21.8hCannon
8.12Nick Berman23.2hCharlotte Country Day
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Cyrus Bahram44.5hCharlotte Country Day
2.11Hans Beier46.7hCannon
3.12Ty Smith47.7hCharlotte Latin
4.11Tyler Sakaluk50.0hCannon
5.12Ian Coffield53.0hProvidence Day
6.12Justin Ringuette1:00.0hCannon
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Hobbs Maker
Carter Barnhardht
Freddie Sherrill
Jalen Ross
44.8hCharlotte Latin
2.-Kareem Kashif
Nick Kamerer
Cyrus Bahram
Emmanuel Cimmodore
46.5hCharlotte Country Day
3.-Rashad Moore
Michael Adams
Jonathan Miller
Nicholas Swaby
48.2hCharlotte Christian
4.-Mike Sumner
Thomas Harr
Sterling Swygert
Will Merrell
---Ryan Scolaro
Charles Sterner
Nick Walsh
Keifer Colcord
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Michael Adams
Matt McCormick
Jonathan Miller
Drew Hayes
1:37.5hCharlotte Christian
2.-Cyrus Bahram
Mac Cramer
States Lee
Michael Floyd
1:39.4hCharlotte Country Day
---Charles Sterner
Keifer Colcord
Ryan Scolaro
Nick Walsh
---Mike Sumner
Thomas Harr
Sterling Swygert
Will Merrell
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Luke Robinson
Ian Richardson
Rashad Moore
Nicholas Swaby
3:43.3hCharlotte Christian
2.-Davis Austin
Alex Wilson
Preston Griffith
Charles Cisne
3:45.4hCharlotte Latin
3.-Alex Bruce
Andrew Krussell
Jordan Reynolds
Eric Altamura
---Hans Beier
Thomas Harr
Tyler Sakaluk
Tim Gruber
---Emmanuel Cimmodore
Mac Cramer
States Lee
Stephen Deal
DQCharlotte Country Day
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Peter Lewis
Preston Griffith
John Shea
Robert Miller
9:15.6hCharlotte Latin
2.-Luke Robinson
David Claborn
Wil Bradley
John Good
9:15.7hCharlotte Christian
3.-John Healy
James Howard
Stephen Deal
Carl Reusser
10:19.0hCharlotte Country Day
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.10Nick Sella44-02.00Charlotte Latin
2.12Zach Cook39-09.00Charlotte Christian
3.10Ward Showalter39-04.00Charlotte Country Day
4.12Dallas Ward39-03.00Charlotte Christian
5.12Colton Walls38-01.00Charlotte Latin
6.12Zach Orsino37-03.00Charlotte Christian
7.11Grayson Wooten36-07.00Charlotte Christian
8.11Alex Garrett35-08.00Charlotte Country Day
9.10Lee Cummings35-05.00Charlotte Country Day
10.10Reece McCall35-01.00Providence Day
11.9Kevin Ross34-10.00Cannon
12.12Charles McDonald33-06.00Charlotte Country Day
13.12Brandon Hluck32-04.00Providence Day
14.10Sarge Kinlin31-11.00Providence Day
14.12Pierce Hampton31-11.00Charlotte Christian
16.11Adison Bell31-04.00Charlotte Latin
17.11Matt Kors30-04.00Providence Day
18.12Adam Whitlark29-08.00Charlotte Country Day
19.11Tetsuto Tamaki28-00.00Providence Day
20.12Brent Thompson27-09.00Charlotte Country Day
21.10Jacob Dailey26-00.00Cannon
22.10Jack Duchardt24-06.00Providence Day
23.12Andrew Williams24-03.00Charlotte Latin
24.10Buddy Forrest23-06.00Cannon
25.9Chris Pope22-05.00Cannon
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Pierce Hampton127-07Charlotte Christian
2.12Zach Orsino122-00Charlotte Christian
3.11Max McClure121-05Charlotte Country Day
4.10Nick Sella120-11Charlotte Latin
5.11Alex Garrett112-11Charlotte Country Day
6.11Grayson Wooten108-11Charlotte Christian
7.10Mac Taylor108-09Charlotte Country Day
8.12Dallas Ward105-05Charlotte Christian
9.9Kevin Ross101-07Cannon
10.12Colton Walls100-05Charlotte Latin
11.11Keller Sipe100-03Charlotte Country Day
12.10Claude Close93-04Charlotte Country Day
13.12Brandon Hluck84-03Providence Day
14.11Matt Kors81-02Providence Day
15.12Zach Cook78-05Charlotte Christian
16.10Reece McCall72-08Providence Day
17.10Buddy Forrest71-09Cannon
18.12Andrew Williams68-09Charlotte Latin
19.11Adison Bell67-11Charlotte Latin
20.10Jacob Dailey67-05Cannon
21.10Jack Duchardt67-03Providence Day
22.9Chris Pope62-06Cannon
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Davis Austin5-10.00Charlotte Latin
2.11Brian Bartlett5-08.00Charlotte Christian
3.12David Zittrouer5-08.00Charlotte Christian
4.10Stephen Deal5-04.00Charlotte Country Day
4.11Will Merrell5-04.00Cannon
6.9Matt Kearns5-04.00Charlotte Christian
7.12Jordan Reynolds5-04.00Cannon
8.10Caleb Coker5-02.00Charlotte Country Day
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.9Simon Ward13-00.00Charlotte Latin
2.11Brian Bartlett12-00.00Charlotte Christian
3.12CJ Byrd10-00.00Charlotte Country Day
4.11Simon Menaker9-06.00Charlotte Latin
5.10Preston Turk8-06.00Charlotte Latin
6.12Nolan Griffith8-00.00Charlotte Latin
6.12Mark Scriven8-00.00Charlotte Country Day
8.11Suraj Suri7-06.00Charlotte Country Day
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brian Bartlett18-10.50Charlotte Christian
2.12Charlton Miles18-02.00Charlotte Country Day
3.9Freddie Sherrill18-00.00Charlotte Latin
4.12Rashad Moore17-10.00Charlotte Christian
5.10Nicholas Swaby17-09.00Charlotte Christian
6.12Kareem Kashif17-08.00Charlotte Country Day
7.9Will Nork17-04.00Cannon
8.12Jordan Reynolds16-06.00Cannon
9.12Nick Kamerer16-02.50Charlotte Country Day
10.10Jason Yang14-10.00Providence Day
11.10Chris Flores14-09.50Providence Day
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kai Dawkins41-11.00Providence Day
2.12Charlton Miles38-10.00Charlotte Country Day
3.11Jalen Ross38-00.00Charlotte Latin
4.10Chris McDonagh37-08.75Providence Day
5.9Freddie Sherrill36-04.00Charlotte Latin
6.11Sterling Swygert35-04.50Cannon
7.12David Zittrouer35-01.00Charlotte Christian
8.10Chris Flores32-07.00Providence Day

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Itohowo Eyo13.2hCharlotte Country Day
2.10Leslie Givens13.6hCharlotte Country Day
3.11Andrea Gray13.8hCharlotte Latin
4.10Hannah Somerville13.9hCannon
5.10Austyn Durdin14.0hCharlotte Christian
6.10Sydney Jones14.0hCharlotte Country Day
7.10Jordan Williams14.2hCharlotte Christian
8.10Jenna Jamil14.3hCharlotte Christian
9.10Lauren Aspey14.6hCharlotte Christian
10.10Megan Hunstad15.0hCannon
11.9Lucie Randall15.0hCannon
12.9Jane Campbell15.0hCannon
13.11Ayumi Watanabe15.1hCharlotte Country Day
14.9Harper Davis15.5hProvidence Day
15.10Mackenzie Dickerman16.3hCannon
16.9Brianna Wyatt16.4hCannon
17.9Anahid Telfeyan16.8hProvidence Day
18.10Elise Currier17.5hCannon
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Leslie Givens28.4hCharlotte Country Day
2.10Itohowo Eyo28.8hCharlotte Country Day
3.10Hannah Somerville29.4hCannon
4.10Sara Beth White30.4hCharlotte Christian
5.10Rachael Moreau31.4hCharlotte Christian
6.12Sheman Fullwood31.8hCharlotte Latin
7.10Megan Hunstad32.2hCannon
8.11Alexandra Booker32.3hCharlotte Christian
9.11Chelsea Foxx32.9hCannon
10.10Morgan Sexton33.0hCannon
11.9Brianna Wyatt34.5hCannon
12.12Sarah Williams35.5hCharlotte Christian
13.10Catherine Petok35.7hCannon
14.11Chloe Dimond35.8hCannon
15.11Taylor Byrnes37.8hCannon
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lindsay Miller1:04.3hCharlotte Country Day
2.10Itohowo Eyo1:07.5hCharlotte Country Day
3.12Biz Wallace1:08.0hCharlotte Country Day
4.11Andrea Gray1:09.0hCharlotte Latin
5.10Mari Pillmore1:10.4hCharlotte Christian
6.9Lucie Randall1:10.5hCannon
7.10Lauren Aspey1:10.8hCharlotte Christian
8.10Kirsten Hoffman1:11.1hCannon
9.11Cala Cocca1:11.7hCannon
10.12Ella Branch1:13.5hCharlotte Latin
11.12Sheman Fullwood1:13.6hCharlotte Latin
12.10Margaret Keener1:15.1hCharlotte Country Day
13.10Rachael Moreau1:16.8hCharlotte Christian
14.9Vanessa Vaccaro1:26.1hCannon
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kameron Spence2:28.0hCharlotte Latin
2.12Sallie James2:40.5hCharlotte Country Day
3.10Morgan Kirk2:42.9hCharlotte Christian
4.11Jessica Smith2:44.3hProvidence Day
5.11Hope Davis2:45.0hCannon
6.10Hannah Cline2:49.0hCharlotte Country Day
7.9Natalie Kamerer2:50.3hCharlotte Country Day
8.10Mary Claire Evans2:51.9hCharlotte Latin
9.9Rebecca Harmon3:00.2hCannon
10.9Hannah Wilson3:01.7hProvidence Day
11.12Emily Lewis3:02.1hCharlotte Latin
12.10Caroline Cato3:02.7hCannon
13.11Amy Kemp3:03.3hCharlotte Christian
14.9Kate Oliver3:04.1hProvidence Day
15.12Ella Branch3:05.8hCharlotte Latin
16.9Rebecca Iglehart3:15.4hCannon
17.12Maggie Blank3:17.3hCharlotte Christian
18.11Corey Wagener3:17.8hCharlotte Christian
19.9Rachel von Gnetchen3:20.2hCharlotte Christian
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Ashley Miess5:32.0hCharlotte Latin
2.11Menaka Wilhelm6:06.0hCannon
3.10Morgan Kirk6:11.0hCharlotte Christian
4.9Molly Yandle6:16.9hProvidence Day
5.10Shelby Sipperly6:27.5hCannon
6.9Hannah Wilson6:28.7hProvidence Day
7.12Ann Baynard6:29.8hCharlotte Latin
8.9Kate Oliver6:33.4hProvidence Day
9.10Rebecca Cofield6:41.6hCharlotte Christian
10.10Sarah DeSutter6:44.5hCannon
11.9Meredith Deal6:50.9hCharlotte Country Day
12.10Hannah Dibble7:02.9hCharlotte Country Day
13.12Maggie Blank7:19.3hCharlotte Christian
14.12Sophia Yang7:26.3hProvidence Day
15.12Liza Fortenberry7:30.1hCharlotte Latin
16.12Kathryn Kennedy7:31.4hCharlotte Country Day
17.12Rachel Roberts7:36.7hCharlotte Country Day
18.11Heidi Gruber7:48.6hCannon
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Haylee Dawe12:15.0hCharlotte Latin
2.10Loren Shealy12:37.0hCharlotte Country Day
3.11Tyler McFayden12:40.0hCharlotte Country Day
4.9Hillary Dawe13:05.0hCharlotte Latin
5.10Eden Sipperly13:06.0hCannon
6.9Molly Yandle13:47.0hProvidence Day
7.10Rebecca Cofield14:33.0hCharlotte Christian
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Janice Roberts16.6hCharlotte Country Day
2.10Farrell Murphy18.9hCharlotte Latin
3.10Kerris Gordon19.2hProvidence Day
4.10Tiffany Ferrete21.2hProvidence Day
5.12Savannah Sipperly22.5hCannon
6.12Meredtih Parker22.5hCharlotte Christian
--12Savannah HuneycuttDNFCharlotte Country Day
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Farrell Murphy51.4hCharlotte Latin
2.9Jane Campbell57.1hCannon
3.12Savannah Huneycutt58.6hCharlotte Country Day
4.12Savannah Sipperly1:01.5hCannon
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Itohowo Eyo
Savannah Huneycutt
Sydney Jones
Leslie Givens
54.5hCharlotte Country Day
2.-Lauren Aspey
Alexa Owens
Jenna Jamil
Austyn Durdin
56.4hCharlotte Christian
3.-Jane Campbell
Alaina Altamura
Megan Hunstad
Hannah Somerville
---Taylor Byrnes
Mackenzie Dickerman
Catherine Petok
Morgan Sexton
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Andrea Gray
Madison Pulliam
Genny Ward
Jenay Powell
1:57.1hCharlotte Latin
2.-Rachael Moreau
Jordan Williams
Sara Beth White
Jenna Jamil
1:59.9hCharlotte Christian
3.-Alaina Altamura
Marissa Deddens
Kirsten Hoffman
Lucie Randall
---Caroline Cato
Elise Currier
Chloe Dimond
Alyssa Hamlin
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Mary Claire Evans
Jenay Powell
Farrell Murphy
Kameron Spence
4:33.8hCharlotte Latin
2.-Lindsay Miller
Margaret Keener
Biz Wallace
Sydney Jones
4:36.4hCharlotte Country Day
3.-Hope Davis
Cala Cocca
Kirsten Hoffman
Menaka Wilhelm
---Marissa Deddens
Rebecca Harmon
Rebecca Iglehart
Shelby Sipperly
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Haylee Dawe
Hillary Dawe
Ashley Miess
Kameron Spence
10:17.0hCharlotte Latin
2.-Sallie James
Tricia Teter
Hannah Cline
Biz Wallace
10:58.0hCharlotte Country Day
3.-Hope Davis
Cala Cocca
Eden Sipperly
Menaka Wilhelm
4.-Morgan Kirk
Rebecca Cofield
Amy Kemp
Amy Jamil
12:02.3hCharlotte Christian
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nnenna Okwara34-07.00Charlotte Latin
2.11Kayla Rudisel30-06.00Charlotte Country Day
3.9Dacia Thompson28-04.00Providence Day
4.12Rachel Jordan27-00.00Providence Day
5.11Mariah Monsanto26-11.00Charlotte Country Day
5.10Jasmine Ellis26-11.00Charlotte Christian
7.11Abby Winn24-01.00Charlotte Country Day
8.11Megan Halloran23-07.00Cannon
9.11Katie Armstrong23-01.00Cannon
10.12Elizabeth Scholz21-08.00Providence Day
11.10Kerris Gordon21-05.00Providence Day
12.9Claire Richardson21-02.00Providence Day
13.11Chelsea Foxx19-09.00Cannon
14.11Heidi Gruber19-04.00Cannon
14.12Mary Scott McLean19-04.00Charlotte Christian
16.10Sarah DeSutter17-07.00Cannon
17.11Shahdi Montazari17-03.00Cannon
18.12Marie Scholz17-01.00Providence Day
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nnenna Okwara103-09Charlotte Latin
2.10Jasmine Ellis77-11Charlotte Christian
3.12Rachel Jordan73-01Providence Day
4.11Megan Halloran73-00Cannon
5.11Kayla Rudisel73-00Charlotte Country Day
6.11Abby Winn72-00Charlotte Country Day
7.11Katie Armstrong59-01Cannon
8.11Mariah Monsanto57-06Charlotte Country Day
9.9Dacia Thompson57-04Providence Day
10.11Alexandra Booker57-03Charlotte Christian
11.12Marie Scholz57-02Providence Day
12.12Mary Scott McLean57-00Charlotte Christian
13.11Heidi Gruber49-09Cannon
13.10Sarah DeSutter49-09Cannon
15.9Claire Richardson45-04Providence Day
16.12Elizabeth Scholz45-01Providence Day
17.11Chelsea Foxx37-00Cannon
18.11Shahdi Montazari34-04Cannon
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jenna Jamil4-04.00Charlotte Christian
2.10Alex Richards4-04.00Providence Day
3.11Taylor Byrnes4-02.00Cannon
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Genny Ward8-00.00Charlotte Latin
1.9Katy Dumas8-00.00Charlotte Latin
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Madison Pulliam13-09.50Charlotte Latin
2.10Farrell Murphy13-01.00Charlotte Latin
3.10Jordan Williams12-11.00Charlotte Christian
4.11Ayumi Watanabe12-08.25Charlotte Country Day
5.12Sheman Fullwood12-07.00Charlotte Latin
6.11Alyssa Hamlin10-04.00Cannon
7.10Tiffany Ferrete10-00.00Providence Day
8.9Vanessa Vaccaro9-02.25Cannon
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lindsay Miller30-02.00Charlotte Country Day
2.10Jordan Williams27-03.00Charlotte Christian
3.11Ayumi Watanabe26-08.00Charlotte Country Day
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