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CKAA Cougar Kwalifier

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Silverdale Stadium, Silverdale

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Washington - 1A
Washington - 3A
Central Kitsap
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tyler Kahl11.81aCentral Kitsap
2.11Chris Steele12.01aCentral Kitsap
3.11Patrick McConnell12.09aBremerton
4.12Romel Ramos12.11aCentral Kitsap
5.10Titus Pascua12.21aNeah Bay
6.10Travis Morris12.28aWhite River
7.10Joshua Hosier12.33aNorth Mason
8.12Victor Chatman12.39aOlympic
9.10Daniel Mitchell12.44aNorth Kitsap
10.12Monterill Anderson12.46aCentral Kitsap
11.9Jordan Seth12.47aNorth Kitsap
12.11Michael O'Donnell12.49aCentral Kitsap
13.10Trevor King12.51aKingston
14.11Kahn Mills12.52aSequim
15.12Jon Tolliver12.66aNeah Bay
16.10Dylan Brewer12.75aPort Angeles
16.9Brody Stromberg12.75aNorth Mason
18.9Judah Breitbach12.86aSequim
19.10E En Herron12.91aNorth Kitsap
19.11Andrew Selby12.91aCrosspoint Academy
19.9Tru Petrilli12.91aSeattle Lutheran
22.9Trevor Forsell12.95aSeattle Lutheran
23.10Kwesi Paulding12.96aCentral Kitsap
24.9Austin May12.99aWhite River
25.12Jed Mooney13.05aSequim
26.11Dustin Pickell13.09aSequim
27.9Joe Thayer13.12aSeattle Lutheran
28.10Aaron McCanna13.13aKingston
29.9Thomas Gill13.16aKingston
30.11Luke Wonderly13.18aClallam Bay
31.10Matt Dentinger13.42aCentral Kitsap
32.11Nathan Cristion13.47aPort Angeles
33.9Josh Krebsbach13.62aWhite River
34.8Tyler McCaulley13.86aNeah Bay
35.9Philip Shafto13.87aNorth Mason
36.10Jordan Norberg14.06aPort Angeles
37.10Michael Wood14.14aPort Angeles
38.11Timothy Fuller14.61aKlahowya
39.12Jeremy Montgomery14.99aKingston
9Jacob RaselyNTKingston
10Brian MasonNTKingston
9Patrick GilbertNTNorth Kitsap
10Shaun McBurneyNTNorth Kitsap
9Sam KlusmeyerNTNorth Kitsap
11Jacob BlattmanNTKlahowya
9Chris SkinnerNTWhite River
12Kyler NelsonNTNorth Kitsap
11Rick OlsonNTCentral Kitsap
11Terrance JordanNTBremerton
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tyler Kahl23.69aCentral Kitsap
2.12Kyle Barnak23.73aKingston
3.10Travis Morris24.08aWhite River
4.9Jayson Brocklesby24.15aSequim
5.11Patrick McConnell24.25aBremerton
6.9Devin Liebel24.42aWhite River
7.11Chris Steele24.44aCentral Kitsap
8.10Nate Roberts24.73aNorth Kitsap
9.11James Galam24.87aOlympic
10.10Trevor King24.91aKingston
11.10Daniel Mitchell25.00aNorth Kitsap
12.10Joshua Hosier25.13aNorth Mason
13.12Victor Chatman25.23aOlympic
14.11Michael O'Donnell25.28aCentral Kitsap
15.11Gabriel Shedwin25.54aBremerton
16.9Brody Stromberg25.64aNorth Mason
17.10Erik Rummell25.87aCentral Kitsap
18.9Chris Skinner26.04aWhite River
19.9Thomas Gill26.06aKingston
20.9Judah Breitbach26.16aSequim
21.10Dylan Brewer26.21aPort Angeles
22.9Trevor Forsell26.29aSeattle Lutheran
23.11Andrew Selby26.50aCrosspoint Academy
24.10Kwesi Paulding26.53aCentral Kitsap
25.10Matt Dentinger26.86aCentral Kitsap
26.10Sonny Frye26.93aWhite River
27.10Aaron McCanna27.30aKingston
28.11Dustin Pickell27.59aSequim
29.9Nolan Lockwood27.62aNorth Kitsap
30.9Philip Shafto27.89aNorth Mason
31.9Michael Sedy28.71aNorth Kitsap
32.8Tyler McCaulley29.41aNeah Bay
33.12Jeremy Montgomery30.29aKingston
10E En HerronNTNorth Kitsap
10Titus PascuaNTNeah Bay
11Rick OlsonNTCentral Kitsap
9Zachery KuntzNTNorth Kitsap
9Justin WeleverNTClallam Bay
9Patrick GilbertNTNorth Kitsap
10Michael GilmanNTNorth Kitsap
12Romel RamosNTCentral Kitsap
11Jacob BlattmanNTKlahowya
11Alex NewhardNTKlahowya
11Kahn MillsNTSequim
10Nate LenhartNTWhite River
11Terrance JordanNTBremerton
12Kyler NelsonNTNorth Kitsap
11Alexander DicksonNTKingston
11Luke WonderlyNTClallam Bay
12Andy PascuaNTNeah Bay
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alex Mackenzie53.21aCentral Kitsap
2.11Tyler Kahl55.00aCentral Kitsap
3.10Travis Morris55.07aWhite River
4.12Mark Zylstra55.09aCentral Kitsap
5.10Joshua Hosier55.16aNorth Mason
6.10Erik Rummell56.19aCentral Kitsap
7.10Nate Lenhart56.28aWhite River
8.12Kyle Paul57.74aNorth Kitsap
9.11Nicholas Gasser58.02aKingston
10.11Tyler Kilcup58.99aWhite River
11.8Evan Messinger59.81aClallam Bay
12.9Lucas Thompson1:00.37aKingston
13.12Jonathan McDonough1:00.69aCentral Kitsap
14.9Michael Sedy1:04.93aNorth Kitsap
15.9Justin Welever1:06.58aClallam Bay
9Ryan WillisNTClallam Bay
12Victor ChatmanNTOlympic
10Dave DaigleNTNorth Kitsap
8Matt MohrNTClallam Bay
12Nathaniel ReevesNTNorth Kitsap
9Austin MayNTWhite River
9Judah BreitbachNTSequim
11Alex NewhardNTKlahowya
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Nate Roberts55.8North Kitsap
11Daniel Hansen56.2North Kitsap
10Sebastion Ford58.4North Kitsap
12Todd Pedersen59.5North Kitsap
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Daniel Hansen2:04.90aNorth Kitsap
2.12Todd Pedersen2:07.80aNorth Kitsap
3.12Nicholas Keitzman2:08.80aNorth Mason
4.10Sebastion Ford2:09.00aNorth Kitsap
5.11Nicholas Gasser2:10.00aKingston
6.12James Mackovjak2:10.40aCentral Kitsap
7.12Cameron Groh2:11.00aKingston
8.10Adam Beck2:11.90aNorth Kitsap
9.11Zackary Jenson2:12.90aNorth Mason
10.11Tyler Kilcup2:15.90aWhite River
11.11Corey Nelson2:16.30aNorth Kitsap
12.11Jonathan Spargur2:17.90aOlympic
13.10David Young2:20.50aCentral Kitsap
14.10Ricky Buckner2:21.20aNorth Mason
15.10Connor McKay2:21.40aClallam Bay
16.10Dave Daigle2:22.50aNorth Kitsap
16.10Tyler Cash2:22.50aWhite River
18.10Michael Davis2:23.00aCentral Kitsap
19.12michael Gasper2:24.00aNorth Mason
20.10Cam Winger2:24.30aCentral Kitsap
21.11Brandon Davis2:24.60aWhite River
22.9Anthony Woelke2:25.30aKingston
23.12Jon Tolliver2:25.80aNeah Bay
24.8Zeke Greene2:28.30aNeah Bay
25.9Ryan Ogden2:28.50aKingston
26.9Kiano Stoppani2:28.60aSequim
27.11Kelvin Mason2:28.70aCrosspoint Academy
28.10Brian Stefanoff2:30.70aSeattle Lutheran
29.11Joshua Congzon2:31.30aOlympic
30.12Nathaniel Reeves2:31.60aNorth Kitsap
31.9Nicholas Thibault2:31.80aKingston
32.9Donald Hanson ll2:42.80aClallam Bay
33.9Nicholas Baker2:44.50aBremerton
34.10Cameron Dias2:53.20aNeah Bay
35.12Evan Reese2:54.10aSeattle Lutheran
36.9Max Rosenberg3:12.80aSeattle Lutheran
10Jesse StigileNTNorth Kitsap
10Sam WilliamsNTCentral Kitsap
11Will Stevenson IIINTPort Angeles
12Alexander ReadNTNorth Kitsap
8Jesse WonderlyNTClallam Bay
8Evan MessingerNTClallam Bay
10Michael OtteleNTOlympic
9Max BreitbarthNTNorth Kitsap
12Sun WongthaNTNorth Kitsap
12Brandon BrinkNTCentral Kitsap
11Jakob HawsNTNorth Kitsap
12Thomas MeyerNTPort Angeles
9Isaac DodgeNTWhite River
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Cameron O'Neill4:51.50aPort Angeles
2.11Alex Graeber4:52.40aNorth Mason
3.10Keith Ryan5:00.60aKlahowya
4.10Sam Zimmerman5:02.10aNorth Kitsap
5.10Ricky Buckner5:02.30aNorth Mason
6.10David Young5:03.00aCentral Kitsap
7.9Anthony Woelke5:04.60aKingston
8.9Chris Fisher5:05.20aWhite River
9.9Jonathan Day5:09.10aNorth Mason
10.10Sam Williams5:12.90aCentral Kitsap
11.9Ryan Ogden5:15.10aKingston
12.10Connor McKay5:17.70aClallam Bay
13.10Cam Winger5:20.80aCentral Kitsap
14.9Nicholas Thibault5:20.90aKingston
15.9Mikal Pattee5:21.10aCrosspoint Academy
15.10Micah Kipple5:21.10aOlympic
17.10Colin Edwards5:21.70aBremerton
18.11Rielley Duckworth5:22.40aNorth Mason
19.8Zeke Greene5:26.40aNeah Bay
20.10Jared Stefanoff5:30.40aSeattle Lutheran
21.11Brandon Davis5:31.70aWhite River
22.9Thomas Gardner5:31.90aBremerton
23.12michael Gasper5:35.00aNorth Mason
24.12Brandon Brink5:39.10aCentral Kitsap
25.9Kiano Stoppani5:41.30aSequim
26.11Ygnacio Waring-Enriquez5:46.10aKingston
27.9Matthew Hood6:01.20aSeattle Lutheran
28.9Wesley Sonheim6:05.00aSeattle Lutheran
29.12Evan Reese6:15.70aSeattle Lutheran
12Thomas MeyerNTPort Angeles
10Luke PhillipsNTCentral Kitsap
12Lucas LiebenweinNTBremerton
9Isaac DodgeNTWhite River
11Joe DapcevichNTSequim
9Max BreitbarthNTNorth Kitsap
8Jesse WonderlyNTClallam Bay
11Jonathan SpargurNTOlympic
9Donald Hanson llNTClallam Bay
12Ross BryanNTKingston
12Cameron GrohNTKingston
10Matt HaggertyNTSeattle Lutheran
10Shawn SwansonNTNorth Kitsap
10Cameron DiasNTNeah Bay
10Kameron AshleyNTKingston
12Mitchell MurdockNTKingston
10Jesse StigileNTNorth Kitsap
10Conner McCorkleNTNorth Kitsap
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andrew Thorsen10:28.48aCentral Kitsap
2.12Cameron O'Neill10:35.54aPort Angeles
3.9Russell Melin10:38.80aCrosspoint Academy
4.12Mark Zylstra10:41.15aCentral Kitsap
5.11Alexander Cook10:44.40aNorth Kitsap
6.10Dane Ballou10:45.80aKlahowya
7.10Samuel Bailey10:51.36aCentral Kitsap
8.11Derris Davis10:58.97aKlahowya
9.10Royce Ramos11:00.50aCentral Kitsap
10.11Alex Graeber11:02.30aNorth Mason
11.12Nick Tamm11:15.96aNorth Kitsap
12.9Joe Thayer11:30.90aSeattle Lutheran
13.9Chris Fisher11:37.40aWhite River
14.10Luke Phillips11:39.97aCentral Kitsap
15.9Mikal Pattee11:52.90aCrosspoint Academy
16.10Micah Kipple11:53.55aOlympic
17.10Connor McKay11:57.11aClallam Bay
18.10Colin Edwards11:57.59aBremerton
19.9Josh Basden11:59.10aPort Angeles
20.10Brian Stefanoff12:21.48aSeattle Lutheran
21.9Thomas Gardner12:24.76aBremerton
22.11Ygnacio Waring-Enriquez12:27.66aKingston
23.10James McCarty12:28.70aOlympic
24.10Jared Stefanoff12:29.12aSeattle Lutheran
25.9Wesley Sonheim13:41.09aSeattle Lutheran
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Daniel Scott18.53aOlympic
2.9Logan Stafford19.61aCrosspoint Academy
3.10Michael Wood20.81aPort Angeles
4.10James McCarty21.38aOlympic
12James ClemenNTCrosspoint Academy
10Aaron BryceNTBremerton
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Daniel Scott45.62aOlympic
2.9Chris Fisher47.86aWhite River
3.10Philip Scott52.67aPort Angeles
4.10James McCarty54.16aOlympic
5.9Matthew Hood57.54aSeattle Lutheran
11Christopher SmithNTKlahowya
12Aaron RussellNTSequim
10Aaron BryceNTBremerton
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sebastion Ford
Nate Roberts
Jordan Seth
Daniel Mitchell
47.56aNorth Kitsap
2.-Kyle Barnak
Lucas Thompson
Thomas Gill
Trevor King
3.-Tyler Cash
Jordan Chames
Austin May
Devin Liebel
49.71aWhite River
4.-Andy Pascua
Titus Pascua
Jon Tolliver
Tyler McCaulley
49.84aNeah Bay
5.-Conner Kreager
Josh Krebsbach
Shane Adams
Blaine Ryan
52.21aWhite River
6.-Colin O'Brien
Trevor Forsell
Tru Petrilli
Joe Thayer
53.47aSeattle Lutheran
7.-Dylan Brewer
Michael Wood
Nathan Cristion
Jordan Norberg
53.81aPort Angeles
-Travis Williams
Nicholas Callahan
Joshua Hosier
Brody Stromberg
NTNorth Mason
-Relay Team NTBremerton
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Sebastion Ford
Daniel Hansen
Nate Roberts
Todd Pedersen
3:49.96aNorth Kitsap
2.-Tyler Cash
Tyler Kilcup
Austin May
Chris Skinner
3:51.90aWhite River
3.-Brian Mason
Nicholas Gasser
Lucas Thompson
Kyle Barnak
4.-Devin Liebel
Nate Lenhart
Travis Morris
Josh Krebsbach
4:00.92aWhite River
5.-Luke Wonderly
Connor McKay
Ryan Willis
Justin Welever
4:18.13aClallam Bay
-Jon Tolliver
Robert Moss
Zeke Greene
Cameron Dias
NTNeah Bay
-C./J. Williamson
Terrance Jordan
Patrick McConnell
David Pierce
-michael Gasper
Charlie Becker
Nicholas Keitzman
Ricky Buckner
NTNorth Mason
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.10Nicholas Fasano39-05.00Central Kitsap
2.8Tyler McCaulley36-06.00Neah Bay
3.12Cooper Thompson36-05.00North Mason
4.12Elliot Owen34-09.00Kingston
5.10Brian Mitchell34-00.00White River
6.9Scott Anderson33-10.00White River
7.11Jeff Cox33-09.00Central Kitsap
7.12Stuart Des Rochers33-09.00Port Angeles
9.11Thor Winters32-09.00Seattle Lutheran
10.9Zach Nigon32-01.00Seattle Lutheran
11.10Justin Smith31-10.00Seattle Lutheran
11.11Lukas Cox31-10.00Port Angeles
13.-Zach Landrum31-03.00North Mason
14.10Alex Vaughn30-11.00Klahowya
14.11Nathan Cristion30-11.00Port Angeles
16.10Tony Ostenson30-04.00Seattle Lutheran
16.12Jeremy Montgomery30-04.00Kingston
18.12Ryan Sayers30-03.00Central Kitsap
18.9Chris Skinner30-03.00White River
20.10Miles Meigs29-07.00North Mason
21.9Franz Schonberg27-07.00North Mason
22.9Philip Kelley27-03.00Crosspoint Academy
23.10Charles Wallace25-07.00Central Kitsap
24.11Brandon McMillen24-07.00White River
25.8Joe Maneval21-07.00Clallam Bay
9Austin RitterNDClallam Bay
10Isaac StokesNDKingston
10Brady SundquistNDKingston
10Michael EvansNDKingston
11Kyle LangeNDKingston
9Michael MyersNDPort Angeles
10Joel StierNDOlympic
-Kris StarkgrafNDNorth Kitsap
10Austin HartNDOlympic
12Richie AfflejeNDCentral Kitsap
9Shaugn SealsNDNorth Kitsap
10Conner McCorkleNDNorth Kitsap
10Jacob WhiteNDNorth Kitsap
9Chance PoperNDNorth Kitsap
10Jack WelkerNDKingston
10Samuel ByersNDKingston
10Curtis HawthornNDKingston
10Cody JenningsNDKingston
10Jeff LindNDWhite River
10Kalen GreenNDWhite River
10Berkley BachmeierNDWhite River
9J.J. HughesNDBremerton
10Colton DoyleNDWhite River
10Shane AdamsNDWhite River
9Colton AltamiranoNDWhite River
9Isaac CortinaNDBremerton
11Devon GipsonNDBremerton
11Derek MorganNDSequim
11Joshua DakerNDSequim
10Mustang RigginsNDSequim
12Michael SwenderNDSequim
11Jack ClarkNDSequim
9Randy HogaboomNDSequim
12Travis DaltonNDNorth Kitsap
12Stephen SergesonNDCentral Kitsap
12Jonathan BarringtonNDKingston
12Jaecen AveryNDNorth Kitsap
10Neil McCaffertyNDNorth Kitsap
10Colin O'BrienNDSeattle Lutheran
12Josh McCownNDNorth Kitsap
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Nicholas Fasano118-03Central Kitsap
2.12Stuart Des Rochers109-06Port Angeles
3.10Justin Smith109-02Seattle Lutheran
4.11Jeff Cox107-08Central Kitsap
5.12Elliot Owen106-11Kingston
6.12Ryan Sayers105-02Central Kitsap
7.11Thor Winters102-03Seattle Lutheran
8.11Lukas Cox95-08Port Angeles
9.12Richie Affleje95-05Central Kitsap
10.9Scott Anderson89-01White River
11.11Nathan Cristion88-11Port Angeles
12.10Shawn O'Brien88-05Crosspoint Academy
13.9Zach Nigon88-00Seattle Lutheran
14.10Brian Mitchell87-09White River
15.10Miles Meigs85-02North Mason
16.9Franz Schonberg83-05North Mason
17.12Stephen Sergeson82-07Central Kitsap
18.10Kevin Moseley79-00Seattle Lutheran
19.10Tony Ostenson70-11Seattle Lutheran
20.10Charles Wallace68-01Central Kitsap
21.12Jeremy Montgomery65-08Kingston
22.12Jonathan McDonough64-05Central Kitsap
23.9Blaine Ryan62-09White River
24.9Austin Ritter60-11Clallam Bay
25.11Brandon McMillen59-08White River
26.8Joe Maneval57-11Clallam Bay
27.9Donald Hanson ll42-10Clallam Bay
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andy Pascua129-09Neah Bay
2.12Paige Lefler124-04North Mason
3.9Brody Stromberg124-01North Mason
4.9Philip Shafto117-04North Mason
5.10Brian Stefanoff116-11Seattle Lutheran
6.10Kevin Moseley116-04Seattle Lutheran
7.11Brandon McMillen115-11White River
8.9Lucas Anderson115-06Bremerton
9.9Philip Kelley112-11Crosspoint Academy
10.9Zach Nigon108-00Seattle Lutheran
11.10Michael Ottele107-03Olympic
12.12Steven Nagle104-05Central Kitsap
13.10Justin Smith102-10Seattle Lutheran
14.10Philip Scott101-06Port Angeles
15.11Lukas Cox100-08Port Angeles
15.12Jonathan McDonough100-08Central Kitsap
17.10Michael Wood97-01Port Angeles
18.9Blaine Ryan91-03White River
19.9Austin Ritter87-03Clallam Bay
20.8Joe Maneval66-11Clallam Bay
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jayson Brocklesby5-06.00Sequim
2.10Nate Roberts5-02.00North Kitsap
2.9Logan Stafford5-02.00Crosspoint Academy
2.10Sebastion Ford5-02.00North Kitsap
5.11Kahn Mills5-00.00Sequim
6.11James Mower4-10.00White River
6.10Jordan Norberg4-10.00Port Angeles
6.10Cole Lewis4-10.00Central Kitsap
6.12Elliot Owen4-10.00Kingston
10Aaron McCannaNHKingston
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sonny Frye11-00.00White River
2.11Kelvin Mason9-06.00Crosspoint Academy
3.12Bryan Martin9-00.00Central Kitsap
3.11Mark Woolnough9-00.00Bremerton
5.10Daniel Scott8-06.00Olympic
5.10Luke Bryant8-06.00Kingston
7.10Michael Ottele8-00.00Olympic
7.9Isreal Florez8-00.00White River
9.9David Wellington7-06.00Bremerton
9.9Thomas Gardner7-06.00Bremerton
9.10Jack Murdock7-06.00Kingston
9.10Brian Stefanoff7-06.00Seattle Lutheran
9.9Tru Petrilli7-06.00Seattle Lutheran
14.9Matthew Hood7-00.00Seattle Lutheran
14.10Jared Stefanoff7-00.00Seattle Lutheran
10Shawn SwansonNHNorth Kitsap
10Jordan NorbergNHPort Angeles
9Lucas AndersonNHBremerton
9C./J. WilliamsonNHBremerton
10Conner McCorkleNHNorth Kitsap
10Jesse StigileNHNorth Kitsap
9Sam KlusmeyerNHNorth Kitsap
11Will Stevenson IIINHPort Angeles
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Andy Pascua18-03.00Neah Bay
2.11Joshua Ross18-02.00Klahowya
3.9Jayson Brocklesby18-01.00Sequim
3.12Chase Estes18-01.00Crosspoint Academy
5.10Titus Pascua17-09.00Neah Bay
6.11Kahn Mills17-01.00Sequim
7.12Romel Ramos17-00.00Central Kitsap
8.11James Mower16-11.00White River
9.12Monterill Anderson16-07.00Central Kitsap
10.10Dylan Brewer16-05.00Port Angeles
11.9Judah Breitbach16-01.00Sequim
12.9Joe Thayer15-07.00Seattle Lutheran
13.12Jed Mooney15-04.00Sequim
14.10Justin Parkes14-11.00White River
15.9Tru Petrilli14-08.00Seattle Lutheran
15.10Shaun McBurney14-08.00North Kitsap
17.9Trevor Forsell14-07.00Seattle Lutheran
17.10Colin Edwards14-07.00Bremerton
17.10Sonny Frye14-07.00White River
20.10E En Herron14-06.00North Kitsap
20.10James McCarty14-06.00Olympic
22.9Justin Welever13-08.00Clallam Bay
22.9Michael Sedy13-08.00North Kitsap
24.10Philip Scott13-05.00Port Angeles
25.9Logan Stafford13-03.00Crosspoint Academy
26.9Ryan Willis13-02.00Clallam Bay
26.9Josh Basden13-02.00Port Angeles
28.10Jack Murdock12-03.00Kingston
29.9Donald Hanson ll10-07.00Clallam Bay
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chase Estes42-01.00Crosspoint Academy
2.9Jayson Brocklesby37-05.00Sequim
3.11James Mower36-04.00White River
4.10E En Herron35-09.00North Kitsap
5.11Joshua Ross35-07.00Klahowya
6.10David Stevens34-08.00Klahowya
6.10Shaun McBurney34-08.00North Kitsap
8.12Todd Pedersen34-06.00North Kitsap
9.11Michael O'Donnell34-05.00Central Kitsap
10.12Jed Mooney33-08.00Sequim
11.11Kahn Mills33-03.00Sequim
12.10Philip Scott31-00.00Port Angeles
13.12Jonathan McDonough30-09.00Central Kitsap
14.10Jack Murdock28-05.00Kingston
15.9David Wellington25-08.00Bremerton

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Khadijsha DeWalt13.49aBremerton
2.10Addie Carion13.61aNorth Kitsap
3.9Amanda Gray13.99aBremerton
4.9Johnna Coughlin14.09aWhite River
5.10Ashley Cole14.14aNorth Kitsap
6.9Ivy Rodolf14.20aKingston
7.12Allesha Welever14.23aClallam Bay
8.11Sally Gordon14.42aKingston
9.11Belle Eastman14.44aPort Angeles
10.9Lauren Bell14.57aSequim
11.9Heidi Johnson14.75aNorth Kitsap
12.10Michelle Ross14.77aCentral Kitsap
13.10Chelsea Filbert14.85aCentral Kitsap
14.9Regan Speyer15.15aWhite River
15.9Baylee Beutel15.17aNorth Mason
16.9Quincy Rouse15.29aCrosspoint Academy
17.11Aisha Wiggins Stoudermire15.42aOlympic
18.9Natalie McMurray15.44aSequim
19.11Melissa Ring15.47aOlympic
20.10Mary Grace Salva15.76aOlympic
21.10Charlese Gaines15.83aBremerton
22.10Cassie Cheek16.00aCrosspoint Academy
23.10Cammi Smith16.06aCentral Kitsap
24.10Quincy Miller16.13aCrosspoint Academy
25.9Samantha Howie16.94aWhite River
12Kristina BiggsNTCrosspoint Academy
10Jamie ParkerNTClallam Bay
10Tricia VantinoNTCentral Kitsap
10Jessie WilliamsonNTNorth Kitsap
11Louisa RogersNTPort Angeles
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Khadijsha DeWalt28.02aBremerton
2.10Addie Carion28.22aNorth Kitsap
3.9Johnna Coughlin28.75aWhite River
4.12Allesha Welever28.90aClallam Bay
5.9Ivy Rodolf29.28aKingston
6.10Ashley Cole29.44aNorth Kitsap
7.11Belle Eastman29.67aPort Angeles
8.11Sally Gordon29.88aKingston
9.9Amanda Gray30.16aBremerton
10.10Michelle Ross30.28aCentral Kitsap
11.10Mary Grace Salva30.36aOlympic
12.9Briana Holladay30.86aBremerton
13.9Baylee Beutel31.34aNorth Mason
14.9Regan Speyer31.36aWhite River
15.10Charlese Gaines31.38aBremerton
16.9Heidi Johnson31.96aNorth Kitsap
17.9Jasmine Magana34.52aBremerton
9Kennedy HobartNTWhite River
10Jamie ParkerNTClallam Bay
10Julie BeldenNTBremerton
10Courtney WinckNTNeah Bay
12Sutthiluck WatthanaphiromNTOlympic
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Grace Carlson1:06.30aNorth Kitsap
1.11Michaela Anderson1:06.30aBremerton
3.10Melia-Mae Lagat1:07.20aOlympic
4.10Mary Grace Salva1:08.40aOlympic
5.10Allison Jaques1:14.03aBremerton
6.9Jazz Randall1:20.90aClallam Bay
10Cherish MossNTNeah Bay
10Julie BeldenNTBremerton
10Becca CatesNTNorth Kitsap
12Alina YovetichNTSeattle Lutheran
9Janel HowatNTSequim
9Marci LachapelleNTWhite River
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Becca Cates68.3North Kitsap
9Alexandra Nausid-Nichols69.3North Kitsap
10Grace Carlson69.9North Kitsap
10April McCabe72.3North Kitsap
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Gee Mi Jorde2:31.80aCentral Kitsap
2.9Rebecca Frei2:37.10aBremerton
3.9Alexandra Nausid-Nichols2:37.90aNorth Kitsap
4.10Annie Romney2:40.50aPort Angeles
5.10Molly Wheeler2:45.70aCrosspoint Academy
6.11Mercedes Morton2:52.90aBremerton
7.9Karlee Cossette2:53.60aNorth Mason
8.10Ariana Warner2:57.70aKingston
9.9Alexis Burton2:58.80aBremerton
10.9Kayelah Nazario2:59.70aWhite River
11.12Lily Hartman3:01.20aKingston
12.9Christy Seader3:05.90aNorth Kitsap
13.10Dianna Landro3:06.30aCrosspoint Academy
14.9Sara Cannarella3:11.60aNorth Kitsap
15.11Megan Brown3:20.40aCentral Kitsap
12Melissa ShaferNTOlympic
9Erin HennesseyNTPort Angeles
10Kendyl MussmanNTOlympic
11Jocelyn PeaseNTOlympic
10Cherish MossNTNeah Bay
10Melia-Mae LagatNTOlympic
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Annie Romney5:48.60aPort Angeles
2.9Rebecca Frei5:53.00aBremerton
3.11Jocelyn Pease6:02.70aOlympic
4.11Sidney Effray6:13.50aNorth Mason
5.10Kelly Coyle6:21.00aWhite River
6.10April McCabe6:25.40aNorth Kitsap
7.12Melissa Shafer6:26.40aOlympic
8.9Kayelah Nazario6:33.90aWhite River
9.10Abbey Swanson7:10.20aNorth Kitsap
10.11Megan Brown7:15.50aCentral Kitsap
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Grace Carlson12:48.80aNorth Kitsap
2.12Carlie Rouse12:52.20aCrosspoint Academy
3.10Molly Wheeler13:08.80aCrosspoint Academy
4.12Amber Wood13:53.40aPort Angeles
5.10Rachel Lindgren13:58.50aKlahowya
6.10Heather Danielson14:54.60aBremerton
7.10Dianna Landro16:05.50aCrosspoint Academy
12Chanda RomneyNTPort Angeles
12Melissa ShaferNTOlympic
10Kelly CoyleNTWhite River
11Ashley FieldNTCentral Kitsap
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kawaiolele Pakele18.05aKlahowya
2.10Courtney Winck18.84aNeah Bay
3.9Lauren Bell18.85aSequim
4.10Annie Romney19.47aPort Angeles
5.10Thunder Braun19.75aCentral Kitsap
6.10Kylie Esselstrom19.89aCrosspoint Academy
7.11Aisha Wiggins Stoudermire20.39aOlympic
8.10Chelsea Filbert20.40aCentral Kitsap
9.10Lillian Waldbillig20.57aKlahowya
10.9Molly Riser20.74aPort Angeles
11.11Melissa Ring20.87aOlympic
12.11Katie Henry21.26aNorth Mason
13.9Natalie McMurray21.59aSequim
14.9Nora Gyswyt21.74aWhite River
15.12Patricia Saylor22.19aCentral Kitsap
16.10Courtney Webb22.27aKlahowya
10Maureen WalmsleyNTKingston
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Katelyn Knight52.93aNorth Kitsap
2.10Thunder Braun55.59aCentral Kitsap
3.11Michaela Anderson55.85aBremerton
4.10Kylie Esselstrom56.09aCrosspoint Academy
5.12Patricia Saylor1:00.20aCentral Kitsap
6.12Amber Wood1:02.60aPort Angeles
7.9Molly Riser1:03.90aPort Angeles
9Erin HennesseyNTPort Angeles
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Katelyn Knight
Heidi Johnson
Addie Carion
Ashley Cole
55.31aNorth Kitsap
2.-Sally Gordon
Alexis Richardson
Ivy Rodolf
Ashleigh Richardson
3.-Mary Grace Salva
Aisha Wiggins Stoudermire
Christine Hill
Melissa Ring
4.-Nora Gyswyt
Hanna Rhodes
Miranda Gulla
Regan Speyer
1:00.17aWhite River
5.-Allesha Welever
Melissa Willis
Jazz Randall
Katheryn Stubbs
1:01.87aClallam Bay
-Elyssa Watford
Alina Yovetich
Mackenzie Bartell
Jillian Smith
NTSeattle Lutheran
-Relay Team NTBremerton
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Addie Carion
Ashley Cole
Heidi Johnson
Katelyn Knight
2:01.13aNorth Kitsap
2.-Julie Belden
Khadijsha DeWalt
Briana Holladay
Amanda Gray
3.-Kennedy Hobart
Miranda Gulla
Johnna Coughlin
Regan Speyer
2:08.66aWhite River
4.-Allesha Welever
Melissa Willis
Jazz Randall
Katheryn Stubbs
2:21.02aClallam Bay
-Alexis Richardson
Ashleigh Richardson
Maureen Walmsley
Ivy Rodolf
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Alexandra Nausid-Nichols
April McCabe
Grace Carlson
Becca Cates
4:39.82aNorth Kitsap
2.-Relay Team 4:50.00aBremerton
-Relay Team NTPort Angeles
-Relay Team NTOlympic
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Elyssa Watford28-08.00Seattle Lutheran
2.11Kirstin Erickson27-10.00Clallam Bay
3.9Sonya Redbird26-07.00Kingston
4.12Sarah Reeves25-10.00Clallam Bay
5.10Nicole Vaughn25-07.00North Kitsap
6.10Cammi Smith25-01.00Central Kitsap
7.11Emily Wood24-11.00Seattle Lutheran
8.10Lexi Simmons24-08.00North Kitsap
9.10Kristine Bacon24-05.00Kingston
10.11Sierra Gulla24-02.00White River
11.9Baylee Beutel23-10.00North Mason
12.10Mia Piper23-03.00Port Angeles
13.9Rebecca Kunselman22-01.00White River
14.12Lily Hartman22-00.00Kingston
15.-Taylor Sheridan21-11.00North Kitsap
16.9Dakota Young21-03.00Kingston
17.8Alexis Greene20-02.00Neah Bay
17.9Kaitlin Williams20-02.00White River
19.12Katheryn Stubbs19-01.00Clallam Bay
20.9Rachel Williams17-04.00White River
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Nicole Vaughn85-04North Kitsap
2.-Taylor Sheridan77-11North Kitsap
3.12Rebecca Reise76-08Klahowya
4.11Sierra Gulla75-11White River
4.11Jillian Burkett75-11Seattle Lutheran
6.10Rebecca Thompson73-09Neah Bay
7.9Sonya Redbird69-06Kingston
8.10Kristine Bacon68-00Kingston
9.11Emily Wood58-06Seattle Lutheran
10.12Lily Hartman58-02Kingston
10.9Sarah Holt58-02Kingston
12.10Mia Piper57-08Port Angeles
13.9Dakota Young52-00Kingston
14.9Kaitlin Williams44-06White River
15.9Rachel Williams40-06White River
16.8Alexis Greene37-02Neah Bay
9Amanda OravitzNDClallam Bay
12Maria SchackNDKingston
11Noelle CiaciuchNDPort Angeles
12Jamie RychlikNDPort Angeles
10Katie FreiNDNorth Kitsap
11Ariana ElkingtonNDNorth Kitsap
11Alexandria Rose-AlbertNDKingston
12Elizabeth PolsinNDOlympic
10Samantha McAffeeNDOlympic
10Baylie DevlinNDPort Angeles
12Chelsea DaviesNDKingston
10Hannah EvjenNDKingston
11Katheryn BollingNDSeattle Lutheran
11Kelli MoseleyNDSeattle Lutheran
12Alex WhitesideNDSequim
11Brenna MooreNDSequim
11Gabrielle WilkeNDNorth Kitsap
11Ashley BerninghausNDNorth Kitsap
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Sarah Reeves90-02Clallam Bay
2.10Rebecca Thompson81-01Neah Bay
3.10Cammi Smith78-03Central Kitsap
4.9Sonya Redbird70-09Kingston
5.10Lexi Simmons70-03North Kitsap
6.9Quincy Rouse67-11Crosspoint Academy
7.10Kara Tygart62-11North Mason
8.9Dakota Young46-01Kingston
9.9Karlee Cossette41-00North Mason
10.10Kristine Bacon39-10Kingston
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Melissa Willis4-08.00Clallam Bay
2.9Miranda Gulla4-06.00White River
3.10Megan Barros4-02.00Crosspoint Academy
10Quincy MillerNHCrosspoint Academy
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kelly Coyle7-00.00White River
2.10Allison Jaques6-06.00Bremerton
2.9Marci Lachapelle6-06.00White River
2.9Erin Woolnough6-06.00Bremerton
9Paris LachapelleNHWhite River
11Michaela AndersonNHBremerton
12Summer ElsberryNHSequim
10Madelyn DunningNHKlahowya
10Roxanne BowersNHNorth Kitsap
10Jocelynn WrightNHNorth Kitsap
11Louisa RogersNHPort Angeles
9Erin HennesseyNHPort Angeles
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Courtney Winck13-08.00Neah Bay
2.9Lauren Bell13-06.00Sequim
3.10Ariana Warner13-01.00Kingston
3.11Sally Gordon13-01.00Kingston
5.10Annie Romney12-11.00Port Angeles
5.11Belle Eastman12-11.00Port Angeles
7.10Melissa Willis12-09.00Clallam Bay
10Mary Grace Salva12-05.00Olympic
8.11Melissa Ring12-04.00Olympic
8.10Michelle Ross12-04.00Central Kitsap
8.9Rebecca Kunselman12-04.00White River
11.12Summer Elsberry11-06.00Sequim
12.9Quincy Rouse11-04.00Crosspoint Academy
13.9Natalie McMurray11-03.00Sequim
14.10Cammi Smith10-11.00Central Kitsap
15.9Alexis Burton10-09.00Bremerton
16.9Samantha Howie9-11.00White River
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Elyssa Watford29-07.00Seattle Lutheran
2.10Courtney Winck28-04.00Neah Bay
3.10Ariana Warner26-07.00Kingston
4.11Melissa Ring25-11.00Olympic
5.9Natalie McMurray24-01.00Sequim
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