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Saturday, April 17, 2010
  Liberty Christian - Bowles Stadium, Argyle - Map

  Track Events Start: 10:05 AM
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Texas - 3A
CDACoram Deo Academy
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Caleb Pryor11.45aTrinity Christian (C...
2.9Chris Jones11.48aTrinity Christian (C...
3.12Riley Ralmuto11.61aGrace Prep
4.11Daniel Fennig11.63aGrace Prep
5.12Jimmy Blass11.71aGrace Prep
6.12Michael Apt11.72aJohn Paul II
7.9Cole McKeel11.73aFaith Christian (Gra...
8.10Lucas Anderson11.76aFaith Christian (Gra...
9.10Bruce Smith11.86aSouthwest Christian ...
10.9Max James12.08aNolan Catholic
11.10John Plummer12.24aNolan Catholic
11.12Parker Holloway12.24aTrinity Christian (C...
13.11Cameron Balkey12.28aLiberty Christian
14.12Hayden Anderson12.29aLiberty Christian
15.9Jerald Rogers12.31aSouthwest Christian ...
16.10Dustin Turner12.33aAustin Hill Country ...
17.12Alex Vong12.38aJohn Paul II
18.12Michael O'Brien12.69aCoram Deo Academy
19.9Corbin Thomas12.86aSouthwest Christian ...
20.11Robert Hardwicke13.50aTrinity Christian (L...
21.11David Threadgill13.64aTrinity Christian (L...
12Jonathan WheelerNTTrinity Christian (L...
11Matt CampbellNTJohn Paul II
11Eric WattsNTLiberty Christian
11Jordan AdamsNTFaith Christian (Gra...
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Joe Montez11.97aNolan Catholic
2.9Josh Moore12.00aLiberty Christian
3.11Hunter Deal12.05aCoram Deo Academy
4.11Corey Dodd12.10aLiberty Christian
5.9Reid Anderson12.12aFaith Christian (Gra...
5.10Jake Curreri12.12aGrace Prep
7.10Josh Riach12.20aFaith Christian (Gra...
8.9Colton Eaton12.30aTrinity Christian (L...
9.10Zebby Wilson12.37aTrinity Christian (L...
10.9Garrett Lakey12.50aFaith Christian (Gra...
11.10Bryan Ball12.57aGrace Prep
12.9Lee McNamara13.05aNolan Catholic
13.11Randy Quishpe13.67aJohn Paul II
14.9Griffin Vela14.57aJohn Paul II
15.10Tim Robinson14.84aTrinity Christian (L...
9Cody WhiteNTCoram Deo Academy
10Dylan FrenchNTSouthwest Christian ...
10Nathan NicholsonNTLiberty Christian
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brady Ball23.13aGrace Prep
2.9Cole McKeel23.88aFaith Christian (Gra...
3.11Peter Ashton24.01aFaith Christian (Gra...
4.11Ryan Harvey24.06aNolan Catholic
5.11Brent McQuirk24.18aLiberty Christian
6.10Bruce Smith24.19aSouthwest Christian ...
7.9Max James24.76aNolan Catholic
8.9Jonathan Faltynski24.84aNolan Catholic
9.9Addison Womack24.88aTrinity Christian (L...
10.10Dustin Turner24.91aAustin Hill Country ...
12.11Cameron Balkey25.69aLiberty Christian
13.12Parker Holloway25.83aTrinity Christian (C...
14.12Michael O'Brien47.54aCoram Deo Academy
15.9Corbin Thomas49.16aSouthwest Christian ...
16.9Jerald Rogers50.05aSouthwest Christian ...
12Jonathan WheelerNTTrinity Christian (L...
10Jairus McElroyNTTrinity Christian (C...
11Matt CampbellNTJohn Paul II
9Leon AhnNTLiberty Christian
10Ashton DunningtonNTFaith Christian (Gra...
12Nick CastillaNTCambridge Of Dallas
11Derek LukacskoNTJohn Paul II
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Rylee Brown24.21aLiberty Christian
2.10Zebby Wilson24.78aTrinity Christian (L...
3.11Corey Dodd24.79aLiberty Christian
4.9Bo Nicholson25.10aNolan Catholic
5.11Hunter Deal25.15aCoram Deo Academy
6.11Dominic Alves25.43aNolan Catholic
7.10Dylan French25.48aSouthwest Christian ...
8.10Will Mims25.80aGrace Prep
9.10Joe Gorman25.85aLiberty Christian
10.9Colton Eaton26.03aTrinity Christian (L...
11.9Danny Gasparovic26.15aSouthwest Christian ...
12.9Josh Elliott26.33aCoram Deo Academy
13.9Sean Hennessy27.70aNolan Catholic
14.10Josh Long28.23aSouthwest Christian ...
10Tim RobinsonNTTrinity Christian (L...
10Jeremy FeghaliNTSouthwest Christian ...
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Josh Pryor52.26aTrinity Christian (C...
2.10Caleb Pryor52.79aTrinity Christian (C...
3.11Kyle Wheeler53.09aTrinity Christian (L...
4.12Alexander Weir53.68aCambridge Of Dallas
5.10Cameron Krc54.01aSouthwest Christian ...
6.9Clay Stocker54.26aFaith Christian (Gra...
7.10Ashton Dunnington54.29aFaith Christian (Gra...
8.9Daniel Walker54.55aNolan Catholic
9.10Taj Hennington54.64aTrinity Christian (C...
10.11Preston Staber54.68aFaith Christian (Gra...
11.12Hayden Anderson54.78aLiberty Christian
12.12Paul Hammer54.96aLiberty Christian
13.12Bronnick Foo55.20aCoram Deo Academy
14.12Luke Smith55.44aLiberty Christian
15.12Marshall Tippen55.50aCambridge Of Dallas
16.10Michael Zarro55.55aJohn Paul II
17.9Jonathan Faltynski55.57aNolan Catholic
18.11Aaron Hodapp55.92aGrace Prep
19.9Addison Womack56.46aTrinity Christian (L...
20.9Max James56.60aNolan Catholic
21.12Dan Knott57.06aJohn Paul II
22.12Michael O'Brien57.16aCoram Deo Academy
23.11Alex Keefer58.17aSouthwest Christian ...
24.10Travis Purtell58.60aTrinity Christian (L...
25.12Nick Castilla1:00.37aCambridge Of Dallas
10Charles MottNTSouthwest Christian ...
10Alex SteinkirchnerNTJohn Paul II
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Foster Ford53.12aLiberty Christian
2.10Miles Smith53.79aLiberty Christian
3.9Bradley Speak55.43aNolan Catholic
4.9Danny Gasparovic56.79aSouthwest Christian ...
5.10Josh Riach57.01aFaith Christian (Gra...
6.10Will Mims57.31aGrace Prep
7.9Ryan Southerland58.24aCoram Deo Academy
8.11Joe Angel59.58aLiberty Christian
9.9Reid Anderson1:00.23aFaith Christian (Gra...
10.9Garrett Lakey1:00.57aFaith Christian (Gra...
11.9Will Becker1:04.78aTrinity Christian (L...
12.9Nathan Allen1:04.95aGrace Prep
13.9Lee McNamara1:06.97aNolan Catholic
14.9Colton Eaton1:08.05aTrinity Christian (L...
15.10Tim Robinson1:09.58aTrinity Christian (L...
16.9Ryan Priddy1:10.98aNolan Catholic
9Bobby StroupNTSouthwest Christian ...
10Josh LongNTSouthwest Christian ...
10Jeremy FeghaliNTSouthwest Christian ...
9Cody WhiteNTCoram Deo Academy
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alexander Weir2:02.21aCambridge Of Dallas
2.9Clay Stocker2:02.88aFaith Christian (Gra...
3.12Luke Smith2:04.40aLiberty Christian
4.12Marshall Tippen2:07.86aCambridge Of Dallas
5.11Preston Staber2:08.77aFaith Christian (Gra...
6.10Timothy Peikert2:09.65aTrinity Christian (L...
7.11Alex Keefer2:10.72aSouthwest Christian ...
8.10Andrew O'Brien2:10.99aCoram Deo Academy
9.12Paul Hammer2:11.37aLiberty Christian
10.10Langston Johnson2:11.75aTrinity Christian (C...
11.12Logan Ruhde2:12.74aGrace Prep
12.9Dane Truelson2:13.33aCambridge Of Dallas
13.9Justin Jackson2:13.64aTrinity Christian (C...
14.12Sean D'Souza2:17.01aJohn Paul II
15.9Jonathan Faltynski2:17.29aNolan Catholic
16.9Benjamin Wheeler2:18.27aTrinity Christian (L...
17.10Austen Smith2:18.60aAustin Hill Country ...
18.12Greg Whitaker2:19.33aNolan Catholic
19.12Drake Coffelt2:20.06aNolan Catholic
20.9Kylan McFail3:01.89aTrinity Christian (C...
9Dereck WoodcockNTLiberty Christian
10Nathan MaxwellNTSouthwest Christian ...
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Ryan Gonzales2:11.05aNolan Catholic
2.10William Coomer2:15.19aNolan Catholic
3.10Jett Milner2:20.40aLiberty Christian
4.11Parker Smith2:25.21aCoram Deo Academy
5.10Chris Delgado2:29.30aNolan Catholic
6.9Mark Rodriguez2:33.85aJohn Paul II
7.9Nathan Allen2:34.90aGrace Prep
8.10Josh Levinson2:36.73aLiberty Christian
9.10Conner Devlin2:37.00aLiberty Christian
10.9Cody White2:42.50aCoram Deo Academy
9Bobby StroupNTSouthwest Christian ...
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dustin Sandoval4:42.94aFort Worth Christian
2.11Fabian Melo4:45.67aLiberty Christian
3.10Devin Gillen4:46.10aNolan Catholic
4.9Brandon Sotello4:52.75aNolan Catholic
5.9Dane Truelson4:55.03aCambridge Of Dallas
6.11Joseph Hale4:56.30aHSA (Home School Ath...
7.10Ryan Leaverton4:58.12aLiberty Christian
8.10Langston Johnson5:04.26aTrinity Christian (C...
9.10Timothy Peikert5:06.86aTrinity Christian (L...
10.11Kyle Wheeler5:08.73aTrinity Christian (L...
11.12Graham Bremer5:08.93aAustin Hill Country ...
12.12Logan Ruhde5:09.55aGrace Prep
13.10Austen Smith5:16.86aAustin Hill Country ...
14.9Benjamin Wheeler5:20.14aTrinity Christian (L...
15.12Preston Marr5:22.23aFaith Christian (Gra...
16.10Jacob Mayer5:23.15aJohn Paul II
12Cameron SkidmoreNTJohn Paul II
10Brendan TippenNTCambridge Of Dallas
9Dereck WoodcockNTLiberty Christian
10Nathan MaxwellNTSouthwest Christian ...
12Jared KnowlesNTCambridge Of Dallas
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Ryan Gonzales5:11.03aNolan Catholic
2.10Jett Milner5:16.79aLiberty Christian
3.10William Coomer5:19.25aNolan Catholic
4.10Aaron Milam5:35.49aLiberty Christian
5.11Parker Smith5:46.82aCoram Deo Academy
6.9Ethan Tripp5:52.83aLiberty Christian
7.10Chris Delgado5:52.95aNolan Catholic
8.9Mark Rodriguez5:54.03aJohn Paul II
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chris Admire15.89aLiberty Christian
2.12Chad Corley16.43aLiberty Christian
3.10Lucas Anderson16.45aFaith Christian (Gra...
4.10Ryan Wilkerson17.26aLiberty Christian
5.10Cameron Byrd18.05aTrinity Christian (C...
6.12Ryan Stockton18.11aSouthwest Christian ...
7.11Hunter Wylie18.13aGrace Prep
8.11Johnson Ward18.66aGrace Prep
9.12Josh Anchors18.91aAustin Hill Country ...
10.9Joshua Woods19.35aTrinity Christian (C...
11.9Cameron Meziere19.93aJohn Paul II
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Daniel Loch18.90aLiberty Christian
10Tim Douglass20.79aLiberty Christian
2.9Keith Bober21.01aLiberty Christian
3.10Donny Murray22.59aSouthwest Christian ...
10Cole HyunNTSouthwest Christian ...
10Diego De La FuenteNTSouthwest Christian ...
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Christian Scofield40.17aLiberty Christian
2.11Peter Ashton43.25aFaith Christian (Gra...
3.12Chris Admire44.08aLiberty Christian
4.10Lucas Anderson44.11aFaith Christian (Gra...
5.10Ryan Wilkerson44.28aLiberty Christian
6.11Johnson Ward44.97aGrace Prep
7.9Cameron Meziere45.40aJohn Paul II
8.10Cameron Byrd45.93aTrinity Christian (C...
9.12Ryan Stockton46.29aSouthwest Christian ...
10.12Josh Anchors46.74aAustin Hill Country ...
11.11Hunter Wylie47.02aGrace Prep
12.9Joshua Woods49.84aTrinity Christian (C...
10John PlummerNTNolan Catholic
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.10Daniel Loch45.90aLiberty Christian
2.11Logan Muczko47.90aLiberty Christian
3.9Keith Bober50.22aLiberty Christian
4.10Donny Murray57.85aSouthwest Christian ...
10Cole HyunNTSouthwest Christian ...
10Diego De La FuenteNTSouthwest Christian ...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Christian Scofield
Eric Watts
Leon Ahn
Chad Corley
44.04Liberty Christian
2.-Riley Ralmuto
Gabe Goodman
Jimmy Blass
Brady Ball
44.57Grace Prep
3.-David Giron
Ryan Harvey
Michael Smith
Jacory Joyner
44.84Nolan Catholic
4.-Jordan Adams
Peter Ashton
Ashton Dunnington
Cole McKeel
45.67Faith Christian (Gra...
5.-Bruce Smith
Charles Mott
Jerald Rogers
Corbin Thomas
46.80Southwest Christian ...
6.-Marcus Harris
Jairus McElroy
Anthony Lee
Zavier Waters
47.65Trinity Christian (C...
7.-Austen Smith
Josh Anchors
Graham Bremer
Dustin Turner
49.35aAustin Hill Country ...
-Alex Vong
Nick Robertson
Derek Lukacsko
Michael Apt
NTJohn Paul II
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Jake Curreri
Daniel Fennig
Bryan Ball
Landon Stovall
45.77Grace Prep
2.-Nathan Nicholson
Miles Smith
Graham Richardson
Rylee Brown
46.48Liberty Christian
3.-Hunter Deal
Bronnick Foo
Josh Elliott
Caleb Brake
47.44Coram Deo Academy
4.-Dominic Alves
Michael Nguyen
Bo Nicholson
Joe Montez
48.60Nolan Catholic
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-David Giron
Ryan Harvey
Michael Smith
Jacory Joyner
1:34.31aNolan Catholic
2.-Parker Holloway
Kaleb Jones
Jairus McElroy
Marco Barrientos
1:36.77aTrinity Christian (C...
3.-Brent McQuirk
Matt Jeffery
Leon Ahn
Chad Corley
1:43.47aLiberty Christian
-Alex Vong
Nick Robertson
Derek Lukacsko
Michael Apt
NTJohn Paul II
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Will Mims
Jake Curreri
Bryan Ball
Landon Stovall
1:39.57aGrace Prep
2.-Josh Moore
Joe Gorman
Graham Richardson
Rylee Brown
1:39.95aLiberty Christian
3.-Brandon Hietpas
Justin Crader
Bo Nicholson
Michael Nguyen
1:43.36aNolan Catholic
4.-Josh Elliott
Caleb Brake
Ryan Southerland
Andrew O'Brien
1:44.41aCoram Deo Academy
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-David Giron
Michael Smith
Jacory Joyner
Daniel Walker
3:33.51aNolan Catholic
2.-Hayden Anderson
Paul Hammer
Matt Jeffery
Christian Scofield
3:34.01aLiberty Christian
3.-Aaron Hodapp
Landon Stovall
Johnson Ward
Logan Ruhde
3:41.07aGrace Prep
4.-Nick Castilla
Alexander Weir
Brendan Tippen
Dane Truelson
3:49.69aCambridge Of Dallas
-Nathan Maxwell
Charles Mott
Cameron Krc
Ryan Stockton
NTSouthwest Christian ...
-Taj Hennington
Caleb Pryor
Kaleb Jones
Josh Pryor
NTTrinity Christian (C...
-Alex Steinkirchner
Cameron Meziere
Dan Knott
Michael Zarro
NTJohn Paul II
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Daniel Loch
Graham Richardson
Miles Smith
Foster Ford
3:44.47aLiberty Christian
2.-Andrew O'Brien
Bronnick Foo
Caleb Brake
Ryan Southerland
3:53.33aCoram Deo Academy
3.-Justin Crader
Brandon Hietpas
Jonathan Lala
Brad Speak
3:56.84aNolan Catholic
4.-Jake Curreri
Hunter Wylie
Nathan Allen
Will Mims
4:02.05aGrace Prep

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Stephanie Kalu12.41aUrsuline Academy
2.11Jayna Haggerty12.76aTrinity Christian (C...
3.12Marcquete Simmons12.89aTrinity Christian (C...
4.9Natalie Williams13.59aUrsuline Academy
5.11Alyx Ruhde13.84aGrace Prep
6.11Ashlee Mora14.03aAustin Hill Country ...
7.10Lindsey Grigg14.04aLiberty Christian
8.9Elizabeth Cagnina14.18aCambridge Of Dallas
9.10Haley Fowler14.23aLiberty Christian
10.9Sara Jackson14.28aAustin Hill Country ...
11.9Megan Miller14.41aUrsuline Academy
12.9Rebecca Holmes14.68aGrace Prep
13.9Melinda Martin14.85aAustin Hill Country ...
14.9Haleigh Dean15.13aGrace Prep
15.9Danielle Goodman15.40aGrace Prep
10Missy BushNTSouthwest Christian ...
10Jessica WickerNTJohn Paul II
9Christina NelsonNTCambridge Of Dallas
10Jacqueline JonesNTJohn Paul II
9Colby DowdleNTLiberty Christian
11Amelie HodgesNTSouthwest Christian ...
11Claire KnobbeNTJohn Paul II
11Shedre CollinsNTTrinity Christian (C...
11Carley PoulandNTSouthwest Christian ...
11Savoy ManeiceNTSouthwest Christian ...
X 100 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Margaret Jow14.72aNolan Catholic
2.9Valeria Brenes15.34aUrsuline Academy
3.9Hannah Kunasek15.37aGrace Prep
4.9Nellie Ficke16.22aSouthwest Christian ...
9Sara Aranda16.23aUrsuline Academy
5.10Olivia Egyed16.23aSouthwest Christian ...
11Esther KongNTSouthwest Christian ...
9Geneva EcheverriaNTUrsuline Academy
9Thuy LeNTNolan Catholic
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Stephanie Kalu26.14aUrsuline Academy
2.11Jayna Haggerty26.47aTrinity Christian (C...
3.12Marcquete Simmons26.98aTrinity Christian (C...
4.9Natalie Williams27.48aUrsuline Academy
5.12Gaby Canard28.20aNolan Catholic
6.9Taylor Miller28.72aFaith Christian (Gra...
7.10Megan Thurman29.35aAustin Hill Country ...
8.9Macy Winslow29.36aAustin Hill Country ...
9.9Amanda Trevino29.68aUrsuline Academy
10.10Katy Ehalt29.72aNolan Catholic
11.10Allie Noe29.82aGrace Prep
12.10Katie Schumacher29.88aJohn Paul II
13.10Haley Fowler30.06aLiberty Christian
14.11Molly Parker30.16aLiberty Christian
15.9Melinda Martin30.77aAustin Hill Country ...
16.9Haleigh Dean30.87aGrace Prep
17.10Mollie Graves31.08aGrace Prep
18.12Angel Thomas32.08aTrinity Christian (C...
19.12Tedi Fain32.15aLiberty Christian
11Amelie HodgesNTSouthwest Christian ...
11Carley PoulandNTSouthwest Christian ...
11Claire KnobbeNTJohn Paul II
11Jacquie StoneNTJohn Paul II
9Christina NelsonNTCambridge Of Dallas
9Elizabeth CagninaNTCambridge Of Dallas
X 200 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Thuy Le30.07aNolan Catholic
2.9Allire Langdon30.85aNolan Catholic
9.9Valeria Brenes30.98aUrsuline Academy
3.9Mattie Lutz31.47aLiberty Christian
6.11Julie Irwin31.7Grace Prep
4.10Melissa Torgerson32.15aJohn Paul II
8.9Hannah Kunasek32.1Grace Prep
5.9Danielle Goodman32.79aGrace Prep
7.9Nellie Ficke56.57aSouthwest Christian ...
10Sarah MillerNTUrsuline Academy
9Maggie VacheNTUrsuline Academy
11Esther KongNTSouthwest Christian ...
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kalin Hanna1:01.34aCoram Deo Academy
2.10Taylor Clark1:03.20aTrinity Christian (C...
3.9Taylor Miller1:06.09aFaith Christian (Gra...
4.9Lauri Young1:06.95aLiberty Christian
5.10Emily Evans1:07.71aUrsuline Academy
6.9Chrissy Madsen1:08.40aUrsuline Academy
7.9Tianna Barber1:08.53aTrinity Christian (C...
8.9Megan Miller1:08.64aUrsuline Academy
9.10Katie Schumacher1:08.68aJohn Paul II
11Carla NelmsNTTrinity Christian (C...
X 400 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.11Danielle Miller1:06.07aCoram Deo Academy
2.9Kathryn Lacey1:08.86aUrsuline Academy
3.10Sarah Miller1:09.18aUrsuline Academy
4.10Angie Tompkins1:17.70aNolan Catholic
5.9Anna Flaherty1:19.59aNolan Catholic
6.9Garner Grabowski1:19.95aGrace Prep
7.9Maggie Vache1:20.70aUrsuline Academy
8.9Aubrey Dwyer1:23.70aCoram Deo Academy
11Nikki CupitNTJohn Paul II
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Grace Meyer2:29.18aUrsuline Academy
2.11Rachel Albert2:37.00aLiberty Christian
3.10Natalie O'Brien2:38.90aJohn Paul II
4.11Alice Doyle2:40.09aUrsuline Academy
5.9Kathleen Keoughan2:42.29aNolan Catholic
6.10Maile Curbo2:43.70aLiberty Christian
7.9Meg Moran2:47.00aUrsuline Academy
8.10Alexandra McMillan2:51.00aLiberty Christian
9.11Brittnay Tate3:04.30aTrinity Christian (C...
10.10Naomi McDowell3:06.92aTrinity Christian (C...
9Hannah AtchinsonNTTrinity Christian (C...
X 800 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Devin Clark2:49.08aUrsuline Academy
2.9Garner Grabowski3:02.01aGrace Prep
3.9Lauren Flaherty3:02.70aNolan Catholic
4.9Aubrey Dwyer3:03.80aCoram Deo Academy
5.9Anna Flaherty3:04.38aNolan Catholic
6.10Angie Tompkins3:04.93aNolan Catholic
7.10Ryan Lofland3:08.20aUrsuline Academy
8.11Demi Desalvo3:10.57aUrsuline Academy
10Caitlin BobbittNTJohn Paul II
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Caitlin Keen5:30.14aNolan Catholic
2.9Kennedi Henneberger5:32.87aUrsuline Academy
3.10Sydney Brynn5:34.07aLiberty Christian
4.12Caroline Janssen5:40.69aAustin Hill Country ...
5.10Michelle Bach5:41.69aGrace Prep
6.10Allison Golden5:43.24aUrsuline Academy
7.10Maile Curbo6:16.33aLiberty Christian
8.9Meg Moran6:17.25aUrsuline Academy
9.10Alexandra McMillan6:31.91aLiberty Christian
X 1600 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Danielle Martinez6:13.51aNolan Catholic
2.9Devin Clark6:31.58aUrsuline Academy
3.9Lauren Harrell6:32.83aUrsuline Academy
4.10Katherine Baird6:33.25aUrsuline Academy
5.9Lauren Flaherty6:36.75aNolan Catholic
11Bridget HennessyNTNolan Catholic
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Belle MacFarlane17.02aUrsuline Academy
2.11Lizzy Cook17.78aLiberty Christian
3.10Hannah Ellison17.94aLiberty Christian
4.11Dusti Gasparovic19.04aSouthwest Christian ...
5.10Emily Evans19.85aUrsuline Academy
6.10Melissa Torgerson20.57aJohn Paul II
6.9Jordan Pilkington20.57aTrinity Christian (C...
8.10Natalie O'Brien22.11aJohn Paul II
10Brie StokesNTTrinity Christian (C...
9Elizabeth CagninaNTCambridge Of Dallas
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Anne Marie Priddy18.57aUrsuline Academy
2.10Lanette Miley19.03aLiberty Christian
3.10Rachelanne Talatala19.16aUrsuline Academy
4.10Alex Marianos19.53aNolan Catholic
5.12Cambria Morrow20.56aUrsuline Academy
6.12Hannah Hicks20.91aCoram Deo Academy
7.9Brianna Auten23.08aSouthwest Christian ...
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Belle MacFarlane49.57aUrsuline Academy
2.11Alyx Ruhde49.69aGrace Prep
3.10Hannah Ellison52.09aLiberty Christian
4.10Emily Evans52.26aUrsuline Academy
5.11Calandra Jones52.56aNolan Catholic
6.11Dusti Gasparovic53.31aSouthwest Christian ...
7.10Emily Vick55.94aLiberty Christian
8.9Ashley Phan56.10aNolan Catholic
9.10Natalie O'Brien56.15aJohn Paul II
10.10Rachel Shanks59.28aAustin Hill Country ...
11.10Melissa Torgerson1:03.42aJohn Paul II
12.9Jordan Pilkington1:03.89aTrinity Christian (C...
10Brie StokesNTTrinity Christian (C...
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.9Anne Marie Priddy56.61aUrsuline Academy
2.10Marcy Morgan57.46aLiberty Christian
3.9Kathryn Lacey58.00aUrsuline Academy
4.10Rachelanne Talatala58.03aUrsuline Academy
5.10Marissa Marrs59.73aLiberty Christian
6.10Alex Marianos1:01.72aNolan Catholic
7.9Brianna Auten1:06.59aSouthwest Christian ...
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shedre Collins
Marcquete Simmons
Ashley Cox
Taylor Clark
50.50Trinity Christian (C...
2.-Gaby Canard
Calandra Jones
Katy Ehalt
Ashley Phan
53.58Nolan Catholic
3.-Colby Dowdle
Lindsey Grigg
Ashley Kowaleski
Landra Young
53.75Liberty Christian
5.-Macy Winslow
Sara Jackson
Megan Thurman
Ashlee Mora
54.72aAustin Hill Country ...
4.-Natalie Williams
Emma Brandeis
Megan Miller
Amanda Trevino
54.66Ursuline Academy
6.-Haleigh Dean
Mollie Graves
Rebecca Holmes
Allie Noe
56.92Grace Prep
-Jacqueline Jones
Jacquie Stone
Jessie Wicker
Romi Kiriaki
NTJohn Paul II
-Relay Team NTSouthwest Christian ...
X 4x100 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Gabby Brown
Gabrielle Johnson
Margaret Jow
Jadon Franklin
56.52Nolan Catholic
2.-Danielle Miller
Hannah Hicks
Gabrielle Miller
Lauren Wells
57.05Coram Deo Academy
-Sara Aranda
Geneva Echeverria
Cambria Morrow
Valeria Brenes
59.13Ursuline Academy
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Emma Brandeis
Amanda Trevino
Chrissy Madsen
Stephanie Kalu
1:53.87aUrsuline Academy
2.-Gaby Canard
Calandra Jones
Katy Ehalt
Ashley Phan
1:54.21aNolan Catholic
3.-Taylor Thornton
Ashley Cox
Shedre Collins
Cailyn Byrd
1:56.73aTrinity Christian (C...
4.-Colby Dowdle
Ashley Kowaleski
Emily Vick
Landra Young
1:57.05aLiberty Christian
5.-Macy Winslow
Sara Jackson
Megan Thurman
Ashlee Mora
1:57.35aAustin Hill Country ...
6.-Jacqueline Jones
Katie Schumacher
Jacquie Stone
Claire Knobbe
2:02.49aJohn Paul II
X 4x200 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Kalin Hanna
Gabrielle Miller
Lauren Wells
Hannah Hicks
2:00.64aCoram Deo Academy
2.-Gabby Brown
Gabrielle Johnson
Allire Langdon
Jadon Franklin
2:05.26aNolan Catholic
3.-Geneva Echeverria
Sara Aranda
Maggie Vache
Sarah Miller
2:07.96aUrsuline Academy
4.-Mollie Graves
Haleigh Dean
Hannah Kunasek
Danielle Goodman
2:09.19aGrace Prep
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Alyx Ruhde
Allie Noe
Rebecca Holmes
Michelle Bach
4:25.87aGrace Prep
2.-Taylor Clark
Hannah Atchinson
Carla Nelms
Brittnay Tate
4:28.02aTrinity Christian (C...
3.-Allison Golden
Kennedi Henneberger
Belle MacFarlane
Chrissy Madsen
4:41.35aUrsuline Academy
4.-Rachel Albert
Sydney Brynn
Maile Curbo
Lauri Young
4:44.52aLiberty Christian
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
1.-Kalin Hanna
Danielle Miller
Gabrielle Miller
Lauren Wells
4:43.82aCoram Deo Academy
2.-Jadon Franklin
Angie Tompkins
Gabrielle Johnson
Allire Langdon
5:01.68aNolan Catholic
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