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Seton Hall Open

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Seton Hall, South Orange

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
3.FrChristian Cox7.04aNew Jersey City U
8.SrCarl Smith7.14aSeton Hall
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
3.FrChristian Cox7.08aNew Jersey City U
8.SrCarl Smith7.20aSeton Hall
9.FrCharles Waugh7.23aNew Jersey City U
10.FrGerald Simpkins7.24aMonroe
12.FrCharles Allen7.28aNew Jersey City U
13.SoAsjon Alford7.35aSeton Hall
20.FrDarren Sligh7.47aMonroe
27.FrLouis N Gutierrez7.58aMonroe
32.FrAndrew Buchanan8.10aCUNY City Tech
34.FrKhalid Lewis8.41aCUNY City Tech
35.FrPirvette Lee9.14aCUNY City Tech
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
5.FrChristian Cox23.18aNew Jersey City U
10.FrCharles Waugh23.61aNew Jersey City U
12.SoChinedu Agu23.72aCUNY York
15.SoGarrett Ellis23.93aNew Jersey City U
16.FrCharles Allen23.96aNew Jersey City U
17.SoAsjon Alford24.04aSeton Hall
18.-Shamid Parker24.19aNew Jersey City U
19.SoRonel Phillip24.21aCUNY York
21.FrDarren Sligh24.47aMonroe
26.FrLouis N Gutierrez24.91aMonroe
28.SrCavohdyah Ben-Levi25.07aCUNY York
29.FrEvan Baytops25.18aNew Jersey City U
31.FrChristian Little25.51aMonroe
32.FrPaul Adetola25.58aCUNY York
39.-Chelzon Gray26.43aMonroe
42.FrAnthony Alliosn27.47aMonroe
43.SoJaques Charles27.77aMonroe
44.-Kavon Bradshaw28.87aMonroe
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.FrChristian Cox51.54aNew Jersey City U
4.SoGarrett Ellis52.20aNew Jersey City U
5.SoChinedu Agu52.69aCUNY York
6.FrCharles Waugh52.77aNew Jersey City U
8.SoRonel Phillip53.01aCUNY York
10.SrMarcellus McCord53.32aSeton Hall
12.JrMayo Alao53.72aSeton Hall
13.SoSean Schnarr53.74aSeton Hall
14.FrHeesham Azzam53.75aSeton Hall
17.JrMatthew Rendina54.22aSeton Hall
18.-Shamid Parker54.33aNew Jersey City U
19.FrBrian Broadbelt54.47aCUNY York
23.SrCavohdyah Ben-Levi55.21aCUNY York
24.FrSaddecky King55.50aKingsborough
27.FrPaul Adetola56.86aCUNY York
33.SoLeonard Osman59.74aKingsborough
34.-Shawn Levy59.92aMonroe
41.FrJoshua Soto1:14.91aMonroe
43.SoJean LaBatte1:21.52aCUNY City Tech
--FrChristian LittleDQMonroe
X 500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
3.JrMarvin Carter1:06.43aSeton Hall
4.SrSean Morris1:06.46aSeton Hall
8.SoAndrew O'Leary1:10.53aSeton Hall
13.SoMarvin Cox1:15.37aKingsborough
--SoJonathan AlexisDNFKingsborough
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.FrTaylor Trumbetti2:04.95aFelician
3.SoTarik Weekes2:08.01aCUNY York
4.SoKaram Alkhalil2:08.41aNew Jersey City U
5.FrCory Johnson2:09.33aCUNY City Tech
6.FrJared Hanko2:10.15aSeton Hall
10.JrKenny Jacquet2:19.79aCUNY York
11.FrTim Kicha2:20.00aFelician
12.-Kwayne Leonce2:22.69aKingsborough
16.SrJohn Ramos2:27.04aSeton Hall
17.SoDavid Jean-Baptiste2:35.52aCUNY City Tech
18.SoCraig Michaud2:35.63aSeton Hall
20.SoTravion Joseph2:47.32aCUNY City Tech
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrDorian Ellerbe2:43.57aSeton Hall
3.SoAustine Tobleman2:46.26aSeton Hall
6.FrKareen Hall3:08.05aKingsborough
8.FrJared Hanko3:11.42aSeton Hall
12.FrAhmed Gueye3:30.34aNew Jersey City U
---Mamoudou DioubateDNFMonroe
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
2.SoAustine Tobleman4:37.42aSeton Hall
3.FrTaylor Trumbetti4:47.95aFelician
4.FrJared Hanko4:51.68aSeton Hall
6.SoAleksandr Kopach5:05.00aKingsborough
9.JrChris Harvey5:20.55aFelician
10.SrPatrick McGovern5:20.96aSeton Hall
16.FrAhmed Gueye6:37.65aNew Jersey City U
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.SrPatrick McGovern9:30.81aSeton Hall
3.FrRob Albano9:38.10aFelician
4.-Erik Chester9:41.33aSeton Hall
5.FrTim Kicha9:44.58aFelician
6.JrKenny Jacquet9:50.62aCUNY York
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
3.FrEvan Baytops8.89aNew Jersey City U
4.SrJohn Ramos8.94aSeton Hall
5.SoCraig Michaud9.63aSeton Hall
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
3.FrEvan Baytops8.89aNew Jersey City U
4.SrJohn Ramos8.94aSeton Hall
5.SoCraig Michaud9.63aSeton Hall
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
2.-Relay Team 3:36.36aCUNY York
6.-Relay Team 3:50.45aCUNY York
7.-Relay Team 3:51.02aKingsborough
8.-Relay Team 3:53.63aSeton Hall
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.FrErrol Jeffrey48-00.00Bronx
2.SoJoseph Charles47-03.00Bronx
3.SoMarlon Dwyer43-07.25Monroe
4.FrRicky Okoye40-00.50Seton Hall
5.SrJohn Ramos38-02.75Seton Hall
6.SrRyan Skorupski32-02.00Seton Hall
7.SoSteve Burnett30-05.00CUNY York
8.SoOludam Adetimehin28-03.50Kingsborough
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.FrJephte N Pierre6-00.00Monroe
3.-Matthew McHugh6-00.00Seton Hall
4.SoCraig Michaud6-00.00Seton Hall
7.SrCarl Smith5-10.00Seton Hall
8.SrJohn Ramos5-06.00Seton Hall
9.-Mamoudou Dioubate5-04.00Monroe
10.SrRyan Skorupski5-04.00Seton Hall
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrCharles Allen21-00.75New Jersey City U
3.SrJohn Ramos19-08.00Seton Hall
4.FrJephte N Pierre19-06.75Monroe
5.SrRyan Skorupski19-03.25Seton Hall
6.-Matthew McHugh18-08.00Seton Hall
6.FrLouis N Gutierrez18-08.00Monroe
9.SoCraig Michaud17-01.25Seton Hall
10.JrOraldo Austin16-10.50New Jersey City U
11.FrJunior Abdoul Minougou16-05.25Bronx
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.SrCarl Smith40-09.75Seton Hall
4.JrOraldo Austin37-09.25New Jersey City U
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Finals
1.FrErrol Jeffrey43-11.25Bronx
2.SoJoseph Charles39-08.50Bronx
3.SoOludam Adetimehin36-03.00Kingsborough

Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
2.FrJanay Mitchell7.79aSeton Hall
3.FrAudrey Wilson7.84aNew Jersey City U
5.SrShamika Kentish8.01aSeton Hall
6.JrDonna Alexander8.13aSeton Hall
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
2.FrJanay Mitchell7.81aSeton Hall
4.FrAudrey Wilson8.02aNew Jersey City U
5.JrDonna Alexander8.07aSeton Hall
6.SrShamika Kentish8.20aSeton Hall
9.SoDeseria Sanders8.33aNew Jersey City U
10.SoAshley Barnes8.34aSeton Hall
12.SoLa'Shonda Carter8.38aNew Jersey City U
15.FrDecenia Gardner8.56aCUNY York
16.JrAlana Paul-Wilson8.67aCUNY York
17.JrWendella Rankin8.71aCUNY York
22.JrKristen Hardy9.37aSeton Hall
23.-Shannon N Noel9.38aMonroe
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.FrJanay Mitchell25.74aSeton Hall
4.JrDonna Alexander26.26aSeton Hall
5.SoKadisha Wickham26.62aCUNY York
12.-Brie Roler27.06aSeton Hall
13.SrAlexandra Nkrumah27.20aCUNY York
16.FrSattirah Johnson27.51aNew Jersey City U
17.JrKristen Hardy27.74aSeton Hall
18.FrYashmeena Powell28.30aMonroe
19.JrWendella Rankin28.35aCUNY York
21.FrDecenia Gardner28.80aCUNY York
22.JrAlana Paul-Wilson28.87aCUNY York
35.-Christina Edmin31.55aMonroe
37.SoAyanna Osson32.16aCUNY York
38.FrJoviett Frederick32.18aCUNY York
40.FrMia Andrillion32.61aMonroe
41.FrNiquasha N Williams36.99aMonroe
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.SoLa'Shonda Carter1:00.88aNew Jersey City U
4.SrAlexandra Nkrumah1:01.22aCUNY York
5.SoKadisha Wickham1:01.89aCUNY York
8.-Shannon N Noel1:07.47aMonroe
10.FrTrimaine Ingram1:08.11aMonroe
16.FrJoviett Frederick1:13.88aCUNY York
18.FrNiquasha N Williams1:37.82aMonroe
X 500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.JrAlexandra Hehn1:21.79aSeton Hall
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brie Roler2:25.39aSeton Hall
2.SoKeshia Rudolph2:25.86aSeton Hall
4.-Carey Kyeairre2:40.33aNew Jersey City U
5.SoAntoinette Smile2:40.67aCUNY York
6.SoDeandra Nelson2:42.15aKingsborough
8.SoFiona Brown2:45.89aCUNY York
10.FrCharez N Weste2:47.53aMonroe
11.SoMelissa Goodwin2:48.73aNew Jersey City U
13.SoDanielle Colon2:53.90aNew Jersey City U
15.FrChristina Chafos3:11.21aSeton Hall
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
4.SoDiane Joseph3:43.04aKingsborough
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
2.FrHughnique Rolle5:23.12aSeton Hall
3.-Brittan Ogunmokun5:34.56aSeton Hall
5.FrEloise Paredes5:51.17aSeton Hall
7.JrSarah Root5:57.68aFelician
9.JrMadison Wrest6:05.64aSeton Hall
12.SoDanielle Colon6:32.71aNew Jersey City U
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.FrEloise Paredes11:27.64aSeton Hall
5.SoAlexis Schloss11:38.46aCUNY York
7.SrTaneisha Renaud11:55.78aCUNY York
10.SrErin Dougherty14:18.08aNew Jersey City U
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SoCharisse Bryant8.97aSeton Hall
2.FrAzudei DuBois9.11aNew Jersey City U
3.JrAlexandra Hehn9.79aSeton Hall
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoCharisse Bryant9.15aSeton Hall
3.FrAzudei DuBois10.19aNew Jersey City U
4.SrCandice Bellamy10.90aNew Jersey City U
6.JrAlexandra Hehn11.50aSeton Hall
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:14.27aCUNY York
3.-Relay Team 4:28.87aCUNY York
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shannie Bogan34-09.50CUNY York
2.-Shanna Barrow27-10.75Kingsborough
4.FrJulissa Freeman25-05.50Monroe
5.SoThessal Belizario25-00.00CUNY York
6.FrYashmeena Powell24-06.50Monroe
7.SoMarie Losier21-02.00CUNY York
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
3.FrChristiana Emdin4-08.00Monroe
--FrJoviett FrederickNHCUNY York
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoDeseria Sanders17-06.75New Jersey City U
2.SoLa'Shonda Carter17-06.25New Jersey City U
3.FrAzudei DuBois17-00.75New Jersey City U
4.SrAlexandra Nkrumah15-09.50CUNY York
6.JrWendella Rankin13-11.00CUNY York
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAlexandra Nkrumah34-07.75CUNY York
---Christina EdminNDMonroe
--JrWendella RankinNDCUNY York
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Finals
1.-Shannie Bogan42-09.00CUNY York
2.SoThessal Belizario31-09.50CUNY York
3.SoMarie Losier20-10.75CUNY York
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