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MSU Pre-Season Open

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Minnesota State, Mankato

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North Dakota - NCAA
University of Mary
South Dakota - NAIA
Sioux Falls
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.SrGabe Udia6.86aSt Cloud State
2.SoBrock Keaton6.92aMinnesota State Moor...
3.SoDiahn Zeon6.96aConcordia-St. Paul
5.FrSkyler Jackson7.01aMinnesota State Moor...
6.SoUchenna Ogbonnaya7.04aMinnesota State Moor...
7.SoRobert Spence7.05aConcordia-St. Paul
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoBrock Keaton6.92aMinnesota State Moor...
2.SoDiahn Zeon6.92aConcordia-St. Paul
3.FrDerek Bredy6.98aMinnesota State Moor...
4.FrSkyler Jackson6.99aMinnesota State Moor...
5.SrGabe Udia7.00aSt Cloud State
7.SoUchenna Ogbonnaya7.01aMinnesota State Moor...
8.SoRobert Spence7.01aConcordia-St. Paul
11.SrJohn Pimental7.04aConcordia-St. Paul
12.FrTracy Lide7.06aUniversity of Mary
15.FrBobby Pyne7.14aMinnesota State Moor...
16.FrJarvous Bryant7.14aUniversity of Mary
18.SoCory Ploof7.24aUniversity of Mary
20.JrKevin Koglin7.25aConcordia-St. Paul
21.SrJordan Puhalla7.27aUniversity of Mary
22.SoBrian Kiedrowski7.28aMinnesota State Moor...
23.FrDaniel Hirsch7.30aMinnesota State Moor...
24.FrDylan Enderlein7.31aConcordia-St. Paul
26.FrDeland Weyrauch7.32aUniversity of Mary
27.SoLandon Lupi7.32aSouth Dakota State
29.JrChris Lefler7.35aSt Cloud State
32.SoJesse Rufner7.42aSioux Falls
33.-Adam Sturm7.42aAugustana (SD)
35.FrMatt Zilverberg7.45aSioux Falls
36.SoDarius Willis7.46aConcordia-St. Paul
37.JrJeremy Davis7.47aSt Cloud State
41.SrBen Held7.60aSt Cloud State
42.JrBlake Ridgway7.61aAugustana (SD)
43.-Jessie Hollie7.69aConcordia-St. Paul
44.FrJason Haddix7.83aSioux Falls
46.JrWill Lange8.07aConcordia-St. Paul
47.FrChris Flaten8.32aConcordia-St. Paul
--SoLuke LeischnerDQSouth Dakota State
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.JrDomonique Gilmer22.54aConcordia-St. Paul
4.SoCory Ploof22.73aUniversity of Mary
6.FrJarvous Bryant23.01aUniversity of Mary
9.FrDerek Bredy23.07aMinnesota State Moor...
11.FrDylan Enderlein23.09aConcordia-St. Paul
13.SrJordan Puhalla23.42aUniversity of Mary
14.SoEvan Bunkers23.53aSouth Dakota State
15.FrDeland Weyrauch23.57aUniversity of Mary
16.JrChris Lefler23.59aSt Cloud State
17.JrAlex Zuke23.60aSioux Falls
19.FrKaleb Stevens23.70aSioux Falls
20.FrDaniel Hirsch23.71aMinnesota State Moor...
21.SoPaul Mallory23.80aAugustana (SD)
22.-Adam Sturm24.05aAugustana (SD)
23.SoJesse Rufner24.08aSioux Falls
24.SoBrian Kiedrowski24.14aMinnesota State Moor...
28.FrBrandon Delao24.48aUniversity of Mary
29.-Andrew Eben24.58aSioux Falls
31.FrJason Haddix24.64aSioux Falls
32.FrMatt Zilverberg24.68aSioux Falls
35.-Jessie Hollie27.12aConcordia-St. Paul
X 300 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLuke Leischner35.75aSouth Dakota State
2.SoDustin Gibbons36.19aSouth Dakota State
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoAaron Lund49.53aMinnesota State Moor...
3.SoCorey Shufelt50.43aMinnesota State Moor...
4.SoJared Foote50.68aSouth Dakota State
5.FrTracy Lide51.40aUniversity of Mary
6.FrAnthony Bos51.68aConcordia-St. Paul
7.SrDerek Meyer52.44aMinnesota State Moor...
8.FrKyle Tibke53.06aSioux Falls
10.-David Hirsch54.76aMinnesota State Moor...
11.SoTed Schwerzler55.48aConcordia-St. Paul
X 600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
5.JrJacob Vossler1:24.84aMinnesota State Moor...
6.JrZach Morris1:25.89aAugustana (SD)
9.FrBrandon Delao1:27.57aUniversity of Mary
10.FrCole Muller1:29.24aUniversity of Mary
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoDominic Thielen1:56.42aSouth Dakota State
2.SrBrian Werner1:56.44aAugustana (SD)
4.JrGary Kashale2:00.31aSioux Falls
5.FrJordan Davis2:00.64aUniversity of Mary
7.JrKelly Hall2:02.44aSouth Dakota State
8.FrJoe Murphy2:03.07aAugustana (SD)
9.FrJordan Haroldson2:04.22aConcordia-St. Paul
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
2.JrMarshall Kambestad4:20.34aSouth Dakota State
5.SoJake Womeldorf4:40.89aConcordia-St. Paul
6.SoTravis Wagers4:51.73aConcordia-St. Paul
7.SrDaniel Schield4:52.90aConcordia-St. Paul
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
3.SrMatt Heesch8:55.08aAugustana (SD)
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrLaquone Robinson8.13aMinnesota State Moor...
4.SoPaul Mallory8.59aAugustana (SD)
5.SrBen Held8.64aSt Cloud State
7.FrRyan Barnes8.87aMinnesota State Moor...
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrLaquone Robinson8.26aMinnesota State Moor...
4.SoPaul Mallory8.57aAugustana (SD)
5.SrBen Held8.60aSt Cloud State
7.JrJeremy Davis8.71aSt Cloud State
8.FrRyan Barnes8.73aMinnesota State Moor...
10.FrZach Pederson8.85aConcordia-St. Paul
14.JrAlex Zuke9.00aSioux Falls
15.SoTed Thuening9.00aConcordia-St. Paul
16.FrRyan Maloney9.09aSioux Falls
17.-Sam Quaintance9.14aAugustana (SD)
18.-Carl Moe9.17aMinnesota State Moor...
20.FrMike Bredeson9.24aSouth Dakota State
21.FrAron Velde9.30aMinnesota State Moor...
22.JrAndrew Chaussee9.54aConcordia-St. Paul
23.SrGreg Schenavar9.60aUniversity of Mary
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:21.89aMinnesota State Moor...
2.-Relay Team 3:26.23aConcordia-St. Paul
4.-Tracy Lide
Deland Weyrauch
Brandon Delao
Jarvous Bryant
3:27.11aUniversity of Mary
5.-Relay Team 3:27.23aSouth Dakota State
8.-Relay Team 3:30.64aMinnesota State Moor...
9.-Zach Morris
Blake Ridgway
Paul Mallory
Joe Murphy
3:33.24aAugustana (SD)
10.-Alex Zuke
Jason Haddix
Kaleb Stevens
Kyle Tibke
3:35.36aSioux Falls
11.-Cory Ploof
Cole Muller
Jordan Davis
Kevon Brown
3:39.57aUniversity of Mary
12.-Andrew Eben
Taylor Majerus
Ryan Maloney
Matt Zilverberg
3:39.97aSioux Falls
13.-Brian Werner
Sam Quaintance
Adam Sturm
Adou Omot
3:42.93aAugustana (SD)
14.-Relay Team 3:47.63aConcordia-St. Paul
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
2.JrBen Jacobson52-10.00University of Mary
4.JrAnthony Enyi49-08.25Minnesota State Moor...
5.SrSam McInerney47-03.50South Dakota State
6.JrJake Brinkman46-03.25South Dakota State
8.JrChristopher Heil44-01.25Minnesota State Moor...
9.SoCorbin Kratovil43-11.75South Dakota State
11.SoJose Alba41-07.00Minnesota State Moor...
12.JrLandon Leveranz38-09.00Sioux Falls
15.JrWill Lange34-04.00Concordia-St. Paul
16.FrTaylor Majerus33-02.50Sioux Falls
17.FrAndy Wischnewski32-08.25Concordia-St. Paul
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJared Vlastuin6-04.75South Dakota State
1.FrRyan Barnes6-04.75Minnesota State Moor...
3.-Jordan Mueller6-02.75Sioux Falls
3.SoCorbin Kratovil6-02.75South Dakota State
3.SoMichael Bendix6-02.75Minnesota State Moor...
3.SoCody McCargar6-02.75University of Mary
7.FrSimon Erlandson6-00.75Minnesota State Moor...
7.FrCory Sugden6-00.75Augustana (SD)
7.SrLance Nemec6-00.75University of Mary
12.FrJacob Pohlmann5-10.75Augustana (SD)
12.JrBlake Ridgway5-10.75Augustana (SD)
14.FrShawn Neuberger5-08.75University of Mary
16.FrTaylor Majerus5-07.00Sioux Falls
--FrAron VeldeNHMinnesota State Moor...
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
3.SrAdam LeMay15-03.00Concordia-St. Paul
8.JrCaleb Coffee14-09.00Sioux Falls
10.SoBrian Schenavar14-03.25Sioux Falls
10.SrJerry Jonas14-03.25Minnesota State Moor...
13.FrJake Kunkle13-09.25Sioux Falls
17.JrAndrew Chaussee12-03.50Concordia-St. Paul
--SrGreg SchenavarNHUniversity of Mary
--SrJake AlexanderNHUniversity of Mary
--JrChad PeckNHMinnesota State Moor...
--SoChad AurichNHSioux Falls
--JrClint SchroederNHSouth Dakota State
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJared Vlastuin23-06.25South Dakota State
2.FrDerek Bredy23-03.50Minnesota State Moor...
3.SrJohn Pimental23-01.75Concordia-St. Paul
5.SoDiahn Zeon22-08.00Concordia-St. Paul
6.-Jordan Mueller22-01.00Sioux Falls
8.FrSkyler Jackson21-11.00Minnesota State Moor...
9.FrAntonio Hardy-Dundy21-06.75Minnesota State Moor...
11.FrThomas Hartwell21-04.75University of Mary
12.FrAustin King21-04.25Sioux Falls
14.SoCorbin Kratovil21-03.50South Dakota State
14.FrOssie Dukes21-03.50University of Mary
17.JrTyler Zacher21-00.75University of Mary
21.SoBlake Anderson20-04.50Sioux Falls
22.FrPatrick Amoako20-01.50St Cloud State
22.FrKaleb Stevens20-01.50Sioux Falls
26.FrJacob Martens19-08.25Sioux Falls
27.SrGreg Schenavar19-08.00University of Mary
28.JrBlake Ridgway19-06.75Augustana (SD)
29.FrSimon Erlandson19-06.00Minnesota State Moor...
30.FrMike Bredeson19-04.75South Dakota State
30.FrJacob Pohlmann19-04.75Augustana (SD)
33.FrShawn Neuberger19-02.00University of Mary
34.FrAustin Eichacker18-09.00South Dakota State
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.FrLaquone Robinson46-06.00Minnesota State Moor...
4.JrTyler Zacher44-10.25University of Mary
5.SoNathaniel Bridgeman44-01.50Sioux Falls
7.SoMichael Bendix42-09.75Minnesota State Moor...
8.FrSimon Erlandson42-08.00Minnesota State Moor...
9.FrOssie Dukes42-04.25University of Mary
9.FrThomas Hartwell42-04.25University of Mary
11.SoBlake Anderson41-06.50Sioux Falls
12.FrAustin King41-05.00Sioux Falls
13.SrChris Kotlarek40-03.25Concordia-St. Paul
14.FrKaleb Stevens40-01.50Sioux Falls
15.FrJacob Martens39-05.00Sioux Falls
16.FrShawn Neuberger37-10.50University of Mary
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAnthony Enyi62-11.25Minnesota State Moor...
3.JrBen Jacobson58-01.25University of Mary
4.JrChristopher Heil56-10.00Minnesota State Moor...
5.JrJake Brinkman53-11.25South Dakota State
7.SrSam McInerney52-11.50South Dakota State
9.SoJose Alba49-07.75Minnesota State Moor...
11.SrTim Kruse44-09.00Sioux Falls
12.SoTad Harman44-05.50University of Mary
13.SrJustin Franke43-06.50Concordia-St. Paul
17.SoJames Pudwill39-03.75Concordia-St. Paul

Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
2.SrLinnelle Clark7.75aMinnesota State Mank...
3.SoCaitlin Dhein7.76aWinona State
4.SrBrittany Garner7.80aSouth Dakota State
5.JrBobbi Jo Buyck7.96aAugustana (SD)
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
3.SoCaitlin Dhein7.74aWinona State
4.FrBecca Schmidt7.79aMinnesota State Mank...
5.SrBrittany Garner7.80aSouth Dakota State
6.SrLinnelle Clark7.81aMinnesota State Mank...
7.JrBobbi Jo Buyck7.92aAugustana (SD)
8.FrDanielle Jones7.97aMinnesota State Mank...
9.FrYanique Black8.05aMinnesota State Mank...
10.SrLindsey Derby8.07aWinona State
12.FrAmber Leazer8.18aMinnesota State Mank...
13.FrSamantha Williams8.20aUniversity of Mary
14.FrSarah Finley8.21aWinona State
15.FrBrandi Ramey8.24aSouth Dakota State
16.-Sarah Perryman8.26aConcordia-St. Paul
17.FrMelissa Walker8.27aUniversity of Mary
18.FrDani Moyer8.28aSioux Falls
19.FrRachel Hagberg8.30aSouth Dakota State
20.FrTina Finley8.32aWinona State
21.SoKristyn Nelson8.33aUniversity of Mary
22.SrChristi Rosenbrook8.35aSouth Dakota State
23.FrLeah Wensmann8.40aSioux Falls
24.FrNicole Hall8.41aMinnesota State Moor...
25.FrAnna Blaske8.45aWinona State
26.FrHeather Schmit8.46aConcordia-St. Paul
27.SoAdrianna Suttle8.53aConcordia-St. Paul
28.FrRachel Taylor8.54aConcordia-St. Paul
29.SoMary Hass8.54aMinnesota State Mank...
31.JrJill Fritz8.56aSouth Dakota State
32.FrEmily Halverson8.58aAugustana (SD)
33.FrChaneese Schaefer8.61aAugustana (SD)
34.FrBriana Jaeger8.61aMinnesota State Mank...
35.SrMegan Lauseng8.74aSouth Dakota State
36.FrKiley Franzoni8.85aMinnesota State Moor...
37.FrStephanie Honomichl8.89aMinnesota State Moor...
38.-Teani Gildenzoph8.99aMinnesota State Mank...
39.FrMichelle Johnson9.08aSioux Falls
40.-Tina Muser9.48aSioux Falls
--FrAshley BergDQMinnesota State Moor...
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrBrittany Garner25.43aSouth Dakota State
2.FrBecca Schmidt26.09aMinnesota State Mank...
4.SrKelsey Leonard26.37aMinnesota State Mank...
5.JrBobbi Jo Buyck26.56aAugustana (SD)
6.SrKelly Milkent26.61aWinona State
7.FrYanique Black26.66aMinnesota State Mank...
8.SoNicole Drangstveit26.81aWinona State
9.FrJill Steinwand26.85aMinnesota State Moor...
10.FrAshley Salwey27.10aUniversity of Mary
11.FrAshley Berg27.18aMinnesota State Moor...
12.JrJill Fritz27.24aSouth Dakota State
13.SrChristi Rosenbrook27.25aSouth Dakota State
14.FrSarah Finley27.29aWinona State
15.FrLeah Wensmann27.36aSioux Falls
16.FrBrandi Ramey27.37aSouth Dakota State
17.FrNicole Hall27.43aMinnesota State Moor...
18.FrAnnie Dahl27.58aMinnesota State Mank...
19.FrTina Finley27.59aWinona State
20.FrAmber Leazer27.81aMinnesota State Mank...
21.SrAria Walker27.81aMinnesota State Mank...
22.FrRachel Hagberg27.88aSouth Dakota State
23.FrNicole Josephsen28.26aSioux Falls
24.SrMegan Lauseng28.36aSouth Dakota State
25.FrBriana Jaeger28.37aMinnesota State Mank...
26.FrEmily Halverson28.43aAugustana (SD)
27.SrSarah Drew28.47aAugustana (SD)
28.SrClaire Severson28.89aAugustana (SD)
30.FrStephanie Honomichl28.98aMinnesota State Moor...
31.SoMary Hass29.00aMinnesota State Mank...
32.FrChaneese Schaefer29.11aAugustana (SD)
33.SoAdrianna Suttle29.62aConcordia-St. Paul
34.FrKiley Franzoni29.69aMinnesota State Moor...
35.-Jasmin Haddier31.55aMinnesota State Mank...
X 300 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.SoMichelle Farley42.69aMinnesota State Mank...
3.SrKatie Johnson43.25aConcordia-St. Paul
4.FrDayna Sherman44.05aMinnesota State Mank...
5.FrBrittany Dohmen44.08aConcordia-St. Paul
7.FrLizi Liberman47.64aWinona State
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
3.FrKendra Mooberry58.32aMinnesota State Moor...
4.SoNicketa Coombs59.21aUniversity of Mary
5.SrBetsy Bischoff1:00.27aUniversity of Mary
6.FrCathryn Helmers1:00.55aWinona State
7.JrKristina Anderson1:00.93aMinnesota State Moor...
8.FrAmy Wulff1:01.04aMinnesota State Moor...
9.FrKendra Knight1:01.05aSioux Falls
10.SoAmy Hellickson1:02.02aMinnesota State Moor...
11.JrBeth Braun1:02.12aWinona State
12.SoLily Golbach1:02.25aWinona State
13.FrBrittany Rynda1:02.29aWinona State
14.SrJennifer Bradford1:03.40aWinona State
15.SoMeagan Grandgenett1:03.42aAugustana (SD)
17.FrAshley Vondwald1:05.74aMinnesota State Mank...
18.FrAllison Schultz1:06.03aWinona State
19.SoBrianna Olson1:13.04aMinnesota State Mank...
X 600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKelsey Leonard1:41.63aMinnesota State Mank...
2.FrLauren Beukelman1:41.90aMinnesota State Mank...
3.FrKrista Creager1:42.45aSouth Dakota State
4.SrBrandee DeVine1:42.89aUniversity of Mary
5.FrMelissa Clark1:43.33aMinnesota State Mank...
6.FrMegan Jenkins1:44.35aUniversity of Mary
7.FrJackie Beckett1:45.25aMinnesota State Mank...
8.FrRachel Vrudny1:54.83aConcordia-St. Paul
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.SrNatalie Lyster2:22.33aMinnesota State Mank...
3.FrEmily Wood2:31.41aMinnesota State Mank...
4.SoKarla Bennett2:32.83aWinona State
5.-Kortnie Guske2:35.16aWinona State
6.-Abbey Emmans2:35.45aMinnesota State Mank...
7.FrHannah Sieve2:38.81aMinnesota State Mank...
8.FrMichelle Johnson2:41.97aSioux Falls
9.-Tina Muser2:50.06aSioux Falls
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCaitlin Polgreen5:16.88aAugustana (SD)
2.SrAmanda Dettman5:24.79aMinnesota State Mank...
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.SrJenny Hoese11:06.64aMinnesota State Mank...
3.FrKelsey Magnuson11:31.86aMinnesota State Mank...
4.FrKatherine Anundson11:42.03aMinnesota State Mank...
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrHeather Miller8.88aSt Cloud State
2.FrAnna Gagliano8.95aSouth Dakota State
3.SrBrianna Perry8.99aUniversity of Mary
4.FrJessica Keesling9.30aMinnesota State Moor...
5.SoKristyn Nelson9.32aUniversity of Mary
6.FrBrigitte Gross9.33aSioux Falls
7.JrEmily Asuncion9.45aWinona State
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrAnna Gagliano9.03aSouth Dakota State
2.SrHeather Miller9.04aSt Cloud State
4.SrBrianna Perry9.23aUniversity of Mary
5.FrBrigitte Gross9.30aSioux Falls
6.JrEmily Asuncion9.33aWinona State
7.FrJessica Keesling9.39aMinnesota State Moor...
8.SoKristyn Nelson9.45aUniversity of Mary
9.FrAshley Salwey9.46aUniversity of Mary
10.SoMegan Olson9.48aMinnesota State Mank...
11.FrMelissa Walker9.60aUniversity of Mary
12.SoMeagan Grandgenett9.63aAugustana (SD)
13.SrKatie Hopper9.69aMinnesota State Mank...
14.JrAndrea Cota9.70aSouth Dakota State
15.FrAnnie Dahl9.73aMinnesota State Mank...
16.SrAndrea Sellers9.74aMinnesota State Mank...
17.SrKaitlyn Jensen9.75aWinona State
18.SrTamiko Kopfmann9.76aSouth Dakota State
19.JrRachael Hakk9.82aSouth Dakota State
20.JrLora Shearer9.82aSouth Dakota State
21.FrDayna Sherman9.83aMinnesota State Mank...
22.SrClaire Severson9.85aAugustana (SD)
23.SrKim Markham9.93aSouth Dakota State
24.FrAnna Blaske9.96aWinona State
25.JrAlyssa Lammers10.08aWinona State
26.FrAlison Syverson10.52aSioux Falls
27.SoJessica Becker10.53aSouth Dakota State
28.FrLaura Schuneman10.62aMinnesota State Mank...
29.FrLizi Liberman10.85aWinona State
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kristen Stewart
Betsy Bischoff
Brandee DeVine
Nicketa Coombs
3:59.00aUniversity of Mary
2.-Relay Team 4:05.67aMinnesota State Moor...
3.-Jennifer Bradford
Kelly Milkent
Beth Braun
Cathryn Helmers
4:08.00aWinona State
4.-Brigitte Gross
Nicole Josephsen
Kendra Knight
Leah Wensmann
4:11.34aSioux Falls
5.-Relay Team 4:11.67aMinnesota State Moor...
6.-Nicole Drangstveit
Lily Golbach
Kortnie Guske
Brittany Rynda
4:12.70aWinona State
7.-Katie Hopper
Kelsey Leonard
Brianna Olson
Dayna Sherman
4:13.67aMinnesota State Mank...
8.-Michelle Farley
Annie Dahl
Briana Jaeger
Becca Schmidt
4:15.99aMinnesota State Mank...
9.-Natalie Lyster
Jackie Beckett
Lauren Beukelman
Melissa Clark
4:17.69aMinnesota State Mank...
10.-Claire Severson
Bobbi Jo Buyck
Sarah Drew
Meagan Grandgenett
4:18.73aAugustana (SD)
11.-Relay Team 4:21.79aConcordia-St. Paul
12.-Linnelle Clark
Aria Walker
Brittany Henderson
Ashley Vondwald
4:54.18aMinnesota State Mank...
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoBrooke Garner48-01.25South Dakota State
2.JrRebecca Stier46-06.00Winona State
3.FrMary Theisen44-08.75Winona State
4.SrChelsey Brown44-02.00Winona State
5.JrMacie Cottier41-03.75Sioux Falls
6.JrKaysee Nesmoe41-01.50Concordia-St. Paul
7.SrJennifer Mack40-07.50South Dakota State
8.FrHeather Schultz39-05.75Minnesota State Moor...
9.SrMichelle Schuch39-01.25South Dakota State
10.SrAmelia Schaller38-07.50Minnesota State Mank...
11.FrShanai Guider38-03.25Winona State
12.SoRachel Christansen37-08.00Augustana (SD)
13.FrBecca Fischer37-00.50South Dakota State
15.SoBritt Bickert35-08.50Concordia-St. Paul
16.JrBrita Johnson35-02.50Minnesota State Mank...
17.-Gabby Maly35-02.00Sioux Falls
18.FrHannah Turnbull34-09.75Minnesota State Mank...
19.JrJasmine Henrichs34-07.00Minnesota State Moor...
20.FrChristina Medeiros34-03.50University of Mary
21.FrMallory Stier34-02.25Minnesota State Moor...
22.FrKristen Nielsen34-02.00Augustana (SD)
23.FrSamantha Berge33-08.75Minnesota State Mank...
23.SoBridget Healy33-08.75Sioux Falls
25.FrShelby Folkers32-04.75Minnesota State Moor...
26.FrJatonna Freeman-Andrews31-10.00Concordia-St. Paul
27.FrLiz Thompson31-02.50Sioux Falls
28.SrKim Markham30-08.25South Dakota State
29.FrRachel Kruse29-03.75Sioux Falls
30.SrAndrea Sellers28-10.25Minnesota State Mank...
31.SoMegan Olson24-00.75Minnesota State Mank...
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrLora Shearer5-05.75South Dakota State
2.SrBrianna Perry5-03.75University of Mary
2.SoBrittany Beehler5-03.75University of Mary
2.SrAndrea Sellers5-03.75Minnesota State Mank...
2.FrKayla Kapsner5-03.75Minnesota State Moor...
6.JrAshley Hagen5-01.75Minnesota State Moor...
6.SoKarissa Pepin5-01.75Augustana (SD)
8.JrAndrea Cota4-11.75South Dakota State
8.JrAshley Reitz4-11.75Minnesota State Moor...
8.-Lindsey Ecklund4-11.75Minnesota State Moor...
8.SoSarah Gilbert4-11.75Sioux Falls
8.FrNicole Josephsen4-11.75Sioux Falls
8.JrKale Johnson4-11.75Winona State
14.SoMegan Olson4-09.75Minnesota State Mank...
14.SoCourtney Johnson4-09.75Winona State
14.FrBridgette Karl4-09.75Minnesota State Mank...
14.FrMoriah Miller4-09.75Minnesota State Mank...
14.FrAdrienne Waldner4-09.75South Dakota State
14.FrMaddy Ziegler4-09.75Winona State
21.JrHayley Reed4-07.75Concordia-St. Paul
--JrRachael HakkNHSouth Dakota State
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.JrLauren Stelten12-07.50Minnesota State Mank...
2.SrWhitney Kroschel11-05.75Minnesota State Mank...
3.FrBrigitte Gross11-05.75Sioux Falls
4.SoKayla Friesen10-11.75Sioux Falls
5.FrLaura Schuneman10-11.75Minnesota State Mank...
5.JrMiranda Fehilly10-11.75University of Mary
5.FrKristin Killough10-11.75Sioux Falls
9.SoLisa Stocker10-06.00Minnesota State Mank...
9.SrJayme Wyss10-06.00Concordia-St. Paul
9.SoAlyssa McCarthy10-06.00Winona State
12.SrBrittany Garner10-00.00South Dakota State
12.FrAlison Martin10-00.00Winona State
12.JrBobbi Jo Buyck10-00.00Augustana (SD)
16.JrKaylyn Ronke9-06.25Minnesota State Moor...
16.SoMichelle Jacobs9-06.25Sioux Falls
18.FrAdrianne Skaggs8-10.25Sioux Falls
18.SrKatie MacRae8-10.25Minnesota State Moor...
18.FrHollie Bloom8-10.25Augustana (SD)
--FrJena FranzNHWinona State
--FrDani MoyerNHSioux Falls
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAnna Gagliano18-02.50South Dakota State
2.SrTamiko Kopfmann18-02.25South Dakota State
3.FrMelissa Walker18-01.75University of Mary
4.JrLora Shearer17-11.50South Dakota State
5.JrAndrea Cota17-09.75South Dakota State
6.SrKatie Johnson17-08.00Concordia-St. Paul
7.SrBrianna Perry17-07.50University of Mary
8.SoBrittany Beehler17-06.25University of Mary
9.FrSamantha Williams17-05.50University of Mary
9.JrAlyssa Lammers17-05.50Winona State
11.-Rachel Hawkk17-04.00South Dakota State
12.-Sarah Perryman17-03.50Concordia-St. Paul
13.SoBritt Bickert17-01.25Concordia-St. Paul
14.JrKirby Black17-00.50Minnesota State Moor...
15.FrChristina Erickson16-07.75Minnesota State Mank...
16.SoKersten Hanson16-07.00Minnesota State Mank...
18.FrMaddy Ziegler16-00.50Winona State
19.FrMoriah Miller15-07.75Minnesota State Mank...
20.FrHeather Schmit15-06.25Concordia-St. Paul
21.SoCarissa Hotovy15-01.50Augustana (SD)
23.FrRachel Taylor14-04.50Concordia-St. Paul
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrHeather Miller39-06.00St Cloud State
2.FrSamantha Williams38-09.50University of Mary
3.SrBrianna Perry38-07.50University of Mary
4.FrMelissa Walker36-07.00University of Mary
5.FrBrittany Rynda36-00.75Winona State
6.SoSarah Gilbert35-07.75Sioux Falls
7.JrKale Johnson34-10.50Winona State
8.-Lindsey Wacholz33-08.00Sioux Falls
9.FrKara Maas33-06.00Sioux Falls
10.FrLeah Heimerl32-02.00Minnesota State Mank...
11.SoBrittany Beehler30-00.25University of Mary
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Finals
2.JrRebecca Stier58-10.75Winona State
3.SrJennifer Mack58-06.50South Dakota State
4.SrMichelle Schuch55-00.75South Dakota State
6.SoBrooke Garner49-11.00South Dakota State
7.SrChelsey Brown49-01.75Winona State
8.SrAmelia Schaller49-01.50Minnesota State Mank...
10.JrKaysee Nesmoe47-10.00Concordia-St. Paul
11.JrKrystle Lonning47-02.50Winona State
12.FrMary Theisen47-02.25Winona State
13.JrJasmine Henrichs46-07.50Minnesota State Moor...
14.FrShanai Guider45-04.25Winona State
15.JrBrita Johnson44-06.75Minnesota State Mank...
16.SoJenny Schuler44-00.00Winona State
17.FrBecca Fischer41-09.75South Dakota State
18.SoRachel Christansen40-06.25Augustana (SD)
19.FrAudom Hathaway40-06.00Minnesota State Mank...
20.FrMegan Elliott40-01.50Winona State
21.FrHeather Schultz38-04.00Minnesota State Moor...
22.FrChristina Medeiros38-02.75University of Mary
23.FrJatonna Freeman-Andrews36-09.00Concordia-St. Paul
24.FrHannah Turnbull36-00.00Minnesota State Mank...
25.FrRachel Kruse35-08.75Sioux Falls
26.FrLiz Thompson35-04.50Sioux Falls
27.FrKristen Nielsen35-02.50Augustana (SD)
28.SoBridget Healy34-07.50Sioux Falls
29.FrMallory Stier34-02.75Minnesota State Moor...
30.FrShelby Folkers32-07.50Minnesota State Moor...
31.-Gabby Maly32-07.00Sioux Falls
32.FrSamantha Berge31-09.25Minnesota State Mank...
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