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Great West Conference Championship

Saturday, February 27, 2010

South Dakota, Vermillion

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAllah Laryea-Akrong6.86aUtah Valley University
2.FrMichael Burrus6.91aSouth Dakota
3.FrMatt Kerswill6.93aSouth Dakota
4.SoJeremy Blount6.99aSouth Dakota
5.JrJocques Robinson7.00aHouston Baptist
6.SoZach Stanfield7.04aSeattle University
7.SoJonathon Majors9.53aChicago State
8.JrChristopher Fussell11.63aSeattle University
X 60 Meter Dash - Heptathlon - Finals
1.JrDaniel Fleming7.15aChicago State
2.JrJonathan Staples7.23aHouston Baptist
3.JrBryan Braley7.27aSouth Dakota
4.FrGabe O'Neale7.30aHouston Baptist
5.-Joe Thompson7.45aHouston Baptist
6.SrTane Owens7.53aSouth Dakota
7.SoMatt Williams7.62aUtah Valley University
8.FrChandler Rieske7.62aUtah Valley University
9.SoTanner Willard7.67aSouth Dakota
10.SoMartin Craig7.90aNew Jersey Tech
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrAllah Laryea-Akrong6.81aUtah Valley University
2.FrMichael Burrus6.89aSouth Dakota
4.SoJeremy Blount6.91aSouth Dakota
3.JrJocques Robinson6.92aHouston Baptist
5.FrMatt Kerswill6.94aSouth Dakota
6.JrChristopher Fussell6.96aSeattle University
7.SoJonathon Majors7.00aChicago State
8.SoZach Stanfield7.02aSeattle University
9.JrTim Brown7.11aSouth Dakota
10.SoJamal Ephriam7.18aChicago State
11.SoRuben Santos7.20aNew Jersey Tech
12.FrBrandon Boyd7.22aHouston Baptist
13.FrKeifer Celestino7.51aNew Jersey Tech
14.SrBrandon Uehran7.53aNorth Dakota
15.SrXavier Williams7.59aChicago State
16.JrJose Sciaraffa8.34aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
--JrJunior MalaveFSHouston Baptist
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAllah Laryea-Akrong21.73aUtah Valley University
2.JrJocques Robinson22.00aHouston Baptist
3.SoZach Stanfield22.31aSeattle University
4.FrMatt Kerswill22.53aSouth Dakota
5.JrBill Lane22.63aSouth Dakota
6.JrJunior Malave22.68aHouston Baptist
7.JrTim Brown22.74aSouth Dakota
8.SoJeremy Blount23.00aSouth Dakota
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrAllah Laryea-Akrong21.87aUtah Valley University
2.JrJocques Robinson22.31aHouston Baptist
3.SoZach Stanfield22.33aSeattle University
4.JrJunior Malave22.34aHouston Baptist
5.JrBill Lane22.40aSouth Dakota
6.FrMatt Kerswill22.41aSouth Dakota
7.JrTim Brown22.45aSouth Dakota
8.SoJeremy Blount22.66aSouth Dakota
9.FrJacob Brydson22.76aUtah Valley University
10.SoJamal Ephriam22.81aChicago State
11.FrBrandon Boyd22.82aHouston Baptist
12.SoRuben Santos22.91aNew Jersey Tech
13.JrDonovan Brittian23.05aHouston Baptist
14.FrMichael Burrus23.32aSouth Dakota
15.JrEarnest Jones23.49aChicago State
16.JrJamil Wilkins23.96aNew Jersey Tech
17.SrEliud Rodriguez24.10aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
18.SoIsai Pina24.15aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
19.SoPierre Damis24.23aNew Jersey Tech
20.FrAdam Thelen24.29aNorth Dakota
21.JrAamir Ahmed25.45aNew Jersey Tech
22.FrMark Mestres25.82aNew Jersey Tech
23.JrChristopher Fussell42.21aSeattle University
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJameson Strachan49.69aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
2.FrMike Keith50.01aUtah Valley University
3.-Christopher Stephens50.25aSeattle University
4.JrBill Lane50.42aSouth Dakota
5.SrAndrew Graham51.66aUtah Valley University
6.SoChris Stoks53.87aNorth Dakota
7.SoUri Kuyoro56.54aChicago State
--SoTom MezzeraDQSeattle University
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrMike Keith50.32aUtah Valley University
2.SrAndrew Graham50.76aUtah Valley University
3.SoUri Kuyoro50.76aChicago State
4.JrBill Lane50.79aSouth Dakota
5.JrJameson Strachan50.99aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
6.-Christopher Stephens51.05aSeattle University
7.SoChris Stoks51.22aNorth Dakota
8.SoTom Mezzera51.33aSeattle University
9.SrTyler Williamson51.73aSouth Dakota
10.SrMark Barclay51.78aNorth Dakota
11.SoIsai Pina51.79aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
12.SrDaniel Sullivan51.98aSeattle University
13.FrLaDarien Harris52.11aHouston Baptist
14.SoChris Burr52.24aUtah Valley University
15.SoAndy Mecham52.34aUtah Valley University
16.JrEarnest Jones52.36aChicago State
17.SrJoshua Campbell52.99aChicago State
18.FrTim Esposito53.01aNew Jersey Tech
19.FrAdam Morgan53.04aNew Jersey Tech
20.SoChris Benson53.16aNorth Dakota
21.FrDrew Clarke53.53aUtah Valley University
22.FrMatt McCreary53.71aNorth Dakota
23.SrEliud Rodriguez54.17aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
24.JrJamil Wilkins55.33aNew Jersey Tech
25.FrAkinyemi Adenuga55.89aNew Jersey Tech
26.FrMark Mestres56.44aNew Jersey Tech
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrCasey Shade1:55.13aSouth Dakota
2.FrTrac Norris1:55.42aUtah Valley University
3.SrKyle Rosseau1:56.98aNorth Dakota
4.SrGable Andrews1:57.10aSouth Dakota
5.SrRobert Gregoire1:58.53aSouth Dakota
6.FrJason Euresti1:58.68aHouston Baptist
7.SrMichael Gurlacz1:58.94aNew Jersey Tech
8.SoAndrew Lopez1:59.13aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
9.SrGilroy Martinez1:59.15aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
10.SrJeremy Jones1:59.32aNorth Dakota
11.SoMiguel Tlatelpa2:01.02aNew Jersey Tech
12.FrAdam Morgan2:01.03aNew Jersey Tech
13.JrJared Keller2:01.23aUtah Valley University
14.FrMatt Perri2:01.48aHouston Baptist
15.SoDan Auld2:01.62aSeattle University
16.FrTim Esposito2:03.25aNew Jersey Tech
17.FrDavid Niday2:04.63aNorth Dakota
18.SoChris Auld2:06.62aSeattle University
19.FrKelton Sears2:08.31aSeattle University
20.FrAkinyemi Adenuga2:13.79aNew Jersey Tech
21.SoJoe Farias2:14.20aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
22.FrLuis Aguilar2:15.89aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
23.SrJoseph Leyendecker2:18.14aChicago State
24.SoManuel Molina2:20.86aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
X 1000 Meters - Heptathlon - Finals
1.FrChandler Rieske2:49.23aUtah Valley University
2.JrDaniel Fleming3:03.72aChicago State
3.SrTane Owens3:12.56aSouth Dakota
4.SoMatt Williams3:15.49aUtah Valley University
5.JrJonathan Staples3:15.89aHouston Baptist
6.FrGabe O'Neale3:20.47aHouston Baptist
7.SoTanner Willard3:22.89aSouth Dakota
8.SoMartin Craig3:24.56aNew Jersey Tech
9.-Joe Thompson3:35.48aHouston Baptist
10.JrBryan Braley3:40.35aSouth Dakota
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.FrTrac Norris4:17.98aUtah Valley University
2.SrDaniel Martinez4:19.45aHouston Baptist
3.SrOmar Doria4:19.49aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
4.FrMatt Perri4:19.77aHouston Baptist
5.SrRobert Gregoire4:20.58aSouth Dakota
6.FrChris Brower4:24.85aUtah Valley University
7.JrJared Keller4:30.10aUtah Valley University
8.FrBrian Mendez4:30.88aNew Jersey Tech
9.SrNicholas Alvarado4:31.61aSeattle University
10.SrJacob Buhler4:31.80aUtah Valley University
11.SoTyler Rose4:33.43aNorth Dakota
12.FrKelton Sears4:33.80aSeattle University
13.SoCory Absey4:34.62aNorth Dakota
14.SoChris Auld4:38.68aSeattle University
15.SoAndrew Lopez4:42.14aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
16.FrEric Thien4:47.64aSouth Dakota
17.JrJoss Blatherwick4:54.83aNorth Dakota
18.SoJoseph Ju5:02.55aNew Jersey Tech
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrRobert Gregoire8:34.82aSouth Dakota
2.SrJosh LaBlanc8:36.25aNorth Dakota
3.JrMaximo Mendoza8:36.71aHouston Baptist
4.SrDaniel Martinez8:42.14aHouston Baptist
5.SoErik Barkhaus8:47.27aSeattle University
6.SrNicholas Alvarado8:49.96aSeattle University
7.FrTrac Norris8:50.72aUtah Valley University
8.FrChris Brower8:52.90aUtah Valley University
9.SrJacob Buhler8:53.38aUtah Valley University
10.JrJohnathan Lejeune8:56.71aHouston Baptist
11.JrJared Keller9:01.81aUtah Valley University
12.SrUmar Saeed9:02.34aNew Jersey Tech
13.SoSpencer Evensen9:11.97aUtah Valley University
14.SrSean Fitzsimmons9:14.94aSouth Dakota
15.FrJason Lynch9:18.86aUtah Valley University
16.FrMatthew Jordan9:23.79aChicago State
17.FrEric Thien9:25.71aSouth Dakota
18.FrFrank Garcia9:31.44aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
19.SrOmar Doria9:44.59aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
20.SrArturs Bareikis9:46.75aChicago State
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrMaximo Mendoza15:00.25aHouston Baptist
2.SrJacob Buhler15:09.40aUtah Valley University
3.SrUmar Saeed15:15.11aNew Jersey Tech
4.SrRobert Gregoire15:17.47aSouth Dakota
5.SoSpencer Evensen15:21.47aUtah Valley University
6.JrJohnathan Lejeune15:25.00aHouston Baptist
7.FrEthan Marquardt15:27.47aSouth Dakota
8.JrHans Heitzinger15:32.18aSeattle University
9.FrChris Brower15:40.75aUtah Valley University
10.JrMichael Van Nuland15:46.41aSeattle University
11.SrSean Fitzsimmons15:53.15aSouth Dakota
12.FrBrian Mendez16:00.66aNew Jersey Tech
13.FrMatthew Jordan16:04.95aChicago State
14.SrJosh LaBlanc16:10.81aNorth Dakota
15.FrFrank Garcia16:15.72aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
--SrArturs BareikisDNFChicago State
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKenneth Boggs8.44aUtah Valley University
2.SrAndrew Graham8.47aUtah Valley University
3.FrGabe O'Neale8.48aHouston Baptist
4.-Bryan Richardson8.59aHouston Baptist
5.-Joe Thompson8.75aHouston Baptist
6.FrDrew Clarke8.82aUtah Valley University
7.SoJershawn DuBose8.85aChicago State
8.SrCarl Hanson8.87aNorth Dakota
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Heptathlon - Finals
1.FrGabe O'Neale8.52aHouston Baptist
2.FrChandler Rieske8.63aUtah Valley University
3.JrDaniel Fleming8.94aChicago State
4.-Joe Thompson9.02aHouston Baptist
5.SoMatt Williams9.12aUtah Valley University
6.JrJonathan Staples9.38aHouston Baptist
7.JrBryan Braley9.80aSouth Dakota
8.SrTane Owens10.18aSouth Dakota
9.SoTanner Willard10.83aSouth Dakota
10.SoMartin Craig11.41aNew Jersey Tech
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SrAndrew Graham8.35aUtah Valley University
3.FrGabe O'Neale8.46aHouston Baptist
2.SrKenneth Boggs8.48aUtah Valley University
4.-Bryan Richardson8.59aHouston Baptist
5.-Joe Thompson8.67aHouston Baptist
6.FrDrew Clarke8.71aUtah Valley University
7.SrCarl Hanson8.73aNorth Dakota
8.SoJershawn DuBose8.76aChicago State
9.FrChandler Rieske8.77aUtah Valley University
10.JrJamil Wilkins8.91aNew Jersey Tech
11.SoJonathan Nunez9.00aNew Jersey Tech
12.SoChris Burr9.01aUtah Valley University
13.SoPierre Damis9.05aNew Jersey Tech
14.SoMatt Williams9.38aUtah Valley University
15.FrMark Mestres9.90aNew Jersey Tech
--SoUri KuyoroFSChicago State
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Andrew Graham
Allah Laryea-Akrong
Jacob Brydson
Mike Keith
3:23.64aUtah Valley University
2.-Bill Lane
Gable Andrews
Tyler Williamson
Casey Shade
3:24.13aSouth Dakota
3.-Donovan Brittian
Brandon Boyd
LaDarien Harris
Junior Malave
3:27.18aHouston Baptist
4.-Isai Pina
Eliud Rodriguez
Gilroy Martinez
Omar Doria
3:29.51aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
5.-Matt Elbert
Mark Barclay
Kyle Rosseau
Chris Benson
3:29.54aNorth Dakota
6.-Ruben Santos
Michael Gurlacz
Adam Morgan
Jamil Wilkins
3:31.63aNew Jersey Tech
---Earnest Jones
Joshua Campbell
Jamal Ephriam
Jershawn DuBose
DQChicago State
---Zach Stanfield
Tom Mezzera
Daniel Sullivan
Christopher Stephens
DQSeattle University
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Andrew Lopez
Isai Pina
Gilroy Martinez
Omar Doria
10:12.58aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
2.-Daniel Martinez
Donovan Brittian
Jason Euresti
Matt Perri
10:13.22aHouston Baptist
3.-Jared Keller
Jacob Brydson
Jason Lynch
Trac Norris
10:13.44aUtah Valley University
4.-Gable Andrews
Tyler Williamson
Casey Shade
Ethan Marquardt
10:15.50aSouth Dakota
5.-Kyle Rosseau
Matt Elbert
Jeremy Jones
Tyler Rose
10:32.05aNorth Dakota
6.-Chris Auld
Jude Martinez
Dan Auld
Kelton Sears
10:34.82aSeattle University
7.-Brian Mendez
Michael Gurlacz
Miguel Tlatelpa
Christian Baumbach
10:45.90aNew Jersey Tech
8.-Joseph Leyendecker
Xavier Williams
Matthew Jordan
Anthony Davis
12:40.43aChicago State
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrCreighton Schroyer51-11.75North Dakota
2.JrJosh-Erik Dolisca48-04.50New Jersey Tech
3.FrJesus Alavarez47-11.75Texas-Rio Grande Val...
4.JrTrey Rodriguez47-10.50Houston Baptist
5.FrJake Adkins47-08.50Houston Baptist
6.SrTravis Schultz47-07.00North Dakota
7.SoDan Sjarpe45-03.75North Dakota
8.FrScott Bann45-01.00Texas-Rio Grande Val...
9.SoBrandon Quesenberry44-11.75North Dakota
10.SoJarrett Gilliam44-03.25Houston Baptist
11.FrSteve Nelson43-07.75South Dakota
12.JrKyle Wheeler42-06.25South Dakota
13.JrOscar Barrera40-10.25Texas-Rio Grande Val...
14.SrXavier Williams34-11.75Chicago State
15.-Kasey Lewandowski34-02.25Chicago State
16.SoJershawn DuBose32-08.50Chicago State
17.-Tyler Turner30-02.00Chicago State
18.FrChris Tamez27-05.50Texas-Rio Grande Val...
X Shot Put - 16lb - Heptathlon - Finals
1.JrJonathan Staples38-00.00Houston Baptist
2.SrTane Owens36-03.50South Dakota
3.JrDaniel Fleming33-11.50Chicago State
4.FrChandler Rieske33-11.25Utah Valley University
5.-Joe Thompson33-08.00Houston Baptist
6.SoTanner Willard29-02.00South Dakota
7.JrBryan Braley28-10.50South Dakota
8.FrGabe O'Neale27-00.00Houston Baptist
9.SoMartin Craig25-06.75New Jersey Tech
10.SoMatt Williams24-09.00Utah Valley University
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJeff Sebern6-06.75South Dakota
2.SoChad Pinkelman6-06.75South Dakota
3.SrBeau Hoodjer6-04.75South Dakota
4.FrScott Moake6-04.75Utah Valley University
5.FrKenny Millard6-04.75Utah Valley University
6.JrSterling Clegg6-02.75Utah Valley University
7.SoRuben Santos6-00.75New Jersey Tech
7.JrDaniel Fleming6-00.75Chicago State
9.JrJonathan Staples5-10.75Houston Baptist
10.FrChandler Rieske5-08.75Utah Valley University
--FrDean SwimmerNHUtah Valley University
--SrNick WilkensNHNorth Dakota
X High Jump - Heptathlon - Finals
1.FrChandler Rieske6-02.25Utah Valley University
2.JrDaniel Fleming6-00.00Chicago State
2.JrJonathan Staples6-00.00Houston Baptist
4.SoTanner Willard5-08.50South Dakota
5.JrBryan Braley5-07.25South Dakota
6.SoMatt Williams5-03.75Utah Valley University
6.SrTane Owens5-03.75South Dakota
8.-Joe Thompson5-02.50Houston Baptist
8.FrGabe O'Neale5-02.50Houston Baptist
10.SoMartin Craig4-05.00New Jersey Tech
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SrTane Owens15-01.00South Dakota
2.SoMatt Williams14-01.25Utah Valley University
3.SoTanner Willard14-01.25South Dakota
4.FrMichael Stine13-07.25Utah Valley University
5.JrDaniel Fleming12-01.50Chicago State
6.SoMartin Craig11-01.75New Jersey Tech
7.SrJared Ray10-02.00Utah Valley University
--JrBryan BraleyNHSouth Dakota
X Pole Vault - Heptathlon - Finals
1.SrTane Owens15-05.00South Dakota
2.SoMatt Williams14-05.25Utah Valley University
3.JrBryan Braley13-11.25South Dakota
4.SoTanner Willard13-05.25South Dakota
5.JrDaniel Fleming10-11.75Chicago State
5.FrChandler Rieske10-11.75Utah Valley University
7.SoMartin Craig10-06.00New Jersey Tech
8.JrJonathan Staples10-00.00Houston Baptist
---Joe ThompsonNHHouston Baptist
--FrGabe O'NealeNHHouston Baptist
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrDean Swimmer22-10.00Utah Valley University
2.FrSean Keane22-01.50South Dakota
3.JrJonathan Staples22-01.50Houston Baptist
4.JrDaniel Fleming22-00.75Chicago State
5.SoChad Pinkelman21-10.00South Dakota
6.SoJonathon Majors21-07.50Chicago State
7.FrBryant Halvorson21-07.25North Dakota
8.SoCody Linder21-00.75South Dakota
9.JrEarnest Jones21-00.50Chicago State
10.SrKenneth Boggs20-03.00Utah Valley University
11.SrNick Wilkens20-02.50North Dakota
12.SoAndy Mecham20-02.25Utah Valley University
13.SoTy Jaros20-00.50Seattle University
14.SrJoshua Campbell19-08.75Chicago State
15.JrJude Martinez19-00.00Seattle University
16.FrJacob Brydson18-06.00Utah Valley University
17.FrKeifer Celestino17-11.75New Jersey Tech
18.FrChandler Rieske17-11.00Utah Valley University
X Long Jump - Heptathlon - Finals
1.JrJonathan Staples21-08.75Houston Baptist
2.FrChandler Rieske20-00.50Utah Valley University
3.SrTane Owens19-06.75South Dakota
4.JrDaniel Fleming19-06.00Chicago State
5.SoTanner Willard19-02.00South Dakota
6.FrGabe O'Neale18-10.75Houston Baptist
7.SoMatt Williams18-07.25Utah Valley University
8.-Joe Thompson18-01.00Houston Baptist
9.JrBryan Braley17-06.00South Dakota
10.SoMartin Craig11-09.00New Jersey Tech
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoCody Linder46-08.25South Dakota
2.SoChad Pinkelman46-05.50South Dakota
3.JrJeff Sebern45-01.75South Dakota
4.FrDean Swimmer44-03.50Utah Valley University
5.FrJacob Brydson41-02.25Utah Valley University
6.SrNick Wilkens41-01.75North Dakota
7.SrBrandon Uehran39-11.25North Dakota
8.SrKenneth Boggs39-10.00Utah Valley University
9.SoJonathon Majors39-05.00Chicago State
10.SoAndy Mecham37-11.25Utah Valley University
11.SoJonathan Nunez37-08.00New Jersey Tech
--SoTy JarosFOULSeattle University
--FrSean KeaneFOULSouth Dakota
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJosh-Erik Dolisca53-00.25New Jersey Tech
2.FrSteve Nelson52-02.75South Dakota
3.JrOscar Barrera52-01.25Texas-Rio Grande Val...
4.SoBrandon Quesenberry51-11.75North Dakota
5.JrCreighton Schroyer50-06.25North Dakota
6.JrKyle Wheeler49-08.25South Dakota
7.FrJake Adkins47-05.00Houston Baptist
8.SoJarrett Gilliam46-06.75Houston Baptist
9.SrTravis Schultz45-08.50North Dakota
10.FrScott Bann43-10.00Texas-Rio Grande Val...
11.FrJesus Alavarez42-08.00Texas-Rio Grande Val...
12.SoDan Sjarpe42-06.75North Dakota
13.JrTrey Rodriguez39-06.50Houston Baptist
14.SrXavier Williams22-01.75Chicago State
X Heptathlon Score - Varsity - Finals
1.FrChandler Rieske4543Utah Valley University
2.JrDaniel Fleming4395Chicago State
3.JrJonathan Staples4311Houston Baptist
4.SrTane Owens4183South Dakota
5.SoMatt Williams3981Utah Valley University
6.JrBryan Braley3793South Dakota
7.SoTanner Willard3705South Dakota
8.FrGabe O'Neale3484Houston Baptist
9.-Joe Thompson3270Houston Baptist
10.SoMartin Craig2524New Jersey Tech

Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.SoBrittane Gaines7.63aHouston Baptist
2.-Cindee Wright7.70aHouston Baptist
3.SoJoslyn Cooper7.76aHouston Baptist
4.SoAmanda Morse7.77aUtah Valley University
5.FrGabriel Williams7.89aSouth Dakota
6.SoRosina Amenebede7.92aUtah Valley University
7.FrLatoya Shaw7.98aUtah Valley University
8.FrPaige Kuplic8.02aNorth Dakota
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoBrittane Gaines7.62aHouston Baptist
2.-Cindee Wright7.69aHouston Baptist
3.FrGabriel Williams7.71aSouth Dakota
4.SoJoslyn Cooper7.76aHouston Baptist
5.SoAmanda Morse7.81aUtah Valley University
6.SoRosina Amenebede7.85aUtah Valley University
7.FrLatoya Shaw7.86aUtah Valley University
8.FrPaige Kuplic7.91aNorth Dakota
9.FrMegan Burr8.00aUtah Valley University
10.FrSamantha Villarreal8.03aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
11.SoAlexia Frank8.04aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
12.FrMowaninuoluwa Idowu8.12aChicago State
13.SoCheri Boyer8.13aNorth Dakota
14.-Ashlee Lobe8.16aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
15.SoAlyssa Lout8.33aSeattle University
16.JrKeshuna Franklin8.52aChicago State
17.FrSimone Christmon9.41aChicago State
18.SoZoey Tham9.73aNew Jersey Tech
19.SoChristina Taylor9.96aNew Jersey Tech
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.-Cindee Wright24.86aHouston Baptist
2.SoJoslyn Cooper25.14aHouston Baptist
3.SoAmanda Morse25.39aUtah Valley University
4.JrChelsea Baker25.57aUtah Valley University
5.FrMegan Burr25.93aUtah Valley University
6.FrPaige Kuplic26.06aNorth Dakota
7.SoAshlea Johnson26.13aSouth Dakota
8.FrLatoya Shaw26.33aUtah Valley University
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.-Cindee Wright24.68aHouston Baptist
2.SoJoslyn Cooper25.26aHouston Baptist
3.SoAmanda Morse25.65aUtah Valley University
4.FrMegan Burr25.80aUtah Valley University
5.JrChelsea Baker25.82aUtah Valley University
6.FrLatoya Shaw25.89aUtah Valley University
7.SoAshlea Johnson26.02aSouth Dakota
8.FrPaige Kuplic26.02aNorth Dakota
9.SoZandrea Nelson26.08aUtah Valley University
10.FrSamantha Villarreal26.13aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
11.SoTramisha Mcgrew26.14aHouston Baptist
12.SoBrittane Gaines26.29aHouston Baptist
13.-Ashlee Lobe26.63aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
14.SoAlexia Frank26.90aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
15.SoCheri Boyer27.02aNorth Dakota
16.FrMowaninuoluwa Idowu27.33aChicago State
17.SrLesley Hendricks27.79aNew Jersey Tech
18.SoAlyssa Lout28.55aSeattle University
19.JrKeshuna Franklin29.30aChicago State
20.-Tr' Sheena Hicks31.09aChicago State
21.FrSimone Christmon32.43aChicago State
22.FrRynisha Horton33.35aNew Jersey Tech
23.SrEsther Lee37.52aChicago State
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrEmma Erickson56.87aSouth Dakota
2.FrMorgan Pressley57.67aHouston Baptist
3.JrChelsea Baker58.02aUtah Valley University
4.SoAlexa Duling58.26aSouth Dakota
5.SoZandrea Nelson58.26aUtah Valley University
6.SoDisa Foster59.29aHouston Baptist
7.SoSylvia Alboniga1:03.68aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
--SoTramisha McgrewDNFHouston Baptist
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrEmma Erickson58.19aSouth Dakota
2.FrMorgan Pressley58.22aHouston Baptist
3.SoZandrea Nelson58.59aUtah Valley University
4.JrChelsea Baker58.79aUtah Valley University
5.SoTramisha Mcgrew59.11aHouston Baptist
6.SoAlexa Duling59.21aSouth Dakota
7.SoDisa Foster59.55aHouston Baptist
8.SoSylvia Alboniga59.73aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
9.FrAshley Sveum59.99aSouth Dakota
10.FrMeeghan Bergmann1:00.42aSeattle University
11.JrRachel Purcell1:00.52aSeattle University
12.-Destiny Schultze1:01.03aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
13.FrRebecca Brown-Renshaw1:01.08aUtah Valley University
14.JrNicole Kerrison1:02.16aNew Jersey Tech
15.JrClare Obradovich1:02.92aSeattle University
16.SrLesley Hendricks1:03.97aNew Jersey Tech
17.FrAmber White1:04.15aChicago State
18.FrChristina Roque1:10.15aNew Jersey Tech
19.SrIulia Doci1:13.64aNew Jersey Tech
20.SrJasmine Allen1:15.07aChicago State
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrEmma Erickson2:17.18aSouth Dakota
2.SrRamsey Fitzsimmons2:18.40aSouth Dakota
3.SoEmily Emerson2:19.73aNorth Dakota
4.SoNatalie Newman2:20.09aSouth Dakota
5.SoVanessa Escalera2:24.61aNew Jersey Tech
6.FrCarol Miller2:25.23aSouth Dakota
7.FrKaili Simmons2:26.66aUtah Valley University
8.FrCinthia Adame2:26.90aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
9.SoMeghan Enabnit2:27.12aNorth Dakota
10.JrMekka Edwards White2:27.42aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
11.JrAleina Eisenhauer2:27.88aUtah Valley University
12.FrDaphne Payton2:28.51aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
13.SoZelda Abadom2:29.13aHouston Baptist
14.SrLori Benke2:30.74aNorth Dakota
15.FrJennifer Stolle2:31.78aSeattle University
16.SoMegan Higgins2:32.42aNew Jersey Tech
17.SoShayna Parker2:33.21aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
18.SoNeshia Robertson2:36.29aChicago State
19.SrRaquel Tidwell2:38.05aHouston Baptist
20.FrChristina Roque2:44.42aNew Jersey Tech
21.FrCatherine Karnas2:53.59aNew Jersey Tech
22.SoMarKesia Taylor2:54.88aChicago State
23.FrKayla Howell2:57.90aNew Jersey Tech
24.JrDaisy Gallegos3:10.05aNew Jersey Tech
X 800 Meters - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SoKamee Bentley2:28.64aUtah Valley University
2.JrShantay Dodge2:30.14aUtah Valley University
3.JrAmanda Peart2:30.87aUtah Valley University
4.JrNicole Kerrison2:33.91aNew Jersey Tech
5.SrToni Dickerson2:42.73aHouston Baptist
6.JrCrystal Schiernbeck2:42.88aSouth Dakota
7.FrMakira Kuan2:43.55aUtah Valley University
8.SoLanesha Sutton3:08.72aChicago State
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.SrRamsey Fitzsimmons4:57.06aSouth Dakota
2.SoEmily Emerson5:03.11aNorth Dakota
3.SoShelise Walker5:09.04aUtah Valley University
4.JrAleina Eisenhauer5:11.70aUtah Valley University
5.FrCarol Miller5:16.90aSouth Dakota
6.FrKaili Simmons5:18.24aUtah Valley University
7.SrKristine Dahlheimer5:19.18aNorth Dakota
8.FrBrooke Hodson-Davies5:22.18aUtah Valley University
9.SoSarah Bolce5:23.43aSeattle University
10.FrCinthia Adame5:25.68aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
11.FrHalcie Pfeiffer5:26.81aHouston Baptist
12.SrRaquel Tidwell5:31.35aHouston Baptist
13.FrJennifer Stolle5:32.26aSeattle University
14.JrErica Clark5:32.30aHouston Baptist
15.FrDaphne Payton5:42.01aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
16.JrAmanda Hefferan5:46.29aNew Jersey Tech
17.JrDiana Galloso5:51.27aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrRamsey Fitzsimmons9:58.11aSouth Dakota
2.SoAngela Baker10:14.50aUtah Valley University
3.SrBrittany Brenny10:16.40aNorth Dakota
4.FrBrooke Hodson-Davies10:22.56aUtah Valley University
5.SrRaquel Tidwell10:23.60aHouston Baptist
6.SoStephanie Christensen10:25.07aUtah Valley University
7.SrKristine Dahlheimer10:28.32aNorth Dakota
8.SoSarah Bolce10:31.82aSeattle University
9.FrSigornie Pfefferle10:37.72aSouth Dakota
10.SoKrystal Harper10:41.75aUtah Valley University
11.JrDiana Galloso11:33.77aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
12.FrEwelina Marut12:13.92aNew Jersey Tech
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAleina Eisenhauer17:29.14aUtah Valley University
2.SrBrittany Brenny17:38.32aNorth Dakota
3.SrRamsey Fitzsimmons17:46.68aSouth Dakota
4.SoShelise Walker18:02.27aUtah Valley University
5.SoStephanie Christensen18:03.07aUtah Valley University
6.FrSigornie Pfefferle18:16.27aSouth Dakota
7.FrBrooke Hodson-Davies18:16.51aUtah Valley University
8.SoKrystal Harper18:26.52aUtah Valley University
9.SrGreta Stickney18:59.04aSeattle University
10.SoAbigail Duling19:01.91aSouth Dakota
11.FrLauren Hammerle19:04.40aSeattle University
12.SoAngela Rojas19:13.39aHouston Baptist
13.SrRachel Yorkston19:20.06aSeattle University
14.FrCarol Miller19:51.33aSouth Dakota
15.FrEwelina Marut20:12.04aNew Jersey Tech
16.SoMegan Higgins21:34.51aNew Jersey Tech
--SoKatherine EnabnitDNFNorth Dakota
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJessica Butler8.98aNorth Dakota
2.SoRosina Amenebede8.99aUtah Valley University
3.FrMegan Burr9.13aUtah Valley University
4.JrCrystal Schiernbeck9.15aSouth Dakota
5.SoSylvia Alboniga9.21aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
6.JrHaley Juhnke9.42aSouth Dakota
7.JrAmanda Peart9.50aUtah Valley University
8.FrKirsten Haas9.55aNorth Dakota
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.JrCrystal Schiernbeck9.18aSouth Dakota
2.FrMakira Kuan9.47aUtah Valley University
3.JrAmanda Peart9.49aUtah Valley University
4.SrToni Dickerson9.72aHouston Baptist
5.JrShantay Dodge10.30aUtah Valley University
6.SoKamee Bentley10.73aUtah Valley University
7.SoLanesha Sutton10.86aChicago State
8.JrNicole Kerrison11.06aNew Jersey Tech
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.SoRosina Amenebede8.97aUtah Valley University
2.JrJessica Butler8.99aNorth Dakota
4.SoSylvia Alboniga9.06aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
3.FrMegan Burr9.16aUtah Valley University
5.JrCrystal Schiernbeck9.16aSouth Dakota
6.JrAmanda Peart9.40aUtah Valley University
7.FrKirsten Haas9.40aNorth Dakota
8.JrHaley Juhnke9.42aSouth Dakota
9.JrSara Hernandez9.44aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
10.JrRachael Fashant9.49aNorth Dakota
11.-Aryn Bell9.68aNorth Dakota
12.FrMakira Kuan9.89aUtah Valley University
13.FrCindy Velasquez9.92aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
14.FrMegan Gray9.97aNorth Dakota
15.FrAmber White10.12aChicago State
16.SoKarla Garza10.50aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
--SoAlexa DulingDNFSouth Dakota
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Disa Foster
Tramisha Mcgrew
Cindee Wright
Morgan Pressley
3:54.94aHouston Baptist
2.-Ashley Sveum
Natalie Newman
Alexa Duling
Emma Erickson
3:55.65aSouth Dakota
3.-Zandrea Nelson
Amanda Morse
Rebecca Brown
Chelsea Baker
3:58.74aUtah Valley University
4.-Destiny Schultze
Sylvia Alboniga
Mekka Edwards White
Alexia Frank
4:02.76aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
5.-Meeghan Bergmann
Clare Obradovich
Elena Collins
Rachel Purcell
4:03.56aSeattle University
6.-Cheri Boyer
Taryn Anderson
Emily Emerson
Kirsten Haas
4:08.39aNorth Dakota
7.-Nicole Kerrison
Lesley Hendricks
Vanessa Escalera
Christina N Roque
4:19.27aNew Jersey Tech
8.-Neshia Robertson
Mowaninuoluwa Idowu
Amber White
Jasmine Allen
4:26.82aChicago State
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Carol Miller
Natalie Newman
Emma Erickson
Ramsey Fitzsimmons
12:10.32aSouth Dakota
2.-Brooke Hodson
Rebecca Brown
Aleina Eisenhauer
Shelise Walker
12:29.06aUtah Valley University
3.-Daphne Payton
Destiny Schultze
Mekka Edwards White
Cinthia Adame
12:42.48aTexas-Rio Grande Val...
4.-Meghan Enabnit
Taryn Anderson
Lori Benke
Katherine Enabnit
12:52.89aNorth Dakota
5.-Halcie Pfeiffer
Whitney Gardner
Zelda Abadom
Angela Rojas
13:09.31aHouston Baptist
6.-Clare Obradovich
Alyssa Lout
Jennifer Stolle
Rachel Yorkston
13:25.07aSeattle University
7.-Megan Higgins
Christina N Roque
Vanessa Escalera
Amanda Hefferan
13:26.18aNew Jersey Tech
8.-Neshia Robertson
Jasmine Allen
Sundra Smiley
MarKesia Taylor
15:15.86aChicago State
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMaryn Pincock42-07.00Utah Valley University
2.SrDanielle Dornbusch42-05.25South Dakota
3.SoBecky Reeves41-10.75Utah Valley University
4.FrKate Wellensiek40-03.25South Dakota
5.SoBrooke Biederstedt39-10.00North Dakota
6.JrErica Krull39-07.00South Dakota
7.SoDarci Youngstrom39-01.75South Dakota
8.FrBrittany Talamantez39-01.75Texas-Rio Grande Val...
9.SrBecky Phillips37-07.75Utah Valley University
10.-Kelly Eddington36-03.50Texas-Rio Grande Val...
11.SoKamee Bentley34-09.00Utah Valley University
12.JrZakia Tillis30-02.75Houston Baptist
13.SoEssence Wisdom27-08.75Chicago State
14.SoLauren Dupuis26-06.50New Jersey Tech
15.SrEsther Lee15-06.00Chicago State
--FrArieta GiokasFOULNew Jersey Tech
X Shot Put - 4kg - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SoKamee Bentley36-06.75Utah Valley University
2.JrCrystal Schiernbeck32-06.25South Dakota
3.JrAmanda Peart31-11.25Utah Valley University
4.JrShantay Dodge30-07.50Utah Valley University
5.SrToni Dickerson29-01.75Houston Baptist
6.SoLanesha Sutton28-08.25Chicago State
7.JrNicole Kerrison24-02.50New Jersey Tech
8.FrMakira Kuan21-02.75Utah Valley University
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrMelinda Sarmiento5-05.25Texas-Rio Grande Val...
2.JrWhitney Aste5-05.25Utah Valley University
3.JrAbby Garza5-04.25Texas-Rio Grande Val...
4.JrJessica Butler5-03.00North Dakota
4.SrMara Becker5-03.00Seattle University
6.FrMakira Kuan5-01.00Utah Valley University
7.JrAmanda Peart4-11.00Utah Valley University
8.SoKamee Bentley4-11.00Utah Valley University
9.JrCrystal Schiernbeck4-09.00South Dakota
9.SoPeggy Moore4-09.00Chicago State
11.SoMazvita Maziveyi4-03.25Chicago State
X High Jump - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.FrMakira Kuan5-02.50Utah Valley University
2.JrCrystal Schiernbeck4-09.75South Dakota
3.JrShantay Dodge4-08.75Utah Valley University
4.JrAmanda Peart4-07.50Utah Valley University
5.SrToni Dickerson4-06.25Houston Baptist
6.SoKamee Bentley4-05.00Utah Valley University
6.SoLanesha Sutton4-05.00Chicago State
8.JrNicole Kerrison4-00.50New Jersey Tech
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.FrBethany Buell12-01.50South Dakota
2.FrJessica Christian11-09.75South Dakota
3.SrKate LaRoche11-03.75North Dakota
3.JrHaley Peterson11-03.75South Dakota
5.SrKayla Pfau11-03.75North Dakota
6.FrBetsey Whisonant10-10.00South Dakota
7.SrCourtney Cabebe8-10.25Seattle University
8.SoNatalie Newman8-04.25South Dakota
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKenna Wolter19-00.50South Dakota
2.SoAshlea Johnson18-04.25South Dakota
3.SoRosina Amenebede18-01.75Utah Valley University
4.JrCrystal Schiernbeck17-04.00South Dakota
5.SrTia Hanes17-02.75South Dakota
6.SrToni Dickerson17-01.50Houston Baptist
7.SrCici Lott17-00.50Texas-Rio Grande Val...
8.FrMakira Kuan16-06.50Utah Valley University
9.JrSarah Fegley16-04.50North Dakota
10.SoMikaela Hirst16-01.75North Dakota
11.JrShantay Dodge16-01.00Utah Valley University
12.FrMorgan Pressley15-11.75Houston Baptist
13.FrCindy Velasquez15-09.75Texas-Rio Grande Val...
14.SrSara Carpenter15-05.50North Dakota
15.JrOmni Ashford14-07.25Houston Baptist
16.JrBecca Urbany14-06.50Seattle University
17.FrAmanda Luna12-09.25Seattle University
X Long Jump - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.JrCrystal Schiernbeck17-06.75South Dakota
2.JrShantay Dodge17-04.25Utah Valley University
3.SrToni Dickerson17-02.25Houston Baptist
4.FrMakira Kuan16-07.25Utah Valley University
5.JrAmanda Peart15-11.00Utah Valley University
6.SoKamee Bentley15-02.25Utah Valley University
7.SoLanesha Sutton14-07.00Chicago State
8.JrNicole Kerrison14-03.00New Jersey Tech
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKenna Wolter40-08.75South Dakota
2.JrSarah Fegley37-06.50North Dakota
3.SoMikaela Hirst37-05.00North Dakota
4.SrTia Hanes37-04.00South Dakota
5.SoAshlea Johnson36-10.50South Dakota
6.SrToni Dickerson36-02.75Houston Baptist
7.JrShantay Dodge35-06.00Utah Valley University
8.SrSara Carpenter34-10.25North Dakota
9.FrMorgan Pressley34-08.25Houston Baptist
10.JrOmni Ashford34-04.00Houston Baptist
11.FrAmanda Luna33-02.00Seattle University
12.FrMakira Kuan32-10.50Utah Valley University
13.JrBecca Urbany32-08.25Seattle University
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SoBecky Reeves53-11.75Utah Valley University
2.SrDanielle Dornbusch53-00.25South Dakota
3.JrErica Krull45-11.75South Dakota
4.FrKate Wellensiek45-09.25South Dakota
5.SoDarci Youngstrom45-07.75South Dakota
6.SrBecky Phillips44-07.50Utah Valley University
7.FrBrittany Talamantez42-08.25Texas-Rio Grande Val...
8.JrZakia Tillis42-03.50Houston Baptist
9.SoMaryn Pincock41-04.50Utah Valley University
10.SoBrooke Biederstedt38-09.75North Dakota
11.-Kelly Eddington37-08.75Texas-Rio Grande Val...
12.FrMegan Storstad35-11.25North Dakota
13.SoLauren Dupuis25-09.25New Jersey Tech
X Pentathlon Score (Indoor) - Varsity - Finals
1.JrCrystal Schiernbeck3182South Dakota
2.JrAmanda Peart3046Utah Valley University
3.JrShantay Dodge3029Utah Valley University
4.FrMakira Kuan2948Utah Valley University
5.SrToni Dickerson2880Houston Baptist
6.SoKamee Bentley2817Utah Valley University
7.JrNicole Kerrison2259New Jersey Tech
8.SoLanesha Sutton2168Chicago State
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