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Midwest Prep Classic

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lawrence Central HS, Indianapolis

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Anthony Shelman10.75aLawrence Central      
2.12Thomas Brueggemann10.78aColumbus North      
3.11Shaquille Tensley10.91aWarren Central      
4.12Pat Feeney10.94aNew Palestine      
5.11Eric Robinson11.03aWarren Central      
6.12Keith Housley11.05aWarren Central      
7.12Kory Stamps11.22aLawrence North      
8.12Michael Taylor11.25aChicago Heights (Blo...      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Anthony Shelman11.02aLawrence Central      
4.11Eric Robinson11.09aWarren Central      
2.12Thomas Brueggemann11.14aColumbus North      
5.12Pat Feeney11.17aNew Palestine      
7.12Keith Housley11.30aWarren Central      
8.12Kory Stamps11.31aLawrence North      
3.11Shaquille Tensley11.33aWarren Central      
6.12Michael Taylor11.39aChicago Heights (Blo...      
9.12Sam Nunn11.54aAnderson Highland      
10.12Kofi Hughes11.59aIndianapolis Cathedral      
11.11Arion Clanton11.64aEast Chicago Central      
12.12Jase Harmon11.67aColumbus North      
13.11Eric Prentiss11.76aColumbus North      
14.12Lemont Jackson11.77aChicago Heights (Blo...      
15.12Antonio Barber11.94aAndrean      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tyrennzie Burgess22.18aLawrence Central      
2.12Thomas Brueggemann22.20aColumbus North      
3.10Marciellian Gardner22.53aLawrence Central      
4.11Kevin Cole22.56aLawrence North      
5.12Matt Gerbick22.77aAndrean      
6.12Sam Nunn22.86aAnderson Highland      
7.12Kory Stamps23.16aLawrence North      
8.11Arion Clanton23.23aEast Chicago Central      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Tyrennzie Burgess22.37aLawrence Central      
4.11Kevin Cole22.80aLawrence North      
2.10Marciellian Gardner22.91aLawrence Central      
5.12Kory Stamps23.18aLawrence North      
7.12Matt Gerbick23.32aAndrean      
8.12Sam Nunn23.36aAnderson Highland      
9.10Trace Fetterer23.48aColumbus North      
3.12Thomas Brueggemann23.50aColumbus North      
10.12Adam Rauch23.59aEast Central      
6.11Arion Clanton23.66aEast Chicago Central      
11.11Craig Davis23.73aChicago Heights (Blo...      
12.9Stephen Wallace23.91aWestfield      
13.10Kaleb Williams23.92aChicago Heights (Blo...      
14.11Eric Prentiss23.96aColumbus North      
15.12Chris Fricker24.08aPlainfield      
16.10Matthew Rowe24.43aLane Tech      
17.10Dazmon Johnson24.45aChicago Heights (Blo...      
18.12Chris Heyes24.57aWestfield      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Pat Feeney48.87aNew Palestine      
2.11Michael Steele49.80aLawrence Central      
3.10Jeron Brown50.24aLawrence Central      
4.12Brendan Favo50.31aSouth Bend St. Joseph      
5.11Chris Arvia50.94aAndrean      
6.12Quintin Davis51.80aLawrence North      
7.12Thomas Brueggemann51.91aColumbus North      
8.11Jon Hill52.29aEast Chicago Central      
9.12Sam Rockett52.72aChicago Heights (Blo...      
10.12Tremell Scott53.89aWestfield      
11.10Kaleb Williams53.92aChicago Heights (Blo...      
12.11Aaron Cunningham54.72aColumbus North      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Connor Claflin1:56.28aLawrence Central      
2.11Chris Giesting1:58.28aBatesville      
3.11Dylan Allingham1:59.92aLane Tech      
4.11Connor Love2:00.25aWestfield      
5.10Christopher Kelsey2:00.61aColumbus North      
6.12Anthony Janiga2:01.32aAndrean      
7.12Leighton Gough2:01.85aConnersville      
8.12Austin Salsberry2:03.32aWestfield      
9.12Patrick McCarthy2:03.81aHammond Bishop Noll      
10.12James Houck2:04.79aHeritage Christian      
11.9Andrew Carmin2:05.31aBloomington North      
12.12Victor Terrazas2:05.55aLane Tech      
13.10Andrew Diehn2:06.12aColumbus North      
14.12Pat Williams2:06.52aPlainfield      
15.11Michael Henery2:06.68aChicago Heights (Blo...      
16.12Mike Bradley2:06.97aSouth Bend St. Joseph      
17.11Ben Finley2:07.18aWestfield      
18.12Andrew Wilhelm2:07.63aPlainfield      
19.11Nick Anderson2:07.78aChicago Heights (Blo...      
20.11Stephen Selke2:07.79aNew Palestine      
21.11Jarred Yoder2:08.88aMuncie Southside      
22.10Blaine Wolf2:10.26aAndrean      
23.12Brendan Kelly2:11.07aLawrence Central      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Hale O'Herren4:18.84aIndianapolis Cathedral      
2.12Dj Taylor4:28.41aAnderson Highland      
3.10Hayden Merkel4:29.85aBatesville      
4.9Matt Dorsey4:33.85aLawrence Central      
5.12William Wert4:34.85aWarren Central      
6.10Cody Stone4:35.55aWarren Central      
7.12James Ricker4:35.84aIndianapolis Cathedral      
8.11Andrew Beiriger4:35.92aColumbus North      
9.11Tim Hofmeister4:44.56aColumbus North      
10.12Aaron Kimbrell4:52.00aMuncie Southside      
11.9Lucas Kalbfell4:54.07aAndrean      
12.11Doug Blaase4:58.14aLawrence Central      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tate Schienbein9:32.62aUnion County      
2.11Gabe Ocasio9:38.46aColumbus North      
3.12Kulayifi Haji9:40.42aLane Tech      
4.10Michael Sublette9:42.89aColumbus North      
5.12Zach Miller9:51.23aLawrence North      
6.11Ethan Evans9:58.07aMuncie Southside      
7.10Ross Pereira10:03.84aLawrence Central      
8.12Nate Hetrick10:06.65aLawrence Central      
9.9Cole Hester10:07.65aLawrence Central      
10.10Wyatt Rondot10:08.32aBrownsburg      
11.12Dalton Boyer10:15.32aPlainfield      
12.10Patrick Musgrave10:21.46aAndrean      
13.11Ryan Santelik10:26.97aCrown Point      
14.10Connor Method10:29.71aSouth Bend St. Joseph      
15.12Carl Duncan10:34.71aAndrean      
16.12Christian Mandrell10:58.77aNew Palestine      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Max Tuttle14.56aBloomington North      
2.11Marcus Safer14.58aLawrence North      
3.11Glenn Powell14.59aLawrence Central      
4.12Jonathan Jackson15.03aLane Tech      
5.11DeAngelo Winston15.16aWarren Central      
6.11Adarius Washington15.20aWarren Central      
7.11Josh Barcus15.29aWestfield      
8.12Kenyun Byrd15.36aBloomington North      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Max Tuttle14.72aBloomington North      
3.11Marcus Safer14.84aLawrence North      
5.11Glenn Powell14.87aLawrence Central      
2.11Adarius Washington14.96aWarren Central      
7.11DeAngelo Winston15.24aWarren Central      
4.12Jonathan Jackson15.26aLane Tech      
6.12Kenyun Byrd15.42aBloomington North      
8.11Josh Barcus15.66aWestfield      
9.11Alexand Whitfield15.78aIndianapolis Cathedral      
9.Alex Whitfield15.78aIndianapolis      
10.12Matt Boatman15.82aConnersville      
11.11Tyler Bibbs15.83aLawrence North      
12.12Chris Blackburn15.92aIndianapolis Bishop ...      
13.12Douglas Sloss16.03aWarren Central      
14.11Tyler Frank16.58aAndrean      
15.12McClane Josh18.55aConnersville      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Max Tuttle38.52aBloomington North      
2.12Jonathan Jackson39.65aLane Tech      
3.11Arqueil Shaw40.34aWarren Central      
4.12Chris Blackburn40.35aIndianapolis Bishop ...      
5.11DeAngelo Winston40.40aWarren Central      
6.9DaQuan Brown41.13aLawrence Central      
7.11Marcus Safer41.22aLawrence North      
8.11Matthew Rosado41.37aEast Chicago Central      
9.11Joe Mark41.49aIndianapolis Bishop ...      
10.12Luke O'Connor41.79aSouth Bend St. Joseph      
11.10Jordan McCool42.10aAnderson Highland      
12.11Adarius Washington42.43aWarren Central      
13.12McClane Josh42.44aConnersville      
14.11Josh Barcus42.56aWestfield      
15.12Kenyun Byrd42.62aBloomington North      
16.Alex Whitfield42.99aIndianapolis      
16.11Alexand Whitfield42.99aIndianapolis Cathedral      
17.10Wesley Roberts43.06aLawrence Central      
18.11Joey Cadwell43.23aPlainfield      
19.11Malcolm Wilkins44.10aAnderson Highland      
20.11Tyler Frank44.91aAndrean      
21.10Adam Wadlington45.31aLawrence North      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Tyler Mason
Tyrennzie Burgess
Marciellian Gardner
Anthony Shelman
42.40aLawrence Central      
2.-Keith Housley
Shaquille Tensley
Robert Hollins
Eric Robinson
42.64aWarren Central      
3.-Relay Team 43.90aChicago Heights (Blo...      
4.-Relay Team 43.91aLawrence North      
5.-Christian Hood
Matt Gerbick
Chris Arvia
Antonio Barber
6.-Relay Team 45.26aEast Chicago Central      
7.-Relay Team 45.34aWestfield      
8.-Jairo Chavez
Matthew Rowe
Antonio Abreu
Kevin Eichie
45.36aLane Tech      
9.-Relay Team 45.39aEast Central      
10.-Relay Team 45.88aPlainfield      
11.-Relay Team 45.91aColumbus North      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Michael Steele
Connor Claflin
Tyrennzie Burgess
Jeron Brown
3:23.36aLawrence Central      
2.-Relay Team 3:31.03aLawrence North      
3.-Joey Cadwell
Tyler Williams
Andrew Wilhelm
Pat Williams
4.-Dan Varns
Paul Jones
Dylan Anderson
Max Tuttle
3:32.50aBloomington North      
5.-Chris Arvia
Nick Janiga
Antonio Barber
Tyler Frank
6.-Xavier Remmo-long
Luke O'Connor
Caleb Cobbin
Brendan Favo
3:33.56aSouth Bend St. Joseph      
7.-Relay Team 3:34.07aNew Palestine      
8.-Relay Team 3:34.27aChicago Heights (Blo...      
9.-Relay Team 3:34.54aEast Chicago Central      
10.-Relay Team 3:36.01aLawrence Central      
11.-Relay Team 3:39.27aColumbus North      
12.-Damon Martin
Britt Morris
Zach Rothenberger
Michael Passmore
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Logan Bagby
Joshua Roche
Scott Stanley
Zachary Grese
8:08.07aLawrence North      
2.-Wyatt Rondot
Scott Vicenzi
Scott Hathaway
Daniel Purdy
3.-Will Sievern
Alec Sievern
Clay Willis
Antony Maclean
8:11.54aEvansville Reitz Mem...      
4.-Joey Zielinski
Jordan Holloman
Brendan Favo
Mike Bradley
8:17.41aSouth Bend St. Joseph      
5.-Andrew Wilhelm
Dalton Boyer
Pat Williams
Tyler Williams
6.-Aaron Belcher
Zach Rothenberger
Britt Morris
Michael Passmore
7.-Relay Team 8:28.36aNew Palestine      
8.-Ronald Perkins
Nate Hetrick
Brendan Kelly
Aaron Laster
8:28.99aLawrence Central      
9.-Relay Team 8:32.36aChicago Heights (Blo...      
10.-Blaine Wolf
Pat Musgrave
Nick Janiga
Anthony Janiga
11.-Will Bond
Jack Kelly
James Ricker
Hale O'Herren
8:39.56aIndianapolis Cathedral      
12.-Relay Team 8:40.86aEast Chicago Central      
13.-Kyle Davis
Andrew Facemyer
Chris Shellenberger
Ryan Santelik
8:44.17aCrown Point      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bryce Kiser50-02.75Pioneer      
2.12Dominick Dean49-10.75Westfield      
3.11Jamar Brown47-09.00Lawrence North      
4.10Onyi Afoaku47-01.00Bloomington North      
5.10Wesley Rogers46-02.00Lawrence Central      
6.11Keenan Noel43-03.50Columbus North      
7.11Jake Reed42-08.25Columbus North      
8.10Julian Beeks42-00.25Andrean      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bryce Kiser152-02Pioneer      
2.11Jake Reed147-01Columbus North      
3.11Hollingsworth Ethan140-03Anderson Highland      
4.12Mitchell Newman139-02Lawrence Central      
5.10Onyi Afoaku138-02Bloomington North      
6.11Maurice Fuller136-02Westfield      
7.11Jamar Brown135-05Lawrence North      
8.12Joesph Lyon132-02Brownsburg      
9.11Steven Medlock131-08East Central      
10.11Cal Harris117-09Plainfield      
11.10Julian Beeks87-06Andrean      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jonathan Christensen7-00.00Southmont      
2.12Derrick Hill6-10.00Anderson Highland      
3.12Matt Gerbick6-04.00Andrean      
4.11Todd Nibbs6-04.00Brownsburg      
5.12Lawrence Cotton6-04.00Anderson Highland      
6.11Brandon Muncie6-00.00Lawrence North      
7.12Dillon Duxbury6-00.00Westfield      
8.10Hayden Merkel5-10.00Batesville      
8.12Matt Boatman5-10.00Connersville      
8.10CJ Smith5-10.00Lawrence Central      
8.10Carl Sonnefeld5-10.00Bloomington North      
--11Andrew AndersonNHLawrence Central      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Blake Boyd14-00.00Lawrence Central      
2.12Tyler Cozart13-06.00Plainfield      
3.10Graham Reid13-06.00Indianapolis Cathedral      
3.12Nick Furney13-06.00East Central      
5.11Colton Robinson13-06.00East Central      
6.11Adam Scheblo13-00.00Lawrence North      
7.10Terry Batemon13-00.00Warren Central      
8.12Zach Schoenfeld12-06.00Connersville      
9.11Rene Briseno12-00.00Lawrence North      
9.11Jack Leibovitz12-00.00Lawrence Central      
--12Jase HarmonNHColumbus North      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Eric Robinson22-00.25Warren Central      
2.12Alex Robinson22-00.00Chicago Heights (Blo...      
3.12Matt Gerbick21-11.00Andrean      
4.11Dylan Anderson21-07.50Bloomington North      
5.11Brandon Muncie21-04.50Lawrence North      
6.10Jeron Brown21-03.00Lawrence Central      
7.12Markel Langham20-10.75Lawrence Central      
8.12Stevie Wilson20-08.00Indianapolis Cathedral      
9.12Nigel Spears20-05.25Westfield      
10.11Kevin Cole20-04.00Lawrence North      
11.11Chris Shillings20-03.00Columbus North      
12.10Anthony Shelman20-02.25Lawrence Central      
13.Cameron Pate19-08.00Indianapolis      
14.11Nate Grigsby19-06.00Pioneer      
15.12Byron Jordan19-03.75Hammond Bishop Noll      
16.12Aron Holcomb19-01.50Pioneer      
17.12Jairo Chavez19-01.00Lane Tech      
18.10Blakelynn Green18-09.25Brownsburg      
19.11Jacob Spreybroeck18-01.00South Bend St. Joseph      
20.12Antonio Barber17-07.00Andrean      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Danyale Griffin12.51aEvanston (Twp.)      
2.12Jasmine Perry12.61aFort Wayne Wayne      
3.12Lauren Cowden12.74aLawrence Central      
4.12Courtney Erlenbaugh12.88aPlainfield      
5.9Maddie Bryan12.89aIndianapolis Cathedral      
6.12Tayler Turner12.94aSouth Bend St. Joseph      
7.11Destiny Patterson12.95aBen Davis      
8.9Briana Jones13.31aBen Davis      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Maddie Bryan12.13aIndianapolis Cathedral      
2.12Lauren Cowden12.62aLawrence Central      
2.11Danyale Griffin12.62aEvanston (Twp.)      
5.12Jasmine Perry12.76aFort Wayne Wayne      
4.12Tayler Turner12.83aSouth Bend St. Joseph      
6.11Destiny Patterson12.92aBen Davis      
7.12Courtney Erlenbaugh12.93aPlainfield      
8.9Briana Jones12.95aBen Davis      
9.11Chauntiel Smith12.96aFort Wayne South Side      
10.12Hope Mitchell13.05aChicago Heights (Blo...      
11.12Brooke Ingle13.12aEast Central      
12.11Alexa Bolden13.16aEvanston (Twp.)      
12.11Ellen Wiebke13.16aZionsville      
14.12Faith Young13.18aChicago Heights (Blo...      
14.11Jasmine Watts13.18aCarmel      
16.10Corinne Zehner13.22aNew Palestine      
17.10Courtney White13.34aEast Central      
18.10Kimyanna Rudolph13.35aLawrence Central      
19.12Cassie Funcheon13.37aColumbus North      
20.11Larisa Hurse13.40aLawrence Central      
21.12Mariah Schwenk13.42aColumbus North      
21.10Michaela Prough13.42aCrown Point      
23.9Sarah Rivich13.43aCrown Point      
24.10Leigh Cummings13.46aCenter Grove      
25.9Kaylyn Pryor13.47aEvanston (Twp.)      
26.9Sara Crawford13.52aCarroll (Fort Wayne)      
27.10Nicole Fluegel13.55aNew Palestine      
28.11Bailli Mitchell13.66aColumbus North      
29.11Lauren Pifer13.82aZionsville      
30.10Breneia Turner13.88aBen Davis      
31.9Shae Lore14.11aConnersville      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Shamier Little25.79aChicago (Lindblom)      
2.10Margaret Bamgbose26.26aEvanston (Twp.)      
3.12Faith Young26.42aChicago Heights (Blo...      
4.10Wanda Long26.46aFort Wayne Wayne      
5.12Brooke Ingle26.83aEast Central      
6.10Morgan Carroll26.88aSouth Bend St. Joseph      
7.12Jasmine Perry26.89aFort Wayne Wayne      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.9Shamier Little25.95aChicago (Lindblom)      
2.10Margaret Bamgbose26.32aEvanston (Twp.)      
3.10Wanda Long26.36aFort Wayne Wayne      
4.12Brooke Ingle26.39aEast Central      
5.10Morgan Carroll26.55aSouth Bend St. Joseph      
6.12Jasmine Perry26.58aFort Wayne Wayne      
6.11Danyale Griffin26.58aEvanston (Twp.)      
8.12Faith Young26.96aChicago Heights (Blo...      
9.10Anietra Butler27.09aBen Davis      
9.12Dentrius Brown27.09aChicago Heights (Blo...      
11.11Chauntiel Smith27.15aFort Wayne South Side      
11.9Briana Jones27.15aBen Davis      
13.12Ashley Torres27.30aCrown Point      
14.10Diamond Jacpbs27.43aEvanston (Twp.)      
15.9Brianna Jones27.45aLawrence Central      
16.9Quin Shoultz27.48aColumbus North      
17.9Kaci Tompkins27.59aColumbus North      
18.9Naiomi Dulaney27.75aLawrence Central      
19.11Lauren Pifer28.05aZionsville      
20.10Cydnei McGuire28.32aLawrence Central      
21.12Erin Goode29.36aZionsville      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Shamier Little58.44aChicago (Lindblom)      
2.12Taylor Morrison59.04aBen Davis      
3.10Margaret Bamgbose1:00.14aEvanston (Twp.)      
4.12Megan VanWinkle1:01.04aUnion County      
5.9Bailey Beckham1:01.41aCrown Point      
6.10Wanda Long1:01.71aFort Wayne Wayne      
7.12Jessie Williams1:02.04aCarroll (Fort Wayne)      
8.10Anansa Harris1:02.35aFort Wayne South Side      
9.10Laura Thomas1:02.48aBloomington North      
10.11Janelle Gordy1:02.74aCarroll (Fort Wayne)      
11.10Jasmin McCray1:03.31aLawrence Central      
12.9Mikayla Marcinkowski1:03.94aCrown Point      
13.11Kiara Brown1:03.97aLawrence Central      
14.9Kaci Tompkins1:04.01aColumbus North      
15.9Nakilah McClendon1:04.07aLawrence Central      
16.9Quin Shoultz1:04.56aColumbus North      
17.9Keila Bouwkamp1:05.14aZionsville      
18.9Kaylyn Pryor1:05.78aEvanston (Twp.)      
19.9Jordan Timmons1:05.87aCenter Grove      
20.9Molly Burnett1:05.88aAndrean      
21.9Kristen Duffey1:05.94aZionsville      
22.9Stephanie Kuznetsov1:06.34aZionsville      
23.11Erin Boyle1:06.64aAndrean      
24.11Hannah White1:06.97aCenter Grove      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Maggie Bell60.7Indianapolis Bishop ...      
12Paige Laconi60.7Indianapolis Bishop ...      
9Sophie Meier62.5Indianapolis Bishop ...      
12Rachael Kimack63.5Indianapolis Bishop ...      
14th12Arielle Knafel64.0Center Grove      
14th9Victoria Schoettmer65.3Center Grove      
14th9Jordan Timmons66Center Grove      
14th11Hannah White67.1Center Grove      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Janell Horton2:18.95aEvanston (Twp.)      
2.12Tara Gonzalez2:19.35aChicago Heights (Blo...      
3.12Breanna Smith2:21.85aWestfield      
4.9Victoria Schoettmer2:22.05aCenter Grove      
5.9Rachael Sollman2:22.32aColumbus North      
6.12Caitlin McCoy2:23.69aBloomington North      
7.12Jordan Mornout2:28.29aCarroll (Fort Wayne)      
8.10Karis Johnson2:28.86aLawrence Central      
9.12Paige Mason2:30.06aIndianapolis Cathedral      
10.11Macall Twaddle2:31.06aColumbus North      
11.11Allison Grana2:32.36aColumbus North      
12.12Janalis Roche2:32.56aChicago Heights (Blo...      
13.10Jessica Banks2:32.80aZionsville      
14.9Randi Ulmer2:32.86aZionsville      
15.12Nicole Inman2:34.30aInternational School...      
16.9Allison Wortel2:34.76aCrown Point      
17.9Jordan Frye2:38.64aEvanston (Twp.)      
X 800 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
1st9Victoria Schoettmer2:17.5Center Grove      
10Maggie Bell2:21.7Indianapolis Bishop ...      
9Stephanie Barnes2:30Indianapolis Bishop ...      
1st9Jordan Timmons2:30.5Center Grove      
12Paige Laconi2:31Indianapolis Bishop ...      
1st9Delainey Burnett2:33Center Grove      
10Arden Burch2:34Indianapolis Bishop ...      
1st10Emma Raker2:34.5Center Grove      
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Virginia Steilberg5:23.51aColumbus North      
2.12Janina Roche5:23.64aChicago Heights (Blo...      
3.11Jessica Burton5:28.15aWestfield      
4.12Nicole Kreuzman5:28.45aCenter Grove      
5.9Shannon Webb5:30.82aWestfield      
6.12Alex Holland5:36.32aWestfield      
7.10Erin Shuffett5:37.38aColumbus North      
8.9Courtney Sampson5:40.29aZionsville      
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Laicee Pierce11:09.26aCrown Point      
2.9Maddy Roach11:30.00aLawrence Central      
3.11Jessica Richardson11:35.00aColumbus North      
4.12Ciersten Deardorf11:35.09aCarroll (Fort Wayne)      
5.12Siri Retrum11:38.00aColumbus North      
6.9Delainey Burnett11:49.00aCenter Grove      
7.9Rebecca Conley11:49.00aAndrean      
8.10MacKenzie Harris11:51.00aColumbus North      
9.11Courtney Edon11:58.00aNew Palestine      
10.12Nicole Kreuzman12:03.00aCenter Grove      
11.12Morgan Kleinaman12:27.00aCrown Point      
12.12Elisabeth Staab12:41.00aNew Palestine      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chrissy Day15.57aColumbus North      
2.12Arielle Knafel15.58aCenter Grove      
3.12Meghan Czarnecki15.63aSouth Bend St. Joseph      
4.9Shamier Little15.67aChicago (Lindblom)      
5.10Montayla Holder15.79aLawrence Central      
6.12Amanda Swenson15.81aBloomington North      
7.12Caitlin Radke15.87aCarroll (Fort Wayne)      
8.12Jillian Reisinger15.97aCenter Grove      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Meghan Czarnecki15.60aSouth Bend St. Joseph      
2.12Arielle Knafel15.67aCenter Grove      
4.12Chrissy Day15.80aColumbus North      
3.9Shamier Little15.92aChicago (Lindblom)      
7.12Amanda Swenson15.92aBloomington North      
5.10Montayla Holder16.07aLawrence Central      
6.12Jillian Reisinger16.23aCenter Grove      
8.12Caitlin Radke16.28aCarroll (Fort Wayne)      
9.12Codi Perry16.67aBen Davis      
10.11Tarasae Stancil16.83aIndianapolis Cathedral      
11.11Ariana Ware16.89aLawrence Central      
12.9Justice Howard16.97aChicago Heights (Blo...      
13.10Rachel Callahan16.99aEast Central      
14.10Jaclyn Gill17.05aColumbus North      
15.12Morgan O'Malley17.17aWestfield      
16.9Tiaunna Moore17.51aBen Davis      
17.10Hannah Brickey17.83aPlainfield      
18.11Brooke Fox20.14aEast Central      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Montayla Holder46.21aLawrence Central      
2.11Ariana Ware46.24aLawrence Central      
3.12Meghan Czarnecki47.50aSouth Bend St. Joseph      
4.10Corinne Zehner47.99aNew Palestine      
5.12Codi Perry48.24aBen Davis      
6.12Amanda Swenson48.73aBloomington North      
7.11Brooke Fox48.91aEast Central      
8.12Arielle Knafel48.93aCenter Grove      
9.11Augusta Schrader49.21aCrown Point      
10.9Kenzie Westen49.36aConnersville      
11.10Rachel Callahan49.52aEast Central      
12.10Mikaela Chamblee49.60aSouth Bend St. Joseph      
13.10Jaclyn Gill50.08aColumbus North      
14.12Sarah Armstrong50.28aCarroll (Fort Wayne)      
15.12Caitlin Radke50.41aCarroll (Fort Wayne)      
16.10Olivia Johnson50.48aIndianapolis Cathedral      
17.11Katie Campbell50.92aSouth Bend St. Joseph      
18.9Alyssa Wozniak51.28aCarmel      
19.11Robyn Parrish51.43aBen Davis      
20.11Brenna Denhardt51.78aWestfield      
21.12Amanda Caines52.23aEvanston (Twp.)      
22.12Jillian Reisinger52.25aCenter Grove      
23.11Kristin Mercer52.28aPlainfield      
24.12Morgan O'Malley53.08aWestfield      
25.12Stephanie Isaac54.12aConnersville      
26.9Laura McLaughlin55.42aZionsville      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 46.77aBen Davis      
2.-Relay Team 46.90aSouth Bend St. Joseph      
3.-Hope Mitchell
Latisha Curtiss
Dentrius Brown
Faith Young
46.97aChicago Heights (Blo...      
4.-Relay Team 47.70aLawrence Central      
5.-Relay Team 47.84aEvanston (Twp.)      
6.-Relay Team 48.74aColumbus North      
7.-Brooke Basaran
Nicole Fluegel
Morgan Parish
Corrine Zehner
48.77aNew Palestine      
8.-Relay Team 50.14aFort Wayne South Side      
9.-Relay Team 51.10aIndianapolis Cathedral      
9.-Lexxus Betts
Maddie Bryan
Aysha Jemison
Melissa Schopper
51.10aIndianapolis Cathedral      
10.-Relay Team 51.30aCarmel      
11.-Relay Team 51.50aEast Central      
12.-Relay Team 51.99aZionsville      
13.-Relay Team 52.07aCrown Point      
14.-Jillian Reisinger
Arielle Knafel
Leigh Cummings
Megan Westell
52.39aCenter Grove      
15.-Relay Team 52.62aBloomington North      
16.-Relay Team 53.34aWestfield      
17.-Courtney Erlenbaugh
Mary Prichard
Kristin Mearcer
Mackenzie Motter
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:01.05aBen Davis      
2.-Relay Team 4:01.57aEvanston (Twp.)      
3.-Relay Team 4:04.80aCarroll (Fort Wayne)      
4.-Paige Laconi
Maggie Bell
Rachael Kimack
Sophie Meier
4:06.52aIndianapolis Bishop ...      
5.-Relay Team 4:09.82aCrown Point      
6.-Relay Team 4:10.59aLawrence Central      
7.-Relay Team 4:14.28aZionsville      
8.-Michelle Potter
Elisa Revak
Ali Connelly
Meghan Czarnecki
4:15.00aSouth Bend St. Joseph      
9.-Lexxus Betts
Katie Gordan
Paige Mason
Aysha Jemison
4:16.32aIndianapolis Cathedral      
9.-Relay Team 4:16.32aIndianapolis Cathedral      
10.-Relay Team 4:17.41aFort Wayne South Side      
11.-Relay Team 4:17.96aNew Palestine      
12.-Relay Team 4:20.00aWestfield      
13.-Relay Team 4:21.54aColumbus North      
14.-Arielle Knafel
Kristen Nunnelly
Tori Schoettmer
Jordan Timmons
4:21.91aCenter Grove      
15.-Dentrius Brown
Mia Strickland
Tara Gonzalez
Janalis Roche
4:24.43aChicago Heights (Blo...      
16.-Courtney Erlenbaugh
Mackenzie Motter
Ali Dunn
Brynn Olinger
17.-Relay Team 4:37.09aAndrean      
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Emma Schoettmer
Tori Schoettmer
Delainey Burnett
Nicole Kreuzman
9:55.23aCenter Grove      
2.-Relay Team 9:56.33aCarroll (Fort Wayne)      
3.-Paige Laconi
Maggie Bell
Arden Burch
Stephanie Barnes
9:57.73aIndianapolis Bishop ...      
4.-Relay Team 10:01.57aSouth Bend St. Joseph      
5.-Relay Team 10:06.04aIndianapolis Cathedral      
5.-Grace Bennett
Sydney Devine
Maggie Johns
Paige Mason
10:06.04aIndianapolis Cathedral      
6.-Relay Team 10:06.41aCrown Point      
7.-Caitlynn Edon
Elisabeth Staab
Kinzie Alter
Courtney Edon
10:14.61aNew Palestine      
8.-Relay Team 10:14.75aLawrence Central      
9.-Macee Bowman
Bekca Albedyll
Christina Adams
TeAndra Thompson
10:16.68aBen Davis      
10.-Brynn Olinger
Amy Justus
Katrina Taivalkoski
Markell Taivalkoski
11.-Aubrie Carroll
Laura Cronin
Renee Heine
Alex Holland
12.-Relay Team 10:43.27aAndrean      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tori Bliss46-00.00Portage      
2.12Morgan Ford40-10.00Plainfield      
3.10Sonya Napariu35-08.00New Palestine      
4.10Dawnielle Passmore34-11.00Lawrence Central      
5.11Victoria Ison34-06.50Bloomington North      
6.11Melissa Macellari33-09.50South Bend St. Joseph      
7.12McKenzie Harsha33-09.00Portage      
8.11Abby Quint33-03.00Andrean      
9.11Jody Pearcy32-08.00Plainfield      
10.10Ashley Robinson32-00.00Fort Wayne South Side      
11.10Emily Byrd31-07.50Plainfield      
12.11Hilary Owens31-00.00Columbus North      
13.11Alanna Floyd30-11.00Ben Davis      
14.11Andrea Turner30-05.00Fort Wayne South Side      
15.12Chrissy Day30-03.00Columbus North      
16.11Natalie Perez27-04.00Ben Davis      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Tori Bliss121-06Portage      
2.12Morgan Ford120-03Plainfield      
3.11Victoria Ison116-06Bloomington North      
4.11Nicole Bowman111-10Ben Davis      
5.11Melissa Macellari105-08South Bend St. Joseph      
6.12McKenzie Harsha105-05Portage      
7.11Hilary Owens103-02Columbus North      
8.10Sonya Napariu97-04New Palestine      
9.10Taylor Helvie92-10Ben Davis      
10.11Jody Pearcy89-05Plainfield      
11.10Dawnielle Passmore85-07.50Lawrence Central      
12.11Sophie May85-04Carmel      
13.9Elizabeth Frye83-11Carmel      
14.10Jocelyn Young78-01Ben Davis      
15.11Abby Quint74-03.50Andrean      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Camille Hayes5-09.00Lawrence Central      
2.10Layne Murphy5-02.00Chicago Heights (Blo...      
3.9Terese Wade5-02.00Westfield      
4.10Katherine Evans5-01.00Westfield      
5.11Taylor Lampe5-00.00Carmel      
6.9Alethia Marrero4-10.00Ben Davis      
7.11Brooke Basaran4-10.00New Palestine      
8.10Montayla Holder4-10.00Lawrence Central      
9.12Delaney Lego4-08.00Columbus North      
9.11Destiny Patterson4-08.00Ben Davis      
9.11Amelia Stark4-08.00Plainfield      
9.9Sierra Webb4-08.00Westfield      
9.11Darnikka Reeves4-08.00Lawrence Central      
9.9Harlea Standifer4-08.00Carmel      
9.10Alex St. John4-08.00Bloomington North      
9.12Mariah Schwenk4-08.00Columbus North      
9.11Hannah Lukemeyer4-08.00Bloomington North      
--12Maryam BakareNHChicago Heights (Blo...      
--9Angela CatesNHChicago Heights (Blo...      
--9Kenzie WestenNHConnersville      
--11Robyn ParrishNHBen Davis      
--12Amanda CainesNHEvanston (Twp.)      
--11Alanie Aucoin-JacksonNHCarmel      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Margo Tucker12-07.00Lawrence Central      
2.10Sydney Clute10-00.00Center Grove      
3.11Jordan Moseby10-00.00Ben Davis      
4.10Kimyanna Rudolph9-06.00Lawrence Central      
5.12Kate Carr9-06.00Carmel      
6.11Samantha Scrogham9-00.00Columbus North      
7.-Mily Massel8-06.00Park Tudor      
8.10Emily Hountz8-06.00East Central      
8.12Mary Carpenter8-06.00South Bend St. Joseph      
--11Emily UnsworthNHColumbus North      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Lauren Cowden18-02.00Lawrence Central      
2.12Megan VanWinkle17-04.75Union County      
3.12Latisha Curtiss17-02.00Chicago Heights (Blo...      
4.12Caitlin Radke16-11.50Carroll (Fort Wayne)      
5.11Jasmine Watts16-10.50Carmel      
6.12Chrissy Day16-07.75Columbus North      
7.10Mikaela Chamblee16-07.50South Bend St. Joseph      
8.10Sydney Clute16-07.00Center Grove      
9.10Alychia Cross16-06.25Chicago Heights (Blo...      
10.12Ashley Torres16-05.75Crown Point      
11.12Meghan Czarnecki16-05.50South Bend St. Joseph      
12.10Jenna Patton16-00.50Center Grove      
13.12Amanda Caines16-00.25Evanston (Twp.)      
14.10Anietra Butler15-11.25Ben Davis      
15.12Jillian Reisinger15-08.75Center Grove      
16.10Amala Afoaku15-08.00Bloomington North      
17.9Amy Poynter15-02.50Carroll (Fort Wayne)      
18.9Kristen Duffey14-09.75Zionsville      
19.9Quin Shoultz13-10.75Columbus North      
20.9Jade Lackey12-05.00Ben Davis      
--11Whitney WillisFOULWestfield      
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