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MS Warrior Relays

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bowles Stadium, Argyle

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Chanse Alexander13.18aOakridge      
2.7Tyler Samsill13.43aFort Worth Christian      
3.7Christian Tjoa13.68aOakridge      
4.7Jon Martin13.72aFort Worth Christian      
4.7Hunter Snowden13.72aLiberty Christian      
6.7Tobyn Steffey14.12aLiberty Christian      
7.7Jordan Brown14.53aLiberty Christian      
8.7Daniel Jones14.59aBethesda Christian      
9.7Brody Rigues14.64aFort Worth Christian      
10.7Cullen Gilliland14.84aFaith Christian (Gra...      
11.7Ethan Blake14.94aFaith Christian (Gra...      
12.6Austin Steele15.15aFaith Christian (Gra...      
13.7Jonathan Hatley15.99aOakridge      
14.6Parker Stimson16.16aBethesda Christian      
15.6Dylan Davis16.72aBethesda Christian      
16.7Luis Pineda16.80aImmaculate Conceptio...      
17.6Aaron Southerland17.08aCoram Deo Academy      
18.7Alex Williams17.39aImmaculate Conceptio...      
19.7Joe Davis17.40aImmaculate Conceptio...      
X 100 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Bomani Carter12.33aFort Worth Christian      
2.8Brodrick Umblance12.42aOakridge      
3.8Josh Music12.58aFaith Christian (Gra...      
4.8Josiah Parsons12.67aHSA (Home School Ath...      
5.8Preston Compton12.91aLiberty Christian      
6.8Daxton Davis12.92aCoram Deo Academy      
7.8Tanner Jackson13.22aFort Worth Christian      
8.8Caleb Bishop13.31aLiberty Christian      
9.8Charles Clinkscales13.45aCoram Deo Academy      
10.8Nate Murray13.73aLiberty Christian      
11.8Cris Palencia14.18aBethesda Christian      
12.8Jacob Ashley14.58aFort Worth Christian      
13.8Lawton Anderson14.75aFaith Christian (Gra...      
8Justin NguyenNTOakridge      
X 200 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Beau McKeel26.35aFaith Christian (Gra...      
2.7Stephen Bevilacqua27.70aImmaculate Conceptio...      
3.7Tyler Samsill27.76aFort Worth Christian      
4.7Chanse Alexander27.93aOakridge      
5.7Christian Tjoa28.01aOakridge      
6.7Hunter Snowden28.44aLiberty Christian      
7.7Daniel Jones29.95aBethesda Christian      
8.7Marcus Ross30.08aNorthstar      
9.7Cole Bravers30.27aLiberty Christian      
10.6Kyle Dendy30.34aFaith Christian (Gra...      
11.7Brody Rigues30.47aFort Worth Christian      
12.7Tyler Worsham31.47aFort Worth Christian      
13.7Cullen Gilliland32.22aFaith Christian (Gra...      
14.7Riley Bierbach34.00aNorthstar      
15.7Jackson Anderson34.68aImmaculate Conceptio...      
16.6Parker Stimson35.06aBethesda Christian      
17.6Dylan Davis35.34aBethesda Christian      
17.7Robert Nance35.34aOakridge      
19.6Aaron Southerland36.70aCoram Deo Academy      
20.7Bobby Musacchio42.04aImmaculate Conceptio...      
7Taylor McCarleyNTLiberty Christian      
X 200 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Brodrick Umblance25.46aOakridge      
2.8Josiah Parsons25.61aHSA (Home School Ath...      
3.8Jarius White26.34aLiberty Christian      
4.8Charles Clinkscales26.42aCoram Deo Academy      
5.8Daxton Davis26.44aCoram Deo Academy      
6.8Josh Leaks26.54aFort Worth Christian      
7.8Caleb Bishop26.93aLiberty Christian      
8.8Doo Hoon Jung27.51aFort Worth Christian      
9.8Preston Compton27.71aLiberty Christian      
10.8Andrew Boucher28.51aFort Worth Christian      
11.8Hunter Chastain29.28aFaith Christian (Gra...      
12.8John Baillargeon29.42aFaith Christian (Gra...      
13.8Cris Palencia29.83aBethesda Christian      
14.8Coleman Gannon30.00aBethesda Christian      
15.8Ben Osigian31.71aFaith Christian (Gra...      
X 400 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Clay McKeel1:00.27aFaith Christian (Gra...      
2.7James Dunne1:04.13aImmaculate Conceptio...      
3.7Collin Osborne1:05.15aFaith Christian (Gra...      
4.7Daniel Jones1:06.72aBethesda Christian      
5.7Tobyn Steffey1:09.45aLiberty Christian      
6.7Addison Picker1:10.30aFort Worth Christian      
7.8Justin Nguyen1:11.61aOakridge      
8.7Cole Irwin1:12.13aLiberty Christian      
9.7Evan York1:12.66aLiberty Christian      
10.7Andrew Pieper1:15.74aFort Worth Christian      
11.7Patrick Pauley1:18.83aOakridge      
12.7Cal Tacker1:20.37aFort Worth Christian      
13.7Parker Meredith1:26.60aOakridge      
14.7Luis Pineda1:33.76aImmaculate Conceptio...      
15.7Preston Rush1:33.85aImmaculate Conceptio...      
6Aaron SoutherlandNTCoram Deo Academy      
X 400 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Hunter Smiley54.91aFort Worth Christian      
2.8John Aaron Howell55.36aLiberty Christian      
3.8Zack Elder58.96aLiberty Christian      
4.8Miles Ramsey59.58aBethesda Christian      
5.8Josiah Parsons1:00.97aHSA (Home School Ath...      
6.8McKinley Smith1:01.60aOakridge      
7.8Timothy Clifford1:01.73aNorthstar      
8.8Andrew Boucher1:02.93aFort Worth Christian      
9.8Slader Ammons1:02.99aCoram Deo Academy      
10.8Nate Murray1:03.98aLiberty Christian      
11.8Stephen Johnson1:05.10aOakridge      
12.8Cris Palencia1:08.65aBethesda Christian      
13.8Lawton Anderson1:08.78aFaith Christian (Gra...      
8Hunter LandisNTFaith Christian (Gra...      
8Doo Hoon JungNTFort Worth Christian      
X 800 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.7James Dunne2:35.96aImmaculate Conceptio...      
2.7Coleton Vick2:41.74aLiberty Christian      
3.6Dalton Standish2:42.42aFaith Christian (Gra...      
4.6Noah Postema2:49.01aFaith Christian (Gra...      
5.7Micheal Wright2:49.29aFort Worth Christian      
6.7Eric Hjelm2:49.48aFaith Christian (Gra...      
7.7Kent Lee2:52.20aFort Worth Christian      
8.7Will Lockett2:53.22aFort Worth Christian      
9.7Zach Bravenec2:55.82aLiberty Christian      
10.7Jack Lytle2:59.26aLiberty Christian      
11.7Preston Rush3:37.22aImmaculate Conceptio...      
12.7Bobby Musacchio3:47.38aImmaculate Conceptio...      
X 800 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Miles Ramsey2:20.42aBethesda Christian      
2.8Jarius White2:22.97aLiberty Christian      
3.8Ben Trice2:24.60aFort Worth Christian      
4.8Riley Gage2:26.16aFort Worth Christian      
5.8Timothy Clifford2:30.18aNorthstar      
6.8Mitchell Purdy2:36.40aFaith Christian (Gra...      
7.8Gage Reesor2:40.79aLiberty Christian      
8.8Hunter Chastain2:42.61aFaith Christian (Gra...      
9.8Ian Harrington2:42.86aLiberty Christian      
10.8Coleman Gannon2:53.07aBethesda Christian      
11.8Tim Krohn2:56.32aFort Worth Christian      
12.8Christopher Bronner3:10.22aOakridge      
8Michael NolanNTFaith Christian (Gra...      
X 1600 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Braden Tubb5:33.46aFort Worth Christian      
2.7Jackson First5:41.67aLiberty Christian      
3.7Micah Poag5:44.42aFort Worth Christian      
4.6Dalton Standish5:47.46aFaith Christian (Gra...      
5.7Cole Bravers5:58.91aLiberty Christian      
6.6Noah Wolff6:06.06aBethesda Christian      
7.7Micheal Wright6:06.22aFort Worth Christian      
8.7Cameron Bowe6:19.68aBethesda Christian      
9.6Cole Fowler6:19.87aFaith Christian (Gra...      
10.6Nathan Henn6:25.64aBethesda Christian      
11.6Daniel Sewell6:27.74aFaith Christian (Gra...      
12.7Wes Stenovich6:29.47aImmaculate Conceptio...      
13.7Alex Williams7:53.48aImmaculate Conceptio...      
8Mitchell PurdyNTFaith Christian (Gra...      
8Michael NolanNTFaith Christian (Gra...      
7Cole AustinNTLiberty Christian      
X 1600 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Jacob Beaver5:08.47aBethesda Christian      
2.8Kyle Nickols5:23.67aFort Worth Christian      
3.8Cannon Jones5:26.60aFort Worth Christian      
4.8Nick Valenzuela5:32.46aLiberty Christian      
5.8Sheldon Hair5:34.99aFort Worth Christian      
6.8Kevin Autrey5:38.80aBethesda Christian      
7.8Eric Hilton5:47.07aOakridge      
8.8Vick Patel5:52.76aOakridge      
9.8Collin Stephenson6:30.24aLiberty Christian      
8Brian OgdenNTLiberty Christian      
X 2400 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Braden Tubb8:52.35aFort Worth Christian      
2.7Micah Poag8:55.74aFort Worth Christian      
3.7Jackson First9:01.60aLiberty Christian      
4.7Kent Lee9:47.24aFort Worth Christian      
5.6Noah Wolff9:55.47aBethesda Christian      
6.7Eric Hjelm10:01.94aFaith Christian (Gra...      
7.7Cameron Bowe10:10.98aBethesda Christian      
8.6Nathan Henn10:19.23aBethesda Christian      
9.7Wes Stenovich10:29.20aImmaculate Conceptio...      
7Joe DavisNTImmaculate Conceptio...      
7Cole BraversNTLiberty Christian      
7Cole AustinNTLiberty Christian      
X 2400 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Jacob Beaver8:16.51aBethesda Christian      
2.8Cannon Jones8:39.46aFort Worth Christian      
3.8Kevin Autrey8:52.05aBethesda Christian      
4.8Kyle Nickols9:03.96aFort Worth Christian      
5.8Vick Patel9:08.80aOakridge      
6.8Eric Hilton9:09.54aOakridge      
7.8Tim Krohn10:25.38aFort Worth Christian      
8.8Brian Ogden10:27.49aLiberty Christian      
9.8Collin Stephenson10:49.88aLiberty Christian      
10.8Ian Brown11:07.20aLiberty Christian      
X 110m Hurdles - 36" - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Caleb Stone21.74aFort Worth Christian      
2.7Graham Day21.86aCoram Deo Academy      
3.7Cole Irwin22.67aLiberty Christian      
4.7Marcus Ross22.74aNorthstar      
5.7Tanner Moseley23.78aLiberty Christian      
6.7Tyler Gressett23.80aFort Worth Christian      
7.7Taylor Monroe24.00aFort Worth Christian      
8.6Kyle Dendy24.52aFaith Christian (Gra...      
9.7Patrick Pauley24.87aOakridge      
10.7John Peters25.25aLiberty Christian      
11.7Riley Bierbach26.14aNorthstar      
6Uhl WoodsNTHSA (Home School Ath...      
7Jackson HawkinsNTFaith Christian (Gra...      
X 110m Hurdles - 36" - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Josh Willingham17.85aFort Worth Christian      
2.8Chapman Odom19.22aFaith Christian (Gra...      
3.8Michael King19.61aLiberty Christian      
4.8Gavin Menichini20.31aLiberty Christian      
5.8Nick Valenzuela21.06aLiberty Christian      
6.8John Baillargeon21.08aFaith Christian (Gra...      
7.8Doo Hoon Jung22.08aFort Worth Christian      
8.8Lawton Anderson22.34aFaith Christian (Gra...      
8Minh TruongNTOakridge      
X 300m Hurdles - 33" - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Jacob Pierce51.79aFaith Christian (Gra...      
2.7Graham Day52.47aCoram Deo Academy      
3.7Tanner Moseley53.40aLiberty Christian      
4.7Jackson Hawkins55.22aFaith Christian (Gra...      
5.7Jordan Brown55.29aLiberty Christian      
6.7Zach Bravenec57.67aLiberty Christian      
7.7Taylor Monroe58.55aFort Worth Christian      
8.6Noah Postema1:00.39aFaith Christian (Gra...      
9.7Tyler Gressett1:01.19aFort Worth Christian      
10.6Uhl Woods1:02.88aHSA (Home School Ath...      
11.7Brett Ford1:02.93aFort Worth Christian      
X 300m Hurdles - 33" - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Ben Hawkins46.10aLiberty Christian      
2.8Josh Willingham46.90aFort Worth Christian      
3.8Tanner Jackson47.10aFort Worth Christian      
4.8Chapman Odom50.10aFaith Christian (Gra...      
5.8Kevin Autrey51.09aBethesda Christian      
6.8Spencer Mackenzie52.80aLiberty Christian      
7.8Gage Reesor54.58aLiberty Christian      
8.8Mitchell Purdy55.39aFaith Christian (Gra...      
9.8Coleman Gannon56.83aBethesda Christian      
8Minh TruongNTOakridge      
8Bryan RobbNTOakridge      
8Miles RamseyNTBethesda Christian      
8Riley GageNTFort Worth Christian      
8Dylan IngleNTFaith Christian (Gra...      
X 4x100 Relay - 7th grade - Finals
1.-Amuson Aduro
Hugh Jeffrey
Taylor McCarley
Zach Keller
51.63aLiberty Christian      
2.-Beau McKeel
Clay McKeel
Walker McKeel
Jacob Pierce
51.88aFaith Christian (Gra...      
3.-Logan Etie
Shane Sirignano
Joe Davis
Wes Stenovich
1:02.10aImmaculate Conceptio...      
-Jake Kane
Jon Martin
Caleb Stone
Tyler Samsill
DQFort Worth Christian      
X 4x100 Relay - 8th grade - Finals
1.-Ben Trice
Hunter Smiley
Josh Leaks
Bomani Carter
47.54aFort Worth Christian      
2.-Daniel Brumbaugh
Josh Music
Zach Postema
Conor Langenbahn
49.16aFaith Christian (Gra...      
-Zack Elder
Ben Hawkins
Matt Marrs
John Aaron Howell
DQLiberty Christian      
X 4x200 Relay - 7th grade - Finals
1.-Amuson Aduro
Zach Keller
Hugh Jeffrey
Taylor McCarley
52.31aLiberty Christian      
1.-Amuson Aduro
Zach Keller
Hugh Jeffrey
Taylor McCarley
52.31aLiberty Christian      
2.-Jackson Anderson
Shane Sirignano
Logan Etie
Stephen Bevilacqua
54.84aImmaculate Conceptio...      
2.-Jackson Anderson
Shane Sirignano
Logan Etie
Stephen Bevilacqua
54.84aImmaculate Conceptio...      
3.-Kyle Dendy
Collin Osborne
Jacob Pierce
Walker McKeel
55.06aFaith Christian (Gra...      
3.-Kyle Dendy
Collin Osborne
Jacob Pierce
Walker McKeel
55.06aFaith Christian (Gra...      
4.-Jake Kane
Tyler Gressett
Addison Picker
Cal Tacker
1:00.59aFort Worth Christian      
4.-Jake Kane
Tyler Gressett
Addison Picker
Cal Tacker
1:00.59aFort Worth Christian      
X 4x200 Relay - 8th grade - Finals
1.-Andrew Boucher
Tanner Jackson
Riley Gage
Josh Leaks
1:44.05aFort Worth Christian      
2.-Caleb Bishop
Ben Hawkins
Matt Marrs
Preston Compton
1:44.30aLiberty Christian      
3.-Daniel Brumbaugh
Zach Postema
Dylan Ingle
Conor Langenbahn
1:46.72aFaith Christian (Gra...      
4.-Daxton Davis
Slader Ammons
Graham Day
Charles Clinkscales
1:46.86aCoram Deo Academy      
X 4x400 Relay - 7th grade - Finals
1.-Beau McKeel
Walker McKeel
Clay McKeel
Collin Osborne
4:09.31aFaith Christian (Gra...      
2.-Amuson Aduro
Cole Austin
Zach Keller
Hugh Jeffrey
4:13.28aLiberty Christian      
3.-Caleb Stone
Jon Martin
Addison Picker
Jake Kane
4:34.58aFort Worth Christian      
4.-Stephen Bevilacqua
Logan Etie
Shane Sirignano
James Dunne
4:35.60aImmaculate Conceptio...      
X 4x400 Relay - 8th grade - Finals
1.-Josh Willingham
Bomani Carter
Ben Trice
Hunter Smiley
3:47.25aFort Worth Christian      
2.-Jarius White
Matt Marrs
Zack Elder
John Aaron Howell
3:48.10aLiberty Christian      
3.-Daniel Brumbaugh
Josh Music
Chapman Odom
Conor Langenbahn
4:02.87aFaith Christian (Gra...      
-Stephen Johnson
Bryan Robb
McKinley Smith
Brodrick Umblance
X Shot Put - 4kg - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Tobyn Steffey33-01.75Liberty Christian      
2.7Tyler Samsill32-11.75Fort Worth Christian      
3.7Cameron Brasher31-10.00Liberty Christian      
4.7Harry Asprey31-09.50Liberty Christian      
5.6Austin Steele28-11.75Faith Christian (Gra...      
6.7Marcus Ross28-10.00Northstar      
7.7Brody Rigues28-06.50Fort Worth Christian      
8.7Collin Osborne28-05.00Faith Christian (Gra...      
9.7Chanse Alexander26-10.25Oakridge      
10.7Brady Tackett26-05.00Fort Worth Christian      
11.7Logan Etie26-03.75Immaculate Conceptio...      
12.7Ethan Blake26-03.50Faith Christian (Gra...      
13.7Jackson Anderson26-02.50Immaculate Conceptio...      
14.7Preston Rush22-07.75Immaculate Conceptio...      
15.7Riley Bierbach22-01.75Northstar      
16.6Dylan Davis21-00.00Bethesda Christian      
17.7Robin Ajir19-10.50Oakridge      
X Shot Put - 4kg - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Brad Lundblade48-05.25Liberty Christian      
2.8Weldon Whittle41-04.00Liberty Christian      
3.8Grant Lanza41-02.75Liberty Christian      
4.8Chase Moody35-04.25Faith Christian (Gra...      
5.8Kamran Fazal33-09.00Oakridge      
6.8Cris Palencia32-07.00Bethesda Christian      
7.8Mark Slack32-05.75Fort Worth Christian      
8.8Jake Fletcher31-06.50Fort Worth Christian      
9.8Ross Saffell30-00.00Fort Worth Christian      
10.8Josh Aguilar29-11.25Faith Christian (Gra...      
11.8Austin Schaffer29-06.50Oakridge      
12.8Timothy Clifford27-04.50Northstar      
13.8Ben Osigian23-07.25Faith Christian (Gra...      
X Discus - 1kg - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Tyler Samsill93-05Fort Worth Christian      
2.7Jaden Cook87-01Liberty Christian      
3.7Chanse Alexander82-04Oakridge      
4.7Harry Asprey80-07Liberty Christian      
5.7Brody Rigues79-09Fort Worth Christian      
6.6Austin Steele77-10Faith Christian (Gra...      
7.7Stephen Bevilacqua75-10Immaculate Conceptio...      
8.7Ethan Blake73-07Faith Christian (Gra...      
9.7Avery Webb70-03Liberty Christian      
10.7James Dunne64-10Immaculate Conceptio...      
11.7Tyler Worsham58-10Fort Worth Christian      
12.7Preston Rush57-11Immaculate Conceptio...      
13.6Dylan Davis56-01Bethesda Christian      
14.7Robin Ajir50-04Oakridge      
15.6Parker Stimson42-04Bethesda Christian      
X Discus - 1kg - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Kamran Fazal105-09Oakridge      
2.8Grant Lanza103-11Liberty Christian      
3.8Stephen Johnson100-06Oakridge      
4.8Nate Murray98-10Liberty Christian      
5.8Weldon Whittle92-11Liberty Christian      
6.8Cris Palencia86-07Bethesda Christian      
7.8Mark Slack83-08Fort Worth Christian      
8.8Devin Gillitzer83-06Fort Worth Christian      
9.8Chase Moody80-08Faith Christian (Gra...      
10.8Ian Crombie79-00Fort Worth Christian      
11.8Josh Aguilar72-01Faith Christian (Gra...      
12.8Bryan Robb72-00Oakridge      
13.8Timothy Clifford59-00Northstar      
14.8Ben Osigian52-01Faith Christian (Gra...      
X High Jump - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Addison Picker5-00.00Fort Worth Christian      
2.7Caleb Stone5-00.00Fort Worth Christian      
2.7Jacob Pierce5-00.00Faith Christian (Gra...      
4.7Jackson Hawkins5-00.00Faith Christian (Gra...      
5.7Zach Keller5-00.00Liberty Christian      
6.7Coleton Vick4-08.00Liberty Christian      
6.7Cullen Gilliland4-08.00Faith Christian (Gra...      
6.7Chanse Alexander4-08.00Oakridge      
6.7Marcus Ross4-08.00Northstar      
10.7Tanner Moseley4-06.00Liberty Christian      
10.7Tyler Gressett4-06.00Fort Worth Christian      
X High Jump - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Daniel Brumbaugh5-04.00Faith Christian (Gra...      
2.8Matt Marrs5-04.00Liberty Christian      
3.8Brodrick Umblance5-00.00Oakridge      
3.8Kyle Nickols5-00.00Fort Worth Christian      
3.8Riley Gage5-00.00Fort Worth Christian      
3.8Bomani Carter5-00.00Fort Worth Christian      
3.8Caleb Bishop5-00.00Liberty Christian      
3.8John Aaron Howell5-00.00Liberty Christian      
6.8Conor Langenbahn5-00.00Faith Christian (Gra...      
10.8McKinley Smith4-08.00Oakridge      
11.8Hunter Landis4-06.00Faith Christian (Gra...      
X Pole Vault - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Ethan Johnson5-06.00Fort Worth Christian      
1.7Tyler Gressett5-06.00Fort Worth Christian      
1.7Matt Estep5-06.00Liberty Christian      
4.7Johnny Alday5-06.00Liberty Christian      
4.6Aaron Southerland5-06.00Coram Deo Academy      
7Travis FunderburkNHLiberty Christian      
X Pole Vault - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Ben Trice9-00.00Fort Worth Christian      
2.8Ross Early8-06.00Liberty Christian      
3.8Josh Leaks8-00.00Fort Worth Christian      
4.8Christian Bailey7-00.00Liberty Christian      
5.8Mason Webb5-06.00Liberty Christian      
X Long Jump - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Beau McKeel16-02.25Faith Christian (Gra...      
2.7Zach Keller15-09.00Liberty Christian      
3.7Stephen Bevilacqua15-08.50Immaculate Conceptio...      
4.7Graham Day15-01.25Coram Deo Academy      
5.7Christian Tjoa14-11.50Oakridge      
6.7Clay McKeel14-11.25Faith Christian (Gra...      
7.7Walker McKeel14-10.75Faith Christian (Gra...      
8.7Hugh Jeffery14-10.00Liberty Christian      
9.7jake Kane14-01.00Fort Worth Christian      
10.7Addison Picker13-07.50Fort Worth Christian      
10.7Adura Amosun13-07.50Liberty Christian      
12.7James Dunne13-07.25Immaculate Conceptio...      
12.7Marcus Ross13-07.25Northstar      
14.7Parker Meredith13-05.00Oakridge      
14.7Jon Martin13-05.00Fort Worth Christian      
16.7Logan Etie13-04.00Immaculate Conceptio...      
17.7Riley Bierbach12-07.50Northstar      
18.6Uhl Woods12-06.25HSA (Home School Ath...      
8Daxton DavisNDCoram Deo Academy      
X Long Jump - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Josh Music17-09.50Faith Christian (Gra...      
2.8Bomani Carter16-11.00Fort Worth Christian      
3.8Jarius White16-09.25Liberty Christian      
4.8Chapman Odom16-01.50Faith Christian (Gra...      
5.8Josh Willingham15-08.00Fort Worth Christian      
6.8John Aaron Howell15-07.50Liberty Christian      
6.8Brodrick Umblance15-07.50Oakridge      
8.8Andrew Boucher15-07.25Fort Worth Christian      
9.8Ben Hawkins15-04.25Liberty Christian      
10.8Slader Ammons15-03.00Coram Deo Academy      
11.8Kevin Autrey15-01.00Bethesda Christian      
12.8Charles Clinkscales14-03.75Coram Deo Academy      
13.8Miles Ramsey14-03.00Bethesda Christian      
14.8Dylan Ingle13-08.50Faith Christian (Gra...      
8Vick PatelNDOakridge      
X Triple Jump - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Taylor McCarley33-05.00Liberty Christian      
2.8Daxton Davis33-01.00Coram Deo Academy      
3.7Jordan Brown31-04.00Liberty Christian      
4.7Jacob Pierce30-04.50Faith Christian (Gra...      
5.7Ethan Blake29-00.00Faith Christian (Gra...      
6.7Caleb Stone28-08.50Fort Worth Christian      
7.7Cal Tacker25-04.00Fort Worth Christian      
8.7Shane Sirignano25-02.50Immaculate Conceptio...      
9.7Jon Martin24-10.00Fort Worth Christian      
10.7Joe Davis21-04.50Immaculate Conceptio...      
11.7Alex Williams20-03.00Immaculate Conceptio...      
7Collin OsborneNDFaith Christian (Gra...      
7Cole AustinNDLiberty Christian      
6Uhl WoodsNDHSA (Home School Ath...      
X Triple Jump - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Josh Music36-03.00Faith Christian (Gra...      
2.8Daniel Brumbaugh36-01.50Faith Christian (Gra...      
3.8Preston Compton36-00.00Liberty Christian      
4.8Hunter Smiley35-01.00Fort Worth Christian      
5.8Josh Willingham34-05.00Fort Worth Christian      
6.8Michael King33-11.50Liberty Christian      
7.8Kevin Autrey33-06.50Bethesda Christian      
8.8Jordan Parker32-04.25Liberty Christian      
9.8Zach Postema32-01.50Faith Christian (Gra...      
10.8Miles Ramsey30-08.50Bethesda Christian      
11.8Timothy Clifford29-07.00Northstar      
8Ben TriceNDFort Worth Christian      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Kennedy Franklin14.14aOakridge      
2.7Sydney Goodson14.79aLiberty Christian      
3.7Hannah Albert14.84aLiberty Christian      
4.7Hannah Liszewski14.85aLiberty Christian      
5.7Carly Petty14.93aFaith Christian (Gra...      
6.6Kailee Claustro15.13aBethesda Christian      
7.7Maddie Teakell15.43aFaith Christian (Gra...      
8.7Drue Henegar15.67aOakridge      
9.6Hope Middlebrook16.93aCoram Deo Academy      
10.7Erin Miller17.60aFort Worth Christian      
11.7Kylie Westerfield17.78aImmaculate Conceptio...      
12.7Monica Hogan18.15aImmaculate Conceptio...      
13.7Alexa Blackburn19.15aFort Worth Christian      
14.6Gillian Tobin21.20aCoram Deo Academy      
7Brittany RussellNTFaith Christian (Gra...      
7Emily HaileyNTFort Worth Christian      
X 100 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Cayman Irwin13.95aFaith Christian (Gra...      
2.8Madison Weiss14.05aOakridge      
3.8Jessie Pharis14.17aFort Worth Christian      
4.7Emma Doyle14.76aLiberty Christian      
5.8Ashley Zartman14.90aFaith Christian (Gra...      
6.8Hayden Brandenburger15.27aCoram Deo Academy      
6.8Lauren Smedley15.27aOakridge      
8.8Michelle Zimmerer15.49aImmaculate Conceptio...      
9.8Taylor Sorrells15.79aImmaculate Conceptio...      
10.8Nikki Campbell15.85aFort Worth Christian      
11.8Kellie Hunn15.90aNorthstar      
12.8Lauren Boyer16.35aCoram Deo Academy      
13.7Grace Wolski16.50aLiberty Christian      
14.8grace Beagles16.56aFort Worth Christian      
15.8Jillian Bradley16.62aNorthstar      
16.8Molli Henson16.65aFaith Christian (Gra...      
17.7Lynzi Rojas16.90aLiberty Christian      
18.8Hannah Thies17.68aImmaculate Conceptio...      
8Anna MonteroNTOakridge      
X 200 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Lauren Davidson29.78aOakridge      
2.6Kailee Claustro30.95aBethesda Christian      
3.7Hannah Albert31.69aLiberty Christian      
4.7Kamalani Kaku31.73aFort Worth Christian      
5.7Amy Klenzendorf31.85aNorthstar      
6.7Drue Henegar32.64aOakridge      
7.7Laina Ewoldt33.54aCoram Deo Academy      
8.7Tara Delong33.84aFort Worth Christian      
9.7Sophie Hossler34.38aFaith Christian (Gra...      
10.8Loren Crawford34.68aBethesda Christian      
11.7Mallory Martin35.15aFaith Christian (Gra...      
12.6Hope Middlebrook35.27aCoram Deo Academy      
13.7Holly Richardson36.10aFaith Christian (Gra...      
14.7Elizabeth Medley36.58aHSA (Home School Ath...      
15.7Natalie Gary37.51aFort Worth Christian      
16.7Vanessa Aguilar37.55aImmaculate Conceptio...      
17.7Abigail Fowler41.41aImmaculate Conceptio...      
18.6Gillian Tobin46.54aCoram Deo Academy      
7Ashleigh WolfNTImmaculate Conceptio...      
7Sydney GoodsonNTLiberty Christian      
7Paige JearyNTLiberty Christian      
6Sarah HennNTBethesda Christian      
X 200 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Madison Weiss29.32aOakridge      
2.7Emma Doyle30.50aLiberty Christian      
3.8Hayden Brandenburger31.30aCoram Deo Academy      
4.8Sarah Prichard31.91aFort Worth Christian      
5.8Alaina Thomason32.12aFaith Christian (Gra...      
6.8Morgan Dunlap32.25aFort Worth Christian      
7.8McGown Megan32.34aFaith Christian (Gra...      
8.8Morgan Corn32.40aFaith Christian (Gra...      
9.7Grace Wolski32.56aLiberty Christian      
10.8Caroline Dale32.90aFort Worth Christian      
11.8Michelle Zimmerer33.35aImmaculate Conceptio...      
12.8Kellie Hunn33.83aNorthstar      
13.8Lauren Boyer34.00aCoram Deo Academy      
14.8Caelan Ketchum35.12aImmaculate Conceptio...      
15.7Lynzi Rojas35.21aLiberty Christian      
16.8Jillian Bradley35.92aNorthstar      
17.8Hannah Thies38.15aImmaculate Conceptio...      
8Lauren SmedleyNTOakridge      
X 400 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Amy Klenzendorf71.9Northstar      
2.7Laina Ewoldt1:15.40aCoram Deo Academy      
3.6Hope Middlebrook1:18.27aCoram Deo Academy      
4.7Genet Walton1:25.81aFaith Christian (Gra...      
5.7Alex Arthur1:28.26aFaith Christian (Gra...      
6.7Catriona Dunne1:29.70aImmaculate Conceptio...      
7.7Madison Bruno1:31.13aImmaculate Conceptio...      
8.7Reagan Branicky1:41.75aImmaculate Conceptio...      
6Sarah HennNTBethesda Christian      
7Sveta MacdonaldNTFaith Christian (Gra...      
6Kailee ClaustroNTBethesda Christian      
7Miranda TandyNTFort Worth Christian      
7Sara AshaiNTFort Worth Christian      
7Maria SillettiNTFort Worth Christian      
7Alli WallNTOakridge      
X 400 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Heather Hague1:06.54aFort Worth Christian      
2.8Sunday Nester1:07.44aFort Worth Christian      
3.8Bunmi Solano1:10.18aOakridge      
4.8Tara Martinez1:11.45aOakridge      
5.8Hannah Rutherford1:12.57aFaith Christian (Gra...      
6.8Hayden Brandenburger1:13.01aCoram Deo Academy      
7.8Lauren Boyer1:17.32aCoram Deo Academy      
8.8Shelby Dragoo1:19.49aLiberty Christian      
9.8Maria Dunne1:21.13aImmaculate Conceptio...      
10.8Kaysey Mclain1:22.57aFort Worth Christian      
8Ali ObermanNTImmaculate Conceptio...      
X 800 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.6Isabel Williams2:50.93aFaith Christian (Gra...      
2.7Amy Klenzendorf2:51.78aNorthstar      
3.7Laina Ewoldt2:56.18aCoram Deo Academy      
4.7Macey Jameson3:02.83aFaith Christian (Gra...      
5.7Blair Croce3:08.32aLiberty Christian      
6.7Erin Czimskey3:12.68aBethesda Christian      
7.7Elizabeth Medley3:14.97aHSA (Home School Ath...      
8.7Kristin Gentile3:16.35aFaith Christian (Gra...      
9.7Natalie Belokin3:18.74aLiberty Christian      
10.7Sara Ashai3:25.10aFort Worth Christian      
11.7Natalie Gary3:28.35aFort Worth Christian      
12.7Ashleigh Wolf3:35.62aImmaculate Conceptio...      
13.7Reagan Branicky4:14.79aImmaculate Conceptio...      
14.7Madison Bruno4:15.93aImmaculate Conceptio...      
7Alexa BlackburnNTFort Worth Christian      
X 800 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Tiffany Van Hoose2:41.59aFort Worth Christian      
2.8Tara Martinez2:43.67aOakridge      
3.8Shelbee Gilmore2:47.10aOakridge      
4.8Haley Griffin2:49.32aBethesda Christian      
5.8Maddie Thannum2:49.66aFort Worth Christian      
6.8Maria Dunne2:50.67aImmaculate Conceptio...      
7.8Kaysey Mclain2:51.12aFort Worth Christian      
8.8Shelby Dragoo2:55.51aLiberty Christian      
9.8Rebecca Klinke3:03.91aImmaculate Conceptio...      
8Grace LewisNTOakridge      
X 1600 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Ellie Heppes6:39.38aFaith Christian (Gra...      
2.7Hannah Koester6:43.38aFort Worth Christian      
3.7Miranda Glasser6:50.52aLiberty Christian      
4.7Kaitlyn Tharp6:52.51aFort Worth Christian      
5.6Rebekah Beaver6:55.14aBethesda Christian      
6.7Sarah Schoening7:03.01aOakridge      
7.7Erin Czimskey7:05.39aBethesda Christian      
8.7Hope Willcuts7:07.91aFaith Christian (Gra...      
9.7Natalie Belokin7:43.60aLiberty Christian      
10.6Julie Hjelm7:44.82aFaith Christian (Gra...      
11.7Hanna beth Harris8:50.14aFort Worth Christian      
12.7Abigail Fowler9:05.32aImmaculate Conceptio...      
5Madeline ReedNTIntegrity Track      
7Michelle CaneNTOakridge      
X 1600 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Tiffany Van Hoose5:54.86aFort Worth Christian      
2.8Shelbee Gilmore6:22.82aOakridge      
3.8Haley Griffin6:42.07aBethesda Christian      
4.8Regan Klinke6:49.60aImmaculate Conceptio...      
5.8Grace Hall6:54.56aFaith Christian (Gra...      
6.8Grace Lewis6:55.54aOakridge      
7.8Danielle Drews6:58.24aImmaculate Conceptio...      
8.8Maddie Thannum7:17.91aFort Worth Christian      
9.8Mckenzie Dunlap7:27.88aFort Worth Christian      
X 2400 Meters - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Blair Croce10:55.02aLiberty Christian      
2.7Hannah Koester10:56.64aFort Worth Christian      
3.7Miranda Glasser11:13.34aLiberty Christian      
4.6Rebekah Beaver11:16.47aBethesda Christian      
5.7Kaitlyn Tharp11:43.10aFort Worth Christian      
6.6Ashlin Thomas11:50.93aFaith Christian (Gra...      
7.7Sarah Schoening11:59.09aOakridge      
8.6Sunni Dupree14:06.66aFaith Christian (Gra...      
5Madeline ReedNTIntegrity Track      
7Michelle CaneNTOakridge      
X 2400 Meters - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Shelbee Gilmore10:02.32aOakridge      
2.8Regan Klinke10:47.18aImmaculate Conceptio...      
3.8Danielle Drews11:20.89aImmaculate Conceptio...      
4.8Grace Lewis11:23.69aOakridge      
5.8Allison Whiting12:42.48aFort Worth Christian      
6.8jadyn Hix13:20.51aFort Worth Christian      
7.8Olivia Tarbet13:26.57aFort Worth Christian      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Kyleigh Compton18.59aLiberty Christian      
2.7Carly Petty19.10aFaith Christian (Gra...      
3.7Abbi Armstrong19.64aLiberty Christian      
4.7Katie Smith20.02aLiberty Christian      
5.7Monica Hogan21.07aImmaculate Conceptio...      
6.7Kristin Zorich21.27aFort Worth Christian      
7.7Amanda Little21.67aOakridge      
8.7Christina Mccormack21.84aFort Worth Christian      
9.7Ellie Heppes21.93aFaith Christian (Gra...      
10.7Hope Willcuts23.56aFaith Christian (Gra...      
7Becca CollardNTFort Worth Christian      
6Sarah HennNTBethesda Christian      
X 100m Hurdles - 30" - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Ashley Jenkins17.97aLiberty Christian      
2.8Aly Karlen19.32aFort Worth Christian      
3.8Alia Mahama20.16aOakridge      
4.8Logan Baldwin20.62aFort Worth Christian      
5.8Shelby Westbrook20.66aLiberty Christian      
6.8McKenzie Wilkinson20.97aFaith Christian (Gra...      
7.8Emily Honeysett21.02aLiberty Christian      
8.8Sarah Mirau21.22aFaith Christian (Gra...      
9.8Alex Donnelly21.26aFort Worth Christian      
10.8Caroline Settle21.52aOakridge      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Kyleigh Compton54.20aLiberty Christian      
2.7Amanda Little59.46aOakridge      
3.7Ellie Heppes1:00.01aFaith Christian (Gra...      
4.7Kristin Zorich1:00.60aFort Worth Christian      
5.7Becca Collard1:04.21aFort Worth Christian      
6.7Katie Smith1:05.56aLiberty Christian      
7.7Christina Mccormack1:06.21aFort Worth Christian      
8.7Macey Jameson1:06.38aFaith Christian (Gra...      
9.7Hope Willcuts1:07.03aFaith Christian (Gra...      
7Monica HoganNTImmaculate Conceptio...      
7Abbi ArmstrongNTLiberty Christian      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Ashley Jenkins55.00aLiberty Christian      
2.8Haymen Tu56.36aOakridge      
3.8Emily Honeysett58.46aLiberty Christian      
4.8Caroline Settle59.41aOakridge      
5.8Baylee Barnes1:00.47aFaith Christian (Gra...      
6.8Aly Karlen1:01.78aFort Worth Christian      
7.8Loren Crawford1:03.36aBethesda Christian      
8.8Mckenzie Dunlap1:04.60aFort Worth Christian      
8Sarah MirauNTFaith Christian (Gra...      
8Alia MahamaNTOakridge      
8Logan BaldwinNTFort Worth Christian      
8Shelby WestbrookNTLiberty Christian      
X 4x100 Relay - 7th grade - Finals
1.-Kennedy Franklin
Drue Henegar
Alli Wall
Lauren Davidson
2.-Kyleigh Compton
Paige Jeary
Hannah Liszewski
Brooke Alexander
56.57aLiberty Christian      
3.-Kamalani Kaku
Miranda Tandy
Emily Hailey
Becca Collard
1:00.21aFort Worth Christian      
4.-Kaitlyn Alderink
Brittany Russell
Carly Petty
Morgan Donegan
1:00.98aFaith Christian (Gra...      
X 4x100 Relay - 8th grade - Finals
1.-Heather Hague
Sunday Nester
Morgan Dunlap
Jessie Pharis
54.88aFort Worth Christian      
2.-Madison Weiss
Haymen Tu
Alia Mahama
Bunmi Solano
3.-Baylee Barnes
McKenzie Wilkinson
Alyx Hadley
Cayman Irwin
55.87aFaith Christian (Gra...      
4.-Relay Team 57.03aLiberty Christian      
4.-Shelby Westbrook
Katie Wetteland
Malorie Grigg
Addie Wetteland
57.03aLiberty Christian      
-Ali Oberman
Hannah Thies
Michelle Zimmerer
Taylor Sorrells
NTImmaculate Conceptio...      
X 4x200 Relay - 7th grade - Finals
1.-Hannah Liszewski
Paige Jeary
Sydney Goodson
Brooke Alexander
2:00.56aLiberty Christian      
2.-Sophie Hossler
Sveta Macdonald
Kaitlyn Alderink
Morgan Donegan
2:09.79aFaith Christian (Gra...      
3.-Kamalani Kaku
Zoe Tarbet
Tara Delong
Maria Silletti
2:17.63aFort Worth Christian      
4.-Madison Bruno
Catriona Dunne
Vanessa Aguilar
Kylie Westerfield
2:27.36aImmaculate Conceptio...      
X 4x200 Relay - 8th grade - Finals
1.-Relay Team 2:01.05aLiberty Christian      
1.-Ashley Jenkins
Katie Wetteland
Malorie Grigg
Addie Wetteland
2:01.05aLiberty Christian      
2.-Baylee Barnes
McKenzie Wilkinson
Cayman Irwin
Morgan Corn
2:06.05aFaith Christian (Gra...      
3.-Mckenzie Dunlap
Sarah Prichard
Morgan Dunlap
Caroline Dale
2:08.48aFort Worth Christian      
4.-Caelan Ketchum
Taylor Sorrells
Rebecca Klinke
Danielle Drews
2:18.35aImmaculate Conceptio...      
X 4x400 Relay - 7th grade - Finals
1.-Blair Croce
Abbi Armstrong
Hannah Albert
Brooke Alexander
4:50.66aLiberty Christian      
2.-Lauren Davidson
Alli Wall
Amanda Little
Kennedy Franklin
3.-Kaitlyn Alderink
Sveta Macdonald
Mallory Martin
Morgan Donegan
5:03.94aFaith Christian (Gra...      
-Emily Hailey
Sara Ashai
Maria Silletti
Miranda Tandy
NTFort Worth Christian      
X 4x400 Relay - 8th grade - Finals
1.-Jessie Pharis
Heather Hague
Tiffany Van Hoose
Sunday Nester
4:35.67aFort Worth Christian      
2.-Relay Team 4:52.17aLiberty Christian      
2.-Emily Honeysett
Malorie Grigg
Addie Wetteland
Katie Wetteland
4:52.17aLiberty Christian      
3.-Tara Martinez
Jordan Martin
Haymen Tu
Bunmi Solano
4.-Morgan Corn
Alyx Hadley
Tyler Shelby
Alaina Thomason
5:07.43aFaith Christian (Gra...      
5.-Maria Dunne
Ali Oberman
Caelan Ketchum
Regan Klinke
5:49.22aImmaculate Conceptio...      
X Shot Put - 4kg - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Madison Bruno28-11.50Immaculate Conceptio...      
2.7Macey Jameson27-11.00Faith Christian (Gra...      
3.7Vanessa Aguilar24-03.25Immaculate Conceptio...      
4.7Savannah Goatcher23-07.75Fort Worth Christian      
5.7Drue Henegar22-04.50Oakridge      
6.7Abigail Fowler22-02.00Immaculate Conceptio...      
7.7Courtney Mcmillian21-10.25Fort Worth Christian      
8.7Claudia Kwee20-11.50Faith Christian (Gra...      
9.7Sarah Schoening19-06.25Oakridge      
10.7Hannah Parry18-11.50Fort Worth Christian      
11.7Savannah Cothes18-01.00Liberty Christian      
12.7Alex Arthur17-11.50Faith Christian (Gra...      
13.7Natalie Belokin17-10.25Liberty Christian      
14.7Sophie Davis14-07.00Oakridge      
X Shot Put - 4kg - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Baylee Barnes30-02.25Faith Christian (Gra...      
2.8Paige Barnard29-05.00Fort Worth Christian      
3.8Shelby Dragoo28-06.75Liberty Christian      
4.8Ali Oberman27-06.75Immaculate Conceptio...      
5.8Taylor Sorrells27-05.25Immaculate Conceptio...      
6.8Grace Dansby23-02.50Liberty Christian      
7.8Cassidy Staber23-01.50Faith Christian (Gra...      
8.8Katie Markham22-04.00Liberty Christian      
9.8Sarah Rao21-08.00Faith Christian (Gra...      
10.8Rebecca Klinke21-06.75Immaculate Conceptio...      
10.8Lisa Graves21-06.75Fort Worth Christian      
12.8Katlyn Harrison18-05.00Fort Worth Christian      
X Discus - 1kg - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Brooke Alexander68-06Liberty Christian      
2.7Vanessa Aguilar64-01Immaculate Conceptio...      
3.7Madison Bruno60-05Immaculate Conceptio...      
4.7Maddie Teakell57-10Faith Christian (Gra...      
5.7Rachel Stankus56-03Fort Worth Christian      
6.7Macey Jameson55-08Faith Christian (Gra...      
7.7Drue Henegar54-08Oakridge      
8.7Abigail Fowler51-09Immaculate Conceptio...      
9.7Hannah Parry46-08Fort Worth Christian      
10.7Savannah Cothes43-11Liberty Christian      
11.7Alex Arthur42-11Faith Christian (Gra...      
12.7Savannah Goatcher42-10Fort Worth Christian      
13.7Sophie Davis42-07Oakridge      
14.7Natalie Belokin39-00Liberty Christian      
7Sarah SchoeningNDOakridge      
X Discus - 1kg - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Caelan Ketchum61-00Immaculate Conceptio...      
2.8Paige Barnard59-05Fort Worth Christian      
3.8Molli Henson56-10Faith Christian (Gra...      
4.8Baylee Barnes55-07Faith Christian (Gra...      
5.8Lisa Graves55-04Fort Worth Christian      
6.8Taylor Sorrells53-03Immaculate Conceptio...      
7.8Hannah Rutherford53-02Faith Christian (Gra...      
8.8Macy Manning51-09Liberty Christian      
9.8Ali Oberman50-05Immaculate Conceptio...      
10.8Grace Dansby45-03Liberty Christian      
11.8Katlyn Harrison44-03Fort Worth Christian      
12.8Oberoi Natalya43-04Oakridge      
13.8Shelby Dragoo42-01Liberty Christian      
X High Jump - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Sarah Jessie4-08.00Faith Christian (Gra...      
2.7Carly Petty4-08.00Faith Christian (Gra...      
3.7Paige Jeary4-06.00Liberty Christian      
4.7Becca Collard4-06.00Fort Worth Christian      
5.7Riley Murdock4-04.00Faith Christian (Gra...      
6.7Natalie Belokin4-02.00Liberty Christian      
7Emily HaileyNHFort Worth Christian      
7Blair CroceNHLiberty Christian      
7Miranda TandyNHFort Worth Christian      
X High Jump - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Madison Weiss4-10.00Oakridge      
2.8Morgan Dunlap4-10.00Fort Worth Christian      
3.8Addie Wetteland4-06.00Liberty Christian      
4.8Shelby Dragoo4-06.00Liberty Christian      
4.8LeAnn Efird4-06.00Fort Worth Christian      
6.8Molli Henson4-02.00Faith Christian (Gra...      
6.8McKenzie Wilkinson4-02.00Faith Christian (Gra...      
6.8Caroline Dale4-02.00Fort Worth Christian      
9.8Hannah Rutherford4-00.00Faith Christian (Gra...      
9.7Grace Wolski4-00.00Liberty Christian      
8Tara MartinezNHOakridge      
X Pole Vault - 7th grade - Finals
1.8Nadine Bowling6-06.00Oakridge      
2.7Becca Collard6-00.00Fort Worth Christian      
3.7Christina Mccormack5-00.00Fort Worth Christian      
X Pole Vault - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Addie Wetteland6-06.00Liberty Christian      
2.8Katie Wetteland6-06.00Liberty Christian      
8Malley RogersNHFort Worth Christian      
8Heather HagueNHFort Worth Christian      
X Long Jump - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Maddie Teakell14-01.75Faith Christian (Gra...      
2.7Hannah Liszewski13-05.50Liberty Christian      
3.7Sydney Goodson12-10.75Liberty Christian      
3.7Kaitlyn Alderink12-10.75Faith Christian (Gra...      
5.7Lauren Davidson12-08.00Oakridge      
6.7Amy Klenzendorf11-07.75Northstar      
7.7Brooke Alexander11-02.50Liberty Christian      
8.7Maria Silletti11-01.25Fort Worth Christian      
9.7Miranda Tandy10-07.25Fort Worth Christian      
10.7Ashleigh Wolf10-07.00Immaculate Conceptio...      
11.7Kamalani Kaku10-06.25Fort Worth Christian      
12.7Kylie Westerfield9-02.00Immaculate Conceptio...      
13.8Lauren Boyer9-01.75Coram Deo Academy      
14.7Holly Richardson9-00.00Faith Christian (Gra...      
15.7Catriona Dunne8-11.00Immaculate Conceptio...      
7Michelle CaneNDOakridge      
6Kailee ClaustroNDBethesda Christian      
6Sarah HennNDBethesda Christian      
6Hope MiddlebrookNDCoram Deo Academy      
X Long Jump - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Jessie Pharis15-05.50Fort Worth Christian      
2.8Ashley Jenkins14-10.00Liberty Christian      
3.8Madison Weiss14-07.00Oakridge      
4.8Malorie Grigg14-01.00Liberty Christian      
5.8Cayman Irwin14-00.50Faith Christian (Gra...      
6.8Shelby Westbrook13-01.50Liberty Christian      
7.8Mckenzie Dunlap12-11.00Fort Worth Christian      
8.8Alia Mahama12-08.50Oakridge      
9.8Aly Karlen12-06.25Fort Worth Christian      
10.8Kellie Hunn12-05.50Northstar      
11.8Caelan Ketchum11-05.00Immaculate Conceptio...      
12.8Michelle Zimmerer11-02.25Immaculate Conceptio...      
13.8McKenzie Wilkinson10-09.00Faith Christian (Gra...      
7Elizabeth Medley10'7.5HSA (Home School Ath...      
14.8Jillian Bradley9-08.00Northstar      
15.8Ashley Zartman8-10.00Faith Christian (Gra...      
8Bunmi SolanoNDOakridge      
8Hayden BrandenburgerNDCoram Deo Academy      
7Elizabeth MedleyNDHSA (Home School Ath...      
X Triple Jump - 7th grade - Finals
1.7Morgan Donegan27-09.00Faith Christian (Gra...      
2.7Sydney Goodson26-11.00Liberty Christian      
3.6Sarah Henn26-08.00Bethesda Christian      
4.7Blair Croce26-07.00Liberty Christian      
5.7Hannah Liszewski25-02.50Liberty Christian      
6.7Mallory Martin24-02.50Faith Christian (Gra...      
7.7Sara Ashai23-04.00Fort Worth Christian      
8.7Amy Klenzendorf22-10.00Northstar      
9.7Michelle Cane22-04.50Oakridge      
10.7Sarah Schoening21-09.50Oakridge      
11.7Maddie Menke21-03.00Faith Christian (Gra...      
12.7Tara Delong21-00.00Fort Worth Christian      
13.7Kylie Westerfield20-10.50Immaculate Conceptio...      
14.7Ashleigh Wolf20-03.00Immaculate Conceptio...      
15.7Catriona Dunne19-02.50Immaculate Conceptio...      
16.7Alexa Blackburn18-07.50Fort Worth Christian      
X Triple Jump - 8th grade - Finals
1.8Jessie Pharis31-04.50Fort Worth Christian      
2.8Malorie Grigg30-08.00Liberty Christian      
3.8Ashley Jenkins28-07.00Liberty Christian      
4.8Tiffany Van Hoose28-00.00Fort Worth Christian      
5.8Morgan Corn27-07.00Faith Christian (Gra...      
6.8Alyx Hadley27-01.00Faith Christian (Gra...      
7.8Cayman Irwin26-02.00Faith Christian (Gra...      
8.8Kellie Hunn26-01.00Northstar      
9.8Jillian Bradley22-05.50Northstar      
10.8Grace Dansby21-03.00Liberty Christian      
8Mckenzie DunlapNDFort Worth Christian      
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