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GSL Districts Day 1

Thursday, May 13, 2010

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - 3A - Prelims
1.12Corde Bailey10.77aRogers (Spokane)      
2.12Taylor Klundt11.28aMt Spokane      
3.12Gavin Brady11.42aShadle Park      
4.11Ryan Greenwood11.57aMt Spokane      
5.12Robert Van Gundy11.58aRogers (Spokane)      
6.12Patrick Arkangelo11.60aNorth Central      
7.11Jarell Daniels11.65aNorth Central      
9.12Jake Humphrey11.65aUniversity      
8.12Joe Murray11.66aMt Spokane      
9.12Chris Petersen11.72aMt Spokane      
10.12Keith Huysman11.84aMt Spokane      
11.11Devante Smith11.90aRogers (Spokane)      
12.11Shane Quinn11.93aEast Valley (Spokane)      
13.10Josh Bender12.70aShadle Park      
14.10Nathan Batters15.29aNorth Central      
10Chase NaccaratoDQMt Spokane      
X 100 Meters - 4A - Prelims
1.12Brendon Olson11.23aJoel Ferris      
2.11Bishop Sankey11.30aGonzaga Prep      
3.11Bobby Condon11.31aGonzaga Prep      
4.11Ryan Nungester11.35aCentral Valley      
5.12Tyler Guinn11.45aJoel Ferris      
6.12Jamar Quins11.49aUniversity      
7.10Evan Maack11.57aMead      
8.11Jory Zettle11.59aUniversity      
9.-Jake Humphrey11.65aNorth Central      
10.10Isaiah VanVoorhis11.96aCentral Valley      
11.11Taylor Nelson12.03aCentral Valley      
12.12Markus Heintz12.09aCentral Valley      
X 200 Meters - 3A - Prelims
1.12Corde Bailey22.03aRogers (Spokane)      
2.10Chase Naccarato22.72aMt Spokane      
3.12Taylor Klundt23.18aMt Spokane      
4.12Robert Van Gundy23.25aRogers (Spokane)      
5.12Gavin Brady23.52aShadle Park      
6.10Tyler Green23.61aMt Spokane      
7.12Joe Murray23.68aMt Spokane      
8.12Andrus Zaborski23.85aShadle Park      
9.12Chris Petersen24.14aMt Spokane      
10.12Keith Huysman24.23aMt Spokane      
11.11Shane Quinn24.34aEast Valley (Spokane)      
12Patrick ArkangeloDNSNorth Central      
X 200 Meters - 4A - Prelims
1.10Wes Bailey22.18aMead      
2.12Brendon Olson22.69aJoel Ferris      
3.11Jory Zettle23.05aUniversity      
4.12Tyler Guinn23.30aJoel Ferris      
5.11Ryan Nungester23.34aCentral Valley      
6.11Bishop Sankey23.35aGonzaga Prep      
7.12Nate Yamada23.44aLewis and Clark      
8.11Bobby Condon23.80aGonzaga Prep      
9.10Duce Lively23.81aCentral Valley      
10.9Austin Upmeyer23.86aUniversity      
11.12Jamar Quins23.98aUniversity      
12.10Isaiah VanVoorhis24.23aCentral Valley      
13.11Ryan Malmoe24.31aMead      
14.12Markus Heintz24.81aCentral Valley      
X 200 Meters - Wheelchair - Wheelchair - Finals
10Austin Pruitt30.72aCentral Valley      
11Josh Hillicoss1:21.16aEast Valley (Spokane)      
X 400 Meters - 3A - Prelims
1.11Jack Cerenzia51.51aMt Spokane      
2.12Steven Millan51.98aEast Valley (Spokane)      
3.11Nicholas Stevens52.03aEast Valley (Spokane)      
4.11Colin Hisaw52.65aNorth Central      
5.11Casey O'Leary53.06aMt Spokane      
6.12Tyler Hille53.98aMt Spokane      
7.10David Brown54.15aShadle Park      
8.12Kyle Willis54.31aRogers (Spokane)      
9.9Zach Stensland54.62aMt Spokane      
10.10Kiel Rhodes55.66aNorth Central      
11.10Luke Nalder55.92aEast Valley (Spokane)      
X 400 Meters - 4A - Prelims
1.12David Clason52.08aMead      
2.10Duce Lively52.10aCentral Valley      
3.12Timitri Scisum52.21aLewis and Clark      
4.9Austin Upmeyer52.22aUniversity      
5.9Grayson Sykes52.30aCentral Valley      
6.9Gunnar Kayser52.42aMead      
7.12Nathan Beler52.46aLewis and Clark      
8.10Austin Hatten53.14aCentral Valley      
9.11Ryan Malmoe53.35aMead      
10.12Aaron Blaska53.65aUniversity      
11.11Damond Justus53.75aCentral Valley      
12.12Jamar Quins54.68aUniversity      
13.11Michael Brunner54.71aUniversity      
14.12Markus Heintz55.18aCentral Valley      
15.11Brandon Ontiveros55.72aCentral Valley      
X 800 Meters - 3A - Prelims
1.12J.T. Mellgren1:58.00aNorth Central      
2.10Hunter Johnson1:58.10aMt Spokane      
3.9Keith Williams1:58.44aNorth Central      
4.12Alex Avila1:59.19aNorth Central      
5.11Casey Adams2:00.39aNorth Central      
6.11Andrew Wordell2:02.35aNorth Central      
7.11Robert Mosley2:02.43aNorth Central      
8.11Arthur Zepnick2:06.39aEast Valley (Spokane)      
9.11Jordan Rogers2:06.88aNorth Central      
10.10Daniel Christensen2:11.83aEast Valley (Spokane)      
X 800 Meters - 4A - Prelims
1.12Justin Zimmerman1:58.80aJoel Ferris      
2.12Joel Hetrick1:59.30aUniversity      
3.12Steven Witkoe2:00.19aUniversity      
4.11Collin Overbay2:00.22aGonzaga Prep      
5.12Scott Davis2:00.32aJoel Ferris      
6.11Taylen Howland2:00.45aMead      
7.12Chris Ennis2:00.48aLewis and Clark      
8.12Mack Fey2:03.03aUniversity      
9.11Matt Cummings2:03.40aUniversity      
10.11Josh Nicholls2:03.44aCentral Valley      
11.11Nick Cypro2:03.53aLewis and Clark      
12.9Brandon McClung2:06.38aCentral Valley      
13.12Byron Groh2:08.72aGonzaga Prep      
14.11John Weiser2:09.36aCentral Valley      
X 3200 Meters - 3A - Finals
1.12Ben Johnston9:24.59aNorth Central      
2.12Allan Schroeder9:29.15aMt Spokane      
3.10Nathan Weitz9:30.13aShadle Park      
4.11Vince Hamilton9:46.24aNorth Central      
5.12Nathen Fall9:49.45aNorth Central      
6.11Stephen Hafferkamp9:55.04aShadle Park      
7.10Cody Edwards9:56.37aEast Valley (Spokane)      
8.11Connor Jones9:56.75aMt Spokane      
9.11Jaren Novakovich9:59.82aEast Valley (Spokane)      
10.11Jake DePledge10:11.27aMt Spokane      
11.11Eli Deitz10:13.40aMt Spokane      
12.9Hunter Croft10:24.08aShadle Park      
13.10Christian Fullmer10:41.62aMt Spokane      
X 3200 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.12Adam Thorne9:06.11aJoel Ferris      
2.9Andrew Gardner9:06.75aMead      
3.10Alex Kimsey9:24.99aJoel Ferris      
4.11Kenji Bierig9:27.51aLewis and Clark      
5.11Jon Smith9:27.69aUniversity      
6.12Perry Domni9:27.98aJoel Ferris      
7.11Tim Collinton9:36.91aJoel Ferris      
8.12Cory Foss9:38.59aMead      
9.11Christian Bucko9:39.95aUniversity      
10.12Rudy Spencer9:40.24aCentral Valley      
11.11Baxter Arguinchona9:49.46aLewis and Clark      
12.11Josh Spivey9:51.90aMead      
13.12Derek Alcorn9:53.96aLewis and Clark      
14.10Matthew Fry9:59.09aUniversity      
15.12Jeremy Gavelin9:59.53aJoel Ferris      
16.12Bryan Aguilar10:09.12aCentral Valley      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - 3A - Prelims
1.12Desean Svastisalee15.73aNorth Central      
2.11Bill Haven15.89aNorth Central      
3.10Beau Somers16.28aEast Valley (Spokane)      
4.10Darius Person16.41aMt Spokane      
5.12Stephen Ranson16.46aMt Spokane      
6.12Cody Parker16.88aEast Valley (Spokane)      
7.11Greg Bruno17.57aShadle Park      
8.12Tyler Becker17.73aShadle Park      
9.9Ross Swanson17.74aShadle Park      
10.9Jordan Nichols18.39aShadle Park      
11.9David Blue19.05aNorth Central      
12.10Joshua Munter19.41aShadle Park      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - 4A - Prelims
1.11Mike Smith15.35aMead      
2.12Casey Monahan15.59aMead      
3.10Isaac Demeritt15.72aJoel Ferris      
4.11Dylan Seitz15.74aCentral Valley      
5.12Jordan Cunanan15.75aUniversity      
6.11Ryan Peterson16.12aUniversity      
7.11Dashea McDowell16.32aMead      
7.12Nick Pendergrass16.32aCentral Valley      
9.11Damond Justus16.55aCentral Valley      
10.12Nathan Beler16.73aLewis and Clark      
11.12Taylor Evans16.98aCentral Valley      
12.10Alex McClendon17.08aLewis and Clark      
13.11Pat Richard17.17aGonzaga Prep      
14.11Jacob Fry17.24aUniversity      
15.9Grayson Sykes17.55aCentral Valley      
16.10Tyler Riordan18.04aMead      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - 3A - Prelims
1.10Beau Somers42.03aEast Valley (Spokane)      
2.11Gunnar Swager42.31aNorth Central      
3.10Tyler Green43.04aMt Spokane      
4.12Stephen Ranson43.96aMt Spokane      
5.12Cody Parker43.97aEast Valley (Spokane)      
6.9David Blue44.47aNorth Central      
7.10Austin Duesterhof44.48aNorth Central      
8.10Joshua Munter44.93aShadle Park      
9.9Ross Swanson46.59aShadle Park      
10.9Jordan Nichols46.70aShadle Park      
11.10Darius Person48.15aMt Spokane      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - 4A - Prelims
1.10Wes Bailey40.81aMead      
2.11Jacob Fry40.97aUniversity      
3.9Alex Tullos41.00aJoel Ferris      
4.11Mike Smith41.31aMead      
5.11Ryan Peterson41.32aUniversity      
6.11Dylan Seitz41.77aCentral Valley      
7.12Nick Pendergrass41.89aCentral Valley      
8.11Dashea McDowell41.97aMead      
9.12Taylor Evans43.35aCentral Valley      
10.12Mario George43.50aLewis and Clark      
11.10Sean Padon43.67aGonzaga Prep      
12.10Kole Heidinger43.85aJoel Ferris      
13.10Isaac Demeritt44.27aJoel Ferris      
14.10Tyler Riordan45.05aMead      
15.10Drew Brown45.30aCentral Valley      
16.10Zach Bagdon45.78aMead      
X 4x100 Relay - 3A - Finals
1.-Taylor Klundt
Chris Petersen
Joe Murray
Chase Naccarato
43.13aMt Spokane      
2.-Devante Smith
Carson Murray
Robert Van Gundy
Corde Bailey
43.80aRogers (Spokane)      
3.-Jarell Daniels
Patrick Arkangelo
Desean Svastisalee
Gunnar Swager
44.00aNorth Central      
4.-Josh Bender
Tyler Wilson
Andrus Zaborski
Gavin Brady
44.95aShadle Park      
5.-Shane Quinn
Alex McLean
Kyle Wyatt
Ben Baker
45.51aEast Valley (Spokane)      
X 4x100 Relay - 4A - Finals
1.-Evan Maack
Casey Monahan
Mike Smith
Wes Bailey
2.-Brendon Olson
Tyler Guinn
Gage Orosco
Alex Tullos
42.95aJoel Ferris      
3.-Jory Zettle
Jake Humphrey
Austin Upmeyer
Jamar Quins
4.-Brandon Ontiveros
Damond Justus
Ryan Nungester
Natoine Lively
44.09aCentral Valley      
5.-Brennan Schon
Matt Butler
Trent Robinson
Nate Yamada
44.31aLewis and Clark      
-Bishop Sankey
Bobby Condon
Nick Lenoue
Jack Wilson
DQGonzaga Prep      
X Discus - 1.6kg - 3A - Finals
1.12David Braviroff143-10East Valley (Spokane)      
2.12Zach Ames139-10East Valley (Spokane)      
3.11Matthew Lill137-00North Central      
4.9Levi Brosmore131-00Mt Spokane      
5.12Joe Meade129-10East Valley (Spokane)      
6.11Joey Strehlou129-01East Valley (Spokane)      
7.12Anthony Esparza128-05Shadle Park      
8.12John Rawley125-09Shadle Park      
9.12Steven Taylor122-08North Central      
10.11Chris Hansen122-07Mt Spokane      
X Discus - 1.6kg - 4A - Finals
1.12Sam Wright166-04Mead      
2.10Drew Sharkey147-06Joel Ferris      
3.10Seth Regalado144-09Mead      
4.10Adam Lague136-02Mead      
5.12Kellen Middleton132-08Central Valley      
6.9Shawn Buck130-10Central Valley      
7.11Kevin Stanley130-01Central Valley      
8.10Sam Voitlaender129-10Mead      
9.11Joey Greenlund124-06Central Valley      
10.12Dalton Cosby120-03University      
10.10Joshua Syrotchen120-03Lewis and Clark      
12.12Nathan Pindras114-10University      
X Pole Vault - 3A - Finals
1.11Tyler Wilson14-00.00Shadle Park      
2.12August Rife13-00.00East Valley (Spokane)      
3.11Brock Labenne13-00.00Mt Spokane      
4.12Alex McLean13-00.00East Valley (Spokane)      
5.10Scott Wurst12-00.00Mt Spokane      
6.11Ned Davies12-00.00North Central      
7.11John Haven11-06.00North Central      
8.11Connor Foxworth11-06.00North Central      
12Jack CarrollNHMt Spokane      
X Pole Vault - 4A - Finals
1.11Jared Wehde14-00.00Mead      
2.11Micheal Green13-06.00Mead      
3.12Hayden Douglass13-06.00Mead      
4.12Tyler Will13-00.00Lewis and Clark      
5.9Jay Alexander12-06.00University      
5.10Calvin Wilkins12-06.00Joel Ferris      
7.12Karl Gunselman12-06.00Lewis and Clark      
8.12Travis Chulos12-06.00University      
9.10Austin Reinkens12-00.00Joel Ferris      
10.10Drew Brown11-06.00Central Valley      
10.12Nick Bontrager11-06.00Lewis and Clark      
10.12Parker Slater11-06.00Gonzaga Prep      
10.12Javier Sparks11-06.00Lewis and Clark      
14.10Ty Irving11-00.00Joel Ferris      
14.10Jacob Westberg11-00.00University      
16.9Blase' Neumann10-06.00Mead      
11Jenya NicksNHJoel Ferris      
X Long Jump - 3A - Finals
1.10Shane Concepcion21-10.50Mt Spokane      
2.11Ryan Greenwood21-08.75Mt Spokane      
3.12Joe Murray20-05.50Mt Spokane      
4.9Dane Larson20-02.75Mt Spokane      
5.11Trevor Kissinger19-08.50Mt Spokane      
6.11Isaiah Hollister19-06.00North Central      
7.9Ben Baker19-05.25East Valley (Spokane)      
8.12Gavin Brady19-03.50Shadle Park      
9.10Chase McDuffie18-10.00North Central      
10.9Roger Benegar18-07.75East Valley (Spokane)      
11.12Charles Skinner18-03.25North Central      
10Josh BenderSCRShadle Park      
X Long Jump - 4A - Finals
1.12Darien Demeritt21-05.50Joel Ferris      
2.12Nick Pendergrass20-09.50Central Valley      
3.11Ryan Nungester20-06.75Central Valley      
4.9Brennan Schon20-05.25Lewis and Clark      
5.10Isaiah VanVoorhis20-01.50Central Valley      
6.10Isaac Demeritt20-00.75Joel Ferris      
7.12Tanner Markham20-00.75Central Valley      
8.11Nick Lee19-10.75Joel Ferris      
9.12Tyler Guinn19-07.00Joel Ferris      
10.12Cameron Nemeth19-06.00Central Valley      
11.11Dillin Sorensen19-02.00Joel Ferris      
12.-Jake Humphrey18-11.00North Central      
13.12Nick Lenoue18'10.00Gonzaga Prep      
14.11Pat Richard18-09.00Gonzaga Prep      
12Levi TaylorNDLewis and Clark      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - 4A - Prelims
1.12Kelsey Lin12.71aJoel Ferris      
2.10Tymen Grant13.09aMead      
3.11Sharese Patterson13.20aUniversity      
4.10Katie Fitzhugh13.26aLewis and Clark      
5.12Sarah Lorber13.36aJoel Ferris      
6.11Seneca Montgomery13.37aLewis and Clark      
7.11Briauna Bemis13.57aUniversity      
8.9Paige Gallaway13.58aCentral Valley      
9.10Kelsey Mix13.62aMead      
10.9Melissa Macy13.74aMead      
11.10Megan Davis14.00aJoel Ferris      
12.11Danielle Mertens14.01aGonzaga Prep      
X 200 Meters - 4A - Prelims
1.9Michelle Nemeth26.37aCentral Valley      
2.10Katie Fitzhugh27.28aLewis and Clark      
2.11Sharese Patterson27.28aUniversity      
4.9Maddie Weiler27.43aGonzaga Prep      
5.9Melissa Macy27.71aMead      
6.10Paige Ellingson27.89aCentral Valley      
7.9Emily Barkley28.12aCentral Valley      
8.10Kayla Tucker28.60aCentral Valley      
9.10Kelsey Mix28.77aMead      
10.11Danielle Mertens28.80aGonzaga Prep      
11.9Paige Gallaway28.86aCentral Valley      
12.12Katie Clarizio28.99aGonzaga Prep      
13.10Abby Keenan29.53aUniversity      
X 200 Meters - Wheelchair - Wheelchair - Finals
10Emily Owens51.62aCentral Valley      
X 400 Meters - 4A - Prelims
1.12Jazmine Redmon1:00.28aMead      
2.12Caitlin Padon1:01.15aGonzaga Prep      
3.9Michelle Nemeth1:01.18aCentral Valley      
4.9Peyton Barcellos1:01.34aMead      
5.9Emily Barkley1:01.57aCentral Valley      
6.10Paige Ellingson1:01.86aCentral Valley      
7.10Allison Jordan1:01.97aCentral Valley      
8.10Jordan Blaine1:02.65aGonzaga Prep      
9.11Lakecia Farmer1:03.02aLewis and Clark      
10.11Evie Codd1:03.23aMead      
11.9Ashlie Standow1:03.58aUniversity      
12.9Alexandra Golikov1:05.42aLewis and Clark      
13.12Amanda Savage1:06.16aCentral Valley      
X 800 Meters - 4A - Prelims
1.11Baylee Mires2:20.75aMead      
2.9Skye Sanders2:21.12aCentral Valley      
3.12Alicia Doohan2:21.17aGonzaga Prep      
4.11Lauren Earthman2:22.23aJoel Ferris      
5.11Amy Thornton2:24.56aUniversity      
6.11Maddie Ballou2:25.01aLewis and Clark      
7.11Erica Contos2:25.11aMead      
8.12Ashley Renz2:25.32aCentral Valley      
9.11Dani Eldridge2:25.44aMead      
10.12Maggie Bulger2:26.06aJoel Ferris      
11.10Chantelle Fitting2:27.26aCentral Valley      
12.10Selena Lehman2:27.32aUniversity      
13.12Lexi Greenwood2:28.42aLewis and Clark      
14.10McKenzi McDonald2:29.12aCentral Valley      
15.10Annaliese Collins2:29.24aCentral Valley      
16.9Justine DelMedico2:30.05aCentral Valley      
X 3200 Meters - 3A - Finals
1.9Katie Knight11:29.35aNorth Central      
2.9Kendra Weitz11:44.06aShadle Park      
3.12Andrea Nelson11:56.96aShadle Park      
4.11Chelsea Chandler12:01.26aShadle Park      
5.12Megan Inman12:13.28aShadle Park      
6.10Megan Denzin12:50.99aEast Valley (Spokane)      
7.10Melissa Inouye12:55.88aMt Spokane      
9Cassidy RobertsonDNSMt Spokane      
X 3200 Meters - 4A - Finals
1.10Alison Keenan11:37.67aLewis and Clark      
2.10Kiah Condos11:37.92aCentral Valley      
3.12Kara Walther11:39.51aJoel Ferris      
4.10Jamie Lambie11:41.38aCentral Valley      
5.10Hannah Allen11:46.69aLewis and Clark      
6.10Danielle Maldonado11:56.09aMead      
7.12Lauren Baird12:16.59aUniversity      
8.11Audrey Hiatt12:21.69aGonzaga Prep      
9.12Danielle Estelle12:26.07aLewis and Clark      
10.11Acacia Smith12:26.74aCentral Valley      
11.9Natalie Palmer12:29.24aMead      
12.12Rebecca Markley12:29.39aMead      
13.10Taylor Cherry12:30.54aGonzaga Prep      
14.11Ashleigh Seely12:44.28aCentral Valley      
15.12Kari Wirtz12:49.01aGonzaga Prep      
16.10Shea Hennessey12:50.08aJoel Ferris      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - 3A - Prelims
1.12Shayle Dezellem15.70aShadle Park      
2.10Tiara Pajimola15.76aShadle Park      
3.12Joanna Luse16.20aMt Spokane      
4.9Brittany Dugger16.36aEast Valley (Spokane)      
5.9Ainslee Bessmer17.55aShadle Park      
6.10McKenzie Walls17.63aShadle Park      
7.10Alexa Condron17.77aMt Spokane      
8.11Carina Mauro18.28aRogers (Spokane)      
9.10Ari McGarry18.59aShadle Park      
10.10Brooklyn Bellomy18.92aEast Valley (Spokane)      
11.12Rayan Orbom19.53aNorth Central      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - 4A - Prelims
1.11Mica Kondryszyn15.96aCentral Valley      
2.12Megan Bech16.52aLewis and Clark      
3.11Lindzee Baker16.70aMead      
4.10Connie Wessman16.91aJoel Ferris      
5.10Megan Davis17.00aJoel Ferris      
6.9Abby Liss17.15aJoel Ferris      
7.10Julia Ford17.27aCentral Valley      
8.10Emma Kost17.41aMead      
9.11Sierra Jackowich17.44aLewis and Clark      
10.10Brittney Neal17.61aMead      
11.10Emily Korotish17.68aCentral Valley      
11.11Hannah Robb17.68aCentral Valley      
13.10Camrynne Sullivan19.52aGonzaga Prep      
14.9Kathryn Imming19.95aMead      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 3A - Prelims
1.10Tiara Pajimola46.64aShadle Park      
2.12Shayle Dezellem46.71aShadle Park      
3.10Aley Roberts49.48aRogers (Spokane)      
4.12Joanna Luse50.21aMt Spokane      
5.10McKenzie Walls50.53aShadle Park      
6.9Ainslee Bessmer50.57aShadle Park      
7.9Marrisa Pierce51.39aRogers (Spokane)      
8.9Brittany Dugger52.00aEast Valley (Spokane)      
9.9Alyssa Marquez52.26aEast Valley (Spokane)      
10.9Camina Hirota53.97aShadle Park      
11.11Hope Wagner55.51aEast Valley (Spokane)      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - 4A - Prelims
1.10Jessica Bennett47.06aGonzaga Prep      
2.11Mica Kondryszyn47.54aCentral Valley      
3.11Lindzee Baker48.52aMead      
4.9Taylor Butters48.80aCentral Valley      
5.10Emma Kost49.81aMead      
6.12Melissa Seely50.92aCentral Valley      
7.11Sierra Jackowich51.16aLewis and Clark      
8.10Connie Wessman51.52aJoel Ferris      
9.9Abby Liss52.05aJoel Ferris      
10.10Brittney Neal52.11aMead      
11.10Emily Korotish52.27aCentral Valley      
12.11Hannah Robb52.35aCentral Valley      
13.12Richelle Signer53.20aLewis and Clark      
14.10Tessa Anton55.12aGonzaga Prep      
9Kathryn ImmingDNSMead      
11Erica AmesDNSMead      
X 4x100 Relay - 3A - Finals
1.-Cheyenne Clutter
Kennedie Clute
Joanna Luse
Afton McKinlay
50.59aMt Spokane      
2.-Christina Nelson
Brooklyn Bellomy
Hope Wagner
Brittany Dugger
53.43aEast Valley (Spokane)      
3.-Marissa Pierce
Carina Mauro
Irina Alekseye
Aley Roberts
53.79aRogers (Spokane)      
4.-Jessica Lively
Brianna Sillivan
Carolyn Johnson
Brittney Konynenbelt
53.88aNorth Central      
5.-Ari McGarry
McKenzie Walls
Faith Kincaid
Camina Hirota
53.89aShadle Park      
X 4x100 Relay - 4A - Finals
1.-Michelle Klaue
Jozlin Hicks
Sarah Lorber
Kelsey Lin
49.71aJoel Ferris      
2.-Megan Bech
Le'Ecia Farmer
Katie Fitzhugh
Kit Parker
50.34aLewis and Clark      
3.-Briauna Bemis
Sharese Patterson
Abby Keenan
Alivia Cunanan
4.-Jade Redmon
Tymen Grant
Alexa Banaugh
Jazmine Redmon
5.-Leah Millsap
Maddie Weiler
Danielle Mertens
Kennidy Thomas
53.95aGonzaga Prep      
X Shot Put - 4kg - 3A - Finals
1.12Rachel Day35-07.00North Central      
2.9Darbi Dobson34-11.00East Valley (Spokane)      
3.12Tressae Herrera34-05.50North Central      
4.11Brooke Whicker32-10.50Mt Spokane      
5.9Kelsey Frank32-03.00Mt Spokane      
6.10Aleisha Hathaway30-10.50Shadle Park      
7.12Natalie Hollister29-10.25North Central      
8.10Rekiyah Carney29-04.00Shadle Park      
9.9Sierra Nalder29-02.25East Valley (Spokane)      
10.10Ashley Reynolds28-11.50East Valley (Spokane)      
11.9Jayln Vigil28-07.75Mt Spokane      
12.11Emily Johnson28-02.75North Central      
10Hayley GarrahanSCREast Valley (Spokane)      
X Shot Put - 4kg - 4A - Finals
1.9Courtney Hutchinson41-02.00Mead      
2.11Paula Jennings39-10.25Central Valley      
3.12Alexa Lindseth37-11.50Joel Ferris      
4.12Michaela Brown35-04.50Gonzaga Prep      
5.12Nyesha Joseph34-02.25University      
6.12Kit Parker33-08.25Lewis and Clark      
7.11Kendra Szoke33-07.00Central Valley      
8.10Meaghan Nelson33-04.50Mead      
9.12Kila Fuller33-01.00Joel Ferris      
10.11Dani McCammon32-10.00Lewis and Clark      
11.10Audrianna Woods32-04.50University      
12.11Sidney Hogue31-04.00Central Valley      
13.9Samantha Rowell30-10.50Central Valley      
14.12Sarah Glover30-09.50Joel Ferris      
15.12Kurshell Neil29-04.00Central Valley      
16.10Tiffany Spence27-06.50Mead      
X Javelin - 600g - 3A - Finals
1.11Celena Ward138-05North Central      
2.12Holleigh Bergstrom124-04Mt Spokane      
3.10Aley Roberts115-10Rogers (Spokane)      
4.10Gianna Damiano109-09Mt Spokane      
5.10Jen Merrell108-01East Valley (Spokane)      
6.9Megan Ulias104-08Mt Spokane      
7.10Aleisha Hathaway97-00Shadle Park      
8.10Ashley Pace96-09Mt Spokane      
9.10Hailey Markhan-Patti91-02North Central      
10.11Nicole Stubbs89-07Shadle Park      
11.9Kelsey Frank79-01Mt Spokane      
12.10Rekiyah Carney75-09Shadle Park      
X Javelin - 600g - 4A - Finals
1.11Caity Cunningham133-05Lewis and Clark      
2.12Jaz Crum133-00Gonzaga Prep      
3.12Shannon Johnson132-06Central Valley      
4.11Paula Jennings124-00Central Valley      
5.11Ellie Frame116-10University      
6.10Michaelyn Mills113-08Mead      
7.11Kathleen Boyle111-06University      
8.10Roni Dringle111-00Central Valley      
9.10Emily Flynn107-04University      
10.12Celeste Crosby104-08Lewis and Clark      
11.11Dani McCammon100-02Lewis and Clark      
12.12Alexa Lindseth98-08Joel Ferris      
13.10Marisa Graff93-06Mead      
14.9Gabby Bilyeu90-00Mead      
15.12Nyesha Joseph89-03University      
16.9Aurora Kelp80-10Gonzaga Prep      
X High Jump - 3A - Finals
1.12Ashley Graybeal5-00.00North Central      
2.12Heather Kubik4-10.00North Central      
3.9Brittany Dugger4-08.00East Valley (Spokane)      
4.9Courtney Talbott4-08.00North Central      
4.11Cassidy McGriff4-08.00Mt Spokane      
6.10Brooklyn Bellomy4-08.00East Valley (Spokane)      
7.12Colleen Bowerman4-06.00East Valley (Spokane)      
9Colleen DonohueNHShadle Park      
X High Jump - 4A - Finals
1.10Jazmine Brown5-04.00Gonzaga Prep      
2.11Jordan Harnish5-01.00Central Valley      
3.10Whitney Brown5-00.00Gonzaga Prep      
3.10Maya Bowton5-00.00Joel Ferris      
5.9Natalie Riel5-00.00Central Valley      
6.9Paige McNeil4-11.00Lewis and Clark      
7.9Jade Redmon4-11.00Mead      
8.9Paige Thornton4-10.00University      
9.10Nikisha Daniel4-08.00Central Valley      
10.11Courtney Choate4-08.00Central Valley      
11.11Mackenzie Dandoy4-08.00Joel Ferris      
12.10Maya Samaha4-08.00Mead      
12.11Indiah Martin4-08.00Lewis and Clark      
14.10Shyan Day4-06.00University      
14.10Kelsey Mix4-06.00Mead      
12Paula StevensonSCRMead      
9Hannah HudsonNHLewis and Clark      
X Long Jump - 3A - Finals
1.11Brittney Konynenbelt16-02.00North Central      
2.12Jenna Humphrey15-08.00Shadle Park      
3.10Tammi Meng15-03.50Mt Spokane      
4.9Colleen Donohue14-10.75Shadle Park      
5.9Jasmine Bethely14-08.75Mt Spokane      
6.9Mallory Munns14-04.50East Valley (Spokane)      
7.9Sydney Freel13-11.00East Valley (Spokane)      
8.9Taylor White13-07.50East Valley (Spokane)      
9.9Carolyn Johnson13-06.00North Central      
10.10Alexa Condron13-03.00Mt Spokane      
11.10Emily Andrews13-01.50Shadle Park      
X Long Jump - 4A - Finals
1.12Jazmine Redmon17-08.50Mead      
2.11Kendra Szoke17-02.50Central Valley      
3.11Le'Ecia Farmer16-04.00Lewis and Clark      
4.11Jozlin Hicks16-02.50Joel Ferris      
5.12Tonya Smith16-02.25Central Valley      
6.12Katie Clarizio15-10.50Gonzaga Prep      
7.9Jade Redmon15-10.00Mead      
8.10Jazmine Brown15-06.25Gonzaga Prep      
9.10Kalima Al-Ghani15-03.00Central Valley      
10.11Anne Millard15-01.00University      
11.12Alexa Banaugh14-11.75Mead      
12.9Paige Gallaway14-10.50Central Valley      
13.11Jade Faraca14-07.25University      
14.9Hannah Zalopany14-05.00Mead      
15.10Whitney Brown14-04.75Gonzaga Prep      
16.9Paige McNeil14-01.50Lewis and Clark      
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