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32nd Aztec Track and Field Classic

Saturday, March 13, 2010

San Diego State, San Diego

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Colorado - NCAA
Fort Lewis (CO)
Utah - NCAA
Southern Utah
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Official Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Invitational - Finals
1.SoElliot Taylor10.75aSouthwestern College...
2.Jarrod Tobler10.81aUnattached
3.Damon Dees10.93aUnattached
4.Andre Ewell11.16aUnattached
5.JrShaka Richardson11.16aSouthern Utah
6.Alex Thompson11.20aUnattached
7.FrAntonie Jackson11.49aSan Diego Mesa
8.Shiloh Cloyd11.57aSpeed Unlimited TC
9.FrTorian Winfrey11.60aSouthwestern College...
10.Delante Nelson11.71aSouth Bay TC
11.-Callen Sykes-Campbell11.76aSouthwestern College...
12.Steve Metz12.62aSouth Bay TC
X 200 Meters - Invitational - Finals
1.David Johnson21.66aSpeed Umlimited TC
2.Jarrod Tobler21.78aUnattached
3.SoElliot Taylor22.08aSouthwestern College...
4.FrKeith Turner22.37aCuyamaca
5.Eric Russell22.46aSpeed Unlimited TC
6.Alex Thompson22.61aUnattached
7.JrRobert Ah Sue22.88aSouthern Utah
8.SoDallin Tavoian22.96aSouthern Utah
9.FrRobert Navarro23.31aSan Diego Mesa
10.FrElijah Muhammad23.35aSouthwestern College...
11.Shiloh Cloyd23.39aSpeed Unlimited TC
12.FrAntonie Jackson23.44aSan Diego Mesa
13.FrTorian Winfrey23.69aSouthwestern College...
14.Delante Nelson23.70aSouth Bay TC
X 400 Meters - Invitational - Finals
1.SrAustin Hill47.93aSouthern Utah
2.FrKeith Turner48.07aCuyamaca
3.SoDallin Tavoian49.92aSouthern Utah
4.JrJarred Finn50.70aSouthern Utah
5.JrDemetreus Whitehair50.90aSouthern Utah
6.SoTaylor Ashton51.76aSouthern Utah
7.FrEstavan Galindo53.60aSan Diego Mesa
8.FrPedro Quevedo53.73aCuyamaca
9.David Prince54.61aUnattached
10.FrSean Estes-Carroll54.87aSan Diego Mesa
11.FrSamuel Gibbs59.85aSouthwestern College...
X 800 Meters - Invitational - Finals
1.FrAlfred Haslerig1:55.73aSouthwestern College...
2.FrAdam McDonald1:55.94aSouthern Utah
3.SrNate Houle1:57.52aSouthern Utah
4.Ahmed Osman1:57.78aUnattached
5.Uchenna Obiora1:58.37aSouth Bay TC
6.SoEdwin Aguilar2:01.60aSouthwestern College...
X 1500 Meters - Invitational - Finals
1.SoDallas Eborn4:02.54aSouthern Utah
2.FrHayden Hawks4:05.53aSouthern Utah
3.SoRoyce Orme4:08.86aSouthern Utah
4.FrGary Hatch4:10.04aSouthern Utah
5.FrSkylar Riggs4:12.23aSouthern Utah
6.FrJesse Beason4:14.48aCuyamaca
7.FrElijah Rono4:15.91aSouthern Utah
X 3000 Meters - Invitational - Finals
1.Ahmed Osman8:31.02aUnattached
2.FrHayden Hawks8:38.48aSouthern Utah
3.FrSkylar Riggs8:53.92aSouthern Utah
4.FrElijah Rono9:19.34aSouthern Utah
5.Saieed Rihan9:25.90aUnattached
6.FrMichael Gorney9:47.31aCuyamaca
X 5000 Meters - Invitational - Finals
1.FrDahir Mohamed15:04.08aSouthwestern College...
2.SoShane Kersten15:24.91aFort Lewis (CO)
3.Roberto Hernandez16:12.39aUnattached
4.Saieed Rihan16:24.39aUnattached
5.FrWilliam Gonzales16:50.02aSouthwestern College...
6.Gabriel Garcia17:00.12aUnattached
7.Johnathan Williams17:25.01aUnattached
8.FrAlex Byrne18:32.09aFort Lewis (CO)
9.-Rashawn Ramone18:32.18aFort Lewis (CO)
X 110m Hurdles - 42" - Invitational - Finals
1.JrNimrod Piggee14.68aLong Beach State
2.SoKodai Kusano14.84aSouthern Utah
3.FrElijah Muhammad14.88aSouthwestern College...
4.FrJames Rollings15.57aCuyamaca
5.Jonathan Collins15.62aUnattached
6.Andrew Hall15.63aUnattached
7.FrNicholas Armstrong15.74aLong Beach State
8.FrJustin Gibbons16.10aSan Diego Mesa
--SoMichael EatonDQCuyamaca
X 400m Hurdles - 36" - Invitational - Finals
1.SoNiko Salazar54.24aSouthwestern College...
2.SoKodai Kusano54.93aSouthern Utah
3.JrKelly VanArsdol55.57aSouthern Utah
4.FrJames Rollings57.39aCuyamaca
5.SrCameron Jones58.02aSouthern Utah
6.-Callen Sykes-Campbell58.34aSouthwestern College...
7.SoMichael Eaton59.04aCuyamaca
8.FrAlan Fjeldsted59.39aSouthwestern College...
---Dominque MorrisDNFLA Southwest
X 4x100 Relay - Invitational - Finals
1.Relay Team42.99aGuamBomb TC
2.-Relay Team 43.33aCuyamaca
3.-Relay Team 43.41aSouthwestern College...
3.Relay Team43.41aSouthwestern
4.-Relay Team 45.43aLA Southwest
X 4x400 Relay - Invitational - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:16.06aSouthern Utah
2.Relay Team3:17.91aSpeed Umlimited TC
3.-Relay Team 3:20.44aSouthern Utah
4.-Relay Team 3:30.63aSouthwestern College...
4.Relay Team3:30.63aSouthwestern
5.-Relay Team 3:31.27aSouthern Utah
6.Relay Team3:52.17aSouthwestern
6.-Relay Team 3:52.17aSouthwestern College...
---Relay Team DNFLA Southwest
X Shot Put - 16lb - Invitational - Finals
1.JrHector Perez15.03mSouthern Utah
2.SoDerek Harrebomee15.02mCuyamaca
3.SrForrest Ledbetter14.70mSouthern Utah
4.FrStephen Rubio13.75mCuyamaca
5.kellen Dion13.69mUnattached
6.FrJordan Parker13.66mSouthern Utah
7.SoCarson Hendryx12.02mCuyamaca
8.JrBrent Springall11.99mSouthern Utah
9.FrChristian Jacobs11.77mSan Diego Mesa
10.FrNicholas Armstrong11.74mLong Beach State
11.FrBrandon Jilka11.30mSan Diego Mesa
12.FrLucas Oliveira11.15mSan Diego Mesa
13.-Clifford Lambert10.71mCuyamaca
14.SoWill Holloway9.60mSouthwestern College...
14.William Holloway9.60mSouthwestern
15.JrWade Nielson9.49mSouthern Utah
16.SoJeremy Holman9.04mSouthwestern College...
X Discus - 2kg - Invitational - Finals
1.SrCarlos Valle50.93mSouthern Utah
2.kellen Dion48.55mUnattached
3.SoDerek Harrebomee44.34mCuyamaca
4.SrForrest Ledbetter40.69mSouthern Utah
5.JrWade Nielson39.46mSouthern Utah
6.FrStephen Rubio38.81mCuyamaca
7.JrHector Perez38.57mSouthern Utah
8.JrBrent Springall37.23mSouthern Utah
9.SoCarson Hendryx36.47mCuyamaca
10.FrBrandon Jilka34.66mSan Diego Mesa
11.FrJordan Parker33.23mSouthern Utah
12.SoWill Holloway32.62mSouthwestern College...
12.William Holloway32.62mSouthwestern
13.FrKyle Christie30.18mSan Diego Mesa
14.SoJeremy Holman28.21mSouthwestern College...
15.FrChristian Jacobs25.63mSan Diego Mesa
--FrLucas OliveiraFOULSan Diego Mesa
X High Jump - Invitational - Finals
1.Norris Fredricks2.20mUnattached
2.SoKevin Jenkins2.00mLong Beach State
3.SoDaney Nelson2.00mSouthern Utah
4.JrWade Nielson2.00mSouthern Utah
5.FrKhalil Henry1.95mCuyamaca
6.FrTorian Winfrey1.85mSouthwestern College...
--SoJeremy HolmanNHSouthwestern College...
X Pole Vault - Invitational - Finals
1.Michael Simms4.60mUnattached
2.SoZane Hunzeker4.42mSouthern Utah
3.SoBrandon Dawes4.42mLong Beach State
4.JrBrent Springall4.27mSouthern Utah
5.SoJames Bush4.27mLong Beach State
5.Charles Brown4.27mUnattached
7.Wendell Beck4.12mUnattached
--FrNicholas ArmstrongNHLong Beach State
X Long Jump - Invitational - Finals
1.Damon Dees6.90mUnattached
2.Leonidas Watson6.89mUnattached
3.SoKyle Kopp6.65mSouthern Utah
4.Marvin Wright6.63mUnattached
5.FrTerrell Moore6.37mCuyamaca
6.FrNicholas Armstrong6.29mLong Beach State
7.FrQualin Simmons6.28mSan Diego Mesa
7.FrSam Smith6.28mSouthwestern College...
9.SoJoe West6.11mSouthern Utah
10.-Dominque Morris5.92mLA Southwest
11.FrJustin Gibbons5.68mSan Diego Mesa
12.Andre Ewell4.90mUnattached
--FrPhillip DavisFOULLA Southwest
---Callen Sykes-CampbellFOULSouthwestern College...
X Triple Jump - Invitational - Finals
1.SoKevin Jenkins14.26mLong Beach State
2.Marvin Wright13.22mUnattached
3.SoKyle Kopp13.16mSouthern Utah
4.Alex Thompson13.02mUnattached
5.FrSam Smith12.89mSouthwestern College...
6.FrQualin Simmons12.35mSan Diego Mesa
7.FrLarry Spears11.19mSan Diego Mesa

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Invitational - Finals
1.JrAlicia King12.24aSan Diego State
2.FrShaye Maurer-Springall12.30aSouthern Utah
3.SrAmber Waddell12.77aSan Diego State
4.FrReawna McClain12.84aLA Southwest
5.FrCheyenne Thatcher12.99aSouthern Utah
6.SoGeornisha Epps13.06aCuyamaca
7.Natasha Agar13.20aUnattached
8.FrEmily Shirazi13.86aSan Diego Mesa
9.FrCorinne Hoody14.44aCuyamaca
X 200 Meters - Invitational - Finals
1.JrHolly Ledbetter25.35aSouthern Utah
2.FrSharica Pleasant26.00aLA Southwest
3.Kierra Foster26.08aUnattached
4.JrHaley Bice26.32aSouthern Utah
5.FrKarla Serrato26.88aSouthwestern College...
6.SoThoraya Maronsey28.07aSan Diego State
7.SoJulianne Alarcio28.17aSan Diego State
8.FrDana Felt28.61aSan Diego Mesa
9.FrAsia Byers30.27aSouthwestern College...
X 400 Meters - Invitational - Finals
1.SrNicole Stone53.93aSan Diego State
2.JrJessika Hornsby57.33aSan Diego State
3.SrChelsey Allen57.92aSouthern Utah
4.FrKarla Serrato1:01.35aSouthwestern College...
5.SoBreanna Harris1:03.48aLA Southwest
X 800 Meters - Invitational - Finals
1.FrJosefine Koskinen2:14.16aSan Diego State
2.SrMeghan Reilly2:20.02aSouthern Utah
3.FrLizzy Butler2:21.37aSouthern Utah
4.FrNadine Mulvany2:25.70aSouthwestern College...
5.FrAnsherae Devine2:26.83aSan Diego State
6.Glennis Seldon2:29.51aSouth Bay TC
X 1500 Meters - Invitational - Finals
1.-Kirsten Sly4:40.41aSouthern Utah
2.SrMeghan Reilly4:42.25aSouthern Utah
3.SoSteffi Minson4:42.51aSouthern Utah
4.FrWhitney Curtis4:45.28aSouthern Utah
5.SrKate Call4:47.27aSouthern Utah
6.FrTanya Valenzuela4:49.10aSouthwestern College...
7.JrMichelle Martinez4:50.36aSan Diego State
8.FrNadine Mulvany4:50.69aSouthwestern College...
9.JrMadalyn Olpin4:51.34aSouthern Utah
10.JrSara Beyers5:03.02aSan Diego State
11.Kayla Deighan5:08.49aCardinal Carter Chs
12.SoLeigh Rutherford5:18.38aSan Diego State
13.FrMonica Gonzlaes5:20.71aLA Southwest
X 3000 Meters - Invitational - Finals
1.JrMadalyn Olpin10:21.66aSouthern Utah
2.-Kirsten Sly10:24.58aSouthern Utah
3.FrWhitney Curtis10:28.15aSouthern Utah
4.Lynzee Baxter11:00.76aUnat-Southern Utah
5.SrMakenzie Mabry12:25.49aSan Diego State
X 5000 Meters - Invitational - Finals
1.JrAlma Escobar18:51.63aSan Diego State
2.SrKaydee McCray18:52.60aFort Lewis (CO)
3.FrJordan Davis19:05.66aSan Diego State
4.SoMissy Bunn20:03.94aSan Diego State
5.Anne Vieira20:39.23aUnattached
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Invitational - Finals
1.Natasha Harvey14.09aUnattached
2.SoAnnimari Korte14.18aSan Diego State
3.JrBriana Johnson14.47aSan Diego State
4.FrShaye Maurer-Springall14.70aSouthern Utah
5.SoKiersten Kirkland15.08aSan Diego State
6.SoJasmine Paicely15.15aSouthern Utah
7.FrShelby Sayer15.20aSouthern Utah
8.SoShakina Phillps15.21aLA Southwest
9.JrKylie Frandsen15.73aSouthern Utah
10.SrJacki Stoddard15.82aSouthern Utah
11.SoJulianne Alarcio15.98aSan Diego State
12.FrDana Felt16.15aSan Diego Mesa
13.JrShaquel Benson16.55aSouthern Utah
X 400m Hurdles - 30" - Invitational - Finals
1.SoKiersten Kirkland1:03.46aSan Diego State
2.JrKylie Frandsen1:03.93aSouthern Utah
3.FrShelby Sayer1:06.77aSouthern Utah
4.SoJasmine Paicely1:07.09aSouthern Utah
5.JrShaquel Benson1:09.24aSouthern Utah
6.SoKelsey Kaster1:10.17aSan Diego State
7.SoBrialonna Turner1:12.00aSouthwestern College...
8.FrDenisha Johnson1:15.34aSouthwestern College...
X 4x100 Relay - Invitational - Finals
1.-Relay Team 47.23aSan Diego State
2.-Relay Team 48.57aLA Southwest
3.-Relay Team 51.32aSouthwestern College...
3.Relay Team51.32aSouthwestern
4.-Relay Team 51.98aLA Southwest
X 4x400 Relay - Invitational - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:51.68aSouthern Utah
2.-Relay Team 4:02.60aLA Southwest
3.-Relay Team 4:04.50aSouthern Utah
X Shot Put - 4kg - Invitational - Finals
1.Whitney Ashley14.21mUnattached
2.JrJeanette McConnell13.81mSan Diego State
3.SrMaria Rodriguez13.02mSan Diego State
4.SrKristi Koplin12.85mSouthern Utah
5.SoAdrianne Hill12.83mSouthern Utah
6.SoWhitney Singleton12.30mSouthern Utah
7.SoPaula Saavedra10.75mCuyamaca
8.Christina Dawson10.37mUnattached
9.SoChelsea Staub10.18mCuyamaca
10.FrAlicia Parker9.96mSan Diego Mesa
11.FrNiqua Smith9.87mSan Diego Mesa
12.SoJulianne Alarcio9.39mSan Diego State
X Discus - 1kg - Invitational - Finals
1.SrKristi Koplin45.28mSouthern Utah
2.JrJeanette McConnell44.83mSan Diego State
3.SrRobyn Guzman42.91mSan Diego State
4.SoAdrianne Hill42.40mSouthern Utah
5.SoPaula Saavedra34.87mCuyamaca
6.SoChelsea Staub31.32mCuyamaca
7.FrNiqua Smith29.01mSan Diego Mesa
8.SoGina Nawab28.09mSan Diego Mesa
9.FrAlicia Parker27.76mSan Diego Mesa
X High Jump - Invitational - Finals
1.SrJacki Stoddard1.65mSouthern Utah
2.JrNatalie Peterson1.60mSan Diego State
3.SoSarah Kaster1.60mSan Diego State
4.SoKelsey Kaster1.55mSan Diego State
4.SoKiersten Kirkland1.55mSan Diego State
4.FrShaye Maurer-Springall1.55mSouthern Utah
7.SoJulianne Alarcio1.50mSan Diego State
8.FrCheyenne Thatcher1.50mSouthern Utah
X Pole Vault - Invitational - Finals
1.SrKatie Morgan4.00mSan Diego State
2.JrKatie Vo3.67mSan Diego State
3.FrKelsy Hintz3.52mSan Diego State
4.SoChristina Jakymiw3.37mSan Diego State
5.FrMoriah Roberge3.37mSan Diego State
--FrKayla KamakaNHLong Beach State
X Long Jump - Invitational - Finals
1.Kierra Foster6.20mUnattached
2.SrShana Watson5.76mSan Diego State
3.SoJulianne Alarcio5.56mSan Diego State
4.FrAlex Evans5.27mSan Diego State
5.SoThoraya Maronsey5.26mSan Diego State
6.FrDiamond Anderson4.68mSouthwestern College...
X Triple Jump - Invitational - Finals
1.SrKai Wheeler12.37mSan Diego State
2.SoThoraya Maronsey11.36mSan Diego State
3.FrDiamond Anderson10.32mSouthwestern College...
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