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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.JrScott Chevalier6.95aSaginaw Valley State
3.SrNana Adomako7.08aCentral Michigan
5.FrDan Rau7.10aCentral Michigan
6.SoAntoine Hill7.14aOakland University
7.SrDave Thomas7.20aOakland University
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrScott Chevalier6.89aSaginaw Valley State
3.FrDan Rau7.05aCentral Michigan
4.SrNana Adomako7.07aCentral Michigan
6.SrDave Thomas7.18aOakland University
6.SoAntoine Hill7.18aOakland University
9.FrGreg Knaus7.21aCentral Michigan
12.SrMarcus Briedinger7.32aCentral Michigan
14.JrDave Ashcraft7.35aCentral Michigan
15.SoJames Russ7.37aCornerstone
17.JrJoe Suchoski7.41aOakland University
18.SoCharles Stinson7.45aCentral Michigan
22.FrAndrew Fusco7.71aOakland University
23.SoJohn Butler7.73aOakland University
23.SoWilliam Ringle7.73aAlma
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
2.SoAntoine Hill23.51aOakland University
3.SoJames Russ23.68aCornerstone
4.SoAdam Duerksen23.71aCornerstone
7.SoMatt Kamara24.26aOakland University
11.SoJohn Klumpp24.96aCornerstone
13.SrDave Thomas25.11aOakland University
15.SoWilliam Ringle25.33aAlma
16.SoJohn Butler25.65aOakland University
17.FrAndrew Fusco25.73aOakland University
18.JrKyle Payne26.12aAlma
19.SoPacari Woodland27.45aOakland University
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrZach Yeo50.79aCornerstone
2.SoChristopher Thomas51.03aCentral Michigan
3.FrJeff Burd51.49aCornerstone
4.JrJacob Erickson51.72aCornerstone
5.FrDejaun Calloway52.10aCentral Michigan
7.JrKevin Luce52.69aOakland University
8.FrSpencer Britt53.15aOakland University
10.FrAustin Babich54.26aCentral Michigan
12.SoMatt Kamara55.63aOakland University
16.SoPacari Woodland1:03.06aOakland University
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrTony Filipek1:54.82aSaginaw Valley State
2.JrBrandon Post1:58.95aCentral Michigan
3.FrBrendan Lagios2:00.30aOakland Community Co...
4.JrBrandon Griffin2:00.68aOakland University
5.SrAndy Baurhenn2:01.17aOakland University
6.SrSteve Genther2:01.42aSaginaw Valley State
7.JrDave Magnotte2:01.97aOakland University
8.FrJeremiah Hargett2:02.12aOakland Community Co...
9.SrMike Flemming2:02.43aOakland University
11.FrChas Irmen2:04.17aOakland Community Co...
12.SoJosh Arnold2:05.63aSaginaw Valley State
13.SoMatt Roberts2:05.73aCornerstone
14.SoPeter Kaijala2:07.05aCornerstone
16.SoChris Sherlock2:08.18aOakland Community Co...
17.FrChris Rush2:09.11aSaginaw Valley State
19.FrColin Horgan2:13.66aSaginaw Valley State
20.FrTyler Noble2:14.42aSaginaw Valley State
22.FrJeffrey Baeckeroot2:23.12aOakland Community Co...
X 1000 Meters - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.FrTyler Grob3:00.86aSaginaw Valley State
2.SoJosh Kettlewell3:01.87aCentral Michigan
3.JrAaron Wilkins3:02.69aSaginaw Valley State
4.JrTrevor Opalewski3:05.06aSaginaw Valley State
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.SrCharlie Richards4:21.13aSaginaw Valley State
2.JrBrandon Griffin4:26.98aOakland University
5.SrMike Flemming4:29.83aOakland University
6.JrDave Magnotte4:32.76aOakland University
9.JrTom Gienapp4:42.62aOakland University
12.FrNathan Sanchez4:48.63aCentral Michigan
14.SoNick Agost4:56.44aCentral Michigan
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrDerek Stone8:54.30aSaginaw Valley State
2.SoDerek Welmers8:54.58aSaginaw Valley State
3.SoJosh Zang9:01.26aSaginaw Valley State
4.JrJustin Battle9:08.39aOakland University
8.SoJon Wetters9:49.74aSaginaw Valley State
12.SrKellen Duke10:08.97aSaginaw Valley State
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrZach Ripley14:50.03aCornerstone
3.JrAlex Green15:08.40aCornerstone
4.SoNick Ekel15:11.15aSaginaw Valley State
5.SrCortland Seaver15:13.77aSaginaw Valley State
6.SrBilly Carl15:51.92aCornerstone
7.FrTyler Noble15:53.97aSaginaw Valley State
12.FrShane Logan16:11.31aOakland Community Co...
13.SoGreg Baade16:12.36aSaginaw Valley State
14.JrKris Shear16:38.32aCornerstone
15.SoZacchaues Widner16:45.35aOakland Community Co...
16.SoTony Sanfilippo16:47.89aOakland Community Co...
17.SoPatrick Klein17:05.52aSaginaw Valley State
18.-Alex Buday17:32.95aOakland Community Co...
19.FrJeffrey Baeckeroot18:14.24aOakland Community Co...
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrRenaldo Powell8.30aCentral Michigan
2.JrBrandon Post8.64aCentral Michigan
3.SrBrock Humphries8.87aSaginaw Valley State
4.SrKuirtis Koffkey8.91aCornerstone
5.SoAdam Duerksen9.04aCornerstone
7.SoJohn Klumpp9.35aCornerstone
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SoJosh Kettlewell8.68aCentral Michigan
2.JrAaron Wilkins9.57aSaginaw Valley State
3.JrTrevor Opalewski10.22aSaginaw Valley State
4.FrTyler Grob12.45aSaginaw Valley State
X 60m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrRenaldo Powell8.40aCentral Michigan
2.SoCharles Stinson8.50aCentral Michigan
3.JrBrandon Post8.70aCentral Michigan
4.SrKuirtis Koffkey8.86aCornerstone
5.SoAdam Duerksen9.12aCornerstone
6.SrBrock Humphries9.27aSaginaw Valley State
8.SoJohn Klumpp9.31aCornerstone
9.JrJames VanOss9.78aCornerstone
10.FrMarcus Thatcher10.49aSaginaw Valley State
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:24.76aCornerstone
2.-Relay Team 3:26.88aCentral Michigan
3.-Relay Team 3:31.26aSaginaw Valley State
4.-Relay Team 3:36.69aCornerstone
5.-Relay Team 3:40.67aSaginaw Valley State
7.-Relay Team 3:47.82aCalvin
8.-Relay Team 3:52.18aSaginaw Valley State
---Relay Team DNFCentral Michigan
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:38.33aCentral Michigan
2.-Relay Team 10:38.57aOakland Community Co...
3.-Relay Team 11:20.25aCornerstone
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJohn Calvert16.17mCentral Michigan
2.SoMychael King15.74mCentral Michigan
4.FrKane Dietzel13.46mSaginaw Valley State
5.FrAndrew Stebbins13.38mOakland University
6.SrJoel Leong13.24mCornerstone
7.JrAdam Grubius13.21mOakland University
8.SoBrian Bott11.89mSaginaw Valley State
9.SoRyan Balzer11.50mOakland University
11.FrJavon Bryant9.35mOakland University
12.FrAnthony Gallegos9.33mOakland University
13.FrSpencer Britt9.25mOakland University
X Shot Put - 16lb - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.FrTyler Grob11.51mSaginaw Valley State
2.SoJosh Kettlewell11.20mCentral Michigan
3.JrTrevor Opalewski9.00mSaginaw Valley State
4.JrAaron Wilkins8.04mSaginaw Valley State
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrAndrew Kruskamp1.93mCentral Michigan
2.JrJacob McDonald1.88mCentral Michigan
3.-Cory Niederstadt1.77mAlma
X High Jump - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SoJosh Kettlewell1.81mCentral Michigan
2.JrAaron Wilkins1.78mSaginaw Valley State
3.FrTyler Grob1.69mSaginaw Valley State
4.JrTrevor Opalewski1.66mSaginaw Valley State
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SrMarcus Briedinger4.75mCentral Michigan
2.JrKyle Payne4.26mAlma
2.FrTyler Grob4.26mSaginaw Valley State
4.FrChad Butler4.14mCornerstone
5.-Cory Niederstadt3.96mAlma
--JrAaron WilkinsNHSaginaw Valley State
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
5.JrJoe Suchoski5.97mOakland University
7.JrTrevor Opalewski5.92mSaginaw Valley State
8.FrChad Butler5.87mCornerstone
9.FrEric Schroeder5.50mCornerstone
10.SoRyan Balzer5.47mOakland University
11.FrSpencer Britt4.83mOakland University
X Long Jump - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.JrTrevor Opalewski6.08mSaginaw Valley State
2.SoJosh Kettlewell6.00mCentral Michigan
3.JrAaron Wilkins5.41mSaginaw Valley State
4.FrTyler Grob5.36mSaginaw Valley State
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
3.SoRyan Balzer11.67mOakland University
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJoel Leong18.21mCornerstone
3.SoBrian Bott14.72mSaginaw Valley State
4.FrAlex Rose14.62mCentral Michigan
5.JrAdam Grubius14.37mOakland University
6.FrCory Still14.11mSaginaw Valley State
7.FrAndrew Stebbins12.27mOakland University
8.FrJavon Bryant10.31mOakland University
9.FrAnthony Gallegos10.21mOakland University
X Pentathlon Score (Indoor) - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJosh Kettlewell3245Central Michigan
2.JrAaron Wilkins2705Saginaw Valley State
3.JrTrevor Opalewski2658Saginaw Valley State
4.FrTyler Grob2396Saginaw Valley State

Womens Results

X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJordan Dunn7.77aCentral Michigan
2.JrBrittnee Shreve7.83aCentral Michigan
3.SrCara Dukes7.89aCentral Michigan
4.JrShanaye Carr7.95aCentral Michigan
5.JrJeanetta Francy8.10aOakland University
6.SoBecky Boblett8.39aCornerstone
7.SoKrystal Herron8.50aOakland University
8.JrShannon Murray8.75aOakland University
X 60 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrJordan Dunn7.66aCentral Michigan
2.JrBrittnee Shreve7.74aCentral Michigan
3.SrCara Dukes7.85aCentral Michigan
4.JrShanaye Carr7.87aCentral Michigan
5.JrJeanetta Francy8.14aOakland University
6.SoBecky Boblett8.46aCornerstone
6.SoKrystal Herron8.46aOakland University
8.JrShannon Murray8.58aOakland University
9.FrKatherine Bosetti8.65aOakland University
10.SoLauren Pierce8.66aCornerstone
11.FrCaymen Novak8.81aOakland University
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrStephanie Byrne26.41aCentral Michigan
2.SoDesiree Pettiford26.78aOakland University
3.JrJeanetta Francy27.26aOakland University
4.FrMeaghan Ogonowski27.82aOakland University
5.SoBecky Boblett28.57aCornerstone
6.SoKrystal Herron28.70aOakland University
7.JrShannon Murray28.71aOakland University
9.FrCaymen Novak30.33aOakland University
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoStephanie Hurley58.77aCentral Michigan
3.FrEmma Ordway1:00.01aCornerstone
4.SoKelly Peterson1:02.18aCornerstone
5.JrJenna Kempf1:02.84aOakland University
6.JrMelissa Martinez1:03.15aOakland University
9.SoEmily Olthof1:08.57aOakland University
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAllie Sisson2:22.55aCentral Michigan
2.-Katy Olsen2:25.58aCentral Michigan
3.SoAlycia Wright2:27.14aSaginaw Valley State
4.SoEmily Wickemeyer2:29.74aOakland University
6.FrJulia Contreras2:38.35aCornerstone
7.JrJaney Sluka2:38.67aCornerstone
8.SoStephanie Simone2:46.12aOakland University
X 800 Meters - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SrErika Schroll2:35.16aCentral Michigan
2.JrKelly Henris2:37.81aSaginaw Valley State
3.FrNicole Peters2:42.18aSaginaw Valley State
4.SoElizabeth Wilford2:51.12aSaginaw Valley State
5.FrChelsea Henderson2:52.84aSaginaw Valley State
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.SoVeronica Garcia5:23.48aCentral Michigan
2.SoAshley Morrow5:26.26aSaginaw Valley State
3.SoClare Tamez5:38.31aCentral Michigan
4.-Sydney Yoscovits5:45.52aOakland Community Co...
5.FrLauren Wilson5:46.50aCentral Michigan
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrAndi Ripley11:54.36aCornerstone
2.SoMelissa Sawicki12:00.05aCornerstone
3.SrNicki Erler12:04.27aCornerstone
4.FrAudry Yonge12:06.62aCornerstone
5.FrLauren Hill12:09.87aSaginaw Valley State
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SrKatie Scott18:27.52aSaginaw Valley State
3.SoBrittni Hutton18:43.60aOakland Community Co...
5.SrJanelle Lindman18:47.52aCornerstone
6.SrAmber Catlin19:17.93aSaginaw Valley State
7.JrLibby Robinson19:33.62aSaginaw Valley State
8.SoJean Hollerbach19:56.57aSaginaw Valley State
9.SrAmanda Roache20:22.01aSaginaw Valley State
10.FrStephanie McMall21:32.34aSaginaw Valley State
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrTamica Harbour8.86aCentral Michigan
2.JrBrittnee Shreve9.05aCentral Michigan
3.SrStephanie Foster9.16aCentral Michigan
4.SoAmy Boyer9.26aCornerstone
5.JrBrandi Hagan9.42aCornerstone
6.FrBrooke Priemer10.09aSaginaw Valley State
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SrErika Schroll9.47aCentral Michigan
2.SoElizabeth Wilford9.82aSaginaw Valley State
3.JrKelly Henris10.83aSaginaw Valley State
4.FrNicole Peters12.61aSaginaw Valley State
6.FrChelsea Henderson15.08aSaginaw Valley State
X 60m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrTamica Harbour8.87aCentral Michigan
2.JrBrittnee Shreve8.88aCentral Michigan
3.SrStephanie Foster9.17aCentral Michigan
4.SoAmy Boyer9.41aCornerstone
5.JrBrandi Hagan9.51aCornerstone
6.FrBrooke Priemer9.84aSaginaw Valley State
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:02.04aCentral Michigan
2.-Relay Team 4:05.73aCornerstone
3.-Relay Team 4:15.54aOakland University
4.-Relay Team 4:16.15aCentral Michigan
6.-Relay Team 4:21.51aCentral Michigan
7.-Relay Team 4:27.15aOakland University
8.-Relay Team 4:29.81aCornerstone
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
3.FrChelsea Henderson11.73mSaginaw Valley State
4.FrErin Swinger10.81mCornerstone
5.FrJo Anne Carter10.75mSaginaw Valley State
6.FrErica Marsh10.03mSaginaw Valley State
7.FrKara Lotan9.34mOakland University
8.FrShannon Getchen8.44mOakland University
X Shot Put - 4kg - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
2.FrChelsea Henderson11.34mSaginaw Valley State
3.SrErika Schroll10.70mCentral Michigan
4.SoElizabeth Wilford8.98mSaginaw Valley State
5.JrKelly Henris7.80mSaginaw Valley State
6.FrNicole Peters7.21mSaginaw Valley State
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
2.SoMicah Jones1.62mOakland University
3.FrJennifer Lane1.52mOakland University
4.SoBreanna Peabody1.42mOakland University
4.SoElizabeth Handler1.42mOakland University
X High Jump - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SrErika Schroll1.79mCentral Michigan
2.JrKelly Henris1.46mSaginaw Valley State
3.FrChelsea Henderson1.43mSaginaw Valley State
4.FrNicole Peters1.40mSaginaw Valley State
5.SoElizabeth Wilford1.34mSaginaw Valley State
--SoTiffany NortonNHSaginaw Valley State
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.JrBrandi Hagan3.53mCornerstone
2.SoElizabeth Wilford3.35mSaginaw Valley State
3.FrViolet Whitney3.23mSaginaw Valley State
3.JrStacey Westphal3.23mSaginaw Valley State
5.FrAbby Witham3.04mAlma
6.JrKelly Henris2.92mSaginaw Valley State
6.FrBecca Schnyders2.92mCornerstone
6.FrElizabeth Sanger2.92mCornerstone
9.FrAmelia LeGault-Stranaly2.62mSaginaw Valley State
--FrKatherine BosettiNHOakland University
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKatie McColly5.42mCentral Michigan
2.JrMegan Wilson5.16mCentral Michigan
3.SoMicah Jones5.14mOakland University
4.SoBreanna Peabody5.11mOakland University
5.JrKayla Wilson4.89mCornerstone
6.FrMeaghan Ogonowski4.64mOakland University
7.SoAmy Boyer4.61mCornerstone
8.FrJennifer Lane4.18mOakland University
9.SoElizabeth Handler3.62mOakland University
X Long Jump - Indoor Pentathlon - Finals
1.SrErika Schroll4.93mCentral Michigan
2.SoElizabeth Wilford4.89mSaginaw Valley State
3.JrKelly Henris4.51mSaginaw Valley State
4.FrChelsea Henderson4.21mSaginaw Valley State
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoKatie McColly10.86mCentral Michigan
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Finals
3.FrErin Swinger13.89mCornerstone
4.FrErica Marsh13.41mSaginaw Valley State
5.FrJo Anne Carter13.16mSaginaw Valley State
6.FrShannon Getchen9.50mOakland University
7.FrKara Lotan9.12mOakland University
X Pentathlon Score (Indoor) - Varsity - Finals
1.SrErika Schroll3525Central Michigan
2.SoElizabeth Wilford2640Saginaw Valley State
3.JrKelly Henris2557Saginaw Valley State
4.FrChelsea Henderson2020Saginaw Valley State
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