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District 1A Championships, Day 1

Friday, May 14, 2010

Portand Christian HS, Portland

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jordan Baeza11.44aLife Christian      
2.11Andre Martin11.64aPortland Lutheran      
3.12Shelby Grubb11.67aPortland Lutheran      
4.10Caleb Coe11.73aDamascus Christian      
5.12Denis Kovalchuck11.74aOpen Door Christian ...      
6.10Erik Nelson11.84aOpen Door Christian ...      
7.11Zachary Rozinek12.20aJewell      
8.12Shane VanNice12.40aPerrydale      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Andre Martin11.57aPortland Lutheran      
2.10Jordan Baeza11.63aLife Christian      
3.10Caleb Coe11.64aDamascus Christian      
5.12Shelby Grubb11.74aPortland Lutheran      
4.12Denis Kovalchuck11.78aOpen Door Christian ...      
6.10Erik Nelson12.00aOpen Door Christian ...      
7.11Zachary Rozinek12.05aJewell      
8.12Shane VanNice12.43aPerrydale      
9.12David Curtis12.45aSouthwest Christian      
10.11Tyler Eaton12.46aSouthwest Christian      
11.9Danny Hoffmann12.77aLife Christian      
12.10Steven Huston12.90aPerrydale      
13.9Blake Ellis12.98aJewell      
14.11Ian Cathers13.02aC.S. Lewis Academy      
15.9Kevin Schoelen13.12aLife Christian      
16.10Eric Stanley13.18aPortland Waldorf      
17.12Kurtis Garcia13.51aOregon School for th...      
18.11Forrest Gamba13.76aPortland Waldorf      
19.10Daniel McKay13.89aSt Paul      
20.9Erik Pringle13.95aSouthwest Christian      
21.10Kyle Aceves14.34aSt Paul      
22.9Aaron Cloud14.43aOregon School for th...      
23.9Jacob Dunn15.92aPerrydale      
10Josh YunDQC.S. Lewis Academy      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jordan Baeza23.02aLife Christian      
2.12Shelby Grubb23.22aPortland Lutheran      
3.11Andre Martin23.51aPortland Lutheran      
4.12Denis Kovalchuck23.52aOpen Door Christian ...      
5.11Joshua Stahly23.59aJewell      
6.11Zachary Rozinek24.32aJewell      
7.12Shane VanNice24.75aPerrydale      
8.12Evan Smith24.89aWillamette Valley Ch...      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Denis Kovalchuck23.40aOpen Door Christian ...      
2.12Shelby Grubb23.43aPortland Lutheran      
3.11Andre Martin23.84aPortland Lutheran      
5.11Zachary Rozinek23.96aJewell      
4.10Jordan Baeza24.07aLife Christian      
6.11Joshua Stahly24.14aJewell      
7.12Shane VanNice24.60aPerrydale      
7.12Evan Smith24.60aWillamette Valley Ch...      
9.10Erik Nelson24.81aOpen Door Christian ...      
10.11Tyler Eaton25.08aSouthwest Christian      
11.12David Curtis25.60aSouthwest Christian      
12.9Danny Hoffmann26.53aLife Christian      
13.10Daniel Miller26.67aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
14.9Blake Ellis26.74aJewell      
14.10Reid Jarvis26.74aPortland Waldorf      
16.9Kevin Schoelen26.91aLife Christian      
17.10Eric Stanley27.14aPortland Waldorf      
18.10Steven Huston27.47aPerrydale      
19.9Erik Pringle27.70aSouthwest Christian      
20.11Ian Cathers27.74aC.S. Lewis Academy      
21.10Ben Dunbar27.81aC.S. Lewis Academy      
22.12Kurtis Garcia27.94aOregon School for th...      
23.10Daniel McKay28.21aSt Paul      
24.9Tyson McKechnie28.38aPerrydale      
25.10Kyle Aceves29.81aSt Paul      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Caleb Coe51.37aDamascus Christian      
2.11Zachary Rozinek52.57aJewell      
3.12Denis Kovalchuck53.27aOpen Door Christian ...      
4.12Shane VanNice53.71aPerrydale      
5.11Andre Martin54.24aPortland Lutheran      
6.10Erik Nelson54.31aOpen Door Christian ...      
7.12Silas Lortz54.61aPortland Lutheran      
8.12Evan Smith55.54aWillamette Valley Ch...      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Caleb Coe52.95aDamascus Christian      
2.12Shane VanNice53.99aPerrydale      
4.12Denis Kovalchuck54.00aOpen Door Christian ...      
5.10Erik Nelson54.02aOpen Door Christian ...      
3.11Zachary Rozinek54.05aJewell      
7.12Evan Smith54.28aWillamette Valley Ch...      
8.11Andre Martin54.40aPortland Lutheran      
6.12Silas Lortz54.89aPortland Lutheran      
9.9Will Comerford55.29aCrosshill Christian      
10.12Stephen Roach55.77aDamascus Christian      
11.11Tyler Eaton56.16aSouthwest Christian      
12.10Cameron Cseko56.78aPortland Waldorf      
13.10Nathan Curtis56.92aSouthwest Christian      
14.10Reid Jarvis57.70aPortland Waldorf      
15.10Daniel Miller1:00.29aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
16.10Lukas Cartwright1:05.26aOregon School for th...      
17.11Thomm Durall1:05.38aSouthwest Christian      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Ryan Pierson56.6St Paul      
3.12Matt Brown57.2St Paul      
11Caleb Priest57.9St Paul      
9Joe Torres60.7St Paul      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Reese Lile1:59.76aSouthwest Christian      
2.11David Madison2:02.96aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
3.9Nick Martin2:05.39aSouthwest Christian      
4.12Stephen Roach2:06.36aDamascus Christian      
5.12Silas Lortz2:07.93aPortland Lutheran      
6.12Ulises Olvera2:07.94aJewell      
7.11Derek Poole2:13.05aColumbia Christian      
8.12Ryan Brooks2:13.37aPerrydale      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Reese Lile2:04.21aSouthwest Christian      
2.11David Madison2:04.93aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
3.9Nick Martin2:09.17aSouthwest Christian      
4.12Ulises Olvera2:09.22aJewell      
5.12Silas Lortz2:09.37aPortland Lutheran      
7.12Ryan Brooks2:09.97aPerrydale      
6.12Stephen Roach2:11.45aDamascus Christian      
8.11Derek Poole2:12.89aColumbia Christian      
9.9Zach Steele2:13.56aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
10.11Stephen Zumwalt2:18.86aPortland Waldorf      
11.10Cameron Cseko2:22.71aPortland Waldorf      
12.9Jacob Thoreson2:25.98aDamascus Christian      
13.10Lukas Cartwright2:43.07aOregon School for th...      
14.10William Smith2:44.00aSouthwest Christian      
15.11Jacob Bergdolt2:55.56aPortland Lutheran      
9Kobe PooleSCRColumbia Christian      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ben Bruns4:13.37aSouthwest Christian      
2.11David Madison4:13.81aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
3.11Dan Webb4:20.95aSouthwest Christian      
4.12Chris Coons4:23.45aSouthwest Christian      
5.12Ryan Brooks4:32.20aPerrydale      
6.12Peter Bohrer4:38.76aDamascus Christian      
7.9Zach Steele4:39.47aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
8.10Mark Kamp4:46.74aLife Christian      
9.10Sam Brandt4:58.99aPortland Lutheran      
10.9Taylor Clark5:01.36aOregon School for th...      
11.9Mick Hawes5:04.46aPerrydale      
12.9Emmett Graber5:06.33aOpen Door Christian ...      
13.9Christopher Roach5:06.39aDamascus Christian      
14.9AJ O Brien5:08.46aCrosshill Christian      
15.9Kyle Emroe5:29.48aOregon School for th...      
16.10Ben Dunbar5:55.14aC.S. Lewis Academy      
17.11Jacob Bergdolt5:55.18aPortland Lutheran      
10Rien JonesSCRPerrydale      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ben Bruns9:19.69aSouthwest Christian      
2.11Dan Webb9:20.35aSouthwest Christian      
3.12Chris Coons9:23.92aSouthwest Christian      
4.12Peter Bohrer9:59.83aDamascus Christian      
5.10Mark Kamp10:07.93aLife Christian      
6.11Stephen Zumwalt10:27.15aPortland Waldorf      
7.10Sam Brandt10:57.05aPortland Lutheran      
8.9Taylor Clark11:05.39aOregon School for th...      
9.9AJ O Brien11:06.16aCrosshill Christian      
10.9Emmett Graber11:10.33aOpen Door Christian ...      
11.9Andrew Haskell11:14.13aCrosshill Christian      
12.9Mick Hawes11:30.82aPerrydale      
13.9Kyle Emroe12:03.15aOregon School for th...      
14.10Rien Jones13:49.46aPerrydale      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ryan Pierson16.18aSt Paul      
2.11Ben Lyons17.12aSouthwest Christian      
3.12Elliot Noonan17.22aPortland Lutheran      
4.11Matthew Roach17.88aDamascus Christian      
5.9Nick Sproul19.29aCrosshill Christian      
6.10Joey Weston20.52aDamascus Christian      
7.12Jakob Maier20.85aPortland Lutheran      
8.9Christopher Roach21.12aDamascus Christian      
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Ryan Pierson17.00aSt Paul      
2.11Matthew Roach17.06aDamascus Christian      
3.11Ben Lyons17.09aSouthwest Christian      
4.12Elliot Noonan17.56aPortland Lutheran      
5.9Nick Sproul20.17aCrosshill Christian      
6.12Jakob Maier20.89aPortland Lutheran      
7.9Christopher Roach20.99aDamascus Christian      
8.10Joey Weston21.03aDamascus Christian      
9.11Brent Lawrence21.07aSouthwest Christian      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ryan Pierson42.16aSt Paul      
2.12Elliot Noonan42.83aPortland Lutheran      
3.11Ben Lyons43.96aSouthwest Christian      
4.9Joe Torres46.53aSt Paul      
5.11Matthew Roach46.66aDamascus Christian      
6.12Chris Hatch48.67aOpen Door Christian ...      
7.9Mark Peitz49.40aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
8.12Emerson Morris49.90aPortland Lutheran      
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Elliot Noonan42.86aPortland Lutheran      
2.12Ryan Pierson44.14aSt Paul      
3.11Ben Lyons44.96aSouthwest Christian      
4.11Matthew Roach46.31aDamascus Christian      
5.9Joe Torres47.50aSt Paul      
7.12Chris Hatch47.60aOpen Door Christian ...      
6.12Emerson Morris48.92aPortland Lutheran      
8.9Mark Peitz49.22aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
9.9Nick Sproul49.38aCrosshill Christian      
10.11Brent Lawrence49.54aSouthwest Christian      
11.9Christopher Roach50.77aDamascus Christian      
12.10Nathan Curtis51.32aSouthwest Christian      
13.10Joey Weston52.15aDamascus Christian      
14.11Forrest Gamba54.07aPortland Waldorf      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Bobby Waldie
Stephen Roach
Mathew Young
Caleb Coe
45.57aDamascus Christian      
2.-Emerson Morris
Shelby Grubb
Elliot Noonan
Andre Martin
45.83aPortland Lutheran      
3.-Matt Brown
Caleb Priest
Ryan Pierson
Joe Torres
46.77aSt Paul      
4.-Tyler Eaton
Chris Coons
Nathan Curtis
David Curtis
48.60aSouthwest Christian      
5.-Nick Sproul
Will Comerford
Nathan Gille
Nathan Spalding
49.64aCrosshill Christian      
6.-Cameron Cseko
Forrest Gamba
Eric Stanley
Reid Jarvis
49.74aPortland Waldorf      
7.-Lukas Cartwright
Kyle Emroe
Taylor Clark
Aaron Cloud
52.64aOregon School for th...      
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Bobby Waldie
Peter Bohrer
Mathew Young
Caleb Coe
3:34.05aDamascus Christian      
2.-Chris Coons
Dan Webb
Reese Lile
Ben Bruns
3:39.22aSouthwest Christian      
3.-Matt Brown
Caleb Priest
Joe Torres
Ryan Pierson
3:52.53aSt Paul      
4.-Ryan Brooks
Tyson McKechnie
Mick Hawes
Shane VanNice
5.-Stephen Zumwalt
Reid Jarvis
Cameron Cseko
Collin Churchill
3:56.44aPortland Waldorf      
6.-Nathan Spalding
Nathan Gille
Bradley Dejager
Will Comerford
3:59.10aCrosshill Christian      
7.-Jacob Bergdolt
Jakob Maier
Emerson Morris
Sam Brandt
4:32.77aPortland Lutheran      
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ben Stockwell44'05.00Willamette Valley Ch...      
2.12Austin Smith44'02.00St Paul      
3.10Jeremiah Woods44'01.00Damascus Christian      
4.12Justin Vanier42'03.75Southwest Christian      
5.11Keith Sweeten41'04.00North Clackamas Chri...      
6.12Sam Ionesi41'02.00Open Door Christian ...      
7.12David Ferguson40'07.25St Paul      
8.12John Landaas38'04.25North Clackamas Chri...      
9.11Trevor Underwood36'10.00Damascus Christian      
10.12Reid Davidson35'06.50St Paul      
11.12Zachery Parker35'02.00Portland Lutheran      
12.9Christian Greenall34'03.25Damascus Christian      
13.11Ryan McNally33'07.50Southwest Christian      
14.12Iain Kennedy33'07.25Life Christian      
15.10Ben Porter33'06.50North Clackamas Chri...      
16.10Ethan Zoglman33'01.25Columbia Christian      
17.12Patrick Elliott32'09.00Southwest Christian      
18.11Daniel Ionesi32'08.00Open Door Christian ...      
19.9Josh Whittle30'10.50Open Door Christian ...      
20.10Matt Risser30'07.00Portland Lutheran      
21.10Justin Alcatraz30'06.00Columbia Christian      
22.9Easton Sedore28'07.50Crosshill Christian      
23.11Carlos Ek Juarez25'11.50Portland Lutheran      
24.10Kevin Nichol25'03.00Life Christian      
25.10Caleb Stokes24'00.00C.S. Lewis Academy      
26.9Jacob Dunn22'03.75Perrydale      
27.10Rien Jones19'07.00Perrydale      
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12David Ferguson148'03St Paul      
2.11Keith Sweeten134'09North Clackamas Chri...      
3.12Justin Vanier134'04Southwest Christian      
4.11Bobby Waldie128'03Damascus Christian      
5.10Jeremiah Woods124'09Damascus Christian      
6.12Patrick Elliott119'10Southwest Christian      
7.11Ben Stockwell114'00Willamette Valley Ch...      
8.12Sam Ionesi113'01Open Door Christian ...      
9.10Ben Porter111'01North Clackamas Chri...      
10.12Austin Smith110'02St Paul      
11.12Reid Davidson103'09St Paul      
12.9Christian Greenall97'01Damascus Christian      
13.11Ryan McNally93'03Southwest Christian      
14.12John Landaas88'00North Clackamas Chri...      
15.11Alexander Miller87'02Jewell      
16.11Daniel Ionesi86'01Open Door Christian ...      
17.12Zachery Parker84'05Portland Lutheran      
18.9Josh Whittle79'00Open Door Christian ...      
19.10Ethan Zoglman75'05Columbia Christian      
20.9Easton Sedore67'01Crosshill Christian      
21.9Aaron Cloud61'03Oregon School for th...      
10Matt RisserNDPortland Lutheran      
11Carlos Ek JuarezSCRPortland Lutheran      
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bobby Waldie153'01Damascus Christian      
2.10Jeremiah Woods149'03Damascus Christian      
3.12David Ferguson142'07St Paul      
4.12John Landaas141'08North Clackamas Chri...      
5.12Justin Vanier134'09Southwest Christian      
6.11Alexander Miller134'03Jewell      
7.12Patrick Elliott132'01Southwest Christian      
8.12Zachery Parker128'03Portland Lutheran      
9.12David Curtis126'01Southwest Christian      
10.10Ben Porter119'08North Clackamas Chri...      
11.12Sam Ionesi117'06Open Door Christian ...      
12.9Kyle Emroe113'03Oregon School for th...      
13.9Jordan Smith111'02Willamette Valley Ch...      
14.9Christian Greenall110'09Damascus Christian      
15.10Justin Alcatraz106'02Columbia Christian      
16.9Josh Whittle102'09Open Door Christian ...      
17.12Silas Lortz102'08Portland Lutheran      
18.9Nikki Poliakov99'04Crosshill Christian      
19.10Matt Risser96'02Portland Lutheran      
20.11Daniel Ionesi92'06Open Door Christian ...      
21.10Ethan Zoglman86'05Columbia Christian      
22.9Easton Sedore80'08Crosshill Christian      
23.9Ian Brock80'00Life Christian      
24.9Aaron Cloud79'01Oregon School for th...      
25.10Kevin Nichol71'03Life Christian      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Elliot Noonan6'00.00Portland Lutheran      
2.12Braden Mueller5'10.00Columbia Christian      
2.11Joshua Stahly5'10.00Jewell      
4.10Seth Buck5'08.00C.S. Lewis Academy      
5.11Derek Poole5'08.00Columbia Christian      
6.12Matt Brown5'06.00St Paul      
7.10Brock Mueller5'02.00Columbia Christian      
8.12David Ferguson5'02.00St Paul      
9.12Jakob Maier5'02.00Portland Lutheran      
10.9Patrick Contino5'00.00Southwest Christian      
12Emerson MorrisNHPortland Lutheran      
9Bradley DejagerNHCrosshill Christian      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Matthew Roach10'00.00Damascus Christian      
2.9Bradley Dejager9'09.00Crosshill Christian      
3.11Mathew Young9'06.00Damascus Christian      
4.9Nathan Spalding8'06.00Crosshill Christian      
5.10Kyle Aceves8'00.00St Paul      
6.9Joe Torres7'06.00St Paul      
7.9Christopher Roach7'06.00Damascus Christian      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shelby Grubb19'10.50Portland Lutheran      
2.11Mathew Young19'08.00Damascus Christian      
3.11Ben Lyons19'06.00Southwest Christian      
4.10Seth Buck19'01.25C.S. Lewis Academy      
5.9Jordan Smith18'06.00Willamette Valley Ch...      
6.10Jordan Baeza18'00.50Life Christian      
7.12Braden Mueller17'09.50Columbia Christian      
8.9Blake Ellis17'06.00Jewell      
9.9Nathan Gille17'00.50Crosshill Christian      
10.10Josh Yun16'11.00C.S. Lewis Academy      
11.12Iain Kennedy16'05.50Life Christian      
12.10Nathan Curtis16'03.00Southwest Christian      
13.12Chris Hatch16'01.00Open Door Christian ...      
14.10Brock Mueller15'11.50Columbia Christian      
10Nathan LinenbergerSCRLife Christian      
10Kevin ParkNDColumbia Christian      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ben Lyons40'02.50Southwest Christian      
2.10Seth Buck40'00.50C.S. Lewis Academy      
3.12Evan Smith39'08.25Willamette Valley Ch...      
4.9Jordan Smith38'08.25Willamette Valley Ch...      
5.12Matt Brown38'02.00St Paul      
6.10Kevin Park37'07.00Columbia Christian      
7.12Iain Kennedy36'09.00Life Christian      
8.11Matthew Roach36'05.00Damascus Christian      
9.12Silas Lortz35'10.50Portland Lutheran      
10.10Brock Mueller35'07.50Columbia Christian      
11.12Chris Hatch34'02.75Open Door Christian ...      
12.10Sam Brandt33'01.00Portland Lutheran      
13.12Jakob Maier32'02.00Portland Lutheran      

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lindsay LeBrun13.41aPortland Lutheran      
2.10Kristen Wood13.58aDamascus Christian      
3.11Deanna Martin14.15aSouthwest Christian      
4.12Roree Lewis14.28aSt Paul      
5.9Ashley Griffin14.42aPerrydale      
6.10Brittany Shatto14.45aLife Christian      
7.9Bridget Regan14.62aPerrydale      
8.10Haley Shepherd14.65aOpen Door Christian ...      
X 100 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Lindsay LeBrun13.37aPortland Lutheran      
2.10Kristen Wood13.45aDamascus Christian      
3.12Roree Lewis14.03aSt Paul      
4.11Deanna Martin14.08aSouthwest Christian      
5.10Haley Shepherd14.10aOpen Door Christian ...      
6.9Ashley Griffin14.17aPerrydale      
7.9Bridget Regan14.17aPerrydale      
8.10Brittany Shatto14.42aLife Christian      
9.10Tara Shepherd14.43aOpen Door Christian ...      
10.10Maya Roddy14.57aPortland Waldorf      
11.9Megan Cummins14.88aPerrydale      
12.9Sammi Brentano15.04aSt Paul      
13.9Vivian Hansen15.22aPortland Waldorf      
14.12Mikaela Conlon15.50aPortland Waldorf      
15.9Kimber Thoerson15.50aDamascus Christian      
16.9Caitie Austen15.51aSouthwest Christian      
17.10Christine Jung15.57aPortland Lutheran      
18.9Adamma Robb15.58aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
19.9Lydia Ford15.68aOpen Door Christian ...      
20.11Bethany Priest16.08aSt Paul      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kristen Wood26.80aDamascus Christian      
2.11Lindsay LeBrun27.27aPortland Lutheran      
3.9Ashley Griffin28.44aPerrydale      
4.10Haley Shepherd29.31aOpen Door Christian ...      
5.10Brittany Shatto29.51aLife Christian      
6.10Maya Roddy30.31aPortland Waldorf      
7.10Makila Schuck30.34aColumbia Christian      
8.10Dez Wilkerson31.34aWillamette Valley Ch...      
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Kristen Wood27.79aDamascus Christian      
2.9Ashley Griffin28.67aPerrydale      
3.11Lindsay LeBrun29.09aPortland Lutheran      
4.10Haley Shepherd29.72aOpen Door Christian ...      
5.10Brittany Shatto30.00aLife Christian      
7.10Maya Roddy30.72aPortland Waldorf      
6.10Makila Schuck31.04aColumbia Christian      
8.10Dez Wilkerson31.09aWillamette Valley Ch...      
9.10Larraina Walker31.83aC.S. Lewis Academy      
10.9Lydia Ford31.86aOpen Door Christian ...      
11.10Christine Jung31.90aPortland Lutheran      
12.9Kimber Thoerson32.20aDamascus Christian      
13.9Adamma Robb33.10aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
13.9Vivian Hansen33.10aPortland Waldorf      
15.9Caitie Austen33.34aSouthwest Christian      
16.11Audrey Regan33.39aPerrydale      
17.10Rosie Gotter33.66aSouthwest Christian      
18.11Bethany Priest34.23aSt Paul      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Lindsay LeBrun1:01.69aPortland Lutheran      
2.10Kristen Wood1:01.89aDamascus Christian      
3.11Kylee Enyart1:04.23aSt Paul      
4.11Taylor Brentano1:04.36aSt Paul      
5.9Bridget Regan1:06.29aPerrydale      
6.9Anya Conlon1:07.03aPortland Waldorf      
7.11Robyn Brigham1:08.30aPortland Waldorf      
8.10Dez Wilkerson1:09.00aWillamette Valley Ch...      
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Kristen Wood1:03.39aDamascus Christian      
3.11Kylee Enyart1:04.22aSt Paul      
2.11Taylor Brentano1:05.48aSt Paul      
4.11Lindsay LeBrun1:05.85aPortland Lutheran      
5.9Bridget Regan1:06.92aPerrydale      
6.9Anya Conlon1:07.53aPortland Waldorf      
7.10Dez Wilkerson1:08.95aWillamette Valley Ch...      
8.11Robyn Brigham1:09.30aPortland Waldorf      
9.10Makila Schuck1:11.46aColumbia Christian      
10.9Greta Conlon1:12.16aPortland Waldorf      
11.11Haley Kight1:17.59aSouthwest Christian      
12.11Jessica Ferguson1:20.11aPortland Lutheran      
13.12Jessica Thorschmidt1:20.60aSouthwest Christian      
14.9Kayla Meeko1:28.41aDamascus Christian      
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Kylee Enyart63.3St Paul      
1.11Taylor Brentano65.0St Paul      
12Roree Lewis66.2St Paul      
10Jensen Smith68.6St Paul      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Danielle Bushared2:31.73aSouthwest Christian      
2.9Jenna Hills2:33.73aSouthwest Christian      
3.10Jensen Smith2:35.06aSt Paul      
4.12Elisabeth Overaasen2:37.70aPerrydale      
5.10Dez Wilkerson2:38.80aWillamette Valley Ch...      
6.10Lainie Ford2:43.47aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
7.12Danielle Myers2:44.17aLife Christian      
8.9Natalie Stone2:51.48aSt Paul      
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Prelims
1.12Danielle Bushared2:38.17aSouthwest Christian      
2.9Jenna Hills2:39.66aSouthwest Christian      
3.10Jensen Smith2:40.92aSt Paul      
4.12Elisabeth Overaasen2:41.21aPerrydale      
5.9Natalie Stone2:43.19aSt Paul      
6.10Dez Wilkerson2:43.98aWillamette Valley Ch...      
7.10Lainie Ford2:45.63aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
8.12Danielle Myers2:49.57aLife Christian      
9.10Marie Smith2:49.98aSouthwest Christian      
10.11Jessica Precourt2:58.02aLife Christian      
11.9Sammi Brentano3:04.16aSt Paul      
12.12Kaycee Boyle3:13.86aOpen Door Christian ...      
13.10Irina Binkerd3:26.08aC.S. Lewis Academy      
10Maddy LairsonSCRC.S. Lewis Academy      
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rebecca Anna5:05.82aSouthwest Christian      
2.12Ali Brauer5:11.60aPortland Lutheran      
3.10Shelby Barter5:18.57aLife Christian      
4.12Danielle Myers5:39.65aLife Christian      
5.11Emily Pierson5:42.69aSouthwest Christian      
6.9Natalie Stone5:43.79aSt Paul      
7.10Caroline Allsup5:43.82aSouthwest Christian      
8.11Jessica Precourt5:46.43aLife Christian      
9.10Larraina Walker5:49.23aC.S. Lewis Academy      
10.10Lainie Ford5:53.87aNorth Clackamas Chri...      
11.10Nicole Brooks5:54.80aPerrydale      
12.12Kaycee Boyle6:22.03aOpen Door Christian ...      
13.9Janette Brewer6:29.57aPerrydale      
14.10Nicole Delesha6:29.80aPerrydale      
15.10Heidy Parra6:30.14aOregon School for th...      
16.10Irina Binkerd7:08.34aC.S. Lewis Academy      
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Rebecca Anna11:12.36aSouthwest Christian      
2.10Shelby Barter11:34.58aLife Christian      
3.12Ali Brauer11:38.62aPortland Lutheran      
4.9Nina Weaver12:05.55aSouthwest Christian      
5.9Jenna Hills12:39.31aSouthwest Christian      
6.11Robyn Brigham13:09.01aPortland Waldorf      
7.10Heidy Parra14:07.67aOregon School for th...      
8.10Nicole Delesha14:37.13aPerrydale      
9.9Janette Brewer14:52.08aPerrydale      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kristan Holding15.52aDamascus Christian      
2.10Makenzie Endresen17.62aColumbia Christian      
3.9Caroline Smith17.72aSouthwest Christian      
4.12Lauren Buster18.08aSouthwest Christian      
5.10Chrissy Garrison18.85aJewell      
6.10Sarah Reams19.49aPortland Waldorf      
7.10Tara Shepherd19.55aOpen Door Christian ...      
8.12Ingrid Bergmann21.09aPortland Lutheran      
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.10Kristan Holding16.19aDamascus Christian      
3.9Caroline Smith18.53aSouthwest Christian      
5.12Lauren Buster18.59aSouthwest Christian      
2.10Makenzie Endresen18.64aColumbia Christian      
4.10Chrissy Garrison19.34aJewell      
6.10Tara Shepherd19.60aOpen Door Christian ...      
7.10Sarah Reams20.17aPortland Waldorf      
8.12Ingrid Bergmann21.20aPortland Lutheran      
9.9Lydia Ford21.63aOpen Door Christian ...      
10.10Karina Stephenson22.44aSouthwest Christian      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Deanna Martin50.04aSouthwest Christian      
2.10Makenzie Endresen51.20aColumbia Christian      
3.9Anya Conlon51.77aPortland Waldorf      
4.9Lindi Burgeson51.97aDamascus Christian      
5.11Angelique Ulm54.07aJewell      
6.9Greta Conlon54.27aPortland Waldorf      
7.11Morgan Grubb55.54aPortland Lutheran      
10Sarah ReamsDQPortland Waldorf      
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Prelims
1.11Deanna Martin50.42aSouthwest Christian      
2.10Makenzie Endresen50.78aColumbia Christian      
3.9Anya Conlon52.21aPortland Waldorf      
5.9Lindi Burgeson53.35aDamascus Christian      
4.11Angelique Ulm53.69aJewell      
6.10Sarah Reams53.89aPortland Waldorf      
7.9Greta Conlon54.03aPortland Waldorf      
8.11Morgan Grubb54.73aPortland Lutheran      
9.9Caroline Smith55.82aSouthwest Christian      
10.12Lauren Buster56.15aSouthwest Christian      
11.10Tara Shepherd56.32aOpen Door Christian ...      
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Roree Lewis
Kylee Enyart
Sarah McKay
Taylor Brentano
53.32aSt Paul      
2.-Christine Jung
Becca Phipps
Morgan Grubb
Lindsay LeBrun
54.66aPortland Lutheran      
3.-Lindi Burgeson
Kelsey Easterbrooks
Samy Waldie
Kristen Wood
54.69aDamascus Christian      
4.-Thailer Curtis
Amber Meier
Angelique Ulm
Jesika Kaczenski
5.-Lauren Buster
Caroline Smith
Danielle Bushared
Deanna Martin
56.09aSouthwest Christian      
6.-Britta Conlon
Robyn Brigham
Sarah Reams
Maya Roddy
56.63aPortland Waldorf      
7.-Ashley Griffin
Bridget Regan
Audrey Regan
Elisabeth Overaasen
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kylee Enyart
Roree Lewis
Jensen Smith
Taylor Brentano
4:23.36aSt Paul      
2.-Jenna Hills
Becca Anna
Danielle Bushared
Deanna Martin
4:27.46aSouthwest Christian      
3.-Juli Beenen
Bridget Regan
Ashley Griffin
Elisabeth Overaasen
4.-Sarah Reams
Robyn Brigham
Anya Conlon
Britta Conlon
4:37.07aPortland Waldorf      
5.-Kimber Thoerson
Katie Mullen
Kelsey Easterbrooks
Samy Waldie
4:49.72aDamascus Christian      
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Alea McConnell33'10.00Falls City      
2.11Olivia Baurer32'08.00Damascus Christian      
3.10Denisse Cruz32'06.50Portland Lutheran      
4.9Sarah McKay31'10.00St Paul      
5.10Sara Davidson31'03.50St Paul      
6.12Katie Mullen29'09.00Damascus Christian      
7.11Alexa Lapray29'04.00Southwest Christian      
8.12Felicia Douglas28'08.50Life Christian      
9.12Roree Lewis27'04.00St Paul      
10.12Rebecca Galart27'01.00Open Door Christian ...      
11.9Marissa Mulder26'07.50Southwest Christian      
12.9Megan Cummins26'06.00Perrydale      
13.12Olivia McIntyre25'06.50Perrydale      
14.11Rachel Tolon24'10.50Columbia Christian      
15.9Sadie Boyle24'04.50Open Door Christian ...      
16.12Laurissa Pearson24'03.00Southwest Christian      
17.10Fivi Ionesi23'06.50Open Door Christian ...      
18.11Nicole Himes22'04.00Columbia Christian      
19.10Larraina Walker20'07.50C.S. Lewis Academy      
20.10Heidy Parra20'04.50Oregon School for th...      
21.9Heidi Cote17'08.00Life Christian      
22.11Jessica Ferguson16'09.00Portland Lutheran      
23.10Irina Binkerd14'10.00C.S. Lewis Academy      
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Katie Mullen110'07Damascus Christian      
2.10Denisse Cruz94'05Portland Lutheran      
3.12Alea McConnell89'03Falls City      
4.11Olivia Baurer85'06Damascus Christian      
5.9Sarah McKay85'04St Paul      
6.10Sara Davidson85'03St Paul      
7.10Jeannie Dimaggio80'03Jewell      
8.12Tessa Brooks79'07Jewell      
9.11Alexa Lapray75'06Southwest Christian      
10.10Allie McConachie74'05Southwest Christian      
11.9Marissa Mulder73'11Southwest Christian      
12.12Felicia Douglas73'00Life Christian      
12.12Rebecca Galart73'00Open Door Christian ...      
14.9Sadie Boyle69'03Open Door Christian ...      
15.10Fivi Ionesi57'10Open Door Christian ...      
16.12Olivia McIntyre54'01Perrydale      
17.9Heidi Cote50'03Life Christian      
18.11Jessica Ferguson40'00Portland Lutheran      
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Katie Mullen121'00Damascus Christian      
2.12Jesika Kaczenski118'03Jewell      
3.12Amber Meier115'02Jewell      
4.12Mikaela Conlon112'04Portland Waldorf      
5.9Sarah McKay109'02St Paul      
6.10Denisse Cruz95'10Portland Lutheran      
7.12Rebecca Galart95'10Open Door Christian ...      
8.12Kate McConachie94'05Southwest Christian      
9.10Fivi Ionesi90'06Open Door Christian ...      
10.12Samy Waldie88'10Damascus Christian      
11.11Shurie Peters88'04Falls City      
12.10Allie McConachie88'01Southwest Christian      
13.9Caroline Smith83'06Southwest Christian      
14.12Olivia McIntyre79'09Perrydale      
15.9Sadie Boyle75'01Open Door Christian ...      
16.9Adamma Robb70'10North Clackamas Chri...      
17.10Chrissy Garrison69'06Jewell      
18.11Becca Phipps67'11Portland Lutheran      
19.11Jessica Ferguson59'07Portland Lutheran      
20.10Kionna Jones57'11North Clackamas Chri...      
21.11Rachel Tolon52'11Columbia Christian      
22.11Nicole Himes51'11Columbia Christian      
23.9Heidi Cote46'07Life Christian      
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kristan Holding5'02.00Damascus Christian      
2.10Jensen Smith4'08.00St Paul      
3.10Jeannie Dimaggio4'06.00Jewell      
4.10Thailer Curtis4'06.00Jewell      
4.10Haley Shepherd4'06.00Open Door Christian ...      
4.12Jesika Kaczenski4'06.00Jewell      
7.12Juli Beenen4'00.00Perrydale      
8.9Jenna Hills4'00.00Southwest Christian      
10Jillian SchaeferNHSouthwest Christian      
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ingrid Bergmann8'03.00Portland Lutheran      
2.11Kylee Enyart7'06.00St Paul      
3.9Natalie Stone6'06.00St Paul      
3.9Lindi Burgeson6'06.00Damascus Christian      
5.12Samy Waldie6'00.00Damascus Christian      
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kristan Holding17'04.75Damascus Christian      
2.11Morgan Grubb16'02.50Portland Lutheran      
3.12Britta Conlon15'00.75Portland Waldorf      
4.9Lindi Burgeson14'03.00Damascus Christian      
5.11Angelique Ulm14'02.25Jewell      
6.12Mikaela Conlon13'08.75Portland Waldorf      
7.10Haley Shepherd13'07.75Open Door Christian ...      
8.10Dez Wilkerson12'09.75Willamette Valley Ch...      
9.9Caitie Austen12'06.25Southwest Christian      
10.11Becca Phipps12'01.25Portland Lutheran      
11.9Jennifer Son11'05.75Columbia Christian      
12.11Bethany Miller11'05.00Southwest Christian      
13.10Christine Jung11'01.75Portland Lutheran      
14.9Tia McConnell10'08.25Falls City      
15.9Jinny Lee10'07.25Columbia Christian      
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Kristan Holding35'05.25Damascus Christian      
2.12Britta Conlon33'00.25Portland Waldorf      
3.10Tara Shepherd31'05.25Open Door Christian ...      
4.11Morgan Grubb30'11.75Portland Lutheran      
5.12Mikaela Conlon30'07.75Portland Waldorf      
6.12Lauren Buster27'01.00Southwest Christian      
7.9Jennifer Son25'02.00Columbia Christian      
8.12Laurissa Pearson24'07.75Southwest Christian      
9Jinny LeeSCRColumbia Christian      
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