MCC Championships

Saturday, February 13, 2010
  Sterling, Sterling - Map
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.FrXavier Shields6.51aIowa Wesleyan
1.FrGabriel Green6.51aWilliam Penn
3.JrCarlos Stepter6.52aWilliam Penn
4.FrNigel Talton6.55aIowa Wesleyan
5.SoChris Nightingale6.59aClarke
6.JrTitus Bland6.64aGrand View
7.SoLawrence Furlow6.67aGrand View
8.FrAustin Gilbert6.82aAshford
X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrCarlos Stepter6.52aWilliam Penn
1.FrGabriel Green6.53aWilliam Penn
1.FrNigel Talton6.53aIowa Wesleyan
2.SoChris Nightingale6.54aClarke
2.FrXavier Shields6.55aIowa Wesleyan
3.JrTitus Bland6.58aGrand View
2.SoLawrence Furlow6.69aGrand View
1.FrAustin Gilbert6.70aAshford
3.JrPhil Cooper6.70aGrand View
4.SrSean Whitten6.77aSt Ambrose
2.SrJason Amy6.81aIowa Wesleyan
3.SoJarvis Henderson6.86aGrand View
5.FrMichael Pilcher6.86aWilliam Penn
4.JrLevor Henry6.90aIowa Wesleyan
3.SoIan Merrill6.92aSt Ambrose
6.SrToby Cewe6.95aSt Ambrose
5.FrAndrew Thomas6.96aSt Ambrose
4.SrJenerro Wade6.97aWilliam Penn
7.FrRobert Dunham7.08aSt Ambrose
8.FrEric Carlson7.14aSt Ambrose
5.FrHenry Meza7.36aGrand View
6.FrDeonte Fletcher7.62aIowa Wesleyan
6.FrGaige Gill8.74aMt Mercy
--FrRidge HobbsDNSIowa Wesleyan
--FrJustin MeyersDNSGrand View
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrGabriel Green22.46aWilliam Penn
1.JrTitus Bland22.71aGrand View
2.FrAustin Gilbert22.94aAshford
2.FrNigel Talton23.38aIowa Wesleyan
3.SoLawrence Furlow23.39aGrand View
3.FrXavier Shields23.67aIowa Wesleyan
4.SoChris Nightingale23.73aClarke
1.JrPhil Cooper23.74aGrand View
2.FrChristian Awah23.75aAshford
4.SoCraig Labath23.83aSt Ambrose
3.SrToby Cewe23.85aSt Ambrose
1.FrMichael Pilcher23.91aWilliam Penn
2.SoJarvis Henderson23.95aGrand View
5.JrCarlos Stepter23.98aWilliam Penn
4.SoIvan Kindell24.04aWilliam Penn
3.FrAndrew Thomas24.13aSt Ambrose
4.SoAaron Yerk24.19aAshford
5.SrSean Whitten24.24aSt Ambrose
5.FrCory Kunze24.40aGrand View
1.SrJason Amy24.47aIowa Wesleyan
2.SrJenerro Wade24.48aWilliam Penn
3.SrMatt Hakeman24.59aMt Mercy
4.FrEric Carlson24.60aSt Ambrose
5.FrTanner LaBore24.85aGrand View
1.SoTravis Bettcher24.86aClarke
2.SoMatt Pachota25.09aMt Mercy
3.FrRobert Dunham25.55aSt Ambrose
1.JrDuncan Forgey25.64aAshford
4.JrCraig Christopher25.68aClarke
2.FrDeonte Fletcher28.85aIowa Wesleyan
--FrRidge HobbsDNSIowa Wesleyan
--JrLevor HenryDNSIowa Wesleyan
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrGabriel Green50.33aWilliam Penn
2.FrAustin Gilbert51.11aAshford
3.SoJoseph Appah51.59aSt Ambrose
4.JrAndrew Drinkall52.16aAshford
1.JrKraig Moore52.19aClarke
1.JrJosh Roudabush52.44aWilliam Penn
5.SoPete Westerkamp52.48aGrand View
2.FrTariq White52.80aGrand View
1.JrJustin Heng52.98aClarke
3.JrPhil Cooper53.13aGrand View
2.SrMatt Smalley53.18aGrand View
4.SoJustin Cassidy53.35aGrand View
3.SrToby Cewe53.38aSt Ambrose
4.SoCraig Labath53.44aSt Ambrose
1.SoTravis Bettcher53.61aClarke
5.FrIan VanAntwerp53.66aSt Ambrose
2.JrJustin Waring53.67aMt Mercy
5.JrMatt Madera54.15aSt Ambrose
3.SoJustin Gutknecht54.25aGrand View
2.JrTrent Henry55.58aClarke
4.SrBayquon McDonald56.77aIowa Wesleyan
3.SoMitchell Binkley57.33aSt Ambrose
4.SoTanner Voss57.74aWilliam Penn
--FrRobert RogersDNSClarke
X 600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.JrAndrew Drinkall1:23.66aAshford
2.JrKraig Moore1:24.45aClarke
1.JrJustin Heng1:25.46aClarke
3.FrTariq White1:25.92aGrand View
1.JrJosh Roudabush1:27.09aWilliam Penn
4.SoAdemola Are1:27.64aAshford
2.SrBrian Dewey1:27.67aGrand View
3.SoTaelor Bohnsack1:29.33aGrand View
2.SrBayquon McDonald1:29.75aIowa Wesleyan
4.FrRaymundo Rivera1:29.78aAshford
5.SoTommy Fallon1:29.90aSt Ambrose
1.SoDan McNamara1:29.93aClarke
3.FrHarrison Southwick1:30.10aSt Ambrose
5.SoJustin Gutknecht1:31.12aGrand View
2.SoRob Sheehan1:33.55aClarke
1.SoMatt Pachota1:34.33aMt Mercy
2.FrDaniel Vaughn1:37.01aSt Ambrose
3.FrClint Phelps1:38.14aIowa Wesleyan
3.FrTanner LaBore1:40.24aGrand View
4.FrPatrick Milder1:40.61aSt Ambrose
4.FrPeter DePue1:43.32aGrand View
4.FrJulius Oteng1:46.60aAshford
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJohn Darmody1:58.89aSt Ambrose
2.JrJason Morad2:02.39aWilliam Penn
3.SoIsaac Mase2:04.13aClarke
1.JrAustin Quinn2:04.67aSt Ambrose
4.JrAndrew Drinkall2:05.07aAshford
2.SoDan McNamara2:06.09aClarke
3.FrRaymundo Rivera2:07.27aAshford
5.FrRobbie Pogue2:08.15aSt Ambrose
6.SoTommy Fallon2:08.30aSt Ambrose
4.SoDrew Messerschmidt2:10.58aGrand View
1.SoTaelor Bohnsack2:10.82aGrand View
2.SrBrian Dewey2:10.98aGrand View
5.JrMatt Clarke2:12.86aMt Mercy
1.SoJoseph Appah2:18.10aSt Ambrose
2.FrPeter DePue2:29.96aGrand View
3.FrDavid Bowles2:35.83aSt Ambrose
3.SrBrandon Spencer2:37.95aGrand View
4.FrClint Phelps2:44.26aIowa Wesleyan
--FrMizael CarreraDNFAshford
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.SoJohn Darmody4:22.18aSt Ambrose
2.SoIsaac Mase4:37.84aClarke
3.JrDoug Brusich4:39.65aSt Ambrose
4.FrRobbie Pogue4:39.78aSt Ambrose
5.JrJason Morad4:40.17aWilliam Penn
6.SoDrew Messerschmidt4:42.01aGrand View
7.FrChris Nealy4:42.61aGrand View
8.FrJay Whitmore4:46.38aSt Ambrose
9.JrAustin Quinn4:48.02aSt Ambrose
10.FrMizael Carrera5:01.51aAshford
11.FrBen Morrissey5:04.51aSt Ambrose
12.FrPatrick McClain5:10.89aAshford
13.FrDerek Barnett5:14.82aGrand View
14.FrBryce Althoff5:26.37aMt Mercy
15.FrJonnie Schoening5:35.91aClarke
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMike Miroux9:29.89aMt Mercy
2.FrKevin Randle9:35.84aSt Ambrose
3.FrChris Nealy9:44.14aGrand View
4.FrRyan Buchanan9:46.57aSt Ambrose
5.FrBrandon Nicholson9:47.04aWilliam Penn
6.JrKeith Randle9:47.96aSt Ambrose
7.JrDoug Brusich9:59.84aSt Ambrose
8.FrTyler Norby10:03.82aSt Ambrose
9.SrJayson Lawton10:09.21aMt Mercy
10.JrAlan Paton10:11.82aGrand View
11.FrJeff Rehfeldt10:19.74aMt Mercy
12.JrNick Newbury10:25.37aGrand View
13.FrAustin Ward10:33.67aGrand View
14.SoJames Sobucki10:34.88aSt Ambrose
15.FrDerek Barnett10:43.08aGrand View
16.JrNick Newcomb10:54.15aGrand View
17.FrRafael Crisosto11:08.62aAshford
18.FrAleksander Jakobsen11:40.59aAshford
--JrJordan LetzringDNSWilliam Penn
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrChris Nealy16:29.28aGrand View
2.FrKevin Randle16:34.89aSt Ambrose
3.JrKeith Randle16:40.72aSt Ambrose
4.SoMike Miroux16:45.49aMt Mercy
5.FrBrandon Nicholson16:47.49aWilliam Penn
6.FrRyan Buchanan16:50.37aSt Ambrose
7.JrJordan Letzring17:08.64aWilliam Penn
8.FrTyler Norby17:21.95aSt Ambrose
9.JrAlan Paton17:33.26aGrand View
10.SrJayson Lawton17:36.46aMt Mercy
11.FrJeff Rehfeldt17:55.95aMt Mercy
12.FrZachary Clark17:58.60aSt Ambrose
13.JrNick Newbury18:07.45aGrand View
14.SoJacob Barker18:28.68aSt Ambrose
15.FrAustin Ward18:38.45aGrand View
16.FrRafael Crisosto18:50.90aAshford
17.FrAleksander Jakobsen19:43.00aAshford
18.FrJonnie Schoening19:44.84aClarke
X 55m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Finals
1.FrChristian Awah7.75aAshford
2.FrTony Morrison7.94aSt Ambrose
3.SrFranklin Barnes7.97aAshford
4.SoPete Westerkamp8.07aGrand View
5.FrCory Kunze8.15aGrand View
6.SrMatt Smalley8.23aGrand View
7.FrHarrison Southwick8.48aSt Ambrose
8.JrSean Whalen8.54aSt Ambrose
X 55m Hurdles - 42" - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrTony Morrison8.00aSt Ambrose
2.SrFranklin Barnes8.01aAshford
1.FrChristian Awah8.09aAshford
3.FrCory Kunze8.13aGrand View
2.SoPete Westerkamp8.20aGrand View
4.SrMatt Smalley8.35aGrand View
5.JrSean Whalen8.37aSt Ambrose
6.FrHarrison Southwick8.45aSt Ambrose
7.SoCody Robertson8.46aMt Mercy
3.SrSteven Hughes8.48aGrand View
4.SoDillion McBride9.34aGrand View
5.SoTanner Voss9.47aWilliam Penn
--FrRobert RogersDNSClarke
--SrDustin RenwickDNSSt Ambrose
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:30.02aAshford
2.-Relay Team 3:31.08aWilliam Penn
3.-Relay Team 3:31.41aSt Ambrose
1.-Relay Team 3:33.95aClarke
4.-Relay Team 3:34.60aGrand View
2.-Relay Team 3:46.91aMt Mercy
3.-Relay Team 3:51.06aIowa Wesleyan
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:27.77aSt Ambrose
2.-Relay Team 8:46.26aAshford
3.-Relay Team 9:06.32aClarke
4.-Relay Team 9:07.52aGrand View
5.-Relay Team 9:23.28aMt Mercy
---Relay Team DNSWilliam Penn
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 11:21.88aSt Ambrose
2.-Relay Team 11:22.25aAshford
3.-Relay Team 11:55.34aMt Mercy
4.-Relay Team 12:03.82aGrand View
5.-Relay Team 12:08.04aClarke
6.-Relay Team 12:56.60aWilliam Penn
X Shot Put - 16lb - Varsity - Finals
1.FrChris Dubree50-01.25St Ambrose
1.SoTyler Wells49-06.50Grand View
2.FrSpencer Touchie49-04.50Ashford
2.SrScott Cherryholmes49-03.00St Ambrose
3.JrNick Heuermann45-08.50St Ambrose
3.SoRichard Silva45-08.00Iowa Wesleyan
4.FrLuke Wielgopolan45-02.50St Ambrose
4.FrJaryd Prince44-09.00Ashford
5.SoDanny Rufus43-01.00St Ambrose
6.SrJordan Adams42-02.75Grand View
5.FrJon Mulder42-00.75St Ambrose
6.SrHeath Nichols40-00.75William Penn
7.FrJoe Snyder39-10.75Ashford
7.JrTim Chavez39-08.50Iowa Wesleyan
8.FrCy Williams39-03.25Grand View
8.FrArtay Erby34-01.25Grand View
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoAustin Smith6-08.00Ashford
2.SrSteven Hughes6-04.00Grand View
3.SoJustin Cassidy5-10.00Grand View
3.SoAaron Yerk5-10.00Ashford
3.FrAustin Pozzi5-10.00Ashford
6.SrMatt Smalley5-06.00Grand View
--SrDustin RenwickSCRSt Ambrose
--SoPete WesterkampNHGrand View
--FrPerry KingSCRWilliam Penn
--FrTony MorrisonNHSt Ambrose
--SrJustin HeatonNHSt Ambrose
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SoAaron Yerk13-07.25Ashford
2.FrShawn Goodhardt12-07.50Ashford
3.SrMatt Smalley12-01.50Grand View
4.SoRyan Foster11-07.75St Ambrose
5.SrSteven Hughes10-08.00Grand View
5.FrHarrison Southwick10-08.00St Ambrose
7.FrHenry Meza10-02.00Grand View
8.SrDustin Renwick9-08.00St Ambrose
--FrTanner LaBoreNHGrand View
--SoDillion McBrideNHGrand View
--FrCharlie BalagnaNHSt Ambrose
--SoTanner VossNHWilliam Penn
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SrRoyce Clay23-00.75William Penn
1.JrJavares Thomas22-00.75William Penn
2.JrTitus Bland22-00.25Grand View
3.SrCaleb Snyder21-07.50Ashford
2.FrRidge Hobbs21-07.25Iowa Wesleyan
3.SrSean Whitten20-09.75St Ambrose
4.SrSteven Hughes20-08.00Grand View
4.SoAaron Yerk20-08.00Ashford
4.SoJarvis Henderson20-01.50Grand View
5.FrAustin Pozzi19-09.75Ashford
6.FrCory Kunze18-10.50Grand View
6.SoIan Merrill18-03.25St Ambrose
7.SoPete Westerkamp18-03.00Grand View
7.SrJason Amy16-09.75Iowa Wesleyan
8.SoTony Villasenor16-08.75St Ambrose
9.JrJameson Kaye16-01.75Iowa Wesleyan
--FrPerry KingFOULWilliam Penn
--SrDustin RenwickFOULSt Ambrose
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.JrJavares Thomas48-02.75William Penn
1.SrRoyce Clay46-00.75William Penn
2.SrSean Whitten44-01.50St Ambrose
3.FrIan VanAntwerp43-01.75St Ambrose
4.SrSteven Hughes42-11.00Grand View
5.JrTitus Bland42-04.25Grand View
2.SoJarvis Henderson42-02.75Grand View
6.FrCory Kunze40-10.50Grand View
7.SoTony Villasenor39-10.75St Ambrose
3.SoPete Westerkamp39-09.25Grand View
4.SrCaleb Snyder39-05.00Ashford
5.FrAustin Pozzi38-05.50Ashford
--FrPerry KingSCRWilliam Penn
--SoRyan FosterSCRSt Ambrose
--SrDustin RenwickSCRSt Ambrose
X Weight Throw - 35lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SrJordan Adams57-00.75Grand View
1.SrDanny DeVenney52-08.75St Ambrose
2.SoDanny Rufus50-09.25St Ambrose
2.FrLuke Wielgopolan49-11.00St Ambrose
3.FrCy Williams48-03.25Grand View
4.SoTyler Wells47-01.00Grand View
3.FrSpencer Touchie46-06.25Ashford
4.SrScott Cherryholmes44-11.50St Ambrose
5.SrHeath Nichols43-04.25William Penn
6.FrAdam Chocola42-04.75St Ambrose
7.FrJoe Snyder39-04.00Ashford
8.FrChris Dubree39-02.50St Ambrose
5.JrTim Chavez38-03.50Iowa Wesleyan
6.FrJaryd Prince37-00.50Ashford
7.FrArtay Erby35-05.25Grand View
8.JrGeorge Calvert34-08.25William Penn
9.FrMike Fulton32-08.25William Penn

Womens Results

X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Finals
1.FrEbonie Butler7.30aSt Ambrose
2.FrGretchen Lamar7.35aGrand View
3.FrJenna Higgins7.42aMt Mercy
4.SoLaura Minertz7.47aAshford
5.FrJanae Rosien7.66aMt Mercy
6.SoAneisha Parrish7.67aGrand View
7.JrTabatha Carlson7.77aGrand View
8.SoCortni Kooi7.95aMt Mercy
X 55 Meter Dash - Varsity - Prelims
1.FrJenna Higgins7.35aMt Mercy
2.FrEbonie Butler7.36aSt Ambrose
1.FrGretchen Lamar7.43aGrand View
2.SoLaura Minertz7.45aAshford
3.FrJanae Rosien7.64aMt Mercy
3.SoAneisha Parrish7.68aGrand View
4.JrTabatha Carlson7.74aGrand View
4.SoCortni Kooi7.84aMt Mercy
5.SoCharisse Brown7.85aGrand View
5.FrKaila Dalen7.87aClarke
6.JrJessica Hamell7.88aGrand View
7.FrAlicia Moeller7.94aSt Ambrose
6.SoJessica Knoll7.99aGrand View
7.FrKatie Bergman8.28aClarke
8.JrBeca Orvella8.46aMt Mercy
--JrAlexa FrancoisDNSMt Mercy
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLaura Minertz26.51aAshford
2.FrJenna Higgins27.00aMt Mercy
3.FrTaylor Handsaker27.11aGrand View
4.FrEbonie Butler27.13aSt Ambrose
1.FrLarissa Wilden27.27aMt Mercy
1.FrAlicia Moeller27.64aSt Ambrose
5.FrGretchen Lamar27.78aGrand View
2.JrEmilie Warren27.79aMt Mercy
2.SoMaggie Pestotnik27.92aGrand View
1.SrAlyssa Maher28.00aMt Mercy
3.FrJanae Rosien28.05aMt Mercy
3.SoCharisse Brown28.10aGrand View
2.FrKaila Dalen28.46aClarke
4.SoCortni Kooi28.57aMt Mercy
4.FrLauren Flahive28.69aSt Ambrose
3.JrJessica Hamell28.80aGrand View
5.FrRachel Krier28.91aSt Ambrose
1.SoSerina Reyna29.71aIowa Wesleyan
4.FrElizabeth Edleman30.62aClarke
5.FrStacey Wynkoop32.03aClarke
2.FrMelanie Brambila32.33aIowa Wesleyan
3.JrShannon Saunders32.88aWilliam Penn
--SrKatie MillerDNSWilliam Penn
--JrTabatha CarlsonDNSGrand View
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrNkemdilim Okwumabua1:01.67aAshford
2.SoLaura Minertz1:02.27aAshford
1.JrJordyn Schertz1:02.81aGrand View
3.JrEmilie Warren1:03.14aMt Mercy
2.FrLauren Flahive1:03.29aSt Ambrose
3.SoHannah Day1:03.45aClarke
4.SoJacqueline Kane1:03.49aMt Mercy
5.FrRachel Luehrs1:03.50aSt Ambrose
4.JrElyssa Zielke1:04.42aClarke
5.JrTabatha Carlson1:04.72aGrand View
1.JrKari Klein1:05.14aClarke
1.SoCharisse Brown1:05.34aGrand View
2.FrGretchen Lamar1:05.95aGrand View
3.FrWhitley Schertz1:06.38aGrand View
4.FrElizabeth Edleman1:06.80aClarke
2.FrJenny Morris1:07.37aSt Ambrose
3.SoMelisa Wink1:08.81aWilliam Penn
4.FrStacey Wynkoop1:14.18aClarke
X 600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.FrNkemdilim Okwumabua1:40.53aAshford
2.SoJacqueline Kane1:41.48aMt Mercy
3.FrBeth Ripperger1:41.49aMt Mercy
4.SoHannah Day1:41.73aClarke
5.FrTaylor Handsaker1:41.83aGrand View
1.SoObsie Birru1:45.00aGrand View
2.SoCaitlyn Jones1:48.47aIowa Wesleyan
1.FrMelissa Dewey1:48.67aGrand View
1.SoDana Maier1:48.86aSt Ambrose
2.FrShelby Daisy1:50.73aMt Mercy
3.FrMeg Skaggs1:51.15aSt Ambrose
3.SoJessica Bixler1:54.76aWilliam Penn
4.SrBrittany Riley1:55.63aGrand View
2.JrKati Krzystofiak2:01.45aIowa Wesleyan
3.FrMeg Mckenna2:07.91aSt Ambrose
4.FrHanna O'Toole2:21.90aMt Mercy
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoObsie Birru2:22.21aGrand View
2.FrBeth Ripperger2:24.13aMt Mercy
3.FrNkemdilim Okwumabua2:26.52aAshford
4.JrAbby Parsons2:28.32aSt Ambrose
5.FrRachel Luehrs2:29.38aSt Ambrose
6.SoKatrina Moyna2:31.59aClarke
1.SrChelsea Kvidera2:32.97aMt Mercy
1.SrSamantha Leslie2:33.72aClarke
2.FrChelsea Burhite2:34.50aMt Mercy
3.SoDana Maier2:36.67aSt Ambrose
4.JrLaTasha Moore2:36.81aGrand View
5.FrMegan Maroon2:38.41aSt Ambrose
2.FrShelby Daisy2:41.49aMt Mercy
6.SoCaitlyn Jones2:43.55aIowa Wesleyan
1.FrMelissa Dewey2:44.69aGrand View
3.FrAshley Murray2:45.31aAshford
2.FrMeg Skaggs2:46.40aSt Ambrose
4.SrBrittany Riley2:47.26aGrand View
5.JrKati Krzystofiak2:54.73aIowa Wesleyan
3.FrHanna O'Toole3:21.57aMt Mercy
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
1.SoObsie Birru5:13.88aGrand View
2.JrAbby Parsons5:29.12aSt Ambrose
3.SrChelsea Kvidera5:38.69aMt Mercy
4.SoKatie Hemesath5:39.52aClarke
5.SoMcKelle Lacher5:44.19aGrand View
6.SoKara Danielsen5:47.85aMt Mercy
7.SoBetsy Craig5:49.19aGrand View
8.FrChelsee Lisk5:49.54aSt Ambrose
9.FrMegan Maroon5:53.52aSt Ambrose
10.SoMarissa Miller6:07.70aGrand View
X 3000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoObsie Birru10:35.79aGrand View
2.JrBrooke Ashcraft10:56.47aSt Ambrose
3.SoKatie Hemesath11:32.78aClarke
4.SoMcKelle Lacher11:45.10aGrand View
5.JrErin Behan11:49.93aMt Mercy
6.FrEsther Rono11:56.08aMt Mercy
7.SoBetsy Craig12:00.04aGrand View
8.FrChelsee Lisk12:00.51aSt Ambrose
9.SoPaula Hermsen12:03.73aMt Mercy
10.SoKristen Syring12:14.65aSt Ambrose
11.JrErika Jakobsen12:24.62aAshford
12.SoKeely Danielsen12:26.47aMt Mercy
13.FrKatie Simones12:27.79aSt Ambrose
14.FrStephanie Nibaur12:34.91aMt Mercy
15.FrChristine Eden12:42.85aSt Ambrose
16.SoMarissa Miller13:11.11aGrand View
17.JrFelicia Hoover13:21.41aGrand View
18.SrJessi Crain13:28.21aClarke
--FrLexie RonconiDNSSt Ambrose
X 5000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.SoObsie Birru17:52.77aGrand View
2.JrBrooke Ashcraft18:55.47aSt Ambrose
3.JrErin Behan19:57.96aMt Mercy
4.FrEsther Rono20:01.14aMt Mercy
5.SoKristen Syring20:43.17aSt Ambrose
6.SoKeely Danielsen20:57.52aMt Mercy
7.SoBetsy Craig21:00.62aGrand View
8.SoBritney Yotter21:12.43aMt Mercy
9.FrStephanie Nibaur21:22.98aMt Mercy
10.FrChristine Eden21:23.75aSt Ambrose
11.JrErika Jakobsen21:37.54aAshford
12.FrKatie Simones21:40.68aSt Ambrose
13.FrLeah Schultz23:52.45aMt Mercy
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.JrLaTasha Moore8.72aGrand View
2.FrRachel Krier8.76aSt Ambrose
3.SrCourtney Heid8.89aGrand View
4.FrRachel Luehrs8.91aSt Ambrose
5.SrAlyssa Maher8.97aMt Mercy
6.FrLarissa Wilden9.03aMt Mercy
7.SoMaggie Pestotnik9.47aGrand View
8.SoLauren Palmer9.83aClarke
X 55m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Prelims
1.JrLaTasha Moore8.77aGrand View
2.FrLarissa Wilden8.87aMt Mercy
1.SrAlyssa Maher8.93aMt Mercy
2.FrRachel Krier8.96aSt Ambrose
1.SrCourtney Heid9.03aGrand View
3.SoMaggie Pestotnik9.16aGrand View
2.SoLauren Palmer9.29aClarke
3.FrRachel Luehrs9.32aSt Ambrose
4.SrJerika Rangel9.34aSt Ambrose
4.JrKari Klein9.55aClarke
5.FrMariah Montgomery9.56aIowa Wesleyan
6.JrAlexa Francois9.80aMt Mercy
3.JrBeca Orvella9.89aMt Mercy
4.SoKelsey Berg9.94aSt Ambrose
7.SoSerina Reyna10.03aIowa Wesleyan
8.SoStephanie Kollasch10.04aClarke
5.FrMelanie Brambila12.00aIowa Wesleyan
--JrJessica NessanDNSClarke
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:13.83aGrand View
2.-Relay Team 4:14.42aMt Mercy
3.-Relay Team 4:16.21aClarke
1.-Relay Team 4:26.84aSt Ambrose
4.-Relay Team 4:27.87aAshford
2.-Relay Team 4:49.03aWilliam Penn
3.-Relay Team 4:49.36aIowa Wesleyan
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 10:15.15aMt Mercy
2.-Relay Team 10:32.99aGrand View
3.-Relay Team 11:15.65aClarke
4.-Relay Team 11:27.51aSt Ambrose
5.-Relay Team 12:54.67aAshford
X DMR 1200-400-800-1600m - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 13:47.96aMt Mercy
2.-Relay Team 14:21.88aClarke
3.-Relay Team 14:36.70aGrand View
4.-Relay Team 15:32.24aSt Ambrose
5.-Relay Team 16:53.58aAshford
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMandy Streu45-09.25St Ambrose
2.FrMartha Burd41-04.25St Ambrose
1.SrJessica Lange39-11.25Clarke
3.FrAshley Voeltz38-07.50Ashford
2.JrChelsea Maas38-04.75Grand View
3.FrAlissa Martin38-00.00St Ambrose
4.JrKelsey Hansen37-05.75Mt Mercy
4.FrTaylor Christiansen37-01.75St Ambrose
5.SoAshley Houston36-07.75Grand View
6.JrKatie Burnett35-07.25William Penn
5.FrAshley Rojemann34-09.50St Ambrose
6.SoLauryn Camp33-10.75Grand View
7.SrBrook Funk32-05.75Ashford
8.FrAmaris Meyers30-02.25Mt Mercy
7.SoSerina Reyna28-04.50Iowa Wesleyan
8.FrAmanda Pearson27-01.75Iowa Wesleyan
9.SoKatie Streeby20-10.50Iowa Wesleyan
--FrCourtney MeyerSCRWilliam Penn
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrHeather Ketcham5-01.75Ashford
1.FrLarissa Wilden5-01.75Mt Mercy
3.SrCourtney Heid4-11.75Grand View
3.SoBetsy Craig4-11.75Grand View
5.JrLaTasha Moore4-09.75Grand View
5.SoEmily Morrissey4-09.75St Ambrose
5.FrChhutani Berry4-09.75Ashford
5.SoNatalie Solms4-09.75Ashford
9.JrKatie Burnett4-07.75William Penn
9.SoTeresa Popp4-07.75St Ambrose
9.SoLauren Palmer4-07.75Clarke
--JrB.J. WagyNHIowa Wesleyan
--SrTibisa ThorSCRWilliam Penn
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.SoMorgan Bradford9-10.00Clarke
2.SrMichelle Maciag9-04.25St Ambrose
3.JrLauren Gunawan8-10.25St Ambrose
3.SrAnne Ledford8-10.25St Ambrose
5.FrKatie Bergman8-04.25Clarke
6.SoKelsey Berg7-10.50St Ambrose
6.JrKatie Burnett7-10.50William Penn
8.JrJordyn Schertz7-04.50Grand View
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.FrSarah Wenzel17-02.00Ashford
1.SrCourtney Heid16-03.75Grand View
2.FrSarah Medland16-01.50St Ambrose
2.SoCarli Schieferdecker15-10.25St Ambrose
3.JrJessica Hamell15-06.00Grand View
3.FrJanae Rosien15-05.00Mt Mercy
4.SoCortni Kooi15-04.75Mt Mercy
5.FrTaylor Handsaker14-11.50Grand View
4.FrRachel Luehrs14-10.75St Ambrose
5.FrCalista Heckman14-08.00St Ambrose
6.SrJerika Rangel14-05.75St Ambrose
6.SoNatalie Solms14-05.00Ashford
7.SoMaggie Pestotnik14-03.25Grand View
7.FrLarissa Wilden13-10.50Mt Mercy
8.FrEmilie Minteer13-10.25St Ambrose
8.SrDatisha Duncan12-11.25Ashford
9.JrShannon Saunders12-05.75William Penn
--SrTibisa ThorSCRWilliam Penn
--JrLaTasha MooreFOULGrand View
--JrJessica NessanSCRClarke
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.SoNatalie Solms35-03.00Ashford
1.JrLaTasha Moore32-03.50Grand View
2.SoMaggie Pestotnik32-00.00Grand View
2.SrCourtney Heid31-05.75Grand View
3.SoCarli Schieferdecker31-02.00St Ambrose
4.FrEmilie Minteer31-01.25St Ambrose
3.JrBrea Christiansen30-08.50St Ambrose
4.SrMichelle Maciag29-11.50St Ambrose
5.JrKatie Burnett29-08.25William Penn
5.JrJessica Hamell29-06.75Grand View
6.FrLarissa Wilden29-06.75Mt Mercy
6.FrSarah Wenzel29-06.00Ashford
7.FrSarah Medland28-10.50St Ambrose
7.SrDatisha Duncan28-05.75Ashford
8.FrMelanie Brambila26-07.75Iowa Wesleyan
--JrJessica NessanSCRClarke
X Weight Throw - 20lb - Varsity - Finals
1.SoLauryn Camp53-09.25Grand View
2.JrChelsea Maas53-08.50Grand View
1.FrAshley Rojemann48-11.50St Ambrose
3.JrKelsey Hansen48-09.50Mt Mercy
2.SoMandy Streu44-07.50St Ambrose
4.FrAlissa Martin42-08.75St Ambrose
3.FrMartha Burd41-04.50St Ambrose
5.SoAshley Houston40-06.75Grand View
6.JrDaniell Darbyshire38-02.00Mt Mercy
4.FrTaylor Christiansen37-09.50St Ambrose
5.FrAshley Voeltz37-05.25Ashford
6.SrBrook Funk36-09.50Ashford
7.FrAmaris Meyers26-01.50Mt Mercy
7.FrAmanda Pearson25-06.75Iowa Wesleyan
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