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Mansfield vs Oliver Ames vs Foxboro

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Franklin HS, Franklin

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Massachusetts - Hockomock
Oliver Ames
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 50 Yard Dash - Varsity - Finals
12Nick Bronsdon5.5Foxboro
11Steve Gannon5.8Mansfield
11Ian Cauldwell5.9Mansfield
12Kyle Allen5.9Mansfield
11Malcolm Neville5.9Foxboro
11Austin Meehan6.0Mansfield
11Patrick Greaney6.1Mansfield
10CJ Stocking6.1Mansfield
11Justin Deckert6.2Mansfield
10Evan Rushton6.3Mansfield
10Jonathan Butler6.3Mansfield
12Andrew Jenkins6.3Mansfield
10Robby Erasmi6.4Mansfield
9Kurt Dominesey6.5Mansfield
10Brendan Callanan6.5Mansfield
10Kevin Markt6.5Mansfield
11Anthony Tran6.5Mansfield
9Nick Cioe6.6Mansfield
9Tim Laffin6.8Mansfield
10Adam Hemond7.0Mansfield
10Matt Morrill7.0Mansfield
9Alex Clark7.0Mansfield
X 50 Yard Dash - Junior Varsity - Finals
12Shawn McLaughlin6.0Foxboro
12Joe McGahan6.2Foxboro
9Ben Carleton6.3Foxboro
10Nick Roche6.4Foxboro
10Isaac Shakeri6.4Foxboro
11Tom Grossmith6.4Foxboro
12James Sherwood6.5Foxboro
10Duncan Echols-Jones6.5Foxboro
10Ian Smith6.6Foxboro
9Mike Tally6.6Foxboro
9James Basler6.8Foxboro
9Tim Walton7.0Foxboro
X 50 Yard Dash - Varsity - Semi-Finals
12Nick Bronsdon5.5Foxboro
11Lester Cabao-an5.9Foxboro
11John May6.0Foxboro
X 300 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Kyle Kilduff38.3Mansfield
10Griffin Robertson38.7Mansfield
12Nick Bronsdon39.3Foxboro
11Steve Gannon39.4Mansfield
11Lester Cabao-an40.2Foxboro
10Nick King40.5Mansfield
11Malcolm Neville41.5Foxboro
11Austin Meehan41.6Mansfield
10Greg Donahue42.2Mansfield
10CJ Stocking42.8Mansfield
11Justin Deckert43.9Mansfield
10Dan Ivas44.2Mansfield
9Kurt Dominesey44.5Mansfield
10Jonathan Butler45.1Mansfield
10Brendan Callanan45.8Mansfield
10Robby Erasmi47.4Mansfield
10Adam Hemond47.7Mansfield
9Nick Cioe48.5Mansfield
10Matt Morrill48.9Mansfield
X 300 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
11Chris Johns43.1Foxboro
9Ben Carleton44.2Foxboro
11James Waters44.6Foxboro
10Duncan Echols-Jones44.9Foxboro
9Jason Vogel45.2Foxboro
9Mike Tally45.4Foxboro
10Isaac Shakeri46.3Foxboro
10Nick Roche49.0Foxboro
9James Basler50.8Foxboro
9Tim Walton51.2Foxboro
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
12Kyle Kilduff56.0Mansfield
11Jonah Primiano57.7Mansfield
12Craig Tyner57.7Mansfield
11Ian Cauldwell58.0Mansfield
12Brendan Boyle58.2Mansfield
12Patrick McGowan58.6Mansfield
11Ryan Petrella59.0Mansfield
10Nate Somes59.2Mansfield
10Griffin Robertson59.3Mansfield
10Josh Lampron59.3Mansfield
10Kham Haleudeth59.9Mansfield
10Brian Ferreira61.0Mansfield
X 600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Ryan Petrella1:31.7Mansfield
12Craig Tyner1:32.0Mansfield
11Jonah Primiano1:35.6Mansfield
10Nate Somes1:35.9Mansfield
10Kevin Giffels1:40.1Mansfield
11Anthony Tran1:42.9Mansfield
10Andrew Bradley1:42.9Foxboro
11Josh Sacco1:44.1Mansfield
11Scott Elliot1:46.8Foxboro
11Jeremia Whall1:51.4Mansfield
9Philip O'Leary1:52.9Mansfield
10Nick Sylvia1:57.1Mansfield
9Alex Clark1:59.6Mansfield
9Amir Hackett2:01.0Mansfield
9Tim Laffin2:02.9Mansfield
9Nick Cioe2:07.9Mansfield
9Nick Conte2:14.6Mansfield
9Ed Fitzgerald2:24.0Mansfield
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Patrick McGowan2:36.9Mansfield
10Josh Lampron2:49.5Mansfield
11Joe Cole2:50.2Mansfield
11Connor Foley2:53.3Foxboro
11Jeremy Kuznitz3:02.0Mansfield
12Vinny Buonora3:06.7Mansfield
10Joe Tierney3:07Foxboro
10Chris Nugent3:07.4Mansfield
9Andrew Chotkowski3:07.8Mansfield
10David Morrill3:13.5Mansfield
12Zain Abidin3:21.2Foxboro
10Will Savageau3:23.1Mansfield
11David Abrahamson3:23.4Mansfield
11Bryce Egan3:24.0Mansfield
9Michael Brodin3:27.8Mansfield
10Thomas Gaughan3:28.7Mansfield
10Chris Sorge3:36.0Mansfield
X 1000 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
9Michael Sampson3:32.9Foxboro
9Jake Harrington3:33.2Foxboro
9Virag Vora3:43.1Foxboro
9Tim Maloney3:55.4Foxboro
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
12Brendan Boyle4:43.4Mansfield
10Brendan Sullivan4:56.4Foxboro
10Kham Haleudeth5:04.1Mansfield
11Adam Osowski5:13.8Mansfield
11Kevin John Murphy5:14.5Mansfield
9Kevin Aldrich5:22.6Foxboro
11Matthew Erwin5:29.6Mansfield
11Alec Armstrong5:30.9Mansfield
10Brendan McCarthy5:33.4Mansfield
11Sam Hayes5:39.4Mansfield
10Nick Haley5:55.2Mansfield
12Kyle Boti6:09.3Foxboro
X 2 Miles - Varsity - Finals
11Matthew Cioe10:30.9Mansfield
12Matt Hernon10:30.9Mansfield
10Zach Frazier10:58.1Mansfield
12Tyler Lorenz10:58.9Foxboro
10Matt Berluti11:29.4Mansfield
11Ben Alden11:41.0Foxboro
X 50y Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
10Brian Ferreira6.6Mansfield
11Ted Ferreira6.9Mansfield
11Mike Cardarelli6.9Foxboro
10Greg Donahue7.2Mansfield
11Patrick Greaney7.4Mansfield
X 50y Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Semi-Finals
11Mike Cardarelli6.8Foxboro
12Shawn McLaughlin7.5Foxboro
11Chris Johns7.6Foxboro
9Jason Vogel8.8Foxboro
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Brendan Boyle
Josh Lampron
Kham Haleudeth
Craig Tyner
-Griffin Robertson
Nate Somes
Jonah Primiano
Brian Ferreira
-Joe McGahan
Connor Foley
Joe Tierney
Brendan Sullivan
-Ryan Petrella
Ian Cauldwell
Patrick McGowan
Kyle Kilduff
X 4x400 Relay - Junior Varsity - Finals
-Dan Ross
Andrew Bradley
Scott Elliot
Kevin Aldrich
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
11Bill Giannouloudis39'6.25Mansfield
11Nick Carrafa38'5.25Mansfield
12James Sherwood38'2"Foxboro
11Justin Deckert37'7Mansfield
11Louis Alvarado36'1Mansfield
11Joel Devine36'0Mansfield
10Nick King35'11"Mansfield
11Chris Johns35'8.25"Foxboro
11Matthew Grimes33'8.5Mansfield
10Patrick Maloney32'11Mansfield
10Connor Lally31'9"Foxboro
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
12Shawn McLaughlin5'8Foxboro
11Dan Ross5'8Foxboro
10Brian Ferreira5'6Mansfield
11Patrick Greaney5'2Mansfield
10Dan Ivas5'2Mansfield
11Mike Cardarelli5'2Foxboro
11Tom Grossmith5'2Foxboro

Womens Results

X 50 Yard Dash - Varsity - Finals
12Alexa Murray6.2Oliver Ames
10Kayla Comer6.3Mansfield
10Briana Chiusano6.4Mansfield
10Paige Grimes6.5Mansfield
11Jess Verbic6.5Mansfield
9Nalina Valaydon6.5Foxboro
9Kelsey Broyles6.6Mansfield
9Julia Jones6.7Mansfield
12Laura McHugh6.8Mansfield
9Andrea Garabedian6.9Mansfield
9Erin Pearson6.9Foxboro
10Leah Kraft7.0Mansfield
10Sarah Falkner7.1Mansfield
10Sara Cline7.2Mansfield
10Lindsey Gaal7.2Mansfield
9Emily McKinnon7.2Mansfield
10Meghan Parrett7.2Mansfield
11Maureen Navoni7.3Mansfield
10Shannon Herrmann7.4Mansfield
10Allie Newell7.4Mansfield
10Katie Hogan7.7Mansfield
9Brianna Palardy7.8Mansfield
X 50 Yard Dash - Junior Varsity - Finals
10Kassie Sullivan7.2Foxboro
11Allie Bromberg7.2Foxboro
9Kira Hallberg7.3Foxboro
11Nirali Vagadia7.5Foxboro
10Kerin Boti7.6Foxboro
9Melissa Hayes7.7Foxboro
9Amanda Coscia7.7Foxboro
10Britney Cruz7.8Foxboro
10Amanda Gallagher8.0Foxboro
10Rachel Sewell8.0Foxboro
10Ashleigh McCarthy8.0Foxboro
9Brianna Philips8.0Foxboro
12Stephanie Green8.2Foxboro
9Mary Harris8.7Foxboro
9Colleen Reilly9.9Foxboro
X 50 Yard Dash - Varsity - Semi-Finals
9Nalina Valaydon6.5Foxboro
9Erin Pearson6.8Foxboro
9Ananya Yerremreddy7.2Foxboro
10Michaela May7.4Foxboro
X 300 Meters - Varsity - Finals
11Emily Broyles44.5Mansfield
10Jennifer Esposito45.1Mansfield
10Kayla McKinsey46.1Oliver Ames
12Alexa Murray46.2Oliver Ames
12Nina Monestime47.6Mansfield
10Kristy Kent48.0Oliver Ames
9Andrea Garabedian48.7Mansfield
11Tayla Ross48.9Foxboro
12Laura McHugh49.3Mansfield
9Erin Pearson49.4Foxboro
11Mariah McGrath49.5Mansfield
10Sarah Falkner52.8Mansfield
10Meghan Parrett54.3Mansfield
9Angela Piro54.9Mansfield
9Samantha Sherman55.6Mansfield
9Ananya Yerremreddy55.6Foxboro
9Brianna Palardy56.8Mansfield
10Kristine Herrmann57.9Mansfield
X 300 Meters - Junior Varsity - Finals
9Devon Carleton53.6Foxboro
11Alex Jenkins55.6Foxboro
9Melissa Hayes57.9Foxboro
9Taylor Newcomb58.8Foxboro
X 600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
12Alison Hickey1:48.5Oliver Ames
12Anna Dominesey1:51.8Mansfield
11Amanda Zieselman1:52.5Mansfield
9Emma Carleton1:57.5Foxboro
9Michaela Carnino1:57.8Foxboro
12Jennifer Giffels1:58.2Mansfield
12Stephanie Bennett2:02.5Mansfield
11Rachel Orkin2:10.2Mansfield
X 1000 Meters - Varsity - Finals
10Shannon Hickey3:16.7Oliver Ames
12Anastasia Lutkevich3:20.3Mansfield
12Alex Kimball3:27.5Oliver Ames
10Catherine Nash3:30.9Mansfield
10Jessica Grainger3:32.1Mansfield
10Laura Caeran3:44.1Mansfield
10Julie Schoener3:44.1Foxboro
9Sami Rathgeb3:47.1Foxboro
9Mairead Day3:51.7Mansfield
9Victoria Bailey3:54.5Foxboro
9Hannah Haleudeth4:09.4Mansfield
10Meredith Cogswell4:10.2Mansfield
9Kelly Shine4:16.8Foxboro
10Kristine Herrmann4:25.5Mansfield
X 1 Mile - Varsity - Finals
10Emily Grotz5:33.9Oliver Ames
12Cassandra Olsen5:37.2Mansfield
11Lauren Columbare5:47.7Mansfield
11Sarah Andres5:48.0Foxboro
10Sarah Miller6:28.8Mansfield
10Steph Foster6:30.3Oliver Ames
9Sarah Daly6:30.4Mansfield
9Abby Wright6:30.8Mansfield
10Jacqueline Bailey6:32.4Foxboro
9Alex Carey6:32.7Mansfield
X 2 Miles - Varsity - Finals
10Kristina Ketchum12:14.9Foxboro
11Lauren Gallagher12:19.8Oliver Ames
11Rachel Kline12:51.3Oliver Ames
10Megan Cole13:09.3Mansfield
11Katie Dempsey13:18.9Mansfield
9Taylor Laubenstein13:59Foxboro
X 50y Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
10Dana Foley7.4Mansfield
10Michaela Nichols7.9Oliver Ames
10Paige Grimes8.1Mansfield
12Olivia Parsons8.2Foxboro
11Shannon Kyne8.3Oliver Ames
10Leah Kraft8.7Mansfield
10Briana Chiusano8.9Mansfield
12Jennifer Giffels9.2Mansfield
9Lovisa Tegnell9.6Mansfield
10Katelyn Dalton9.7Mansfield
X 50y Hurdles - 33" - Junior Varsity - Finals
9Taylor Newcomb9.9Foxboro
10Britney Cruz10.8Foxboro
11Lianne McCarthy11.1Foxboro
X 50y Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Semi-Finals
12Olivia Parsons8.2Foxboro
11Kayla Bridges8.3Foxboro
11Kerry MacCallum9.0Foxboro
10Jessica Septelka9.3Foxboro
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
-Relay Team 4:32.6Mansfield
-Caitlin Dorr
Sarah Andres
Tayla Ross
Michaela Carnino
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
10Laura Daley35'4.5Oliver Ames
11Brittany Greene27'0Mansfield
10Sam Carlson25'6Foxboro
11Jess Verbic25'3Mansfield
10Mackenzie Slyman24'4Foxboro
10Julie O'Keefe24'2Mansfield
11Kayla Bridges23'3Foxboro
11Rachel Orkin21'9Mansfield
10Theresa St. James19'5Mansfield
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
10Jennifer Esposito5'0Mansfield
12Marianna Siquiera4'10Oliver Ames
10Michaela Nichols4'8Oliver Ames
12Caitlin Dorr4'6"Foxboro
10Dana Foley4'2Mansfield
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