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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cheney HS, Cheney

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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jarell Daniels11.00North Central
2.11Ryan Lewis11.10West Valley (Spokane)
3.12Chris Petersen11.10Mt Spokane
4.11Shane Quinn11.20East Valley (Spokane)
5.10Ben Bissell11.20Cheney
6.12Darez Meriwether11.20Cheney
7.10Josh Bender11.41Shadle Park
8.11Dakota Condos11.50Cheney
8.12Jaymz Johnson11.50Colville
8.11Dashea McDowell11.50Mead
11.10Dietrich Smith11.60Cheney
12.12Michael Stralser11.70Cheney
12.10Aaron Anderson11.70Mt Spokane
12.11Kyle Wyatt11.70East Valley (Spokane)
12.11Tanner Lappano11.70North Central
16.9Ben Shannon11.80West Valley (Spokane)
16.9Austin Stone11.80Mead
18.9Austin Hegelstein11.90West Valley (Spokane)
19.11Zach Hull12.00Colville
20.11Colby Teibel12.10Colville
20.9Marquis Diomede12.10Cheney
20.11Krys Smith12.10West Valley (Spokane)
20.11Krieg McEuin12.10Cheney
24.9Tyler Fracsh12.30West Valley (Spokane)
25.9Doran Porter12.40Shadle Park
25.9Tyree Washington12.40Mead
27.11Richard Simmons12.70Cheney
28.10Tanner Frost12.80Shadle Park
29.9Curtis Boal12.90Cheney
9Adrian StrehlouNTEast Valley (Spokane)
11Jared NelsonNTWest Valley (Spokane)
12Patrick ArkangeloNTNorth Central
X 100 Meters - Wheelchair - Varsity - Finals
11Josh Hillicoss41.00East Valley (Spokane)
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Shane Quinn23.70East Valley (Spokane)
2.12Andrus Zaborski23.90Shadle Park
3.10Ben Bissell23.90Cheney
4.11Tanner Lappano24.20North Central
5.12Albert Lemeza24.30Mt Spokane
6.11Ryan Malmoe24.50Mead
7.10Aaron Anderson24.60Mt Spokane
7.11Dillon Phelps24.60Cheney
9.11Jake Warzon24.80East Valley (Spokane)
10.9Austin Stone24.90Mead
11.10Kass Boesel25.00Mead
11.10Garth Vaagen25.00Colville
13.11Zach Hull25.10Colville
13.11Krys Smith25.10West Valley (Spokane)
15.9Ben Baker25.30East Valley (Spokane)
16.11Ryan Lewis25.40West Valley (Spokane)
17.9Doran Porter25.60Shadle Park
18.9Tyler Fracsh25.70West Valley (Spokane)
19.11Mike Lowry26.00West Valley (Spokane)
20.9Martin Burgos26.50Cheney
21.9Austin Maddox26.80Colville
22.9Curtis Boal27.00Cheney
23.9Ryan Utley27.90Cheney
11Richard SimmonsNTCheney
11Shackur SmithNTCheney
10Ryan ArevaloNTShadle Park
10Tanner FrostNTShadle Park
9Coleman WhiteNTCheney
10Kass BoeselNTMead
12Chris PetersenNTMt Spokane
9Cade HartshornNTEast Valley (Spokane)
11Matt DrumhellerNTMt Spokane
11Jarell DanielsNTNorth Central
X 200 Meters - Wheelchair - Varsity - Finals
11Josh Hillicoss1:24.70East Valley (Spokane)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Nicholas Stevens52.70East Valley (Spokane)
2.11Neal Moseley52.70Cheney
3.11Luke Graham53.20Shadle Park
4.11Ryan Malmoe55.60Mead
5.11Dillon Phelps55.80Cheney
6.10Luke Nalder56.10East Valley (Spokane)
7.10Brandon Markham56.80Mead
8.11Chase Sanchez57.00East Valley (Spokane)
9.9Brandon Collins1:00.20Shadle Park
10.9Ryan Utley1:03.40Cheney
11.11Josiah Anderson1:04.20Colville
10Garth VaagenNTColville
11Logan WebbenhurstNTMt Spokane
12Jon BalchNTNorth Central
11Colin HisawNTNorth Central
10Kiel RhodesNTNorth Central
9Cole JensenNTShadle Park
12Jackson PringNTWest Valley (Spokane)
10Taylor RollinsNTWest Valley (Spokane)
9Coleman WhiteNTCheney
10Tony WebberNTCheney
10Hunter CarpenterNTColville
9Adrian StrehlouNTEast Valley (Spokane)
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kody Hauck2:08.00West Valley (Spokane)
2.9Keagan Hall2:10.10North Central
3.11Arthur Zepnick2:10.70East Valley (Spokane)
4.12Zach Slaughter2:12.70North Central
5.12Boston Smith2:15.50North Central
6.9Tyler Stavnes2:16.20West Valley (Spokane)
7.11Cal Maddox2:16.40Colville
8.9Alex Preston2:16.60West Valley (Spokane)
9.10Dallin Bise2:17.00East Valley (Spokane)
10.9Cade Hartshorn2:18.40East Valley (Spokane)
11.10Biagio Pietroburgo2:20.30Colville
12.11Alex Hurd2:20.40West Valley (Spokane)
13.9Jay Shoemaker2:20.50Colville
14.12Linic Almeida2:21.00Mead
15.10Trevor Roberts2:25.00Mead
16.11Logan Webbenhurst2:26.50Mt Spokane
17.12Konlan Grigsby2:26.60Shadle Park
18.9Teagan Brown2:33.20Mt Spokane
19.9Michael Nutkowitz2:33.70Mead
12Cameron MoonNTShadle Park
11Bryan HallNTWest Valley (Spokane)
12Zach SlaughterNTNorth Central
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jordan Rogers4:43.00North Central
2.10Cody Edwards4:46.00East Valley (Spokane)
3.12Merrill Lines4:50.00East Valley (Spokane)
4.9Hunter Croft4:52.00Shadle Park
5.9Aaron Pogue4:55.00West Valley (Spokane)
6.11Eli Brunette4:58.00North Central
7.11Jevon Cabrera5:01.00Mead
7.10Alex Colin5:01.00North Central
9.10Shane Banning5:04.00Shadle Park
10.11Cal Maddox5:07.00Colville
11.12Nathen Fall5:08.00North Central
12.11Logan Webbenhurst5:11.00Mt Spokane
12.9Austin Luhn5:11.00West Valley (Spokane)
14.9Daniel Rahn5:13.00Mead
15.9Roman Korovnik5:14.00Colville
16.10Daniel Stillwell5:15.00Mead
17.9Isaac Nokes5:24.00Mead
18.10Chase Walter5:26.00Cheney
19.10Mark Vincent5:28.00Cheney
20.9Teagan Brown5:33.00Mt Spokane
21.10Alan Lambert5:35.00Cheney
22.12Tyler Kostelak5:38.00Colville
23.11Mike Lowry5:48.00West Valley (Spokane)
24.12Ty Armstrong5:49.00East Valley (Spokane)
25.9Quentin McQueen5:50.00Shadle Park
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Nathen Fall10:12.20North Central
2.11Jaren Novakovich10:28.20East Valley (Spokane)
3.12Josh Randall10:38.60Colville
4.9Vance Collier10:38.90North Central
5.-Issac Kitzen10:41.90North Central
6.11Jevon Cabrera10:47.50Mead
7.11Brady Hargrove10:50.60West Valley (Spokane)
8.11Ian Kuula10:56.60Cheney
9.10Kyle Sams10:56.90Mead
10.9Alex Coburn10:59.30West Valley (Spokane)
11.10Daniel Christensen11:00.90East Valley (Spokane)
12.11Alex Anderson11:04.30Mt Spokane
13.10Daniel Palmer11:09.70Mead
14.9Daniel Rahn11:11.20Mead
15.11Taylor DeWolf11:12.20Mt Spokane
16.9Corey Klotz-Brooks11:18.80Cheney
17.11John-Charles Weidmann11:29.40East Valley (Spokane)
18.10Bradley Skalstad12:06.60Shadle Park
19.10Chris Lane12:09.70Colville
20.10Cameron Kenworthy12:32.00Colville
21.10Stephen Degroot12:35.10West Valley (Spokane)
9Brian HafferkampNTShadle Park
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Desean Svastisalee15.60North Central
2.11Bill Haven16.00North Central
3.11Dashea McDowell16.40Mead
4.10Beau Somers16.40East Valley (Spokane)
5.12Michael Stralser16.50Cheney
6.10Kevin Edler17.00Colville
7.12Conner Molter-Gaddy17.30Cheney
8.10Tyler Riordan17.70Mead
8.10Zach Bagdon17.70Mead
10.10Jeff Pool17.90Cheney
10.12Cody Parker17.90East Valley (Spokane)
10.9Ross Swanson17.90Shadle Park
13.10Joshua Munter18.00Shadle Park
13.9Jordan Nichols18.00Shadle Park
15.9David Blue18.60North Central
16.11Brooke Hughes-Brauner21.30Colville
17.9Brandon Schafer21.40Colville
11Andy SearlNTMt Spokane
12Ty ArmstrongNTEast Valley (Spokane)
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Michael Stralser42.40Cheney
2.10Joshua Munter43.10Shadle Park
3.11Dashea McDowell43.90Mead
4.10Beau Somers44.20East Valley (Spokane)
5.9Austin Hegelstein44.60West Valley (Spokane)
6.11Omar Andrade44.80West Valley (Spokane)
7.9David Blue45.00North Central
8.9Ross Swanson45.30Shadle Park
9.10Tyler Riordan46.00Mead
10.10Jeff Pool46.10Cheney
11.12Cody Parker46.20East Valley (Spokane)
12.9Jordan Nichols46.80Shadle Park
13.10Zach Bagdon47.00Mead
14.12Desean Svastisalee48.50North Central
15.10Kevin Edler50.00Colville
16.10Jarrod Markosian50.80Mt Spokane
17.11Brooke Hughes-Brauner53.70Colville
18.11Andy Searl54.40Mt Spokane
10Austin DuesterhofNTNorth Central
12Ty ArmstrongNTEast Valley (Spokane)
10Brandon MarkhamNTMead
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 46.00North Central
2.-Relay Team 46.00Cheney
3.-Relay Team 47.10East Valley (Spokane)
4.-Relay Team 47.20Mt Spokane
5.-Relay Team 47.30West Valley (Spokane)
6.-Relay Team 47.90Shadle Park
7.-Relay Team 48.00Colville
8.-Relay Team 48.10Mead
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 3:43.30Cheney
2.-Relay Team 3:48.60East Valley (Spokane)
3.-Relay Team 3:48.60Shadle Park
4.-Relay Team 3:49.60Mead
5.-Relay Team 3:49.60North Central
6.-Relay Team 4:16.20Colville
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.11Michael Payne46-06.75Cheney
2.12Joe Meade46-04.00East Valley (Spokane)
3.12Steven Taylor44-10.50North Central
4.12Hovhannes Melkonyan44-04.25West Valley (Spokane)
5.11Moody Dour40-00.00Mead
6.9Gage Rayman39-11.00Shadle Park
7.10Adam Lague39-10.00Mead
8.9Zach Nay39-09.00Mead
9.10Seth Regalado38-08.75Mead
10.11Aaron Christianson36-11.75East Valley (Spokane)
11.12Cruze Thompson36-11.00Colville
11.-Dean Isaiah36-11.00Cheney
13.11Jon Rumley36-02.75Colville
14.10Chris Spring35-04.00Cheney
15.10Durran Bates33-10.00North Central
16.9Joshua Graham33-07.50Shadle Park
17.10Erik Lee32-07.00Colville
18.9Kurtis Kelly31-02.00Mt Spokane
19.9Masen McCormick30-06.00Cheney
20.9Nate Lungstrom30-00.00Shadle Park
21.10Dakota Mauzay29-04.00Cheney
22.9Curtis Boal28-07.00Cheney
23.9Alex Gray28-02.00Mt Spokane
24.10Austin Allen28-00.00Cheney
25.9Jordan Vivar26-07.00Cheney
11David LeongNDCheney
9Nick FergusonNDMt Spokane
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Michael Payne133-05Cheney
2.10Seth Regalado133-04Mead
3.12Steven Taylor125-07North Central
4.10Adam Lague120-06Mead
5.11Matthew Lill120-03North Central
6.12Joe Meade120-00East Valley (Spokane)
7.9Zach Nay118-09Mead
8.10Sam Voitlaender115-06Mead
9.12Anthony Esparza111-01Shadle Park
10.12Hovhannes Melkonyan110-06West Valley (Spokane)
11.11Colby Teibel107-08Colville
12.10Durran Bates105-04North Central
13.9Alex Gray98-01Mt Spokane
14.12Isaiah Dean97-11Shadle Park
15.9Sam Stewart96-08Mt Spokane
16.9Kurtis Kelly94-03Mt Spokane
16.10Erik Lee94-03Colville
18.11Aaron Christianson92-00East Valley (Spokane)
19.9Nate Lungstrom86-01Shadle Park
20.10Dakota Johnson85-10Shadle Park
21.10Austin Allen83-06Cheney
22.9Jordan Vivar79-08Cheney
23.9Masen McCormick77-11Cheney
24.9Gage Rayman76-04Shadle Park
25.9Joshua Graham68-04Shadle Park
26.9Curtis Boal65-06Cheney
11Travis HuberNDCheney
12Damien TreatNDNorth Central
-Dean IsaiahNDCheney
11Joey StrehlouNDEast Valley (Spokane)
12Dan GarbeNDWest Valley (Spokane)
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dakota Condos161-11Cheney
2.12Mitch Cain157-06Mead
3.12Ryan Pry150-11Mead
4.11Colin Hisaw143-08North Central
5.10Evan Moore142-05Mead
6.12Joe Meade141-10East Valley (Spokane)
7.12Max Pounder131-10Mead
8.11Colt Sutter130-08Cheney
9.11Austin Nauert125-11Mt Spokane
10.11Justin Ward125-06Cheney
11.11Billy Rogers123-00Colville
12.10Jeff Pool122-10Cheney
13.11Matthew Lill122-05North Central
14.10Jacob Wilson122-04North Central
15.11Aaron Christianson121-10East Valley (Spokane)
16.10David Brown121-04Shadle Park
17.9Brandon Pounds114-03North Central
18.10Chris Spring114-02Cheney
18.10Dakota Mauzay114-02Cheney
20.10Kevin Edler113-10Colville
20.9Max Salazar113-10West Valley (Spokane)
22.10Jeremy Mayer108-02Cheney
23.11Chris Wilson103-06East Valley (Spokane)
24.10Austin Allen92-02Cheney
10Jaber YoungNDColville
10Jacob KellerNDShadle Park
12Sam SchoeslerNDWest Valley (Spokane)
10Dakota JohnsonNDShadle Park
11Jake WeilerNDMt Spokane
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Bill Haven6'03.00North Central
1.11Bill Haven6-02.00North Central
2.11Isaiah Hollister6-00.00North Central
3.9Galen Camp5-10.00Mead
4.11Matt Mauro5-08.00West Valley (Spokane)
8.10Ethan Cabbage5'08.00Colville
5.9Roger Benegar5-06.00East Valley (Spokane)
6.9Max Salazar5-06.00West Valley (Spokane)
7.11Colin Hisaw5-06.00North Central
8.10Ethan Cabbage5-04.00Colville
8.9Jay Shoemaker5-04.00Colville
8.9Tanner Peterson5-04.00Mead
11.10Dietrich Smith5-02.00Cheney
11.11Tyler York5-02.00Mead
13.9Marquis Diomede5-00.00Cheney
9Cole JensenNHShadle Park
12Albert LemezaNHMt Spokane
11Casey O'LearyNHMt Spokane
11Shackur SmithNHCheney
12Darez MeriwetherNHCheney
11Jack SmithNHColville
9Sam RifeNHEast Valley (Spokane)
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Jared Wehde12-06.00Mead
2.12Hayden Douglass12-06.00Mead
3.12Alex McLean12-00.00East Valley (Spokane)
4.11John Haven12-00.00North Central
5.11Luke Konzal12-00.00West Valley (Spokane)
6.11Brennen Wynd12-00.00Cheney
7.11Ned Davies11-06.00North Central
8.11Robert Meyer11-00.00Cheney
8.12Ryan Hervey11-00.00Mt Spokane
8.11Connor Foxworth11-00.00North Central
8.9Blase' Neumann11-00.00Mead
12.11Luke Graham10-06.00Shadle Park
13.11Brody Penaluna10-00.00West Valley (Spokane)
13.12Jess Albrecht10-00.00West Valley (Spokane)
15.11Neal Moseley9-00.00Cheney
16.9Alex Sherril-Brewster7-06.00Shadle Park
9Lander GriffithNHShadle Park
11Kyle EricksonNHMt Spokane
9Cody HubbardNHMt Spokane
11Keith ForgaysNHWest Valley (Spokane)
12August RifeNHEast Valley (Spokane)
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.11Isaiah Hollister20-01.75North Central
2.10Ethan Cabbage19-01.50Colville
3.10Jacob Bandel18-11.25West Valley (Spokane)
4.12Albert Lemeza18-10.50Mt Spokane
5.9Roger Benegar18-06.00East Valley (Spokane)
6.9Ben Baker18-04.50East Valley (Spokane)
7.11Colt Sutter18-02.50Cheney
8.11Zach Hull18-02.00Colville
9.9Wyatt Langenheder17-11.00Mead
10.9Sam Rife17-10.25East Valley (Spokane)
10.11Matt Drumheller17-10.25Mt Spokane
12.10Josh Bender17-08.25Shadle Park
13.9Marquis Diomede17-00.50Cheney
14.12Charles Skinner16-07.75North Central
15.12Jaymz Johnson16-03.25Colville
16.9Ben Shannon15-11.50West Valley (Spokane)
17.11Andy Searl15-09.00Mt Spokane
18.10Braxton Molett15-07.00North Central
19.9Brandon Collins14-10.00Shadle Park
11Reggie GrossNDWest Valley (Spokane)
10Dietrich SmithNDCheney
11Shackur SmithNDCheney
11Tayler ArmstrongNDMead
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Ben Baker39-11.00East Valley (Spokane)
2.11Krieg McEuin39-01.25Cheney
3.10Jacob Bandel38-11.00West Valley (Spokane)
4.11Isaiah Hollister38-04.50North Central
5.11Brennen Wynd38-03.25Cheney
6.12Conner Molter-Gaddy38-03.00Cheney
7.9Roger Benegar37-05.25East Valley (Spokane)
8.12Charles Skinner37-04.75North Central
9.11Skyler Gobble36-01.50Mt Spokane
10.11Andy Searl35-09.50Mt Spokane
11.10David Brown34-10.00Shadle Park
12.11Mario Figueroa33-11.50Mead
13.9Sam Rife33-10.25East Valley (Spokane)
14.11Matt Drumheller33-08.00Mt Spokane
11Tayler ArmstrongNDMead
9Brandon SchaferNDColville
12Jaymz JohnsonNDColville
11Brooke Hughes-BraunerNDColville
11Reggie GrossNDWest Valley (Spokane)

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Jenae Martin13.20West Valley (Spokane)
2.9Missy Atabelo13.40West Valley (Spokane)
3.10Danielle Gilmour13.50Cheney
4.9Melissa Macy13.50Mead
5.12Brittany Schwendiman13.70Cheney
6.9Savannah Smith13.80Colville
7.10Ari McGarry13.90Shadle Park
8.9Alyssia Akers14.00West Valley (Spokane)
9.9Shayla McClure14.10East Valley (Spokane)
10.9Kaylee Tate14.20West Valley (Spokane)
10.12Christina Nelson14.20East Valley (Spokane)
12.9Kasey Strehlou14.30East Valley (Spokane)
13.10Maya Samaha14.40Mead
14.9Faith Kincaid15.00Shadle Park
15.10Linda White15.50West Valley (Spokane)
12Jenna HumphreyNTShadle Park
12Christine NielsonNTNorth Central
10Latasha LoftonNTWest Valley (Spokane)
10Kelsey MixNTMead
10GavRayell StehrNTColville
9Brianna SillivanNTNorth Central
10Victoria WilliamsNTNorth Central
9Carolyn JohnsonNTNorth Central
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Martha Wagley27.10Shadle Park
2.9Courtney Pyatt27.30East Valley (Spokane)
3.9Kelsey Fillmore27.31Cheney
4.9Melissa Macy27.80Mead
5.10Brooklyn Bellomy27.80East Valley (Spokane)
6.9Missy Atabelo28.40West Valley (Spokane)
7.9Faith Kincaid30.50Shadle Park
8.11Elizabeth Konkle31.30Colville
9.10Linda White32.30West Valley (Spokane)
9Colleen DonohueNTShadle Park
12Jenna HumphreyNTShadle Park
12Christine NielsonNTNorth Central
10Kelsey MixNTMead
9Anika KuulaNTCheney
9Kaylee TateNTWest Valley (Spokane)
11Devon SnowNTColville
10Sara BensonNTMead
11Madison GoodwinNTEast Valley (Spokane)
10Latasha LoftonNTWest Valley (Spokane)
9Alyssia AkersNTWest Valley (Spokane)
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Peyton Barcellos1:03.00Mead
2.9Kelsey Fillmore1:04.90Cheney
3.12Jenna Humphrey1:05.00Shadle Park
4.10Jennifer Duenich1:06.70Mead
5.9Ainslee Bessmer1:07.00Shadle Park
6.9Michaela Roske1:07.40North Central
7.9Katelyn Avila1:07.40North Central
8.9Anika Kuula1:08.60Cheney
9.9Courtney Pyatt1:08.80East Valley (Spokane)
10.9Kasey Strehlou1:10.70East Valley (Spokane)
11.11Jacque Loftis1:10.80Colville
12.11Mikayla Berendes1:17.40Mead
11Miranda MckinneyNTColville
11Shauna LeeNTEast Valley (Spokane)
9Katie ChapmanNTNorth Central
10Darian HisawNTNorth Central
10Brittni MauroNTWest Valley (Spokane)
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Alyssa Harmon2:36.00East Valley (Spokane)
2.11Jenna Briggs2:38.00East Valley (Spokane)
3.12Rachel Rubright2:39.00West Valley (Spokane)
4.9Camiele Travis2:42.00North Central
5.9Allison Price2:42.60West Valley (Spokane)
6.10Trina Homola2:44.60Cheney
7.9Lexi Cooper2:45.00Shadle Park
8.11Shauna Lee2:47.00East Valley (Spokane)
9.11Heather Geist2:48.60North Central
10.9Mikayla Wash2:49.00North Central
11.9Nicole Tansy2:51.30Mead
12.9Hayley Watson2:52.50Colville
13.9Roslyn Swanson2:53.00Cheney
14.10Janessa Jensen2:53.80Colville
15.11Michaela Evans3:05.00Colville
16.9Jill Fenno3:06.60Colville
9Lindsay LyleNTEast Valley (Spokane)
10Kira WebsterNTMead
10Ciara McManusNTMead
10Mariah MartinNTWest Valley (Spokane)
9Tiffany ShipmanNTWest Valley (Spokane)
9Nicole EcklundNTNorth Central
11Torrey FinnNTWest Valley (Spokane)
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Megan Denzin5:53.00East Valley (Spokane)
2.12Megan Inman5:58.00Shadle Park
3.9Allison Price6:03.00West Valley (Spokane)
3.10Alison Price6:03.00Colville
4.9Megan Skinner6:08.00Shadle Park
4.10Amanda Batchelor6:08.00Cheney
6.11Jewel Palmer6:10.00Cheney
7.10Darbi Novakovich6:15.00East Valley (Spokane)
8.9Ashley Skinner6:17.00Shadle Park
9.9Rylee English6:18.00Cheney
10.9Nicole Tansy6:29.00Mead
11.11Channa Goodwin6:30.00North Central
12.9Lindsay Lyle7:00.00East Valley (Spokane)
13.9Jessica Nielson7:06.00Colville
14.12Chantelle Nelson7:44.00Colville
9Tiffany ShipmanNTWest Valley (Spokane)
9Camiele TravisNTNorth Central
10Danielle CrowNTMead
9Christianne PettyNTMead
12Senaida MonroyNTWest Valley (Spokane)
9Nicole EcklundNTNorth Central
11Abigail FallNTNorth Central
11Torrey FinnNTWest Valley (Spokane)
10Mariah MartinNTWest Valley (Spokane)
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Alaina Kowitz12:58.10Colville
2.10Savannah Phelan13:03.30Cheney
3.9Demi Pfarr13:08.90Mead
4.11Torrey Finn13:10.00West Valley (Spokane)
5.10Aubrey Rogers13:23.60Colville
6.11Sydney Brock13:39.20Cheney
7.9Tiffany Shipman13:50.80West Valley (Spokane)
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Brittany Dugger16.00East Valley (Spokane)
2.10McKenzie Walls17.80Shadle Park
3.10Brittney Neal17.80Mead
4.12Olivia Bergman18.20West Valley (Spokane)
5.10Ari McGarry18.30Shadle Park
6.9Ainslee Bessmer18.40Shadle Park
7.10Brooklyn Bellomy18.50East Valley (Spokane)
8.9Grace Vazanko18.80West Valley (Spokane)
9.10Kelsey LaFayette18.90East Valley (Spokane)
10.9Kaitlyn McGlothlen19.20West Valley (Spokane)
11.10Erin Lang19.40Colville
12.9Aubrey Milatz19.80Colville
12.11Jacque Loftis19.80Colville
14.9Allison Hobson21.30Cheney
15.10Mikaela Hovater21.50Cheney
9Chelsea PhillipsNTColville
9Emilie WooddNTMead
10Amanda Van WormerNTMead
12Savanah AtabeloNTWest Valley (Spokane)
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10McKenzie Walls51.90Shadle Park
2.9Grace Vazanko52.50West Valley (Spokane)
3.12Olivia Bergman53.00West Valley (Spokane)
3.9Kaitlyn McGlothlen53.00West Valley (Spokane)
5.11Erica Ames53.40Mead
6.10Brittney Neal53.60Mead
7.9Alyssa Marquez53.70East Valley (Spokane)
8.11Hope Wagner55.60East Valley (Spokane)
9.10Kelsey LaFayette56.30East Valley (Spokane)
10.-Amanda Warmer57.20Mead
11.10Xandria Brixey58.00Shadle Park
12.9Aubrey Milatz58.30Colville
13.10Katelynne Wagner59.50Shadle Park
14.10Mikaela Hovater1:06.80Cheney
15.9Allison Hobson1:08.50Cheney
10Erica OrthNTCheney
11Jacque LoftisNTColville
10Erin LangNTColville
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 53.60East Valley (Spokane)
2.-Relay Team 54.90Cheney
3.-Relay Team 55.60Mead
4.-Relay Team 56.00Shadle Park
5.-Relay Team 56.40Colville
-Relay Team NTWest Valley (Spokane)
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 1:54.50West Valley (Spokane)
2.-Relay Team 1:57.80East Valley (Spokane)
3.-Relay Team 2:03.90Colville
4.-Relay Team 2:07.20Mead
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 4:17.60West Valley (Spokane)
2.-Relay Team 4:19.50Mead
3.-Relay Team 4:27.00East Valley (Spokane)
4.-Relay Team 5:00.00Colville
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Natalie Hollister30-03.00North Central
2.10Meaghan Nelson29-04.00Mead
3.10Hayley Garrahan29-00.00East Valley (Spokane)
4.9Sierra Nalder28-03.75East Valley (Spokane)
5.10Ashley Reynolds27-08.00East Valley (Spokane)
6.10Tiffany Spence26-09.00Mead
7.10Ashley Knight26-05.00Colville
8.10Mariah Lentz24-09.00Colville
9.11Lana Dobrovalska23-04.00Cheney
10.11Caitlynne Hooper23-01.50North Central
11.11Megan Morrison23-01.00Shadle Park
12.11Shaleen Hanley22-08.50West Valley (Spokane)
13.10Alexis Gere21-06.00Cheney
14.10Mary Cole21-02.75Cheney
15.9Katelyn Frederick19-04.50Cheney
11Pauleena ValenteNDWest Valley (Spokane)
10Lexi LehmanNDColville
10Rekiyah CarneyNDShadle Park
-Krystal PraterNDCheney
11Tanaisha Marlin-DimondNDShadle Park
9Hailee GronnebekNDWest Valley (Spokane)
11Kimberly LatwesenNDNorth Central
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Hayley Garrahan105-06East Valley (Spokane)
2.10Tiffany Spence102-08Mead
3.12Iliana Sanchez94-04Mead
4.10Ashley Reynolds90-08East Valley (Spokane)
5.10Mary Cole85-06Cheney
6.10Meaghan Nelson77-01Mead
7.11Kendall Romaneschi76-01North Central
8.10Jen Merrell75-11East Valley (Spokane)
9.12Brittany Schwendiman74-04Cheney
10.10Lexi Lehman74-02Colville
11.10Rhiannon Hargraves69-03North Central
12.11Caitlynne Hooper68-08North Central
13.11Rachael Forman68-01Colville
14.9Hailee Gronnebek67-06West Valley (Spokane)
15.11Shaleen Hanley57-08West Valley (Spokane)
16.10Courtney Seawright57-02Cheney
17.10Jamie E Aguilar55-08West Valley (Spokane)
18.11Megan Morrison51-04Shadle Park
19.10Alexis Gere40-08Cheney
10Rekiyah CarneyNDShadle Park
9Danya WordellNDNorth Central
10Amanda WardNDCheney
10Mariah LentzNDColville
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jen Merrell108-09East Valley (Spokane)
2.9Samantha Baker98-01Mead
3.9Gabby Bilyeu94-09Mead
4.11Nicole Stubbs93-06Shadle Park
5.10Amanda Ward92-09Cheney
6.12Michelle Erwin81-07Mead
7.10Ashley Knight74-02Colville
8.9Hailee Gronnebek74-00West Valley (Spokane)
9.10Courtney Seawright65-10Cheney
10.9Darbi Dobson62-00East Valley (Spokane)
11.10Jamie E Aguilar59-06West Valley (Spokane)
12.11Rachael Forman55-11Colville
13.11Kayla McCann-Wittmier54-08East Valley (Spokane)
14.10Rekiyah Carney53-07Shadle Park
15.10Lexi Lehman50-06Colville
15.10Justine Quimby50-06Shadle Park
17.10Alexis Gere49-01Cheney
9Courtney TalbottNDNorth Central
11Christina NorrisNDNorth Central
11Lindsey SchaeferNDNorth Central
11Pauleena ValenteNDWest Valley (Spokane)
12Bailey WoldNDWest Valley (Spokane)
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Olivia Dehner5-00.00Cheney
2.10Brooklyn Bellomy4-08.00East Valley (Spokane)
2.10Maya Samaha4-08.00Mead
4.9Courtney Talbott4-08.00North Central
5.9Colleen Donohue4-08.00Shadle Park
6.9Brittany Dugger4-06.00East Valley (Spokane)
6.9Shaylin Munns4-06.00West Valley (Spokane)
6.9Mallory Munns4-06.00East Valley (Spokane)
8.10McKenzie Walls4-06.00Shadle Park
10.12Alyssa Jamison4-04.00Mead
10.9Hailey Barry4-04.00Shadle Park
10.9Amanda Beck4-04.00Mead
13.9Haley Pontier4-00.00Cheney
9Kami VossNHCheney
11Nicole StubbsNHShadle Park
10Latasha LoftonNHWest Valley (Spokane)
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.9Erin Clark8-06.00Cheney
2.11Mallorie Schoesler8-00.00West Valley (Spokane)
3.11Maria Wyman8-00.00Mead
4.10Natalya Pawluk7-06.00Mead
4.10Eva Vogel7-06.00Mead
4.12Brittany Schwendiman7-06.00Cheney
6.10Danielle Gilmour7-06.00Cheney
8.9Hailey Barry7-00.00Shadle Park
9.9Colleen Donohue6-06.00Shadle Park
10Emily AndrewsNHShadle Park
11Nicole StubbsNHShadle Park
12Breanna SimsNHNorth Central
11Jessica HawleyNHNorth Central
10Jazelle MartinezNHEast Valley (Spokane)
9Marina DefratesNHNorth Central
11Emma OhlstromNHEast Valley (Spokane)
11Jamie FraserNHEast Valley (Spokane)
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jenna Humphrey15-01.50Shadle Park
2.10Brittney Neal14-08.50Mead
3.9Savannah Smith14-01.00Colville
4.11Jenny Andres13-11.00Colville
5.11Kiri Lehman13-10.00Colville
6.9Kaylee Tate13-09.75West Valley (Spokane)
7.9Sydney Freel13-09.50East Valley (Spokane)
8.9Shaylin Munns13-09.00West Valley (Spokane)
9.9Taylor White13-07.75East Valley (Spokane)
10.9Jessica Leong13-07.50Cheney
11.10Sara Benson13-04.00Mead
12.9Courtney Butler13-02.00Mead
13.9Mallory Munns12-09.25East Valley (Spokane)
14.9Taylor Moore12-01.00Cheney
15.11Lana Dobrovalska11-10.25Cheney
16.10Linda White11-08.75West Valley (Spokane)
10Sammy YoungNDCheney
10Emily AndrewsNDShadle Park
9Kiana ConantNDNorth Central
9Carolyn JohnsonNDNorth Central
11Hailey KimpelNDNorth Central
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Olivia Dehner33-06.25Cheney
2.12Martha Wagley32-11.50Shadle Park
3.11Kiri Lehman31-04.50Colville
4.10Sara Benson31-00.00Mead
4.9Mallory Munns31-00.00East Valley (Spokane)
6.12Jenna Humphrey30-11.50Shadle Park
7.10Brittney Neal30-05.25Mead
8.9Hannah Zalopany28-10.50Mead
9.11Jenny Andres27-01.75Colville
10.9Courtney Talbott26-09.50North Central
11.9Taylor White26-07.75East Valley (Spokane)
12.10Haley Hotchkiss26-00.75East Valley (Spokane)
10Kaitlyn HohrmanNDCheney
10Chazeray DiomedeNDCheney
11Lana DobrovalskaNDCheney
11Jenny AndresNDColville
10Breanna SmithNDNorth Central
10Robyn BowlesNDNorth Central
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