North vs. South

Wednesday, May 12, 2010
  South, Salem - Map

  Field Events Start: 3:15 PM  Track Events Start: 3:30 PM
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Oregon - 4A
Oregon - 6A
NSHSNorth Salem
SSLMSouth Salem
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Unofficial Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Antonio Sierra11.20North Salem
1.10Jacob Kelly11.20North Salem
3.11Josh Henderson11.30South Salem
4.11Andrew Schollian11.70North Salem
5.12Bobby Rimpley11.80South Salem
6.9Kole Kimmel11.90La Pine
6.10Dylan Seay11.90La Pine
6.9Michael Fernandez11.90South Salem
9.9Zachary Dyer12.00South Salem
10.10Jorge Rico12.10North Salem
11.9Vikas Mankala12.60South Salem
12.9Esau Lopez12.70North Salem
13.11Rafael Cervantes13.00North Salem
13.12Christopher Merrill13.00South Salem
15.11Jose Carranza13.10North Salem
16.9Anthony Balderrama13.20South Salem
17.12Pablo Herrera13.60North Salem
18.11Cesar Velazquez13.70North Salem
19.9David Belluno14.50South Salem
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Dustin Watson23.60South Salem
2.12Drew Bolliger24.20North Salem
2.12Nick Read24.20La Pine
4.9Kole Kimmel24.90La Pine
5.9Jacob Kemp25.50South Salem
6.12Daniel Rasbot26.60North Salem
7.9Esau Lopez26.70North Salem
8.9Slater Broaddus26.80South Salem
9.9Joel Caudillo27.00South Salem
10.9Andrei Reinoso27.10South Salem
10.9Conner Walker27.10South Salem
12.9Kory Dorn27.60South Salem
13.10Andrew Grimshaw27.70South Salem
14.9Tim Hartley28.90South Salem
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Marcel Brown51.20North Salem
2.10Dustin Watson52.10South Salem
3.12Andrew Swayze54.40La Pine
4.9Jeremy Desrosiers54.60La Pine
5.12Marshall Beranek55.50South Salem
6.12Dustin Muravez55.90North Salem
7.11Sergio Olmos56.10North Salem
8.12Drew Bolliger56.20North Salem
9.11Jonathan Cortes56.80North Salem
10.9Hector Martinez57.60North Salem
11.10Divine Jacobo58.20North Salem
12.12Dan Dixon1:00.30North Salem
13.10Hayden Harms1:00.70South Salem
14.11Marco Lopez1:01.90North Salem
14.9Oslo Jacobson1:01.90South Salem
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
11Miguel Sanchez58.4South Salem
10Caleb Clark58.5South Salem
9Oslo Jacobson62.3South Salem
10Nicholas Ellis67.2South Salem
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Mars Jacobson2:03.20South Salem
2.11Jack Hill2:08.50South Salem
3.11Sergio Olmos2:08.80North Salem
4.10Caleb Clark2:09.70South Salem
5.10Jorge Brambila2:10.10South Salem
6.11Miguel Sanchez2:11.70South Salem
7.9Carlos Flores2:17.30North Salem
8.12Jose Garcia2:17.60North Salem
9.11Yosimar Barajas2:19.80North Salem
10.11Cody Franklin2:20.10North Salem
11.11Cesar Velazquez2:20.70North Salem
12.12Ramiro Gabriel2:21.50North Salem
13.11Alberto Alvarez2:22.00North Salem
14.9Slater Broaddus2:24.50South Salem
15.9Luke Schroeder2:30.10North Salem
16.9Kenny Baller2:32.60North Salem
17.10Nicholas Ellis2:33.20South Salem
18.9Omar Mosqueda2:43.10North Salem
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Ramon Villa4:33.80North Salem
2.10Andrew Jensen4:36.70South Salem
3.9Slater Broaddus4:40.70South Salem
4.9Gareth Dahlgren4:41.80La Pine
5.12Tim Feshchenko4:45.70North Salem
6.10Hayden Harms4:50.90South Salem
7.12Rodolfo Lopez4:51.30South Salem
8.11Jonathan Cortes4:55.50North Salem
9.10Luis Galvan-Miranda5:07.90North Salem
10.9Dylan Howlett5:21.90South Salem
11.11Erick Maciel6:00.90North Salem
12.10Jesus Espinoza6:26.50North Salem
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Aron Armstrong16.20South Salem
2.9Colton George16.80La Pine
3.11James Pitrof16.90North Salem
4.12Brian Weaver18.00North Salem
5.9Zachary Dyer18.50South Salem
6.10Zachary Severin18.70South Salem
7.9Jordan Weaver18.80North Salem
8.10Jean Breton20.60North Salem
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.9Colton George43.60La Pine
2.11James Pitrof44.10North Salem
3.12Brian Weaver45.00North Salem
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Jacob Kelly
Marcel Brown
Antonio Sierra
Chris Wiggins
44.10North Salem
2.-Brett Delfino
Josh Henderson
Aron Armstrong
Jack Hill
45.50South Salem
3.-Relay Team 46.40La Pine
4.-Jose Astorga
Vincent Santos
Marcelo Aguilar
Andrew Schollian
46.70North Salem
5.-Michael Fernandez
Ryan Hopt
Conner Walker
Anthony Balderrama
50.30South Salem
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Kole Kimmel
Gareth Dahlgren
Deion Mock
Dylan Seay
3:40.80La Pine
2.-Jose Astorga
Divine Jacobo
Marcelo Aguilar
Devon Kristensen
3:50.70North Salem
3.-Cesar Velazquez
Tim Feshchenko
Ramon Villa
Sergio Olmos
3:56.40North Salem
4.-Oslo Jacobson
Rodolfo Lopez
Nicholas Ellis
Miguel Sanchez
4:08.40South Salem
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.12Joel Rocha Torres48-04.00North Salem
2.11Josh Dafoe47-02.00North Salem
3.12David Kinkade44-05.00North Salem
4.12Ty Slater44-00.00La Pine
5.11Anthony Toleafoa41-11.00North Salem
6.10Alex Ellison40-06.00South Salem
7.10Travis Harrison39-05.00La Pine
8.12Jacob Sisco39-03.00North Salem
9.11Josh Hayes38-09.00La Pine
10.11Mario Miranda37-09.00South Salem
11.9Hayden Ficek37-08.00South Salem
12.11Philip Busey36-07.00North Salem
13.12Sean Madriles36-04.00North Salem
14.11Garrett Mowbray34-11.00South Salem
15.9Luis Sierra34-09.00North Salem
16.11Jose Carranza34-02.00North Salem
17.9Kenny Baller33-03.00North Salem
18.11Bryce Whitaker31-06.00North Salem
19.11Sergio Olmos30-10.00North Salem
20.10Zachary Severin30-09.00South Salem
21.12Dustin Muravez29-07.00North Salem
22.9Cole Sams26-07.00North Salem
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ty Slater151-03La Pine
2.11Anthony Toleafoa130-06North Salem
3.11Josh Dafoe127-02North Salem
4.12Joel Rocha Torres124-11North Salem
5.12David Kinkade124-09North Salem
6.11Mario Miranda115-10South Salem
7.10Alex Ellison114-04South Salem
8.12Dylan Moore113-02South Salem
9.10Travis Harrison112-11La Pine
10.12Jacob Sisco106-02North Salem
11.9Luis Sierra104-06North Salem
12.10Zachary Severin102-10South Salem
13.11Philip Busey96-10North Salem
14.11Garrett Mowbray92-01South Salem
15.9Hayden Ficek90-07South Salem
16.12Sean Madriles86-04North Salem
17.11Josh Hayes76-10La Pine
18.10Zach McClellan68-05North Salem
19.9Kenny Baller66-03North Salem
X Javelin - 800g - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ty Slater179-03La Pine
2.11James Pitrof140-06North Salem
3.9Jeremy Desrosiers127-02La Pine
4.12Brett Delfino126-03South Salem
5.11Zach McClinton125-10North Salem
6.9Kenny Baller124-11North Salem
7.11Jose Carranza123-11North Salem
8.10Junior Brewer123-06North Salem
9.11Rafael Cervantes123-00North Salem
10.11Mario Miranda122-05South Salem
11.11Levi Arnett120-00North Salem
12.12Drew Bolliger115-00North Salem
13.10Alex Ellison112-04South Salem
14.11Anthony Toleafoa111-10North Salem
15.10Curtis Davis111-02North Salem
16.11Bryce Whitaker102-06North Salem
17.12Sean Madriles99-01North Salem
18.9Jordan Weaver98-08North Salem
19.11Garrett Mowbray94-10South Salem
20.10Zachary Severin94-03South Salem
21.9Hayden Ficek90-10South Salem
22.10Zach McClellan77-00North Salem
23.9Cole Sams73-02North Salem
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Chris Wiggins6-04.00North Salem
1.12Nick Read6-04.00La Pine
3.11Levi Arnett6-02.00North Salem
4.12Dustin Muravez5-08.00North Salem
5.11Jaron Keuhn5-06.00La Pine
6.12McKenzie Lyon5-02.00North Salem
6.10Aron Armstrong5-02.00South Salem
6.11Isaac Talmage5-02.00South Salem
9.10Junior Brewer5-00.00North Salem
9.10Alex Muravez5-00.00North Salem
10Alex EllisonDNFSouth Salem
10Rory WalkerDNFSouth Salem
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Brett Delfino13-06.00South Salem
2.10Deion Mock13-00.00La Pine
3.12Dylan Moore11-00.00South Salem
4.11Isaac Talmage10-06.00South Salem
4.10Dylan Seay10-06.00La Pine
6.10Jean Breton9-06.00North Salem
6.12Marshall Beranek9-06.00South Salem
6.10Phillip Van Ginkle9-06.00North Salem
9.11Gavin Mendez9-00.00North Salem
9.11Alex Mendez9-00.00North Salem
12Jake LoganDNFLa Pine
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Dustin Watson21-01.00South Salem
2.11Levi Arnett20-02.50North Salem
3.10Junior Brewer19-11.00North Salem
4.9Jeremy Desrosiers19-02.75La Pine
5.11Dominic Casillas19-01.75North Salem
6.12Brett Delfino18-08.50South Salem
7.12McKenzie Lyon18-03.25North Salem
8.12Dustin Muravez17-03.00North Salem
9.10Curtis Davis17-02.00North Salem
10.9Colton George17-01.00La Pine
11.11Jose Astorga16-08.50North Salem
12.10Phillip Van Ginkle16-06.75North Salem
13.12Daniel Rasbot16-03.25North Salem
14.9Hector Martinez15-03.00North Salem
15.9Ryan Hopt15-02.75South Salem
16.10Alex Muravez14-11.75North Salem
17.9Esau Lopez14-06.50North Salem
18.9Luke Schroeder14-04.50North Salem
19.11Rafael Cervantes14-04.00North Salem
20.11Brad Walston13-02.00North Salem
20.9Adrian Straight13-02.00South Salem
22.10Ron Rush12-08.75North Salem
9Seren GoldsteinDNFNorth Salem
10Rory WalkerDNFSouth Salem
11Brett RagonDNFNorth Salem
12Dylan YoungDNFNorth Salem
12Vincent SantosDNFNorth Salem
11Spencer WilsonDNFLa Pine
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Dustin Watson41-10.50South Salem
2.11Brett Ragon41-04.50North Salem
3.11Dominic Casillas39-04.00North Salem
4.10Dylan Seay37-06.50La Pine
5.12McKenzie Lyon37-01.00North Salem
6.10Curtis Davis35-01.00North Salem
7.10Alex Muravez34-06.50North Salem
8.9Adrian Straight25-00.50South Salem

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelsey Moe13.00South Salem
2.10Whitney Pitalo13.10South Salem
3.10Laura Willeford13.50South Salem
4.10Ashley Peraino14.00North Salem
4.9Mariyah Hays14.00La Pine
6.11Carmen Pierce14.50La Pine
6.9Brittany White14.50South Salem
8.9Dasha Yastreb14.70South Salem
8.10Emily Ries14.70La Pine
10.11Sadie Jahn15.40South Salem
11.9Nazareth Coggin15.90South Salem
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kelsey Moe26.50South Salem
2.9MacKenzie Laursen28.00South Salem
3.9Mariyah Hays29.00La Pine
4.9Alexis Butts30.20South Salem
5.10Hannah Frank30.50South Salem
6.10Emily Ries31.20La Pine
7.11Alaina Butler32.20North Salem
9Bryce AskewDQSouth Salem
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Brittany Glenn1:05.20La Pine
2.12Stephanie Saunders1:05.70North Salem
3.11Emily Anderson1:06.20South Salem
4.9Miranda Williams1:08.70South Salem
5.9Atalie Frank1:09.30South Salem
6.9Madeline Jordan1:14.60South Salem
7.10Ellyn Hilts1:15.20South Salem
8.11Alaina Butler1:15.30North Salem
X 400 Meters - Relay Split - Varsity - Finals
10Kellen Friedrich73.5South Salem
9Ashley Redding74.2South Salem
9Sarah Gunn75.1South Salem
10Ellyn Hilts76.3South Salem
12Clarissa Weber77.6South Salem
12Sophie Tomczyk78.3South Salem
9Alex Taylor78.6South Salem
11Lila Hawkinson81.3South Salem
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Sarah Lopez2:37.00North Salem
2.11Courtney Hochstetler2:39.40South Salem
3.10Kellen Friedrich2:41.00South Salem
4.9Bethany Reding2:43.80South Salem
5.11Lila Hawkinson2:45.70South Salem
6.9JP Plascensia2:49.50North Salem
7.9Fernanda Guarista2:49.80North Salem
8.10kelsey Dammarell2:55.60South Salem
9.9Alex Taylor2:56.10South Salem
10.12Clarissa Weber2:58.30South Salem
11.10Lili Onishchenko2:59.20South Salem
12.11Reina Figueroa3:04.30North Salem
13.9Ulyana Ermolenko3:06.20North Salem
14.11Emily Goodman3:20.70North Salem
15.10Kereth Curliss3:27.10South Salem
X 1500 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Sarah Gunn5:59.80South Salem
2.11Kiera Downs6:02.60North Salem
3.11Yaritza Torres6:03.40North Salem
4.12Sophie Tomczyk6:10.10South Salem
5.9Emily Hiebert6:55.80South Salem
6.9Morgan Costa7:02.30South Salem
7.11Stephanie Maslova7:04.40South Salem
8.9Micaela Edelson7:06.10South Salem
9.10Suzanne Johnson7:22.70North Salem
10.12Alyssa Riche7:25.10North Salem
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.11Maylea Tooze16.30North Salem
2.12Kelsey Moe16.60South Salem
3.10Anne Burnham16.80South Salem
3.10Whitney Pitalo16.80South Salem
5.12Whitney Lalonde17.10North Salem
6.9Makenzie Johnson17.60South Salem
7.11Rebekah Polacek17.90North Salem
8.12Britni Lane18.50North Salem
9.10Karla Montes20.80North Salem
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Anne Burnham48.80South Salem
2.12Whitney Lalonde51.20North Salem
3.11Rebekah Polacek52.00North Salem
4.11Emily Anderson54.40South Salem
5.11Samantha Pries56.30North Salem
6.10Shayla Dean56.80South Salem
7.10Karla Montes58.00North Salem
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Karla Montes
Debra Brown
Lakisha Berry
Maria Gasca
50.70North Salem
2.-Kalia Flocker
Kelsey Moe
Laura Willeford
Macaulay Wilson
52.10South Salem
3.-Mariyah Hays
Emily Ries
Brittany Glenn
Megan McReynolds
55.60La Pine
4.-Jessica Hardy
Maylea Tooze
Alex Howe
Alyssa Neal
56.40North Salem
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Debra Brown
Sarah Lopez
Rebekah Polacek
Stephanie Saunders
4:41.80North Salem
2.-Relay Team 5:01.80South Salem
3.-Sarah Gunn
Miranda Williams
Ashley Redding
kelsey Dammarell
5:13.50South Salem
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kassi Conditt41-09.00La Pine
2.12Shay Miller40-00.00South Salem
3.12Jordan Dufault35-08.00South Salem
4.11Dana Fredrick34-06.00South Salem
5.12Kayla Russell31-05.00South Salem
6.11Rebekah Polacek29-04.00North Salem
7.11Ivonne Mora29-01.00North Salem
8.10Sierra Hamill-Keane29-00.00South Salem
9.11Mariah Vohland28-06.00North Salem
10.12Breanna Smith28-00.00North Salem
11.10Amanda Tern27-10.00North Salem
11.10Aryn Maerz27-10.00North Salem
13.10Kailey Hector27-06.00South Salem
14.10Christina Vermillion27-05.00North Salem
15.11Erica Jantzi27-04.00North Salem
16.10Kristyn Boston26-04.00North Salem
17.9Stormie Sinerius-Englemann26-03.00North Salem
18.9Bobbi Alosa25-00.00North Salem
19.9Rebecca Westcott24-11.00North Salem
20.11Carissa Wilson23-08.00North Salem
20.9Iona Tong-Colburn23-08.00South Salem
22.11Tera Rue23-07.00North Salem
23.12Liza Chantland23-06.00North Salem
24.11Khali Miller22-09.00North Salem
25.12Tahneesha Britton22-05.00North Salem
26.12Maridee Tudella22-02.00North Salem
27.12Arely Deleon21-05.00North Salem
28.10Joanna Miranda21-03.00South Salem
29.11Stephanie Plascensia19-04.00North Salem
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.12Shay Miller105-06South Salem
2.12Kassi Conditt102-09La Pine
3.12Kayla Russell101-08South Salem
4.11Dana Fredrick97-07South Salem
5.10Sierra Hamill-Keane93-01South Salem
6.10Christina Vermillion83-11North Salem
7.11Carissa Wilson77-08North Salem
8.11Erica Jantzi73-00North Salem
9.11Kristina McColly71-10North Salem
10.11Mariah Vohland70-02North Salem
11.10Kailey Hector69-10South Salem
12.10Amanda Tern69-01North Salem
13.12Breanna Smith68-11North Salem
14.11Samantha Pries67-06North Salem
15.12Tahneesha Britton65-08North Salem
16.9Iona Tong-Colburn63-02South Salem
17.12Liza Chantland63-01North Salem
18.10Joanna Miranda63-00South Salem
19.9Bobbi Alosa57-04North Salem
20.9Stormie Sinerius-Englemann56-10North Salem
21.9Patricia Dela Cerda56-09North Salem
22.10Aryn Maerz55-04North Salem
23.11Khali Miller54-03North Salem
24.9Rebecca Westcott51-00North Salem
25.11Carly Roderick50-11La Pine
10Kristyn BostonDNFNorth Salem
X Javelin - 600g - Varsity - Finals
1.11Kalia Flocker114-05South Salem
2.11Kristina McColly102-05North Salem
3.12Kayla Russell95-11South Salem
4.11Samantha Pries87-09North Salem
5.11Dana Fredrick83-03South Salem
6.9Devyn Holbrook80-10South Salem
7.11Carly Roderick80-02La Pine
8.11Megan McReynolds78-05La Pine
9.10Ashley Peraino69-00North Salem
10.12Arely Deleon67-11North Salem
11.12Breanna Smith67-02North Salem
12.12Maridee Tudella66-07North Salem
13.9Fernanda Guarista64-07North Salem
14.12Liza Chantland60-03North Salem
15.9Bobbi Alosa60-00North Salem
16.11Mariah Vohland56-09North Salem
17.11Tera Rue53-01North Salem
18.9Patricia Dela Cerda52-09North Salem
19.12Alyssa Riche47-04North Salem
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Dufault5-03.00South Salem
2.12Jessica Hardy5-00.00North Salem
3.11Grace Orr4-08.00North Salem
3.11Samantha Pries4-08.00North Salem
5.11Megan McReynolds4-06.00La Pine
6.12Breanna Smith4-04.00North Salem
6.9MacKenzie Laursen4-04.00South Salem
9Payton WilcoxDNFSouth Salem
12Elizabeth VeldhuisenDNFNorth Salem
12Veronica OrrDNFNorth Salem
11Shacora WigginsDNFNorth Salem
11Brittany GlennDNFLa Pine
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.10Whitney Pitalo9-00.00South Salem
2.12Sharayah Kreshon8-06.00North Salem
3.10Anne Burnham8-00.00South Salem
4.9Morgan Rutkowski7-09.00North Salem
5.10Emma Ballantyne7-06.00South Salem
5.11Alexis Benn7-06.00North Salem
7.11Grace Orr7-00.00North Salem
7.11Shacora Wiggins7-00.00North Salem
9.9Makenzie Johnson6-06.00South Salem
9Emily LeClercDNFSouth Salem
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Jordan Dufault17-01.50South Salem
2.11Maylea Tooze16-05.50North Salem
3.12Alex Howe16-04.75North Salem
4.11Grace Orr14-11.00North Salem
5.12Kayla Russell14-10.00South Salem
6.9MacKenzie Laursen14-04.00South Salem
7.10Maria Gasca14-03.00North Salem
8.11Shacora Wiggins14-02.25North Salem
9.12Britni Lane13-10.00North Salem
10.12Veronica Orr13-06.00North Salem
11.9Emily LeClerc13-03.50South Salem
12.12Elizabeth Veldhuisen12-11.50North Salem
13.11Carmen Pierce12-07.00La Pine
14.10Karla Montes11-11.00North Salem
15.11Melody Chavarria11-10.50North Salem
16.11Haley Lalonde11-07.75North Salem
17.11Devinity Richardson10-08.00North Salem
18.9Morgan Rutkowski10-00.00North Salem
12Jessica HardyDNFNorth Salem
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Alyssa Neal35-02.50North Salem
2.12Jessica Hardy34-00.00North Salem
3.12Alex Howe32-10.50North Salem
4.12Whitney Lalonde32-02.25North Salem
5.11Grace Orr32-00.50North Salem
6.12Veronica Orr30-09.75North Salem
7.10Maria Gasca30-05.25North Salem
8.9Devyn Holbrook30-04.00South Salem
9.11Megan McReynolds30-01.00La Pine
10.9Morgan Rutkowski28-10.25North Salem
11.9Catherine Twete28-05.00South Salem
12.11Carmen Pierce28-01.00La Pine
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