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Jon Fix Classic

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hazelwood Central, Florissant

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Illinois - 2A
Illinois - 3A
East St. Louis
Missouri - Class 4
Riverview Gardens
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Official Results
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Mens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Timothy Harris11.69aHazelwood East
2.10Marc Franks11.74aHazelwood Central
3.10Darius Washington11.84aRitenour
4.10Deshaun Mack11.85aNormandy
5.12Dawan Ferguson11.89aRiverview Gardens
6.11Sean West12.03aMcCluer North
7.11Mondez Purvey12.10aNormandy
8.11Deauntrel Moore12.14aHazelwood Central
9.10Kevin Ping12.18aRitenour
10.12Aaron Crump12.23aMcCluer South-Berkeley
11.9Tonjay Finnie12.24aMcCluer North
12.12Tywarian Slayton12.27aHazelwood East
13.10Jordan Fountain12.40aRitenour
14.11Jovante Phipps12.55aRiverview Gardens
15.10Devon Wolford12.80aRiverview Gardens
16.10Gerrod Williams12.81aJennings
17.11Shawn Goodlow12.90aJennings
18.10Jordan Hrobowski13.06aHazelwood East
19.10James Fields13.24aNormandy
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Spencer Davis22.30aHazelwood Central
2.12Carter DaMariyah22.74aRiverview Gardens
3.12Antawan Harris22.82aRiverview Gardens
4.12Travis Elgin24.40aMcCluer North
5.10Da'Vante Kelly24.72aRiverview Gardens
6.11Darryl Glenn24.89aRitenour
7.10Jordan Fountain24.91aRitenour
8.10Darius Washington25.31aRitenour
9.11Mike Heard25.35aNormandy
10.9Theron Steele25.52aNormandy
11.10Courtney Williams25.91aHazelwood East
11.10Gerrod Williams25.91aJennings
13.10James Fields25.99aNormandy
14.12Fred Benson26.02aMcCluer North
15.11Shawn Goodlow26.71aJennings
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Michael Hester51.23aHazelwood Central
2.11Anthony Boyd51.31aJennings
3.12Trevor Brothers52.40aRiverview Gardens
4.12Ryan St.hill54.78aJennings
5.9Aaron Mallet54.87aMcCluer North
6.11Joe Vence55.27aHazelwood East
7.12Dwayne Lawrence55.86aRiverview Gardens
8.9Freddie Crittendon56.15aMcCluer North
9.10Alfred Larry57.29aJennings
10.10Matin Deloch57.80aNormandy
11.10Kendall Taylor1:00.01aRiverview Gardens
12.11Byron Witherspoon1:00.14aHazelwood East
13.9Wade Lord1:03.74aRitenour
14.10Courtney Williams1:04.42aHazelwood East
15.11Derrick Moore1:22.92aHazelwood Central
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Dexter Jordan2:06.60aNormandy
2.10Cole Davis2:06.90aHazelwood Central
3.9Rashod Harris2:10.20aRitenour
4.11William Taylor2:11.70aMcCluer South-Berkeley
5.9Nicholas Stewart2:12.00aMcCluer North
6.12DeVante Wallace2:12.40aRiverview Gardens
7.12Deandre Ingram2:12.60aJennings
8.10Anthony Blocker2:14.20aJennings
9.12William Gregory2:14.80aJennings
10.11Travon Walker2:16.70aHazelwood East
11.12Darius Redmen2:18.00aMcCluer South-Berkeley
12.12Rahiem Westfall2:19.20aNormandy
13.12Nick Glenn2:19.60aRitenour
14.11Alex Nunley2:22.80aRiverview Gardens
14.9Tre Neal2:22.80aMcCluer North
16.12Joseph Upchurch2:23.00aHazelwood East
17.10Zakary Snow2:27.40aRitenour
18.10Gordon Taylor2:29.00aHazelwood Central
19.9Myron Smith2:37.10aNormandy
20.12Timothy Williams2:59.50aHazelwood East
21.12Cedric Larry, Jr.3:00.00aRiverview Gardens
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Ben McGraw4:46.42aHazelwood Central
2.11William Mitchell5:00.77aHazelwood Central
3.11Coty Williams5:02.20aMcCluer South-Berkeley
4.11Derek Brown5:04.15aNormandy
5.12Nick Glenn5:07.98aRitenour
6.10Josiah Perkins5:21.11aMcCluer North
7.12Cedric Larry, Jr.5:21.31aRiverview Gardens
8.11Travon Walker5:24.82aHazelwood East
9.12Timothy Williams5:25.31aHazelwood East
10.12Chris Barnes5:28.75aHazelwood Central
11.12Quintin Marshall5:29.07aMcCluer South-Berkeley
12.9Keith Beasley5:33.39aJennings
13.9Alexander Walker5:36.98aHazelwood East
14.11Alex Nunley5:40.08aRiverview Gardens
15.11Stephen Gathing5:59.03aJennings
16.10Shayne McCrady6:13.98aMcCluer North
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11William Mitchell11:07.26aHazelwood Central
2.10Tyler Price11:30.84aMcCluer North
3.11Micahael Wheadon11:31.43aMcCluer North
4.11Justin Johnson12:18.22aHazelwood Central
5.9Patrick Shell12:27.90aMcCluer North
6.11Marquise Shumpert13:12.34aHazelwood Central
X 110m Hurdles - 39" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Walter Powell15.15aHazelwood East
2.12Anthony Crawford15.81aHazelwood Central
3.12Hassan Hamilton16.27aHazelwood East
4.11Rodgerick Woods16.33aRitenour
5.11Xavier Kenney16.69aRitenour
6.11Tyrone Williams16.77aHazelwood Central
7.11Michael Haynes17.28aRitenour
8.12Kerry Gibson17.99aHazelwood Central
9.9De'andre Barnes20.91aRiverview Gardens
10.10sean Berryhill22.53aRiverview Gardens
X 300m Hurdles - 36" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Walter Powell38.94aHazelwood East
2.11Xavier Kenney41.28aRitenour
3.11Rodgerick Woods41.40aRitenour
4.11Tyrone Williams44.58aHazelwood Central
5.12Pierre Thames44.81aHazelwood Central
6.11LaVintez Carr45.48aMcCluer North
7.11Ronald Bell45.86aHazelwood East
8.10Cameron Caldwell45.89aRitenour
9.11Marquise Harris47.68aHazelwood Central
10.10Andre Watkins54.42aMcCluer South-Berkeley
11.9Jordan Love56.10aMcCluer North
12.11Jovante Phipps1:00.98aRiverview Gardens
13.11Dominic Hall1:07.30aRiverview Gardens
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Bakari Woods
Sean Wills
Laron Cook
Spencer Davis
42.68aHazelwood Central
2.-Antawan Harris
Trevor Brothers
Carter DaMariyah
Dawan Ferguson
42.89aRiverview Gardens
3.-Camron Hampton
Jordan Wood
Lonell Watkins
Ryan Dickson
43.29aMcCluer South-Berkeley
4.-Hassan Hamilton
Tywarian Slayton
Timothy Harris
Don Shumpert
44.87aHazelwood East
5.-Bobby Fallon
Tharon Bailey
Darius Washington
Justin Rottnek
6.-Terrance Williams
Travis Elgin
Tonjay Finnie
Sean West
46.31aMcCluer North
7.-Relay Team 46.40aRitenour
8.-Bobby Smith
Duron Daloney
Carlton Bailey
Christian Kirksey
46.48aHazelwood East
9.-Dominic Hall
Devon Wolford
Da'Vante Kelly
sean Berryhill
46.89aRiverview Gardens
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Spencer Davis
Sean Wills
Laron Cook
Michael Hester
1:29.40aHazelwood Central
2.-Dawan Ferguson
Antawan Harris
Trevor Brothers
Carter DaMariyah
1:30.40aRiverview Gardens
3.-Camron Hampton
Aaron Crump
Lonell Watkins
Ryan Dickson
1:32.81aMcCluer South-Berkeley
4.-Relay Team 1:34.65aJennings
5.-DeVante Wallace
Dominic Hall
Devon Wolford
sean Berryhill
1:36.30aRiverview Gardens
6.-Deauntrel Moore
Derrick Moore
Keionta Hawkins
Darrell Hayes
1:37.46aHazelwood Central
7.-Elon Spight
Carlton Bailey
Tywarian Slayton
Christian Kirksey
1:38.19aHazelwood East
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Antawan Harris
DeVante Wallace
Trevor Brothers
Carter DaMariyah
3:28.98aRiverview Gardens
2.-Laron Cook
Sean Wills
Michael Hester
Marc Franks
3:29.51aHazelwood Central
3.-Rashod Harris
Brennan Curtis
Xavier Kenney
Rodgerick Woods
4.-Relay Team 3:34.25aJennings
5.-Derek Brown
Deshaun Mack
Dexter Jordan
Mondez Purvey
6.-Jordan Wood
Aaron Crump
Darius Redmen
William Taylor
3:37.00aMcCluer South-Berkeley
7.-Cole Davis
David Cameron
DeVorionte Gaines
Keionta Hawkins
3:44.88aHazelwood Central
8.-Alex Nunley
Cedric Larry, Jr.
Dominic Hall
Da'Vante Kelly
3:53.56aRiverview Gardens
9.-Relay Team 3:54.94aRitenour
10.-Alton Armstrong
Wayne Harris
Rahiem Westfall
Mondez Purvey
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Relay Team 8:47.02aJennings
2.-Alton Armstrong
Rahiem Westfall
Derek Brown
Dexter Jordan
3.-Ben McGraw
David Cameron
LaQuinton Battle
Chris Barnes
9:13.71aHazelwood Central
4.-Andre Walker
Josiah Perkins
Nicholas Stewart
Micahael Wheadon
9:22.28aMcCluer North
5.-Coty Williams
Quintin Marshall
Basha St. John
Kendrell Townsel
9:24.90aMcCluer South-Berkeley
6.-Dwayne Lawrence
Cedric Larry, Jr.
Alex Nunley
DeVante Wallace
9:33.91aRiverview Gardens
7.-Cole Davis
Keionta Hawkins
Micheal Cooper
Christian Thompson
9:41.40aHazelwood Central
8.-Patrick Shell
Shayne McCrady
Tyler Price
Tre Neal
10:46.99aMcCluer North
X Shot Put - 12lb - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jones Keith42-00.00McCluer North
2.12Veonardo Davis40-06.50Jennings
3.12John Porter38-06.00Normandy
4.10Dovon Calhoun37-09.00Jennings
5.12Justin Coleman37-05.00Hazelwood Central
6.11Anthony Briggs37-02.50Ritenour
7.10Kevin Ping36-00.00Ritenour
8.10Terrence Joyner35-10.00McCluer North
9.10Franchot Walker33-09.50Ritenour
10.9Kevin Harvey33-06.00McCluer North
11.10Christian Winston33-03.50McCluer South-Berkeley
12.10Kaleb Higginbotham32-11.00Hazelwood Central
13.10LeLand Snow32-10.00Ritenour
13.12Charles Mitchell32-10.00Riverview Gardens
15.11Quintin Mack32-08.00Hazelwood East
16.11Hershall Prater32-01.00McCluer South-Berkeley
17.12Jerry Ellis31-10.00Hazelwood East
18.12macadez Favors31-07.00Riverview Gardens
19.9Elijah Todd31-05.50McCluer North
20.12Marquis Smart30-04.50Hazelwood East
21.11Keith Jones29-07.00Jennings
22.12Sam Nichols29-00.00Riverview Gardens
23.9Jarrell Craig28-08.50Hazelwood Central
24.11James Powell26-03.50Hazelwood Central
X Discus - 1.6kg - Varsity - Finals
1.10Jones Keith141-05McCluer North
2.12Veonardo Davis118-09.50Jennings
3.9Kevin Harvey95-06.50McCluer North
4.12Darrel Looney95-05Hazelwood East
5.12Brian Kelly92-07.50Hazelwood East
6.10Terrence Joyner91-03.50McCluer North
7.11Anthony Briggs90-04Ritenour
8.12John Porter89-11Normandy
9.12James Watson84-05.50Hazelwood Central
10.12macadez Favors83-05Riverview Gardens
11.12Charles Mitchell81-08.50Riverview Gardens
12.9Romone Miner79-07.50McCluer South-Berkeley
13.10LeLand Snow77-02.50Ritenour
14.11Keith Jones77-01.50Jennings
15.9Damian Bell76-11.50McCluer South-Berkeley
16.10Aaron Johnson73-08.50Hazelwood Central
17.12Sam Nichols73-04Riverview Gardens
18.10Kaleb Higginbotham71-02Hazelwood Central
19.11Mark Blackmon70-05Ritenour
20.10Franchot Walker69-11Ritenour
21.9Elijah Todd68-09McCluer North
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kerry Gibson6-00.00Hazelwood Central
2.11DeVorionte Gaines5-08.00Hazelwood Central
3.11Tyrone Williams5-08.00Hazelwood Central
4.12Jamaal Lawson5-06.00Ritenour
5.11Marquise Harris5-04.00Hazelwood Central
5.11Jovante Phipps5-04.00Riverview Gardens
7.10Kendall Taylor5-00.00Riverview Gardens
7.11Watson Brown5-00.00Ritenour
7.10Juan Ortega5-00.00Ritenour
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.11Rodgerick Woods10-00.00Ritenour
2.12Clay Marolt9-00.00Hazelwood Central
3.9Lamar Welch8-06.00Ritenour
3.11Michael Haynes8-06.00Ritenour
5.10Cameron Caldwell8-06.00Ritenour
6.10Jeffrey Craig7-06.00Hazelwood Central
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Marcus Lampley20-03.00Hazelwood Central
2.12Christian Kirksey19-11.00Hazelwood East
3.12Don Shumpert19-08.50Hazelwood East
4.12Kerry Gibson19-05.50Hazelwood Central
5.12Darius Redmen19-05.00McCluer South-Berkeley
6.11Dominic Hall19-04.00Riverview Gardens
7.12Tim Moore19-01.00Hazelwood Central
8.12Dawan Ferguson18-07.00Riverview Gardens
9.11LaVintez Carr18-04.50McCluer North
10.9Jamal Allen18-04.00Hazelwood East
11.9Rodja Harvey17-05.00McCluer North
12.10Devon Wolford17-00.00Riverview Gardens
13.11William Neeley16-00.00McCluer North
14.11Keionta Hawkins15-07.50Hazelwood Central
15.11Michael Haynes14-10.00Ritenour
16.11John Brown14-08.00Ritenour
17.11Watson Brown14-07.00Ritenour
18.11Tharon Bailey12-03.00Ritenour
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Christian Kirksey41-07.00Hazelwood East
2.10Marcus Lampley40-01.75Hazelwood Central
3.12Brian Kelly38-08.50Hazelwood East
4.12Mervin Hayes38-05.00McCluer South-Berkeley
5.11Jordan Wood38-04.00McCluer South-Berkeley
6.10Gordon Taylor37-08.00Hazelwood Central
7.9Jamal Allen37-07.25Hazelwood East
8.12Tim Moore37-03.50Hazelwood Central
9.11Tyrone Williams36-09.00Hazelwood Central
10.9Rodja Harvey36-01.00McCluer North
11.11LaVintez Carr35-11.50McCluer North
12.12Kendrell Townsel34-03.75McCluer South-Berkeley
13.11William Neeley28-06.50McCluer North

Womens Results

X 100 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tianna Valentine12.63aHazelwood East
2.9Markita Rush13.25aEast St. Louis
3.10Brandi Griffin13.36aEast St. Louis
4.12Jasmine Peterson13.52aHazelwood Central
5.12Rontacial Rogers13.54aCahokia
6.10Sydia Darker13.75aRitenour
7.12Kandice Travis13.79aCahokia
8.12Deara McNeal13.88aEast St. Louis
9.12Courtney Mitchell13.99aHazelwood East
9.9Brittany Parker13.99aHazelwood East
11.11Brianna Smith14.01aMcCluer North
12.12Kionna Whiteside14.04aMcCluer South-Berkeley
13.12Jessica Wilson14.08aRitenour
14.9Micayla Collins14.18aCahokia
15.12Amillia Woods14.40aRiverview Gardens
16.10Brianna Ragland14.41aMcCluer North
17.12Kayla McNeal14.62aHazelwood Central
18.10LaDonna London14.78aHazelwood Central
19.10Briannna Whalen15.19aFt Zumwalt West
20.9Jennifer Watt15.21aMcCluer North
21.9Valerie Cole16.77aRiverview Gardens
22.10Dreisha Page17.07aJennings
23.9Trayana Green17.27aMcCluer South-Berkeley
24.10Imani Jackson17.28aRiverview Gardens
X 200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.12Bianca Stokes25.82aMcCluer South-Berkeley
2.9Prenecia Ponds26.81aHazelwood Central
3.9Markita Rush27.62aEast St. Louis
4.11Mone' Bulard27.95aCahokia
5.10Sharae Bates28.07aHazelwood Central
6.12Rontacial Rogers28.30aCahokia
7.10Amber Strickland28.94aRiverview Gardens
8.11Brianna Smith29.02aMcCluer North
9.10Brandi Griffin29.09aEast St. Louis
10.11Danielle Althage29.16aFt Zumwalt West
11.10Rachel Lawal29.32aHazelwood East
12.12Deara McNeal29.34aEast St. Louis
13.10Tynesha Cooper29.68aJennings
14.12Kionna Whiteside29.98aMcCluer South-Berkeley
15.11Rosalind Mobley30.32aMcCluer North
16.10Michaela Mason30.68aHazelwood Central
17.11Erriel Griffin31.04aRitenour
18.12Amillia Woods31.57aRiverview Gardens
19.10Dreisha Page31.91aJennings
20.12Kandice Travis31.97aCahokia
21.12Alexis Harton32.59aRitenour
22.10Briannna Whalen32.92aFt Zumwalt West
23.11Courtney Velker33.41aFt Zumwalt West
24.11Desire Enochs33.57aMcCluer South-Berkeley
25.10Jasmine Harlon36.99aRitenour
X 400 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.9Markita Rush1:03.33aEast St. Louis
2.10Tylar McNulty1:03.75aHazelwood East
3.11Kamari Townsend1:05.54aRiverview Gardens
4.10Maya Mason1:06.04aHazelwood Central
5.12Deara McNeal1:06.12aEast St. Louis
6.10Brandi Brooks1:06.28aHazelwood East
7.11Tanisha Farmer1:06.40aCahokia
8.12Erica Mound1:06.48aFt Zumwalt West
9.11Sammi Merritt1:06.74aFt Zumwalt West
10.10Alexius Short1:06.89aMcCluer North
11.11Tyroneisha Harris1:07.21aCahokia
12.10Brandi Griffin1:08.99aEast St. Louis
13.11Brittany Hayes1:12.51aHazelwood Central
14.9Ta'lor Lindsey1:13.95aMcCluer North
15.11Nicole Polashek1:14.51aFt Zumwalt West
16.11Kierra Staten1:17.60aRiverview Gardens
17.10Janae Boykin1:25.46aMcCluer South-Berkeley
X 800 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Channell McNeese2:33.10aEast St. Louis
2.10Haley Delgado2:34.35aFt Zumwalt West
3.11Natalie Pattin2:37.10aMcCluer North
4.10Dneesha Hamiel2:38.50aEast St. Louis
5.10Tierra Alvey2:40.10aJennings
6.9Janelle Johnson2:41.41aMcCluer South-Berkeley
7.11Janelle Williams2:45.60aEast St. Louis
8.9Courtney Coe2:50.10aFt Zumwalt West
9.12Jazmine Davis2:53.92aHazelwood Central
10.10Jenifer Askew3:00.30aMcCluer North
11.11Tearra Joyner3:02.49aJennings
12.11Gabrielle Pouncil3:06.15aHazelwood Central
13.11Danielle Soots3:07.05aFt Zumwalt West
14.9Taylor Rose3:07.09aRitenour
15.9Jacqueline Schultz3:07.86aMcCluer North
16.9Kelsey Berry3:07.90aHazelwood East
17.10Indigo Mims-Thomas3:13.00aRiverview Gardens
18.9Lexie Smith3:14.70aRitenour
19.9Brittany Moore3:28.90aRiverview Gardens
20.10ShaRonda Proctor3:32.30aMcCluer South-Berkeley
X 1600 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.10Tierra Alvey5:51.31aJennings
2.10Katie Wright5:58.47aFt Zumwalt West
3.12Britney Neuhauser6:03.91aMcCluer North
4.10Aly Coleman6:06.08aFt Zumwalt West
5.9Jenny Retzlaff6:07.28aFt Zumwalt West
6.11Janelle Williams6:19.43aEast St. Louis
7.12Jazmine Davis6:19.55aHazelwood Central
8.10Jenifer Askew6:38.71aMcCluer North
9.12Tynesha Bejoile6:56.65aCahokia
10.9Lexie Smith7:03.92aRitenour
11.11Shonvondel Lopez7:09.56aEast St. Louis
12.10Breyona Evans7:11.01aHazelwood East
13.10Shannon Wells7:24.10aEast St. Louis
14.10Kauri Johnson7:24.20aCahokia
15.12Shelby Buggage7:56.34aRitenour
X 3200 Meters - Varsity - Finals
1.11Grace Lackner12:57.80aFt Zumwalt West
2.10Emily Grayek13:12.90aFt Zumwalt West
3.11Janelle Williams13:29.30aEast St. Louis
4.11Sarah Cayce13:43.00aFt Zumwalt West
5.11Ivory Howard14:08.30aRitenour
6.10Julia Njau14:44.90aRitenour
7.10Anna Beckmeyer15:36.90aMcCluer North
X 100m Hurdles - 33" - Varsity - Finals
1.10Joymesia Howard15.94aEast St. Louis
2.11Timeka Watkins16.30aEast St. Louis
3.12Chelsey Robinson16.63aEast St. Louis
4.11Neireida Morris17.60aHazelwood East
5.11Charnese Shaw17.70aRitenour
6.9Joslyne Jones18.85aCahokia
7.12Kenya Whitney18.87aHazelwood East
8.11Kim Moye19.05aHazelwood Central
9.10Chassitee Scott19.98aCahokia
10.9Sherrie Brown20.30aRiverview Gardens
11.9Desiree Blanks21.10aCahokia
12.10Tynesha Cooper21.30aJennings
13.9Cherie Long21.63aHazelwood East
14.10Indigo Mims-Thomas23.96aRiverview Gardens
15.11Jazmine Walker24.30aRitenour
16.10Kyla Raiford26.00aRiverview Gardens
X 300m Hurdles - 30" - Varsity - Finals
1.12Chelsey Robinson48.46aEast St. Louis
2.9Joslyne Jones48.57aCahokia
3.11Ronesha McClaurin50.62aMcCluer South-Berkeley
4.12Kenya Whitney52.70aHazelwood East
5.11Charnese Shaw53.14aRitenour
6.12Kenya Miller53.55aMcCluer North
7.10Chassitee Scott56.27aCahokia
8.9Desiree Blanks57.96aCahokia
9.9Cherie Long58.22aHazelwood East
10.10Alyssa Boles1:00.42aMcCluer South-Berkeley
11.11Jazmine Walker1:01.67aRitenour
X 4x100 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brandi Griffin
Joymesia Howard
Timeka Watkins
Chelsey Robinson
50.38aEast St. Louis
2.-Micayla Collins
Mone' Bulard
Ashlyn Harris
Tyronae Harris
3.-Prenecia Ponds
Kayla McNeal
Jocelyn Redding
Sharae Bates
51.43aHazelwood Central
4.-Kim Moye
LaDonna London
Alexis Fennoy
Jasmine Peterson
52.17aHazelwood Central
5.-Brittany Baker
Tianna Valentine
Courtney Mitchell
Jaleesa Key
52.56aHazelwood East
6.-Kionna Whiteside
Lakeisha Taylor
Marche Belcher
Bianca Stokes
53.00aMcCluer South-Berkeley
7.-Markita Rush
Shaquila Clemons
Tyesha Fisher
Starnecia Dean
53.34aEast St. Louis
8.-Sydia Darker
Jessica Wilson
Erriel Griffin
Charnese Shaw
9.-Avanti Crutchfield
Angelica Carter
Kemora Williams
Saraiya Pelloquin
55.46aMcCluer South-Berkeley
10.-Sherrie Brown
Amber Strickland
Amillia Woods
Kierra Staten
56.23aRiverview Gardens
11.-Olivia Shaddid
Glenisha Cole
Rachel Lawal
Brittany Parker
56.25aHazelwood East
12.-Joslyne Jones
Desiree Blanks
Vernisha Knox
Jessica Childs
13.-Briannna Whalen
Courtney Velker
Kara Rapp
Neilisha Williams
57.15aFt Zumwalt West
14.-Alexiss Allen
Stephanie Daniels
Ayanna Washington
Breana Jackson
X 4x200 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Chelsey Robinson
Kamechion Jennings
Deara McNeal
Brandi Griffin
1:49.12aEast St. Louis
2.-Rayneisha Johnson
Janelle Johnson
Kianna Ruff
Bianca Stokes
1:50.42aMcCluer South-Berkeley
3.-Ashlyn Harris
Mone' Bulard
Vernisha Knox
Tyronae Harris
4.-Kamari Townsend
Miranda Cooper
Deniesha Trice
Amber Strickland
1:52.14aRiverview Gardens
5.-Tianna Valentine
Jaleesa Key
LaStacy Freeman
Brittany Baker
1:54.52aHazelwood East
6.-Ta'lor Lindsey
Natalie Pattin
Kendra White
Kenya Miller
1:55.10aMcCluer North
7.-Lorin Jackson
Jocelyn Redding
Maya Mason
Michaela Mason
1:56.20aHazelwood Central
8.-Kyesha Lee
Cierra Watts
Bionka Sykes
Jaeara Smith
1:56.49aEast St. Louis
9.-Chassitee Scott
Desiree Blanks
Tanisha Farmer
Tyroneisha Harris
10.-Shyroyce Jones
Janae Hamilton-Warner
Rachel Lawal
Brittany Parker
1:58.56aHazelwood East
11.-Lashyia Campbell
Jewel Alade-Fa
Cameata Nelson
Kendria Anderson
2:01.10aHazelwood Central
12.-Kierra Staten
Tammara McCall
Gabrielle Williams
Sherrie Brown
2:02.51aRiverview Gardens
13.-Jenny Boring
Courtney Velker
Kendall Smith
Erica Mound
2:05.49aFt Zumwalt West
14.-Renessa Killion
Ayanna Washington
Allyson Henderson
Chelcie Payne
15.-Ariel Smith
Martyra Shumpert
Alexis Peyton
Marche Belcher
2:10.41aMcCluer South-Berkeley
X 4x400 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Brandi Griffin
Markita Rush
Dneesha Hamiel
Deara McNeal
4:18.40aEast St. Louis
2.-Ashlyn Harris
Joslyne Jones
Mone' Bulard
Tanisha Farmer
3.-Sammi Merritt
Haley Delgado
Kiara Barnes
Erica Mound
4:31.86aFt Zumwalt West
4.-Kamari Townsend
Miranda Cooper
Deniesha Trice
Evelyn Akujuobi
4:35.58aRiverview Gardens
5.-Alexis Coleman
Jaeara Smith
Cierra Watts
Kyesha Lee
4:39.99aEast St. Louis
6.-Relay Team 4:45.55aJennings
7.-Kendall Smith
Danielle Althage
Kylie Ellison
Nicole Polashek
4:46.71aFt Zumwalt West
8.-Breana Jackson
Krista Scott
Allyson Henderson
Stephanie Daniels
9.-Chassitee Scott
Tyronae Harris
Tyroneisha Harris
Angela Thomas
10.-Kierra Staten
Tiana Williams
Sherrie Brown
Shaun Williams
5:04.12aRiverview Gardens
11.-Tamela Parker
Preshus McAllister
Nichole Irving
Andria Morris
5:34.67aMcCluer South-Berkeley
X 4x800 Relay - Varsity - Finals
1.-Haley Delgado
Katie Wright
Sammi Merritt
Emily Grayek
10:37.04aFt Zumwalt West
2.-Dneesha Hamiel
Channell McNeese
Janelle Williams
Shonvondel Lopez
10:46.73aEast St. Louis
3.-Claire McCray
Jazmine Davis
Maya Mason
Kiara Lewis
11:02.79aHazelwood Central
4.-Kiara Barnes
Courtney Coe
Aly Coleman
Jenny Retzlaff
11:04.95aFt Zumwalt West
5.-Raven Smith
Joslyne Jones
Tynesha Bejoile
Jamiya Little
6.-Kamari Townsend
Miranda Cooper
Evelyn Akujuobi
Deniesha Trice
11:28.32aRiverview Gardens
7.-Datiana Gurrero-Goodwin
Britney Neuhauser
Jacqueline Schultz
Anna Beckmeyer
11:35.57aMcCluer North
8.-Rayneisha Johnson
Kianna Ruff
Jessica Melton
ShaRonda Proctor
12:01.36aMcCluer South-Berkeley
9.-Kelsey Berry
Glenisha Cole
Loretha Cain
Brandi Brooks
12:25.57aHazelwood East
10.-Janelle Johnson
Nichole Irving
Kemora Williams
Preshus McAllister
12:29.76aMcCluer South-Berkeley
11.-Krista Scott
Shelby Buggage
Allyson Henderson
Lexie Smith
12.-Brandis Burton
Allyson Artis
Gabrielle Pouncil
Bria Jackson
13:22.28aHazelwood Central
X Shot Put - 4kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Ashley Gaston40-00.00East St. Louis
2.11Dahlia Dyson39-05.00Ft Zumwalt West
3.11Jessica Long38-10.00Cahokia
4.11Erin Scott32-09.00Hazelwood East
5.11Bryanna Preston31-09.00McCluer North
6.10Lauren Geringer31-08.00Ft Zumwalt West
7.12Esther Brown30-03.00McCluer South-Berkeley
8.10Alyssia Winston30-01.00Hazelwood Central
9.10Marie Prophette29-04.00McCluer North
10.10Shyla Joe29-00.00Cahokia
11.12Olivia Shaddid28-11.00Hazelwood East
12.12Kailyn Davis28-06.00Ft Zumwalt West
13.9Cartesha Spencer28-00.00East St. Louis
14.10Rochelle Simmons27-08.00East St. Louis
15.11Lexi Ashley27-07.00Ft Zumwalt West
16.10India Gibbs26-09.00Ritenour
17.10Taylor Hendree26-05.00McCluer North
18.9Ja'mesha Hamilton25-04.00McCluer North
19.11Rayne Saddler25-03.00Ritenour
20.10Tynisha Wilkinson24-00.00East St. Louis
21.11Keaunna McCaskill23-04.00Jennings
22.9Tarlesha Dillard23-00.00Hazelwood East
23.12Mercedez Ward22-09.00Hazelwood Central
23.12Dorothy Cummings22-09.00Riverview Gardens
25.9Teykia Cooper22-06.00Cahokia
26.10Janessa Jenkins21-07.00Hazelwood Central
27.12Jasmine McNutt21-03.00McCluer South-Berkeley
28.10Grace Hanser21-01.00Ritenour
29.11Kia Tramble20-09.00Jennings
30.10Jasmine Smallwood20-04.00Riverview Gardens
31.11Kimberly Williams20-01.00Jennings
32.9Zakiya Radcliff20-00.00Hazelwood Central
33.9Lavisha Buchanan19-02.00Cahokia
34.9CeCe Hutchson18-10.00Ritenour
35.10Raeshanette Fowler18-07.00Riverview Gardens
36.10Aunyea Tanksley18-06.00McCluer South-Berkeley
X Discus - 1kg - Varsity - Finals
1.11Dahlia Dyson123-02Ft Zumwalt West
2.11Ashley Gaston106-05East St. Louis
3.10Lauren Geringer95-08.50Ft Zumwalt West
4.11Bryanna Preston87-01.50McCluer North
5.11Lexi Ashley85-09Ft Zumwalt West
6.11Jessica Long84-02Cahokia
7.11Erin Scott79-08Hazelwood East
8.12Olivia Shaddid78-02.50Hazelwood East
9.10Tynisha Wilkinson77-10.25East St. Louis
10.9Madeline Middlebrooks77-06.50Ft Zumwalt West
11.12Esther Brown71-07.75McCluer South-Berkeley
12.10Janessa Jenkins67-07Hazelwood Central
13.11Rayne Saddler65-08.50Ritenour
14.10Marie Prophette65-07.50McCluer North
15.9Tarlesha Dillard65-03.50Hazelwood East
16.10Alyssia Winston64-04.50Hazelwood Central
17.10India Gibbs63-04.50Ritenour
18.9Khirsten Miller62-09.50East St. Louis
19.9Teykia Cooper61-04.25Cahokia
20.10Taylor Hendree58-09.50McCluer North
21.10Shyla Joe49-01Cahokia
22.9Lavisha Buchanan48-02Cahokia
23.10Grace Hanser47-09Ritenour
24.9Ja'mesha Hamilton47-00McCluer North
25.9Elisha Hemphill45-11Ritenour
26.12Dorothy Cummings45-02Riverview Gardens
27.10Jasmine Smallwood37-05.50Riverview Gardens
X High Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.12Kerryona Green5-02.00East St. Louis
2.10Joymesia Howard4-10.00East St. Louis
3.10Kylie Ellison4-08.00Ft Zumwalt West
4.10Danielle Brown4-06.00Hazelwood East
5.12Clarke Hoyle4-06.00Hazelwood East
6.11Fredricka Walker4-06.00Cahokia
7.11Jenny Boring4-04.00Ft Zumwalt West
7.11Julia Simmons4-04.00Hazelwood East
9.10Kara Rapp4-04.00Ft Zumwalt West
10.10Audrey Armour4-04.00Cahokia
11.11Lindsey Steele4-02.00McCluer North
12.10Casey Nebbitt4-02.00Hazelwood Central
13.9Sherrie Brown4-00.00Riverview Gardens
13.9Brittany Moore4-00.00Riverview Gardens
15.10Taylor Yates4-00.00Hazelwood Central
15.9Kandashuh Walker4-00.00East St. Louis
17.11Charnese Shaw4-00.00Ritenour
18.10Krista Scott3-10.00Ritenour
X Pole Vault - Varsity - Finals
1.12Tyler Anderson9-06.00East St. Louis
2.11Nicole Polashek7-06.00Ft Zumwalt West
3.12Erica Mound6-00.00Ft Zumwalt West
4.11Danielle Soots6-00.00Ft Zumwalt West
X Long Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.9Micayla Collins16-04.00Cahokia
2.12Alexis Fennoy15-09.50Hazelwood Central
3.11Kim Moye15-06.00Hazelwood Central
4.10Kylie Ellison15-04.00Ft Zumwalt West
5.12Rontacial Rogers15-02.00Cahokia
6.10Joymesia Howard15-01.00East St. Louis
7.11Valencia McCorkle14-10.00East St. Louis
8.11Shyroyce Jones14-07.00Hazelwood East
9.10Casey Nebbitt14-05.50Hazelwood Central
9.11Angela Thomas14-05.50Cahokia
11.10Kelly Alexander14-04.50East St. Louis
12.10Sydia Darker14-04.00Ritenour
13.9Tyronae Harris13-10.00Cahokia
14.10Natrelle Daniels13-07.00Hazelwood East
14.12Monique McNutt13-07.00Hazelwood Central
16.12Lakeisha Taylor13-06.50McCluer South-Berkeley
17.11Alexis McGraw13-05.00East St. Louis
18.11Jazmine Newsome13-04.00Ft Zumwalt West
19.10Brianna Ragland13-01.00McCluer North
20.11Lindsey Steele12-11.00McCluer North
21.12Glenisha Cole12-08.50Hazelwood East
22.12Amillia Woods12-08.00Riverview Gardens
23.10Janae Hamilton-Warner12-05.00Hazelwood East
24.9Briana Colvin12-03.00McCluer North
25.10Tiana Williams12-00.00Riverview Gardens
26.11Breana Jackson11-11.00Ritenour
27.9Alexiss Allen11-05.50Ritenour
28.9Valerie Cole9-06.00Riverview Gardens
29.10Jasmine Harlon9-03.00Ritenour
X Triple Jump - Varsity - Finals
1.10Sharae Bates35-04.50Hazelwood Central
2.9Micayla Collins34-00.00Cahokia
3.10Kelly Alexander33-04.50East St. Louis
4.11Fredricka Walker32-02.50Cahokia
5.10Janae Hamilton-Warner31-07.00Hazelwood East
6.11Valencia McCorkle31-03.50East St. Louis
7.11Miranda Cooper31-03.00Riverview Gardens
8.12Glenisha Cole31-01.00Hazelwood East
9.12Kerryona Green30-11.00East St. Louis
9.10Casey Nebbitt30-11.00Hazelwood Central
11.11Julia Simmons30-06.00Hazelwood East
12.12Kailynd Beck30-03.00Hazelwood East
13.11Jazmine Newsome30-01.00Ft Zumwalt West
14.12Jasmine Land28-11.00East St. Louis
15.11Brittany Hayes28-06.50Hazelwood Central
16.10Rashidah Troupe25-05.00Riverview Gardens
17.10Krista Scott24-05.00Ritenour
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